Delicious Vidya Chocolate Thread

Delicious Vidya Chocolate Thread

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God I love brown girls

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>>612617283I ordered two bars of chocolate for my friends, on it says ''I think you're nice''. Nothing sexual or anything, just friends. I am happy that I'll make them happy. Fuck your cringe thread OP

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>>612617283I love delicious brown girl feet.

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Do you like Gerudos with giant noses or without? I like both

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>>612619771>Do you like Gerudos with giant noses or without?by noses you mean cocks right?

home made choco is the best

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Fucking hell i love black women, i love their big fat asses and their child bearing hips, i love their chocolate skin, their giant suckable tits and their big kissable lips, every day i thank God for creating black women

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>>612622469that choco tummy

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>>612617283Not a single Big Mac has enter that delicious body

>>612617283Chocolate Cat

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>>612617283best splatoon girl

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>I'm not racist when I'm horny.Yes you are.I bet the slave owner in the 18th said exactly the same thing when he fucked his female servants.

>>612627996Who are you quoting?

>>612627996I don't own any slaves though

what was the deal with that valkyrie game with a black girl in the trailer Holla Forums was upset about a while ago? She looked cute, did the game ever come out?

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>>612627996you're confusing normal people with the rich. which is exactly how they like it.

>>612619415Why is she making the dreamworks face at me

>>612619480God I wished Gloria was an actual character.

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>>612618571>soles arent paleuhhh?

Imagine them sitting on your face.

>>612617283anal with brown girls

>>612619771I'm not a fan of the noses, but I'm enough of a fan of the abs that I prefer the new look

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>>612627996>4chan is le racistgo back

I recently joined this brown club because of Zenobia. Hi everyone.

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>>612627996Troll post. Ignore this faggot and keep posting cuties.

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>>612636236Hello brother.I, too, appreciate best fate girl

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>>612636463japanese cat drinking sake

>>612636236>>612636663she's so fucking hot

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chocolate girls saved pokemon

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>>612627880God I wish I had gotten into Splatoon with the 2nd game instead of the 3rd. Pearl and Marina are by far my favorites in terms of design.

>>612636850>>612636663Zenobia is the first brown girl to make me horny AND fantasise about her brown body and smile. I think she's very special to me.

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>>612627996I'm much more racist when I'm horny.

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chocolate caliente

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>>612637704S&S was a blessing

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>>612642083Even if some people don't like the games I think we can all agree we want to fuck the girls.

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>come to 4chan to discuss how much I hate videogames>anonstein has a delicious chocolate vidya thread for me to appreciate>holy shit, this is hot>go outside>chocolate not hot>chocolate yuckwhy this


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>>612619480wait... was Gloria no pan?

I love Gerudo


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golden ebony goddess

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>>612629375Sauce pls

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>>612627880I like Pearl more but she's next

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Coffee's ok?

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>>612654074Hey now

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Chocolate butt

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>>612659629Cringe. Replace pepe with a white girl getting her pussy creampied by a black guy.

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>>612659629im brown bro

>>612660116Replace pepe with a black girl getting her pussy creampied by a white guy.ftfy senpai

>>612657792how is she supposed to be a bong with skin this dark? i know they are swarthy, but still..

>>612660116Why? Black dick looks like a shit log. It literally looks like a girl is being fucked with a frozen shit log.

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>>612660414there are 1,904,684 blacks in britainthere are 1,451,862 indians in britainthere are 1,174,983 pakis in britain6.75% of britain

>>612617283Nessa got blackmailed in the specials into being a bitch for Rose's league

>>612654358what's the source on this

>>612660404Based>>612660427Seeing white women degrading themselves like that is hot to me, kind of like it's hot seeing black women degrading themselves by fucking a white man calling them a dirty nigger. I'm not really paying the penises much mind.

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for me, it's pic related

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>>612661296are you white, black or a spic?

for me its ram and her cute pits

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Just post brown girls and leave this cringe talk somewhere else

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>>612637704The funniest part is black girls are absolutely into that shit. That get super into it when you call them a worthless nigger during sex.

>>6126543587:1I need to visit Brazil again

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wtf why is this thread sticked?

>>612660567>armpit hairinto the trash


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>>612619771Big noses. Makes them more exotic.

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>>612627996> I bet the slave owner in the 18th said exactly the same thing when he fucked his female servants.Nice.

>>612659629You will always be an incel.

tfw no brown gf trying to get you to say the n-word.

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>>612670325Blackbois are broken bucks.

>>612670210who's this?

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post brown butts

>>612671178Vera from Shantae seven sirens. >>612671243pic

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>>612675908Daisy has always been my most favorite brown vidya girl

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>>612622469i recognize this highlander. i've coomed to her before

>>612627880i wish there were more fan art of marina building machines.


>>612629181because shes thinking about white shotas

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Don't stop now.


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are there any hot anime girls who are intended to be black, not brown but balck


the western version

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>>612617283Impressive how chocolate continues to reign supreme time after time.

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>>612635702>>612645957>>612651470>>612669487>tfw you will never be kidnapped by a race of beautiful tall brown women and forced into a breeding camp

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>>612688791Very few.

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>>612639796I just decided I’m going to make the main female character of my future game look something like this. Was originally going to go for pale skin along with her evil loli demonic sister but dark might actually work better. What darkish skin tone goes best with primarily white hair though?

>>612691951I'd rather celebrate when the west does it right than focus on their failures

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>>612695464>>612693252>>612691992I need to cum

>>612617283Stop race mixing.

>>612696156colonizing the wombs of black and brown women is the white mans birthright

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>>612617823i don't know who this is but i always see her posted in these threads and she's so hot

>>612697490Saucenao holds your answers.


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>>612699421trapped in a shit game

>>612698496you're scary user. I saw you on /lit/ the other day

>>612698496why does this word trigger esls?

chocolate?(with nuts)

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>>612642083Does she have 2 penises?

Fetishizing on women of color is another racism.

Sombra would make an excellent wife to white men

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