Its on steam sale, grab this masterpiece

its on steam sale, grab this masterpiece

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the dlc is too scary

I don't understand the meme of calling this a great game

>>612640862Fuck off shill.

>>612640862Woke, leftist propaganda.

>>612640862I already have it and it's perfect

>>612640862Outer wilds is le bad because... it just is, okay??

>>612640862Thank you for shillingI have once again pirated it

>>612641323dont care if you pirate or buy it, i want you to play it

too scared to play it, watched over 100 hours of let's plays instead

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Not a game. Please fuck off shill.

>>612640862I already have it, but it's a nice game so thanks, I guess, shillbro.

>>612641723What part in the 15 minutes scared you, I have to ask

>>612643414i already knew about dark bramble

>>612641532i played it, dropped mid sand planet (ocean planet was decent). fuck those chores pretending to be le cool timeloop gameplay.miss me with this troon speedrun shit

It's boring.

I like how these threads are either full of people praising the game or full of faggots bashing it. No inbetween

>>612644580for me it was basically a 10/10 but I can see how it might not be for if all you play is action games you'll probably hate outer wilds

>>612644580Same with games like Undertale/Deltarune and Disco Elysium.These games seem to attract a particular brand of schizos, I wonder what they have in common that makes them froth at their mouths.

>>612644354"dropped it on X planet" means nothing since you can tackle them in any order (except may Dark Bramble) and have to backtrack to all the planets several times. You'd know that if you played it for 60 minutes which it sounds like you havent>>612644580That's why you base how good a game is on it's steam review or metacritic rating, not some randos on the internet that shit on anything that is overwhelmingly positive/popular

>>612640862>making an outer wilds thread while the mutts are awakeyou fucked up

Favourite planet?For me it's Brittle Hollow, love the aesthetics and it was the most fun to explore.

>>612644326what's fucked up is that even though I beat the game and went there many times, it's still terrifying

>>612644580That's every thread on Holla Forums.

>>612640862I would but i already have it

>>612644580The game is an objective masterpiece, the people bashing it are just the lowest of the low generic Holla Forums low iq racist chuds, they are barely human

I found it to be a decent walking sim, but, nothing really special, I don't get how people can claim it's some amazing masterpiece, it's just a generic nihilistic walking sim storyline.I kinda figure that the people who lose their shit about this game haven't played a walking sim before and always considered themselves "Above" them.

>>612641054how so? it's on gamepass so i was going to try it since it's already paid for. if it's pozzed i won't play it

>>612644580because, you either get it or don't, not to rick and morty here>faggot fucking showit doesn't have traditional action, but the planets/universe actively fucks with you and every place is tense and paced perfectly if you are paying attention, but that's the problem, too much reading, especially because it's so crucial to explaining not only what is happening, but what you must do next, or even later, hardly room for happenstance or accidents by just blindly exploring if you aren't reading some of the logs

>>612646834I loved the base game, but I can't get into the DLC, especially cus I'm now just stuck wandering around the pitch black dream cus I can't find my way around.

>>612640862No, thank you. I got this game for free when Mixer was a thing.

>>612640862I DLed it on game pass. Played for about an hour or so, and uninstalled. I feel like I wasted my money.

>>612646834it's not pozzed at all, the logs say there are some female scientist that had a boyfriend, that's about it

don’t let Holla Forumseddit trick you into buying this piece of shit game.

>>612647030you have to find the film reels, honestly echoes seemed like their response to the >too much readingcriticism because now there is absolutely none, easily as good>in some ways betterthan the base game

only 40%?

what is this game even about

I'll probably give it a pirate. Does it play better with controller or m+kB?

>>612649621Definitely use a controller. There's no snap aiming required whatsover, and flying the ship is much better.

>>612649439The game is a 22 minute loop, in which you progress by acquiring more knowledge of the game instead of unlocking powerups. The goal is to escape the end of the cosmos in that time.

>>612649439universe collapses into a supernova, so you awake over and over again to figure out why it's happening

>>612645549For me it's Giant's Deep. The first time I entered the planet and saw the cyclones was incredible. Being on an island as it got launched was also the scariest moment in the game for me. Something about violent weather is terrifying.

>>612649621I normally hate controller for first person games but you spend most of your time flying around so I recommend controller.

>>612649621You can't slightly adjust thruster strength with a keyboard, which doesn't matter for 99% of the game until it suddenly does.

>>612649717>>612649985>>612650202Controller it is then, thanks anons. Will probably try it tomorrow.

does the game work without pressure-sensitive triggers?

>>612645549While I love the significance of brittle hollow to nomai civilization. (like that part where there's the remains of a church and Solanum wonders if the eye is some angry uncaring god) I really feel like Giant's Deep has the best puzzles overall.>that initial despair as you're exploring the orbital probe cannon and learning you have to get to the core at the bottom of the ocean>finding out about the tornadoes shooting you past the initial currents>noticing the jellyfish can access the core or learning it from feldspar>your first time getting shot into space with an islandAbsolutely wild ride from start to finish. Brittle Hollow stops being so scary after you realize falling into the void only delays your progress for a little while.

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>>612651280I disregarded the opening warning and played exclusively with mouse and keyboard. Zero issues. Except some questionable default keybinds, particularly regarding scrolling any text.

One of the few games that I consider to be 10/10, and would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone. Wish I could experience it again, but unfortunately, the game's nature makes it unreplayable.I'm curious if the devs are working on anything right now, I hope it's something with a similar love for exploration.

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>>612644580people have either played it or just parrot Holla Forums talking points like this retard >>612641054

>>612652145if anything, they should work on horror, because the base and especially echoes, it's their strength. they're underrated and not oft talked about as absolutely masters of it, especially how logical and non jumpscary it is, pure legitimate terror and you are directly responsible for it

>>612640862I didn't like itI didn't really feel anything for the little alien dudes and the dialogue from the scrolls/t was PISS

>>612654218That's a shame.

>>612640862joseph anderson said it was good, so I will

>>612653613>and especially echoesThis is what surprises me the most. Getting dropped into into this invisible planet and holy shit it's actually a ring world with a river was amazing by itself. Then the damn breaks and it just escalates from there into your first time visiting this Tomb of the Giants tier darkness.Not to mention the absolute terror of your first time getting caught by the owlelks before they blow your candle. They're one of the few games to do the "cutesy thing is actually scary as fuck" thing right.

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>>612656284It's funny to think of it from their perspective.They hear weird groaning and thudding from the entire world throughout the night, no idea what's to come, and suddenly see this little four-eyed freak somehow broke into their simulation and is just walking around in the dark blowing out all the lights, as dozens of them get killed in the flooding outside.They're probably more scared of you than you are of them.

There will never be another experience like this one; not even if the same devs do another similar gameThe only thing they didn't do universe-related that is kind of well known is quantum entanglement. That shit could've been a neat concept to play around with

>>612654218>dialogue from the scrolls was PISSDon't get this complaint, there's nothing overtly cringy from the dialogue with the exception of maybe a conversation between the two nomai that are obviously banging.

>>612656842>and suddenly see this little four-eyed freak somehow broke into their simulation and is just walking around in the dark blowing out all the lights, as dozens of them get killed in the flooding outside.That must be horrifying to them, especially considering at this point they've been living in dreamland for at least ~220,000 years in a simulation of what their home was like, being effectively immortal as long as their torches were lit.If you think about it, no wonder the prisoner was such a big deal to everyone, he threatened their immortality and they hated him enough to lock him up effectively forever.

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The latest patch did a bunch of tweeks and even added a new murial to a certain burned out building.

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>>612658731that's not how the heat death of the universe works

>>612646834They/them pronouns

>>612658001What's the thing about making the ending to the DLC a lot less subtle?

>>612644326Dark bramble is a meme. Repeatedly getting crushed in the twin caves filtered me.

>>612659904>twin caveseven something so simple becomes so harrowing as you find out your exit is gone

>>612659857When you jump in the water after seeing the prisoner you get a title card, and the ship log explains the last vision he shows you as a "farewell"

>>612659746what? they refer to her/him many times, especially the dude nomai talking about his gf, or her talking about how she isn't sure about some other nomai calculation, at least be an asshead correctly


Second best game ever made (the first one being OoT by nostalgia).

>>612645549the eye

>>612650595don't think you're missing anything if it doesn't hook you immediately; it took me two hours or so before all of the plot points started coming together in my head and then I played it until I had done everything

>>612660279The hearthians are non-gendered egg layers (they) while the nomai are gendered (he/she)

>>612660602>>612660279thishearthians are frog people that lay eggs

>>612660602What being egg layers have to do with being non gendered? That's not how it works in nature

>>612660807They're hermaphrodites

>>612659746because one of the species doesn't have a genderit's not some signaling bullshit, it's the language reflecting their non-human biology

>>612660208kind of wack, I'll admit it was confusing at first, but then it dawned on me that it was the only way, because of the circumstances you go through just to get to that point anyway

>>612660602they are after all the last burst of evolution at the end of the universe with the eye's quantum influence messing with their biology.

>>612660807Well that's how species we have on earth handful lizards and snakes that are only one gender.

>>612656284the entire torch thing was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced in a game, I cannot believe it isn't talked about more, honestly echoes should be up there as one of the greatest horror games ever made>the music>the creature sound effects>the lighting>the puzzlesand it's just dlc

>>612640862>boring space game >tranny aliens No thanks

>>612661441I loved the solution to it. it was a different kind of exploring.

>>612661271yeah but the vast majority of egg laying species don't work that way

>>612644354>le I'm a grouchy little sour cunt and complain about games I haven't playedVery unique and interesting take.

>>612661441>the entire torch thing was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced in a gamebecause of the way they've implemented light/shadows in this game adjusting the gamma doesn't work.pretty funny to watch streamers and youtubers attempts to turn the gamma to max to cheese it and get nothing from

None of my friends wants to even fucking try this game and it makes me sad.

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>>612663019I'm certain it's like doom 3 stencil shadows were anything in the shadow is pitch black, unironically my favorite thing about doom 3

>>612663487I'm in the same boat sort of, I intend on buying it for my nephews, but I honestly don't know if they have the mental fortitude or attention span, I remember I 100% majoras mask and was younger then them when I did it

>>612663487I recommended it to a friend and she bought it and she played it for 5 minutes and told me it was shit


>>612664329her puss aint worth it bro

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>>612665568It's all good she has a boyfriend (i'm a cuck)

>>612665748you aint worth it faggot.

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>>612665785i was just kidding it's all good it's all good

>>612665785I like the nomai spacesuits

>>612640862imagine paying for a singleplayer game and playing a multiplayer game#sigmagrindset

>>612663487I thought it was hipster trash from the trailer. Only, ONLY reason I tried it was because it was on gamepass and I was bored. GOTY all years for me now.

>>612664329Women were not created for their opinions.

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>>612660279The Hearthians are referred to as they/them. But they are also literally asexual beings.

>>612666843I trust that she'll come around and finally see reason.

>>612640862>tfw cant fill the void after finishing this gameIt sucks bros....

>>612667159Iktf bro

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>>612664329I hate the game for being a pretentious circlejerking pile of shit and even I feel for you.

>>612640862I just start playing it and can't understand what's the objective isLook just like some demo made on unity without any purpose at the moment

>>612640862I hated this gameno, not a brainletno, not a ADHD zoomernothing within the first 3-4 hours made the game-world interesting enough to dump another 20 hours into. no other open world game ever managed to be this uninteresting. absolute reddit game.

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>>612667539check out the stuff on your signalscope and use the ship computer to explore rumors, there's something to see on every planet and usually your signalscope/talking to the other spacemans will help you find it

>>612640987Not if you know what to do

>>612667768>another 20 hours into.dude... the game's like 8 hours long at best, I think you just got filtered

>>612645262When you say "backtrack to all the planets several times" do you just mean "return after a new loop" or do you mean "you have to go back and forth between planets all the time"Because I literally just tackled each planet in it's entirety before moving onto the next. The only time I backtracked was when I learned how to enter the electric core, and when I had to raise the Black Hole Forge.

>>612667902>I think you just got filteredby what though?finding the game's premise boring?

>>612668234explain to me the game's premise

>>612668253somewhat aimlessly uncover clues and build out the rumor trees to break the loop

>>612667807Thanks, I'll try.

>>612667768Yeah same. I think its just the lack of meaningful mechanics. A walking simulator is still a walking simulator no matter how much you dress it up with heckin space science 2deep4you reddit bullshit.

>>612668323>to break the loopokay so you didn't finish the game you just guessed at what it was going to be about

>>612668425>okay so you didn't finish the game yeah I clearly said I didn't finish it>you just guessed at what it was going to be aboutthe game deliberately doesn't present any end-goal from my to tell me where I'm wrong? it takes very little for me to 'buy in' to a game and this game had absolutely fuck all.

>>612668683yeah the game doesn't have a big quest marker on your map saying 'this is the next place to go, and here's how it's going to progress the story', it just lets you look for and figure all those things out yourselfif you don't have a sense of curiosity then it's not the game's fault

>>612641054>Now basic astronomics are "woke"4chan is as bad as the left, both are terminally retarded

>>612668913the nomai aren't racist enough for the game to be 'based'

>>612668874>yeah the game doesn't have a big quest marker on your map saying 'this is the next place to go, and here's how it's going to progress the story', it just lets you look for and figure all those things out yourselfas an example, neither does Disco Elysium, but that game created an interesting world with well written and voice acted characters, and those schizo dialogues were infinitely more entertaining than anything Outer Wilds presented me.

>>612667768>another 20 hours into.LMAO I completedn it in three days of like 3 hour sessions, you are just that bad zoomie, you can't do anything unless the game tell you what to do

>>612669052>but that game created an interesting worldlet me guess you couldn't get invested in the Outer Wilds locations because they were too 'god I love science!' tier

>>612667768reddit post

>>612669052Yeah but DE requires you to read which TOWfags obv cant do. They just want to wander around environments.

>>612668425To be fair, that's kind of the logical conclusion one might come to in the early game. Break the loop, save the solar system, or both.

>>612669240...half of Outer Wilds is reading text

>>612669370Yeah. Small snippets of dialogue that ur zoomie brain can handle in short bursts.

>>612669137>you couldn't get invested in the Outer Wilds locations because they were too 'god I love science!' tierno, if they were over the top cringe that might have actually been entertaining. running into a dead end on 1 planet that obviously meant you had to go to others just didn't motivate me like it might have motivated you.why? ask yourself what drove you to continue? the game didn't world-build enough to be interesting enough for me to continue.

>>612669479You didn't play the game

>>612667474That was my first impression of the game too but i gave it another solid try and then i loved it. Maybe you've gave it a fair chance already though and you just don't like it i don't knowBut thanks anyhow

>>612668420Just moving around is fun in that game cause you can zoom zoom around in low g

>>612640862I think I'm getting close to the end. it's been pretty cool but I can see why people have a hard time getting into it. going to bounce now to make sure I don't see any spoilers, but I look forward to joining one of these threads after I finish the game.

>>612669532Its not a game. Its a walking simulator. I didnt "experience" this product of interactive entertainment because im not a soi guzzling faggot zoomer like you.

>>612669515And that's fine. Not everyone has the same likes and interests.

People found Giant's Deep scary? I thought it was the coziest planetRain and wind is out there, I'm warm and dry in here. It's like looking out of your window at a rainstorm with a nice hot cuppa but in a videogame.

>>612667894doing what I need to do scares me too much

>>612670656feldspar's camp is the coziest place in the game

>>612645549ember twin

>>612670656Open water fucking terrifies me, and all the tornadoes everywhere didn't help. I really like the planet now, but when I first saw it was an ocean planet it got me pretty good. Didn't even bother looking underwater at the core or finding out about the current by trying to reach it.

>>612669515>dead endsyou haven't played the game, and even if you did, you just outed yourself as a brainless retard who cannot Intuit reading to find your next clue

>>612670749Just run.

>spawn in world with no idea what's going on>fly around aimlessly>dieGreat game you got there

>>612671031did you finish reading that sentence before you starting foaming at the mouth?

>>612654218I didn't particularly enjoy reading the text walls, either, but I guess I appreciated the exposition.

>>612671127t. didn't play the game

>one of the best open world/exploration mystery games ever made>some Holla Forumstards hate it because one of the characters implies they're gay or something in some optional off-hand textcan't make this shit up

>>612670656>>612670930Being a midwesterner gives me a +10 saving throw against tornados, so I wasn't bothered. Giant's deep, from an objective standpoint, is one of the safest planets. Basically the only ways to die are running out of O2 or breaking your legs after being thown up in a tornado.

>>612671127You're supposed to look at a mystery and want to solve it, not wonder where the quest markers are.

>>612671341they're ambivalent to it, and shit-talk it to get people to reply to them. it works every single time, so we see it happen more and the change you want to see by only making and replying to good posts (or at least not shitposts).

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>>612644580The duality of men.For me, outer wilds is in my top 10 vidya.

>>612672954if you're willing to enjoy the game, it's a 10/10if you can't find anything to do within the first 30 minutes and decide "this game sucks I hate this game" you'll never enjoy it

>>612673062It's the closest thing society has devised to an NPC filter.

>>612675546>"So what I'm just supposed to go talk to these spacemen and that's the whole game? Also the quantum moon keeps disappearing every time I check for it on the map, do I really just have to wait until it comes to a close planet?">finds out the high energy lab door is blocked>"Fuck this I'm going to go back to Cyberpunk."

>>612676252We need more games that make you actively explore instead of just using on-screen quest markers

>>612676432I couldn't get into Outer Wilds first time I tried it because it certainly starts slow, but once it clicked in my head I knew it couldn't be better any other way

>>612640862I already played outer worlds, it was pretty good.7/10

>>612641178Because its boring.The gameplay is shit.

>>612663487I'm trying to remember, there's no way of avoiding shattering spacetime after this happens without either jumping into the black hole again or reaching the eye, right?

>>612670656I don't think Giant's Deep is very scary, but spacewalking outside the Orbital Probe Cannon did trigger some feelings of acrophobia in me. The planet's just big enough and the station's just high enough and orbiting fast enough that it did the trick.

>>612644580at a quick glance it looks like a indie walking simulator like Firewatch so Holla Forumsags come to shitpost on that assumption

>>612670656I hate the water on Giant's Deep so I just waited until that island you need to swim under got blasted into space and flew around under it

>>612673062>>612675546>>612676252>>612676432Some people just lack wanderlust.

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>>612678879>why climb a mountainTo see what's on the top, duh.

>>612661670Are they aliens

>>612640862SPOILERSAmazing games but i didn't like the DLC. Why did the goat thing unplug the eye machine thing. He talks about how his species was afraid and that was bad, but they literally found an answer to the signal and he broke it because.....reasons? It ruins the mains story. I dont think the eye even does anything besides functioning as a warning sign, since the sun runs out of energy even without the eye.

>>612679613>The sun runs out of energy even without the eye.Huh?

>>612679836At the end of the main game you discover the sun goes supernova because it was just time for it, not because of the comet or some eye thing. The eye just helps bring in a new universe.

>>612680009Did people think the Eye was powering the sun or causing it to die?

>>612679613Not sure why you're talking about the goat people (Nomai) when the Owlks and the Nomai never interacted. The Owlks went to the Eye and scanned it, and realized treading on the Eye would wipe out their civilization so that new life could grow. They said fuck that and made their VR game instead. In order to prevent getting killed by someone else activating the Eye, they made the jamming vessel. The Eye's signal is just calling a civilization to kickstart a new big bang because the current universe is getting close to heat death.

>latest update from a few days ago added the slide reel replays to the ship logneat

>>612678879Climbing a mountain as a hobby is gay, like riding a wild horse and then freeing it, if you are going to climb a mountain you must take it, conquer it, make it yours, create a base, a fortress, a legacy, make nature your bitch so it won't ever forget you, a place where your children can prosper, if you go exploring don't come back empty handed just for a shot of adrenaline, make it worth it, be remember by everyone, even the rocks and the birds, the grass and the sky... do not make of something glorious, a vain sport for expats and tourists.

>>612680093I mean the owl people. Anyway they didn't know it would Kickstart anything, they just new it would end their society.Anyway I didn't like the DLC anywhere near as much as the main game.

>>612663487based friends

>>612679613did you get all of the slide reels? the elk knew that the eye would kill them but they also knew it would create new life in their place

>>612679613>Why did the goat thing unplug the eye machine thing. He talks about how his species was afraid and that was bad, but they literally found an answer to the signal and he broke it because.....reasons?Because he didn't feel his species had the right to stop others from knowing about the most important object in the universe? I honestly feel like you've completely misunderstood both the DLC and the main story.

>>612680235the slide reel of the eye disintegrating the elk shows a meadow of grass growing from their remains

>>612680235They might not have figured out that going to the Eye makes a new universe, but they did know that going to the Eye would kill them all and that new life would grow out of their remains.

>>612680235They knew new life would spring up. But they weren't having any of that "destroy our own civilization" shit.

>>612679613The owls are very nostalgic and wanted their civilization to live forever. Once they found the eye, they were afraid it might be able to erase them. So they put a signal jamming satellite on it so no one would ever find it. They then shut themselves away in VRchat for eternity since they destroyed their homeworld to get to the eye.The prisoner felt different, since he was autistic, or heckin loved SCIENCE, or something, so he snuck out one night and turned off the jammer. But he got caught, thrown in gay baby jail and the other owls destroyed the jammer controls so no one could turn them off again.

Reminder to not fall for the trap and buy this game. It's a shitty walking simulator. And whoever liked this game is tourist coming from reddit.

>>612680430>>612680440>>612680442There is a huge difference between, grass growing as time passes to all of the universe ends and billons of years later a new one starts.

>>612680626it's a metaphor

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>>612680408No I get that, but it feels dumb. They thought the eye would end everything, and yet the owl thing decides "no its ok lmao". It's dumb, it really changes the themes of the game.

>>612680548what part of the tutorial filtered you? the toy spaceship?

>>612680536Fuck the pririsoner, and fuck the game for painting him as some misunderstood hero. Serous what a dumb story. Imagine if people in caves went "no lets not cook meat with fire, its not the way its meant to be"

>>612680736>it really changes the themes of the game.Except not at all? The prisoner is clearly portrayed as a virtuous figure here. He has the same values as the nomai.

>>612680626We don't know how much they actually gleaned from scanning the Eye. We just know that it freaked them out enough to build the jammer, and if they bothered to make the jammer they probably had figured out that someone walking on the Eye meant the end of their civilization, at the very least. Whether they knew the Eye was how a new universe is created is irrelevant to what they did and why they did it.

>>612680736It objectively does not. The owls thought (correctly) that the eye would kill them. But they refused to reckon with their own mortality and so fled to a dreamworld where death couldn't claim them. The prisoner rightly thought that it wasn't their decision to make, so he turned the machine off, which allowed the signal to be sent out long enough for the Nomai to find it, setting in motion the events of the main game.

>>612680817The walking part. If you think this is good gameplay, I bet you're one of those retards that love open world games because you can ride on a horse for 80% of the game doing nothing.

>>612680987But for all they knew, the Eye could have been a weapon from a long lost civilization. And then the prisoner just turns off the jammer?

>>612681045ah the way to the museum then

>>612681045That's a pretty bad comparison to make, considering you're not spending 80% of the game doing nothing. ou do get to ride in a spaceship and that's pretty cool.

>>612680941>Imagine if people in caves went "no lets not cook meat with fire, its not the way its meant to be"How does that even relate to what's being talked about

>>612681085>from a long lost civilizationA civilization that's older than the universe?

>>612680987>user watch out you are about to walk into a wall>fool, you didn't reckon with your own mortalityIt's a dumb logic user. The prisoner then should go around slapping medicine out of the hands of sick people?

>>612681303Was it known to the Owlks that the eye was older than the universe? I don't recall. I suppose since they were as advanced as the Nomai they probably did. I'm just spitballing ideas, honestly.

>>612680987Echoes Of The Eye or The Suicidal Asshole Ruins It For Everyone.

>>612650202It's never required (that part in Dark Bramble 100% does not require it). But it generally makes flying a lot easier, since you can smoothly control your orbit, rather than constantly tapping the thrust key.

Hey guys don't mind me I'm just gonna turn off the cloaking device so the universe as we know it can end lol

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>>612681385No, but he'd probably let you know that keeping your granddad on life support after he's been braindead for a month isn't a great idea.

For being so concerned with the continued survival of their species, the Strangers didn't really have much foresight. Did they really think that if they ALL went into their little VR world that their ship wouldn't eventually begin to decay around them? Granted, their ship did last what I imagine to be millennia, so I guess I have to hand it to them there.

>>612681858>What do you mean you don't everything you know and love to end along with the universe, why are you such a hecking party pooper?

>>612682839>preventing the permanent heat death of the universe? Allowing for the potential for new life? fuck that shit, I just want to watch slide reels with my bros

I wonder why the Nomai didn't find The Stranger

>>612685089low-albedo objects are extremely hard to find. That's why a chunk of space debris orbiting earth can be harder to spot than a star a billion light years away

>>612685089It kind of makes sense with how their ships work, where the course is determined before they take off, and you can't steer them or anything. The Stranger isn't on the same plane as the other planets, so they wouldn'thave bumped into it, and it's invisible. Some of the probes looking for the Eye probably hit it, though.

>Holla Forums as predictable as everits also on goypass, one of the few games thats actually worth trying with game pass because you can only play it once anyways so owning the game is pointless.

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>the first time you realize auto-pilot is flying you right into the sun and it's too late to abort and correct trajectory manually

>>612651509>doing all that shit>not just blasting your corpse straight through the planet at 0.1 the speed of light

>>612685089I suspect that if I didn't know I was looking for it, I would have never found it on accident and it would have actually been spooky to find it.

>>612661670That's because dual sex is generally better for genetic diversity and evolutionary progress to deter predators and other hazardsThe harthians have no such need as the interloper would've nuked any life form in the surface that would be a threat


>>612668420lack of meaningful mechanics... lol>quantum stones>ghost matter>the space probe>dark bramble's nested infinity seeds>gravity walls>time loop>space flight>jetpack>dream world in the dlclol. lmao.

Once I realized it was mandatory to get past the most angler infested red seed to complete the game, I got bored and quit. Maybe the angler placement aren't rng, but it did feel like rng on my first few attempts, and I'm not going to bother practicing that garbage "flying with no controls" over and over.

>>612689618>ghost matterbrainlet herefor a huge chunk of the game i somehow didnt realize the solid ghost matter rocks strewn about did not always mean there was deadly ghost matter radiation. i knew about seeing radiation with the camera since the start but whenever i saw the rocks i just assumed there was also radiation there

>>612690101This has to be bait holy shit

>>612686570it's like we're in some kind of loop

They're literally in the same spot the entire time.

>>612640862it's leftie boring soulless trash

>>612653595>>612668913nope, you're the retard

>>612640862only if you grab my master piece first

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>>612665748Based watching hotties get railed enjoyer.

I can't get past this part.

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>>612640862How is the DLC? Is it worth buying along with the base game?

>>612696201Yes, absolutely. But it's also best experienced once you beat the base game.

>>612696261So do I have to hold off buying it until after I beat the base game? Or is it obvious in-game what content is from the DLC so I can avoid it until later?

>>612647514I think its a much better gameplay idea to tell the story through imagery, let your imagination and thinking take hold, and it works for any humans on the planet without need for translation

>>612669052I loved Disco Elysium, but I prefer exploring a world than have it described to me. Outer Wilds is still my favorite game.

>>612682739>Granted, their ship did last what I imagine to be millenniaNomai (in this system) died about 280 000 years ago, so the ship lasted that long.

>>612696503It's not totally obvious but since it's not a spoiler at all there's basically a radio station on the starting planet that will start off the DLC quest chain. You can safely ignore it throughout the base game.

don't buy this shit game

>>612640862It’s free on ps plus. Tried it and quit after the first planet. Huge waste of time

>>612640987The DLC is basic horror game snoozefest. It really doesn't fill me with confidence for their next game.Outer Wilds is a great example of fantastic programmers but second rate design. If the programmers went off and designed their own game, I'm sure it would be much better and more autistic.

my main gripes with this game so far is its narrow scope>other planets are literally just a stone toss away>getting there takes less than a minute>most of the space travel experience is landing the ship safely/non-retardedly>the time loop is too short, so you're constantly rushingthey could easily fix this by making everything more distant, but it would mess up the timing on the hourglass planethave a hunch that's where they started and built the game from there on out

>>612640862I couldn't take the game seriously when I saw those tiny planets. Would it kill them to add some filler content to make the solar system feel bigger? This just feel like flying around in a planetarium.

>>612698613It's more intuitive to put the planets closer together and have a fake pseudo gravity. The time limit is there because its actually pretty difficult to make a fake solar system last a long time and have it resemble something that can trick the majority of players.Outer Wilds is an iconic game and isn't trying to be 100% realistic, so the "marble" universe suits its purpose.>>612698741Imagine advocating for bloat

>>612698587are you retardedor do you mean visual designbecause the game design is top tier

>>612640862My first death happened cause I went top speed and crashed on the moon.

Whoever said this game is a walking sim without "mechanics" is a fucking comedian.The quantum stones alone are more imaginative than anything I've seen in vidya in recent yearsJust LMAO, the game is cheap and you can refund it if you don't "get it", why make up such bullshit?

>>612697526It lasted longer than that. Remember that owlelk slides show Dark Bramble as an ice ball.

>>612699213No the game design is subpar. Everything has to be explained through text boxes for instance

>>612640862Thanks for the headsup user. But I just shilled it to my buddies again a couple days ago with the final patch. It's the apex of vidya but there has to be a cooldown period between trying to get them to play it too. I first played it with a buddy who knew it back and forth watching my stream and now I desperately want to do that with someone else.I'll content myself with a VR run some day soon instead.Oh, and in a previous OW thread someone was suggesting Pathologic too for games with similar appeal. If he shows up in here again - thanks for the recommendation user. I'm on Day 3 of Classic HD with the Bachelor and it's amazing. I'm incredibly impressed with it so far.

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>>612699371I'm convinced anyone claiming Outer Wilds is a walking sim is either blatantly trolling or quit before they got off Timber Hearth. There's no way once you have your ship/jetpack/scout you could say that about OW.

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>>612698587>The DLC is basic horror game snoozefestMan I did not feel that way at all. I don't think I've ever felt more immersed in the atmosphere of a game than the DLC, and the part you're talking about is a fourth of it at most.the escalation to seeing the owls in slides to seeing them all dead in the tombs to waking up in the dark and finding them walking around made me shit a larger brick than I have ever shat with Outlast or any other shitty horror game. What you learn about the nature of what they are only makes them more creepy

>>612699762It's the closest estimate you can get. I believe the 280k from sun station was the only proper time you could get. Nomai didn't stay in the system that long (a generation or two iirc based on the characters). The question marks areTime between eye signal jammer being deactivated and the nomai arriving (presumably not that long? but maybe the signal could travel slow)Time between owleks building the ship, arriving at the eye, creating vrchat and deactivating jammer (??, but feels like it'd be much less than the 280k)

>>612640862Played for 30min and got bored. The time reset thing is annoying as fuck, just let me explore properly without fucking me in the ass every 10 minutes

How long did the game was in developement? 8 years? How long do I need to wait for another masterpiece from them? I need more exploration kino like this, I miss going from planet to planet piecing clues together and playing detective. I fucking love freedom of exploration games with a purpose and I haven't gotten as enaged in any other game since I completed Outer wilds.

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>>612644580if you're an ADHD league of legends modern nu-gamer you will hate outer wilds, simple as

>>612640862I refunded it about 40 minutes in.

>>612699371it's as much of a walking sim as Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon

>>612701757Rain World, Obra Dinn, and La-Mulana scratched a similar itch for me.

>>612699982do you know what EXACTLY what changed in the final patch?

>>612640862Played for 3 hours so far. I'm enjoying exploring, but not sure if I'm a fan of the timelimit.

>>612681858>>612682839>>612683938The jammer was not gonna prevent the death of the universe. It was doomed to happen regardless.

What does it take for Hollow's Lantern to be explored? I've landed there and walked around and died in a volcano