Phone Bank 4 Bernie

from the comfort of your home, because you're a lazy NEET with nothing better to do.


What you need:
-Desktop/laptop/tablet with charger.
-Mobile phone, with charger, or Google Voice to call for free (land lines only I believe).
-An Internet connection.

1. Go to
If you want to look at any of the instructions there feel free. If you're not with a group it can be helpful.
2. Select a state to call into and get your login credentials. They're randomly generated every day.
3. If you want, you can also sign up at to track your stats.
4. Open up the calling script for that state available above the link to get your credentials.
5. Go to and find the state there, figure out whether it's caucus or primary, and what hours the voter needs to get to the poll. Also important whether they can register same-day or not, and whether they need to be a registered Democrat. There's lots of information they might need on that page.
6. Log in to the phone system. You will get a phone number and a PIN. Call the number and enter the PIN.
7. Set yourself to 'Ready' and wait for a call.
8. Follow the script!

-Don't try to bond with the other person unless they open up, you are not a human to most people you're calling. Stick to the script.
-Hide your power level, don't talk about socialism. This is just about getting people to vote/caucus, not demagoguery. When Sanders wins, then you can preach.
-If you speak a foreign language (especially Spanish), voters who speak that language are much more likely to listen to you than English-speaking voters.
-Like the script says, focus on the undecideds/Bernie supporters. Don't argue with anyone. Waste of time. Feel free to educate if they're curious.
-'Strong Bernie/Vol Yes' means they agreed to volunteer for bernie.
-Find events by Bernie supporters in your area at
-International comrades can phone bank too!

My local volunteer group holds phone banking events from 2-5 PDT. One user suggests these times:
- EST: 7 pm - 10 pm
- CST: 6 pm - 9 pm
- MT: 5 pm - 8 pm
- PST: 4 pm - 7 pm
Bear in mind that people may be working, making dinner, or going to sleep, so the times you can call are somewhat limited, even though the system may be open.

Other urls found in this thread:,

this thread is allowed, volunteers.

Tomorrow is March 22nd, and there are caucuses in Utah and Idaho and a primary in Arizona. Idaho is, judging by the polls, the most favorable to Bernie already, and Arizona has the biggest delegate count by far. With that in mind, tomorrow we should bomb Arizona with calls reminding people to get out to the primaries and vote. They close at 8:30 Arizona time (GMT-7) so we can call all day until then.

Idaho and Utah favor Bernie:

Arizona STRONGLY favors Clinton:

Your calls will make the difference in tipping the balance. Michigan had Clinton up by 20 points and he still won:

I'd really like to help out but I don't know if I can handle this without feeling sleazy. These are the kind of assholes that I hang up on immediately if they ever call me up.

I used to do this a lot in highschool and they eventually had to pay me to stay.

Anything for the cause though

I phonebanked for Obama in 2012 (I was still a liberal at the time, got redpilled in mid-late 2013) and it was the most boring experience of my life. Literally no one was home except for one woman who screamed at me over the phone. Somebody's gotta do it, but I'll sit out, sorry guys.

Bernie volunteers will also be on the ground in Arizona getting out the vote. I'm not sure what this entails, exactly, but I know your calls help them in some way, so feel a sense of camaraderie when you hit that Undecided button.

You will get hung up on a lot. You're not targeting people who aren't interested in your call. You're looking for people who are undecided but interested in getting out to vote, and strong Bernie supporters who need help getting to the polls/caucus. The latter will thank you for what you're doing. I've had many an old lady say kind words on my behalf after I told her her caucus location and I've only been doing this two days. Phone banking isn't about selling something. You are trying to help the kinds of people who do want your call.

Why the fuck can't we have Corbyn? I'd volunteer for him in a heartbeat.

I used to be a libertarian, and I just shilled on both sides. It really is horrible, so I applaud anyone with the heart to do this.

Also I recommend trying to find a local young dems/bernie support chapter and do this with some friends at least.

Gotta crawl before we walk. UK has had a more recent history of having a semi-competent labor/socialist movement: the US has not. If Sanders can make a splash at the very least, it will show that the position is viable in the public mind.

well that's cool for America, but it's not enough to get me to volunteer for the guy. it was conflicting enough voting for him.

If you don't mind moving the discussion to the American Politics thread I'd be interested in what exactly about his foreign policy you dislike.

I think he's improving slightly now that he has some actual advisors to school him on the current situation, but his premise of "Saudi Arabia and Turkey need to invade Syria" is fucking insane. He never mentions Kurds. His history on foreign policy is mixed. I wish we could go back to the Sanders who supported the Sandinistas, and have him update his opinions for the current era. Instead we have a guy whose passion on foreign issues has clearly eroded over the years.

Script for Non-English Speakers
We can still phone bank today, the day of the primary, but this will still be relevant as we move out to the rest of the states. In nearly every state, Spanish is the second most spoken language, followed by German. In two hours of phone banking in Kansas, I met three Spanish speakers and one Vietnamese speaker, so it will happen that you meet someone you don't share a common language with. Here's how to handle them:

Spanish: Lo siento. No hablo español. Yo soy un/a voluntario/a de la campaña de Bernie Sanders. ¿Podemos volver a llamarte más tarde? [Wait for a response, yes or no]. Gracias, adios.

'German: Es tut mir Leid. Ich spreche kein Deutsch. Ich bin ein Freiwilliger für die Bernie Sanders-Kampagne. Wollen Sie uns Sie zurückrufen später? [Wait for a response, yes or no]. Danke, auf Wiedersehen.

March 26th Phone Banking
Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington all vote on Saturday, the 26th. Hawaii's second most spoken is actually Tagalog, not Spanish. Alaska's is Yupik. Washington's third most spoken isn't German, but Vietnamese. Unfortunately, I don't have any familiarity with these languages and don't know anyone who does, either, who could help us out. If you know, it'd be great if you could write us a script.

April Phone Banking
There are four states that vote in April: Wyoming, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and New York. Wyoming and Wisconsin hold nothing new. The third most spoken language in Pennsylvania, however is Italian. In New York, it's Mandarin. Again, if someone knows Mandarin who could help us out, that'd be awesome.

NYC is gonna be a doozy. It's the most linguistically diverse city on Earth. Nearly half of all NYC residents speak different language at home. They're probably bilingual, but many are not (, so we'll need really need to be able to know how to get them connected with the right person to convert them GOTV.

Italian: Mi dispiace. Non parlo italiano. Sono un volontario per la campagna Bernie Sacnders. Possiamo richiamare più tardi? [Wait for a response, yes or no] Grazie, arrivederci.

Russian: Prosti. Ya ne govoryu po-russki. Ya dobrovolets dlya kampaniya Bernie Sanders. Mozhem li my nazvat' pozzhe? [Wait for a response, yes or no] Spasibo, proshchay.

French: Je suis désolé. Je ne parle pas français. Je suis un volontaire pour la campagne du Bernie Sanders. Pouvons-nous vous téléphoner plus tard? [Wait for a response, yes or no] Merci, au revoir.

We still need scripts for:
- Tagalog
- Mandarin
- Vietnamese
- any other popular language you speak that you see in the link

And I need a proof read on the Russian one. I'm confident in my Italian and French.

Mandarin would be something like:

Nǐ hǎo. Wǒ bù huì shuō zhōngwén. Wǒ shì Bernie Sanders de Zhìyuàn zhě. Wǒ kěyǐ dài huì er huí diànhuà gěi nǐ ma? [Wait for a response.] Xièxiè. Zàijiàn.

Alright, folks, I'm gonna start digging into Arizona. We've got eight and a half hours to get people ready for the caucus. Word is that Clinton has already conceded Utah and Idaho to those in the know.

for the primary, rather*

I'm doing Arizona, too. Anyone else having trouble connecting to someone? I wait for more than a minute and then switch to "not ready" for a minute and then back to "ready", and still nothing. Hope you have better luck than I am! Here's the script I wrote for myself that I'm using.

Arizona Phone Banking Script
Good afternoon/evening. Is this ___?

If you find them:

Great! I'm ___. I'm a volunteer with the Bernie Sanders campaign. Can we count on you to vote for Senator Sanders in today's primary?

If no: Altighty! Thank you for your time. Take care.

If yes: Excellent!

The primary is open until 7 pm. Will you vote in the afternoon or the evening? [Wait for response] Great! Do you know your primary location?

If yes: Awesome!

If no: If you give me your home address, I can help you find it. Or, you can go to and enter your address and find it there.

It should be pretty close to where you live, like at a school or something. Will you walk there or drive? [Wait for response]

Fantastic! So, to confirm, you will (walk/drive) to your primary location to vote in the (afternoon/evening) for Senator Bernie Sanders, with your ID in hand? Great! Turn-out is high and it's expected to be a tight race. We're counting on your vote to bring Bernie to victory. Thank you for being a voter and for your kindness and patience. We'll call you again sometime. Take care, bye!

Rocky's on a mission, guys.

Yeah, the Arizona caller doesn't seem to be working, which is unfortunate. I've been calling into Utah in the meantime. I've found out that if you click on "bernie livevox" you can change service without logging back in.

That's so precious, oh my god.

Oh wow, thanks! I'll be hitting up Utah, too, then. Someone let us know when Arizona's back to normal.

tbh, arizona is a lost cause, just fighting for margins here, 26% behind in latest polls…

hey remember that time the polls said bernie was behind by alot and then he won

or that time that said he was ahead and then he lost

or that time you're a fucking idiot because you believe in the narrative created by porky's "polls"

I thought he climbed up to only being behind by 5%? Besides, Arizona has the most delegates at stake. We're trying to find Bernie voters and then help get them out to vote (e.g., help them make a plan). If Bernie gets killed here, it hurts him more than huge wins in Utah and Idaho help him.

I have to imagine it will be fixed in an hour and a half because like I said, 2 PM is when the phone banks start up.

The message I'm getting from the registered independents in Utah is that they were told by the news that only Democrats could vote in the caucus today. Utah has an open caucus, so I'm not sure why they were told that.

Who owns the local news?

>Some Hill Shill Or it could just as well be another ignorant intern but given the way the rest of the election is going… tells them only registered voters can vote

Well, it's our job to call them personally and make sure they know they can vote.

Yeah, no, I get you

can you believe it….

advice to check out this

i wonder how many people are scared shitless by her and do everything to stay out of trouble whilst preffering sanders

yeah, I can believe it


The first pic feels like a Holla Forumsack made it to troll and didn't think we would find it funny.

I'm not a Holla Forumsack. It's supposed to be funny.

Good news: I thought it was funny, and endearing as a bonus.

Arizona is back, boys. Hit it.

Welp, looks like it's back down. I saw calls going through on BerniePB and was able to get one myself (no answer), but now nothing. Hope they get that sorted out soon.


Arizona's open for real, had an actual conversation. Told you it'd be fixed by 2PM.

Excellent! Thanks, comrade. Hop to, everyone.

Alright, the wait times are getting longer and I'm getting a lot of people saying they're getting multiple calls from us today, so I'm done for the day. Apparently the lines at the polling places in Arizona are insane and turnout could be up to 60 or 65% in the most populous county. I doubt we're going to get any more people out there, and even if we did, it would take hours for them to vote.

Holy fuck. Wobblyposter, you're a hero. Thank you for your service to the working class and being a messenger for us less connected.

Not me, us.

I love you us.

We won Idaho and Utah! Thanks for your phonebanking efforts, guys. Still to come are North Dakota (April 1st), Wisconsin (April 5th), and Colorado (April 9th). We should call into those states next and next week we will also hit up Wyoming and New York.

The polls had Sanders up in Idaho by 2 points. He won by 57 points. They had him up by 8 points in Utah. He won by 60 points. Phonebanking WORKS. We need your help for the states to come!


Correction: North Dakota won't vote until June 7th, and Colorado already voted in early March (and Bernie won by 19%). Those are upcoming states for the Republicans. Everything else is spot on and I completely agree.

Here's the schedule:

March 26
Alaska (16 delegates)
Hawaii (25)
Washington (101)

April 5
Wisconsin (86)

April 9
Wyoming (14)

April 19
New York (247) ←– NY will make or break Bernie's campaign

April 26 ←– prepare these states for Bernie in case NY is too close for comfort
Connecticut (55)
Delaware (21)
Maryland (95)
Pennsylvania (189)
Rhode Island (24)

I think we should focus on the ones coming up on Saturday, and then zero in on Wisconsin, New York (I can't possibly stress its importance), and Pennsylvania, and focus on trying not to get killed in Maryland with its high black population (literally higher than Alabama and the Carolinas). Of course, we need to phone bank every where but these states take priority. If we can get a blow-out win in Wisconsin, which should be fairly easy, Bernie can rack up a ton of delegates and start closing the gap by double digits, which there just aren't enough delegates in states like Alaska and Wyoming for that to be possible.

Add Delaware in the list of "don't let us fall under 15% and lose all the delegates". 20% of Delawareans are black.

More bad news: even though Connecticut's 71% white 9% black and 13% Latino, Pennsylvania's even whiter, and Rhode Island's race demographics are a near perfect mirror to Kansas', all these states are rich as fuck. Not to say there aren't poor people (there are a lot), but we're dealing with a higher level of porkies and white collar workers than average. And to make Maryland even more anxiety-provoking, it's the richest state of them all.

Thank God they're still a month out, but we've got to get organized.

Oh shit, I was looking at the Republican primaries, my bad.

See these schedules then:

So our targets for the next 3 days should be Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington; after that we hit Wisconsin and Wyoming, and then focus all our energy on New York. Bernie is really struggling in New York right now. We're going to have to hammer it with calls and canvassing to make up the deficit.

The good news is the polls look like this right now:
Alaska: Clinton +3
Hawaii: No polling?
Washington: No recent polling
Wisconsin: Clinton +0.5
Wyoming: No polling?
New York: Clinton +34.5

So there's nothing to suggest we'll have much difficulty anywhere but New York. We've just got to call the bajeezus out of NY and get people out to vote.

Now is the time to start phonebanking, guys. If you're doing it, post about it.

I'm gonna have dinner and then go take a pulse on Washington. I'll post back when I have updates.

I was thinking maybe we should make daily quotas for New York and maybe Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, too. Any thoughts on that? I'm not sure if it should be by calls made or Bernie voters found.

Probably voters reached. That's what we're trying to do here, not just make calls.

Meeting quotas might make us complacent, though. We should be phonebanking at least 3 hours a day.

the stats here are good to measure and are achievable. I helped reach the limit in Arizona (before voter suppression fucked it up)

Fuck, I meant for that to be bolded. not italicized.

Good point. Basically, we're just phone banking for as long as we can.

Damn, that's handy. Thanks, comrade!

The upcoming northeastern states are closed primaries and most don't allow same-day registration. Here's when they need to register (talk about this with Bernie voters), with Wisconsin and Wyoming thrown into the mix:

New Yorkers must be registered democrats by March 25 to vote.

Rhode Islanders must be registered democrats by March 27 to vote.

Pennsylvanians must be registered democrats by March 28 to vote.

Wisconsinites must be registered democrats by April 1 to vote, although Wisconsin does allow same-day registration*.

Delwareans must be registered democrats by April 2 to vote.

Marylanders must be registered democrats by April 5 to vote.

Wyomingites must be registered democrats by April 9 to vote.

Connecticuters must be registered democrats by April 21 and "affiliated by January 26" (what the fuck does that mean?), although Connecticut allows same-day registration*. So I don't know about that.

* the issue with same-day registration is that lines often get quite long and it's just all-around a hassle to deal with, especially at a primary IIRC

Sorry I keep bumping this. Fuck.

Worked in three call centres, know that feel.

Kinda wish I was American. I have transferable skills here.

Is it illegal to just call random numbers and talk to them about socialism in general?

I only got two calls out with no Bernie voters before it started storming and my dog barks incessantly when there's thunder. :-( Thankfully Hawaii and Alaska are hours behind me, so this will be over while it's still good hours to call them.

It's not illegal to call random people to chat unless you harass them/keep calling. If they want to talk, then that's good, but if not just accept it and try again with a different number. Just don't do anything to make us look like even bigger freaks than they already portray us as.

You can still phone bank if you're not American. Instructions in the OP.

Incorrect, April 9 is the caucus. We actually have to be registered democrats before March 25.

Well shit. I don't know how I made that typo but thanks for the correction. I don't know how we would have caught it otherwise.

I saw that there was an option to create teams on the phone banking site. Do we have our leftypol league yet?

I didn't know about that. I don't know what having a team would do for us, but it might be helpful. Anyone want to do this? I'm backing out if it puts our full names up to each other, though.

AFAIK all having a team does is let you compete against each other/against other teams and it only shows your username.

Alright, what states are you guys taking today so we can diversify our efforts?

I'm timing my schedule to coincide with different time zones since we have states in ET, CT, MT, PT, and AKT. The Northeastern states intimidate me because they're nothing like anywhere I've ever been before. I try to do my part with them, but the Midwest and red, rural states are my home field. Washington doesn’t scare me as much because they fucking love Bernie there so I’m in good enough company to be at ease.

- Rhode Island: 4 pm - 5 pm CT (5 pm - 6 pm ET) (1 hr)
- Wisconsin: 5 pm - 6:30 pm CT (5 pm - 6:30 pm CT) (1.5 hr)
- Wyoming: 6:30 pm - 8 pm CT (5:30 pm - 7 pm MT) (1.5 hr)*
- Washington: 8 pm - 9:30 pm CT (6 pm - 7:30 pm PT) (1.5 hr)*
- Alaska: 9:30 pm - 10:30 pm CT (5:30 pm - 6:30 pm) (1 hr)

*if I end up with repeats in Wyoming (it’s so small, and there are almost no democrats, it could maybe happen), I’ll start early on Washington and still go until 9:30.

If you're going to try and persuade people in Wyoming you should take note of a current scandal involving our governor and some sort of capital building/area renovation contractor. It seems they may not have gone through a proper competitive bidding procedure when that contractor was selected and it just so happens that contractor also contributed to the governor's re-election campaign. People who know about that may be extra receptive to getting money out of politics.

Damn. So if I'm correct, instead of businessmen bidding on land to build on, it might have just been giving to this contractor by the Wyoming government as a "favor" for a campaign contributor? The cause of the outrage being that politicians are puppets for corporations and in this specific case, it interferes with free market, since most Americans hold that near and dear. Right?

And then I can parallel that with Clinton and Cruz without being explicit and bring it home with Citizens' United, Wall Street, and the TPP?

Goddamn my typos are irritating me.
*So, if I'm correct,…
*it might have just been given…

Yes, that's the gist of it. Nobody has been prosecuted over it yet but this one lawyer is getting ready to build a legal case. Only problem is the lawyer himself is the husband of another person involved in a different power play earlier.

What happened last year or a couple years ago if I remember right is that the state legislature including the governor didn't like some of the choices the superintendent of education was making so they drafted this new bill to remove her from office by changing the position from an elected one to an appointed one. It was later ruled as a violation of the state constitution and rescinded. I've never known all the details about it and am not entirely sure which side was in the right if any, but it's interesting to note that the lawyer putting the case together about this non-competitive bidding process shit just happens to be her husband.

Either way though the pure facts are that that contractor donated to the governor's re-election campaign and they also just happen to be the same contractor renovating the capital building/area (and taking fucking forever to do it).

It looks like the New York calls are targeted to people who are already Bernie supporters. I'm on the Voter Registration hotline now. According to BerniePB Wisconsin is barely getting any calls so we should probably focus some effort there.

Fuck. I knew I should have gotten registered while they had easy setup for it on campus. How does one actually register with one of the parties?

You can go to the DMV, or your local voter registration/election office if you have one, and anywhere that does SNAP, WIC, and related services. I'm pretty sure you can do it online, too.

Wow, the voter information for NY is abysmal. I thought Arizona was bad for not having any polling places listed. Whoever entered this stuff into the database got it all fucked up, we don't even have last names and their first names are in the last name field.

It's 5 o'clock in Wisconsin, finally. Get calling!

Phone Bank:

Get the fuck in, everyone, Wisconsin's pleasant as fuck! About two thirds of the phone calls I've made so far have been to strong Bernie supporters and with friendly, easy-going conversations.

Yeah, I talked to quite a few pro-Bernie people in Wisconsin. Makes me hopeful.

Wow, okay, is anyone else getting a ton of wrong numbers in Wisconsin? I swear, they're like half of every call I make. 90% of everyone is super polite about it but geez.

Nah, I got a ton of wrong numbers in New York though.

Alright, it's 8 pm in Wisconsin. Let them sleep (and don't piss them off by interrupting their before-bed chill-out time). Time to start working on Wyoming, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii!

In Wyoming, anyone who supports Bernie that isn't a registered democrat by March 25 will not be able to vote for him in the primary, so please ask them if they're registered dems or not if they support him and encourage them to go register.

How did everyone's day go? Did that one user really call for 6 straight hours? Absolute madman.

not illegal, just autistic

Close! I called for 5 hours. I expected my friend/roommate to leave for work by 4 but it was actually 4:30, so we hung out while he ate dinner, and I got too tired by Alaska to continue. 5 hours is still goddamn impressive. I'm still shooting for 6 again today.

Other than that, yeah, it went really well. People in Wisconsin and Wyoming were really pleasant to speak to, and Washington is super friendly, as well.

And we can make a team on BerniePB and you can take your real name off your profile, if you want. Maybe we could call it "The Sandersnistas"?

Does anyone have any experience with NY, PA, or CT? How is the voter information? Are the people nice? I'm free all day and would like to start phone banking early, but my social anxiety comes out of hiding when people are rude or I can't help them.

NY is sparse on info and mildly rude, though as always Bernie supporters are pretty nice. I fumbled a little with calling it, it takes some getting used to.


You don't need Chrome to use Just log in and click the link at the top that says "the phone bank website."

Follow the instructions to get the script and your special login info for the day.

Now's around the time to start phonebanking, lads.

It's Easter, buddy. People are with their families.

Fair point. Religion is an opiate of the masses though.

Last day to register to vote in PA! Go to and get calling!

If you're home all day there is literally nothing better to do!

This is true.

Guys, the Wisconsin primary on April 5th is winner-take-all with with 86 delegates at stake.

According to FiveThirtyEight, Sanders has a huge lead in it already:

It's an open primary.

That means Bernie has a huge advantage over Hillary in independent voter turnout.

But you need an ID to vote.

Wisconsinites can still register up to April 1st by bringing proof of residency in person to the office of their municipal clerk. You can also register at your polling place on election day by bringing proof of residency and certifying that you've been a resident of Wisconsin for 28 days.

We need to call people and let them know. We can't afford to let this be close. If we crush Shillary here it'll be a complete shutout for her. The delegate gap will close to 142. This is a very important time to be phonebanking. This weekend, spend at least an hour a day calling into Wisconsin and making sure people are ready to vote for Bernie.

Oh wait, my bad; I think I misread that. Only the GOP has winner-take-all. Still, get out calling this weekend. Wisconsin is comparable to Washington in its delegate count, it can put a big dent in her lead.

I'm phonebanking at! Are you?

'Fraid not, had plans tonight. But I will soon.

Sanders is down in this?

He is now, not when I posted that.

Wisconsin's primary is tomorrow, April 5th! According to, we're still 30,000 phone calls short of Wisconsin's goal of 1110,000 phone calls.

Worse, some 300,000 voters, particularly poor voters and voters of color, are expected to be disenfranchised due to a new law on voter ID. This will hurt Bernie's turn-out, given that he does best with poor people, and is leading Hillary with black voters (and presumably other people of color) in Wisconsin. (quick summary of that problem here:

Given that the primary is tomorrow, I think it's okay to call through-out the day. Still the best time to call is after typical work hours and before people go to bed. If you live in , the best time to call is at :

EDT: 6pm - 9 pm
CDT: 5pm - 8pm
MDT: 4pm - 7pm
PDT: 3pm - 6pm
AKDT: 2pm - 5pm
HADT: 12pm - 3pm
UTC, for foreigners: 10pm - 1am

If you get good responses in the later hours of the night, keep calling. The phone bank will be open for an hour after my recommended "cut-off" time.

Good luck, comrades.

How did Wisconsin go? just reached the 115,000 call goal for Wisconsin! Still, plenty of reasons to call there and New York!

Feel the Bern!

Wisconsin is won! New York is next and it is going to be the hardest fight of our lives. If we win here the nomination is practically a foregone conclusion, but the odds are ridiculously stacked against us. Sanders is gaining in the polls but he needs every call he can get to even come close to a victory.

I got some text messages from a faggot bernie supporter. The opening message was something like "Seattle, this is Mars calling - over" and it devolved into more autism an eventually he just started saying "please vote for bernie sanders"

Cool Story Bro.

Now would be a good time to start phonebanking. New York's coming up.

It's worth noting here that those phonebank goals you see are estimates on the minimum amount of phone work that is neccesary for victory in that state


Some trolls on halfchan are using berniepb to slander his supporters by being rude and inflammatory towards those they call.

Is there anything worth saving about halfchan?

Just phonebanked for 2 1/2 hours.
You can do it too! Spread the word, enlighten the country!

Is it just me or is it really hard to get ahold of a voter in New York?

Also amusing, got a rather quiet woman who told me I had the wrong number but wanted me to stay and tell her where I was calling from and how many volunteers there were where I lived, then told me she was voting for Bernie and wished me good luck.

The campaign really has the right idea with phonebanking parties. It's way harder to phonebank for a considerable amount of time at home than with a group of people.

Also just got my first deceased voter call. Accidentally hung up on the poor lady (his mom) when she started to say that she liked Bernie Sanders.

Good News, everyone! now has a Firefox add-on for all you Firefox users! Now you too can enjoy watching your little blue caller dots fly across the country! Enjoy!

woah. when New York reached the call goal, it went green.


That's new!

Maryland polls look shockingly bleak. We definitely need to call 'em up.

I really want to help, but I'm scared to talk to people.
How do I overcome my anxiety ;_;

Practice. Try going to a phonebank party. That way you'll have some support.

Where are these phonebanking parties happening?

AWESOME. I'm jazzed af

>New York is definitely in play.

Fug, that was supposed to be linking to >>651295

I know this is a pretty old post, but most likely she was referring to missionary work.


Can't phonebank today so I need you lads to pick up the slack. Get out there!

Did you at least call her back and said sorry?

You can't call people back, user. I said sorry when I was talking to her though. I thought the conversation was over and accidentally cut her off mid-sentence by putting him down a deceased and ending the call. It doesn't take effect immediately but it was too late.

Anyone phonebanking new york?
Do people have a positive response?
I'm trying to gauge his chances right now.

Little late to be phonebanking, I'm afraid.

A big reminder to anyone phonebanking tomorrow:

1. Voting locations have been changed to disenfranchise voters

2. If you are an independent or disenfranchised, vote by provisional ballot tomorrow and tell everyone to do the same

3. Do whatever you can to help others (pizza, water, directions) so New York doesn't become another Arizona situation.

4. If you know a hacker, encourage them to try and un-rig the voter rolls and voting machines

Let's go New York!

Bernie Campaign called election day voting the most important so far, so bump!



I mean voting is pretty important too


check and mate

Time to rev up those phone numbers for April 26th, boys.

The five states (and Guam) that will vote on that day can easily cancel out the NY loss if we work together.

Bernie or Bust, comrades.
We need to call and make sure people in RI know about this. Don't want a repeat of Arizona.

If you can mention any other candidates when phonebanking, mention John Fetterman for Senate in Pennsylvania.

He's a big Bernie supporter and may be behind but could win it if he sways enough undecided voters.


That's not how you phonebank, comr8. You should have hung up on him the moment he said he wasn't going to vote for Bernie. Follow the script. It's not about convincing people, especially Holla Forums-tier rejects.

Bump and also is right. The time you spend trying to convince a retard to stop being retarded is much better spent telling a grandma that Bernie hasn't dropped out yet, etc. I've gotten a lot of "YER BARKIN UP THE WRONG TREE SON", "Well actually I'm a Republican" and/or "I AIN'T VOTIN' FOR NO BERNIE SANDERS" and whenever that happens I just tell them I'm marking them Republican and to have a nice day.

Pic related. These people are never both particularly bright and politically inclined enough to realize how bad the Republican party is, so if they don't care or are retarded or both then it's rarely a case where they are willing to take what you have to say in good faith.

Belatedly, yes. The important thing to understand here is we're not selling something, we're informing people. If they don't want to listen, hang the fuck up. There are lots of people out there who would vote for Bernie if they were properly informed. That's why you phonebank.

There's enough delegates in California to get Bernie over the line

Best playout, Bernie wins majority of pledged delegates → superdelegates overturn results in favor of Hillary → Hillary loses to trump

Other outcomes consolation prizes

What do you mean by over the line? Make back Hillary's lead, yes. FTR it'll be rough if we do make it, if we blow out California and get half everywhere else (probably neither of these will happen because we'll get less and more respectively) we'll still barely take the nom.
No, the best result is he gets the nom and rides into the White House with a Brand New Congress.

No thanks.

This is a great idea, how many comrades are doing this?

t. Lares on mobile

The problem is Bernie needs to win by a HUGE, CRUSHING margin to pass shillary.

On leftypol? Half a dozen.

In the US? Around hundred comrades who realize the importance of Bernie to our cause.

US activists who aren't – strictly speaking, but may turn out to be – our comrades? Thousands.

why? isn't Bernie mathematically eliminated?

No, there are more pledged delegates in california alone than Clinton's pledged delegate lead

okay, but for all practical purposes… I mean, he'd have to take, what, 90% of the rest of the vote?

Nowhere near that bad

I'm not holding my breath, but even just overperforming slightly would work if I'm reading the charts right

so, its pretty likely that no one will get to the goal with pledged delegates, alone, no?

Too tired to do the maths now, but I think so yes

bump for more activism

Mathematically unlikely. He needs 69% of remaining delegates by my calculations. Big wins like he had in Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Alaska would easily put him over that. I have heard that most of the remaining primaries are open, and he wins with independents by like 70%. Even if he doesn't win a lead I think he can prevent her from getting a pledged majority, which means a contested convention.

We phonebanked and won Indiana! I dunno about you guys but it encourages me to fight and phonebank more!

Fight the good fight, comrades.

Well, he hit his 538 delegate target today so if he keeps doing that he's on the right track.


Uhh, not really. If you didn't notice, she also hit hers. You have to hit every single 538 target to get the majority. Any losses have to be made up. He needs big wins to be on the right track.

That's alright. We're getting the motor revved up again after a painful series of losses, it's only natural. People will come back to volunteer and normies will look into him again, especially now that everyone but Trump is out including Basic Kasich. People who hate Trump and Hillary only have one horse in the race now.


It's time… to phonebank.

Rough day. Fuck California, give me Indiana back. ;__;

Oh, and worst of all. Some bitch let me go on my five-sentence spiel before hanging up.
And I thought my state was shitty. (texas)


nah fam by "east coast" those guys mean florida and georgia which are both shit, neither of which is even near to me anyway. i'm writing a novel where the characters are from florida though and they chant "east coast".

anyway i was only calling cali shit because i haven't had good experience with the callers in california. the worst i got in indiana was "I AIN'T VOTIN' FOR NO BERNIE", and i heard indianans were nice but i had no idea that they were this much nicer than apparently the rest of the country. fuck this shit. tomorrow i'm calling puerto rico, especially since nobody else will.

Keep it up!

Thanks fam. I think that's it for tonight though. Too many wrong numbers and I'm pissed.

Midwesterners just have a way nicer, more relaxed culture than the east coast, and evidently, maybe more so than California too. I never called Washington and have yet to call Oregon, so I can't say if it's the entire west coast or not. Even when I've called anti-Bernie Midwesterners, we exchanged some nice words or a joke or two and then respectfully parted ways. I think people in more populous areas are just more blunt, self-centered (you have to be that way there, probably), or more into the hustle-and-bustle than smaller, quieter states.

Whenever I called midwesterners and they told me they were a Republican I'd usually be like, "Hey, 31 flavors right?" There was this one guy who was totally militarycucked but I still didn't get picky with him. Don't get me wrong, nobody in California has insulted me yet, just been kind of rude.

The Midwest isn't nice, it's boring. The closest thing to an event is getting shot downtown.

I've only gotten like 3 rude Midwesterners in all of my calls, and two of them were 60+. It's by far the most chill region for phonebanking. I even got a few republicans praising me for being politically active. I'll start calling Cali when I get my mic working again (I use an online phone) so I can see this rudeness for myself. They're probably just sick of people by the time they get home since they deal with so many in a day, and SoCal traffic is horrific lmao.

By nicer I mean more pleasant people. Not much happens, yes, but overall strangers are pretty friendly.

What are you meaning by "rude"? "Fuck off"? "Commies will never get my vote"?

Well I called looking for this one guy but his dad picked up instead and said his son wasn't there and when I started my spiel, he huffed that he "raised his son right, not to be a socialist" hung up. Another, who was 80-fucking-9 (IIRC) went on this rant that Bernie was one foot in the grave and would die in office and she was never voting for him. The grand winner was a woman in Wisconsin who said she was sick of all these Bernie people calling her and told me to "shove it" before hanging up.

I've made probably 100 phone calls and they were the only ones who were memorably frustrated/rude.

I've made over 200. I guess it's all luck o' the Irish draw when it comes to this.

Still about 2 hours until the polls close. You could make some calls into Kentucky.

Kentucky is well, well over its call goal on berniepb, which are pretty liberal estimates already. I recommend New Jersey, which has its last day to register today, California, which early votes today, Funnily enough, Oregon, the state we're supposed to landslide, is about 50 calls short.

Why are you doing this?

Nobody wants to get phone calls about politics smh…


thank 4 bumps