Quickly Holla Forums! Use your vidya knowledge to save the princess from the cliff side!Do mind to not fall down into...

Quickly Holla Forums! Use your vidya knowledge to save the princess from the cliff side!Do mind to not fall down into the abyss.

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>>612600961Throw a red shroom

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>>612603240>>612604619ok, now what?

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>>612605254Good question

>>612605254she looks hotter now

> verminI see no princess on that cliff

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>>612600961>>612605254> the shroom made the crown biggerUse the grappling hook from Zelda and get the gold crown

>>612605737> t.

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How about we skip the pretense and get to her being railed from behind by user already?

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>>612605952JUST BECAUSE YOU BLOW YOU [Loading please wait] IN [Thirty seconds or lesss] DOESN ' T MEAN EVERYONE [Doing it]

>>612605737you hooked the crown, but it doesn't seem to be budging

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>>612606613>crown seemingly attached to headHold on a minute that’s not a princess that’s a mimic!!! Hero quick let go of the hook before it pulls YOU in!!!

>>612606761I think it saw it as an hookable object in zelda physics, no stopping it now

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>>612606139>>612607462I knew we didn't get him his freedom for nothing!

>>612607296Well and now you're over there, and you've dropped the hookshot, she's impressed, how're you going to help yourselves now?

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>>612600961>GET OVER HERE!

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>>612607997Climb on that big bitch and climb over the ledge.

>>612607997Do we have bombs? We could probably bomb jump our way down.

>>612607997Apply another mushroom straight to her titties.


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>>612608496You've made it up, and made her wound bleed a bit more, what now?

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>>612609195elbow drop


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>>612609829He is smasher you are meat!

>>612600961rocket jump overthen market garden her

Grab the princess and suplex her past the hazards

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>>612600961I use my Shadowmancer powers to turn the abyss into my wife.

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>>612610516>amorphous abyssal eldritch horror gfis this sexo or not?

>>612609909Anon, you forget her nose

>>612609829Well, that wasn't well thought out was it

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>>612610879guess you're going to have to, use your... princess knowledge to figure things out from here, you're gone.

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>>612611002Hey, you get out of my wife you piece of shit.

>>612611056we're in two different realties though, you don't know where this abyss leads

>>612611002You land on a giant hoard of super mushrooms down in the pit from all the other heroes that tried to throw super mushrooms at the princess but missed. You grow big enough to grab the princess and bring her over to the other size.[True End]

>>612600961I've got a zipline ready here!

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>>612611539scout already fucked her. Enjoy sloppy seconds.

Just drag a brick over and make a bridge across with the copy tool

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>>612611320You've saved the princess user!

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>>612600961There, now she's saved.

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so how's the upskirt fetishist going to fit into this one

Cheesed to meet you


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I don’t have the time before my doctors appointment. But pretend I posted melee marth grab

>>612612634After both of your effects wore off, her reward for saving her

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>>612621294couldn't help myself

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>>612622941lean over the ledge just a bit and look up

>>612609909honestly funny.>>612617178ok but y though?>>612618549stalkery vibes>>612622941>>612624778UPSKIRT FAG! I KNOW THAT'S YOU!

>>612622941>can look beneath her skirtHot


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>>612600961ya snooze ya looze

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>>612627910You nappa you slappa

>>612607997Stand behind her and use the unrelenting force dragon shout to get her to the other side, if she doesn't die on impact she should send help to get me out

>>612627979You slumber a cucumber

>>612622941>>612626803well, outside of you miraculously surviving from her falling on you. She'll grant you your request, but she's a bit shy about other people noticing, specially the house over there, how about a more suitable location?

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>>612627791is that ELMA?

>>612627543i gotcha user

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>>612627910ya snore'd ya abhor'd

>>612628604What's in the hoouuseee

>>612628738shoulda made the blue portal smaller, to make the output of the orang one bigger

>>612629595>resizing the portals resizes anything that goes through themHot


>>612629254What is in the house?

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>>612630868ur gonna doo doo at your bones and they're going to spook u

>>612628738>>612630868KEKthis is so stupidI love it

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>so heres the plan, the ice will be rather blocky and not stay too long so im just gonna cover you in this so the ride is way smoother, remember to not go head first>ahhh no, those are just vanity>anyway, HEADS UP

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>>612630826No idea.

>>612600961/tp @p ~ ~3 ~5

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>>612632010You've found another mouse, but no princess, behind him is a, oh, that's a really big piece of cheese

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>>612615000Nice trips senpai

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>>612632502Ask him What happened to his eye

>>612633130Says he got out clean with only just a bad eye injury from a fall from trying to get cheese many years ago. He also asks what you're doing here more importantly.

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>>612600961How did you even get there?

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>>612634016Compliment him on the accomplishment and ask to borrow some flour.

>>612634016Tell him we just rescued the Princess of the Kingdom and have come here for life-saving sex.Ask him politely if he's got a barn or somewhere else we can low key bang while pretending the place is empty.If he protests call upon the most ancient and venerable bro-code.

>>612634640i want to squeak her cheek

>>612600961>Do mind to not fall down into the abyss.huh?

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>>612600961Don't worry, I'm an expert at impossible jumps!

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>>612634693Hasn't got any flour, unfortunately.>>612634719Says there's nothing here but that of just a vast amount of land, so much so that you might as well be in the middle of nowhere, but also wants know who we is and where the princess you just saved is.

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>>612636038>where the princess you just saved is.'Go outside and take a look. And which way is the nearest town? I'll get a piggy back'>Time to ride the princess in an entirely different sense of the word.

>>612636038Ask him for a curve-expanding ray gun, but don't use it if he has it.

>>612636621>Not using it on his ears just because you can.Weak.

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>>612637702dunno what i'm looking at.

>>612636286He's shocked at first when he saw her, being such a size and all. he'd said that if you head north both of you should be there in about an hour from now.He also asked if he could come with you since he's never been able to see the area he's explored so much from such a high view.

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>>612637702oh my...

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>>612638042Tell him that honestly we're planning to get up to some really kinky and fucked up stuff once we get there. He can get a lift but come on dude, don't cockblock.Then ask the princess if we can get a cleavage ride. It's a once in a life time chance after all.


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>>612600961Just climb down and climb up the other side. Much safer than jumping.

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I cant draw for shitbut my idea is that he uses cheese and she floats to him tom&jerry style

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>>612639493Well, onwards and outwards to the north as suggested.

>>612639758i gotcha user

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>>612640085What did he mean by this?


>>612639632>climb upyeah about that h-haha


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>>612640085>Animator vs. Animation

>>612641992You've arrived, and much sooner than expected, this town looks more like a village and very much abandoned, but no matter.Do you continue with your previous suggestion, the princess isn't informed of your "wants" and only knew of rewarding you with an upskirt.

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>>612640085Use the right click menu as a bridge and climb over.

>>612642123>>612627910These ones made me laugh so hard

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>>612644125Come to think of it, we're in her dress already aren't we?Just wiggle on down.

>>612644125if we're under her clothes then we don't need to be neurotic about the other rat watching us, we can always ask her about other kinky shit later

>>612644125While she's distracted crawl down to her butt

>>612621294no time to finishfiles.catbox.moe/0amxr3.png


>>612644510based abstract viewer

>>612645565Hopefully it stays afloat awhile longer, It'll get there, I hope.Always nice to see you in these threads.

>>612643623It's okay, there's about an 80% chance user is a robot.

>>612645079Surprised by your actions, she wasn't expecting this, careful of what you do now because she's a lot bigger than you.

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>>612646582Use the ray gun

>>612646963Didn't bring one and better yet you can't see a thing in the dark.


>>612646582Sing the theme to Attack on Titan while going about the necessary.

Flys and grabs her with my jetpack. Then I go to Lord bad guy’s island, and turn in her for money.

>>612647149I activate my night vision goggles and go in her panties

>>612647298you do have some, and now she's on fire, I don't know about you on the other hand.

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>>612648027We did it Reddit

>>612648027Watch her clothes burn off

>>612603712But now you and the princess shall both surely die

>>612648027That lake is looking awfully inviting at this moment

>>612648619That's not a lake tho, seems like a circus ball, there may be a seal under it juggling it on its nose

>>612648619That's a deep lake, how fortunate

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>>612649223Shit, best swim out of there before we drown.Unless there are any mermaids down here?Are there mermaids down here?


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>>612649580She found you, but you're out cold.>>612650578anatomy and perspective is hard with a limited amount of pixels, and I'm no artist

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>>612650886Well, at least she's not upset at us for giving her a surprise brazillian.


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>>612650886I was not complaining, just wanted to calc the sizes while waiting for the next drawing. I really enjoy this kind of threads so thanks


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so is that a dub?

>>612650886Bottom of a lake probably doesn't make for the best setting to look up a giant rat princess' dress

these threads have been garbage now that only giantess and fatfags make art

>>612653917hey buddy, i made at least 3 non-fetish related contributions

I would draw some extended, indulgent weight gain sequence but the mouse princess doesn't tick my boxes. Sorry.

>>612642123good shit


>>612651949enter it

>>612654426here's a compilation from another thread of the same princess but different scenario

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>>612656403High quality humor user I enjoyed the little details





>>612640085>xp holy boomer


>>612611539If the mouse aint rock & stone, she aint coming home!

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THIS IS THE MOST HIGH QUALITY THREAD ON Holla Forums holy shit I can't stop laughing at the stuff that Holla Forumsros posted on here

>>612646383*sensible chuckle*

>>612600961I'm not drawing it because it'd take too long, but I send her a party invite, aggro a goblin, pull it to the ledge, let it build TP on me, let it bomb toss me until it kills her, then I one-shot the goblin, tractor her to my side and raise her.



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>>612639632>>612643623All goes according to plan

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>>612666884Did I seriously find you again? i mean i hope so because if you're not the drawfag from a certain /vg/ general i'm thinking of then this is gonna be awkward


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>>612667698yes. its the same one. how do we keep meeting like this.

>>612667998Guess it's kind of inevitable two people who frequent princess threads will eventually meetdoes this warrant a request like last time or are you sticking by never drawing upskirts again?


>>612668408>spoileryeah I'm sticking to my word. anything else is fair game.

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>>612668640Aw, well i suppose there's nothing stopping me from asking for teen ampy upskirt minus the upskirt part

>>612668997send a image over there and i'll do it. don't want to get this thread too off topic.

>>612600961easy, just shoot her and wait 24 hours to force her to respawn at the castle

>>612669216I don't have an image on hand but i can ask for one and you can nab it from there


>>612600961I put too much effort into this.

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the thread I wanted to originally posted this in died and I never got to post it so I'm posting it here

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>>612669807Lel>>612670312Marth grab never makes me not laugh

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>>612648141"lol">Said the wizard"lmao

>>612635670DAMN IT!


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bump perhaps?


>>612677804Let me come up with an idea and I'll draw it

>>612678113Mountainous Pussy?

>>612678113Moth pussy?

>>612679219>Moth pussy

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>>612640085I remember there was an old flash game where this exact thing was the solution to a puzzle

>>612680825It was in a lot, but you're probably thinking of the impossible game


>>612656403I consider myself a lucky man for having borne witness to such hilarity. These are truly the chemo that is saving Holla Forums

i crave for more giant pussy

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>>612686150>>612685912ok we get it

bump. don't make me start fatfagging

>>612687202looks like you might have to

>>612606080Pesaroso sea el corazón Penitente


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Hmmm... mouse princess.... I started this in an earlier thread.files.catbox.moe/y1mn8b.png

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>>612688517Very nice

>>612690543MY EYES

>>612688008i really don't want to. but if i have to, i will.


>>612690684OH N-

>>612691060Gee, thanks.... I guess that's what I get for not doing line art....i.imgur.com/GxkQY80.pnghttps://files.catbox.moe/6h017k.png

>>612691625That is an improvement but also not my thing.Now if it was a scalie, thatd be a different tale.

>>612691121Don't. Weight gain isn't my thing. Like thick girl though, but not weight gain. Weird I know.

>>612691625hot damn

>>612691625>>612690543>furry attention whore tries to shill his artkill yourself


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>>612691864but weight gain is one of the best parts

>>612691121DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT!

>>612691121Do fatfagging in the thighs, not the belly

>>612693190>>612693372>>612688008>>612692757why are fatfags always shoving their fetish into everything

>>612688517Hot dog that is awesomeYou made the mouse princess even cuter too

>>612694754They're used to shoving

>>612690684based engineerchad


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>>612694754I don't like fat, I like huge thighs

>>612627910>Correct me if I'm wrong but are you asking for a challeeeeeeenge?!

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>>612692757>>612687202Here, I saved the Mouse Princess and I did it without weight gain.

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>>612703982Pop her


>>612703982Based. now make her bigger so she can escape faster.>>612704183...Based.