Have you ever fallen in love with a videogame character?

Have you ever fallen in love with a videogame character?

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Luci's voice warms my heart when nothing else will.

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>>612627568Yes with my wife Laetitia!

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>>612627568I missed you Fiobro.

>>612627568All the fallen in love with Carol!

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I love my wife Seele!

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>>612627568Fairy leviathan

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>>612627568I've phased out of it, but chiaki from DR held the spot for a bit.

>>612628117>dat skindentationHOO BOY

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>>612627568I love Red Riding Hood

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>>612628870I guess i should start using images safer than even the official art...


My darling Neptune, my one and only, my sweet pudding. I love her too much for words but I try.

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>>612629780Relax bro, I was just funposting. Well mostly anyway, I do really like skindentation.

My love, Dolce.

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>>612630230Ah, pardon my overreaction then. I just hate coomers and i'm a bit on edge after visiting my wife's game general recently.

>>612627568>>612627671>>612627812>>612628034>>612628117>>612628158>>612629364>>612630116>>612630391These are all literal childrenGet help pedo's

I love my wife Bernie! She means the world to me!can't believe I found this piece of art on DeviantArt, you find that hidden gem hiding among the trash

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>>612630720Uh sir this is the waifufag thread, the uoh thread is probably floating around the first two pages (if there is one up currently)

Waifu loves me

>>612630720Fiolina "Fio" Germi is a 22 year old grown ass woman you dummy.

>>612627568Yes. It's a simple life with my space waifu.Also post 'em.

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My husband Shadow. I'm glad I'm finally home so I can sleep with my plush of him in my arms.If only I had the real thing...I want to hold him close to me so badly anons, I wanna rub his back and kiss his forehead. I wanna spend a morning waking up slowly with him and doing nothing but enjoying the warm bed and each other.

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>>612628034>off modelyou just like the idea, not the character!

>>612631339>draw a childACKSHYUALLY SHE'S 22Nope, doesn't work like that. Now face the wall.

Waifu KISS

My heart beats for the dragon.

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>>612631567I don't know much about knifes but my wife has a pretty extensive collection of swords so I'll just let her do the cutting. My favorite gun is the MP5, it's aesthetic and reliable.If I had to assign a gun to Neptune however, it'd be the P90. Futuristic and kinda goofy looking, but actually pretty damn effective.

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>>612632606>Neptune>MP5...you sure you don't post on /k/?


>>612631567Template btw

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>>612632285Is this bait or are you actually retarded.

>>612633776I'm sure, unless I've started shitposting on 4chan on my sleep I haven't been on /k/ on a few years. Is there a Nep poster on /k/? weird.

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I love my wife 2B with all my heart!

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>>612631570Are you excited for his appearance in Sonic 3, Shadowanon?

>>612631567Waifu has no raifu but she makes up for it with an extra long knaifu and a bow.

>>612634909Forgot to post the image, forgive me mother.

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>>612634589I'm pretty sure the Nep+MP5 combo is rather popular in WKR threads. Usually either that or a Springfield.

I fell in love with my wife Blanc many years ago. Good afternoon, thread. I know this might sound familiar, but it'll be goodnight as well soon enough.

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I love my beautiful wife Byleth! My ashen angel...

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>>612635408I like her eyes in this one.

When the fuck are Marco and Tarma going to release?

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>>612635408take care Blancbro

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>>612634878I'm...not sure. I'm afraid they'll get him wrong. I guess I'm just scared since recent Shadow portrayals haven't been great and Americans have a history of misunderstanding him.I want to be excited but...

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Waifu kiss

>>612638420>kisses you

May Lee...

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>>612635249>Nep+MP5 comboHuh. That's nice.>SpringfieldI would have associated that one with Vert more, because America. And also it's long like her spear.>>612636897Not Blancbro, but Tsunako does draw great eyes. I could get lost in her wonderful deep purple/blue eyes.

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>>612638420>>612638513post waifus reaction to you suddenly kissing her

Jeanne d'Arc, my beloved.I got called a schizo the other day for talking about her a lot. It was quite strange.

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>>612639124That's a compliment


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>>612635408Sleep well!>>612638846

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>>612638846Emotions: Allowed

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>want waifu to be popular in her threads because she's the best and deserves the attention more than any other girl>Feel jealous everytime she does get attention in her threadsI'm so retarded...

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waifu preparing your lunch for work

>>612635408Take care, Blancbro>>612638846I imagine she'd be quite shocked. While she's usually very confident, she tends to go into a bit of a panic mode and lose said confidence if she finds herself in a more intimate situation which i find to be extremely cute

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waifu with hair tiedI love it

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>>612643429It's cute

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>>612643429It was quite great

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>>612642630bento box with love from waifu


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>>612627568Yes, Chihiro Fushimi, who I love with all my heart!>>612635408It'll be good evening first.>>612638846Suddenly kissing her on Rank 5 reverses the social link though I'd never do that.

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>>612642630Yes, Dolce has a random set of lunches that she prepares from for the day. Risotto, fried rice, gratin, french toast, and a sandwich

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waifu baking you a pie flavor pie

>>612627568Momji makes me happy every day I see her.

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>>612643562>>612643779right back at cha>>612643854Not sure what that style is called but its cute. It suits her well>>612644029pumkin pie!

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Favorite flavor of pie?

>>612644609Waifu's or waifufag's?


cream pie

>>612638846blush>>612642630I hope she makes me a special lunch today.

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Aile is the love of my life!

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>>612627568Niko Bellic.A few years ago I was so weirdly obsessed with him, I was convinced we were engaged (to be married) and I had a picture of him in a heart locket that I wore everywhere. I was completely fucking in love with him as if he was a real person

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it's time to draw people's wifes

>>612645910Based Gaybro

>>612645910Lol gay. What do you like about him?

>>612646052Rake-oh oats?

>>612645854love him too

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>>612631570This is so cute!Just a question, do you consider yourself a selfshipper or a waifuist? Or neither? I also collect physical things revolving around my bf and for a while I identified with selfshippers until I found out about waifuism where I felt more accepted / understood.


>>612646072I'm a femcel sadly so I'm aware the only love I'll ever feel is schizo dating videogame characters lololol>>612646146If I'm recalling correctly (this was 3 years ago) I thought he was really misunderstood, and I related to his struggles fitting into western society coming from the balkans. Also he's really fucking sexy

>>612639124>>612643779I really love her Dark version

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>>612646698I'll admit, Dark Jeanne is my favorite gacha Jeanne. "Evil" sultry women have me weak at the knees. It helps that her playstyle of "become strong at low HP" is something I like a lot.Her Summer version is also pure SEX, if you forgive how crass I am about the saint. Not a day goes by where I don't think about the uncap art. It's absurdly good.

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I love Reisen!

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>>612646610It's basically what this thread is about; dating video game characters. sadly most of the community is tranny/ugly females who have a bunch of fictional animu boyfriends, but there's some based people too if you look hard enough.

>>612638846>"even goddesses get surprised you know! but I don't mind...">>612646321>I identified with selfshippers until I found out about waifuismWhat's the difference? Shipping yourself/a self insert with your waifu/husbando?

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I love this lazy shitbag squid

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>>612647007>selfshippingusually less serious than waifuism, you can have multiple partners from fictional media, sometimes self insert into the media your "fictional other" is from, commissioning or drawing fanart with you guys.>waifuismmuch more niche and usually reserved for a special type of loneliness/mental illness, focusing on one singular character rather than a bunch, relationship is taken basically as far as one can with someone who doesn't actually exist

>>612646936>Summer dark jannu confirms jannu was for (You) all along>She and the original jannu sandwich (You) between them>Top tier art for her uncapThis summer was too good for jannubros

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>>612647462>muh loneliness/mental illnessI don't get this, I was actually as social as I'd ever been when I fell for my waifu in the way that I did.

>>612647531Indeed it was. I always knew, of course, but it's still nice to have something that convinces other people. Her Fate episode was very sweet, too.

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>>612647618You're probably in the minority then, but clearly it does happen. Happy for you bro

Lilith a cute

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>>612647462>usually reserved for a special type of loneliness/mental illnessGee, thanks...But I get it. I've never seen any sort of "waifusphere" other than these threads and in other boards, and I've only joined them somewhat reciently despite loving Nep for a somewhat long time. So I'm always curious about how other people do it.

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>>612647834I mean don't get me wrong I've been in adulthood for a while and am chronically alone now but yeah I was seeing friends frequently back when I fell for her.Now I have no one but her.

>>612647462I don't consider myself lonely or mentally ill. Interacting with people isn't that hard, and I've even attracted a few women (though I turned them all down).That said, I have been having these realistic dreams about having a girlfriend. It's quite odd.


>>612645910based taste, rockstar makes consistent dadkino. picrel is my husband. and i'm very specifically meaning his 2010 incarnation

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My daughterwife Aht.

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>>612648081If you don't mind the typical reddit cringe, I'd check out r/waifuism. They're lonely weirdos but they do understand and don't judge.

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>>612648296>That said, I have been having these realistic dreams about having a girlfriend. It's quite odd.iktf, it makes me feel incredibly guilty.I think it's because our body thinks about who it can realistically be with in this world regardless of who our heart and brain wants to be with.

>>612648395Hell yessssStill never forgiving them for the mess that was RDR2's epilogue John tho

>>612648840I was just confused since I don't feel particularly lonely. It wasn't just a wet dream, either. Lots of minor things happened.Waking up was confusing and a bit funny. Several months passed by in the dream, so it was like finding out the woman you just spent almost half a year with never even existed at all.

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>>612648671>old.reddit.com/r/waifuism/they seem happy

I want to hold her hand and put a ring on her finger.

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>>612648671Reddit is pretty good for finding waifu art from time to time, aside from that its aids

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>>612638846Probably something like this minus the headpatting, or she would just actually kill me. The blushing would be so cute though, that it would also actually kill me.>>612639124People use the term schizo outside of this site? That's odd.

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>>612650750It was on a general, so still 4chan. Most people find my love and knowledge of the Maiden to be impressive/a bit weird.

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>>612650892Come on bro let's see some new content.

>>612646321>>612647462I have literally never heard of selfshipping before today and I've been down this rabbit hole for nearly 15 years.It sounds more like some girl's "i would date" list filled with famous actors and singers than anything remotely serious or real.

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>>612650892can you draw Lilith please

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>>612631567I will never forgive Riot Games.

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Waifu won!

waifu lost her halo 3 match :(

>>612652969Based. I miss DFG, though it's not like i need it, but i liked it a lot.

>>612627568Yes, and we love each other

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Why do you love her?

>>612647462Selfshipping sounds like heresy.

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Waifu bought a ps5

>>612630720Lucina is definitely at least 19 years old, more realistically is probably around 20-23

>>612655593To keep it short, Neptune is funny and not afraid to be herself, but in all her sillyness there's also a very strong, brave and clever girl. I wouldn't call her perfect, but she's just charming. I am completely in her sphere of influence.>>612656592>implying Noire's overpriced movie player can compete with Planeptune's superior technologyIt can't even play four Purple-Ray disks at once.

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>>612655593I love her for reasons which are far too many in number to list, but in order to somehow answer that i can say she's been consistently putting a smile on my face ever since i saw her for the first time. We have largely matching personalities and she makes me feel some emotions which i never really experienced towards anyone else before her, or at least not to that kind of degree.

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>>612646289I want to read him King when he's laid up in the hospital. I want to conspire with him and entertain his wild tangeants. Have meandering philosophical discussions lit by greasy orange lamplight. I want to leave him love notes on postcards signed anonymously even though it's obviously me.It's not fair.

>>612638846Maybe something like this.>>612655593>Why do you love her?Despite literally being a entity of destruction and eventually Attila the Hun and viewing herself as nothing more than a tool of mass murder or a killing machine she still has these hopes, dreams and wishes to not just be like that and do non-desructive things and acknowledge everything on this Earth not destroy it and leave something behind, also showing how kind and human she can really be despite what she may tell herself and it's in that contradictions I find her inspiring and want to help her with making her dreams come true.

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>>612655593She helped me during a dark part of my lifeThat's just what I'll say for now

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>>612657632>King Pleb

>>612646321Thanks!>Just a question, do you consider yourself a selfshipper or a waifuist? Or neither?Erhhm, tough one. I don't really understand the difference enough. I guess both? But unlike most selfshippers/waifuists, I'm a shipfag in general, and don't mind seeing Shadow with other characters. In fact I fell for him that way. I'd ship him with multiple characters, since I greatly enjoyed thinking of him in a romantic light, and I remember thinking to myself "wait...why do I not just imagine him with me instead?" and it went from there.

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>>612657632Artyom's little monologues on the loading screens were oddly interesting, seeing how he's just some normal guy who has to go on a crazy ass campaign just because he kinda was the fall guy who happened to be there.I never played the other ones but 2033 was kino.

Waifu concert

>>612655593It is hard for me to put it into words

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>>612658720Waifu's song wasn't played during the official concert...

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>>612659083Post something new

>>612659467you've seen this entertainment through and through

>>612659582I have not though

>>612658720>"All CPUs must be able to sing and dance. It's like a requirement or whatever."Producing Perfection isn't the worst game I've played, but that's only because I haven't played it and just watched the cutscenes on Youtube.

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>>612655593From a previous thread>Love is a mystery, and that's part of what makes it attractive. I don't want to understand love, and I don't want to understand why I love her. I just do. There are things I love about her, of course, but I don't think that's the same as why I love her. It's completely inscrutable to me. I just want to be with her forever, and express my love for her all the way there, for as long as that takes.

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how come no one ever does follow up questions?

>>612660328That would mean mass replying

>>612660328What do you mean

>>612627568Mo but i've fallen in love with video game forum posters. Right OP?

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>>612660505>video game forum posterswhat

>>612655593I just want to be able to make her happy. I'm not really sure I have a long or complicated story about it, just a deep feeling of wanting the best for her. She's been through much more than enough as it is, I want her momentary life to finally be a good one.

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>>612660505did you draw that? cool

>>612657934that's really gay lol

>>612661052you're gay faggot

how old is waifu?

>>612661551When did god create the first man

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>>612661551That's a loaded question for multiple reasons...>there's multiple Neps>she doesn't age>she's traveled across dimensions which changes her flow of time relative to her "family"So to keep it short.>ultradimension Nep is just a human, probably on her late teens or early twenties>hyperdimension Nep was born during the last CPU shift, an old man remembers her from when he was a young boy so 65 to 120 years. Naps on the ultradimension for at least a few decades where time is different.>superdimension Nep was created by Arfoire alongside the rest of the CPUs. They've been fighting the console war for centuries, so at least a few centuries.

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>>612661551It wasn't ever specifically stated, but considering she's from the previous era, she should be around 50k years old. She's only been truly sentient for like a few years at most however

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waifu jokingly calling you a kid cuz your younger than her

>>612659845You've seen your birth your life and death you might recall all of the rest

>>61266155119 (610)

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>>612662471I'm older than her though

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>>612661551It's rude to ask a lady her age.

>>612662471Waifu saying she'll take the lead because she's older

>>612655593I cant put into words exactly why, but i just love her. She's the only one that genuinely makes me happy and the only one who i imagine myself sharing my life with.>>612661551She was made like this and she doesnt age. And as for how much she lived since she was "made", its hard to tell due to time fuckery, it could be days, months or years, depending on the point of view and other things.

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Waifu was the one responsible for the Wizard 101 hack

alright, we are BACKi tried checking in as much as i could, but did i miss anything big?>>612631567there are probably better options but i cant think of them right now>>612638846incorporated into the image>>612653509>>612653447waifu captured the flag>>612661551early-to-mid twenties, like mei'll be saying "like me" for as long as i can>>612663774i could only play that game once, all the next times i tried it got stuck on an endless loading screen when starting uplittle me was gutted

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>>612663774I played AQW instead, so I am unaffected

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>>612658183He likes King, user.

>>612663774>Wizard 101>zoomers

>>6126615512-3 years old, but realistically she would be around 23-26

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>>612627568Fio my beloved

>>612661551waifu evolution

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>>612664850Take care seelebro

>>612664850Later friend>>612664237Never played Wizard 101, just thought the whole scenario around the hack was funny

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I can't feel deep geniune feelings like love, sadness or fear anymore. They're all so distant these days. Can only feel them strongly in my dreams now.

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>>612664082Welcome back fren

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>>612664850bye!>>612665223thanks, y-you too

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>>61266155173 but she looks like she is in her 20's.

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>>612665152you and a million of other people, wow

>>612665152Feeling them in your dreams means that you can still feel them! Don't give up, user!

>>612664082Welcome back, my friend.>>612661551Around 20 at the start of her game, I'd say.>>612655593I can not determine the reason.Great clown and musician Maslíah wrote this song, and I think it has some wisdom on this.It goes in a similar vein to what >>612660202says.youtube.com/watch?v=whglSCOpgew>>612664850Good luck.

>>612665452>73did not expect that

>>612664082Welcome back!>>612664850See you later friend!

Attached: FF2H5zkVUAAASaa.jpg (1536x2048, 745.93K)

>>612665626Just going on the age the historical Yorimitsu died.

>>612665549And I, in my infinite lucidity, forgot to add an image.

Attached: 79776299_p15.jpg (717x774, 223.4K)


Attached: 1663630938065181.jpg (560x652, 32.66K)

My universal star>>612655593She was just there at the right place at the right time, her smile made me want to be better self and kept me going and over time it bloomed into something special. I am still going forward for her and will move until I drop dead

Attached: 1661403738155.jpg (1019x1057, 123.87K)

waifu's smile


Attached: B8RVWGGCMAA1fzl.jpg (570x750, 77.46K)

>>61266155120>>612664850See you around>>612664082Hey!>>612655593I find analyzing why too much takes some of the mystique from it, but I can say that I just love the way she is. It's her character that I love the most, I love how grounded it is, she's not perfect, not some unapproachable being, she can even be the butt of jokes in the game sometimes. She's been through so much but still has the strength to continue fighting for others, even if she sometimes falls into hopelessness about herself.But she's not an "I can fix/save her" girl, she herself puts the effort to save her own life.

Attached: 1645030756158.png (1440x1477, 1.03M)


Attached: Bernie(622).jpg (1200x1200, 1.24M)

>>612665549>>612665671>>612666730hi! glad to be back>>612666596

Attached: korra1x05_0074.jpg (1004x720, 194.73K)

>>612666730Woops, forgot to say I love Lysithea


Attached: 511042_bbycheese_2b-2.png (2149x3035, 666.25K)

board is moving fast today

>>612664082Nice to see you again friend >>612666596

Attached: 971E3725-EF3D-4F0F-AF6E-EB1EAD2B23CE.png (400x400, 167.81K)

>>612667718cause of GTA 6

waifu smash

>>612667919waifu in smash

>>612655593She is everything good in this world. I don't think I can give her any higher praise.

Attached: Jeanne pat.gif (112x112, 35.81K)

>>612667805looks like shit

>>612664082I thought we had lost you, welcome back.>>612668032>Neptune breaks the fourth wall into Smash!>Neptune: Crosses over!

Attached: 1634857050306.gif (498x278, 606.03K)

>>612645910>>612646681I find it very cute, user. Did anyone know about it? what did they think about your crush?

>>612668493Some of my close friends (online and offline) knew. Generally I didn't talk to the IRL ones about it because they wouldn't understand, but I struggled to bring it up with the online ones too, it always just felt awkward and kind of like oversharing? I liked it alot more when it was just me and him in my mind. I think they all just thought I was "weird" which wasn't a surprise to the ones who'd known me for a while. They were pretty used to it by that point so nobody really minded.>I find it very cuteThx


Attached: FB9UL-iUYAAcq2g.jpg (1280x720, 188.69K)


Attached: E3oswkUVkAIWaYk.jpg (768x742, 111.59K)


Attached: 1657859212003.png (391x428, 112.3K)

For me, its waifu.


Attached: 1635520778573.jpg (945x1023, 185.25K)


Attached: Raikou[NL](47).jpg (682x1024, 65.98K)

>>612642630Plenty of cake and fruit, with tiny section for chicken with sweet sauce. >>612658720Concert

Attached: 1654911114690.jpg (1066x1508, 1.63M)

Attached: rake 7.png (1366x1408, 470.43K)

>>612672814boobs lol


Attached: Dolce Smile.png (800x951, 300.46K)

Had the pleasure of meeting waifu at a charity do once. She was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.

>>612644317And just today is her birthday

Attached: DOAX-VenusVacation_220919_204032.jpg (3840x2160, 1.28M)


Attached: FcPoCv0acAAFBEi.jpg (2160x3840, 854.27K)

>>612674043The most beautiful video game girl ever created

Attached: FdDzgUKXoAAXd3y.jpg (1080x1629, 166.74K)

I normally don't care about furshit, but dang if I love this retarded cat.

Attached: 48639e02aa768b08d24c70baa386a260.jpg (1079x1500, 181.49K)

>>612627568Would ice cream girl be considered vidya since she was in a video game?

Attached: 51605106-24A4-44BA-93F0-E80FB40BC99F.jpg (750x1053, 856.34K)

>>612675020Yes sir

>>612675020No sir

>>612675020Perhaps, sir


>>612675020I dont know sir

Attached: rake 9.png (1476x2233, 868.91K)

>>612675020Can you repeat the question, sir?

>>612675340you said you were going to draw other user's waifus :(

Have you ever gone a day without making this thread with the exact same picture and exact same text, nigga?

>>612675432your fault for putting your faith into a schizo

>>612648984>>612669037i hope niko still has a place of love in your heart user. almost all of my prior husbandos still produce fond feelings when i think of them. you remind me a lot of myself. the only other person who understood was my best friend of six years who ditched me over a year ago. we shared many husbandos and now i don't have anyone i trust enough to talk with about them. also yes, fuck rockstar for botching john's epilogue model. reskinned arthur looking BITCH

Attached: FCgwv9pVQAAdK8n.jpg (819x1194, 191.04K)

>>612658532The book is amazing and free actually. The game lifts a lot from the novel dialogue wise so if you liked that you'll probably like the novel also.There's a lot that never made it in the game of course like everything else but some of my favourite things are book only.

>>612675502Why do you care? There's a filter if you don't like it.

>>612675815t. samefag

goodnight anons, it's good to be back

Attached: tumblr_m3qubyN5aJ1rqq1iao1_500.gif (450x252, 558.2K)

>>612675502The text and image chance all the time, there are like 10 templates at least

>>612675871Goodnight Korrabro

>>612675871Take care, user

>>612666596The most precious smile in the whole multiverse!>>612675020I just got back with high waifu command, you've been cleared for waifuposting. >>612675871Night!

Attached: 1641329949018.jpg (1040x1453, 1.08M)

>>612675871Night Korra

Attached: B3B0AAE0-719F-4B7E-9BB7-D59A320A3D6E.jpg (1473x2048, 166.25K)

>>612655593She's my everything to me. I love her passion and her energy, and her Justice reminds me to stay on the right path and to do best for the world. Because I want to create a world she'd want to live in, and lead my life in her honor in a way she'd be proud. I yearn for her more than anything, and will fight for her and her Justice!>>612661551Depends on how you're asking.Persona 3 released in 2006, 16 years agoIn Persona 3, Chihiro is 15/16 years oldIn Persona 4, she is 17 years old (18 by P4's end)Chihiro was born in 1993, meaning she is 28 years old as of this post.Chihiro is a year and a half younger than myself!>>612666596is Megidolaon cute!99999 damage to my heart!!>>612675020No because who someone is is based on the origin of the source material they debuted in, but no one really takes an issue with it.

Attached: Eternal Happiness.jpg (1280x1543, 325.97K)

>>612676128Thank you user

Attached: 7CB504E5-11AD-4136-8210-A4B230B3F842.jpg (600x800, 67.21K)


Attached: 2b7a41f1b2727103f0b29d27464a9606.jpg (850x1190, 595.11K)



Attached: PAULIES.jpg (474x411, 22.52K)


Attached: DOAX-VenusVacation_220919_201605.jpg (3840x2160, 700.54K)

Waifu ASMR


Attached: 1662320138710322.gif (560x400, 122.98K)

Waifu fusion

Attached: Potara Earrings.jpg (735x702, 28.33K)

so what's gonna happen september 24th?

>>612679269>he doesnt know


Attached: 1638256156839.gif (480x360, 2.15M)

Waifu warning you about September 24th

>>612655593Many reasons.Not in the least is the fact that her personality just draws me in.>>6126615512X, though in terms of existing as a character, 33.>>612666596

Attached: 20220802_113931.jpg (1645x2048, 302.76K)

Waifu laying in bed with (you)

Attached: 7C3B075C-E43A-4ED6-AEBF-972EAB154035.jpg (640x210, 141.47K)

>>612679663An experience akin to Heaven, if I am to be a bit blasphemous.

Attached: Good morning!.jpg (1200x848, 184.76K)

What's the point of these threads where every single post is the same and they get made every day


Attached: 1632660034783.jpg (771x483, 185.28K)

>>612680036Talking about my husbando helps me cope with work. So, to anesthetize ourselves with fantasy.

>>612680036It's a chill atmosphere

>>612680036WAIFU LOVE

>>612679663>>612679768>>612680143You can't understand how much I need a pic like this with my wife.


Attached: Crossbreed.Priscilla.full.2868045.jpg (900x1082, 739.5K)

>>612680674Have you looked into drawfag threads? They could possibly help out.

>>612680674>have two>they're too lewd to share>>612678823I forgot, but happy birthday, ninja lady.

Attached: 1652199116168.jpg (776x1782, 370.88K)

Attached: 2b too 2.png (655x515, 127.53K)


Attached: Bernie(1269).jpg (1426x890, 125.97K)

>>612657632this is so cute

>>612681294CUUUTEEE!!!Thankfully I saw this before going to bed, thanks so much!

Attached: 1624387746598.jpg (512x512, 33.02K)


Attached: 1643906715897.png (1440x960, 1.36M)

>>612680979I think it would just be better to commission it. I want to find the right artist for it though.

>Tfw my #1 waifu and #1 husbando are both from the same game

Attached: ed732390daaa9fb278e3ef49a24d026d.png (1159x869, 613.46K)

>>612682668I'm looking into Skeb to finally commission something in the future. Twitter has lots of tags for sales but mostly western artists use those.

>>612680036Just chilling, no bullshit, and just dudes talkin about and having fun about waifus. No harm no foul.

Attached: Fc2Sp6GakAATR5n.jpg (500x707, 292.13K)

>>612680036i use these threads to gather some data

>>612680036I like having fun

>>612680036Just a place to chill and hang out with other waifus anons from the typical Holla Forums threads

Attached: 76C51F1B-9D2C-4B71-9A45-53AE3A8C3C0F.jpg (520x520, 33.04K)

I return from sleep, kinda.>>612636897Those are the eyes I was looking into when I fell in love.>>612638846Context of pic related is over something completely different but the reaction is about the same.

Attached: 1454039753999.png (4650x3591, 3.76M)

>>612683573>gather some datawhat kind of data?

>>612683573w-what data

Attached: 1642410637819.gif (213x160, 240.93K)

ANYWAY imma draw waifus real quick

>>612683792draw something else no more raikouh

>>612683754>waifu feeds me a twinx while I'm blindfolded>"right">she adujsts her glasses and writes down the results on a clipboard>495 consecutive correct guesses

Attached: 1639899450847.jpgshe .jpg (1274x1565, 1.18M)

>>612683862NO MORE RAKE-OH???

>>612683927no mo

>>612683497Just remember with Skeb that its deal and done, you wont get to communicate with artist during creation process. You send request and then you get what you get

>>612683914she's blindfolded too it's a double blind experiment

>>612683754>>612683771just be careful, okay?

>>612683961fo sho??


Attached: 1654265331412.gif (498x277, 2.16M)

>>612684101Lillithbro? 2Bro?

waifu maids?

>>612684412Very well.

Attached: dragon_maid_corrin_by_raydango_dbf9pbz.jpg (2887x3559, 2.15M)

Waifu malds


Attached: Bernie(1047).webm (640x360, 1.09M)

Waifu bald

>>612680036surprisingly comfy and chill overall given that we're on 4ch-anger

time to sleep, goodnight.

Attached: 1658126386748095m.jpg (638x1024, 67.92K)

>>612684412>>612680036These are the most pleasant and enjoyable threads on the board. Instead of shitflinging over PCs and consoles, AAA releases and political bullshit, people here just want to be nice and celebrate their waifus. Well, I'm not very nice, but anyway.

Attached: 51769496_p13.png (400x456, 213.93K)

>>612684885night nepbro

>>612627568I don't get this reposted thread. Videogames are already an unhealthy obsession, if spending too much time on it. Why perpetuate towards ideas of females that shittest for "survival tactics". Should chastise that lust deadly sin, and let them be destructive elsewhere.

>>612684976>I don't get this reposted thread.meds already

>>612684412I'll post both my waifu and husbando as maids if you don't mind.

Attached: ffbcd84be17690ab29658defd967686c.png (900x1297, 360.68K)


Attached: blanc_12_img.jpg (1000x1500, 205.14K)


Attached: 1633098872122.jpg (1790x2048, 270.9K)

>>612684412>>612685101>Mfw my husbando has more images of himself in a maid outfit than my waifulel. How often does that happen?

Attached: dbc5bd1-42752af2-f7b6-44b6-9114-97f2df25f13f.png (537x888, 310.62K)

>>612684885Night friend>>612684412Okay

Attached: 43A1DAB3-A6FD-4B46-B4E7-15139BA0B1E2.jpg (1585x1730, 226.15K)

not exclusively a vidya character but she's in some vidya. I refuse to play that shitty Yugioh phone game for her though, even love has its limits.

Attached: 1622612393179.jpg (837x954, 87.95K)

>>612627568Arthur Morgan. It’s the only single player game that I always replay. I just love listening to Arthur and taking care of him. I never skip any cutscene and I just like walking slowly to places with him and taking in the scenery. I’ve never felt like this ever in my life

Attached: 8E8015C7-EAF2-42A6-A0BB-122B9E85DF41.jpg (1024x1024, 158.59K)

>>612685561Based witchposterDuel links isn't that bad though, or at least it wasn't back when I played

Attached: 1556691179001.jpg (2000x1000, 282.32K)

Imagining so many conversations with her.

waifu putting you in debt!

>>612685910I've heard the gacha has gotten a lot worse with time and even then I'd just rather larp with a Black Rose Dragon deck in a simulator or Master Duel than play a Speed Duel format.

Attached: Aki Rose Dragon Coat.jpg (879x1414, 377.14K)


>>612684412Surprisingly little maid art of her, despite her being French and her title of Maid of Heaven.

Attached: The Maid - smaller image.png (347x855, 578.49K)

What if waifu confessed to (you)?



Attached: Raikou[NL](170).jpg (2657x4096, 603.91K)

Attached: Lullaby.jpg (1280x1827, 315.39K)


Attached: __riesz_seiken_densetsu_and_1_more_drawn_by_takayaki__1e9b8f5f07d8a4773eb941ce99830377.png (400x500, 17.34K)

>>612627568I love Felicia with all my heart.

Attached: 5ca55a7999256d134574ec79ddb97d7a.jpg (856x1000, 105.58K)

>>612686464confessed feelings? Initial shock at first then happiness. It would've have taken her a lot of courage for her to do that, given her shy nature. oh man, my heart would melt..

Attached: Bernie(582).jpg (600x820, 86.82K)

Guileless and Passionate, it's Malcute!>>612661551Artbook says her age is ??? but otherwise she would be in her 30s I think ?

Attached: 101244448_p1.jpg (1700x2700, 1.52M)

>>612627568No I'm not mentally ill.

and ol' classic, BOIL-saka. her boil talks to her

Attached: boil saka 4.png (1200x900, 142.98K)

>>612681380I'd hide the dirty ones where only he'd find them, like in the dog-eared pages of one of his books.I'd be drawing water out of the samovar when I hear his voice behind me recite my own words innocuously in subtle accusation.I'd stir my tea. Say "Not bad." and "You write that?". But my traitorous cheeks and neck would betray me immediately, blazing red.Anything left of the façade would melt when I finally turned to confront those knowing eyes. And he'd say "No... But you did.".

>>612687983are you sure about that?

>>612686464Flustered with a bit of panic>>612687983>he says while posting on 4chan

Attached: FABB1634-0B0B-4B17-AA88-8F08F2ACA574.jpg (520x520, 30.55K)

Soraka is my tall and cute wife! Also post your waifu in-game model!

Attached: bootydancing.gif (480x650, 3.73M)


Attached: Fam7HG6UsAAF3IP.jpg (808x1024, 156.35K)


Attached: Raikou[NL](303).webm (1920x1080, 2.47M)


Attached: 20220722_115654.jpg (1280x720, 360.09K)

>>612686464Amazed and shocked>>612688540

Attached: 1635723261008.png (896x941, 1.16M)


Attached: Bernie (Dark knight).png (1039x608, 1.38M)

>>612688918hey a minute that's the webm i made, this really fucking pisses me offyou really piss me off now and im gonna have to draw lots of raikou to piss YOU off

>>612689189Go ahead.

>wanted to draw something>noticed I was a bit late to the thread>”oh well I can just draw it today and post it tomorrow”>never get any drawing doneI hate myself sometimes >>612688540Does sprite count

Attached: 639C14F6-AF74-4570-B41A-44AEBA45AC00.jpg (1280x720, 160.86K)

the rake-oh oats waifu faggot is my new enemy and i now i will post nonstop rake-oh drawings to defeat him

>>612688540Underneath those robes, the sexiest and curviest body known to man, and goat. How does she do it?

Attached: Toriel_battle.png (150x205, 1.56K)

>>612686464I don't know if she'd ever do that, but if she did, my legs would probably turn to jelly, my heart would want to jump out of my chest and I wouldn't be able to feel my face any more. If I could make her happy to the point of a confession like that, I don't even know how I could describe what kind of feelings that would give me.>>612688540I like how her Strive model looks in VRChat. It's very cute. I'm not the kind of person who just stares in a mirror all day, but taking selfies in different worlds and using the facial expressions is really nice.

Attached: VRChat_1920x1080_2022-08-03_16-08-10.091.png (1920x1080, 1.55M)

>>612689247Yes, why wouldn't it? >>612689313I don't believe you.

>>612689176cute smile!


Attached: kjhyvuhjv.png (1096x1030, 164.63K)

Attached: 1653337102262.png (328x450, 150.23K)


Attached: dmgtcg.jpg (374x550, 57.71K)

>>612689569Oh yeah? well here's the proof.

Attached: 3b7ea364d21a16dd70ca71ba5d7c4e51.jpg (2000x2500, 264.62K)

>>612691362That's not proof.

>>612691436What do you mean it's not proof? She's lifting her clothes right there.

>>612689569Because its not a (3D) model

Attached: E09C475B-678C-4055-B23F-EB8A0855F6F4.png (1376x1509, 1.23M)

>>612691698I said, "Post your waifu in-game model" That doesn't mean 3D.>>612691570That's fan art.


Attached: Malcute_LOR.png (212x746, 101.11K)

>>612691823Well she doesn't lift her clothes in the games but I'm sure the same exact body will be shown if she did.

Attached: ffb8f1c0ac068f46061397c23a356cda.jpg (851x939, 80.19K)

>>612691823“Model” tends to be referring to a 3D object, especially in this case

>>612686464She spills her spaghetti a bit, but nothing compared to the industrial ammounts of spaghetti I spill in reaction. I would love every last second of it, though, forevermore.>>612688540

Attached: 2022-07-26_18-52-22.305_top.png (400x240, 122.5K)

>>612692209Everyone else got what I meant. user, stop being so difficult. >>612692160No! Find more proof!

>>612627568tim burton fio>>>>>anime fio

>>612692415Eh you’re right, even I’ll admit I’m being too autistic over thisanyways waifu!

>>612692415Real proof or fan art proof?

Attached: d9j21a4-bbd4b6e0-608c-4f82-a710-4af8eb694479.jpg (500x870, 57.06K)

>>612684412my housewife maid welcomes me home with a kiss and dinner when I return from the chamber of labor

Attached: Byleth Maid Green Background.jpg (1000x1600, 157.15K)

>>612688540I'll also be heading to bed after this. Take care, everyone!

Attached: 3D Smug oneesan.png (313x281, 156.1K)

>>612694479Night friend

>>612694479night friend!that's it for me too, night bread

Attached: Bernie(1261).jpg (2048x1936, 237.74K)



Attached: Byleth At Night.jpg (707x1000, 134.55K)

>>612661551Chronologically 50+, as he was sealed away in stasis for 50 years. He's made to be physically 15 though, and doesn't age past that.>>612684412Maid? No. Gun maid.>>612686464Immediate heart attack with failed resuscitation.

Attached: shadow_0076.png (1409x2000, 2.76M)

Night waifu

Attached: A31222D4-63B7-4F1C-94E7-3A8FC957B9A1.jpg (526x327, 45.62K)

>>612688125do you prefer his original voice or his current voice?

>>6126615518 in the beggining of the game, Ultimania says when she reunites from the Feymarch she's 18 but World of Final Fantasy says shes 16.After Years is 24, but thats taking it from her origional child age and not when she comes back.tl;dr even Square isnt sure what her age is

Attached: E6rBnhoVIAknuYX.jpg (672x592, 60.5K)

>>612696789Shadowanon is fucking dead...

>>612697017night waifu


Attached: Byleth In Smash! Daytime.png (1080x608, 198.93K)


I always admired the desgins and vosual direction of metal slug desu good shit

Attached: 1662338723597830.jpg (224x225, 5.54K)

>>612697858we don't use that word here

>>612686464It's rare for her to be so upfront about how she feels, so i would be overjoyed that she made an exception just for me. On the other hand it would definitely leave me speechless. There's no way i could keep my cool in that situation, but i'm sure she'd be quite nervous about the whole thing herself>>612688540

Attached: Seele!in-game.png (1920x1080, 2.15M)

>>612698543same.I just recently bought Metal Slug 1 and X on my switch because they are timeless classics. Their artwork is so damn good and unique. I would buy a 2D Metal Slug over the new 3d one anyday

post waifu sleepy

>>612698681Absolutely, i find that the polish in the game enhances w/e the fuck youre doing in it

>>612698957whats your favorite metal slug game and song?

>>612699136The first ending song is great

Attached: catjam-cat-dancing.gif (220x171, 460.66K)

>>612699415are you the fioanon?also, my manyoutu.be/3gjxY2Xqn54


Attached: waifuwink.jpg (1280x720, 78.9K)

Attached: BylethandFlayn.jpg (1080x1240, 425.22K)

>>612699136Nta but Heavy African is my favorite song

Attached: schleep.gif (680x415, 517.59K)


>>612698732sleeping.and good idea.

Attached: EWJIdo3U4AAjoyi.jpg (966x939, 474.19K)


Attached: BylethThrone.jpg (846x420, 87.17K)

Ok, just don't call me a furry, ok? Because I'm not.

Attached: ce0fe557a8d376d040b057e28ec4146d.jpg (850x847, 68.71K)

>>612627568>>612627671>>612627812Why is it always the same three posts every time a waifu thread is made?

Attached: 1652280817435.jpg (264x286, 19.69K)

>>612703586A lot of these guys live here


Attached: TowaZZZ.png (879x534, 796.33K)