GTA 6 Looks like shit

Wow lmao nice fucking "gun" rockstar is this seriously what you have to show us after almost 10 years?

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>>612637240here's the attention your mother never gave you


post screenshot of alpha internal build of a game that looked amazing

>>612637240It's almost like the game isn't done

>>612637240preorder cancelled

>>612637240gun slides are for faggots. You're a faggot, OP.

>>612637240>Running low on video memory>Every fucking card is 8gb, even the expensive onesI see we won't even be able to run this piece of shit.

>>612637240>fucking glocks instead of berettas or 1911sThat's the real crime right there

>>612637240>>612637717Are you guys trying to force le epic meme or are kids really this clueless about how development works

>>612637717another epic win for 3060tards (12GB)very cool from nvidia to only release the 12GB version of the 3080 almost 2 years later

>>612637717tfw 12GB VRAM

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>>612637240She has cute little hands

>>612638127it's both. I am happily pushing the 'lazy dev' narrative because children eat it up and propagate it, and it lends to an inability to have a discussion on Holla Forums so I'm all about it.

>>612637418>>612637405based retards

>>612637717It's built on PS4 specs

>>612638127not defending those tards but honestly the fact that game is even this early in development after all this fucking time is still really fucking annoying. they've clearly been doing nothing this whole time while they coasted off of online.yeah obviously the early beta looks bad, its a beta, the fact that its a fucking beta still is the part that annoys me. V came out nearly ten fucking years ago

>>612637240This is just a beta, in the final version it will be a fully modelled gun with a QR code on the butt so you can download the schematics and 3D print it yourself

>>612637240Now, that's attention to detail.

>>612638645why should they start on 6 immediately after finishing 5? there's literally no incentive to jump on that shit right away.

>>612638645it hasn't even been 4 years since their last massive game dude

>>612637240Ironically the Alpha build already looks better than the Saints Row Reboot

>>612637240>BlockDark Souls gameplay confirmed??

>>612637717its a dev build. not optimised. looking at 10 yrs before it gets PC release anyway

>>612637405unironically for the time

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>>612637240Isnt the videos build from 2015?

>>612637240Thats actually a surprising amount of mesh detail on the chamber and slide cover plate. Only a no-guns faggot would be confused by why the "gun" looks like that. If rock-star spends a good amount of time refining ballistics/physics the gun-play is gonna be pretty kino.

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>>612640254>realism makes games good

>>612638645Rockstar seem to focus on a single game at a time, after V they started working on RDR2, but since games are expected to be bigger each entry it takes much longer to develop it

>>612637240I can't believe after 32 YEARS in DEVELOPMENT this is the TRASH they're RELEASING AND SELLING FOR MONEY!!!

>>612640254>If rock-star spends a good amount of time refining ballistics/physicsWhy would you assume they want to move away from the more arcadey shooting they already have?

>>612637380>They'll fix it before launch!!!You morons never learn

>>612638645This build is also supposedly like 3 or 4 years old

>>612637240>ITT: babies who never worked on any project in their life don't know what a placeholder is

>>612638645They've only been working on it since 2019 after RDR2. Before then they only did photography references of Miami, concept art, story and gameplay ideas. The team in charge of online was a small seperate team. You have no idea how game development works.

Yes I know it's a beta, but the game looks like shit. All of my hype was killed by this leak. I hope the game never comes out.

>2020 build>expecting a finished gamenobody here knows shit about the actual development of games

>>612637380No it's pre-alpha

>>612641383woah really?? It's that old? But why did the leaker not find anything newer than 2020?

>>612641383A large portion of people on this site cant grasp reality and its most basic concepts much less have any knowledge of anything they talk about.

>>612640410Correct. Realism makes gritty open world crime simulators good. There are 8,920,202 Mario bingbing wahoo games out there for you gaylords that wanna collect floating coins.

>>612642002Ironic considering the biggest trend in generic bullshit to happen to videogames recently is generic ass realistic looking open world game.

AAA games also do this thing where all guns just sound like unpopped kernels of corn hitting the floor because GUNZ BAD

>>612642419Thats more likely just so they dont overpower the rest of the audio with sounds of gunfire. If they were going for realism you would blow out your speakers every shot then it would drop the volume by half and EEEEEEEEEEE at you.It has nothing to do with a bunch of dumb political bullshit. If it were anti gun they wouldnt put guns in the fucking game.

>>612637240They model the chamber and the barrel in the glock, that's neat

>>612640410This thread is discussing the level of detail, not if the game is good or not you obnoxious faggot



>>612641048>Why would you assume they want to move away from the more arcadey shooting they already haveThe way the player characters and AI are bounding between cars and scrambling to take cover in the leaked footage seems way more tactical and realistic than any of the previous games. Its actually pretty intense. I doubt your gunna be wiping out armies of goons like some pimped-out saints row avatar.

>>612642734I like loud guns in video games.

>>612637380is not even a beta, is not even build, those are just some works, i hate rockstar but how this faggots gonna complain over a game never existed.

people criticize a vertical slice of a game like they would criticize a finished productWhy is Holla Forums so absolutely fucking retarded?

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There are people on this very board who are retarded enough to believe that what they saw is what will be released

>game probably 20% done at best>already looks better than saints no flow remake

>>612643357>2022 >no game with guns that sound like

>>612641127>This build is also supposedly like 3 or 4 years oldEvery time someone says this the vidoes keep getting older and older first it was a year old, then people were saying its two years old, now its four years old? This damage control is just getting sad at this point.

Remember they don't care about making money at this point but to push "agenda" for the globohomo

>>612637240they are using low quality models when debugging for faster loadings you retards

>>612637341Don't project onto OP like this, and stop rushing to defend Rockstar you cringe weirdo.

Look at the diversity hire they have been hiring

>>612637240Bait threads are good, because they expose those who are underaged or morons.

>>612637240don't worry, they'll cgi in the whole gun in post

>>612637341thank you mom

>>612637240>debug has aniamted details culledthis is regular gamedev weirdness

>>612637717The gpu used to record these only had 2gb of vram

>>612637240less bugs on alpha than cybertroon 2077

>>612638645The leaks are from 2019-2020We're in 2022

>>612640410Well yes, it's how super mario absolutely demolished all the other action games from that time.Inertia, friction, elasticity, gravity with real acceleration. Atari shit got fucking btfo

>>612643660It's a shame

>>612643534its 4chan

>>612643534Remember, 50% of people have below-average intelligence.

>>612647184it's more like 80%, you're giving people way too much credit

>>612641127>>612644106Earliest clips are from April 2021. The newest clips are from this month.

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Omg gta6 looks garbage no preorder

>>612637717R* always delivers a game that runs ok on low hardware They want as many people to buy the game as possible *with the exception of GTA IV*

>>612637240>Handguns have some kind of inside modellingThat's nice, actually.

>>612637341fpbp, op btfo

>>612637240That's actually a pretty accurate gun with the slide missing, in case you aren't just shitposting.

>>612648482that's because they are using the static part of the model for testing so no need to deal with animations fucking up shit when you are testing other things

>>612637240this game is gonna flop so hard jesus christ

>>612637240Almost like it's early footage that wasn't supposed to be shown to the public or something.

>>612649187yeah it makes senseGTA always had extremely shitty gun animations etc. compared to contemporary games. Maybe V is better, never played it. IV had some truly low effort shit.


>>612649594They should have thought of that before the leak

>>612640254They seem to be learning. I need to make a webm showing off the improved ragdoll physics

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>>612637380>>612637341Faggots like you are the reason why we end up with mediocre video games like The Last Of Us 2.

Why are /k/ posters sperging about weapon accuracy so cringe?

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>>612647184>>612647769Lmfao how am I the only one to acknowledge the comedy of this exchange

>>612651760>GTA games take 4-6 years to finish>they started making game in 2019 after RDR2 finished>you see videos that on the top right are mostly use windows versions from 2019-2020 (latest build used in those videos is 19042 which was used October 2020 to May 2021)>literally 2 years into developlent>OMG THE GAME IS GOING TO BE SHIT

>>612637908/k/ spergs were a mistake, kill yourself you posing nigger

>>612637717this is what you get for falling into the 2000-3000 meme1080ti chads keep going strong with their 11GB of VRAM

>>612641503He probably lied and just found a server backup.

>>612647184Actually the amount of women is 49.85% but you were close

>>612652391can't even overlay an image in 2022 and is criticizing anybody else's work lmao

>>612642002>Realism makes gritty open world crime simulators good>*Yakuza Like a Dragon block your path*whatchu gonna do now, big boy?


>>612638645>>612638836>>612641242Yeah, it's rockstar philosophy to wait a few years to see how people like their new game before starting work on the new one. They're like the anti-activision/ubisoft mentality. Would you really want them shitting out uninspired half-finished asset flips every 6 months?

Holla Forums is once again showing why they put "this doesn't represent the final build of the game" in trailers and demos, and "objects in mirror are closer than they appear" on cars.This isn't a so called "playable" demo, it is not intended for release. See there was a "leak", leak is when someone releases something the company doesn't intend to come out. They don't expect or intend for even playtesters to see this. Games look like this when there's two years of development left.

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>>612659009>Games look like this when there's two years of development left.More like 3, knowing R*, which is fine by me. People whining over "WAH WHENS THE GAME COMING OUT WAH WAH!!!" is what killed good gave developement. Quality > Quantity wins every fucking time. The game will come out when it's ready, so crying like babby doesn't help any. You faggots are so fucking impatient, I swear.

I didn't like any numbered GTA since 2. Some fake ass leak arg not gonna change that.


what a garbage game

>>612637240it's a glue gun you retard

>>612650309The particle effects look fantastic, more in line with the smoke and sparks from IV

>>612656215Glocks are a nigger gun you third world peasant.

>>612658642Funny, because old rockstar would pump out more GTA games at a fast pace than ubisoft shits out asscreed games and they were way better games too.

>>612638127You will be surprised how underaged Holla Forumstards are

>>612638879Only a zoomer would think 4 years isn't a long time for game development.

>>612638645zoom fucking zoom

I know OP is shitposting but there's a staggering amount of retards who actually doesn't understand what unfinished games look like. Youtube comments on the leak videos are unironically filled with people complaining about placeholder assets. I'm starting to understand why game studios aren't honest about the game in their marketing.

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>>612637240It's supposed to be a glock, it's missing the slide which has likely not yet been added as a separate part of the model.Visual elements tend to be the last parts of a game that get attention, it seems like they were between swapping out the placeholder model and working on the final model.The leaks from a codebase that's from 2020 IIRC, it would make sense for the animations/models to not yet be ready.

>>612637380Not even that, it's an internal Alpha build that was no where near ready for public display.If this is the version we got handed on launch or even in an invite only beta it'd be completely reasonable to be livid about it, but this isn't a public version that we were ever meant to see.

>>612637908>no different selection of firearms with finite differences to choose between the two>only ever get "starter gun" then "better gun" for each type>Don't get to pick between low cap .45 that does more damage and a high cap 9mm that does less, forcing you to go for headshots to use that extra ammo efficientlyGod what could have been

>>612640410The RIGHT AMOUNT of realism in the given context can make a game far more enjoyable.Having realistic looking weapon models/animations is always cool for titles like GTA.It would be trash if the game's combat played like Squad, sure, but visually speaking a realistic visual design would fit GTA pretty well.

>>612650309>an AR that actually looks and acts like an ARmaybe they did learn with the mistakes they made with V and this will be a return to IV's more realistic gameplay?

>>612637240There will be aftermarket slides just like with real glocksJust for you I took mine apart

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>>612649989>Maybe V is betterThe animations were definitely closer to reality, just really fast and still a little janky.The first person mode had a few cool features like being able to move between basic aiming with the crosshair and ADS by scrolling

>>612650309>Actually uses the bolt releaseNeat

>>612639335In the good timeline we got this game

>>612650309RDR2 was western weapon kino and I get the feeling GTA6 won't be too far off

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>>612650309>Realistic shell casing ejectionI will now buy your game

Does anyone still have the source code that was leaked?

>>612637240I read something earlier that said gta5 pre alpha builds were on the gta4 engine so that might be the case here, check it out

>>612637717Big brained post. The restock was literally whatever low effort cards they could mass produce. Even the largest cards are less than 16GB RAM at the moment.

>>612637341absolutely obliterated

>>612637240anon if anything the final build having great visuals should be the one safe bet

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anyone have webm of the black dude animation spazzing out?

I dont care much about how the protagonist or weapons looks like. What makes me worry the most is that the look and feel of this game looks exacly as the GTAV. I am really hopping they change it will add some unique artistic signature...

>>612669271nvm got it

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>>612663172>Visual elements tend to be the last parts of a game that get attentionCope>The leaks from a codebase that's from 2020 IIRC, it would make sense for the animations/models to not yet be ready.Mega copeRockstar fanboys out in full force since this leak.

>>612671457You are genuinely retarded if you're building models and animations before you even have a fully functioning codebase.


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>>612669739>when the cops say freeze

>>612637240Lmao the fact people bite this bait without calling you a stupid faggot mark bitch made trick is laughable. Hey OP You’re a stupid faggot mark bitch made trick that sucks at trolling

>>612671565You're retarded if you think that the finished product is going to look any better.

>>612671978>You’re a stupid faggot mark bitch made trick that sucks at trollingHe can't suck THAT much at trolling if there's 100+ replies, including one from you.

>>612669739Holy shit Rockstar was going to charge $60 for this? It's all so tiresome. Thank go that pajeet developer leaked the whole thing before we got another Cyberpunk.

It looks incredible, it'll be the most successful launch in history, and there's literally nothing you can do about it.

pre-alpha rockstar game looks like a finished ubisoft game

very bad looking game not buying

>>612650309>everyone sperging about the guns details>not the fact hes firing a rifle into the floor of a fucking boat in waterto be fair, it might just take a long time to sink and theres no effects for it, but still. the gun DOES look MUCH better than 5's

The biggest issue here is that the environment looks almost identical to gta5. Same architectural style similar climate same colour palette. If I was shown a random screen shot from the leaked gameplay a week ago I would've thought it was a modded version of gta5


>>612637341go back tourist and take your meds before you use the fatherless insult and embarrass us all

>>612637240Yeah it looks pretty bad. Next-gen is a meme and developers are lazy. It’s unironically over.

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>>612637717>tfw 1060 3gbit’s over

>>612637380No you're only beta, whereas I am the alpha. And I say Fuck Rockstar. Problem?

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>>612663836>return to IV's more realistic gameplay?IV's guns were static objects

>>612659754You're a little zoomer. When i was growing up we got 3, VC, SA within 3 years.And that was back when 3D gaming was new

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>>61264718499% of Holla Forums's posters are born after 2001

>>612651760No it's because of trannies who complain on Twitter but never buy the games

>>612637380>Half Life 2"This is only Beta!">COD WAW"This is only Beta!">Advanced Warfare"This is only Beta!">Halo"This is only Beta!">Victoria 3"This is only Beta!"You guys are fucking gay. I hate you.Leaks, Betas, how the fuck is any of it going to change from now to launch? Do you have one rational argument?

is someone gonna post the image?

fine, I'll post it myself

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>>612681564Trannies are just failed men. This image is full of failed men who couldn't cut it as men so they trooned out.


>>612644563Yall still reply in threads?

>Lefties kissing ass and shilling sharkcard simulatortypical

>>612673907>wanting a boat to sink after a few shotsWhy

>>612637418Why not? It's been 10 years.

Just a reminder they made Vice City in 9 months after GTA 3 came out and it's still the best in the series. There's no excuse for this.

>>612637240>builds fundamental game mechanics before lens flares and ray tracingNOOO! It’s too ugly!


>>612637341Damn, killed him first post.



>>612669739holy shit why would anyone pay for thiswhy did they keep all those random letters on it in the top left? insane

>>612685564>He thinks they worked on this everyday for 10 years and not that they didn't start until after RDR2 released>Ignoring the memedemicDumbass

>>612684549Based and redpilled.

>>612677768Have you ever thought about how games were smaller and easier to produce back then? Just compare the average dev team of a game from the 90s to now. It's been an exponential growth.

>>612641091>user actually thinks the game will release like this

>>612686437Nah user, never crossed my mind.Redditnigger



>>612666469>max payne 3 came out 10 years ago.I remember thinking the tech in this couldn't be topped. Looks like body damage/injury models still gives RDR2 a run for its money.

>>612637380Sorry guys my Uncle works for Rockstar and he told me that the build leaked was actually a release candidate. Rockstar rushed through the development and was planning to sit on it until the next wave of COVID lockdowns. GET BOOSTED ORANGE MAN BAD.


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>>612682437You retarded alt-right inceloid losers have become a disease. Just worthless parasites that do nothing but complain and once you're done, just look out for more things to bitch and spread vitriol about, it has gotten so badly we have a bunch of autistic manchildren complaining because a developer build that shouldn't be available to the public doesn't look like a finished game. Fucking trash like you is what happens when someone never gets laid or even a life. A useless sack of vomit clinging to dead beliefs and failed ideologies.

>>612693005>DRUMPF>checks current year

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>>612650309Hours later

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>>612695252>cops standing out in the open with no protection>MC takes 10+ bullets to dieSame old shit as always

>>612641091nigga, it can hardly be considered pre-alpha, this is leaked footage from 2 years prior.

>>612668692>laughs in amd

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>>612695649Very funny, user

>>612637240It says right in your image it's running low on ram, probably loaded that low LOD gun because of it

>>612637240I never considered myself a coomer, but that ass is going to be distracting

A placeholder, in an alpha dev build? What a bunch of fucking morons can't even slap a whole gun slide on there. Are they trying some bullshit like "gun customization" & just have no exchangeable slide currently attached, what a bunch of fucking incompetent wieners baka frfr

>>612681564Rockstar Games dev team?

>>612655535but is the average the mean, median, or mode, I cant remember Im retarded

>>612696448"low ram" to these fucktards is 40gb


>>612637380SIRS, DO NOT REDEEM

>>612662660what's the logic behind this statement? zoomers are used to garbage like cod and fifa being shat out yearly

>>612643116With the way those cops were moving i think we could

>>612644261Yes keep falling for the bait fishies

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>>612637405>>612641397"pre-/alpha' my fucking ass learn the difference you newfags

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>>612686437nobody forces them to create bloated and worse quality products than old ones. quality > quantity

>>612643958MOH warfighter

>is this seriously what you have to show usThey didn't show you anything.

>>612698687Wasn't BF2042 also "pre-alpha" when they let people playtest it, and literally nothing got changed to the end product?

>>612637240It is a TEST BUILD. If it was pretty and working nicely then they would have shipped it to stores already.

>>612699208yeah it's just marketing ploy to defend against all criticism since they know retards from yt and reddit will keep defending them, even some morons there were defending them by saying "it's just pre-alpha they will fix it" lmao

>>612637341>>612637380>>612637405>>612637418>>612638127>>612640254Shills out in full force today.


>>612698036It's talking about GPU ram, no GPU has 40GB of ram

>>612699646>Being sensible is being a shillThe Holla Forumsirgin brain trying to classify everyone as some boogeyman at work.

>>612697975It's the mean. Not that it matters for intelligence since by definition it uses a gauss curve, so all of them are the same.

>>612700075C'mon dude, it's clearly just shitposting.

>>612700075It's mechanically identical to GTA V only now we have some revolting amerigoblina as an MC>YAAAASSSSS KWWWWEEEEENAnyone who is excited for this piece of shit is either feigning it for shilling purporses or underage.


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>>612657946>Yakuza>Open worldlmao

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>>612637240they couldn't even get it to run 60fps on their overpowered dev machines fuck this game, next cyberpunk disaster incoming

>>612637717I think this is actually why studios fear their early game getting leaks, because of dumb fuck 0 iq retards inventing facts that they know fucking nothing about

>>612640254>>612650309Still the same floaty, auto-aim-reliant shooting mechanics as ever. I will forever be disappointed they didn't just lift Max Payne 3's shooting (and movement) wholesale.

>>612699646Please seek mental therapy.

>>612647870Google Drive link please.

>>6126372402k is finished

>>612700257>It's mechanically identical to GTA VYou can crouch now, so you‘re already wrong. Lol retard

>>612704267>You can crouch nowBAHAHAHAHAHA

>>612643534They’re memeing retarded cunt, though I would like GTA 6 to fail cos of the female protag lol

>>612637380Good morning sir