Have you played Ryza's game?

Have you played Ryza's game?

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>>612592337Nah. It looks kinda boring and apparently the story and characters are super generic and shit.

played the first 30 minutes earlier and needed to fap after the first minute

>>612592337Played it and I can't fap to Ryza anymore. She's too cute and wholesome and motivates me to follow my dreams and cherish my time with my friends while I still have them

I have played Ryza's game


Should I buy the second one or pirate? All the DLC is off-putting but I like cute costumes.

>>612592337I'm playing Ryza 1 now.It's super cozy and relaxing.

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I will never play Ryza's game

>>612593543Yes you will

>>612592337Ryza is big!

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>>612594875Imagine the thigh squeezing

>>612592337>first game has her in a non sexualized outfit only women play it >somewhere down the line hoe her up >coomers pick up the game >women who played the game to begin with start to bitch about the hordes of coomers>i still dont play it because I hate jrpg art styles

>>612595808>women who played the game to begin with start to bitch about the hordes of coomersExample?

>>612595672the thickestthe plumpest

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>>612592337Ryza's got a game???

>>612596034I remember a couple of threads when the first game where they sluted her up had a bunch of women bitching I didnt save shit because i really dont care >inb4 why are you hereno ones taking my bait in other threads so just thought id share something I remembered about this game and actually try to contribute to a thread

>>612596221She's got two and a third in the making!

>>612595808Coomers were there from the day Ryza 1 was announced.

>>612596214Have you ever wanted to be a bench?

>>612592337Yes, and it's very good.

>>612592337I tried. Three times. It's the dullest game since Sophie.

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just finished 2. i liked it overall but thought it was weaker than the first. the journey in 1 is just much stronger, the ruins were kinda lame even if they looked neat. i hope they can recapture the spirit of 1 with 3

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>>612596263It could've been male anons who just liked the Atelier series for what it was or trannies. What female fans I've seen don't like coomerfags, but they don't hate women being attractive

>>612596579I like the setting and characterization. Reminds me of Sunshine.

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>>612596825>but they don't hate women being attractiveoh i didnt say that just that they were pissed off at how coomers took over their game made me kek

>>612592337I'll play this game when I can finally play as Bos and impregnate Ryza fertile body

>>612595205>WHEATYwhat do you mean by this?

>>612592337I dropped it 2 years ago before 2 was released. But Ryza's design in 2 was far superior than 1 and 3 is even better so I'm currently replaying it from the start.My initial reason why I dropped it is because the story is boring but I just learned how to manually activate 2x game speed in CE with the use of hotkey and now I'm having fun. I could at least tolerate the boring story than the utterly shit plot in other jrpgs like Tales and Trails.

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>>612592337Yes.And it's not great. Generic story and forgettable characters. Boring gameplay and world exploration.


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1/4th of the first one.I'll do them all eventually.

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>>612597995Ryza is a big girl!

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>>612594632Nope; might fap to the fanart though

>>612592416It's a shitty Japanese game where the only draw at all is the character design. And people on this board are literally willing to shill out money just to look at polygons. Why do you think they give the character so many outfits in dlc? Because there's nothing else to enjoy about this.

>>612592337Still doing my legendary run of 2.Do you guy keep notes yourself of where to find stuff? Because the in-game catalog is kinda trash only telling you the general area and I am losing track of where a good spot for stuff is.

>>612597078Bos is for Kino, and Ryza and Klaudia will use alchemy in order to have a child together.

>>612596908riko is meant for chika!

>>612599934yeah a child made out of horse shit and human semen

>>612592337I loved 1 but 2's story was garbage. Good thing Gust realized this and brought back 1's writer for Ryza 3.

>>612592337No. It looks mediocre

>>612592337I'll just stick to the lewds.Speaking of which, please post more.

>>612601538depending on where 3 goes 2 will probably turn out to be completely superfluous. really not anything of worth happens and the major character development happens in 1, with them telling us where the characters will go in the future. now we see them in 2 but they barely do anything with them so you might as well have only met them again in 3. and the new characters in 2 are meh. clifford is a bro tho

>>612602283The Fi stuff might be relevant if Fi returns (which he should).

>>612602752What was Fi's deal anyway? I never played 2.

What kind of official Ryza toys would you like to see get made?

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Started playing 1 since it’s on sale, trying to get through it far enough to see if I should grab 2 while it’s still on sale. I like it so far, the beginning was definitely slow but by the time you’re being allowed to find your own ingredients on that first island and synthesize your first equipment I feel the gameplay loop has started pretty well. I’m so glad I don’t have to stress about time anymore like in the Arland series.

>>612598232> chest and hips get smaller each incarnationcursed

OK so I get Ryza's thighs are nice an all I've already coomed to her once or twice before, but how's the actual games?I've never played an Atelier game before. Is the general gameplay very good?Does it have great combat?Is there a good story to get you invested? Interesting characters? Great soundtrack? I liked Persona 5, Dragon Quest 11, Trails of Cold Steel 1-4 which I played very recently. How does Atelier match up to those turn-based games?

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>>612599458Big enough for me and you!

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>>612603773a plushie

>>612596579dumb fucking nicoposter

post more giant ryza pls


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>>612604946if the crafting and collecting and attempts at making broken and valuable items pulls you in youll have a nice story and characters to surround it and follow through three games.it is not a storytelling masterpiece and the combat can be basic and difficulty leaves something to be desired.in essencelook up an overview summary or video of the alchemy and try it based on how much that interests you


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im still stuck at atelier shallie...

>>612607340Just skip it and start Ryza

How waifu trash phone game is this? Like we talking PS1 era JPRG like Grandia or Legend of Dragoon? Or we talking modern era JRPG where it's basically just a dev's masturbation fantasy with gameplay?I'd like to play it if it's the former

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>>612592337Played and cleared both. The games were pretty easy unless you purposely set to higher difficulties (which are locked behind New Game+). The alchemy in 2 was absurdly easier than 1's. I liked the battle system in 2 better than 1 too.

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>>612609881The battle system was definitely better in 2. Much more polished.

is ryza a good "first" jrpg? I've obviously played some pokemon games, but beyond that I can't think of any turn based jrpg I played enough to say I actually played it.

>>612611635Yes! Atelier games in general make for good "first" JRPGs.

>>612597995Faggot shit

I walk in and my wives look at me, hungry for my love. I pat them both on the head and plant a kiss on their soft lips. This time, I decide to take Ryza first. She loves doggy so I turn her around and bend her over. She eagerly spreads her wet pussy to welcome my dick. As is plunge into her, Klaudia doesn’t want to be left out and starts sloppily kissing me. I pound Ryza’s pussy hard, she softly moans into a pillow. As she cums, her pussy clamps down on my cock and I spray her insides with my seed. She slumps down, with her ass still in the air, satisfied with my gift of semen. Klaudia has waited long enough and begs me for sex. I lay her on her back and slowly insert my member into her wet pussy. Our eyes are locked staring at each other with love. Her legs wrap around me, she wants it inside. As we exchange saliva, I spurt a massive load of my love deep in her womb. Tears of happiness start to well in her eyes as she accepts my semen. I pull out and lay down next to her, holding her hand. Ryza has recovered from her ecstasy and clings to my arm. We all go to sleep. They are both now pregnant. I love my wives and they love me.

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>>612611635I honestly think that the Ryza games are way too easy to be a person's first jrpg.

imagine the weight, nay, the HEFT of her posterior on your face

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Reisalin is for marriage and impregnation in that order.


>>612592337Both games runs great at maximum graphic settings with my ryzen 3 1200, gtx 1060ti and 8 gigs of ram. The loading time for first and continual boot is also fast, even though I had a HDD during this time. The map loads fast too, including moving from place to place. However, I kind of regret playing the first game with a keyboard, since it is from a console port.The alchemy aspect for the first game was pretty confusing at first, but after searching through guides such as loop synthesis, best traits, gem reduction and rebuilding, you can create some broken equipments early on. It is the same for the second one, except they added a few things, such as basic item requirements and essences. You learn fairly quickly in the second game, if you know what to do in the first one.For the battle encounters, the first one was kind of lackluster, but the second game improves a lot, in terms of ATB pacing and AP accumulation. The enemy literally can't do anything in the second game, with good party composition, items and equipments.The story is nothing to write home about, since both games have nearly the same story and plot. The BGMs are phenomenal in both games. I absolutely love Hometown Island and Bashfully Across the Ledge, for the first game. For the second one, Skipping Along the Cobblestones and City of Stars Reflected in the Water gives me eargasm.Overall, the game is super fun to play, especially the alchemy. I spend a lot of time being autistic on the alchemy alone and willing to find materials with the best traits for better equipments.

>>612613396Forgot to mentioned that, I played hard difficulty on both games on the first run

>>612613515any difficulty in Ryza is hard difficulty

>>612613598Yeah, those thighs are something else, especially when you're using her summer costume. Literally diamond hard

>>612595672Last thing an office building sees before turning into rubble

>>612612879Instructions unclear, waited until the priest said I could kiss the bride before impregnating her on the altar. I think her husband was upset.

I'd play this but>males in the party


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>>612614028just mod them out bro


>>612614028Bruh, you can have an all female party in the game

>>612613795Her everything is something else, her thighs wouldn't be so amazing and hotdog-able if she wasn't a literal fertility goddess from head to toe.

>>612609881Damn, who's the artist user? The artist literally able to capture Ryza's elegance in this one.

>>612614206I bet she's able to crush someone's head with both her chest and thighs in the third game

I need Ryza to cuck me.

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>>612614028its annoying but its also very obvious the girls see them as lamps so it tolerable. also the series has always had male side characters so i'm not gonna throw a fit about it.

Where do I find nude/skimpy outfit mods for this game without going to that vox faggot's patreon?

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>>612614540With Samuel?

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>>612599614the combat is really funthe crafting is fun even if its bustedthe gathering is fun and ties everything togetherthe enviroments are well made and interesting to exploreryza's hot and that's definitely what initially attracted me to the game, but i stayed for what turned out to be a pretty engaging package overall

>>612614803>virtually no porn of her being bred by Samuel>some of it doesn't even have him tagged even though it's clearly him fucking hergoddamnit why

>>612614803with anyone she wants!

>>612614936The weirdest thing is that, some people literally shipped her with Lent


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>>612615059It's much hotter shipping her with a man twice her age and size desu


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>>612615164meant for >>612614356

>>612615145She's still able to crush his head desu

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>>612614028>use mods to replace all character models with ryza's>only klaudia even remotely still 'works', the rest are janky and lanky as fuck.

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>>612599614>It's a shitty Japanese game where the only draw at all is the character designso another japanese game?

>>612592337I played a little of it, Ryza and her friends aren't very interesting she's only good for porn

>>612615143For Bos of course

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>>612614803>>612614936Never played the games but is it eentirely out of left field or does the samuel character in the game act like this

>>612616317Nah, he's just a father who neglected his son, due to his past as an ex-mercenary

>>612615127I'd kill for a view like this

>>612615265Would've share a beer with ya, if I'm not broke. Thanks user

>>612616285I can't wait for their interactions.

>>612617024Here user. A small taste of the forbidden nectar:youtu.be/-7Sg3LCFTMU

>>612614034Getting eaten alive by Ryza!

Sophie is adorable, while Ryza is hot beyond belief. I would really like these girls to serve me like this.

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I heard that the PC version of Ayesha is fucked up, is this true?

>>612617806I would really like to make Reisalin a mother while holding hands

>>612617378How does he put up with her?

>>612618140but putting it in her

>>612618140By being a tsun-tsun desu

>>612618091>Hand holdingT-that's lewd user-kun!!

>>612618140It's simple. When Lent or another guy does it, he one-ups them. When a girl does it, he calls them a ho. But when Ryza does it, it secretly makes him happy. Even though he can't ever admit it, he wishes she'd do it more.


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>>612596579can't relate tbqdesu. The only previous Atelier I finished a playthrough of was Meruru on Vita and found it pretty dull. Played maybe 20 minutes of Ayesha and couldn't force myself to continue. Meanwhile Ryza immediately sucked me in much to my surprise. Maybe it's just because my tastes have changed with time or something and I'd enjoy them more now, but Meruru and Ayesha put me off of trying Ryza for years.


>>612592337Only the first one.>>612602283Sounds bad when I'm still debating even playing the 2nd game. I didn't hate the first one but it also didn't ignite any passion for it.

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ryza is for klaudia thoits even canon

>>612621335I wonder who could be behind this post.

>>612592337I have. I will stick to the porn only.


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do atelier game share universe?

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>>612621970I took like 3 different pics during this seen last night kek. They knew what they were doing.

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>>612621970The whole franchise, no. The series, yes. However, there are some outliers such as Atelier Iris 3, in which doesn't have any connection to 1 & 2.

>>612622361*scene fucking brain problems

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>>612622595do we know if the game just takes place in one giant zones that has different eco systems in it?

>>612622595Those powerful thighs took the massive drops like they were nothing

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>Have you played Ryza's game?No, I refuse to buy an Atelier game for over $20 especially since they seem to be getting easier and easier.

>>612623025It balances out a bit if you try the highest difficulty. For the games that lock it behind a game clear, try this site:barrelwisdom.com/blog/atelier-pc-saves

>>612614818I like how you couldn't even help but admit that you only played it because it's generic shitty coom bait. At least you're honest unlike most faggot weebs

>>612623290What a weird seethe. Not only did he never call it generic or shitty, but most of us have said we got lured into the game by the coomkino and were surprised by how fun the actual game is.

>>612592337No, my pc can't handle it + I will get the DX version in a few years.I am playing Sophie now to relax

>>612623186What does the 2nd playthrough mode offer in terms of difficulty? Last one I beat was Sophie and I remember I didn't have to manage my time at all to the point I was sleeping for weeks.

>>612623625>my pc can't handle ittry thissteamcommunity.com/app/1121560/discussions/0/3186864655198308729/#c3385030647948229210the thread is specifically for the Deck, but it works for any potato PC. It doubled my framerate with a very simple drag-and-drop.

>>612623657Just battles really, but that means you enemies can keep up more with your alchemy autism and you aren't constantly steamrolling them (unless you already know some truly broken shit).

>>612622595anon, can depth of field be disabled? its like someone came in me fucking eyes

The older games used to enforce time limits and shit. They were more video gamey.Every single indie survival crafter from RUST to Minecraft has ripped off Atelier's alchemy/crafting system, wittingly or not. No you don't get a tire iron by combining two pieces of scrap metal you found in a trashbin--not unless you're thinking with ALCHEMY!

>>612624065You could in Sophie 2, I'm guessing Ryza 3 will be the same.

>>612624134The first atelier time limit was a joke:youtu.be/yPOmbnAu0gAAtelier Iris series and Mana Khemia didn't even have time limits.

i hope they updated their engine a bit. ryza games so far drop framerates like a rock even on high end graphics card in certain places like the city centers. goes straight to 57 from 144.

>>612624634try >>612623893

How breedable is Ryza out of ten

>>612592337playing arland first before moving onto the newer games, it's cute so far and the time limit doesn't feel brutal but it does feel like i'm wasting a lot of days

>>612624879I wanted Bos to make her pregnant/10

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How would she react if someone hit on her

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>>612625279she wouldn't because she's oblivious

>>612592337yes. they were fun

>>612625279There's an user from previous Ryza thread, that he saw a manga where Bos was flirting with her. She was embarrassed beyond belief. Dunno if this thing exists somewhere, or it is just another silly fanfic from user

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>>612625279>>612625982>>612626160This one is more legit tho, since she's always trying to matchmake the others without even realising there's someone has interest in her

>>612626195Bos' other wife

I regret getting it on Switch because it runs like ass, never finished Ryza 1.Is it any better on Steam Deck?

How old was Ryza in the first game and how old is she now?The shota was like 15/16 in the first game and was 17/18 in the second.

>>612627486Does it really? I got it for my gf on Switch and she's about to start it since 3 is coming soon.

>>612627810Tao is 19 now.Ryza was 17 in 1 and will be 21 in 3.

>>612627810Ryza and Klaudia are both 17 in 1, 20 in 2, 21 in 3.Tao was 15, 18 in 2, 19 in 3.Lent was 18, 21, 22.Empel and Lila are probably some immortal motherfuckers.


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>>612628743Love her first outfit. Really fits her young elegance. Not really a fan on the second and third one.

>>612629028>Ryza 1"Should this ojou-sama character really be fighting?">Ryza 3"Don't get too close to that femme-fatale."

>>612592337Pirated the first one, couldn't get into it. Got three faps out of it at least. Also, Japanese voice acting sucks if you're not a brainwashed weeb.

>>612629291>should this ojou-sama be fighting>when girls like Karin Kanzuki exist already

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>>612627486Yes but you need >>612623893

I love my wife Reisalin Stout!

>>612592337Convince me why I should play the series. I like KH, Kiseki, FF, Yakuza 7 and Xenoblade

>>612629786Totori would lose this tube.

>>612629291Still can't play her flute in public, that's why she switched to bows

>>612629786Good thing she didn't spill any of that ultra concentrated growth potion on herself.

>>612625197holy shit now those are some thighs. I'd even dare say they went TOO far.

>>612592337No. Should I?

>>612630781So that's how Tao grew up so fast

>>612631001Tao grew thanks to Patty's juices.

>atelier games barely on radar, never heard anything about the series before despite it's 25 years old>the couple games I'd seen go by online or in a store had protags on the cover that looked extra girly, looking like a game meant for girls (Lulua, for a good example)>ryza comes out>suddenly start hearing noise about the series for once due to coomers>well she does look pretty hot>hey the gameplay actually looks pretty comfy, maybe it's a fun game>buy it and enjoy it, and ryza's really hot/cute as a bonus>buy 2 later, also like it, ryza got even hotter as a bonus>will be buying 3 and having fun again along with being crushed by thighs as a bonus>also started buying some non-ryza atelier games now that I know they are funThis sort of thing makes gatekeepers seethe

>>612630781>Good thing she didn't spill any of that ultra concentrated growth potion on herself.too late for that user

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>>612631178I still want an Atelier Musou, Warriors All-Stars was fucking garbage

>>612631178I also do heard about some anons said that this game was made for girls, and they were seething over the coomers taking over their game.

>>612631680Atelier wasn't a game for girls, however it's true that it had a decent female fanbase compared to other JRPG franchises, something comparable to Rune Factory more or less.

>>612621335Kys faggot. Atelier is straight now

>>612632043>comparable to RFNo way this is true with the way the games treat the male characters.

>>612630781Too bad others aren't as careful with her ultra concentrated shrink potion

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>>612626195Why did they take her cool flute magic and replace it with a shitty bow?

>>612632043True dat. Even the first atelier, Atelier Marie, had her wearing a clothes that reveals a lot of skin, which shows who is the first targeted demographics they want to sell to.

>>612632575She's always been conscious about her playing it in public. So, that is why they decided to switch it with a bow

>>612592337>run around collect shit>go to atelier>missing shit>go back>run around collect shit>go to atelier>shit low elemental mats >go back>run around collect shit>go to atelier>finally make the item>rinse and repeatthere are better crafting games

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>>612632904Why the golden arrows are pointing to her boobs?

>>612603773What's going on here? How come I can see all the way through her thighs and into the wood she's sitting on? Her ass and thighs should be squishing up underneath. Shit art.

>>612632575Did you expect her to beat her enemies to death with a flute or something?

>>612632769irony being ryza 1 probably has one of the easiest quality loops from any I've played.

>>612633375>This way for paizuri!!

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>>612634261>keys are a consumableI guess it makes sense, and will probably be ok as long as it isn't 100% complete rng bullshit.

>>612592337Yes and i loved it but the ending is so sad.I also wish that they didnt butcher her design in the sequels

Question: What is the cheapest way to get all the DLC without pirating? Because 98€ for all of it seems a bit much.

>>612635026For ryza 2 at least, the 'main' dlc of note is buying the deluxe edition (or ultimate edition, at which point you have all the dlc anyway), which comes with the kurken island area dlc. Said dlc isn't available individually at all, and realistically speaking it offers a distinct early advantage in damn near every single way since you can access materials there much earlier than normally.If you don't care about that, I'd say dont bother with the dlc stuff but while I own the dlcs I haven't actually played them so eh.

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>>612636548Dang, is this originally from toridamono himself?

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>>612635638Well, thanks for answering about 2 but I was talking about the first one in the series.Besides the season pass, I see 2 story DLCs that don't seem to include in either the deluxe edition or season pass, So they might be the only thing worth getting as well.

holy shit imagine the amount of black men who ran in her fat booty

when is the best time to do the dlcs? immediately to get the rewards soon or how do you guys do it?

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>>612637032Not him, but the story dlcs are very short and pretty pointless. Only worth it if you have money to burn and LOVE Klaudia and Lila/Empel enough to buy an overpriced 2 hour tops experience for each. Only thing worthwhile in 1's dlc is the hard area dlc, since it's the closest one to actual content, but it's again like a couple hours of your time more at best. And the extra bosses you fight in it are just reskinned enemies from the base game, nothing new or special. It's just if you liked the game so much you want to spend a couple more hours on it. Basically, unless you're a turbocoomer who also really wants the swimsuits bad, the dlc pass nor any of its parts are worth the excessive price point they're sold for.

Ryza has drained me dry so many times.

>>612637772Howshe barely has doujins and none are good

thegamer.com/atelier-ryza-3-interview-junzo-hosoi-and-shinichi-abiko-on-the-upcoming-jrpg-sequel/>The open field itself was a big challenge and something completely new! It is something that we have never done before. In Atelier Firis we tried to do something like this, but this time we took a brand-new look at it to do something entirely new and challenging for us.Ryza confirmed to be the next Firis?

>>612632904Do her flesh hair ear things work like erections?

>>612636947There is at least 1 litre of semen in all of their bellies

>>612638124>Ryza confirmed to be the next Firis?I hope so. Firis was the best. Too bad they won't bring back the time limit.

>>612592337I did not.

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ryza's feet in my mouth

>>612639457Licking Ryza's feet and sucking on her lovely toes!


>>612623893>crashes on launchwelp


>>612627872The game looks and runs perfectly fine on Switch. Not sure what he's on about.

>>612632575i guess they wanted to show how the characters had matured in the 3 year timeskipKlaudia now enters combat with aggressive intent. Before she just played her flute in the background, it was always sort of funny to imagine she's "fighting" that wayTao dropped the big-ass maul in favor of dual-wielding. Now that one made me sad because a dude with a maul is an atypical JRPG character. Sure, Lent would've made more sense as he's a big and strong dude and smashing with a maul would be a pretty fucking chad move, whereas Tao started a pipsqueak when dual-wielding daggers would've made more sense from a physique point of view.

>>612638649>japanese shadman

Lady Reisalin-sama...


Currently playing Atelier Sophie, bros. What am I in for?

>>612650373Not much

>>612650373A "back to the basics" kind of game with an amazing OST and questionable progression system.The other games of the Mysterious arc aim for more unique gimmicks.

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ryza a cute

I'm cuter

I’m going to fuck the book.


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Just started Ryza and having fun with the game, I thought atelier games were about making money and stressful managing resources but it seems this game is more relaxed.

>>612654540that fucking ass my fucking dick

>>612654747Ryza is very beginner friendly. If you want time management play the Arland games. Dusk games have it too but its so easy you can beat the games with a year+ of free time.

>>612654867l just wanted to play a relaxing JRPG so I'll stay with ryza, any level of managment just makes me anxious.


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>>612638649>bleachedBased but minus points for the tattoos.


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>>612657571>"I'm gonna rape my player-san, don't say a word."

How do you say “Plachta”?

Mana Khemia 3 where?

>Bully wins and fucks the main girl

My wives Ryza and Klaudia

I dropped it back when it released cos nothing clicked.Tried it again last week and for some reason it just all makes sense. Made it to the tower and have just made the 3rd tier of fire bomb with all effects maxed out. I'm really liking the alchemy autism and it's a really relaxing game to play.

>>612592337I want to but I can't force my self to play turn based games :(

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>>612592337Yes and I'm ashamed to admit I bought the game with my dick. It sucks

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3 release date when?

>>612664886It's already confirmed.

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>>612665071I wonder how whoever drew the box art feels about Giantess Ryza becoming a meme because of the fucked up perspective of the people in the bottom left


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>>612666616>Giantess Ryza becoming a meme

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Is Ryza 3 going to have the oldest average team in a jrpg ever

>>612592337I will when she arrives in AL. :^)

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should I stop after playing sophie's second game? or should I complete the whole mysterious narrative? the earlier ateliers don't look as appealing

>>612592337After reading that doujin I can't imagine this character as anything else as a horny, perverted, degenerate cumdumpster.

>>612667732Why are you even playing THE filler game instead of the other games first

>>612660342Bos is a cool dude, a diligent guy and bullis Ryza to maintain equal position to her. Everyone else tends to roll over and go along with her whims.

>>612665071pure mini giantess kino

>>612667614Imagine her sitting on a bench on a hot sunny day, then she gets up, then you want to sit but then smell something funny haha then you get closer to catch a better whiff but it's gross haha

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>>612668374>Imagine her sitting on an anti homeless bench


>>612621970Yes, at least partially or different countries. Played Ryza 1 and 2, Lulua and Sophie 1 and so far I noticed>Logy from Esch & Logy appears on Sophie 1 as blacksmith>A traveler appears on ArHollow in Lulua telling you she wants to sell foreign goods. She is Romy from Ryza 1 and 2. Same model and job>Pamela appears on every fucking game

>>612668152What would Bos' response be to this?

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>>612668163Mini? She looks several stories tall. That's just regular giantess.

>>612592337I don't understand the alchemy mechanism.

>>612672482And you don't seem to understand

It's Dragon Quest (boring) with one of the best crafting systems I've ever encountered.Averages out to be a really comfy but occasionally sloggy game. If that sounds alright to you then it's probably gonna be a good time.

>>612673821A shame, he seemed an honest man.

>>612673821>>612674373W-what?Please elaborated, i don't understand what i don't understand.

>>612674648Are you falling? Are you fading? Have you lost it all?Sorry user, got a bit /a/ in here.

>>612631178Same. When I heard about Ryza 1 I didnt care about her desgin but her world design was so comfy I couldnt miss it. Now Im played both Ryzas games, Lulua and Im midgame Sophie DX (though its boring). I want to finish Sophie 2 and Firis DX before Ryza 3 comes out.

>>612631178Okay, but you went beyond buying Ryza's games and fapping to her thighs so honestly, you're just walking through the gate on your own.

>>612592337should i play atelier ryza first or atelier marie

>>612592337how do these games actually play? Are they just turn based jrpgs? Is there a gimmick?

>>612677112I just started playing yesterday, seems to be centered around collecting every shiny thing in the environment and then using them for your alchemy. I made a bomb that basically just obliterates anything, dunno if late game the game becomes more broken with high level alchemy and using material with busted traits.

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Why the lack of Ryza doujins?

>>612678706Lady Ryza-sama...

>>612623893Crashes on both Ryza 1 and 2. I'm using 1050ti.

>>612592337I hear its just more yurishit so I dont want to

>>612592337No but I know enough about it to tell that it's bland as fuck, and that Klaudia is painfully gay

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>>612684184I miss the flute. They should've given us the option to have her either use a bow or flute.

>>612683832It's not bland

wheaty feet

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What happens in 2's story?

Giant Ryza...

>>612691443Ryza fucks Patty's father for a free room.

>>612671714Assuming he even got on the boat in the first place, he wouldn't be the one rowing and would tell her off if Ryza tried to order him around

>>612693831I feel like with the way Bos is now he'd end up giving in to Ryza.

>>612692914you could say he pattied her cake

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>>612660342You just described one of the most common Shoujo romance trope.

>>612694117Nah even in Ryza 2 Bos was still pretty defiant. Even giving him that energy potion took some effort (less than usual though) and that was for his own benefit.

>>612697213>immediately drinks it when he finds out Ryza made itIt was a good scene.

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>>612617378I fucking love her face here

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>>612697481Ryza seems happy about it

What is Klaudia feeding her?




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>>612700695Hot and hot

If I want a setting that's Trails in the Sky levels of comfy will I like this? I mean more in the sense of atmosphere rather than worldbuilding.