Paladins looks like THAT?!

Paladins looks like THAT?!

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Hirez sucks shit.Bring back Tribes.Bring back GA.Get rid of the dumb cooldowns on Divine Knockout because it otherwise actually looks like fun.

>>612637590no, it looks like THIS

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We want the blender audience


>>612637590It has real graphics

I Love Pepper!

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>>612637590I've been saying play Paladins if you like boobs, play Overwatch if you like butts. But this right here is a game changer.

>>612637590>>612637987Okay, I'm jacking off tonight fr fr

Friendly reminder that Georgian tax payers are paying for the TnA.

>>612638523paladins has both

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>>612638523Paladins have both and OW have been literally unplayable for some time now as you have to wait 5-10 minutes for each match.

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>>612639664she has a big fluffy tail and that's a good thing!

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>>612637590god i fucking love saati fat ass


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>>612640914>her only skins cover her assi bought all of them but im never using hem iced out is best

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>>612642953>loud noise because she is flying some fucking where but you can't see her>ACHHOOOOEven when you don't die that shit is infuriating but funny

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>>612637590>>612637987>>612639206>>612640521>>612640914>>612642779>>612643096>>612643776>>612643991imagine the smell

Paladins is fun in a casual way. I cant play it for long. But I enjoyed it enough to buy the character pack to get all the heroes for a bit of quick games.


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God I hope Bamco doesn't fuck up Gundam Evo. It's gotten basically no advertisement or hype though so I don't really believe, but holy fuck is it so much better than OW and Paladins.

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>>612637590Gib milk

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>>612646690Is it even the same type of game?

>>612647491Yes, just with less of a focus on the tank/healer/DPS trinity.

>A latin r34 maker was able to make the hottest Cassie r34 It's insane how a lot of latin people are dishing out OW and Paladins porn, however I think they're quickly losing motivation on Paladins porn unfortunately. Its a battle between Latin 3D porn makers vs World of Warcraft Russian porn makers I think Mexicans are taking the lead in crafting thick porn while Russians are still making bolt-on bimbo Draenei futa porn

>>612647553Any vidoes showing fun gameplay? What I'm seeing looks kinda boring desu...

>>612648353wait 2 days and try it yourself for free? better than any video.


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>>612637987Can you post gameplay of salt in action?

>>612637590>Paladins looks like THAT?!Can't tell. They took 3rd person out

>>612648990she's Io's furry skin

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>>612648990just dont hear her voice

>>612650465She's sounds like an underaged heavy smoker

>>612650820imagine her sounding like a cute girl like laura bailey

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>>612650961she knows so its less hot

>>612637590Looks like my ass

>>612651045knows what? that her ass is one of the fattest if not the fattest ass in the game currently?

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>>612650351Did they bring back third person or some shit?

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>>612651913imagine dashing into it during capturing the point

>>612651940you can enable third person in training mode

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>>612637590shame about the gameplay

>>612637590I wouldn't know, they disabled 3rd person camera.

>>612650465>>612650820Post it. Now I'm curious

>>612650961shitty face

>>612652729shitty taste

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>>612653047looks awful. goblina but furry.


>>612653334Post "ideal" furry then mang


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>>612654248>sausage on the sandwichyou like gay furries, haha.

>>612654024furry: japan

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Before I download the gameIs there a pve way of obtaining the coins to purchase skinsOverwatch has only pvp and slow ass pvai grinding for skins + forced to watch overwatch league skins

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>>612655289there's no pve mode, only bot matches where you and up to 4 other guys fight against AI bots. You get the same amount of coins as if you were playing against real players. You can only unlock white (basically recolors of default skins) and green rarity skins with gold. The rest is hidden behind premium currency, chest, battle pass and sometimes trials.

>>612637590coombait doesn't make me want to play your game, it just makes me want to jack off to unofficial art of your game. i like some eye candy but how's the actual game? i don't think a single post itt has even explained how good/bad it is or how it differs from other games like overwatch

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>>612655219Why does a furry need a disco light bra

>>612656761>how's the actual gameit's alright, nothing to write home about. It sucks that most characters only have one good talent out 3. In theory they are cool, for example, instead of picking a talent that makes your character's poison darts skill more deadly, you can pick a talent that allows the same character's smoke grenade to heal and apply buffs to your teammates, at the cost of not being able to cloak within the smoke. But if you need to use the second talent, because your team has a shitty healer, you have pretty much lost, because you are gimping your damage potential on a character that's supposed to flank enemies and the healing is mediocre at best, so you aren't achieving anything.

>>612656761>coombait doesn't make me want to play your game, it just makes me want to jack off to unofficial art of your game.this. this game is >overwatch but with hi-rez jankI don't play overwatch, I just jack off to it. why would I play bootleg overwatch?

Show me you're not a fucking casual

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>>612656903why not

>>612658878I capped at 1.4k. You are stronger than me. I had enough after the bullshit that was mid end of times.


my wife skye!

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>Tribes died for this shit

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>>612663820prostitute wife (cheap)

>>612663853Yes so?

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>>612639206What is THAT?

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>>612664897pants too big

>>612663853technically it died for smitesad thing is tribes would be super strong in the current shooter market

>>612655016What do you mean by this?Kemono? Kemonomimi?

>>612663820Extremely hot, but I don't know how long it will take for me to farm vs ai to get skin i am extremely casual I like the art but I am not sure if it is worth it vs time spent getting skin

>>612665234i thought smite was still going

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>>612665621it's still alive iirc

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>>612654412lmao rektfags get the rope

>literal semen demon skinbased

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>>612658878I hit master and dipped. Love the game to bits but all they ever did was take features away instead of add them which irked me to end. The final straw was changing existing maps for absolutely no good reason (only map that I agree needed a change was Ice Mines) and not actually adding anything after nearly 2 years and I'd had enough

i never realized how horny this game was

>>612637590>assthats nice, but why not show the tits? ass is in everything these days, but not tits.

>>612669274it has always been like this

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i wish evie and io had bigger boobs

Is this game fun?

>>612670029no, its the same matchmaking as every other game the last decade.

>>612670029You can use the vgs to make Pepper sound really horny...

>>612637590[VGS] Shazbutt!

>>612656358If you log in EVERY DAY for 4 months you’ll receive enough free “gems” to buy a regular skin.

>>612670029Ass? Ass

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>>612670029just like overwatch, nopeople just coom to the characters

>>612670518i wish

>>612670089>>612670293>>612670901>>612671735Thanks anons. Installing it right now

>>612672245uhhhhhhhhh ok glhf

>>612663853Tribes died with 2. Fuck off shazbowl larper

For me, it's Furia

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>>612672646tits too small

>>612651940>>612652438oh yeah now I remember why I quit playing

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>HiRez releases a new flank hero>it's faster than mounts and can travel across entire maps without touching the

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>>612675238i will now play your game

Don't make me install Paladins again!

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>>612637590This was made by a Western dev in the current year? How the fuck? Titanforged studios is based beyond belief.

whats the lewdest skin in this game? pls im on the verge of installing this game


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>>612675754i love Pepper so much its unreal

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>>612675883Ugh! I will not yield! I will only play for a week or so and get bored again. I know it.


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>>612675868here's the jiggliest skin ive found

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>>612675754>my funposts are still relevant four years lateryey

asses are cool i guess but doesn't the gameplay kind of suck?

>>612676330Nice view. Seriously though. Does the game feature any longevity now? I used to play Hookturtle, Snakeguy, Bowtarzan and Skye a lot. But I got bored relatively quickly. Always felt the game was a bit too railroaded, every character had exactly one playstyle and that's it.

>>612676657it's actually funor well, it was back when i played itits problem is that it's a shit game even if it's fun


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does playing vs ai count towards battle pass or is pvp still the faster way to get chest/skins

>>612676657i find it fun, i really like the card loadout system

>no one posted best girl yetFor shame on all of you

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>>612676981ai counts for the batte pass fastes way tp lvl the pass up is death match they also do 2x exp in the final weeks of the battle pass

>>612676657it's super janky but fun. i quit overwatch and never looked back

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What is better Overwatch 2 or Paladins?

Okay you convinced me, downloading right now.

>>612679949paladinsalso>paladins outlived overwatchlol

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>>612679949Paladins shows skin, you do the math

>best skin is forever stuck in the mobile version of the game

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>>612653985I can work with this

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>>612637590Paladins skin department is full of degenerates honestluBut the game is kind of a mess, tried to get into comp and shit is kinda unbalanced to new players as there's never enough of them to give them propper matches, also that thing hasn't gotten maps in ages but it keeps getting characters.

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>>612682105yeah. its a coomer game filled with bimbo and himbo skins and champs. just play casual sometimes and its fun

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>>612682406Oh yeah it actually is. Fun gameplay and every girl gets me throbbingI just think Hi-Rez has weird priorities with content, all of the shiny toys mean jack shit if you can only use them in the same boring playground you know by memory already.

great gameplay

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>>612682528oh boy do i miss makoa and zhen>>612682519good tastes

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>>612637590Paladins had so many opportunities to redeem itself but sirs, it never did.

>>612683424Who cares, it's still playable and the designs just get more and more shameless

>>612639206I remember having a lot of fun with Paladins years ago. Sad to hear it's dead/dying.

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>>612683972>>612684843is skye sitll a viable flanker with invis, poison, and bomb burst ult?

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which girl has the fattest ass and which girl has the fattest cock?

Damn, i really need to learn Blender, the lack of porn of this game is criminal.

>>612686402thats subjective to your tastes>>612686575Yeah look up blender tutorials, spend a week learning to mash meshes togetha

>>612686670alright then what about your tastes stinky?

>>612686575i wish i had as much porn as overwatchtheir female desings are so much better its not even funny

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>>612686575There is just one guy making Paladins porn and its geckosave. Very high quality stuff but he doesnt release shit often and recently like at all.

>>612686804I was gonna say Skye but then i saw Salt's ass in the google images so im left pondering.Futa is defiantly Ash

>>612676657It's pretty good compared to the obvious competition. >>612676704They've tried to diversify with talents more. I was enjoying Barik's talent that gives him extra turrets instead of an ult.


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>>612685317>not playing support skye

>>612682105Comp feels like it's there just to say they have it. It was doomed from the start.

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>>612687609>support skyeyeah i'll support while i set up bomb on the choker

why do americans and koreans make the only sexy games anymoreeven japan stopped and china tried for like a year but the CCP immediately shut it down with censorship

>>612651913>>612652438I want to see Salt wearing hotpants

>>612637590Do people in this thread actually play the game just because of ass?idk, the gameplay looks really shitty to me

>>612637590but does it have REAL GRAPHICS

>>612689545There's also tits. The gameplay is actually fun too.

Paladins has some of the worst programming I've seen in a game, but I'll be damned if EM's waifu game isn't top notch.

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>>612690392i loved when she was op. slow down mines and full charge headshots on long maps were good

>>612690392>remove the final killcam because they can't fix all its bugs>remove third person because muh balance!paladins? more like bugladins!the ladies are amazing but still not enough to save this shit game

>>612690714>remove the final killcam because they can't fix all its bugsPeople just wanted to skip the PotG when it came out.

>you'll never rub your face between these two beautiful furry puppyswhy even live

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Whoa there big guy!

For me, it's Ash.

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>>612680916Jesus. Skye is the bomb

>>612685629Fuck man, why did they gave to make her so wide. My penis can't take much more of this

>>612658878I have only 300ish hours, but about 150 of them are during beta-first comp seasons as Grohk. Got to masters with him because how hard to kill he was before. Same with Torvald. He was so fun and unique on release.

>>612637987Too bad that's an furry.

>>612690714Third person was a stupid advantage and a remnant from the battle royale mode.

How do i get into the spectator mode thing?

>OW2 will become F2PFinally Paladongs will die for good

elf sluts for fapping towall-building stone mom for playing as

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top-tier arses, when are they going to add some pube peek?

>>612637590>Tribes: Ascend died for this

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