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>>612648072>still not on Steam even after a whole ass year Man, fuck Squeenix

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>>612648379it'll be a year in 9 days, but the fact it wasn't announced at TGS probably means it's over

>>612648379A-at least there’s the DLC tracks in Theatrhythm. Sucks that it will be the only TWEWY content we’ll get for a long time.

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>>612648623Speaking of TWEWY content, when’s the acoustic album coming out? I need a full version of that Breaking Free cover.


>>612648832Did a TWEWY fan fuck your wife or something?

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>>612648623Hey I'm down for it, shows SE likes to throw a bone to us on occasion, just like Xenogears fans>>612648812Do tell. I didn't hear about an acoustic album before.

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>>612649154>Do tell. I didn't hear about an acoustic album

>>612648072Do we have any idea how much NEO has sold so far?

>if you intentionally trigger an enemy’s revenge value and activate a Gravity Mashup, they’ll still move around in the vortex, allowing them to get comboed When did you learn that NEO was basically TWEWY 2FM?

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>>612649918Some of the Reapers fights wouldn’t be out of place in a Kingdom Hearts game tbqh.

>>612649918This is one of those games that looks better actually playing it then watching it.

>>612649583I can fuck with this.

>>612650168Depends on the setup and skill.

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>>612650806Are Time Bomb pins actually good?

>>612648072Your garbage game won't ever be relevant.

>>612650964Just like yours.

>>612650898I wrote them off as first but this dude’s vids actually opened my eyes to how useful they can actually

>>612651092>time bombs can set each other offNeat. I’ll be using them more often then.

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>>612650806Man, I love Stuck in the Middle. Made positioning a hell of a lot easier for certain pin and Mashup types.

>>612650898They’re more handy than people give them credit for. One of my faves is the one that sucks enemies in and inflicts confusion on them with a good status-build.

The connection between "world is yours" and "NEW GAME" is an interesting on that I've never seen mentioned.>WIY is Rindo's theme>NG is like a less intense version of WIY and keeps getting interupted by other songs>NG doesn't have much of its own identity>WIY is a fully realised song that represents Rindo's feelings compared to NG at the start where Rindo just accepted other peoples ideas as his ownI don't know if that was intentional but it's still kino

>>612652302>WATCH IT BURN, LIKE A FIREBIRD>final boss of the game is Phoenix Cantus

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>>612649918>tfw NEO has more utility magic than KH3 itself does

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>>612652790I liked how Aero had light Magnet properties, Blizzard can create Flowmotion rails, and Water can act as a shield but yeah, I wish the magic in KH3 had more unique variations or utility on their own. Stop, Gravity, and Magnet were fucking great.

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>>612649583Amazing. I'm coming.


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>>612649583Holy shit this too

Where's the fucking game on steam, I can't see it? Why is square so fucking dumb? Doing a "how to use steam" segment during TGS but insiting on keeping games on the marketing black hole store? They really are the nintendo of multi-plat publishers.

>>612653386My main issue with KH3 is that the delivery of the majority of spells is the same, they're all projectiles that have some level of homing. I don't have to think about how the magic is used, just what it does on hit which is pretty lame. I can't use reflect to counter a hit which makes an enemy vulnerable, cast magnet to trap them then do some melee hits into the fire finisher for example. A lot of the morphes don't help this either with the launchers just making every spell big AoE attacks, pistols making all spells homing bullets and many melee weapons making all spells into KH2 fire. NEO handled this kind of system better in my eyes because how many cool interactions you can make with Mashups and your pins (using Gravity to activate the ability of Aerial Assassin pins, using Poltergeist to swing Noise into the ice pillars, baiting Noise to jump into a water geyser and watch them get launched, using Black Hole in combination with Fire to increase the damage of the lingering flames, etc).

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>>612654324I personally really like the Electric Mashup. It’s one of the harder Mashups to position but if you utilize it just right, you can bounce around enemies into the cages of an Electric Mashup for knockback, use it for area denial for enemies such as bears, wolves, and birds, stack up damage on large enemies such as mammoths and dinos since their large sizes means more hitboxes spread across the cage, or hold them in place at the edge with status effects or Black Hole/Snare Trap to increase its overall damage on trapped enemies. I think the one thing I think would’ve make it even cooler was to make it so that if you knock an enemy into the walls with, say, a well-placed Grizzly or Massive Hit pin, it activates a Beatdrop prompt since it technically counts as knocking an enemy into a wall.

Coco if she real

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>>612654821Shit, that actually sounds really cool and now I’m sad that it’s not a thing. Oh well, still a really cool system.

Who's the best character and why is it Beat?

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>>612655258OPEN UP YOUR EYES

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>>612654821You can also use it to trap enemies, which can come in handy for the puffer Noise.

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>>612655368Sho's great and all, he's up there for sure. But nobody can beat Beat.

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>>612655258For me, it’s based Nagirl. Shoka, Kanon, and Uzuki are also some of my faves.

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>>612656491Sick moves, man.

>>612656491This game is really good at making interactable "final anime fight where the whole team comes together" scenes

What are some of your favorite psychs to use? For me, it’s Poltergeist. Love just swinging Noise around.

>>612657095Massive Hit and Psychic Shotgun are a blast to use.

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>>612657095>Patrol Rounds>Shockwave/Vulcan Uppercut/Vortex Saber>Assassin Strike>G-Storm

>>612656491Alright here we go here we go

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>>612657095Black Hole saved my ass in so many encounters.


>>612650060Shiba and Sho are straight up KH2 bosses and I love it.


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twewy bros it hurts me so much the way square enix treats this series and the fact that it flopped

>>612648072How long is it? I have 3 days off and nothing to play on my shich

>>612661934About 30 hours.

It bothers me that even to this day, Sho remains unmolested by me.

>>612661139Stop posting, Rindo.

>>612662482Stop posting, Nagi.

I still find it curious how TWEWY and KH get labeled as button-mashers by some of the public when they have some of the most sensible core mechanics compared to a lot of other ARPGs I’ve played.

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for me it's RAT (from an old collab album between SAWA and Ishimoto)

>>612662897What makes you say that if you don’t mind me asking?

>>612648379And people trusted the Nvidia leak with their life that it was going to release on steam back on spring lmao

I'm not going to read a goddamn thing in this thread because I'm just now playing the game after failing to get into it when I played on release, but I just want to say Fret yelling "WHAT WILL HE DO NEXT" and then making the screen explode into a fireball will never cease to amuse me. See y'all in like a month once I can't be spoiled.

>>612655258People already gave my picks. But its Sho and Nagi for me. I'm also really fond of Neku as well tho.>>612656054Also, that fan art is so good. Love the perv gremlin energy.

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>>612655258This dude keeps me going, love him

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>>612663323Basically, when it comes down to it, lot of ARPGs tend to fucking suck when it comes to balancing skill-based combat with RPG mechanics. Like Nier Automata, FFXV, and GoW tying hitstun to leveling, Graces F, as much as I love the combat, tying consistently hitstunning enemies to the accuracy stat, or having your general damage output be lowered due to you not grinding your stats high enough. Even Dragon’s Dogma, one of my favorite games, isn’t immune to this (though at least in that game you can mitigate this with good equips). TWEWY and KH have some of the best balance in this regard because the damage output you dish out is still relatively high due to the damage floor being honest. RPG build variety is still present, especially in TWEWY, but good utilization of the mechanics in both will still help you get very far. Hitstun is also consistent in both (well, the mainline entries and Recoded at least) in that small enemies are susceptible to all hits, mid-sized enemies are more vulnerable to finishers and big hits, and large enemies need a different approach.

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>>612664686Very good points. TWEWY also managed to make cooldowns not suck as part of the combat, impressively enough.

>>612665580Cooldowns are often looked down upon by high-level action game players due to how the devs use them as a band-aid to cover up the lack of meter management and on-the-fly decision making (see Nier Automata, GoW 2018, most of the KH Osaka games) but I feel like they fail to take into account how the games themselves are built around those systems. In that regard, I’d say that the TWEWY games actually have a pretty damn smart way of balancing their combat systems around cooldowns. They’re tied to your only means of attacking (the pins) so resource management is a core part of the combat and there are multiple ways to manipulate them. What also works in TWEWY’s case is how the cooldowns are related towards building up the power of the light puck or building up Groove. If you just spam, you’ll be missing out on less opportunity to build up the puck for more damage since it can eventually go away if you’re not doing consistent finishers and in NEO, Groove rapidly depletes if you’re not doing Beatdrops consecutively. Unlike the other games I’ve mentioned, there are in-game battle goals that reward you immensely for properly managing your meters and adds an extra layer of depth to the combat. You can also stagger your pins and let them recharge when the gauge is still up for more uptime, which is especially noteable in NEO since there are Psychs like Firestorm that only requires you to inflict the burn effect in order to activate its Beatdrop, which you can augment with Ailing Enemies.

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>>612661139For Rindo only

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>>612662753>>612662482Stop posting Coco

>>612648072>>612648379Game flopped, why waste money releasing it somewhere else?

>>612666723Maybe it would’ve have flopped if Squeenix didn’t fuck up the marketing.

>>612666723They released Balan fucking Wonderworld on Steam, I’m pretty sure they can spare a few bucks for NEO.

>>612648532Almost a year? Man time really fliesThe threads during its release window were great, great OC and even fun writefaggotry all around

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>>612667238Motoi did nothing wrong.

>>612667867He killed billions

>>612667962Billions of what?

>>612668235Of Rindo's dreams and expectations...

>>612668297Oh user, he’s a teen. Those were bound to get crushed anyway at some point.

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>>612668378Read this in his voice.

>>612648072Game is shit and hope you all get cancer for spamming this shit. And it's good that this shit game failed.

>>612668742Did the game rape your mom? I hope it did


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>>612668742You already posted this before and it got deleted, autist.

Is Neo a sequel to the original ds game?

>>612648072I picked it up off amazon for 15 bucks for ps4 the other day. Should I bother with replaying TWEWY on ds or switch first? I haven't played it since it came out fucking forever ago.


>>612669693holy shit bigchungus, every twewy video i watch there's one of your comments in there, your combo videos are pretty cool man

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>>612669741You don't really have to replay the original in my opinion, but remembering stuff from the original does make neo more fun in my opinion

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>>612670028Thanks man. Currently busy with work and life at the moment but I will be making more videos soon.

>>612669693Oh cool. Either him or his editor has good taste.

>>612664637I love Usui being a fucking pervert.

I started replaying this recently Beat looking exactly like neku and him ceasing to explain it will forever piss me off

>>612670723I honestly just interpreted him as honoring his friend, plus it fits with his new ability.

>>612669741If you played it once, you probably remember the broad strokes like Neku becoming more open and shit, that's enoughThe first game is fun and not that long so it wouldn't take you too long to replay it probably

>>612670723The plot was changed because Nomura fucked up.

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Anyone got "a few what in my what?"

There’s no way that BOTH Kingdom Hearts and NTWEWY are stuck forever, r-right? Surely SE saw the direct comparison of sales between FFVIIR on Steam and Epic, r-right?

>>612666191it's also worth pointing out that in TWEWY you pick your own cooldowns. If you think they're too long then you can build a deck of pins with shorter cooldowns.

>>612672195Yeah, it’s very customizable in that sense, which is nice.

>>612671049Here you go.

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>>612668742Seek help

>>612667238I dunno man. This last year has felt like one of the longest ones I've had yet. It's also been a bit more than a year since I decided I wouldn't let time just keep passing me by and that I'd have to make the most of it.

Anyone else wishing we got more scenes with Hishima? His banter with Shiba was pretty based.

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>>612675491I do. Him roasting the hell out of Shiba and actually getting him to listen was pretty nice to see.

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>>612675649Also, he’s good for memes.

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>>612655258Bringarts when?

>>612671389>Square>making good decisions Lmao

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>>612677132Still gets me

>>612677132I just love how Caim is randomly there

>>612648379Based Beccaposter

>>612654324As someone who makes combo vids on the game, it feels so smooth just executing well-thought out pin sequences into the desired mashup, then playing off the effects of the mashup with my pins while building up groove and planning forward as to what mashup I want to build into next. The flow that comes from making those decisions is unlike anything achieved in OG TWEWY, as great as its combat is.

>>612679957Yeah, Mashups are a lot more fun than Fusions in my opinion.

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>>612681095Fun? Sure. Cool? Not a chance.

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>>612681310>sucking up enemies into a black hole and stopping time itself isn’t cool

>>612682230It's about being MORE cool than fusions. Find me a mash-up as cool as dropping the fucking moon and I'll retract my statement.

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>>612682040The manlet Shiba memes will never get old.

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Twewy 3 when

>>612685830In 2035. Trust the plan, bros.

>>612686154But I want it by 2024 at the latest tho

>>612686842Anon, do you really think Squeenix is going to invest money in a TWEWY game that soon?

>>612687207Not really. But I wanted to ramble my unrealistic wishes anyway

>>612648379This please give me a Steam release already, and of SoP too.

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>>612687567I get you, man. I get you.

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>>612683250Shiba in general had incredible meme potential, but the shortba edit really came out of left field. It was for the best though.

I really think that if TWEWY weren't so obscure, a lot of its songs, namely Transformation, World is Yours, Breaking Free, and We're Losing You, would be on the level of stuff like MGRR and Bury the Light in terms of popular vocal vgm.Shame, because they're just as good.

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>>612691918That’s the sad reality of being a niche property, sadly. At least we got some cool memes.

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this game is fucking evergreenreplayed it twice, still love itthe story's better a second time when you notice all of the little foreshadowingprobably gonna wait a little while till all the details blur to replay it a 3rd time

>>612692338>>612691918I'll see you all when we're middle aged and Twewy 3 drops in 2035hopefully we get some twewy cameos in the next 20 KH games that'll fill that time

>>612694108Nice and same here. The character writing is just full of details.

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>>612691918You just gotta wait for those songs to show up in a super popular video, or wait for some super popular streamer to shout the game out.


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>>612649918Is there a place with all the deeper info about NEO's combat?

is the translation as bad as doomposters make it out to be and how well does it run on the switch.

>>612697501Try this dude’s

>>612670723... I always thought it was just Beat being the dork that he is and it never clicked until he finally took off the mask to say he's not Neku. But yeah I guess Nomura had to have some reason for him to look like that until changes.

>>612675491>these fucks got away scot-free despite colluding or aiding the murdering thousands of participants including their old best friend who by the way didn't get resurrected when Joshua and the other twink intervened

i never knew this had a pc port ,what the fuck is wrong with their marketing.

>>612698975Timmy pays the big bucksKH still isn't on steam either, so is jack's game. But FF7R did get ported. Shits a mess

How is the performance on the Switch? I may buying it when it is on sale next time.

>>612699358depending on what country you're in its on sale now but i would also like to know about the performance.

the underground is plato's cave and it represents the material world that must be transcended

>>612699358It is on sale. But don't. You're paying for halved FPS or lags in battle. Don't do that to yourself.

>>612699358AwfulNot even an exaggeration. You will get virtually single digit FPS in combat or very close to it

>>612699441Ah yes, just let me get enlightened and kill myself and hope that I'll be taken to the UG and beyond.

>>612699358It has dips when there's too much shit on battles but it's not as bad as anons are making it out to be>captcha: S0NGS2

Now that the dust has settled, do you think they did him justice?

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>>612648072TWEWY THREAD?!?!?!

>>612667238last year's daily threads were fucking amazing