>a 16 year old can fuck with major companies and get away with it what have you been doing with your lifes user

>a 16 year old can fuck with major companies and get away with it what have you been doing with your lifes user

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>>612626815damn man, I need to do more tryhackme

>>612626815>from the UKSIRS???

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>>612626815I learned Java and C# when I was 16And now almost decade later I'm making gamesAs a hobby, I'm too retarded to get a job in gaming industryI think I made a good decision.

why do these huge companies with unfathomable amounts of money get hacked by kidswhy not just hire hackers to protect themi don't get it

so he is a pajeet

>>612626815Better if he gets arrested now, justice system in UK is very lenient with people in their teens, at most he will get a fine, serve time for under 2 years in juvie centers with a slap on the wrist.He has an easy excuse in that he is young and stupid.

>>612627414what is that supposed to mean?at what age does someone suddenly become intelligent?there are intelligent 16 year olds and retarded 70 year olds. there's no age limit on hacking

>>612627414all these were from social engineering, they call up and ask for passwords and shit it's literally that easy

>>612627414You cannot design a lock that cannot be broken while retaining its purpose as a lock

>underage thinks he can get away with anything>he does because goverments are retardsjust like always


>>612627523nah the US will tell them it's not on because they fucked with take two and instead he'll get fucked

>>612626815>get owned by a script kiddiethe absolute state of modern game developers

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>>612626815Ok but where's the link to the vids now?

Shit, they're gonna take him down for not having a hacking license

>>612626878you could be the best hacker on earth and you'd still need to get lucky enough to have a backdoor into things, which is usually just somebody having physical access to a device with the code on it.

>>612627414Managament doesn't care about potential security threats and just wants a working product out. Combine that with almost zero awareness about security practices in the industry and soon you realize that most multi billion companies have security measures that could be bypassed by teenagers.

>>612627414all it takes is one retard clicking a phishing link in an email and you can get into their system, or at least get into a position to start escalating your priviledge to the point you can access the juicy stuff. Social engineering is both the cheapest and most effective way to 'hack' into a system, since humans are, and will forever be, the weakest link in the security environment.

>>612626815Not playing games for normies and browsing Twitter like you fucking inferior sub human

>>612626896>>612626815>>612626878obvious he is just the fall guy you retards

>>612628558was the password of the indian account Spring2022?

>>612626896Wrong meme user, you're looking for OI YOO GUT A LOISCENCE FER DAT?

>>612628558When did you realize you wanted to be a tranny?

>>612628558good morning sir, why did you decide to hack this one in particular?

>>612627414As someone working IT (not IT security though) in an office I often deal with retards who somehow get Adware on their browsersIn some cases it's as simple as buying AdSpace for (group that all OSINT says works at this company) and then linking them your Adware site which can then link to virus sites.My go-to is just snatch their URLs and report them to SOC to get b& from the domain, but there's always more even if the ones they reuse stop working.

>>612626815>LARPSUSopinion discarded

>>612626815It's LIVES, ESL-kun. LIVES. Not "lifes".

>>612628712no it was password1

>>612628878You mean AdSense?

>>612628558I just want you to be aware that you just admitted to being under 18 years old on this website.

>>612628878Also, it usually prompts them to "accept notifications"That's similar to a reverse brute force attack, in that it just tries to attack retards via statistics.A dedicated hacker that uses phishing/spearphising could get what they wanted pretty easily if the user in question is some 20IQ smilodon that didn't grow up with computers or use them much

>>612626815Isn't it amazing bros?To think that there are teens out there already having talent, a path in life, people so young who have already found their place in life. Yet some of us are complete walking garbage useless pieces of shit that can't accomplish anything and can barely read 2 pages of a book without getting distracted. Life is beautiful

>>612628956well buy ads or whatever

>>612627808no way a 16 year old will do any time for this. they will ban him from computers publicly and give him a glowie job behind the scenes

>>612629031hes obviously trolling for luls

>>612626815Trolling furries

>>612628878why is it so hard for people to use an adblocker, I have to keep installing it on peoples computers since somehow they click shady sites and get surprised when their browser gets all fucked up

>>612629169they dont do that anymore cause the last guy burned the entire cia datacenter just cause they pissed him off slightly.

>>612626815>>a 16 year old can fuck

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>>612628558>seething poointheloo mods mad I remember when kitboga was big o here for some reason and everyone was saying sirs and shit and getting bannedStay mad poojeet.

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>>612627940>rekt by literal underage ESL script kiddiebillion dollar corporation btw

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>>612626815>commits a major crime before the age of 18>they can't try him as an adult>gets away scott freeHow can you justify this?

Zoomers truly are the master raceZoomersama-I kneel

>>612626815>Kid was 7 when the last GTA was released

you bloody bastard sir you have taken my job now i must redeem unemployment

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>>612629362They are not allowed to use AdBlocker per policy, nor does AdBlocker for companies exist for whatever reason, I don't get it either

>BREAKING: An online hacker forum admin claims that the individual behind the GTA 6 & Uber hacks is none other than the leader of the Lapsus$ ransomware gang.

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which one of you is this?

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>>612626815>Kid completely assblasting major Tech companiesHoly based

>>612626815I might have to rethink my racism. GOOD MORNING SIR indeed.

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>>612629828>got tired of waiting so he took revenge

>>612626815>Lapsus$ previously breached Okta, Samsung, Nvidia, Microsoft, Ubisoft, etc.HE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT.

>>612626815Hacking while you're a juvenile is when you want to do it. Lighter sentences, and you're almost guaranteed a great job as a whitehat

>>612627940Not just game devs. The vast, vast majority of corporations see cybersecurity as inessential. "We ran the numbers and we decided that we'd prefer not paying for an IT security department since the odds of getting hacked are low." Basically they figure that it's cheaper (in the long run) to occasionally get hacked, take a loss and maybe have to pay out some money in fines, etc. than it is to run an IT security department full time.

The hackers should be using their skills to take back all the money the plutocrats stole from the poor

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>>612626815I sleep in a big bed with my wife

>>612630195I was contracted out for a smaller tech company, not Fortune 500 level or anything, but big enough. A fucking pajeet broke in because the retarded IT staff left an unencrypted path through Microsoft Azure right into their own network, and the default local administrator account on EVERY machine, including servers, was "Passw0rd."They got ransomeware'd hard, C-Suite went into meltdown mode, bunch of people got fired, and they even paid the ransom, which was in Monero. Then the decryption key they paid for didn't even work.

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>>612627414>why do these huge companies with unfathomable amounts of money get hacked by kidsBecause those companies employee gutter retards that, despite being in front of a computer all day for work, can barely understand why they need a password more complex than "password1" and that they should never fucking share it with anybody.

>>612627414>Hello I am going to text you a code, can you please read it off to me? BOOM full access. Many such cases.

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>>612627414By 'hacked' what they mean is someone got phishedIt's like walking in with a fake ID badgeBasically it's a 'thing' because in corporate security, guess what? The end users don't givea fuckThe idea of some kid banging on a keyboard to bypass 'le magic firewall' is what the media wants you to think. In reality it's some kid who tricked a drooling retard into giving them access

>>612627414You GROSSLY underestimate just how retarded people are capable of being.Why do you think Indian phone scams work so well and frequently in the first place?

>>612626815>queen died>bongs are now unleashed pink force

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>>612626815That means he's not leaking the playable test build, doesn't it?

>>612630925This user is correct. Rarely if ever does anyone "crack the code" so to speak. They just trick someone with a privileged account to give them access. Tricking some retarded NPC is significantly easier than breaking encryption. Social engineering is the term, and it works very very well.

>>612628732>he doesn't know about bong demographics

>>612628654I prefer among us

>>612630674>Then the decryption key they paid for didn't even work.holy kek

>>612631389Oh and the best part, the main vector was through the CEO's account. Which coincidentally was the only account not using two-factor authentication because, and I quote, "it's too annoying to deal with." It was enforced on everyone else's.

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>>612630965whats worse and the most frustrating is the fact when they are told hey you're getting scammed the person flips shit and gets mad at YOU. at this point im like fuck off old hag have fun bleeding 100k to pajeets

>>612629260mods don't care, newfag-kun

>>612626815Considering how this faggot talks if he is 16 that makes him seem slightly less faggoty.

>>612631389I could be wrong but I think the current consensus in the cybersecurity sphere is to never ever pay the ransom because >The decryption key might not work>You're just making other people want to ransomware you even harderRansomware hackers/hacking groups operate just like any other business. They want a steady stream of income, so they target companies that have weak security so they can hack them with minimum effort. A company that got hacked AND payed the ransom is basically ringing a dinner bell.

>>612627414IT Security gets paid peanuts and are never listened to when they point out glaring security holes. Hackers literally do this shit for fun and money. They get paid big bucks by ransoming data back to the retards that didn't secure it. No one wants to work for a big corporation ripping off the people so Schlomo McKikelberg gets another zero added to his net worth. They do it because they have no other options.

>>612631853Wouldn't a working key make more business sense? If you give a key that doesn't work, then the company won't pay the next time they get ransomed. What do they get out of permanently destroying the company's data?

>>612631853It dependsIf it's a professional group operating for profit,then pay because these companies will generally give you the key as it's bad for them not to since if they don't give you the key then others won't be tempted to pay themAlso paying is strictly a case of time/money vs profit lossIt's why certain companies are more likely to pay over othersBreeching something like a bank or a hospital will usually be more likely to get paid over some shitty gamedev like rockstar

>>612631147Most of the actual defenses can't really be cracked unless you've found some hole or way to bypass them. They're generally very good, which is why the only way to get through them is to find a tired, disinterested employee with access and try to trick them into letting you in the door.

>>612632047>What do they get out of permanently destroying the company's data?it's funny

>>612627414That would cost them more money when the hack just gives free publicity and can just pay someone to fix it after the fact which is cheaper then having a hacker or security expert on standby

>>612626815If they know who he is his life is over anyway so why should I envy him?

>>612627414>why do these huge companies with unfathomable amounts of money get hacked by kidsBecause its easy. Not related to hacking, but I lived near the Beverly Wilshire Hotel growing up (to the foreigners, its considered one of the most high class and prestigious hotels in the USA) and my friends and I in HS and college would walk in, order from the bar and restaurants and charge it to random rooms. Never got caught once in the course of a decade. If you act like you're supposed to be there they don't care. Still do it with shittier hotels too, to this day (I moved to the East so no more Beverly Wilshire)

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>>612627414have you ever thought that huge companies run by kikes are filled with pedos?

how do i get a job in it if only have a shitty cert in it and basic knowledge of office 365 and adhacking for money sounds fun but i dont have enough knowledge on the field or where to start, neither do i have an idea of how paying someone in crypto wont get you tracked

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>>612626878>damn man, I need to do more tryhackmeNo you don't. This is usually accomplished by tricking someone into downloading the malware/ransomware and installing it of their own volition.

>>612632169Really there should be more movies and shows that show how it actually works. I know some do, even shit like Mr. Robot involved a lot of espionage to get access to networks and whatnot, but people still think there are dudes like, typing lines of code that let them hack into an internal network. 99% of the time it's someone tricking a person to click a link. That's why 16 year olds are hacking big corporations, kids have been prank calling people ever since everyone got a landline to their residence.

>>612627414HAVE YOU CONSIDERED THAT literally everyone on earth. is fucking retarded?like they'll be sitting there, next to the cigarette lighter. and they'll be looking at it. and then some guy walks over, and he sticks his finger into it. and he screams and runs off, clutching his finger. and then they keep looking at the lighter. and they look. and they look. then they put their own finger in there and scream.then they come back a week later and do it again.people are ---SO STUPID--- they don't understand ANYTHINGhave you considered that?

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>>612632631How it actually works is fucking boring and has no cinematic value

>>612632517Black hat is actually pretty retardedyou're usually just phishingFor an actual job just get someone you know asa reference saying you worked in a store for six months nad have customer service skills and know ITwarning: do not visit an MSP or any role where you are supporting 'external'customers. In house shit only

>>612632774>implying phreaking isn't still cool looking to this day

>>612626815the only man redeeming that cursed island, probably being sustained by UK handouts while doing it

>>612632431This, social engineering is piss easy. I once met a guy at a seminar who did pen testing and he told me a story about how he was able to compromise this company's security:>Christmas time>Company schedules a visit from a Santa impersonator for employee morale or whatever dumbshit reason>Pen tester hears about this, hears when the Santa is supposed to arrive at the office>Buys his own Santa costume, bag of candy, and shows up an hour early>walks around the cubicles handing out candy, does pictures>while doing so he casually sticks a thumb drive into half the computers in the office>leaves 10 minutes before real Santa walks in>mission_accomplished.png

>>612632774>>612632845Hannibal doing it in SoTL for example.

>>612626815Damn if only I had gone to prison for 30 years at 16 then I would be a real winner

>>612629548>All of them top of their brahman stockUmm...Sirs??? You told me only lower caste people are giving bad rep to pajeets. Wth?

>>612626815>work IT security>usually do a trick where I send a simple link and see if I can gain control into an office computer to show why they need to pay us hundreds of thousands to force their employees to use good passwords>I accidentally gained access to the entire company because even their IT department(two old dudes) fell for it.Thought I was going to jail. It really is too easy sometimes

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>>612632857Please tell me he made his escape in a flying sled.

>>612629365>As of August 2022, Schulte is awaiting trial on charges relating to child pornography and copyright infringement.[7]Kek. ALWAYS. When somebody he CIA wants arrested, they're ALWAYS caught with CP.

>>612633327Did they just click on a link or did they actually type all the info down?

>>612626815>skilled teenaged hacker manages to steal info from a billion dollar corporation and is now making news everywhereJesus Christ it's like a real life cyberpunk plot.

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>>612631171what? like 93% white?

>>612630674AHAHHAHA owned. Exactly what those dumbass c suite execs deserve for not taking infosec seriously. Nothing makes me happier than watching boomers underfund IT especially security and then getting fucked for it

>>612626815>>612626896>>612627775>>612629834>>612633172GOOD MORNING SIRS. BLUDY BASTERD BITCH LASAGNA

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>>612634170Thats because the sentence for possession of one image has a maximum of 10 years in prison. So 10 pictures is a potential 100 year sentence. Its an easy as fuck way to make people you don't like "go away."

>>612626815He did it for queen liz. She hated Rockstar, bless her.

>>612634268They clicked a link which downloads a simple .exe named after their company with a stock icon. which is supposed to be the trick. That the malware site isn't just the phishing webpage. But it seems the IT guys were just letting defender take the wheel and filled out the phishing site and ran the file, essentially handing over the keys to the company because Microsoft didn't stop them. It shouldn't even be a crime at that level of incompetence

>>612626815A literal child

>>612627432Close. He's Pakistani.

Based Zero Cool

If they had just used Zoom instead of Slack this would have never happened.

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>>612626815Some of you zoomies are alright

>>612632431This is amazing. How can I socially engineer myself into a job?

>>612626815many adults can do this, they just aren't willing to throw their lives away in the same way a naive child is. script kiddies or even skilled hackers that are kids are the most dangerous types of hackers for a reason, they have no fear of retaliation. I'm now downplaying his ability or achievement, simply giving some reference that there are plenty of adults capable of doing this much damage, but they are paid better being ethical hackers or consultants for major corporations on penetration testing and shit; his "ransom" in this case is, for some of those guys, about equal to a monthly paycheck that also has no chance of getting them thrown in prison.

>>612632587Which is funny cause anyone in a computer oriented business gets hammered monthly with "DON'T OPEN EMAILS YOU DON'T RECOGNIZE" training and people still fall for it. I even use it as an excuse to ignore emails from people I know are legit.

>>612627414Because that would be illegal, and companys are more affected by legal troubles than a 16 yo hacking rockstar

>>612632631I need a high speed, leet hackerz sequence with green light flashing onto the guys face right before it cuts to him typing out a "Please send me your password" email in yahoo.

>>612627414>i don't get itThat's because you don't understand what's happening.You're effectively asking why Walmart doesn't hire security to stop a shop lifter.They do, but guess what, it's literally impossible for them to watch every inch of 10,500 stores 24/7, or in Rockstars case, to monitor thousands of hardware points of entry and thousands of employees who are themselves points of entry, or their family members, or house mates, or partners etcRockstar cannot monitor every single computer, server, employee, family of employees, friends of employees, partners of employees etc 24/7.Throw third world outsourcing studios in India into the mix and LMFAO at the idea of "security"

>>612634170>americans haven't woken up and realized child porn is a weapon

I don't buy it. He's older

>>612634170Not to mention having any charges related to pedophilia basically gives a carte blanche on whoever wants to murder you in prison.



>>612626815Fuck Cuckstar. Hope this little nigga does massive harm to them and gets away with it.

>>612634170>hey we, the governmental organization, will arrest you and seize all your devices where we can do with them whatever we want without anyone being able to look at what we do>ooooh what is that, Mr GovernmentDoesn'tLikeYou, by sheer coincidence we have found childporn on your devices, one that matches our terrabytes of childporn we keep for legal reasons! Now we can throw you away for decades AND make you the villain in the eyes of the public! How convenient for us :)

>>612627414>why do these huge companies with unfathomable amounts of money get hacked by kidsthey're just run by incompetent people lol>why not just hire hackers to protect themthey don't wanna fork over the cash and think everything will be fine>i don't get itit's really simple

>>612627414>why not just hire hackers to protect themthey do, there are multiple professional fields dedicated to it, but your security is only as strong as your weakest linksocial engineering is another part of it and karen in HR isn’t very smart

How do I get into "hacking"? When the crypto bubble was blowing up there were a fuckton of shitheels you could easily scam but I didn't capitalize. What kind of organizations are worth going after.

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>>612627414weakest part of any system is the person using it.hiring your own hackers wont stop jim from giving a 16 year old access to confidential files in return for nudes

>>612633327>>612634268How does clicking a link work? If I have noscript does that prevent the exploit or is it something else? I haven't rawdog clicked a suspicious link since 2003

Can't they just make sure to separate work computers with home computers and that they don't stick any personal USB drive to work computers and vice versa?

>>612646607Most "hacking" is Indian tier scams/social engineering. What you might be thinking of is zero day exploits, which requires a lifetime of study (which may or may not include a phd in cs) and staying up to date with the security meta. The really sophisticated stuff like what the NSA does is practically pure math, like the backdoor for elliptic curve tomography used in SSL encryption.

>>612626815>what have you been doing with your lifes anonNot getting caught

>>612626815>Rockstar got dabbed on by some 16 year old zoomer

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>>612626815A genius is born with it and there isn't any amount of struggle to ever even things out. I'm not gonna worry about it.

>>612648463The social engineering kind sounds more fun (desu ne)I had a friend that did it a ton in school to use people's Amazon accounts but I never understood it.

>>612634170Is it hard to believe that that's common with the type of people that get in trouble with them?

>>612627414>How do you do, 55 year old Indian grandma diversity hire secretary for the Vice President of Information Technology? It is I, the county password inspector. >I'm going to need to you to log in to this website to reset your password.>ok, now when a prompt on your work phone pops up, I'm going to need you to type out that number into the form on your desktop and press enter.>No no not that number, that's the phone number, the 6 digit one. It might have letters too...uh yeah that's hexadecimal, sure. >ok everything looks good ma'am, thank you for your cooperation. you've done a good thing here today.

>>612649384Yeah, it actually is hard to believe. Please tell me what could possibly be the common causation that would cause a correlation between hacking (and getting caught) and being a pedophile?Cause I can tell you the one thing they all had in common was the CIA/FBI/NSA/whatever has access to their hard drive with the ability to plant whatever they wanted with absolutely no check in place for the defendant to prove they didn't.

>>612627414because shenaquay your head of security got zir job by being a nepotistic diversity hire and xirs degree isnt actually in corporate security but the cyber intersectionality of security opperators in a transgender perspective.

more like faggot cock* released their gameplay trailers in the most dramatic queer way possible>elite hackers stole our gameplay videos guize!!!how about you hire some white men and make good games instead.

>>612649384It happens so often with people the government doesn't like that I find it hard to believe that ALL of them are real.

>>612632774Montage it baby.

This is what happens when you can't grief in games anymore, kids just grief corporations nowadays

>>612652338goodgotta get them aggressive and ready for the next world war


>>612626815Mostly watching YouTube videos and playing games. I could learn how to hack and risk my life blackmailing some faggy game developer......but why? Why would I do that?

Why do people on ResetERA see this as despicable as rape, murder and terrorism?

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>>612626815Trying to get pussy, mostly

>>612654789>why are internet retards acting like internet retards??idk user

>>612654789They just jump on any opportunity to hurt people because they are weak.>b-but this time it's deservedIs the excuse they'll always say.

>>612628654The average 16 year old from the UK

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>>612626815>get away with it>general public and Take Two knows his true identityThat's not how it works you retard.

>>612632517what is used to make these images?>t. retarded user

>>612626815Can that guy masturbate in less than 10 seconds?Case closed

>>612626815fuck off back to twitter retarded nigger

Some zoomers are beyond based, im telling you.Also, a lot of them are insanely good with hacking/coding.

>>612656476>Some zoomers are beyond basedfr fr

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>>612627414Because they are full of tech illiterate retards like you that let the hackers in

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>>612626815>from the UKthis moron is going to get raped hard by glowies

>>612628253Pretty much this.I work in a warehouse in the UK and some guy randomly turned up next to my desk saying he was some customer, when I don't deal with them.Turns out someone directed him to me and he managed to walk right into the warehouse with no security or anything.Social engineering is easy as shit, and despite company's paying for brain dead retarded computer safety courses most people don't give a fuck and will gladly let people in.

>>612626815>a 16 year old can fuckYes.

>>612656476nah, it's a really small minority that even use computers. Same reason piracy, demo and other underground programming scenes are dying.

>>612650012>Please tell me what could possibly be the common causation that would cause a correlation between hacking (and getting caught) and being a pedophile?The fact that what they seek is illegal which causes them to became hackers to obtain it?

>>612626815Its a gang user, they put idiots like the teenager at the front of house because if they put themselves there on the interaction part of things then they can trace that back. This is not out of the ordinary and is considered common practice, because when they are caught, its a kid, and they cant do a whole lot to them at that age. Whats fucking retarded here is that the kid in question has already been involved in something like this before and was prosecuted, but was given a really light sentence.

>>612657937Obtaining cheese is easier and faster to obtain than trying to bypass the age gate on youtube without signing in. If you're a protected class its even easier.


hacking seems based

>HackIt is all social engineering.Those working in IT are mostly socially inept or autistic and so believe anything

>>612627414Monkeys and typewriters.

>>612657937>The fact that what they seek is illegal which causes them to became hackers to obtain it?That is the most retarded thing I've ever heard, you have no idea.

>>612627414It is IMPOSSIBLE to have full file security while being connected to the internet. Rockstar's first mistake was leaving so much shit on a server plugged to the internetYeah, I know making a closed system is troublesome, and more specially, teaching people how to acess the files on the closed system using computers not connected outside is even more of a hassle. But that's the only way to actually keep shit secure. You won't see companies that deal with secure data, like banks and stuff, having those kinds of breaches, because they already understood that. Now these dumb californians with their "muh cloud" stupidity, are prone to these fuck-ups

>>612626815I imagine a whole group is behind it but they use a kid as the front because the punishment is less severe (and a kid would be stupid enough to agree to it)

>>612626815I'm a law abiding citizen

>>612626815Not getting caught, for starters.

>>612654789Every crime should reward rehabilitationAnyone saying otherwise, is a weak bastard asking the state to wage their own vendetta. It shouldn't be the state's job to "punish" or "wage justice", because those are extremely flawed concepts that change from person to person. Imprisonment is even worse, someone decides that doing X awards you Y years in a cage, and for what? That's a waste of resources, prison was invented to hold people off until a sanction was decided, it wasn't ment to be the actual sanctionThe state should focus solely on rehabilitation, because at least that's an objective goal of pursuit. If someone killed a person you dislike, go there, man up and fucking kill him. Stop crying for big momma state to step on people for the sake of your own sense of fullfilment.

>>612634506>like 93% white?In some inbred villages maybe.

>>612648463Look at what happened to Uber, you just need the right person to contact. Not nearly as complicated as it should be.



>>612627414Because>You'd be fucking amazed how many industries use passwords like "1234abc" for everything>Why would a hacker work a shitty minimum wage office join when they can just steal/ransom people's MMO & Steam accounts instead>Hackers usually do drugs, and corporate/FBI etc won't hire someone that smoked weed once 10 years ago

>>612629362Like other guy said, companies aren't allowed or don't use it for reasonsAlso you'd be surprised how many companies and even govt departments still use internet explorer because they don't trust other browsersBuddy of mine works for the Dept of transport and everything is still windows 7 IE they're

>>612660337>rehabilitationthis is extremely vague. what does rehabilitation consist of? what if someone is a psychopath that will continue to commit crimes until they're out in prison? what if someone is an 80 iq mongoloid that can't be rehabilitated? what does rehabilitation consist of?


>>612665201>windows 7based im using it toour department of transport is giga based

>>612627414It's not true hacking, it's just social engineering. You can build the strongest safe that can still get broken into by tricking a guard.

Without the Queen the power of Britain will be unleashed. It's over.

>>612639626"Women" is the variable in question here

>>612627414Because like a lot of other companies, they're cheap bastards always trying to penny pinch, even when it comes to very important things. Naturally, they cry from the heavens in outrage when unsurprisingly, even a high school kid can break through their terrible "security"

Attached: 1663247540459585.gif (220x220, 198.58K)

>>612626815When some 16 year old kid posts a game he made, that looks decent for a kid, with "absolutely no help from his parents" nobody believes him. Yet when they hack multiple corporations for at best a slap on the wrist nobody bats an eye.

>>61267112616 is nearly 18 user. You're describing a 12 year old in your post.

>>612629575They try 16/17 year olds as adults all the time, don't they?

>>612627414Employees are attack vectors.The more employees, the more attack vectors. Training and policies don't do shit because people are stupid.

>>612626815Other stuff besides hacking companies.>>612627414They do hire hackers to protect them. It's called whitehat hacking. The problem is that, in the world of cyber security, there are ALWAYS more holes to fill than dirt to fill them with. There is no such thing as digitally secure, and someone motivated is always going to find the way in, no matter what.

>>612626815reminder that he got doxxed by leftists hackers who are now defending rockstar

>>612628654Not even the fall guy, just someone who got the finger pointed at them by other butthurt hackers.

>>612629548Imagine spending the last moments of your in pure terror inside a cage before being wrapped in flames because some boomer wanted more money for his 45th mansion

>>612626815I doubt he's going to get away with it.

>>612631147Maybe you should use some of that social engineering to trick a woman into having sex with you, you mentally ill incel.

adherently all you have to do to be a hacker now is use compromised credentials to log into accounts that used the same password

Attached: FckIIyEWAAEI5oo.jpg (1927x1912, 185.56K)

>>612664423they hire weed smokers now, but not other drugs

>>612627414These companies do, indeed, hire other companies to "protect" them with their own hackersThe question is if anyone listens to their advice. They can hire all the hackers in the world, but if they don't listen to any of it; it doesn't matter.

>>612655463I live in the UK and this is accurate.

>>612626815That's the same way Steve Jobs and Woz get their start in the 70s. Hackers are the real visionaries of society. I have more respect for them than anyone who strives to work for a corporation.youtube.com/watch?v=HFURM8O-oYI

>>612626815> SusFUCKOFF

>>612675000>adherentlyI'm not sure if that word works here, chief


>>612672586Nah I just think somebody needed a scapegoat and fed the kid tips and scripts.

>>612627414>send phishing email to company with fake link so they enter their work credentials>take their credentials and log in with them onto their network>*kracks knuckles*>perform basic SQL injection>now have admin account usernames and password that weren't hashed>log in as admin>steal shit

>>612676118I'm sorry I fat fingered the spellcheck

Attached: constanza.png (500x375, 298.95K)

as somebody who works as an information security analyst these sort of events are always very entertaining

Attached: 1661188435083813.jpg (400x400, 26.83K)

>>612632774They made a movie about some Wall Street fuck selling scam stocks, you could totally make a movie about people doing these scams too

>>612676795got a funny story you could tell us?

>>612674082shabbos goyim

>>612677914I do phishing response as part of my job and so whenever somebody reports a phishing email I have to look into it. a lot of them actually use "kindly" and "sirs' right out of a 4chan pajeet shitpost. they really do it

Attached: 1646231169452.jpg (667x670, 30.19K)

>>612678153Kindly do the needful, sir

>be rockstar>spend 10 years milking gta5, gotta get every ounce of goycoin I can, squeeze em dry>all that goycoin lost to a hacker because you are about to have a security nightmare for yearsmite b cool

>>612674886Why would he want to get involved with humanity's biggest problem?

>>612626815When I was around that age we had Uplay cracked so fuckin hard that we were playing Far Cry Blood Dragon before it was even confirmed to be a real game and not just an April fools joke. I was playing Skyrim cracked a day and a half early and was sending screenshots to my friends literally waiting in line at the midnight release. When I was 18 I had over two TB seeded on Demonoid and could torrent shit in record time because of my ratio.Honestly this shit may seem new to y’all but for most of us this is just more of the same

>>612679517>demonoid hot damn I haven’t heard that name in years

>>612626815Based. Hope this kills Rockstar.

>>612626815Blimey and during the Queens funeral too. What a soddin' wanker.

As Jews hire more and more shitskins to reduce costs of wages, expect these hacks to become more common

>>612627414just get a nice shirt, be scrawny, say its your first day and you dont have your credentials, and dont forget a folder and the classic "I'm from accounting"

>>612626815Naive first worlders don't know how criminals on other "planets" act...They just put the guilt on a minor to get softer charges, fucking shielded of reality, 0 malice morons

>zoomers are more smarterJesus Christ

>>612627414how do i get a programming job?I've been trying for years, i did a bachelor's too.i get no call backs

Does nobody remember LulzSec?

Attached: 800px-Lulz_Security.svg.png (800x907, 244.28K)

>>612627585>t. 16 year old retard. You need life experience to be intelligent. No one under 25 is worth listening to at all.

>>612627414People are calling the kid smart but he isn't he broke into their slack server and just tried to ransom billion dollar data like he's in a video game. he's about to be fined so hard that he'll be imprisoned for 5 years at least. The kid is fucked. Nobody would try to do this because the penalty is jail

>>612639110Based Zoomchad

>>612678561After that GTA trilogy "Definitive" edition, the R* launcher being down for days, the unlisting of all the original games, and the fact that we went a whole generation without a GTA game, when they used to release based GTA's like clockwork, I am enjoying this very much, I must say. Fuck 'em.

Attached: 1514270904888.gif (460x426, 654.93K)

>>612682132Jesus ran away to shit post on the pharisees when he was 15, but he's an ourlier on pretty much everything.

>>612680950That’s so true, dude.

>>612682448I heard that dude could multiply fish and bread by waving his hands at them. I've never met anyone who could do that. That shit cray.

>>612655817howtogeek.com/830179/how-to-run-stable-diffusion-on-your-pc-to-generate-ai-images/have fun!

>>612672586tell that to americans

>>612629575>anyone younger than an adult can legally sex little girls

>>612637141Do you think is feasible to trick a manager to add someone to the payroll? Like something along the lines of >"hey, an employee's company profile was accidentally terminated and they need to be re added to the payroll. Please put this banking info for next payday, their salary is 50k annually.There's a ton of people who get lost in assignments and get paid but don't do any work. There was an user who talked about their experience being paid for nothing. I wonder if you could do this to multiple business and make 200k in a month. That'd be sick. The real goal is to make millions, move to Switzerland and transfer all your wealth there.

>>612634170>Used to be a cop would sprinkle crack on someone mid arrest and claim they were in possession>Now they just email cp and arrest themShit is so retarded.

>>612682416They got what they deserved

>>612627414kids can commit felonies and not catch huge repercussions

>16 year old boy from the UKSeems fairly common. Why are UK criminals so bad at not getting caught? Is it the lead in the air and water?

>>612629921There's a good point in all the stupid. Old rockstar could have done some great stories with a female protagonist. Modern rockstar definitely won't be capable of anything other than pandering to modern politically correct orthodoxy.

>>612681985Move to mexico, have a shitty pay compared to US, but bretty good compared to other jobs in the country.

>>612627414Found a pic of the hacker.

Attached: we are legion.jpg (1018x626, 53.01K)


Attached: 1648105756134.jpg (1280x720, 228.48K)

>>612626815I wonder if there are any hints of other Rockstar IPs in the leak such as RDR3, Manhunt 3, Max Payne 4, and/or Bully 2?

Hacking isn’t real. It’s always phishing and social engineering. I do this for a living. Teach your employees to not be retarded gorilla niggers and you won’t have a problem.

>>612638942That's what he said.

>>612629548It's funny because Amtrak did something similar in the early 00's, but they recovered quickly by just re-hiring everyone they let go with the promise of a better retirement plan if they would provide X amount of training hours to new employees before their retirement. This did this by using Obama's half-assed Bailout money, and are one of the few companies that actually came out better for it in the long run.

>>612639434Sit down at an open desk with a logged in computer and start working. What are they gonna do, fire you?

>>612640389>Helo, the it department is doing its yearly password security checks>please send us a reply with your username and password and cellphone number so we can evaluate your security>for security porpoises please do not discuss the contents of this email with your coworkers or managersl33T H4cK3r T1m3

God damn script kiddies

>>612626815>HackerHe's a 16 year old Rockstar North intern that is just following instructions from the marketing departmentUnless there's legal action, the "leak" would still count as a marketing stunt

>>612626815I feel like I keep reading stories about teenagers hacking major corporations/celebrities, it's starting to make me feel like a loser for not knowing how to hack things.

>>612654789Because they dream of themselves being middle managers and department heads, the cogs in the machine that would take the blame for the above hacking incident. Its a personal slight against (the future) them.

>>612683056>There was an user who talked about their experience being paid for nothing.Happens a lot with remote workMy job is pretty easy but I cross my fingers every day that the four people at the company who know I exist get fired or somethingAlthough I guess that would only work until a new project paycode comes in


>>612682448You can't compare the Son of God to your average

Attached: 4212.jpg (205x246, 7.73K)

>>612639626I worked at an MSP a few years ago and got an email from a client that one of their off site workers has been hit by a ransomware and they needed us to sort it out. They brought it back to the office and connected it to the network and were waiting for our call. It was the worst email I'd ever gotten.

>>612687162>Leaking the source code for marketing

>>612627414Kids have a lot of free time man. It was only bound to be one that ascended. Also computers now are stupid powerful.

>>612683056I worked a job as a contractor once and then the guy who hired me got a promotion and was no longer overseeing me. I essentially had no oversight at all anymore. I was just "some contractor doing something for the company" to everyone at that point. I sent them my bills and they kept paying them. No one ever asked about what I was doing. What the progress was, when it would be finished, etc., etc. Eventually I finished up my work and moved on but I do wonder if I had just kept sending bills without doing anything would they have kept paying me because nobody even knew what I was doing?

>>612683056it really dependsyou need to look for businesses with high complexity, overlap between positions, lack of direct accountability, etcif the person who is supposed to "manage" you doesn't understand the work you are doing or computers in general, it's easier. remote work makes this much simpler as another user said.I had a previous job where I was making lesson plans for an English teaching company. fully remote. we were required to submit lesson plans directly to supervisor to check over them. I spent the first 3 deadlines doing a great job, improving my lessons. out of curiosity, I then tested whether they were actually reviewing them by putting a password on the zipped file. nobody said anything, so I just continued to send them the same file zipped with a password over and over for a few months while collecting a paycheck

>>612683056I was reading something the other day that this guy set up a website that offers a service to companies where they pay his bills. That's the service. Then he just sends tons of emails to HR offering his service to the company and linking his paypal and they just do it.

>>612688146>enemies return to an idle state after losing line of sighthalf of these stories boil down to "if you find yourself unsure of what you're supposed to do, simply do nothing and see what happens"

>>612627432Sounds like he's competent with computers. That automatically rules out pajeets.

>>612688787pajeets scammers operate at a similar level of tech understanding actuallythey are just less effective because they sound like pajeets on the phone and have jeet grammar when they typeif they actually spoke English we'd see a lot of companies go tits up

>>612629169oh yes he will T2 are going to destroy him and his family

>>612627414Have you seen the network infrastructure of some companies? They are fucking laughable and downright criminal. They simply don't care about it until it hits them on the face. There is a reason why cyber security is expected to boom in the upcoming years. Now here's the thing with that, you are gonna have said hackers most likely be your security. So if you are okay to compromise with that then you would probably have the best security around. Literally no one does this outside of governments.

Attached: 1663605037813641.jpg (501x625, 160.42K)


>>612627414anon i know this is hard for you to understand but some people are born with a brain that's creative and can comprehend things more easily most call them a prodigy and/or a genius.in short, you have shit genes nigger.

>>612688372Sounds exactly what I did this summer. Was meant to manage a music school's social media but they were so busy with other shit and only asked me to make a shitty flyer once, and a single Facebook ad. I did basically 1 week if work in 6 weeks. It was awesome

>>612626815A new Assange in the making

>>612626815Currently under digital surveilance why?They connected all my equipments to a fucking cluster (the inportant stuff is in a standalone PC)

>>612627414Because these kike companies are full of diversity hirees who are too retarded to even count to five so of course they can’t do their job properly.

>>612690824it's old white boomers that are your weakest link regarding this shit you fucking retard

>>612691118>ITS THE BOOMERS >look I’m a retarded normalfaggotSure thing, niggerfaggot. Its definitely not the lardassed, rainbow-haired, nose-priced millennial NPCs who are controlled by kikes, you mentally retarded son of a whore. KYS, you shit eating mongoloid.

Attached: 3C852425-7DE0-476F-8383-D584B4EE760C.gif (720x480, 124.66K)

>>612627585are there intelligent 9 year olds?can they consent?

>>612682132>t. 25 year old retard.

>17 year old albanion gypsy >redeems a 20 something indian manNOT LIKE THISNOTLIKETHIS

Attached: 1661785139563.jpg (1280x692, 93.84K)

>>612627414They do. These details are gathered from corpo hackers. Also, they use ddos attacks a lot. The irony, is that somehow they are allowed to do this.


>>612626878I feel like the day I delve into cyber security is the day when I'll go full schizo mode with my coding and won't be able to accomplish anything usable because I'll tryharding at making my code secure.

Attached: 1662687335839070.jpg (1080x1244, 95.26K)

>>612626815How is this lil fellas so good at being a legit epin haxor?Seriously?

Attached: 1471760150424.png (635x457, 254.94K)

>>612630321Oh, boy, I got someone to introduce you.

the 16 year old plays zombie panic source, co-op horror, free on steam


>>612649384Considering the process to prove it involves taking your PC/phone/whatever to their little glowie hut and then, with ZERO outside oversight of the process or agency come back and say "yeah look what we found" is sus as fuck to put it lightly.

>>612627414It’s actually easier for these companies to be hacked having such a large amount of employees. The more employees you have, the more likely it is for one of them to be an idiot who falls for a phishing email. Additionally, bigger companies are a juicier bait for hackers than some small company no one cares about.R* in this case has tons of women and liberals, and also owns one of the most profitable video games franchise of all time. And they were developing one of the most anticipated sequels.It’s not so shocking when you think about it.

>>612627982Based on the fact that pen testing is a thriving industry, I don't think you need to be that lucky. It also only helps hackers that Rockstar isn't exactly known for cultivating an environment where employees feel cared for by the company.

>>612627940This guy looks like that onions star wars guy, when he's not wearing the sunglasses.

>>612692471>be 17>have autism for real>have gypsy blood>have telephone>can understand deepaks customer service>social engineer email link>link title: free bob and vagenejust another day in the rice fields

>>612629548I'm never flying again.

These companies don't get hacked.Their outside third-world contractors leave their passwords and shit around and as a press statement, Rockstar says it's a hacker to avoid any legal action against the companies they're working with, else suffer a 3 year delay on GTA6.

>>612692339Cybersecurity isn't about locking everything down, it has to be balanced with usability. Also you can build a nuke-proof house with locks on everything but it won't matter if someone inside decides to open the window.

>>612694193>These companies don't get hacked.yeah, somehow over the years phishing(in this case) turned into hacking, I guess because they are embarrassed or something.actual hacking breaches take l33t skillZ

>>612693668Sounds alright if I'm being honest.

>>612694471>actual hacking breaches take l33t skillZIt's pretty hard to legitimately hack places these days. Very small portion of the public can do it in a "movie sense".The GTAVI leak looks like a QA Tester x "Gameplay Programmer" because the Rockstar editor isn't there (Only Dear ImGui) with bugs being recorded.

>>612694562it is but if you are familiar with it(his alleged history) he is just a kid being passed around by an oldfag IRC group lol

>>612691841>nose-pricedPhone poster trying to talk shit lmao.

>>612626878most security breach is STILL social engineering. Humans will forever be the weak link and they're laughably easy to snap.

>>612694659I can't remember if lizardsquad/lulzsec did legit hacks, to lazy to look it up.

>>612627414Because the company doesn't need protection from outside hackers.Companies need protection from their own computer illiterate retarded employees.My previous companies IT team sent a "phishing email" to every employees email to gather statistics and user awareness. This was at the time of the Ubisoft megaleak. Of a 300 employee company at the time; 20 people flagged the email to IT. 10 opened the link and 5 employees actually gave their data/info away.If you want to "hack" a company, Just go fishing. It'll be easier.

>>612695848Just for a few more sprinkles. Yes, this was a video game studio I worked for at the time.



>>612627414incase you are aware, most people are incredibly incompetent.

>>612665201Is your friend working for the Californian dept of transport?

>>612632774>realistic hacking sequences have no cinematic valuewrongyoutube.com/watch?v=fQGbXmkSArs

>>612626815It's all social engineering, it's genuinely easy to get anywhere with it. I had an occassion to test it on multiple occassions, it was insanely easy to get anywhere over 10 years ago, nowadays it's probably even easier, consider how much information can you obtain from the social medias and use it.

>>612682132>You need life experience to be intelligent.My mom says this and she is retarded

>>612700120It's not ALL social engineering. A lot of it is just things like supposed experts not actually being any good at their job or people not installing security updates. I remember the big sasser debacle took advantage of a security vulnerability that Microsoft had already patched weeks prior. The self-proclaimed big brain people who use the expert technique of "common sense" and never installing updates would have been fucked in this scenario while the dumb dumbs that always keep Windows up to date would have been fine.

>>612626815If you know that much(his location, even his age) why not arrest him? This smells like bullshit article.

>>612700437>16 year oldChances are, he has a social media account and like all retarded teenagers, brags about his shit non stop.

>>612626815>so many retards ITT taking everything face valuethe guy is a 40+ year old Russian dumb retards>omg fittroon is really a woman>omg empress is really a woman

>>612626815Was hoping he'd be Russian so Take 2 couldn't do anything

>>612700764A-are you saying just because a journalist reports something that doesn't make it so?HOW DARE YOU QUESTION THE JOURNALIST CLASS! YOU'RE LITERALLY A FAR RIGHT RADICAL EXTREMIST NAZI!

>>612627156Is Phython easier to learn and do????I'm told that Phython is the absolute beginner language.C++ can go fuck itself.

>>612632774Do it like a comedy, Guy Ritchie style editing.

>>612701480>whitespace as syntaxPython is gay

>>612682132t. Head of Network Security at Uber

>>612632047Anon, there's no honor among thieves. Best case when you give a criminal what they want you show them they can take what they want from you. 9/10 when you give a hacker ransom he'll just demand more money later because he knows you're willing to pay now. Always best to just cut your losses and be more careful next time.

>Like, OMG, how can you not be proficient in cyber security??Everyone is ignorant of something. I guarantee that you are completely inept at something many people consider obvious and easy.

Attached: 1659802763753.webm (625x781, 2.97M)

>>612682132Wrong, many people go their whole lives learning nothing and being retarded. Lots of deadbeats always tried to lecture me as a teenager about all the right choices while they worked labour jobs and being poor as fuck, now they're dead/poor and I'm retired at 26. There's no reason to respect the opinions of the elders in this crumbling society.

>>612646607>helo ser I am police ser do you breth ser ? i know it becas i am police ser please giv bobs and oh sorry ser giv paswor and user name my bastard That will be 1000$ user

>>612638942Same shit, different religion.

>>612701994>retired at 26Literally zero chance that you did it without being an immoral parasite who exploited the system.

>>612629548>ESLHe's british for fucks sake.

>>612700365On the flip side, those "dumb dumbs" who just update willy nilly also get nasty surprises in the form of broken updates that break drivers, break windows or even delete files.

>>612701914Do some people just not learn how to use a can opener?

>>612702292>the form of broken updates that break drivers, break windows or even delete filesNever happens. This is just a myth spread by paranoid idiots that like to think of themselves as being smart and not like all those "sheeple" when really they're just retards.

>>612702216I actually did comp sci at college, I dropped out (much to the dismay of my family and their friends, where all the lecturing came from) and founded a start up actually and sold it for 7 digits to a silicon valley yank. Also, why do you support the system? The system should be raped and abused, it is corrupted and should be burned to the ground but it's not like I've had any need to exploit it. Enjoy your risk free life toiling away at your 9 to 5.

>>612702398Bullshit. And I know because I had to service machines that were auto-updated and then entered a bootloop of "applying updates" then some error happened and Windows would "revert changes", then repeat ad nauseam.The system repair tools did jack shit.

>>612702538FUD. Nothing but FUD.Sorry, I'm not some degenerate commie that falls for any and all lies and smears about the supposed evils and failings of corporations and capitalism.

>>612626815>>612627414According to wikipedia, "The group's assumed modus operandi was based on obtaining access to a victim organisation's corporate network by acquiring credentials from privileged employees. These credentials were acquired in a number of ways, including recruitment[23] or hacking privileged employees using methods such as SIM swapping.[3] Lapsus$ then used remote desktop or network access to obtain sensitive data, such as customer account details or source code. The group then extorted the victim organisation with threats of disclosing the data.[10] In the conspicuous cases, the data was then subsequently released, and information posted on Telegram. "I blame no one but the companies themselves. If you do stupid shit like this, you deserve everything that happens

>>612702494oh yeah I'm sure you founded a startup and sold it for 7 figures as a fucking ZOOMER, blow your brains out

>>612702635FUD my ass. I was called in a weekend to fix that damn machine (it was a restaurant, and they were having a packed day).Keep being a retard who gleefully accepts all the shit being shoved down your throat which slowly but surely keeps making software even more useless than before.

>Hi >>hello sir>I forgot my heckin slack password>>have you tried powering the device off sir>yes>>samir is typing.....>good news sir today I can be helping you with resetting you're passwerdWEW LADS

Attached: 1657834365231.jpg (1273x679, 98.09K)

>>612702672>or hacking privileged employees using methods such as SIM swappingIs this that shit where they call up the mobile provider and say "Hey, guys. I need you to transfer this number from the SIM it's currently assigned to my SIM." and they just do it with little effort into making sure identity theft isn't going on?

>>612702774this is my exact understanding and intuition on the situation

>>612628732No one tell him.

>>612665201Hey at least it's 7, some public offices in my cunt are still on vista or XP.

>>612627414listen to indian scam artists getting fucked with on youtube, those are the types of people being outsourced to run cyber security and making vidya and it fucking shows

Attached: 1663078583070058.jpg (300x300, 22.15K)

>>612702846it's the best QRD of this situation

>>612703092>those are the types of people being outsourced to run cyber securityFuck no. Nobody outsources their cyber security to indians or slavs or any nationality that is notoriously crooked as shit. Even when they're outsourcing their support to them they keep them very walled off from company data. That's why pajeet support is always useless until you get transferred to someone in western based support. They can't fucking do anything because they don't have access to anything. Western companies learnt they had to do this the hard way many years ago.

>>612626815I remember watching a video about the twitter hack and more recently the Uber hack and in both of those cases it was literally just some kid calling employees and being like "hey bro, im totally from IT we need your login credentials right now"

>>612657937>opens up tor>goes to random cp sitewow I'm a hacker god

>>612627414old boomers who run companies truly don't know shit about tech

>>612626815MI6 glowniggers will recruit 'im. That or jail, his choice

>>612659742>You won't see companies that deal with secure data, like banks and stuff, having those kinds of breachesonly because banks control where the money flows, and have their ways of keeping people quiet. >t. worked as code monkey for a bank

>>612702840exactly that. It's not even hacking, it's just being not as stupid as the people around them

>>612703758>MI6 glowniggers will recruit 'im.That doesn't happen. They recruit would be dictators in shit holes that have natural resources to be exploited. They don't recruit script kiddie hackers. Hackers are a dime a dozen. You don't need to recruit from the criminal underworld. This isn't like the movies. Real world hackers aren't super geniuses that uncover all sorts of holes nobody else saw because "I can just see the code in my mode". They're mostly just glorified con artists. There's nothing new about that.

>>612627414Majority of "hacking" these days is social engineering.

>>612626815>>a 16 year old can fuck with major companies and get away with itin theory he could. The CIA or FBI I don't remember had a leak a few years ago with they hacking package so if he got his hands on that I doubt they could do anything about it. I forgot all the names already but basically nobody has been save ever since

>>612702318theres also the flipside and theyre doing it on purpose for memes