Shonen Jump Crossover Game leak

The game is another 3D arena fighter developed by CyberConnect2, with assistance from Spike Chunsoft. Bandai Namco published. Final name of the game is Jump Stars Ultimax.>The game has been in development since around late 2018.>Very similar to Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 in terms of gameplay and art-style.>Story mode contains several mash-ups of iconic moments from the series included. Lots of boss battles, cutscenes, and 'mob battles' within it.The franchises included are:>Dragon Ball>Naruto Shippuden>One Piece>My Hero Academia>JOJO's Bizarre Adventure>Black Clover>Demon Slayer>Chainsaw Man>City Hunter>Saint Seiya>Haikyuu!!>Fist of the North Star>Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo>The Promised Neverland>Dr. Stone>DEATH NOTE>Jujutsu Kaisen>Rurouni Kenshin>Bleach>Boruto: Naruto the Next Generation>Hunter X Hunter>YuYu Hakusho>Yu-Gi-Oh!More to be added with the planned DLC.The game is set to release in Q3 2024 on PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. (They also want it on Switch, but that won't happen at launch. It might just end up on Nintendo's next console instead.)I'm posting this without consequences due to a massive loophole in their NDA, so ask any questions you want.

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>arena fighter

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Good gosh, is One Piece ugly.

>Chainsaw Manim interested

It's gonna flop.

will it have jump+ characters too?

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>can we fly much higherrrrrrr

When will they announce the game OP?Also who are the planned DLCPic related would be great

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>>612629715Why don't they make another Smash bros clone? The one on DS was insanely popular.

>Another Arena fighterHoly shit I bet the core gameplay its going to be mashing B then occasionally hitting Y with a direction input immediately to end combo. Paired with one or two generic assist and tags outs, a super and an ultimate.

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>Series you wanted represented will never be in because it's not owned by Jump anymoreWhat's her name, Holla Forums?

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>>612631557No longer a Jump manga.

>>612629715Why does CyberConnect2 still get to make games? All of their shit is genuinely awful and they literally NEVER improve.

>>612629715Will it still have a shitty art style?

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>>612629715another jumpforce??? No thanks

>>612629715>no toriko>most recent series is Chainsaw ManShould have thrown in Sakamoto Days to make it more believable.

>no medaka boxHaving any series with a busty gal in modern ages Is a death sentence

Is Deku going to call Piccolo the v-word again?

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>>612631859You can just not play them, user.

>>612629715>Arena fighterWho gives a->Those seriesOkay, you have my attention for now

>>612631815He was in the magazine though.They could pay for the license

>>612629715>The game is another 3D arena fighter developed by CyberConnect2, with assistance from Spike what a daring "leak". Wake me up when they do another Jump Ultimate Stars

jump force had a cool roster and fun combatbut holy hell the lobby, upgrade and menu design sucked ass

>>612629715too much zoomer shit ugh

>>612629715>Arena fighter>CyberConnect2>Spike Chunsoft>Anime license (multiple)>BamcoThat's a pretty elaborate was to spell out "shit"

>>612632228No the roster was garbage, they removed any other series and focused on the big three

arena fighters could work but they just use the same fuckin formula with magnetic combat feels like playing on auto-pilot.Shit like OP: Grand Adventure or even Bleach Blade Battles were fun arena fighters, you felt in control.

>>612632487Don't you mean the Big 3 and Dragon Ball?

>>612631318Maybe as DLC.>>612631557Unsure, within the next year. Likely at E3/Summer Game Fest 2023. I don't know who the planned DLC is in specific at this date.>>612631930No, has the same art-style as the Ultimate Ninja Storm games now, as I said.

>>612633685Do you have any ideas on what, if any, series they could be adding?

>>612634205Best bet could be series cut from Jump Force that were in previous crossover games.

>arena fighter>no gintama charactersinto the trash it goes

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>>612634617Hey, I'd be into that. Would love to see Koro-sensei and Ryotsu return

Does it have Gear 5

why does jump include yu yu hakusho in so many games? it's a great show but it's so old I'm surprised they still bother with it

>>612635460yyh was a pretty big deal wasn't it? like dragon ball or naruto big, at least as far as japan goes, right?

>No gag franchises>No fun

>>612629715>Ruroni KenshinYeah.. right, after what Watsuki did nips aren't allowing it because of westoids

>>612629715>DEATH NOTELight or Ryuk or something better be playable. No reason why YGO characters can be playable and Light wasn't.


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>>612629715>Arena Fighterfuck>Like UNST4 Nevermind!

>>612631454SO HIGH

>>612635334Some characters with multiple forms (Luffy and Naruto, as examples) are on the roster a few times so they can use more than one form.>>612635460Legacy.>>612635789Light and Misa are the characters, but they use Ryuk and Rem in several moves.

>>612636315Light AND Misa? StrangeWonder what sets them apart, fighting wise

>>612629715CC2 and Spike is a pretty weird combo. Even if the game plays like UNS, would it have Tenkaichi-like mechanics?

>>612629715>The game is another 3D arena fighter developed by CyberConnect2Stopped reading there

>>612632217Emphasis on WAS, he's owned by Kodonsha now. Unless we get guest characters from rival anthologies like Magazine or Sunday (which wouldn't make sense for what's essentially Jump's next anniversary game), I'd say no.

>>612629715why does japan keep wanting arena fighters to catch on when literally nobody enjoys them?

>>612638452do they sell well in japan or something? if that's the case, then that's probably why.

>>612637964No, not really. It plays almost identically to Storm 4. Only changes are QOL changes.>>612638452They sell very well.

>>612638730>>612638526japan once again proving they have the worst fucking taste.

>>612638835They sell well in the west as well. Contrary to this board's belief.

>>612638986is that why they instantly go to the bargain bin?

>>612638835I'll gladly accept the existence of shitty anime arena fighters if it means that the manga and anime industry remains focused on catering to their own tastes instead of globalist pandering.

>>612637964Define Tenkaichi-like

>>612639025Brand recognition is one hell of a drug.

>>612629715>Spike ChunsoftIt's absolutely over

>>612629715>another 3D arena fighter developed by CyberConnect2rip

>>612629715>city hunterfake and gay. possibly the fakest and gayest thread on Holla Forums.

>>612629715>UltimaxHmm yes. Seems legit.

If the netcode is bad i'm already not interested. Since it's Bandai Namco the netcode will be bad.

>>612629715>CC2 and spike-chunSo it's shit.

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>>612629715>arena fighter>Death Note.......what?

>>612641283Light using Ryuk like a JoJo stand.

Didn't they learn nothing from J-Stars Victory VS?>they will never make a game like Jump Ultimate Stars again

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>>612629715>CyberConnect2Sweet>assistance Spike ChunsoftHopefully they're just as code monkeys.

>>612641647J-Stars was okay, it was Jump Force that was bad

>>612635926The frustrating part of all these anime arena fighters is that almost every terrible one is made by Spike Chunsoft.

>>612629715>No TorikoWas his accusations that bad? Did he hurt someone hard enough with Build King that he has been blacklisted by Shonen Jump?I just wanna play as Coco and Zebra, Why does everyone hate Toriko?

>>612641947Shit I meant Jump Force...

>>612638309Let a man dream.

I bought just one of these arena fighters for a manga I like on sale for real cheap and I don't care to buy any more of them. it was worth it to buy one as a fan for a few dollars though.

>>612641780They are.

>>612629715>That anime lineup.>3D arena fighter.The game is going to be a massive sausage fest, no way I'm playing that.

>>612629715>3D arena fighterCall me when they get their shit together and make a beat em up

>He was in the last game>He can't be in the next game>

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>>612634750>>612634750gintama is shit and it is only relveant because it coattails from real shonen

>>612629715>no hajime no ippo

>>612642786THANK YOU JESUS

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Instead of these shitty arena fighters with sausage fest casual shonenshits, they should just do an Isekai Musou game.

>>612641947No, J-Stars was definitely badIt was a masterpiece compared to the dumpsters fire that was Jump Force, but any game would look good next to that

>>612643176I heard that was finally ending, is that true?

>>612631859Only ones who make fun arena fighters.

>>612631720Gin's not Jump anymore? Don't they still use the characters for Jump gacha games?

>>612643176Ippo is not Shonen Jump

I will only buy if it have the medaka box characters

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>>612639025Every game does this nowadays.

>>612643704We'll get the man a WIN ourselves.

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>>612639274Tenkaichi were the popular arena fighters created by Spike, before CC2 did Ultimate Ninja Storm. It's been a while since I played it, but if I remember correctly, the control scheme was like this:>Attack Button>Ki Button>Block Button>Charge ButtonAnd each button would do different things depending on which direction and combination of buttons would be pressed, which means that while there was only one button for melee attacks, you could do a shit ton of different combos depending on the order and combinations of buttons you pressed. If I remember correctly, every character in Tenkaichi 2 had around 60 different combos and techniques. Unfortunately, most of Spike's recent arena fighters stopped doing that in favor of simple "Light-Heavy" combo strings.

>>612638835Jump Force was a flop in JP and Kimetsu game also sold clearly below expectations.But to be honest, it's not like Jump manga are suited for anything except arena fighters. JJK, Boku no Hero and KnY are basically 90% fights with barely any plot.

>>612642786I'm guessing Spike is mostly there to lend assets from their previous Jump games so that CC2 doesn't have to waste too much time on creating stuff from scratch?

>>612643176Ippo isn't Shonen Jump, it's Shonen Magazine. Know your publishers, never blindly ask for random franchises.

>>612641283Sports manga too, not even trying to make it sound credible.

>>612629715We're never going to get a true successor to Jump Ultimate Stars, are we?

>>612629715If a series like Haikyuu is on there, what are the chances of Captain Tsubasa, Slam Dunk, Prince of Tennis, and Eyeshield 21?

>>612645185Even if we did, idiots would just blindly call it a "Smash Clone" and constantly doompost everyday. But fingers crossed that we eventually do get a Jump Stars 3 in the future. Which reminds me, what the fuck is Gambarion working on at the moment?

>>612645185I haven't read anything about what Ganbarion has been doing since OP World Seeker, but I think the hardest part is getting Nintendo to publish a new one, or making a deal with Bamco.

>>612644772Have you never played the J-Stars games? They get sports character, comedy characters, and even Yugioh ones.

>>612645460Both Nintendo and Bamco worked on Smash 4 and Ultimate, plus Jump is a pretty big name in and outside of Japan, so it wouldn't be a hard deal to make. The only problem is, as you said, where the hell is Ganbarion.

>>612645247They're not impossible for the DLC they are planning.

>>612645618In the DS games all the sport and most non-battle comedy, romantic, etc. characters were just supports. Same for J-Stars, and then Force didn't even have full comedy characters.

>>612645185It'd be a bit tricky considering those games used the touch screen.>>612645247Fingers crossed they're playable and not just assists again. Playable Hinata and Sakuragi would be amusing

>>612645618>>612645804If I remember correctly, Jump Force deliberately barred series from genres other than action to be on the roster, mostly to keep up the "serious" tone of the game. Essentially speaking, Spike wanted Jump Force to be the Avengers for Shonen Jump, all the way to the use of "Cosmic Cubes".

>>612645875They're playable. No assist only characters.

>>612629715Fuck you jump force was kino

>>612629715>Yu-Gi-OhIs it going to be just Yugi and Kaiba again or are they actually going to do something neat because I'd love to see Playmaker or Yusei for once, Yugi always gets in because DM was the first but goddamn the other series deserve some love too

>>612629715>The game is another 3D arena fighterAmazing more auto combos! fucking retards lmao

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>>612646153Jump Force could've worked had Spike brought back the old Tenkaichi gameplay style, added cel-shading, and brought back everyone from J-Stars. The game took itself way too seriously while also having super shallow gameplay and murky "HIRE THIS MAN" graphics.


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>>612629715I don't get why they keep trying the arena fighter formula. Isn't more easy to do a 2d game like dbfz?

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>>612646313The YGO picks are pretty good. It's Yugi, Kaiba, Yusei, Aster, and Joey.

>>612647402Shame no Jaiden. I'd love to see a Fusion focus where you gotta combo with different characters and fusing them into a final more powerful attack. Elemental heroes are built for combos

With HxH returning, I hope they add some different people. My hope is Kite.

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>>612647161No, it's harder by several degrees. Which is why they hardly ever do it. It'd be a different story if they contracted some games to Dimps, but it's easier to have Spike Chunsoft crank out bad arena fighters. Though if this is real it'll be decent since it's CC2.

>>612647392what's wrong with complex games? smooth brain.

>>612647402>Aster buy no Judai

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>>612629715>another 3D arena fighter developed by CyberConnect2, with assistance from Spike ChunsoftSo it's not worth caring about in the slightest, good to know

>>612647610HxH characters are: Gon, Killua, Hisoka, Kurapika, Biscuit, Leorio, and Kite.

>>612629715>no Mashlebooooo

>>612647792EitherA. His hair isn't stupid enoughB. They would have to add Chazz as well>>612647892How cucked is the One Piece picks?

>>612646313Wasn't the original Yugioh the only one that was actually a Jump property?


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>>612647892>Leorio getting anythingYep, this is fake.

>>612648160I don't think so?

>>612648160The original was the only one that was in Weekly Shonen Jump, the rest were published in V-Jump instead.

>Kills you with invisible poison gas

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>>612648138I'm not a big One Piece fan so I'll let you decide: Luffy (Gear 4 and Gear 5), Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Sabo, Chopper, Boa Hancock, Shanks, Portgas D. Ace, Brook, and Law.>>612648160Shueisha owns the IP anyways, so it was given the go ahead.Roster in general has some weird picks and weird exclusions.

>>612648341I know the manga spinoffs were, but after DM the Yugioh anime was the main YGO storyline, while each manga were self-contained spinoffs set in their own world to shill the anime they were based on, along with new cards. Of course they could just use the anime versions of the characters and say they're the manga ones.

>>612648652>Mauls you

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why don't they just make a game like Xenoverse but you can have your donut steel be whatever shonen shit you want, you choose all sorts of races, Saiyan, Shinigami(Bleach), Human, Demon(various), etcand you can do the different moves from the different seriesXenoverse still gets support to this day and people still play it, this arena fighter shit never works out

>>612648835That's actually not bad at all, really.Though they could stand to swap out Hancock and Ace with, I don't know, Yamato and Jimbei

>>612649132Wasn't Force basically that but to a way lower scale?

>>612649195you had a custom character but it was just an arena fighterI'm talking the gameplay of Xenoverse as well


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>No Kinnikumanworthless

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>>612629715I recall your first thread didn't receive repliesvery sad desu*sob sob*


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>>612631720>>612643552Yeah, I wasn wondering about this when reading that post. The sequel WEED (lol) was in another magazine/publisher, but I don't think Gin itself isn't still Shueisha's. It was in that mobile smash game konami made too.

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>>612629715>Chainsaw Man>Promised Neverland>Dr. Stone>Black Clover>Jujutsu Kaisen>BorutoNu-Jump fucking sucks.

>>612629715Rollback netcode?

>>612650089This roster fucks

>>612650089What happened with Naruto that he's all the way in the back?


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>>612629715>another 3D arena fighter developed by CyberConnect 2Stopped reading right there

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>Promised NeverlandOnly rep I would accept is Lewis


>>612646313>PlaymakerThe anime never got a manga

>>612650495Yes, yes, I know. Who do you think would be a good fit for another OP girl? Preferably someone relevant?

>>612629715No Kuwabara, no buy.

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>>612650641I heard Big Mama is a girl

>>612647161Not really, most 2D fighters tend to have more complex combo-structure compared to modern arena fighters. Especially in the case of FighterZ (and most of Arcsys's recent games), where their animations take up a lot of resources.

>>612629715>no Medaka box>no Beelzebubmeh

>>612650641Robin or Vivi

>>612648341V-Jump is still Jump, plus Jump Force did use Super Saiyan Blue, which had it's manga debut in V-Jump.

>>612650564>No Sonju

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>>612648835That's a lot of characters for a single franchise. What's the expected roster number?

>>612648835>and weird exclusionsout of curiosity, do tell

>>612630225Thats an image from a studio we do not talk about as their artstyle is crazy bad and done lazily. Thankfully they arent there anymore

Figured this place might have an answer for me.I've seen One Piece's anime blow up in popularity over the same year or so, is something big going on in the manga or is the anime catching up to something or what? I thought people disliked the years-long Wano arc but what's got the anime-onlies so riled up?

>>612648835Jujutsu Kaisen roster? Is Miwa the useless playable

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>>612635460Dragon Ball, Slam Dunk, and Yu Yu Hakusho were the big three in the 90s.

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>>612651595>long hair mitsui not as elder toguroShame

>>612651487I don't watch the anime, but I assume it has to do with Wano reaching its climax and the huge makeover it has got over the years. A lot of people complain about it having way too many aura effects and shit like that, but even that has been acknowledge recently.

>>612648835How the fuck did Brook get in over Franky?

>>612651487It's ending was controversial, Oda's confirmed the next arc is the last one, and there's been some interesting developments as of late.

>>612647735complexity without depth is tedium

>>612629715>no NisekoiThank the Lord

>>612651487The anime is getting close to the conclusion and the animation for some of the fights have been movie quality

>>612651487Animation in the anime Sky rocketed in quality with the Wano arc which began i think 2 years ago. New tranny character introduced in Wano with Yamato. She's just Oni Nami with sideboob who pretends to be a guy called Oden and says "if Oden was a man then so am I" making Twitter trannies swear she's a man that goes by he/him pronouns that they've latched on to because they feel having a mentally ill character like themselves be a regular character in a series that's as big as One Piece will validate them some how

>>612630225Chopper was never meant to be handsome

>>612651994I don't usually say this, but holy shit rent fucking free.

>>612632487>the roster was garbagedisagree, it was awesome

>>612651994>>612651890>>612651763>>612651708So it's a combination of a controversial arc conclusion years in the making finally being animated with above average quality, alright. I had no idea what in the world was happening when I kept seeing faggots on twitter retweeting one piece more in the last couple months than I've seen for years.

>>612652089Anon asked a question and I answered it. Yamato is as interesting as a wet paper bag but she's somehow one of the most popular characters in the series now.


>>612632530Agree, those 2 played like a normal videogame that happened to be in a 3d arena but you still had to manually sweat it.

>>612652331Honestly I don't think Wano is even that bad. I binged it all at once and liked it more than Dressrosa. I think it's just the fact that it's pretty long and people probably burned out reading it weekly. That and a combination of people probably having unrealistically high expectations because of how long the trip to Wano was being hyped up.

>>612643394>J-Stars was definitely badNah, it was a fun game, Vegeta was broken though

>>612629715>BoboboSon of a bitch, im in. Any chance of Jaguar from Pyuu to Fuku being in? It was depressing that he was nerfed to assist only in JStars and then not even playable after

Take me to the universe where Bandai has Platinum make all their anime arena fighters copies of this.

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>>612653115nta but it definitely sucked gameplay-wise. It's a very clunky game and that's talking about + which was supposed to make it feel a bit better.

>>612652515She's a hot tomboy with big titsShe's like the only formidable female bruiser, alongside HancockHer personality is... stupid, but it's certainly uniqueYou don't have to like her, but it's silly to act like you don't understand why she's a hit

>>612651124150~>>612651228Good example is that Sakura is missing from the Naruto line up. Obvious DLC bait.>>612651564Yuji, Nobara, and Gojo.

>>612653148This but also with Neuro

>>612647402Why the hell would they add Yusei, Aster and Joey with no Judai?He's 100% a DLC pick then, he's the most fighty of them all because he actually summons Neos and Yubel to kick ass in the anime, it's part of his powers.

>>612629715Sounds good on paper, but it will probably be extremely boring.

>>612629715Do you know the Bleach characters? I'm a fan of that one

>>612653357>150We Tenkaichi now? Is this including different transformations?

>>612629715>Haikyuu!!>plays volleyball really well in front of youwhat do???????

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>>612648835>Hancock instead of Crocodile, Dolflamingo, Rob Lucci, Enel, Kanjuro, Kaido, Katakuri, Big Mom, Queen, Mr. 2, Arlong, or fucking JenbeiAbsolute trash tier thought process you have there coomer

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>>612653735i do understand why that'd happen in reality, it was a sausage fest and Boa is the other relevant woman in One Piece.

>>612648835>>612651720More like how the fuck is CHOPPER playable. I'd be less mad if Franky, Brook, and Chop were assists only. Also no Robin? Most of them should be assists, but all the strawhats should be included at least if the rosters going to be 150ish.

>>612653678Headbutt him

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>>612629715>no Dragon Questwe got too cocky

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>>612653678swerve, peasant

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>>612653826She's a secondary character and that hasn't relevant to the plot in over 12 years. Robin and Nami are the main girls.

Hey OP, Were there any talks of Food Wars or Toriko?Also, What are some examples for stages?

>>612653858yeet your as to Brazil

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>>612648835Needs the rest of the Straw Hats, but my favorite character being in (Law) does make for a nice consolation price.

fuck arena fighters

>>612647402>No Jack

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>>612654108Yeah why not make them 2d fighters? Just 2 people throwing attacks and moving horizontally & sometimes jumping.

>>612653540Ichigo, Rukia, Aizen, Urahara, Grimmjow, Renji, Gin, Toshiro, and Kenpachi.>>612653606Not including. Roster is huge. A lot of unlocks.>>612653905Dai was the reason Jump Force got delisted.>>612654025Hopefully they put Toriko in the DLC, but no official words, that I've heard at least.

>>612654434It's takes more effort to make.

>>612629715>Neverlandhow does they even fight? how does this make more sense than Reborn or World Trigger or Houshin Engi>Bobobo-bo Bo-boboinstead of Gintama or Saiki or D Slump or Beelzebub or Mashle? all of which make more sense as a gag rep

>>612654605>Dai killed Jump ForceLMFAO

>it's a "Holla Forums believes anything unconditionally" thread

>>612654605>Dai was the reason Jump Force got delisted.elaborate

>>612654682Those Ed, Edd and Eddy threads convinced me that a lot of anons love to roleplay about stuff like this.

>>612654682Hey, even if it is BS, this speculation is kind of fun.

>>612654605Sounds like you're underestimating the workings of fighting game development.>>612654605>Not including. Roster is huge. A lot of unlocksThat sounds like a daunting task, even for an arena fighter.>Dai was the reason Jump Force got delistedLemme guess, Squeenix being a bunch of bitches again?

>>612654605>Dai was the reason Jump Force got delistedBased hero saving us from evil.

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>>612629715>The game is set to release in Q3 2024 on PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. (They also want it on Switch, but that won't happen at launch. It might just end up on Nintendo's next console instead.)These retards didn't learn anything of what happened with Kimetsu no Yaiba, did they?In before it's ANOTHER one of these blocking deals where Sony pays a dev to not release their game on a certain platform.

>>612654605>Dai was the reason Jump Force got delisted.Wewlad , big if true

>>612654605>Urahara that we barely know how he fights>Renji the Jobber>Not Ishida the main friend and consistently the most fun & stylish to play in all Bleach games since he shoots blue lasers>No Ulquiorra THE top villainNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Anything Black Cat or is that series destined to be forgotten forever

>>612654605>Dai was the reason Jump Force got delisted.I think I actually heard something like that, though I don't know the deets.

>>612654664What's wrong with Bobobo? A lot of people grew up with that insane series back in the day, despite the anime's cancellation. Hell, it even celebrated it's 20th anniversary last year.

>>612654682At worst, nothing happens and we just let an user have fun.At best, New Jump stars game.Win/win for me since I actually liked Jump Force for the idea and want something like this in the west.

Attached: Ban.png (495x460, 341.23K)

Are there any Dragon Ball (OG) reps?

>>612654614>>612654434no rollback no buy lol these niggas better learn from all the asbr complaints

>>612629715> 3D Arena fighter

Attached: 1582746100301.png (350x471, 202.26K)

>>612655003The closest you'll get will be having Yami from To Love Ru.

>>612654928? What are you talking about?

>>612635460YYH both manga and anime were quite popular in the 90s for japs. Diehard fans even bought merchs and went to see musicals long after the series was over.It's one of the rare shows to have all great

>>612629715Oh yeah, question about the Demon Slayer roster; does it include Zenitsu?

>>612655047nothingGintama, Saiki, Arale are just more successful and recognizable, if you want a wacky gag manga in your roster, why Bobobobo instead of those?

>>612654682These threads are made just to discuss jump shounen anime on Holla Forums. You should get this by now.


Attached: file.png (600x800, 937.67K)

What are the characters you guys think are the most farshot/impossible things that they would add?For example, Anything from RosarioxVampire would make me instapreorder

Mokkori Man(& Umibozu) for top tier

Attached: Ryo_Saeba.jpg (350x490, 32.35K)

>CC2So it definitely wont have rollback then, online will be doa

>>612655381Not getting my hopes up.

Attached: 1496447667946.jpg (640x480, 44.01K)

>>612654664Emma has a gun and Ray literally plays with fire and some other gadgets. Mostly punches and kicks though.>>612654675>>612654739>>612654820>>612654964>>612655018Square Enix refused to renew the contracts. It killed the game.>>612654812As I said, the game has been in development for a very long time.>>612655297>Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Rengoku, Obanai Iguro, Inosuke, Tomioka, Tengen Uzui, Mitsuri, and Shinobu.>>612655329Hope you enjoy DLC passes, most likely.

>cyberconnect2Into the trash

>>612655381>The manga translations stopped months ago.It hurts.

Attached: sadmask2.png (654x477, 516.77K)

>>612655716>Square EnixEvery fucking time.

>>612655401Rosario is from Monthly Jump/Jump SQ

>>612655716>No Akaza

Attached: 5yy5regery.png (202x233, 56.71K)

>>612655716Zenitsu is there; all is right with the world.


>>612655864Fair, I mostly recall it in my American issues and liking it until the sequel which blows it at the end.Kokoa is cute and I got banned for modifying a model of her for an H-game and calling the mods out since they had Pokemon Loli models for people to use

>>612656040ultimate stars had pretty shit gameplay too imo it was just more acceptable on the ds and there was a ton of shit to unlock. it was floaty and slow as fuck

>>612647892>Leorio over fucking meruemYou tried

Attached: 52774202_2112121712206881_1677192837986254848_n.jpg (448x328, 17.97K)

>>612656040Should they keep the koma mechanics or just make it a normal Smash clone?

>>612655716>Square Enix refused to renew the contracts. It killed the game.just remove Dai lol>game released 2019>delisted 2021who sign a contract for 2 years?

>>612656161>Smash cloneThe term is platform fighter. Or if you want to technical, "Joust Clone".

>>612656176Bandai Namco was too stubborn to, I guess. Good rhetorical question.


Attached: E4B38A4B-106C-4E37-A6D3-58A6431CACE8.gif (498x277, 1.19M) this worth emulating?

>>612656658The game is alright, it's pretty much a lesser Tenkaichi Tag-Team with a weird story mode.

>>612655681I just want Robin, Neptuneman, Suguru and Super Phoenix.

>>612648835>gear 5 in a video gamegee, how come tom & jerry get to be in TWO fighting games?

>>612657374>how come tom & jerry get to be in TWO fighting games?I mean they had one of their own before too

>>612657465They did?

>>612658424Well, kinda, yes, Fist of Furry.

Attached: d03f0d4bbf9dbfc37f38325404def68a.jpg (1280x720, 77.9K)

>>612658648Been a Butch main since 3rd

>>612629715They should include Dark Schneider from Bastard

Attached: 05B88023-3BAC-41CC-9657-6CA3599C9FEF.jpg (1500x2104, 714.26K)

>>612629715Why would you bait me like this?

>>612658648Huh. Interesting

>>612651595I should get into Slam Dunk sometime. Is the anime any good, or just read it?

>>612659028That would be too based

Attached: BASTARD!! Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy - S01E06 - MULTi 1080p WEB x264 -NanDesuKa (NF).mkv_snapshot_06.30.076.jpg (1920x1080, 930.58K)

>>612659028There is some precedent at least >>612650089

>>612660178Inoue is a great artist so go manga

>>612629715 >CyberConnect2 >with assistance from Spike Chunsoftanother fucking shovelware anime game for the garbage pile. Shame real devs almost get picked for these fucking games.

>>612651487Nika ruined one piece

>>612643084They tried pushing this generic nigga so hard

>>612629715you posted this already

>>612649639>>612649952Based and wrestlingpilled

>>612662134It's a comfy manga about eating, You're the generic nigga around here.

>>612662383>MC likes to eat a lotGee wiz never seen that one before

>>612629715You could make this post literally any year and it'd probably be correct.


>>612662594Yeah, but like... The series is literally about eating. Half the time is fighting giant fucking monsters with OP as fuck abilities, another portion meant towards the difficulties of cooking it or finding it and then you got the gory as fuck fight scenes.


>>612638452>why does japan keep wanting arena fighters Nobody does. It's literally just Scamco trying to keep their grip on Jump's gaming licences

>>612630225no u

>>612660178Read the manga first then try some anime episodes. Trivia: the first OP used to be one of the top most-sung karaoke anime songs along with Cruel Angel's Thesis and the

Attached: 0eff6c920be7498bb57051388fe1339e.jpg (1360x1000, 250.72K)

>>612648835I like Hancock but why her over Robin?They should replace Brook with Franky and Chopper with Robin

>>612629715>CHADsaw Man>CHADclover>No CHADmoto DAYSInto the trash it goes. The problem with these Jump games is that they follow anime not manga. These games should be called Sutdio Perriot and Sunrise Fighters not Jump Fighters.

Attached: j017.jpg (1456x1063, 463.59K)

>>612649183I'll take Ace and Hancock over Jimbei and Yamato

>>612645247Why the fuck haven't they brought in Slam Dunk? It's up there with DragonBall, Hokuto, and Seiya in influence.

>>612629715No Hitman REBORN? They always throw Tsuna in there, Jump Force just isn't canon.

>>612665415Wasn't there a new movie recently too?

>>612665415>It's up there with DragonBall, Hokuto, and Seiya in influenceHow so?

>>612665607With the way Reborn ended, I can see why they want to distance themselves from it. Its ending is worse than Bleach or YYH. Tsuna literally learned NOTHING.

I can understand why blatant fake leak threads are still a thing after all these years considering tons of gullible retards still fall for this low effort bait

Attached: 1661625617716.jpg (474x400, 43.65K)

>>612665807I mean it general consensus that Boruto is hot garbage all around and fucks with what Naruto left behind. At least Reborn still had its good arcs.

>>612665793It's one of the best selling manga of all time. Father of the modern sports anime/manga just as DragonBall can be seen as the father of modern's below the likes of One Piece, DragonBall, Golgo, Doraemon, Conan, and Naruto. But it sold 170 million copies WITH ONLY 31 VOLUMES. Sales per volume is a better metric of popularity as Slam Dunk and DragonBall have the highest sales per volume out of any Jump series by far. These numbers reveal that tons of people were following Slam Dunk, and as another user said the OP was a hit song in karaoke bars. The only reason why One Piece or Naruto have higher sales is because they have 70-100 volumes. Only DragonBall beats Slam Dunk. Everyone else? They kneel.

>>612629715>another 3D arena fighterYou have no proof, but I have no reason not to believe it. Another one, huh?

Attached: 1661326550702.gif (462x362, 104.58K)

>>612665793It convinced the japanese youth generations (at least in the 90s) to learn basketball. This is quite remarkable considering soccer and baseball are the two most popular sports of the country. The manga is also one of the most top selling Jump titles even it's a sport manga and its serialization isn't that long.

>>612663043This, a Final Fantasy Musou would be Kino too

>>612629715>Arena fighter >No Gintama>No REBORN! >No Medaka Box>No Dr. Slump >No Undead Unluckwow it's nothing

Attached: 1536103217537.png (397x393, 94.62K)

>>612653735I prefer Hancock to any of those

>Arena fighter fucking fuck why do they do this stop pandering to retards and make a fighting game.

>>612669213clearly people keep buying them

>>612651358what studio?

>>612670051they don't play and only want eye candy so just let a real dev make the gameplay and make it look pretty and have auto combos for the kids and autists to have some eye

>>612629715CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME ALL THE ONE PIECE COCK EDITS?I do not watch anime but I keep seeing them along with that Kanye West song and I do not understand it, are One Piece fags fucking homosexuals or what?

>>612651358There's like two dozen studios listed here. You'll have to be more

>cc2>naruto stormniggas really just want to mash X instead of thinking

>>612655716>Square Enix refused to renew the contracts.Why the hell does everyone keep doing crossovers with those cunts? They made FF7's inclusion and presence in Smash extremely difficult for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

List the entire cast coward. All of it.

>>612629715>it's another 3d arena fighter>we'll never have a game as soulful as Ultimate Stars againFeels bad man

Attached: jump_ultimate_stars_by_tgohan_d5med5z-fullview.jpg (1024x768, 217.36K)

>>612668421Super Mario Musou!

>>612629715>arena fighterWelp, into the trash it goes

>>612652001He looks handsome to me.

Attached: Tony.Tony.Chopper.full.1347687.jpg (727x1000, 556.16K)

Why not let arcsys make it.

people seems to overestimate how out of touch are those retarded nip boomers

For me? It's was Lenalee's combo kick that kicks you up and then knocks you straight down.

Attached: media_FMtHWDsXIAIfp9a.jpg (480x360, 19.11K)

>>612629715Good try, but it's confirmed from very reliable leaker that CC2 is currently going all out on Naruto Storm 5 game which will be announced this year, so there is no way there doing any of shit you just said.As I said, good try retardo-kun.

>>612674650CC2 just make cashgrabs so they might just be working it different projects

>>612647402>YGO having that much representationAbsolutely full of shit.

Attached: raffs.jpg (708x531, 68.88K)

>>612674650I don't know who to trustthe reliable leaker this user knows or OP

>Why not let arcsys make it

Attached: 1659994608163.jpg (968x1024, 124.94K)

>>612674794CC2 has never made a game with good gameplay, cope.

>>612674707Of course Shounen trash is just fuel for furry garbage

>>612674786It isn't somebody only I know. He is pretty active on twitter and is pretty much 100% reliable since he leaked entire Kimetsu game + all the DLCs without a single blunder. He just has somebody at CC2 giving him info.

Praying to all that is holy that hero aca gets the least characters possible

>Cyberconnect does anime game>It sucks>Cyberconnect does original game>It's goodWhy do these anime studios keep asking CC2 to make their games? Surely they're not the only devs in Japan that want to make anime fighting games.

JoJo characters?

>>612672714Thread's still up so why not:>Goku (Awakening ability is going Super Saiyan), Goku (Super Saiyan Blue), Goku (Ultra Instinct), Vegeta (Awakening ability is going Super Saiyan), Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue), Cell, Trunks, Beerus, Frieza, Piccolo, Gohan, Yamcha, Android 18, Broly, Krillin, Majin Buu, Naruto (Sage Mode), Naruto (Kurama Chakra Mode), Naruto (Six Paths Sage Mode), Sasuke, Sasuke (Rinnegan), Kakashi, Itachi, Hinata, Gaara, Minato, Jiraiya, Tobi, Pain, Might Guy, Orochimaru, Luffy (Gear 4), Luffy (Gear 5), Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Sabo, Chopper, Boa Hancock, Shanks, Portgas D. Ace, Brook, Law, Jotaro, Dio, Jolyne, Giorno, Kakyoin, E. O. Speedwagon, Joseph, Yoshikage Kira, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Rengoku, Iguro, Inosuke, Tomioka, Tengen Uzui, Mitsuri, Shinobu, Gon, Killua, Hisoka, Kurapika, Leorio, Biscuit, Kite, Boruto, Sarada, Himawari, Inojin, Mitsuki, Metal Lee, Yugi Moto, Seto Kaiba, Yusei Fudo, Aster Phoenix, Joey Wheeler, Ichigo, Rukia, Aizen, Urahara, Grimmjow, Renji, Gin, Toshiro, Kenpachi, Deku, Deku (Full Cowl), Bakugo, All Might, Todoroki, Endeavor, Himiko Toga, Shigaraki, All For One, Kirishima, Dabi, Shota Aizawa, Twice, Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama, Kazuma, Toguro, Kenshiro, Ryuken, Hokuto Shinken, Dragon Shiryu, Pegasus Seiya, Asta, Kenshin, Ryo Saeba, Light Yagami, Misa Amane, Yuji, Nobara, Gojo, Denji, Power, Makima, Angel, Kobeni, Shoyo Hinata, Senku Ishigami, Gen Asagiri, Don Patch, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Emma, Yugo, Sonju, Ray, and Sister Krone

>>612676026>Gen>Might Guy>Don Patch>KenpachiThis list is awesome

>>612676026Okay, now separate it by series so I can actually read it.

>>612676216You can figure it out, user. I believe in you!

>>612630225It's got a ton more warmth, humour, good fights, cool powers and loosened up fun more than 99% of tranime from the last 10 years.

>she's not in the game

Attached: 1624235180271.jpg (1061x1500, 139.68K)

>>612676324Nope, not reading through a bunch of characters I don’t know from series I don’t know. Separate them by series or you’re full of shit.

>>612676026>No JirenFake.

Attached: LAUGHren.png (530x530, 73.58K)

>>612629715>no wacky off the wall comedy manga>no romcoms no gag manga no sports>just serious battle manga shit>againJ stars was unironically a better game than Jump Force.

>>612676391Gotta get people to shell out for the DLC somehow. Definitely the reason behind some of these weird exclusions.

>>612676026>No SakuraOkay so yeah this entire thing is actually fake

>>612676776I mentioned earlier how Sakura was bizarrely missing, did I not?

>>612676026>Senku>GenWhat's the point of picking Gen instead of Kohaku or Tsukasa? Fujobucks?

Attached: 1656975849491.png (752x818, 1.08M)

>>612676026>Sister KroneBased as fuck. Literally the only character in that entire shit show that acted like a human.

>>612676026>>612676942>No MegumiWait yeah, you actually fucked up with this post. Sakura I can take as “bizarrely missing” but not Megumi. You should have gone to sleep early and not even have posted this if you were gonna give yourself away this bad.

>>612629715So how are they gonna deal with the licensing cause I can't buy Jump Force digitally anymore, have they actually made plans to make sure the game is available years after release?

>>612677383The property that caused that was Dragon Quest, which isn't in this game, so hopefully.

>>612676394Here, I'll do itDragon Ball:>Goku (Awakening ability is going Super Saiyan), Goku (Super Saiyan Blue), Goku (Ultra Instinct), Vegeta (Awakening ability is going Super Saiyan), Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue), Cell, Trunks, Beerus, Frieza, Piccolo, Gohan, Yamcha, Android 18, Broly, Krillin, Majin BuuNaruto:>Naruto (Sage Mode), Naruto (Kurama Chakra Mode), Naruto (Six Paths Sage Mode), Sasuke, Sasuke (Rinnegan), Kakashi, Itachi, Hinata, Gaara, Minato, Jiraiya, Tobi, Pain, Might Guy, OrochimaruOne Piece: >Luffy (Gear 4), Luffy (Gear 5), Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Sabo, Chopper, Boa Hancock, Shanks, Portgas D. Ace, Brook, Law, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure:>Jotaro, Dio, Jolyne, Giorno, Kakyoin, E. O. Speedwagon, Joseph, Yoshikage KiraDemon Slayer: >Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Rengoku, Iguro, Inosuke, Tomioka, Tengen Uzui, Mitsuri, ShinobuHunter X Hunter:>Gon, Killua, Hisoka, Kurapika, Leorio, Biscuit, KiteBoruto: >Boruto, Sarada, Himawari, Inojin, Mitsuki, Metal LeeYu-Gi-Oh:>Yugi Moto, Seto Kaiba, Yusei Fudo, Aster Phoenix, Joey WheelerBleach:>Ichigo, Rukia, Aizen, Urahara, Grimmjow, Renji, Gin, Toshiro, KenpachiMy Hero Academia: >Deku, Deku (Full Cowl), Bakugo, All Might, Todoroki, Endeavor, Himiko Toga, Shigaraki, All For One, Kirishima, Dabi, Shota Aizawa, TwiceYu Yu Hakusho>Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama, Kazuma, ToguroFist of the North Star:>Kenshiro, Ryuken, Hokuto Shinken(?)Saint Seiya:>Dragon Shiryu, Pegasus SeiyaBlack Clover:>AstaRurouni Kenshin>KenshinCity Hunter:>Ryo SaebaDeath Note:>Light Yagami, Misa AmaneJujutsu Kaisen:>Yuji, Nobara, GojoChainsaw Man:>Denji, Power, Makima, Angel, KobeniHaikyuu:>Shoyo HinataDr. Stone>Senku Ishigami, Gen AsagiriBobobo-bo Bo-bobo>Don Patch, Bobobo-bo Bo-boboPromised Neverland:>Emma, Yugo, Sonju, Ray, and Sister Krone

>>612674765I think he's full of shit, but I wouldn't be surprised if Yugioh would get special treatment out of respect for Takahashi

>>612677629>All that effort for a fake leak

>>612677667I don't think Takahashi worked on any manga beyond the original.

>>612635460Yuyu hakusho was pretty big and alongside dragon ball made jump survive in the 90sthen both yuyu and dragon ball ended and jump almost went bankruptthey would had went bankrup if a little series about a samurai with a X shaped scar on his face didnt debut one year after dragon ball, pretty much saving the entire magazine and holding the viewship ALONE for almost 2 yearsthen a small manga about a boy with blonde hair that realy likes games came outboth became realy famous for 2 more yearsthen a small manga about pirates came outthe rest is history

>>612677629>Himawari over KawakiI was playing along but this is retarded.

Attached: 20220721_162149.jpg (640x458, 33.7K)

>>612654605I'll biteWhats the Jojo roster looking like? Any manga only stuff like Johnny and Gappy? Also anything regarding Chainsaw Man part 2 in the game?

>>612677629Thanks, user.>>612678420See above post since they formatted it.

>>612678828Ah.. It's certainly a roster. Sad theres no Raoh in Hokuto no Ken. Also is Gohan in his adult form with the new power up or teen form?

>>612631859>Why does CyberConnect2 still get to make games?Contract work, they make what the stockholders pay them toThe money they earned covered self publishing Fuga and now Fuga 2

>>612679225Adult Gohan.

>>612678828What is meant by Hokuto Shinken?

>>612679473Alright sick! Wonder if they'll add new series in the dlc or just keep updating the base series

>no bastard!!Dropped

>>612679567Oh shit I put the title in there on accident. Sorry, I'm tired. Just ignore that. Probably should've proofread.>>612679674From what I hear, both. Hope they bring back Koro-sensei, personally.

maybe instead of the retarded real world maps we will actually get iconic places from each of the franchizes


>>612679937Agreed! More weird characters would be nice.Should we expect like a tease or something just announcing it at Jump Festa or something even though the full reveal would be E3 season>>612680351Any stage list? and maybe stage gimmicks?

>The game is another 3D arena fighter developed by CyberConnect2

Attached: EE4D53DA-E048-4F63-93FC-14854A7EF270.jpg (849x565, 308.74K)

>>612629715>3D arena fighterjust make a 2d tag fighter already, jesus christ.

>>612680630fuck you you'll have league of legends fighter for that, don't need more of that crap

>>612647392anything would be better than the current arena fighter model, literally anything.

>>612680153You won't get anything because this game doesn't exist.Latest confirmed game by a 100% reliable leaker that is being worked on by CC2 is new Naruto/Boruto game.

>>612681058even better :)it's been a long time without one

>>612678173Not that I believe this leak is real , but maybe because Himawari and Shinobu share the same VA , but then why one piece would not get Yamato too

>>612680523Don't know when the official announcement will be. Probably E3, if I had to guess.There are like 50 or so stages total. The only gimmick I can think of is some have ledges for ring-outs. Don't have the full list on hand, but it's pretty standard fare. Every franchise in the game has at least one. (i.e. Dragon Ball has Namek, Naruto has Konoha)

>>612677629>Kuwabara>Kakyoin>Joey>TobiThis leak is fake because it's giving me what I want.

Attached: 1651170738675.jpg (640x480, 74.46K)

>>612681885Ring-outs? I'm guessing those are for tournament-related stages?

Alright thread, I'm going to bed. If it's still here in the morning I'll answer more questions.

>>612655742>translator that was working on the 2011 series retired>team that was working on nisei's tag team arc is on a permanent hiatusthings are hard nikubros, but we will persevere

Attached: FXQ0OQ1X0AEy_Zg.jpg (1440x1080, 286.99K)

>>612676026>>612677629>Yamcha, Krillin, and 18>Speedwagon w/o Jonathan>Kira w/o Josuke>No One Piece villains>No Raoh again>MisaWhat the hell is this roster?

>>612677629No Gintama? No buy.

Attached: 8f48db8480b7096aa31835e35b99fa41db509858r1-540-304_hq.gif (540x304, 2.87M)

>>612677629I will buy this game for Yusei and Yusei alone. Bobobo being here is just a

Attached: tumblr_ohyziqwNk81s2qlcao6_500.gif (417x233, 1.78M)

>>612629715Post the cock edit


Attached: 529BC416-4BB3-4057-8EED-467B434DDB5F.png (1896x2800, 2.12M)

>>612629715So it's jump force 2.0? Fuck...

>>612629715>no to love-ru

Attached: d65ae.jpg (1200x1552, 462.24K)

>>612679227I want CC2 to make another .hack game.

>>612685285Judging by OP's later posts, CC2 is doing the heavy lifting and Spike is only helping out on certain stuff.

>>612686565The next .hack will be full of beastmen and you will like it.

>>612655716J star didn't have dai and that also got delisted too.

>>612677629>No Ultra Ego Vegetalmao.

post your never ever

Attached: 1600745183756.jpg (1300x1900, 1012.37K)

>>612677629>No Madarahe'll be behind DLC again isnt he

>>612639163This and sighed.


Attached: 1647362321611.jpg (1454x2048, 260.29K)

>>612674231>letting PozzSys touch any of that especially One PieceLiterally kill yourself.

>>612685782Good. Fuck your shitty fake harem and wasted girls.

>>612629715Kubotite here. Any news about the actual new Bleach videogame? Asking for my kid.

Attached: 1471152339283.jpg (333x500, 119.59K)

>>612647402>Aster>Instead of Jack, The Chazz, Zane or SylvioMore like Laster.


>>612646339Gear 5 convinced me to start One PieceI'm at Impel Down now, it's been a great ride so far

Attached: 1663650865557.gif (374x478, 1.46M)

>>612691421enjoy it because it goes to shit after the time skip

>>612649952He's too fucking powerful.


>>612691421Impel Down was my favorite fucking arc for bringing so many characters back in a completely appropriate setting.And then I stopped reading after the timeskip

>>612655381>>612655681>>612655742>>612682431They fear the KinnikuCHADS.

I'll humor you. Is there any censorshit with girls like Nami straight up walking around in a bikini top?

JoJo Reps:JotaroDIOGiornoJolyne

>>612691421Ignore those fags, post-timeskip is fun.

Attached: 1641101974131.png (650x776, 425.12K)

>>612691421Its peak Kino, it's gets even better after the time skip


Yo do you guys remember Jump force?

>>612692123I don't think so, fishman island outfits are the default outfits for the Straw Hats, every One Piece game is rated T and has the fishman island outfits, Jump Force has Boa Hancock with manga/anime accurate proportions, I doubt there will be any censorship character design wise

Attached: 1651940508798.jpg (1283x1281, 264.96K)


Attached: hqdefault.jpg (480x360, 44.03K)

>>612693441I try not to.

I wonder what kind of story mode would be with such a large roster. Jump Force kinda struggled with just over 40 characters, though I'm pretty sure Spike barely put any effort into their story mode.

Attached: jump-roster-dx.png (488x650, 726.68K)

>>612666295>and fucks with what Naruto left behind. Naruto already did that during a large chunk of Shippuden.

I wonder who's gonna be the most broken characters.

>>612629715Long as it's not Jump Force 2.0

>>612629715>CyberConnect2aren't they the golden standard as far as licensed anime games are concerned? it's not until recently that people started jerking off arcsys instead for whatever reason


Attached: 1663476424128536.png (640x640, 692.61K)

>>612629715>Q3 2024>putting it on PS4 and Xbone>not sure about a Switch port though This is so retarded, it's probably true.

>>612676026>yusei but no jadenherocucks stay losing

>>612629715No Ayakashi Triangle, no buy.

Attached: 1663531210801077.jpg (1451x2100, 720.07K)

>>612651797Frame data and combos are depth, so it's no problem.