Who are you going to S-Support in Fire Emblem Engagement?

Who are you going to S-Support in Fire Emblem Engagement?

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>>612618501>S-Supports>FE EngageGood joke

>>612618501I need to see more of the cast. But I really like what I've seen of Framme so far.

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>>612618501Yes, I don't know how but I gonna get the collector edition. FE has pretty girls again, the fujo nightmare is over!

>>612618650>mfw I can't S-Support Framme

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>>612618660She's pretty cute.

>>612618501>S-Supportstop s-s-s-stuttering you f-f-f-f-failure

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>>612618676Gamestop already selling them if you're in burgerland. Put my preorder in last Friday

>>612618501We don't even know all the girls yet. Still way too early to choose.

There are no s supports based on the leaks and no romance in the halljap ratings though

There's not a single decent looking character so hopefully there's no such system.

>>612618501As of now pic related

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>>612618791I am not in Gringoland, i am down, very down there in that continent Americans forget it exists or think is Mexico.

>>612619891I would call you a faggot but this is more asexual than anything.

>>612619031oh no no no FEggots

>>612618594Engage really has some of the weakest shitposts I've seen in the history of the franchise.

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>>612618501the old dude


>>612618501gloomy dark mage

>>612619958Ah fuck, godspeed then. Hoping they put them up soon elsewhere

>>612618501There are no S-Supports in Engage because Intelligent Systems will go all out with them in the Geneaology remake.

>>612619031>>612620706Proof? Weird way to go after the last few games have all had them.

>the mcguffin is the player's wedding ring>the game is called engage>people think you can't get engaged to the girl of your choosingI know what the leak said. But come on.


>>612620938>Player's Wdding RingYou mean Marth's wedding ring. The MC is married to Marth.


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>>612618501>user doesn't know>>612620790

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>>612621973Jesus that’s all it took. Goddamn Nintendo, what were you thinking with that red/blue shit

>>612622468Man just doesn't want sex

will they show anything tonight? twitter.com/FireEmblemJP

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>>612618501I will definitely impregnate Framme.

>>612622468I don't really get why people take this to mean that there won't be marriage or anything. Just because there are no S supports on the support screen.

>>612622468There’s enough space for s support and the build is old so don’t use it as a genuine leak.

>>612618501There doesn´t seem to be marriage in this game.Quite frankly, I am glad they removed it, it was fun in Awakening and Fates becasue eugenics but 3H it served no purpose.

>>612618501>FE is now an unabashed otome gameIt's a shame. 3H was going in a pretty good direction, imo.

>>6126237343H is otome

>>612623640Can’t say yet.

>>612618501how am I supposed to answer that when we don't even know all of the characters yet? dumb dragon>>612622569for me it's the all blue edit

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>>612624061Is there all red version?

>>612624061The eyes are suppossed to be the opposite color of the hair.

>>612624116there was one for hair and eyes, but I don't think there was for hair + eyes + clothing>>612624273I disagree

So which characters will you mostly play with?

>>612623734What? 3H was Otome shit and, by the way, Otome is something fujos love. Engage is just your average anime with pretty girls.

>>6126237343H had an Otome artist user.

>>612621973Blonde is nice, but the saturated red and blue of the armor still clash.

The avatar system was the biggest mistake ever made

>>612625393Followed by the route system

>>612623734Chinatsu’s art is much more otome than Mika’s, what are you talking about?

>>612625480Female characters should have never been the main protagonist of an FE game

>>612625393What I hate about the avatar system is that you usually have a hero character like Chrom or one of the leaders of the 3 Houses who already function as the main character so it makes the avatar feel so damn redundant because modern FE games practically gift you with overpowered characters. You don't ever feel that you have to work for it anymore. I wouldn't mind avatars at all if you actually felt like you were in control rather than supporting the actual main character of the story.

>>612626146FE games should have never had more than one route.


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>>612626192Wasn’t fates where the avatar was the main character and it was dogshit?

>>612626825That's because Corn was retarded also cute

>>612626303>any sexy magic-using female is a Tharja clone now

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>>612627042What would the world look like if Corn was smart?

>>612627172That can't happen unless Azura was removed.

>>612626303Found the Fateswakening baboo, educate yourself filthy secondary.

>>612622569They hire vtuber

>>612627213So what would Fates look like without Acura and having both Corns be in different kingdoms as brother and sister?

>>612622812I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the people who constantly bring up the lack of S supports haven't played an FE game released before Awakening.

>>612621973SoullessYou can’t even tell it’s Mika

>>612627560Considering it still has multiple routes. Probably something that pretends to be deep but has the obviously evil Garon and Anakos as fallback easy to blame bad guys. Basically Proto-3H

>>612622706Why do people hate her design shes cute as fuck

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>>612628437I just want to know what their promotion outfits look like and what weapons they can use.

>>612628317I just think it’s retarded that you can have a female main protagonist

>>612628437same reason why everyone hated Pyra's design.They look stupid

>>612628548I just think it’s retarded that you can have multiple routes.

>>612626303>>612623734Biggest retards itt

>>612628617Alright the routes are dumb as well

>no daily newsBoring.Radio silence till a random trailer in december and then radio sillen till the game release.

Don't care! Still love Mika and her designs!

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>>612618501Nobody because now I can be the character with the longest hair in the game.But if I have to, I'll probably go with a cute twink, if one will even be in the game.

>>612629218Anon it's a holiday in Japan

>>612619954What the hell, is that a giant spike bracelet?


Toothpaste memes and being very expressive designs made me like the designs in Engage. Yeah, it's silly, but silly can be nice once in a while.As long as it's not all the time, that would suck

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>no-one wants ChloeFine, I'll have her

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Kneel before Alear-sama

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>>612618501Leaked screenshots had no S supports, but the UI had enough space for it. Maybe they are unlocked later, maybe the pairing mechanic works differently, or maybe there is no pairings at all, or maybe it's just paired endings for certain A pairs. The support list is huge, so probably you aren't limited to 5 ranks like the GBA system either. As long as it isn't an awful clusterfuck like 3H A-rank supports, I don't really care which system they use. But answering the question: from the ones we've seen, the wyvern witch (Abby, was it?)

>>612629218they took a break for the weekendsuddenly this means we are getting radio silence until december


>>612618501i need to see the edgelord thief/assassin character and the primary antagonist before i can pass judgement on this game. those are the two most important designs.

>>612631704It will suck when Framme on heroes uses Staff

>>612622468Doesn’t look that much different from how it was in Three Houses.

>>612618501For me,it's Ophelia 2

>>612632209We already know the main antagonist, it's this Medeus Ganondorf looking ass dude.

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>>612630680I want Chloe.

>>612618501Whoever has the biggest tits

>>612633294Is the plot really so simple, that the villain will be the guy we saw within the first 5 seconds of the trailer? I'm expecting some sort of twist where the black dragon is misunderstood and the white dragon loli was manipulating Alear into collecting all the Rings for her.

>good plots >In FE lol lmao even

>>612633294I will correct my statement to say, "if this purple homo in the trailer is the Nergal on this game, then I want to see what the Black Fang equivalent is."

>>612633429who was the biggest supportable tit monster of TH? Dorothea or Mercedes?

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>>612618501Whichever girl has the biggest ass.

>>612634716Someone post the chart.

>>612634716>>612635219Don't have the chart but biggest is Manuela. Tied for second is Hilda post time and Mercedes.

>>612634716Reeee why did she have to cut it

>>612634716the ideal woman.... besides lolis and hilda

>>612633780Fateswakening baboo.

>>612633780>in nuFEYeah

>>612626192I mean, you basically are in control. Even if the Lord exists, they are so utterly dependent on the Avatar for everything in the story that you basically are running the show.

>>612618501I'm going to marry and fuck Vander.

>>612633509Probably? Most FEs at least ostensibly start with an evil empire invading before they reveal there's a dragon involved, but Engage's trailer shows there's a big dragon you have to kill from the start.

>>612622706>>612629218>>612631885so, wait. No more news? Damn.. I was hoping we would get something tonight

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More Mercedes to help facilitate conversation about the types of characters we'd like to see join the roster of Engage. :)

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>>612641132We have a grey beard father figure character. We need a nice matronly character to take care of Toothpaste-chan as well.

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So who do you think will be the most powerful legendary characters in engage?

>>612633294Can't wait for him to summon Edelgard.

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>>612642107I hope he summons Grima

>>61262856510 trannies on twitter isn't "everyone", user.

>>612641132Would you rather have a dedicated dancer character again, or the ability to turn any unit into dancer again?

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>>612642303I'm remembering people shrieking over the fact that Celica's Awakening artist drew hentai and then when Pyra and the X2 cast was revealed, they kept whining.

>>612642303newfag/v/ was full of threads laughing at the designs of XC2

>>612634862>>612634716I want a girl with both this time. Biggest tits and fattest ass.Come on, IS, give me what I deserve

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>>612642303>>612643067Opposites extremes hated it while everyone in between likes her and she has tons of fanarts, funny how things work.

>>612643193>coomer artists liked the coomer bait designwow imagine my shockyeah no shit she attracted hentai artists when that's what her design was meant to be used for.A character design that is solely meant to make your dick hard is not a good design

>>612643420Yeah everyone is a coomer except you, point is saying "everyone" hated it couldn't be more far from the truth.

Male Byleth is canonMale Toothpase is canondeal with it

>>612643558everyone normal hated it

>>612643707>Holla Forums shitposters>twitter attention whores>normalSure.

>>612643857more normal than coomers, yes

>>612643624Your "canon" means nothing in the face of my playthrough and the fanart

>>612618501Definitely the question I'm LEAST interested in.Fuck waifutrannies and datingsimniggers.

>>612643707>Everyone hated it>Sold 6 times more than all the past entries and put the whole series into a now B tier Nintendo franchiseDelusional

>>612618501I wanted f!RobinI wanted f!CornI want toothpasteI continue to suffer


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>>612644998yes there are a bunch of degenerate coomers in this world. Doesn't mean these "people" are normal

>(You) are the 1000 year old dragon this time

>>612645045Is there a WORSE father in all of FE?Yes I know he's basically a zombie in gen 2 but he's still an asshole

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>>612646126Isn’t that Fates though?

>>612646165Really depends on how you interpret his character, which is not very clear. If it's 100% Forsetti piloting a meat puppet, then he's fine. If there's any amount of Lewyn in there, then yeah he's one of if not the worst father.

>>612646236Isn't that Anankos? Corn is fairly young.

>>612646236IIRC Corrin is regular (ambiguous) age; ~20ish years old.

>>612618501Celine or Chloe

>>612646370>>612646484How did we go from slaying dragons to playing as dragons?

>>612646970We were doing both since the very first game. The concept of playing as them was just appealing enough that they ended up being main characters recently.

Redpill me on why I should get this and not Three Houses.

>>612647353How should we know? We barely know anything about Engage at this moment. Wait until it launches and then make your decision

>>612618501The girl whose related closest to the MC.

>>612647353You can't get this, it's not released yet.

>>612647353Games not even out, but it already looks better.

>>612619954What the fuck happened to this series man

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>>612647964Awakening sold really well




>>612633429Right now, the only girls with big tits seem to be Abby and Chloe

>>612627749If an artist's identity is the hair colors she uses then her style is generic

>>612618501Abby or the princess girl in the top right. Maybe Chloe

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>>612652962I choose this brown babe

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>>612653493>bitchy blondeewworst tastes

>>612653531I'll correct her and make her into a perfect wife with time. Patience is a virtue.

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>>612618501>Who are you going to S-Support in Fire Emblem Engagement?Not sure yet: Haven't seen any cute guys for Toothpaste-Kun

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>>612622569How do braindead retards like you still not realize not every game release on a Nintendo console isn’t actually developed by Nintendo? Engage is a fucking Koei Tecmo game, it isn’t even made by IS

>>612653834still funded by nintendo

>>612653834What's the last thing that IS did actually work on? Did Nintendo just give FE to Koei behind closed doors? I remember everyone speculating about Three Houses back then that IS was working on a "real" FE while Nintendo was trying something new with Koei.Maybe they're going to be the ones shipping out FE4 Remake?

>>612618501It's actually canon that local delinquents would sneak past the guards of sleeping toothpaste-chan and roughly knead her breasts while she's in slumber, terrible stuff.

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>>612655662answered my own question. Paper Mario and Warioware apparently. huh.

>>612655662IS exclusively works on the gacha now. It’s them that’s prostituting FE out to KT to churn out low budget sequels so they have new characters to put in their mobile trash, not nintendo. nintendo only has publishing rights and plurality ownership of the IP. They can’t make anything without IS explicitly allowing them to. FE is now like pokemon where the games are just promotional material for merchandising>>612654301retard

>>612653493>>612653687I want her to pee on me

>>612655715Wtf no I wasn't rough

>>612655662Probably paper mario. But we still don't the split staff between IS, KT and Gust for this oneThe leaker said that IS hands are on FE4 at the moment

>>612618501>a fucking tube of toothpasteWHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

Imagine actually giving us the choice again to choose our own hair colour and not whatever the garbage they choose for us lmao

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>>612618501Bepis pleases old men for free

>>612618501your mom


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>>612660032and you need to pay to, jealous

>>612652962A fucking clown

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>>612659998I really liked customizing Corrin and Robin, even though I appreciate their defaults the most.

>>612663862I wish they would have brought it back, it kinda made sense for three houses not to have custom hair colours since you know, the whole green hair thing but dunno, don't think there is a excuse this time

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>>612663862Eh if it means they have to awkwardly frame around them and make first person cutscenes then I'd rather not have customizable MUs


>>612664415It's fun, but I feel like it takes resources from other things and gives off the wrong impression.It'd honestly be nicer if avatar units took more of a backseat than they have for a long time and were just another unit/tactician at most, more of a supporting character.

>>612658101Are you the same guy who said this in another thread?Good taste.

>>612665082With different people, right?

>>612665379No, with each other of course.

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>>612647964Awakening saved the series


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>>612647964what's the problem


>>612623734>>FE is now an unabashed otome gameAlways has been.

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Byleth was actually better designed

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>>612668792Male Byleth maybeFrog has always looked really fucking weird even if I like her clothes.

>>612665305Probably. Sorry.

>>612623640Iam not glat that S support aren't there but I am not sad neither. you're right the dating mechanics in 3H were useless

>>612662413C L U S S YLUSSY


>>612628437I'm glad this game is repelling Twitter and Reddit idiots. I appreciate these designs more than Byleth

>>612618501If s supports are in then I'm going for the chubby cheeks twin brawler. I wouldnt mind if they go the old fashioned way and have only certain characters pair up the in epilogue(because there's better chemistry between the characters that way) but I'm too confident that a Fire emblem post-awakening doesn't have the balls to cut the mechanic that took part in saving the series.

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>>612670212Because 3H was many peoples intro to the series, a lot of them believe that the series is all about bishiePersonally I just dont like asymmetrical designs and the toothpaste lord seems to epitomize it but then again if I can tolerate frogleth for the entirety of 3H then this will be easy.

>>612618501The loli dragon

>>612618501Whoever's the closest to a black male

is this an actual mainline entry? not a spinoff?

>>612630072Would've been way funnier if they saved Vander for today

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>>612672309They don't show anything because Japan cares that much for the elderly?

>>612671753So...a Monster Hunter World situation again?

>>612672603Huh. Figured Hilda would be at least in the top 5


>>612672603>Edelgard pads her chest.Kek.

>>612671753So annoying whenever this happens. Even worse than the crowd Awakening brought in, I think.

>>612626303i love oboro!

>>612630680Once she gets properly revealed (i.e, for the general casuals who only watch the trailers once and don't hyperfixate over them like we do) and people see that she has huge boobers, she will gain a huge popularity boost. Get on the Chloe train early while it's cool. (Picrel is legit the only other picture of her out there aside from the one you posted. The calm before the storm)

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>>612673006It's inevitable, user. Every new entry in a series is bound to bring in newfags. I agree 3Hfags are by far the most obnoxious though

>>612634716Mercy, by a country mile.

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>>612673208I've found one or two Chloe pics in the wild

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>>612673509Firstly, thank you, user. Secondly, where?

>>612630680>Pega knight>Wears pantiesNo shit no one is talking about her

>>612673210It's the specific crowd though that's annoying. That distinct crowd of diehard Nintendo-loyalists, probably Redditors that love Jojo and Demon Slayer but hate anime in general

Post yfw you finally realized these two are the Cain/Abel of this game.

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>>612635518She did what she had to do to survive.I agree. The long hair looked prettier on her.

>>612674029>Cain and Abel archetypes mixed with the early game healer and mage archetypesThey broke new ground.

>>612674029Marriage and children with Cain

>>612674205Tbh having a jeigan Paladin and 2 Cavaliers out the gate was an overkill of horses for the tutorial/first chapter

>>612618501I've only seen her for two seconds but she's already stolen my heart

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>>612626192It was really bad in Byleth's case because their entire purpose in the story is just to be a walking nuke for whatever side you choose

>>612673601Mostly twitter

>>612674836it was made worse in Hopes with him being so much weaker and being downplayed

>>612630680>crit quote is "I've got my eye on you!"I hope you're ready for a slightly yandere pegaslut


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>>612675213>crit quote is "I've got my eye on you!">I hope you're ready for a slightly yandere pegaslutHNNG I've never been more excited for an FE game


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>>612674205But the girl is a martial artist, not any type of mage.

>>612675591If it does happen it won't be until 4:00a.m. EST.

>>612675638Her map icons show she uses both staffs and fists retard.

Abby my love. Like Chloeanon, I too wish there was more art of my wife

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>>612675638The brother is a mage, Framme can use both First and Stalves.

>>612672603>edelgard getting mugged by everyone but the loliskek

I want Toothpaste-chan to have sex with Vander.

>>612675591Later. It was a jap holiday

>>612675778Since the other anons enlightened me where Chloe art is being shared, I've found some. Hope you get yours with Abby, user. Also the idea of >>612675213 is so exciting

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Will be go back to the based mechanic of recruiting units on the field by talking to them with a random unit or is that too unintuitive for modern players?


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>>612677005That might be too complex for average player, you dont wanna confuse them whit too many maps objective lol

>>612677210lmao i thought that was quite normal

>>612622812I'd rather have no supports at all than supports that end at A.

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>>612677323S-rank supports are a new thing, they've only been around since Awakening

>>612677323dont worry it will have just those 2 character dont have

>>612677005>>612677210>>612677314i dunno, everyone and their mom managed to recruit tharja and jerk off over her. but i guess awakening did simplify things by making chrom able to recruit anyone that anyone else can

>>612677323>>612622812Maybe units will all have limited partners they can S-support. Or it'll end up like 3 Houses

>>612677323A-Rank Endings are the best and allow for more than just copy-paste marriage endings like AwakeFates had, you dolt

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>>612644504Let me guess, this is you?

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>>612628437I mean I'll stroke my shit to it but that doesn't make it a good design. This is RWBY levels of bad, and all the other characters look like Genshit Shitpact

>>612678250My dick cried thinking about the 'mistreatment' of the totally not sexy female avatar...

>>612677872nah i think there is but its more like that character do not have. theres enough space for a s support

>>612667803The character designs are fucking atrocious? It's like that old MS paint comic of Fire Emblem but taken seriously.

>>612678250hoes mad

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>>612678181This. When anyone can be paired with anyone(for optimal breeding of the best child unit) the relationships are vague/filler as fuck. You'll get motherfuckers talking about pie for 3 supports then get married in the final one. I missed when supports kinda meant something.

>>612677005We see the christmas twins as green units on what looks like the first chapter, they'll likely be a tutorial about talking to them to recruit them.The game seems to be taking the most inspiration from GBA FE map and gameplay-wise with build (con) being added back so it'll probably be most similar to those games.

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>>612678735I really hope Build/Con being back means Rescue is also a universal mechanic again.

>want to go to bed>divine edition listing up on BB but the game isn't up yet and Nintendo store opened a mysterious link for a waiting list for somethingAHHHHHHHHHH IM TIRED AS BALLS BUT I DONT WANT TO MISS IT IF PRE ORDERS DROP

>>612678735>looks better than 3H(the bar was low)>dynamic crit animations>better map designHopefully, the gba emblems were my intro to the series and by far my fav. Now they just need to through in different mission than "rout the enemy" and this can avoid going full awakening

>>612619954>people actually think this looks good Coomers are deranged

>>612679019I really like how it looks like they hand-animated the capes instead of just letting the physics engine handle it, looks really cool in the protag's battle animations.

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>>612679096All the FE coomers are in the gacha. This is some low quality Genshin Impact fujoshi slop.

Attached: Face_1.png (1600x1920, 439.9K)

>>612678850the game doesnt come out until next year you fucking idiot, you aren't missing anything

>>612679152I like the character model pose in the battle previews, some people prefer the 2D sprites for some reason

Do we know anything about what the between battle base management will be like? I don't think I can stomach another game with a massive waste of time like the monastery.

>>612679316Bro... epik special edition...

>>612679403Leak showed it had "go to next battle" option and it looks like it's going to just be like my castle from fates. No calendar system to slow everything down.

>>612633294I'll marry this dude

>>612679403The trailer showed the base was more of a compact hub menu with everything being a few steps away compared to that piece of shit monastery that you have to constantly run laps around and spend a good portion of the game cycling through

>>612679503>more "my castle" less "monastery calendar"Thank fuck. This will help replay value greatly. Fuck white cloud

>>612679403We don't know yet. Seems like a cross between My Castle and the monastery. Lots of stuff to do like fishing minigame but doesn't seem like a calendar system is in place so you could just go to the next map like Fates if you want.

Posting the leak menu again so people can see

Attached: leak base menu.jpg (4757x2676, 1.4M)

>>612679403It's looking like Fates, aka the best between battle system. Three Houses was an unplayable slog due to the monastery, barely managed to stomach one playthrough.

>>612680096>and people said this can't be FE!!! There's lamps!!! It's fake!OH NO NO NO NO

>>612679312Fujoshi? A game with numerous cute girls baring their chests is fujoshi in nature? Are you sure you know what that word means?

Trying to play FE Awakening for the first time, and tried it on hard at first, kept getting my shit pushed in on the 4th map, and switch to normal, but it's too easyIs there a hump that I have to get past on hard mode, or is it meant for a second playthrough? I want to have a challenge but I don't want to pull my hair it trying to keep everyone alive

>>612680096God I hope base conversations are back.and they're NOT all MC-oriented.


Attached: uekp0yhtz7ymfpu6jox1-529256919.jpg (292x400, 32.55K)

>>612680403Awakening is kind of shit later on bro just play hard

>>612618501Whoever has the Lyn ring, and if rings can be traded between characters then I'll equip it myself and remain single.

Attached: 1581184476989.png (1080x1330, 977.43K)

>>612680578Isn't Awakening so poorly designed that Lunatic+ is actually harder than anything else in the series?

>>612646484You know damn well Corn is probably 16 years old. They are a Japanese RPG protagonist after all

>>612645045wtf why did mods sticky this

>>612628565Pyra's design looks million times better tho

>>612681540You can give both Robin and Corn a different avatar that could roughly be in his teens to early 20s but "canon" corn looks like your standard teenage protagonist and is made to be a middle child of both his older and younger siblings

>>612681332Unbelievably based. Your loyalty will not go unrewarded.

Attached: 1500533880921.jpg (960x960, 87.18K)

>>612624061their hair and eyes should have been blue like this, and they should have had a super mode where they turned red.

Attached: 1663513791334326.jpg (1920x1080, 1.35M)

>>612618501$10 says there will be a FE Warriors game based on FE Engage like they did with 3 Hopes which is based on 3 Houses.

>>612682852Probably. Musou is literal shovelware

>>612680362He probably means how the husbandos get much more actual focus within the storylines. Also because he's criticizing it, kinda like how when journos criticize it they call it a waifu game.

>>612682353That unironically looks worse.

>>612682852no actually this fits the musou one more than 3 hopes.

>>612683184Hopefully, 3 shits underperforming has scared them away from making more even if they are dirt cheap to make

>>6126833703 hopes was really shit and 3 houses was worse when it came to split routes

I do not like "Brave Ike". Give me RD Ike with Ragnell or no Ike at all.

Attached: 1411926816706.jpg (990x807, 142.01K)

>>612680096>world mapchallenge missions confirmed. RIP, lol

I dont care about vtuber trannies I just want to kiss daddy Vander on the beard.

Attached: Fcu1Ds7akAIOZp1.png (326x570, 151K)

>>612628437It would be a 10/10 design if not for the hair. Its a solid 7 with the hair though.

Which green knight is the Hottest?Which one is the ugliest?

Attached: Green knights 1990-2012.png (2632x2108, 4M)

>>612683837I agree. I like the red white and blue color palette, but applied to the hair is silly

>>612623734I've seen some stupid takes on FE, but this one takes the cake.

>>612683675He's invariably getting Ragnell even if he is the defacto axe lord for the game. Sigurd was shown with both lances and Tyrfing after all.

Why the fuck is this game so ugly? At least some companies like Falcom have an excuse because they churn out a game every year.

Attached: Fire_Emblem_Engage_SCRN_23.jpg (1920x1080, 464.2K)

>>612684310shit engine, 3H looked worse



>>612679096By you zoomer puritans standards just about every game made between 1990 and 2010 is a coomer game. Sexy women should exist in games, deal with it or fuck off.

>>612684310Have you never played an FE game on a home console before? Even the SNES games weren't exactly lookers for their time. It looks fine, especially compared to what came before.

well better than 3H. No route split means we will have at least a story that doesnt end up in it being incomplete

oh boy it will be vomit-chan has all the stupid mcguffings and it transforms into the fire emblem and be able to kill the soooo evil dragon for reals

Attached: 1663611596278180.png (680x453, 470.66K)

>>612684290Well I hope you can also change his outfit.

three houses actually didnt end on a peaceful end. Since its like in the future there will be peace. likely i think an after will end up with a lot of things to do to aquire that peace. thats likely should have been part of the main story. they school should have been wiped out since its barely did anything since the events were barely in school and we were out most of the time.

>>612642107God the seething would be delicious.>>612642225Much more likely.

>>612686050its unlikely he would summon edelgard. likely more like nemesis and cant wait to see those evil enemies appear and than we use the hero rings. like lucina vs grima

Attached: 1655412074625.png (338x364, 112.46K)

bros.... will the twitter japs show something tonight?

>>612690661Someone said it was a holiday there.

>>612690661who knows. but yesterday was a holiday its on google

>>612690661Framme soon bros...

Attached: mikacutie.jpg (1080x2113, 491.47K)

>>612619958Can Amazon JP ship to you?amazon.co.jp/-/en/2200630101056/dp/B0BDKQGLQL

>>612677323I hate you more than you could possibly imagine.

>>612678250>anime dating sim negroid can only use strawmen to defend his failure of a lifestyle and its infection of every kind of game90% of discussion of these games online now is just about austistically prattling on and on about which characters makes your dick hard or you'd want to ram you in the ass, or even worse which characters make the best romantic pairs. This is easily the most irrelevant piece of Fire Emblem, but they keep it around because it sells so I can't blame IS. But I can blame cumsoomers like you for being failures as human beings.Despite being a mess of a game I actually respect 3 Houses a LOT for relegating marriages to epilogues. Getting jarring S-rank marriages in the middle of war would have been immersion-shattering, as it has been in Awakening and Fates. I don't even mind paired endings, but the complete erasure of platonic supports between opposite-sex characters just feels so soulless. The obsession with "you can romantically pair anyone with anyone, ESPECIALLY YOUR SELF-INSERT" has been a huge detraction from the character writing in these games. I was actually shocked at how not-bad much of Fates' cast is if you read their non-Corrin supports. Because they have to infodumb their entire backstory to (You) ASAP, everyone acts like a retarded third-grade LARPer when talking to Corrin, because it's expected that the player's attachment to them will be formed around romantic/sexual attraction. This inevitably leads to shallow and vapid characters.>y-you just get mad at sexy mage costumesDark Mages weren't even the worst-looking class costumes in Awakening, even fucking Chrom looks more retarded. Best of luck with your brain tumor and reddit screenshots, though.

3Htrannies malding

The series and the threads on Holla Forums peaked with the game.

Attached: fire emblem Three Houses.jpg (587x600, 44.75K)

>>612680403Ironically, Awakening is a pretty shit entryway to the series.I recommend you do FE7 or FE9 on hard mode, they're good intros to the series with not-too-hard hard modes, and you can actually get better in the tougher earlygames to overcome them. Awakening just throws big stat block enemies at you in blobs that you need to abuse Frederick to get past, it's not rewarding to overcome and the quality of gameplay doesn't really improve the further you get in the game.

>>612681540Elise and Sakura are "totally 18 years old bro, trust me," and not only are Takumi and Leo older than them, but Corrin is older than all 4 of those characters.I agree that Corrin feels more 16ish than 20ish, but because you have be able to legally fuck the characters written like 12-to-14-year-olds, all the ages are ambiguous and kind of a mess as a result.

>>612683963Alec and his turban are based. Oscar is a real nigga. If you choose to believe the "Stahl is the true Exarch" theory he's pretty cool.

>>612684807>Even the SNES games weren't exactly lookers for their time. It looks fine, especially compared to what came before.Shut your mouth you ignorant nigger.

>>612690834Yeah, yesterday, that's why we didn't get one. So if we get one tonight, it'll either set a pattern or break one.

>>612618501>>612618594so what was Toothpaste real name?

>>612693710Don’t know about “the series”, but I had a blast in the Three Houses threads, even if they became a little bit much at times.


>>612693635lol sperge

Attached: C113A51E-C0D1-4F4C-9F06-BA278C7733E7.gif (250x250, 1.82M)

>>612674029The only red/green duo I've ever actually liked was the christmas ninjas so I like that they aren't cavs.

>>612696426It's neat how "assymetrical" the ninjas are. Like they have wildly different availability, despite the archetype GENERALLY joining close to each other.


>>612621973The only good one of those edits was the blonde with the heterochromia desu

>>612631704IT'S ALL IN THE MIND

I think the toothpaste colors are charming, and I love heterochromia.


Attached: 1474052518677.jpg (495x497, 77.74K)

>>612674205So we're potentially getting the Lena and Merric archetypes one and done as well with this pair. Do you think they're going to mess around with others like the Ogma and Navarre ones?

>>612694248I like how they look too, but compare them to the Square RPGs of the time and it's not a contest. Compared to Nintendo's own output it gets worse.


Attached: 42d2258ee53113a7c9bda900c8541698_fbd09e1e_400.jpg (375x375, 35.47K)

>>612680403For hard just dump all the xp into Robin. Second Seals mean level caps don't matter and you can basically solo every map after a certain point.

>>612618501stop stuttering

>>612697228Considering they're playing the Jagen archetype VERY straight here, they might just do the same with other archetypes. I'm glad they're back though, especially since the recent few games skipped them. Maybe our Ogma and Navarre will be women this time instead of the usuals (Ayra excluded)

Attached: sob.jpg (567x700, 39.65K)

>>612672603>Female with the biggest tits is a dude larping as a chick.

>>612681332Based lyn chad

>>612683963Sain is the only rational choice here


Attached: 4767FEA6-C91F-4DC6-BC24-31ABB7E4EFB8.jpg (1024x768, 71.36K)

>>612683963>not posting FE1 abelNo wonder Est didn't want to fuck this

Attached: fe1 abel.png (1002x1124, 1.37M)


>>612647964Vtubers getting popular

>>612697171Congratulations on just now realizing that most of the braindead retards on this shithole board just regurgitate whatever shit they see

>>612693635They hated him because he spoke the truth.

Attached: 1646497702357.png (974x1200, 801.31K)

>>612697739If you were to body jack someone, might as well pick a body that's closest to perfection.

>>612698386>hurr durr vtubers! vtubers!! vtubers!!!Holy shit you moron just latch on to whatever hot new buzzword of the month that gets shat out. Grow some brain cells you brainless mongoloid

>>612698476>samefagging your own schizophrenic rant

>>612683837The armor is retarded coomer bait from the waist down. It's like they know only coomers would play the female avatar. What can't female Lords get battle dresses instead of fucking booty shorts

>>612698524The character designer (Mika Pikazo) unironically has created many vtuber designs.

>>612697739>>612698508Since when is Cornelia a dude? Slitherers can be femoids as well.

>>612698721Cornelia is biologically femaleThe one controlling her and basically took over her body is male

>>612698779But where is that stated? I know she's bodyjacked, I don't remember anything being said about the identity of the Slitherer impersonating her.

>>612698659Yes that's very common for notable jap artists these days

>>612698840So then "vtubers getting popular" is a 100% accurate explaination for why the character designs look the way they do, retard. Don't know why you sperged out about it.

>>612698916I'm not the same user but vtubers getting popular means literally nothing for this context


Attached: mokou.jpg (370x305, 84.34K)

>>6126988393 Hopes

>>612698965Explain how it's irrelevant. I literally explained how it was relevant in the post you JUST replied to, you can't just ignore that and say "means literally nothing for this context."Are you ESL and not following the conversation? I actually don't understand what you're doing in the conversation.

>>612699019Ah that explains it, I stay away from Musoushit.Weird detail for them to add in.

>>612699073Anon vtubers didn't invent colors. Here's an image of hers from about 7 years ago.Not even the OG vtuber girl with the bow was around at the time.What relevance do vtubers have to her artstyle?

Attached: __aisare_world_drawn_by_mika_pikazo__sample-39a371667aa7e4ee6a8eaecad60590bf.jpg (850x1275, 255.49K)

>>612699363The stereotypical "vtuber look" has bright multi-coloured hair and an overdesigned outfit existing in an ambiguous space between modern and outdated, but certainly not something someone would ever wear IRL.The problem people have (particularly in this conversation chain) is with the designs, not the art style.

I realized I love skills in FE. What installment has the best skill system? Fates?

>>612699538>The stereotypical "vtuber look" has bright multi-coloured hairIn your mind's eye I guess, but usually it's just a single hair color, maybe you get a highlight somewhere.A surprising amount of them also wear relatively normal clothing, but there are plenty of overdesigned examples, so that's fair enough. However, I don't think any of the designs in Engage look like what a vtuber would wear. They just look like a fantasy JRPG.

Attached: vtubers-nijisanji-lineup.jfif_.jpg (960x540, 104.64K)


Attached: 897090870.png (937x735, 875.47K)

trailer tonight

>>612700525Why does Marth give wings

>>612653106Here is your wife.

Attached: file.png (500x282, 180.79K)

>>612700846Marth gave Itsuki super saiyan hair and a full wardrobe change.

>No updateIt's over. I heard Maeda drowned

>>612701179they are killing their own hype...

>>612628437It could be worse

Attached: 276_Sei Shonagon_2.png (512x724, 161.94K)

What happened to the daily update?

I'm so sad, fuck off dude these lack of updates are so shit.

>>612701321>>612701362it's over...

I just want to see the brawler crit animation :(


Attached: 1663565560754849.gif (220x155, 583.55K)

No daily update is fine desu. But like, they started daily update and then quit after two updates, wth is that? Why even start a daily update if you aren't gonna commit?

The virgin FE twitter can't stand up to the absolute GigaCHADs of the Xenoblade twitter daily updates for hype.

Attached: Kneel.png (729x573, 759.61K)

Engage was just a collective dream /feg/ shared

The face of lies

Attached: L0o4kYQC_400x400.png (400x400, 203.17K)

>yfw the typhoon Thats happening in Japan rn is delaying the updates

Attached: aware.gif (98x89, 184.07K)

>>612701669Fuck Anna, Monopon was based.

>>612701669>thinking that she would give out updates for freeThe first taste was free user.If you want to see some updates she's going to need more pre-orders of her game.

Attached: mby8mzXUK1uk31abo1g.png (996x877, 360.91K)

>>612701682So, what you are saying, is that this is god's fault....

>>612701527Adjusted for more accuracy.

Attached: Kneel.png (728x570, 559.38K)

>>612701682It's over

>>612701861Anna will never kneel to anyone (unless it make her more money)

ISIS actually is probably closed because of the super typhoon

>>612701682NOOOO the mudslides destroyed all the builds of FE Engage

>>612677461I don't remember supports at all before Awakening.

>>612701934And FE4 remake.

What happened to IS design?

>>612702001Supports been a thing long before Awakening, it just that 70% of them were even more forgettable than Fates supports.

WOAAAAAH CELINE (Fuck, Celine has like 3 fanart and 1 is H. Fuck life)pixiv.net/en/artworks/101356776

>>612702001Only FE9 had supports that you might actually see.

>>612702001Supports have been a thing since FE3, but back then it was more of a hidden system. FE6 introduced the support system that became the staple, but there was a limit on the supports because they gave big stat boosts (for example, in FE7 a character could only have 5 support conversations) which Awakening removed.

Attached: 8L10P03.png (480x320, 11.37K)

>>612701669>the cuck smile

>>612702250I just wanted some cute fanart of her... well better than nothing I guess

Attached: --Celine--.png (582x538, 405.07K)

I will sex the dragons

>>612703148But you are the dragon.

>>612703206Then I will rape Edelgard as a dragon

>>612652962God these character designs are so fucking bad. They literally look like something out of an Atelier game or Genshin Impact. The only thing that looks worse is the actual character models

>>612703663And why is that bad?

>>612703740Because it looks like the most generic anime shit ever. You could tell me these were the characters of a new Godeater or Code Vein and I would completely believe it. As for the models, I’ve seen SFM models with more polygons and they didn’t have the fucked up nose-mouth-chin distance ratio like Engage

>>612703740just ignore these people when 3h was a lot worse

>>612703952>It looks like ‘other game’>It looks generic!What garbage attempts at criticising shit.

>>612704192Well when the new FE, a game set in a fantasy setting, has the same exact looking characters as GE and CV, games with a post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting, then yeah, common sense dictates they look like generic garbage, you brainless fanboy consumer

Attached: E3783BB9-FB87-49F2-A37C-46DF561B5997.jpg (789x389, 44.05K)

>>612704657I like how this art style looks more than 3H.

>>612704657Genshin Impact is a fantasy setting retard. Just because the backstory of the setting says there used to be Sci-Fi shit and you occasionally see it, it doesn’t change the fact it’s a fucking fantasy setting. That’s like saying 3-Houses is a post apocalyptic sci-fi setting because of the Agarthians you brainlet.