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Let's Rock EditionPrevious thread: >>612539881>What is this?An annual collaboration project where Holla Forums sings about video games for a full month, from September 15 through October 15. This is our tenth year of production. The show has just started, so give it your all!>How do I contribute?Write something and post it in thread and in the Song Spreadsheet! Or look in the Spreadsheet for something to sing or edit. Album art is always welcome, too! And you can even make videos for the songs that are already made!General Links>Song Spreadsheetdocs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EosEpfeO6sSCAO1JG6nrp-6BCwj3asP5KdeK6QVXe_M/edit?usp=sharing>Songs that are already donedocs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16rgydhRgtfhrkW3lQwLSyjuS5INyFnd5hVvWx31JW00>Art Folderdrive.google.com/drive/folders/1ajsiehSrf-dPHQkh4kA0cAhAZjuXmG89>Instrumental databasedocs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wMoG5tvsVvHD4J5J9SbDIJzXBqKq5Uu90-TWtsjSvIc/edit?usp=sharingContains 4000+ instrumentals made from original studio recordings and 74000+ karaoke tracks.If you need a song from the database, simply tag your post with [VINST] so we can easily find it>IRCkiwiirc.com/client/irc.rizon.net/#vmusicalWhere can I listen to the songs?>Web Playervthemusical.stfweb.lv>Latest videosyoutube.com/playlist?list=PLAX8JHUJcFR2gh_WG3YJBITuO-tODVCcJ>Bandcamp with songs from previous yearsvthemusical.bandcamp.com/Upload FLAC files to krakenfiles.com preferably!

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>>612625330Anchor for newly written songs: Reply to this post after writing a new song to the thread for visibility! Don't forget to update the spreadsheet with your post!

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Don't mind me, just waiting for Greene so I can tell him to fuck off.

>>612625330Anchor for vocal submissions: Reply to this post after singing a song for thread visibility! Don't forget to update the spreadsheet with your take!

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Reply to me with a video or song if you want an instrumental, and I'll try to create it using an AI algorithm that can rip vocals from songs.

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>>612625330Anchor for art: Reply to this post after creating for the musical, whether it's album art or a bandcamp banner! Don't forget to upload it to the Google drive!

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>>612625330Trans singers are valid and welcomed!!

>>612625754No, they are fucking not.

>>612625330Anchor for group projects: Do you have a person/people committed to a group project, but still need more voices? Reply to this post for visibility to other anons!Do not use this post to shill your songs if nobody's working on it.

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>>612625579I guess I might as well do this since I didn't last thread. Vocals for Door Stuck and singer 1 of the Irish Gaymen Song have been prepared and the spreadsheet was updated last night. I'll see if I can knock out 4chan Janny tonight.

>>612625807but im recording a parody lolll

>>612625330Anchor for assistance: Trying to find the right words for your song but don't understand how to rhyme? Need help with editing your vocals and don't understand software? Reply to this post to ask for help from fellow anons

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OH MY MY, HOW'S IT GOAN GUY? IT'S THE FIFTH DAY OF THE MUSICAL WHAT ARE YOU WORKAN ON? WRITAN?SINGAN?EDITAN? ARTAN?VIDEOFAGGAN FOR SONGS OLD AND NEW? REMEMBERAN TO IGNORE AND HIDE DRAMA-POSTERS?And if you're new and confused try the NewFAQ: ghostbin.me/6322aa57247efFeel free to suggest new questions for the NewFAQ or adjustments to the ones already thereAlso just repeating since no one else addressed it, is the link to the NewFAQ on the spreadsheet broken or am I just retarded?

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The only thing I'll say about last threads discourse is that blaming anyone besides Anonika's shitty vocals for the mess that is Controller, is laughable.

Reminder we have a tutorial that used to be in the OP: youtube.com/watch?v=szoluCoZmBg

>>612626031I've said over and over that I wasn't happy with that one.

>>612625330Editfag, can you please post Musefemanon's cover of that one Muse song from 6?I need my yearly dose

>>612625471I changed some things, Dev now likes genshit beause it has HIS little boo! More suggestions?[NORMIE THE GENIE]My name spells N-O-R-M-I-EHuh? HeyLet me tell youWhat games appeal to meWhen I'm stuck on a busI'm bored and phased, man!These games say they are freeIt seem pretty convenient to meI want that crazy fun you gamers gotTo play those games that y'all do play a lot (Hey!)To pay for each and every game a great big priceBut all i have is my phone, so till I get on homeGimme your games, and you'll all seeGimme your games, your gamer, I'd beGimme your games, a-da-do-da-deeI'll pay for your next sequelIf you give me your games(Shoo-doop-shoo-be-do-wah)[STUDIO, SPOKEN]Wow. A normie. Easy to manipulate but rich![PUBLISHER, SPOKEN]Well, we'll have to milk him...[DEV, spoken]Allow me! During the last part of the decade, I VPNed to China and got this![PUBLISHER, SPOKEN]"Genshin Impact, free to play"? You picked a waifu bait?![DEV, SPOKEN]Hey! It's number one on the charts. And, it has my little boo. I'll take it from here baby![DEV, SUNG]I'm a... oh hang onMobile vidya D-E-V [sung as dev to rhyme with pleb]We did our very bestFor this wealthy pleb(Shoop-bah-doo-bap-Dooby-doo-wah!)That indie try-hard slobHe may want our job! (Well, duh.)But give usOne more rollYou really can't control![DEV AND NORMIE]Give us your games, a never ending goal(Doot-doot-bap-dooby-doo-zow!)[NORMIE]Give me your games[PUBLISHER]He'll pay for it all!(Doot-doot-bap-dooby-doo-zow!)[NORM AND COSMO]Give us your games, a-do-doo-dow(Doot-doot-bap-dooby-doo-zow!)Make sure to reffer your friendsCome on, give us the games[NORMIE]And make them free! [or "Your dear IP!"](Doot-doot-bap-dooby-doo-zow)[NORMIE AND DEV]Give us your games, daily login plea(Doot-doot-bap-dooby-doo-zow)Give us your games, a-doo-dah-dee(Doot-doot-bap-dooby-doo-zow)You're suck - ers, all the sameNow give us the games!

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>>612626094this one good tooyoutube.com/watch?v=KgD-ZXQc94I&list=PLAX8JHUJcFR3Vy1u--k1aIBpzK_JX9Boh&index=31

Thought I'd drop this here for you guys before I throw it into the sheet. Might do a second take though.krakenfiles.com/view/ZTnpvh2XeW/file.html

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>>612626018Learning how to record without mic peaking and how to use an EQ. Evidently now I'm learning how to sing too so hopefully that goes well. It's almost time for lunch so after some more practice and experimentation, I can be fully energized to give 110% to a take 2.>>612625579Reposting take 1 just in case anyone else has further feedback. Thanks.krakenfiles.com/view/t0G5A3TkMo/file.html

>>612626109You still:1. Recorded it, and sounded awful2. Asked someone to edit3. Heard the edit and gave it an ok4. Posted it on the doc/saw it sit on the doc for several days and never asked for it to get taken downYou couldve stepped back at any of these steps, realized it sounds like shit, and pull the plug.You are to blame here.

>>612626251Check this for tips: >>612626094

>>612626158forgot music video and instrumentals[Music video]youtube.com/watch?v=IynTy-Y3JYw[Instrumentals]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4mbG7Fl--EInstrumentals are kinda shit, but im sure someone put a lot of effort into getting them as clean as possible considering it only aired in the episodeNow i'm gonna try to look for itunes or at least DVD quality of the episode

>>612626364Absolutely. i was just really worried the drama was going to kill the musical so I intentionally lowered my standards rock bottom to get CONTENT OUT, which wasn't a good idea. This year seems a lot more healthy and I wont need to do that again.

>>612626467Watching it as we speak, entertaining and enlightening so far

>>612626094It got replaced by Marpix's awful "HOW TO WRITE WELL" song, which sucks He doesn't even sing shit for us anymore, he needs to fuck off.

>>612626510*don't feel the need to do that again

>>612625817I'm not sure why one should bother with group singing projects since there's a drought in singfags.

>>612626510Nigga what, we had do many fucking songs done.You couldve asked for it to be removed during the 1 week we have when we organize shit.

>>612626582But that's not in the OP either.

>>612626689we'll always have shanty crews, duets, and the hoedowns

>>612626706Because it flopped and Marpix has decided to stop trying.

>>612626364>>3. Heard the edit and gave it an okI'm pretty sure nobody gave that edit an ok. Maybe a 1st hand account can confirm or deny, but I am sure that last year Totopo went to IRC and told them some of the things he edited were unfinished and he didn't want them to get used, but they didn't want to finish those things themselves or remove them so they just put them unfinished into the album.

>>612626702to be honest i was just so checked out from the drama I just hid and waited for the livestream. Again not proud of it.

>>612626158Improved over the previous version certainly, nice.

>>612626817I thin it also had to deal with timing and the ability/not ability to edit after the deadline etc.

>>612626817Someone had to post it on the doc, that is giving it an ok.Seeing it sit on the doc and not telling the organizers to remove it, is giving an ok.

>>612626767I guess I could shitt my Putnam song later.I'll save the Alice in Holla ForumstM song for next year.i don't even know how to find the right words for that one.

>>612626767damn, that reminds me, I need to finish writing my song!

>>612627054*shillConfounded keys.

>>612627119hey capn are you gonna bless us with the spongebob song?

>>612627035Well yeah, the fact that Jebus stuff was decided to be purged was hidden from everyone outside the cabal until past the deadline, at which point they changed the rules to allow songs to be edited past the deadline. Timing issues crop up when crucial info is hidden from participants.>>612627049Is there confirmation on who put it in the finished tab? Because from what I understood it was never put there by anyone that worked on it.

>>612626702>>You couldve asked for it to be removed during the 1 week we have when we organize shit.Totopo did exactly that and got told no.

Would a parody based on Holla Forums's "prefered gaming OS" threads work?

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>>612627264from what we've learned since the entire group of people who organize the musical had nothing to do with it. it was the black cabal of oldfags that made it happen.

>>612627364Maybe totopo shouldnt have been a BITCH the entire musical and shouldnt have gotten on my nerves.

>>612627376based on the concept of*

>>612627405You're late.

>>612627505Because Greene doesn't deserve me on time.

>>612627490I'm gonna assume this is a falseflag because the idea that this is unironically an argument someone would make is too hilariously sad to consider

>>612627490>>612627638totopo being called a bitch for letting his hard work get fucked is fucking telling.

Controller existing in the musical is good.It's the culmination of a collab between the 2 most annoying non-Jebus fags that ruined a good chunk of the musical and the threads. Its a reminder for them. Its a shameful spot in their record.Im glad its there, Im glad its awful.Karma rules.

>>612627490You're a fucking bitch for controlling the musical

>>612625985>It was not done to spite anyone>>612627490>Maybe totopo shouldnt have been a BITCH the entire musical and shouldnt have gotten on my nerves.This has to be a troll because the double-think is a better parody than anything written so far this year.

>>612627493Windows, obviously.Is this for that Linux gaming thread song?

>>612625471Here’s the other song I wrote like I promised last thread:Good Morning (A GTA Song) — Based on “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” from Oklahoma!Original song:youtube.com/watch?v=ew40GYVWopYInstrumental:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HI4BU2mKxzYIt is here that most devs outsource vidya.It is here that most devs outsource vidya.The stench of our feces cloaks all of Mumbai,And NDA notices all go to die.Bloody bitch bastard, good morning.Sir, I do wish you good day.I get by hacking and stealing.I shall redeem GTA. Well, the devs pay us zilch ‘cause it’s cheaper.Well, the devs pay us zilch ‘cause it’s cheaper.They think in their values our loyalty lies, but give us some rupees and we’ll make them cry. Bloody bitch bastard, good morning.Sir, I do wish you good day.I get by hacking and stealing.I shall redeem GTA. I must steal to put food on the table.I must steal to put food on the table. A ransom for keks never once crossed my mind.So, a five figure sum here would suit me just fine.Bloody bitch bastard, good morning.Sir, I do wish you good day.I get by hacking and stealing.I shall redeem GTA. I sold the source code today.

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>>612627879I doubt someone that started editing a song and then gave up on it particularly cares when his advice to not use it gets ignored, the guy knows he never tried to pass it off as finished.

>>612627898Controller... controlling...It's all coming together.

>>612628065>>It's all coming together.just like anonika and the cabal circlejerk...

Porn on Steam was done by who again?

>>612627932No, I was actually thinking about parodying OS-tans.youtube.com/watch?v=JvzVaF4_EjE

>>612627189If someone changes the anime line I might look into it. Don't like it much. Then again, you know I'm a picky bastard

>>612628120vannonhe has never been a particularly good singer eitherI think his best song is #SHITPOST and its because he isn't even singing, its just talking over music

>>612628252yeah he's no Jebus but at least he isn't anonika

>>612627981I was thinking of parodying a Bollywood song for that, but your idea seems pretty gud too.

>>612628120Sung by vannon, mixed by editfuck

>>612628242fix'dAre you ready, thread?Aye, aye, OP!I can't hear you!Aye, aye, OP!Oooooooooohhhh...Who cleans up your shitposting on the daily?4chan Janny!Lives with his mother and does it for free!4chan Janny!If you feel like posting off topic shit4chan Janny!Then distract the janny with fresh hot pockets!4chan Janny!Ready?4chan Janny!4chan Janny!4chan Janny!4Chaaan Jaaaaannnnnnnny!Ah, ha ha, hahahahahahahahaha!(high pitched like the flute) This thread has been pruned or deleted

Reminder that to join the Illuminati, celebrities need to be publically humilliated first.Taylor Swift and Kanye's moment at the VMAs? Part of the ritual.Controller is just that for totopo and Anonika.Its their initiation.

>>612628207Naturally, this could also be used.It'd be easier to sing at least.youtube.com/watch?v=IO-IOUEVirI


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>>612628391Porn Games On Steam existing in the musical is good.It's the culmination of a collab between the 2 most annoying non-Greene fags that ruined a good chunk of the musical and the threads. Its a reminder for them. Its a shameful spot in their record.Im glad its there, Im glad its awful.Karma rules.

>>612628468Jebus confirmed for not ruining the musical.

>>612628391I had nothing to do with that. You can tell because there's no reverb.

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>>612628468Reminder the worst songs from each year are:-6: Porn on Steam-7: Other Boards-8: Army of Holla Forums's 4chan-9: Controller(And surprise surprise, none were done by El Pato)Which song will join this year?

>>612628741>Which song will join this year?Dicksword

>>612628639editfag pleaaaase post Musefemanon's edit you made of that one song she did.I need to hear it again.

>>612628639Sorry, I just heavily associate you with garbage.

>>612628783So El Pato's back to his worst song streak?Golly gee.

>>612628819This?gofile.io/d/9ieQhb>>612628868It's fascinating living rent free in someone's mind.

>>612628868but #SHITPOST is good...

>>612628639Fitting since jebus lives all expenses paid in yours.

Someone is doing surround sound remix fixes of old songs right? Is it possible to salvage Porn Games On Steam and Controller to right the affronts to god we have unleashed?



>>612629147No can do, you need stems to make good surround mixes plus I don't want to deal with all the timing issues in Controller, way too much effort.


>>612629253use RX10

>>612629253>that spoilerdamn, I feel bad for ika of the user tribe now

>>612629253it sounds like we know why the edit of Controller was given up on last year

Holy shit are you dramafags catty.If I wanted passive aggressive posts directed at people I'd go to Reddit.

>>612629325I've tried, the RX stems aren't good enough to make a good surround mix.

>>612629513well, shitoh well, it's better to make good in the future instead

>>612628449Perfect. I have a recording window when I don't have to work on the boat on Thursday. I'll add it to the list.


>>612629494thanks for reminding me, someone write a parody of Mean Girls songs for me but not sexy, can't parody perfection

how is it year 10 and we still have 0 demondice parodies


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>>612629928Why is Robot Jones singing to me?

>>612629912How is it year 10

>>612630189damn its really him

>>612629928very nice

>>612629928good job, this is the stuff we need

>>612630832It's really not

>>612631196it really is

>>612631393Shut up, you're just saying that because no one else is singing anything.

>>612625330Generals, which this is, go on /vg/ user

>>612631776no, i think not

Gimme some good songs from last year to listen to.


>>612632196all mine

>>612629928Wanna add this to Finished?

>>612632538slow down there anonika

>>612632301that's one of the best intro songs.


>>612626802Ten Tips came out before the tutorial video. It was DLC for Musical 6


Anonika should be banned for being a flip flopping faggot

>>612633915I know you're being a shit but if we ban more than the one person it weakens the effect of just how bad Jebus's crimes were to get him banned.



>>612634275Jebus wasn't even the first person the musical banned



>>612634505In my opinion there should be no bans, it's absurd to ban people from an anonymous musical.


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>>612634728That's almost everyone's opinion, but we're held hostage by the guys that run the bandcamp and youtube

>>612634849and yet they say it was our decision.Proposal: Have a review of bans every couple years to see if thread consensus has changed years later.

>>612634923This makes sense but the black cabal (not greene & friends, editfag and his oldfags) will never let it happen.

>>612634820he can talkhe can talkhe can talk>I CAN SIIIIING

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>>612635039This is another reason to not ban any more talent because personally if the banlist starts to grow I think we should consider why we let editfag's triumvirate control us.


>>612635360Now that is a banger

>>612635406if only the black cabal hadn't stopped it.

Thanks for bumbing the thread Jeb, but considering you're over 30, don't you have something better to do with your life rather than samefagging here?

>>612632301God that intro was so good.>>612635454Just like they stop everything good.

Editfag should be stripped of his position of power in the Black Cabal.

>>612635747Well, he's right here.>>612635509

>>612635796if you're really editfag, do you not think that the bans currently on record should be allowed to be appealed?

>>612635747I've never had a position of power.

>tfw you just realized the reason editfag has so much free time to edit shitposts on a professional level is because he probably lives off passive income from successful songs he has produced from actual bands

>>612635949you have allowed the oldfags you tried to protect by not naming them to puppet you.

This drama gets dumber and dumber every time it comes up. Black Cabals? The Shadow Cabal not spooky enough for you conspiratards?

>>612636482The Black Shadow Cabal

>>612629928Is this yellanon? Kinda sounds like:youtube.com/watch?v=EoZ4LWQEuOQbut autotuned

>>612636775Red Eyes Darkness Shadow Cabal

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>I have reached 9 songs>0 sung or claimedpain

>>612634429You guys liked this? I thought my vocals needed work.

>>612636861Nah, not meThe only song I've really considered so far this year has been "Sneak Around Everything"

>>612637458It's got SOUL.

>>612637464Not even "We Don't Talk About Jebus"?

Anyway since I can't sing right now I guess I'll just get into the art grind

>>612637169>9 songs submitted>1 Sung>1 claimed>One soft-claimed by someone saying they'd work on it two days ago in a thread but never claiming it on the sheet which totally countsKNEEL

>>612637914I kneel......

>>612637042chuckled, simple but effective

>>612637824>implying Greene would sing about himself or Jebus

>>612639481Greene claims he does not dislike Jebus and has nothing to do with his ban

>>612635454they let it in sung by a non-jebus singer, shitstirrervthemusical.bandcamp.com/track/big-shot

At what point do we say “no more songs”?

>>612637881slowly but surely

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>>612639612oh sorry I only save the best versions of songs each year


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>>612639921we lost some of the artfags along with most non-banned singers

Did anyone pick up writing about Velma

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>>612639634never, because we'll be lucky if we get a third of the amount of songs sung that have been written. It's about ten times the effort to sing than to write, just because there's learning the song, practicing, getting a first take, working with an editor, and getting it finalized.

>>612639550That is such a lie, it's hilarious lol Greene is the one who handed jebus his ban.

>>612640820>It's about ten times the effort to sing than to write

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>>612640946look at how many songs have been written and how many taken/finished. It speaks for itself.

>>612641000yeah it shows how picky singers are. Anonika showed last year that it is perfectly possible to have a song sung and ready to be edited like 5 minutes after the lyrics are first posted.

>>612640820As someone that writes and sings, the writing half takes significantly more mental effort and time.

Changed a few things in Ain't Got Sequel, hopefully I managed to maintain the original rhythm.youtube.com/watch?v=6Oj79WGfQecYou keep saying me your "never ever"But listen what you're doing right thereWith those pics of your pawnWay back from the years bygoneLooks to me like you've got some hope to spareI have no idea what you're talking aboutDragon's Dogma is my favorite gameWhat happened to it was a tragedyBut now I'm setting all bridges aflameTake a good look at my Steam librAryI got other stuff that I can playAll those Dark Souls clonesWhere you keep stabbing giant toesAnd each one has a youtube essayBesides, it ain't got sequelNo, there ain't no sequelSaid it ain't got sequelThere ain't no sequel!You're kidding me right, y-you're kidding meLook at what Itsuno-san is doing right thereThat's one big setup, and he won't mess upAnon, you've got game of the yearI think perhaps that you're not listeningI find it tedious to repeatIt's no big dealDon't have nerves of steelI'm just tired of self-deceitYou won't get a reveal on T-shirtsThat's another year of letdownPutting trust in his nameI guess it's a shameGood luck living in your own cope townBesides, it ain't got sequelNo, there ain't no sequelSaid it ain't got sequelThere ain't no sequel!It ain't got sequel (Sounds like a sequel to me!)No, it ain't got sequel (Seems like the devs agree!)Said it ain't got sequel (It's happening right now)It ain't got sequel (So suck it never evers!)It ain't got sequel (But now you got it!)No, it ain't got sequel (Look at Holla Forums, they're losing their shit!)Said it ain't got sequel (It's time for you to make)A new pawn generation (New pawn generation!)Gonna make a (Brown tomboy waifu!)We got a fucking sequel!*sigh*Are you going to flood the whole catalog?[All of Holla Forums](Pushing me!)(Into free!)(Running free!)(One, two, three!)The wind is pushing me!

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>>612641371If you're doing more PaF consider SIMP song, that is a real banger


>>612639612God that version sucks so bad compared to jebus.

>>612625330>>612625471>Hero- Holla Forumsutts of hopevoca.ro/1gTfiT33SNfd>Toothpaste SOULIn the worksDidn’t have the time to convert the files sorry bros.

Modeled OutOriginal - youtube.com/watch?v=rinZIBaDX6AInstrumental - youtube.com/watch?v=HQm1nJTOT9U Modeled out, every nook and crannyAll those polygons spent just to make her fannyWhen devs are spending time to make her pussy uncannyThen that's how you know they made it goodModeled out, do some camera clippinGonna take a screenshot or they'll think I'm trippinGot memories forever of those blue nips slippinNow that's how you know they made it goodModeled out (from lips to the cervix)Caudal up (rating boards gettin nervous)Jostle around (just pray that there's fan service)come on tell us that you made it goodModeled out, every nook and crannyAll those polygons spent just to make her fannyWhen devs are spending time to make her pussy uncannyThen that's how you know they made it goodModeled out, do some camera clippinGonna take a screenshot or they'll think I'm trippinGot memories forever of those blue nips slippinNow that's how you know they made it goodModeled outCaudal upJostle aroundGoodsModeled out, every nook and crannyAll those polygons spent just to make her fannyWhen devs are spending time to make her pussy uncannyThen that's how you know they made it goodModeled out, do some camera clippinGonna take a screenshot or they'll think I'm trippinGot memories forever of those blue nips slippinNow that's how you know they made it goodI like boobs (you can leave that line in there)

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>>612641135Which drop was that? The Now That We're Unbanned one? I liked working with that the most because the timing was easy.

>>612642059why are you whispering

>>612642815That was one of the fast ones yeah

>>612642881mom is in the other room

>>612642957we cant use it if you aren't gonna be actually singing.... just wait until she is gone to do it.

>>612643040that is cold, she won't die any time soon

>>612639686giving these things five fingers is challenging

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Found a new song to learn and sing. excited to put it out.

>>612643040>>612642957Dude I was singing not whispering(turn the volume up)hard to record with my phone sorry.


>>612643616That is NOT singing, you are fucking whispering

>>612643415From the spreadsheet? Which one?

>>612643940I’m not whispering I swear thats my singing voice. Probably turned out that way because of the way I held the phone.

>>612644176maybe its too far away, cause when you try to sing "loud" at loud parts, its sounds like those fake whisper screams people do

>>612644239Sorry. I was smiling the whole time so that could be another factor. Singing for Holla Forums is quite fun weirdly enough.I have another song in the works.

K was only kidding when she said she wasn't gonna sing the clussy song right? She was born for the role.

>>612644558She probably can't sing it because she has to set a good example for the baby

>>612644689Just think.... in 5 years maybe K's baby will be singing our Klee songs...

>>612644080"Welcome to Hearthstone"Here's my first try at the chorusgofile.io/d/CLfbaW

>>612645224wait a second holy shit that instrumental is hella clipping. How do I fix that in audacity?

Alright I took everyone's tips and even did some experimenting in Reaper myself and hopefully fixed peaking issues and such. I even tried adding multiple backing vocals but they all just still sound like me but it does sound kind of cooler.So here's take 2 of "With Baitlike Thread" - to the tune of "With Catlike Tread" by Gilbert and Sullivan:krakenfiles.com/view/wGxm2IXwKS/file.htmlHow's this now? I may need to gather feedback and make the fixes tomorrow, I'm truly getting gassed from singing and dancing this all out all day but goddamn has it been fun.

Attached: klinecatlike.jpg (480x360, 12.37K)

>>612645302and my voice is clipping hard too. never seen that before halp.

>>612641442Actually, that's a pretty good ideayoutube.com/watch?v=5WzswZXTMZQ>No somebody, anybody, everybody scream!>REEEEEEE! There's cash shop in my games!>This industry has some dubious business ethics!>There's cash shop in my games!>Tell me what's making you seethe like that>C-S-M-G >Cash shop in my games!

>>612645449Try panning the backing vocals when you have two or more. It sounds way better. Also you need some compression and set up a reverb bus.

>>612645760Holy shit, I am completely new to all of that but I do remember seeing compression and reverb in that tutorial vid. I'll try that. Little by little I learn more. Would be nice if after it's acceptable, some real editor helps fix it though but I'll try to do what I can now.

>>612644754>>612644689I think you might have scared her off



>and again


Attached: 1476988661423.jpg (3840x2160, 605.92K)


>>612648252The easiest one by far should be Dumbass Mitai. Just take the karaoke scene and slap the text and some gay Kuze shit on topI'd do it, but it's been a long time since I've done video editing. If no one does that, I'll try it

Are there any cyberpunk songs yet?

Attached: 1663611188706967.jpg (1366x768, 170.52K)

Did anyone ever sing Marked By the Outsider? I recall it wasn't sung the year it was written, and last year someone wanted to sing it. Love that game, love that song.

Attached: Agdgdgwngo.png (398x383, 230.38K)

>>612649924You can always go and check in the archives, if it wasn't, just find the lyrics and repost it.



Come on burgers, are you there?

>>612651692I'm working on writing a songOr, more correctly, I'm procrastinating on youtube because we're not even on week 2 yet and I've already submitted 9 songs.

>>612632196Today I will remind themyoutube.com/watch?v=72TVmTlojUM

Attached: 1429725721133.png (500x500, 128.45K)

>>612652272faggot (faggot) !!

>>612652272>tfw this never got a video

>>612653498some videos for songs happen for 2 year old musical songs, it's never too late to learn and makeI'd suggest grabbing a torrent for some video editing software, those skills could always be used for other things

>>612652272Kiwi raised the bar way too high for himself from Year 9.I think he should've saved this and the medley songs for the 10th musical, would've been a perfect way to end on a high note for him.I hope he has something good planned otherwise.

Did a vocaloid version of "If Anons Wanna See Girls" krakenfiles.com/view/EutT7rFmb0/file.htmlif any femanons want to do a real version of it too feel free

>>612654809Musical XV is just gonna be one guy doing vocaloid covers, isn't it.

>>612654214>cirno song cover>not for the (9)th musical>>612648252I'm working on youtube.com/watch?v=cMI4eQf_x0wUnfortunately I've got a busy week, but I'm trying to finish it so that I can upload on Friday or during the weekend at least. I'll see if I can make other videos then, possibly the two mentioned below.Honestly going through the threads there are several songs that can get simple videos:>This is the Farming Golden Age (>>612188431)Literally just clips from the Nintendo Direct, maybe a few extra photos or such for jokes and gags>I LOVE Reisen (>>612360646)Ken Burns montage of quality Reisen images, with screencaps of the posts flying across the screen every once and awhile. Maybe gameplay or IOSYS Overdrive footage during the instrumental solo (and the kino Invisible Full Moon humming).Most music videos are just character heads pasted on top of existing footage, with the Holla Forums song lyrics set as subtitles. It's not that difficult to do, and you can't go wrong when there's hundreds of tutorials online. Literally handholding.

Attached: 1432484067025.jpg (500x500, 108.18K)

>>612654968Doubt I'll still be here for that, but maybe!

>>612652272I swear, every song he does is the same performance.

>>612652272I said good songs.

>>612626510>his year seems a lot more healthywe got like 9 songs, a third of which are sung by literal robots

>>612655675It's also more healthy because our based cabal got rid of all the drama makers so now we have all the time in the world to write songs no one will sing because we got rid of them all.

>>612632196youtube.com/watch?v=HNNurAbTEjY&list=PLAX8JHUJcFR0MDt2sHhL4pacxrAwlxYtP&index=60a special place in my heart

>>612641442It's going surprisingly smoothly, probably going to finish it in a couple of days.WIP version with a few lines missing:youtube.com/watch?v=nsTlKOl9WBINow somebody, anybody, everybody buy!(REEEEEEE! There's cash shop in your games!)This industry has some dubious business ethics!(There's cash shop in your games!)Tell me what's making you seethe like thatC-S-O-G, cash shop in our games!Step right over and watch me add it now(Cash shop! Cash shop!)Step right over and watch me put it inC to the S to the O to the G!Mobile games have it in advanceSo get used to cash shop in your gamesStep right over and watch me add it now(Cash shop! Cash shop!)Step right over and watch me put it inC to the S to the O to the G!If you wanna know my source of financeC-S-O-G, cash shop in our games!There is something for your purchase to fuck up balanceC-S-O-G, cash shop in our games!Pretty skins and unplayable lategameAre very different, yet pretty much the sameSend your payment data right now to meC to the S to the O to the G!Step right over and watch me add it now(Cash shop! Cash shop!)Step right over and watch me put it nowNow, now, you will buy'Cause you know you're on the hook!C to the S to the O to the G! C to the S to the O to the G! If your pockets are empty get a cash advance! (Cash shop! Cash shop!)Our corporate expansion at your own expenseIf you want to put resistance then you have no chanceAll our consumers have no common senseOnly money... is the real stanceYou've got cash shop in your games!



>>612645302>>612645453any idea what the fuck i did wrong here?

>>612625920pastebin.com/duEFTs9khttps://pastebin.com/M2Szbjtbstistill asking for opinions on which to use>>612625817>>612626018patiently waiting for laetitia poster and a shrill mili femanon to diet in gacha we live lamentwould apreciate some anons yelling alice! where the fuck is alice! into vocaroo or kraken

Attached: library_of_ruina_roland90.jpg (218x376, 12.5K)


>>612660143pastebin.com/M2Szbjtbsorry misinput

>>612658412Use Reaper, Audacity is glitch af

>>612659819>>612660247what's the song?


>>612645224Did you try to practice your singing in the 1 whole year we had between Controller and now?

>>612659819>>612660628k first one 100%

>>612658412Did you heavily increase the volume on the track?


>>612629674Why not do it yourself?Or at least, spitball some ideas out there.

>>612660673I don't sing outside the Musical. I do parodies, not like, covers.

>>612664040>I do parodies, not like, covers.>I write sins, not tragediesPotential next song idea, perhaps?

>>612662430Then I have no idea.

>>612625703Are there any popular album covers with this exact pose that I can shoop this version of Holla Forums-tan in?

Attached: Musical Album Art Draft X.png (2000x2000, 1.24M)

>>612625703Can someone please finally add a basket to the Mongolian Basket Weaving album?It just feels really empty without it.

Attached: Mongolian Basket Weaving.png (1000x1000, 1.09M)

>>612664251"I write parodies, not covers"It writes itself desu

>>612665779I'm out of steam to write, but I could save that for a future idea if I ever get inspired.

>>612665779wouldn't that just be meta dlc?

>>612625817Not sure if there's enough singfags for it this year, but I’m looking for help for the Putnam County Spelling Bee song for this year.I just need some anons to help with finding the right words.Some parts are done, but I definitely need all the help I can get for a lot of the lyrics.docs.google.com/document/d/1pNFatQLoavrCO6NyYhIQjlyU7F2KaWhctOM27JKGvlg/edit

Attached: putnam county spelling bee.jpg (1500x1500, 551.68K)

>>612666547It can be whatever it wants to be.

>Looking through some of my older stuff in my musical folder>14 songs that I had to scrap entirely due to them being taken or being about an outdated topic>20 unfinished "Ideas" dating as far back as VI, more than half of which I haven't touched or even tried to work on in like 3 years>3 whole folders for songs with some kind of shared theme that also haven't been touched So much untapped potential, lost to time

>>612666882Perhaps it's time to find inspiration in that place again.You'll never know.


Attached: file.gif (500x223, 298.51K)

>>612666217I'll write it if I can come back

>>612668146You're not banned though.

fucking hell, roco basically drove ss to borderline suicide yet she's not banned but jeebs who just acted obnoxious for one of the musicals is banned for life? this is retarded, unban everyone so we can get content out

>>612668472At this point, I'm begging for Jebus to drop new material.

I smell goblino.

>>612668472Does unbanning them even guarantee that they'll actually return?

I smell loco

>>612668585As well as goblino cock gobblers.

Editfag pls kys I beg you so much


>>612632196I'M GONNA SAY THE K WORDyoutube.com/watch?v=F8lY2T-MwCo

>>612670102Oh, I remember that one.That opener was good stuff.

>>612664251album cover art idea desu

What roco did was outside the musical, and SuperSounds dont wanna return anyways.What Jebus did was DURING the musical every single time, so he is banned./discussion

>>612671408It was towards another musical member, which makes it just as much inside the musical as it does out. Don't try to justify yourself, loco.

>>612671150>>612625703Artfags, you know what you must do.

Attached: i write parodies not covers.jpg (1000x1000, 126.54K)


>>612626018Fixed it for ya, Yellan.Hope it wasn't too much trouble.

>>612629928It's good but definitely needs to be mixed/edited better and have backing vocals

Attached: 1656658257617.png (371x372, 6K)

>>612637042What if you swap the silhouette for Igor from Persona? They have a similar nose... and then it's a video game character.

>>612671408roco still won't sleep with you likewater and/or greene, only with superchad

>>612673261Oh hey! I wrote that song last year.GasJewsAnon really worked his magic with the vocals on this one.Man I hope we get to hear him again.

>>612674589he's back this year but he's going by his tranny name

>>612674589Someone suggested that I change the name to CoolGuyAnon. There was some song I contributed to and he wanted to show it to his grandma but didn't want to because she was probably going to ask who sang it.

>>612675494that's an excuse. he could have just said user but the hebrew wanted you to change your name

>>612673459Thank, my dude

Attached: 1391125021362.gif (400x225, 1.19M)


>>612675494>>612675721You should have changed it to GasKikesAnon

>>612676082>Holla Forums! AT THE MUSICALThis works, if it's just a song album art>I WRITE SNEEDS NOT PARODIESNO.We're sticking to "I Write Parodies, Not Covers". It sounds much better.

>>612676132fucking lmao

>>612676132Dammit user, NO.This is Holla Forums the Musical, not Holla Forums the Musical.That being said, I'm surprised they haven't tried it back when they had a ton of talent: Walt Bismarck, RWDS... Heck, they could even have Moonmna on board and basically be the Anonfag or El Pato of the Musical.Shit would've been kino... but oh well.

Do we have anyone with the chops to do a Glimpse of Us parody?Sit the fuck down, kiwi.

>>612677143Hii! Im the one who asked you to change name.Ty for doing so!Now like an abusive bf that covered up his racist tattoo, i can show you off!

>>612677143Yeah, but monkey's paw wishes are inherently funny to me.

>>612676315FUCK YOU FAGGOT

Attached: I WRITE SNEEDS NOT TRAGEDIES.png (988x992, 710.31K)

>>612625920Say Britbongfag, if you're in here, I'd like to offer alternate lyrics to the F*CK THE CLOWNY GIRL song, if that's alright with you?It's the part about the fart fetish part I feel like I wanna change to something a bit more comedic.

>>612678210Alright, fine, that's pretty good.But unless you got a song to go with that I don't think it'd see the light of day.

>>612678437forgot parodies tee hee

Attached: I WRITE SNEEDS NOT PARODIES.png (988x992, 708.5K)

>>612678614>>612665684Please shoop a basket in the image sempai

youtube.com/watch?v=iZ9iflvCwokAnd now I knoooooooowwwThe only comments that I'll post.Are the ones.That give me a (you)And I knoooooowwwThe only replies that I'll getAre from the onesThat ask me for (you)sAnd the endless threads will keep me up at nightTo bait me into thinking that they're rightThat every game made is only shitMy hobby is is dead so now I'll just quit.Now I knoooooooooowwwThe only comments that I'll post.Oh are the ones.That give me a (you)user makes the thread again.Spamming memes just to fit in.His words are of humor but also pain.Another soul lost like tears in the rainNow I knoooooooowwwThe only comments that I'll post.Are the ones.That give me a (you)And I knoooooowwwThe only replies that he'll getAre from the onesThat beg us for (you)s

Attached: red dead.jpg (1920x1080, 251.23K)

>>612677143>RWDSi miss that lil nigga like you wouldn't believe

>>612678437>>612678614Isn't there a song about sneed in the spreadsheet?

>>612625330>those vocaloid songsHow has no one thought of this before? All the attention whores could be purged at any time now.


Attached: I WRITE SNEEDS NOT PARODIES.png (988x992, 712K)

>>612679386There is "It has to Sneed this way", but it's not a P!ATD song.I beg you NOT to force this to be the album art for that song anyway.

>>612625703Have we done a parody of this one before?

Attached: mu seems to really love this.jpg (1800x1800, 487.31K)


>>612679609change it to I write parodies not covers and we have our DLC album cover

what happened to all the singers, what are they doing. its not hard, just read the lyrics with instrumentals

>>612682106THISBut the user seems really insistent on Sneed for some reason.Unless a shoopfag would be up to the task in this thread?

>>612682228we are busy having liveswe have real jobs, real relationships, shit to doits been 10 years

>>612682474It took me less than 5 minutes in shitty Paint.net mate, you can do it if you want, I just went for sneeds - parodies because it is similar to sins - tragedies.

>>612682228Greene banned them.

>>612682745Very well.By the way, what were the fonts you used in the image? Need them to make my own edits.

>>612682743>real relationshipshow do i get a gf

>>612682974I just hand copied the letters already in the cover. The only new letter is the P and spoilers, that's just an R without a leg.

>>612682974myfonts.com/pages/whatthefontis a neat site

>>612683657and you can just google for free versions or similar free versions of stufffontsgeek.com/fonts/Caslon-Open-Face-Regular

>>612683657I tried that.But couldn't find the Holla Forums! AT THE DISCO font.

>>612683657>>612683515Should I really try to go for that particular font?Or just replace it with something similar/different but place "Holla Forums the Musical" underneath it or something?

>>612683091Not from Holla Forums the musical, that's for sure.

greene is on irc, everyone mog him that lying prick

>>612686662No one wants to talk to that sack of shit.

The I Write Sins Not Tragedies parody should be about building government buildings in Minecraft for sincere and honest purposes.>I thought that it might be fun to build the White House, but only in Minecraft>So, I'd know where to place the explosives>This is a jokeIt's about video games.

Attached: It was me, Nui.gif (640x360, 1.57M)

>>612687607Well, who's gonna write it?

>>612687607What would the title even be called?

>>612688210I write songs, not parodies

>>612688262I meant for the Minecraft one, assuming someone's actually gonna do it.

>>612625471Guess I could shill my song now. Hope you guys like this one.Stop (Justice) - Musical Nights (End)Original: youtu.be/1G9f5NLV3wE Instrumental: (RX - in spreadsheet)[Verse 1]So many times we sing and writeA special time where Holla Forumsirgins come togetherTogetherSo many times we’d bitch and fightWondering if we'd pull it all togetherTogether[Pre-Chorus]Do you recall the nights and days we spent together?(Together)Even when you feel forsaken, just remember:This ride will never end[Chorus]Musical nightsLyrical faggotry***With your vidya friendsSingin' tonightSingin' the parodiesMusical nightsLyrical faggotryThis ride will never endSingin' tonightSingin' the parodies[Verse 2]So many times we bitch and fightAfter a while it slowly comes togetherTogetherSo many ways to sing and writeCall on the Vidya Muses more than everTogether[Pre-Chorus]Do you recall the nights and days we spent together?(Together)Even when you feel forsaken, just remember:This ride will never end[Chorus]Musical nightsLyrical faggotryThis ride will never endSingin' tonightSingin' the parodiesMusical nightsLyrical faggotryWith your vidya friendsSingin' tonightSingin' the parodies[Bridge]This ride will never endWith your vidya friendsThis ride will never end[Outro]Musical nightsLyrical faggotryWith your vidya friendsSingin' tonightSingin' the parodiesMusical nightsLyrical faggotryThis ride will never endSingin' tonightSingin' the parodiesMusical nightsLyrical faggotryWith your vidya friendsSingin' tonightSingin' the parodiesMusical nightsLyrical faggotryThis ride will never endSingin' tonightSingin' the parodies***to be sung with a tongue-in-cheek tone, otherwise sing: "Lyrical melodies"

Attached: visuals 2.png (518x518, 443.12K)

>>612688762We need singers, not writefags

>>612654809>A song about femanons being rare on Holla Forums from the femanon POV>But there's no femanons so a robot sings itThe robot doesn't sound bad I just find it ironic. I listened to this without knowing what the lyrics were supposed to be and I think a combo of the music being a bit loud and the vocaloid pronouncing things iffy is apparent in a few spots, especially "don't derail".

>>612664251Just for the love of God don't let anonika sing it. I feel bad for Flo Rida and user.

>>612645224Try listening to the original song, it should help a lot

>>612668353That's great, there's plenty of songs I can sing now

>>612690743Jebus is banned and will get deleted from the spreadsheet ON SIGHT

>>612676315That's not even the same syllable count

K, I fear there are no Doja Cat songs for us this year

>>612690921Must the titles actually fit the syllable count too?I'll try and think of something harder, in that case.

>>612678223Go for it, this is a group project and I'd be happy for it to be sung at all

>>612690996Righto. I'll just find the time to replace the lyrics then.

>>612690984They don't have to but if you want people to recognize the title it helps

>>612690976I'm writing a parody she's a better fit for this year anyway. Have you guys heard of Baby Shark?Baby K dodododododoBaby K dodododododoBaby K dodododododoBaby K!

>>612690819Okay staffag

>>612690819But why tho no one is singing

>>612691268This needs to at least make the DLC, get the vocaloids on it

>>612691268We already did that one.>>612691187How about... "I Write Spoofs Not Balledes"?



Attached: bzJqffU3AV33-h9zvgc9rRL_v5iCK3XKGHUMtg6iDIM[1].png (1080x1920, 2.67M)

>>612691416>>612691187I'll just post a title name I think seems best and be done with it.It's probably a little contrived but it's a shot.

>>612680834Surprisingly no, as far as published bandcamp albums go. I might have an idea for it.

>>612692092vetty gud.


Would it be cool or just cringe for a vocaloid to join in on the big Encanto song? It looks like there's still just 1 person on it, a vocaloid could at least do the short section sung by the flower girl and make it 1 less role for the few singers to end up covering.

>>612692581Are we all in agreement on the Jebus one?

>>612692581Sounds fine to me, the ensemble songs represent the musical and this year the vocaloids will be a big part of it unless new singers storm in and treat the vocaloid bits like demos.

>>612654809Glad to see this get touched at all, I had figured the "femanon" screaming to do more pop was a troll but vocaloid-user picked up the slack. A shame too, they listed some good songs and I was thinking of doing more of them if other anons weren't but I don't like the idea of writing for vocaloids as opposed to writing for singers and being happy if vocaloids fill gaps that don't get done by people.

>>612692573Get behind the backlog.

>>612625579For all you anons wallowing in despair about no singers showing up, give me some complete takes for the user Farmers' Association Choirkrakenfiles.com/view/OOW6Jt9bRP/file.htmlso I can de layer the shit out of myselfYou barely have to even sing and your shitty mic quality might be mostly hidden if you can properly use noise reduction on your own submission

Why are there so few songs from actual musicals? Did they all get taken in the first few year?

>>612693121Oh yeah, I think I was the first guy who submitted the vocals for that.Any chance you could increase my volume in that mix? I'm barely audible at the beginning parts.

>>612693412Not sure what list you're seeing but there are tons of songs from musicals this year. There are songs from movie musicals like encanto, songs from stage musicals like Putnam County Spelling Bee, and songs from both like Hairspray. If people actually sing the ones on the spreadsheet maybe folks will write more.

>>612693412I'm WORKAN on one.>>612666716It's hard to come up with ideas, okay?

>>612693591I just think it's a lot easier to understand the lyrics with how musicals are structured. I also will never understand all the songs written for females or high singing men when we undoubtedly have very very few of either. It should be about the lyrics and understanding them, not singing talent


>>612693412Name some musical songs you enjoy that we haven't done and I'll consider them.

>>612693725I usually write musical songs but did some pop female songs this year because someone in the thread was begging for them to get made constantly. I prefer musicals and still have a lot in mind for them, but if nobody is asking for something or singing it after it gets done it shouldn't be surprising when no more is made.

>>612693725Do we have men with real testicles this year?

>>612693736Thanks, CJ.

>>612694219>>612693725The duality of Holla Forums the Musical.

I was trying to write a song in the vein of youtube.com/watch?v=ZcdHTFGFT_Yand my GOD it's hard make it fun instead of full Holla Forums. I have mad respect for whoever wrote that, even more than I did before.

>>612694682You're fucking welcomeI miss oldfaggot


>>612625330Dammit, UKAnon, the Vocaloids have names, you know.At least specify the model so anons who like how a particular one sounds can find them and use them in future musicals if they want to.

Fuck it, I'm gonna record a few songs and hope an editor can find a way to make me sound better

>>612696240Ah, the anonika strategy

>>612692581>>612692667I'm gonna go stylise this >>612665591 as a Vocaloid album art cover.Post Vocaloid album art covers that you think would be great to parody with this.


>>612694747>oldfaggotWell, if he returns, he'll surely be fitting of his name now.

>>612690625To be fair he said it was his first take. I would hope he's just really unfamiliar with the song in general but that can change if he puts the effort into it, he did say he was planning on polishing a few songs really well this year unlike the spreadsheet spam he got flak for last year.


>>612698768I'm just saying.... maybe he'd do great work in different songs. He's probably perfect for Lawlessness and Disorder, he might be able to pull off a role in "Tim Sweeney VS Gabe Newell" or as backup in "4chan Janny". You know, songs without singing.

where my steins gate raps at

Attached: file.png (800x450, 432.09K)

Odds I try to find an actually working torrent for Scribblenauts for a song I've been thinking of writingEvens I just watch a full playthrough

>>612625330Massive shout out to the tenacious D mario lyrics, those are on point. I would love to try and record something for it - but my singing always sucks.

>>612700508Scribblenauts is a really cool IP, as a kid I fucking loved the original DS game and when the sequel added adjectives on top of that it blew my mind. Here's hoping your idea pans out.

Is Aria user actually back? I see her on the spreadsheet.

>>612692871Yeah i want to heavily encourage anyone who wanted to sing the song to still do, the vocaloid stuff is mainly for my own amusement and happy to just do another mix and death battle it.

>>612695778Lmao true I suppose, I'll edit the sheet it's avanna on the dua lipa song and Luka on the cyberpunk one

>>612700817Much better.

>>612700715If you didn't check the spreadsheet, there's a request for the raw vocaloid vocals on that song so an editor can fancy it up. If you're happy with it and don't want to tweak some of the odder pronunciations, there's not much else for them to edit right now.

>>612625471Meet Kojima, as made famous by youtube.com/watch?v=NA0FJ3akfUsMeet KojimaVidya's famous writerPlay his games and shake your headCreatividad Before canceled Hill gamesBefore walking simsHe wrote nonsense stories and we ate it upThe board was transformedAnons gathered roundRefreshing his twitter so they could be the first To meet KojimaVidya's famous writerPlay his games and shake your headCreatividad He lost his talentHe didn't need talentMade us be mailmen and drink Monster energyThe board has forgottenThe board moved alongThe anons on his twitter went back to posting porn Meet KojimaMeet KojimaVidya's famous writerPlay his games and shake your headCreatividad

Attached: Hideo_Kojima_-_Tokyo_Game_Show_2011_(1)_(cropped).jpg (641x823, 48.95K)

>>612690503reuploaded on the sheet to try to improve the vocal clarity, not much I can do about the pronunciation though, cheers for the feedback!

>>612701212Yeah saw that, they have a ton of reverb in the mix already so was surprised at that request.

>>612701456that's editfag for you, if your skull doesn't shake it's not enough reverb for him

>>612701285Np, and good job, the new one is better for sure.

>>612701907The benefits of sleeping!

>>612625703Simple and elegant

Attached: New Project - 2022-09-20T042010.605.png (1240x1240, 117.85K)

Anyway i'm probably done with vocaloids for the time being unless we need some later on, don't wanna spam the musical with them and was more for personal fun than pumping out singers

>>612702212It's always fine to return to them on like the final day or two if there are good songs nobody plans on singing that a vocaloid wouldn't butcher.

>>612702543Yeah agreed


>>612701273Is it pronounced creativi-da'd or creativi-dead? My spanish is lacking

>>612702189Ooh, a callback to the very first, but remixed for the anniversary!I dig it.

>>612693121I tries to sing but my voice sounds like 3rd worlder shitIf I ever get the balls to try again I'll sing the verses separately and save them in separate aups placed into a rar file, to be edited at your own leisure.

Please tell me some retard didn't write the entire irish gaymen song I see im the spreadsheet

>>612689234I guess I could do half the work for this song.Doing the refrains in the Chorus and the Outro with both versions, depending on which one sounds better.I hope it sounds good...krakenfiles.com/view/9YpWvOfwtn/file.htmlThat being said, if any user wants to take my place on this section, I'd be fine with concedeing.

>>612704208Sadly yeah, no respect for tradition or understanding of the point this year

>>612704426I was gonna do it with the Ta-Holla Forums Nasheed host, but said user beat me to the punch on that.