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How are you going to an hero when Trump loses and he still hasn't fixed your personal flaws with his surrogate father-figure powers?

So you're one of those retards who believes the Nazis weren't right wing?

Kek, just like you hung Krupp and Boss and the other German porkies, right?

Porkies why think they are not porkies, the organizers and lumpens.

Seems I hit a nerve.


Are you when he wins, Bernie's gonna loose and Trump hasn't even started on Hillary yet.

Enjoy your night, this win for Bernie for a big day for you, though I'm use to that by now so it's just another day for me :^)

Cenk on TYT just said Biden gets all the delegates from Clinton if she gets indicted, how's that allowed? For the pledged delegates anyway?!

this is why retards that can't see the world beyond -le rightwing/left wing- meme should be euthanized.

Yes comrade, trump supporters are the ones renown on the interwebz for being human trash. Bernout is totally winning yes.

this is why you retards burn every single country to the ground when you get power

what is shitposting :^)


What did he say exactly? I muted the stream for a while.

Thanks for proving that you use Trump's victories as a surrogate for your own failures, lad.

I like how you totally sidestepped my post to cry some more.


We're different people, also I don't see how winning money and having my choice win would strike a nerve. Goodnight, maybe Bernie will leave you less debt (unless you live with your parents) under your pillow :^)

How's that psychology degree doing, must be worth it for all those job opportunities. Night babes :^)

anime is patrician


You've made it clear that you're one of the turd positionist fags, and you've posted nazis.

If it looks like shit, sounds like shit, and smells like shit, chances are that it is indeed shit- but please, in case I'm wrong, tell me what actually are.

So fucking classcucked

He was in DC and talked to Wasserman-Schulz and other Democrats. He had no officially sources to quote, but he said many people there think, if Clinton gets indicted, Biden will get the nomination and not Bernie, he didn't really backed it up, though, or I didn't get it.

Sauce on this Jhonnny Rapid scene?


I mean the actual, legit right wing weebs, go check the GG general on Holla Forums to know what I mean.

THANK goodness Boomers arent in their twenties


yes yes I'm crying sooo hard right now :^)

going by your retarded statement then what am I now :^)


are you one of those deterministic faggots that see class as the ultimate definiton of a person? Class is a social construct :^), or do you believe in the commies fantasy of the "working class" owning the means of production? Nevermind that worker is a horrible definition or measure. Again this si why you faggots turn everything into shit when you get in power , it already happened here and I still don't understand how can commies keep pushing the same bullshit. At least commies are way better than the new progressive left though.

Did you not just say you were going to bed, kid? Don't even try to say that wasn't you, your underage spamming of le doritos face is extremely obvious.

Bernie better get either the nomination or the VP (which is even less likely) else I'm fucking voting for that pig Trump.

you see faggot, this is why you should have ID's here. The other dude what some iberic moor shitposting here


Sanders as VP is nearly impossible, if they want to get some votes of the Bernie movement they could pick Warren as the VP, but even that is unlikely.



i hope you're just pretending being this dense

If you post from a turd positionist perspective on Holla Forums, you are a fascist until proven otherwise. You have done nothing to show me otherwise.

Nice Reductio ad absurdum nerd.

True, and it's also a material economic relation.

That's socialism, and how on earth could it possibly be a "fantasy"?

lol ok kid

Warren would be a shrewd, cold, calculating move. The power of the vice president is extremely limited, and Warren would do much less as VP than her current position. But it would get dummies to vote for that lying porky Hillary.



You should seek help for you split personality disorder, my mate.

What are the odds of a Hillary indictment? It looks like our only way forward from here?

Why do Stormfags always talk like closet liberals?

FBI insiders threatened to leak if no indictment. We'll see.

Because Fascism is rooted in the liberal mindset.

Because SJW = Stormfag and Stormfag = SJW

It's all idpol, comrade

Ah. Well, alienated people tend to go for escapism and weeb stuff is right up that alley. You're talking about people who are so disconnected from reality that they believe this ridiculous right-wing bullshit. They probably had a little help disconnecting by hanging around shitty imageboards, playing shitty games, and watching shitty anime.

Because most liberals are closet stormfags.

Holla Forums is basically right-wing tumblr.

It could be a winning move. I doubt they'll do it, atleast without major upsets, like a clinton win in delegates only with superdelegates, because the Clinton campaign is so full of themself, they don't think they need to appease the progressive part of their party, atleast thats their signaling strategy so far.

I made another one of these to see how the results have changed since the last primary;

Vote in the strawpoll here for how you'd vote in November:

you know what i mean. By the pure defition of the word, anyone that "works" is a worker. Also now in this fucking n century the marxist viewpoint of a worker is even more retarded s

Because everytime it happens a new elite arises and takes control of it under the guise of worker's party or whatever. You also have the problem that the "workers" might not the the specialists or the other non sweat in brawn worker types that might simply fuck off thanks to the new "proletarian" dictatorship and you'd end with a crumbling system doomed to fall. To salvage it you'd end up adapting your system with old ideas from the ebil porky world to keep it running. You know I'm talking about reality and not marxist delusions.
Also society and nations are based on way more things that simple economic relations, which as you alredy know are changing all the time.

But of course you'll probably call me a retrograde tribalist numbnut now, as it's batantly obvious that leftwign/ringwing meme ends up having globalist ambitions on both ends that end up making the people miserable and enslaved. But go ahead, you're a good talk, unlike the other faggots.

really, implement id's.

eh I really don't like using that word in english mate.

you can do better

you know what i mean. By the pure defition of the word, anyone that "works" is a worker. Also now in this fucking n century the marxist viewpoint of a worker is even more retarded s

Because everytime it happens a new elite arises and takes control of it under the guise of worker's party or whatever. You also have the problem that the "workers" might not the the specialists or the other non sweat in brawn worker types that might simply fuck off thanks to the new "proletarian" dictatorship and you'd end with a crumbling system doomed to fall. To salvage it you'd end up adapting your system with old ideas from the ebil porky world to keep it running. You know I'm talking about reality and not marxist delusions.
Also society and nations are based on way more things that simple economic relations, which as you alredy know are changing all the time.

But of course you'll probably call me a retrograde tribalist numbnut now, as it's batantly obvious that leftwign/ringwing meme ends up having globalist ambitions on both ends that end up making the people miserable and enslaved. But go ahead, you're a good talk, unlike the other faggots.

really, implement id's.

eh I really don't like using that word in english mate.

no, it seems about right

You guys now it's been called for bernie, right?

Seesm so

i want him to livestream it

Yeah. I've been thinking though, since he didn't win by that large of a margin, how likely is he to get enough delegates? Even if CA is going Bernie as fuck, is it going to be enough?

140 sounds like the average between male and female

Probably not but if Shitlery can't win CA that should give superdelegates pause.

Man... that makes me depressed. Poor children.

Words have different meanings in different contexts. When leftists use the word "worker" they're referring to wage-earners and are not trying to imply that the

There's a lot of stuff to reply to in this, and considering how many assumptions you've made about me so far and how you've repeatedly failed to own up to the fact that you're a Nazi, I don't feel like you're worth my time, honestly. Every one of these assumptions you've made has been addressed, in all likelihood, hundreds of times before on Holla Forums.

This is off-topic for this thread anyway. If you want answers I encourage you to ask in the FAQ or to make your own thread, but for now I'll leave you with the fact that there exist other kinds of leftists than Marxist-Leninists.

Economic relations are the core of all societies. Economics dictate social conditions, not the other way around. This is a well-established fact at this point.

Bernie'd better endorse Stein if he can't secure the nomination.

he needs 65% or a little more of the remaining delegates to surpass(or tie) her, so it's doable, not very likely, though, considering the polls atm.

but here's a interesting article, how Sanders could profit of the finished race in the republican party:

even if he doesn't we can still do outreach and pull Sanders supporters more to the left.

Just think about the future. Just. Think.


what is happening in this webm?

What the fuck is that video?

they were crying… young people… wow

92.7% reporting, still nothing from Hancock county. Smooth democracy you got there, US

Interesting. I didn't even think about how Cruz dropping might benefit Sanders, but I don't think any Cruz supporters will switch to him, considering how they're less-extreme republicans. I figure they'd support HRC if anything. The other points are positives, however. I want to see Shillary buried.

A businessman is someone who makes wise investments, with his own money, to pay in whole for useful products, which win fairly in the free market, and pays his own losses.

A businessman is not someone who makes fake investments, with other peoples' money, to fob off substandard garbage, which the market is manipulated in favor of, and siphons from outside the market during screwups.

I was in GG since it started; Holla Forums even put some of my tweets from my old account at the Wolfire guy on an image compilation. Fuck you, gamers are people who play games, it's got nothing to do with ideology.

It was always specifically neutral on politics. Most of us were liberals when it was really active. The only thing weeb about it was that GG liked Japan for not caving to idpol.

Cruz-missiles btfo

No, man. If you're anything like me you ended up help Holla Forums fight a culture war (even if you didn't realize it at the time) and got completely distracted from what we were actually concerned about, like many.

Oh no, man. You do NOT understand how much Republicans despise Hillary. They see a """white""" guy railing against the establishment, that flicks their bean, his policies be damned. Same reason like half or more of Trump's supporters are Trump supporters. They don't actually give a shit about politics at this point as long as they get to keep muh gunz, muh gawd, muh freedumb and muh relijun, all of which Sanders would do a much better job of protecting. Then there's economic issues and things like the trans scare, but I think they're more willing to bend on those.
As a phonebanker, for me, and I can't stress this enough, THIS IS HUGE. I literally did a little autistic jitterbug dance when the rumor hit and put on "I Will Survive" when it got confirmed. Now when I call a Republican I can go off script and try to convince them to stay on the line by offering Sanders as a more competent, anti-establishment (not to mention viable) Kasich replacement. It IS a big deal.
t. Lares

Oh, and don't take my post to mean that you're not a leftist and neither am I. I'm just saying many of us got distracted and couldn't figure out that Gamergate was the wrong vehicle to get what we wanted in. I think I had emotional ties at that point and I saw the good in Gamergate, willing to cover my ears about the bad that got worse and worse.

No, I didn't, I rejected Yiannopoulos and his attention whoring culture war bullshit. GG became irrelevant when it alienated people like me and became about Holla Forums.

"Used pejoratively, ultra-left generally criticizes positions, especially those the mainstream historical Marxist parties, that are adopted without taking notice of the current situation or of the consequences which would result from following a proposed course. The term is used to criticize leftist positions that, for example, overstate the tempo of events, propose initiatives that overestimate the current level of militancy, or which employ a highly militant tone in their propaganda"

Well, I stuck around to January like a complete fool.
I believe you about the first few months, though. It really got bad around November, I'd wager. Before then Gamergate was exciting and progressive and punk and we told Holla Forums to fuck off.

Understood. I forgot that people get stuck on stupid things when it comes to politics, but I'm glad to hear it. Thanks for the hard work, comrade.

Wow, that sounds excellent.

that's a lot of money to lose considering what a shithole Spain is right now

Did it ever occur to you that there's elements of both as its simply individuals and both boards are focusing on the negatives?

I've always only ever seen "redpilled" "libertarian" MRA idiots doing the gamergate thing, but to be fair I've avoided it like the plague since it came up.

Politically its about 1/3 Trump supporters 1/3 Bernie supporters and 1/3 that either don't give a fuck about politics or are anarchists or libertarians.

It's almost like the media had something against GG and tried to paint them a certain way.

I don't think Gamergay is full of Holla Forumslacks, just that it's been coopted by them and there's more than the amount that I would put up with.

This is why Gobblegrab was destined to fail, its members had vastly different objectives. Literally OWS 2.0.

the innocence of childhood.

Who's more socdem, Bernie or Jill?

Doesn't matter. They're both shit.

the Donald is no shill tbh.

Trump is a brand. He shills all the time, just for his empire.

here's the video of the portion I was talking about:


I guess he was just…
Biden his time.

Christing Jesus Fuck, just end my pain.

Bernie would be old as dirt by then

Plan B then.

"Cruz was behind by effectively 1000 (Democratic scale, because Republicans have about half as many delegats as Dems) delegates and finally fucking dropped out and Bernie whose trailing by a quarter that much needs to drop out because I'm delusional enough to think Trump is competitive enough against a retarded pig to be scared of him!!!"

Eh, it might not be Sanders, but it in that event, it could quite certainly be one of the army of socdems he'd helped bring into office.


Why do you browse that community? They are massive classcucks.

so realistically, how much will Indiana help Bernie?
Are there any updates from the commiefornia polls?

Latest poll has Clinton up 19 points.

Next most recent poll has her up by 2.

Well, for laughs, now that they got mad and banned me.
Especially since we'll be winning everything here on out. Watch as they move the goalposts further and further. "He'll lose New Jersey! New Jersey is where his campaign ends!" Oh, I can relish it even now. In short, just watching them get angrier and angrier. They're already pretty fucking mad.

What a surprise.

So Holla Forums, you gonna vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson?
I personally find myself torn between the two.

What if Pennsylvania was the last state she won?

Oh they'll be salty soon enough ;^)

I'd feel like I failed in PA

You got a source on that, buddy?

I'm gonna vote for Bernie Sanders and he's gonna win and we're gonna have FALC.

more like Jew Stein and Hairy Johnson.
I'm voting for my chihuahua.

WTF would Holla Forums vote for Gary Johnson

I don't follow. Are you agreeing with me that he'll win?

Jill Stein might be too welfare state for some anarchists.
Also, he's such a stoner you can get a contact buzz from his body language. It would be a fun four years.

What do you think of Humble Bundle these days? I just can't support them anymore after the shit they pulled.

Haven't bought anything from them since I argued with him on Twitter, and I got my Overgrowth refund. The guy fucking propped up Arthur Chu, for fuck's sake.

But yeah, it was that kind of compilation that I was featured on.

-Jill Stein

Way to tip your hand

It's from /k/, you Hillary shill



Both anti-gg and gamergays are annoying as fuck and deserve to be sent to gulugs.

The only thing that gamergays really did achieve is dragging the annoying filth now known as "anti-gg" down into dirt with them.

Back to r/4chan with you.

I thought Arthur Chu changed his Nazi ways.

>>>Holla Forums

Yeah, you totally don't just buy whatever the media sells you.

He's right though.


Reddit doesn't seem to understand the concept of democracy

Way to out yourself, you mongoloid.

Agent Smith did nothing wrong.


>>>Holla Forums

Spicy. Someone tweet dat shit.

Indiana voter fraud:

Wonder how much he would have won by otherwise…?

Voter fraud is when the voters cheat.

Hush gamergay, no one is going to take away your toys.


This is really amusing, how can people in America consider themselves a democratic nation when stuff like this keeps happening?

Meninism is a joke, famalam, and they provably were. See Australia's ban on GTAV over violence against women.

ignorance and disengagement

I don't think it was a big deal this time. Notice that it's only some counties. All the counties they name are counties we took anyway.

You're thinking of Iam Miles Chong.


Okay seriously what the hell is the source of this? Been trying and failing to figure out the origin for ages now.

When are adults going to be allowed to use adult language in this country?

I know man, shit's stupid.


Thought I'd share some classcuckery in action.

Fuck the gulag, she needs to go up against a wall.

Jimmies: The Rustling: The Video

I'm fucked up over this.

It's not that fucking hard to get a degree. What's this degree even in? Is it an associates? Bachelor's? Come on.

This lady wouldn't even miss whatever's coming out of her income to help pay for this guy and his kid's groceries anyway. It could literally go missing and she wouldn't even know it unless someone told her. Also lashing out at a guy for needing government assistance when he probably works for someone who pays him too little to take care of himself on his own. She can't even correctly figure out who to be mad at.

Also anyone else "gifted" here and get triggered when stupid people try to act like they're smarter than you? I ignore it, but it really grates on me.

I wish something like this would happen where I am

I need to go off on some deserving asshole

The proper response whenever this sort of bitching about "muh paycheck" comes up is to point out that the only reason for any of this is because the upper income brackets won't pay their fucking fair share of taxes.

TBH I've gotten used to the Dunning-Kruger effect and I find it more bothersome when slightly above average people think they're hot shit because they're not idiots. They don't really have an excuse.

It was terrifying when I first started to realize how little most people understand of how the world runs, including people running it. Still is, to be honest.

They earned that money doggammit. You filthy commies are trying to steal those innovators' hard-earned money. Do you want to kill job creation and economic growth? Fuck off back to Russia if you want to live in a communist society. Actually, never mind - stay right here! Obummer has turned this beautiful land of the free into a steaming red pile of soviet filth! No wonder a jobless hippie like Sanders has won the feeble hearts of America's youth1 I weep for our future. It's like kids these days are flushing their heritage down the toilte!

Nah, is right. Statistically speaking, she probably has to pay for his food stamps purely because his employer is leeching off society instead of paying a living wage. Taxes shouldn't even be part of the picture.

Tell her I'm 16 and I've accomplished more than she ever will.
Fucking shit.

Good point, it's a combination of both really.

I'm so glad Bernie is talking about this shit. Last night he called out the Walton family by name again, and how Walmart associates need to be on fucking food stamps.

I'm lucky enough to be fairly insulated, but yeah, giving it some more thought, those people are probably the worst and this lady seems to be one of them since she must live somewhere where having a degree is unusual enough to mean you must have above average intelligence. That's not necessarily true, but that's the culture of her area.

I'm 18 and of course I don't have a whole lot of experience with, you know, actual adults, but I will say this election cycle has been quite the coming of age experience for me. Shit's fucked in more ways than I ever thought was possible, and so few people actually know it. I used to be one of those people, but now I don't know how to reach out to them. What's worse is I know there's still a ton more to learn. I'll reach that level one of these days.

I live in the heart of the deep south. Please take me, fellow citizen.

Because Americans have no idea what democracy is, how it works, or even come close to understanding the concepts of personal liberty.

I'm 23. Shit got so much worse when I went to college. It was shocking how little almost anyone cared about what they were doing there. Faculty, staff, and students. They mostly were just going through the motions. And I went to a good STEM school, too. Even if most of the students and professors weren't brilliant they had some kind of talent, but it all seemed to go to such waste plugging along as mere cogs in the machine.

Unpopular opinion-
All "small" schools are TTTs or peddling ideological religion, almost always both.
All "Ivy League" privates are bougie.
If you don't go to a state school then tbh fam smh

It's Limmy's Show.

Fucking love Limmy.

Lmao, it's been a while

Exactly. Which means that counties that supported Sanders were targeted, so we would have won by a wider margin if it hadn't been for the suppression.

Hey, I was on the threads, too, I made almost every animu webm that gets posted around there.
But the GG threads nowadays are not the 2014 threads.


One of the main reasons these people get so upset & lash out at those who don't deserve it, is because they're jealous that they aren't getting some help. Another is that they think people who receive help are "undeserving" because they're lazy. I know, because I used to think a little like them, having grown up in the South. It's easy to buy into, because it's a lazy way of thinking for those who don't have much time(since most are working constantly); an extremely lazy explanation of why the economy & work is suffering.

A cousin of mine(who actually happens to be extremely sweet & kind), even shares those bogus videos. Not the one here, but ones of overweight, rude, (& more often than not, black), and ignorant foodstamp recipients who happen to be acting a fool in a store. I've seen memes with pictures of people buying unhealthy food, cigarettes(in some places I guess they still allow it) in bulk, and "pointing out" how these people are somehow "gaming the system", just get to get goodies for themselves. You all remember that meme, "Oh, you get foodstamps, but also have an iPhone?!?". I saw that one the most, I think.

The most outrageous thing about these people who believe this is, they more often than not claim to be "strong Christians". Every value they pride themselves on in being Republican is a way of cutting down or belittling someone. No heart at all.

It's really insane to me. I grew up around these people; have many in my family. Even when I was younger, uneducated & poor, I started to buy into it. I actually watched Glenn Beck when he first got his show on HLN. I'm ashamed to admit that one.. But once I saw the "Tea Party Express" FOX bus tour, I knew it had been corrupted; that it wasn't what it claimed to be. I was young & dumb, but I wasn't that dumb.

Most of them recognize there's corruption in government. They just need to have it explained to them how far gone it really is. How it's the corporations & 1% who actually get the welfare. That some billionaires were the ones behind he Tea Party & Libertarian rising we saw in the media. They need to have it explained to them that these "free markets" only benefit the 1%, that it takes our jobs & gives them to immigrants/foreigners who are then exploited insanely. Also that most on welfare actually do work, and work hard. Try to get the anger out of the equation so they can think more rationally. Not all of these people are lost causes who don't want to learn, most just simply have no idea as to how the country & politics really works. Most are working 24/7, stressed & don't know about any other news outlets than the mainstream, which is where they get all these nonsense talking points & believe them.

I know I'm repeating what most here already know, but I hope it helps for someone wanting to engage these people. I also just woke up, so forgive me if this post is all over the place

i mean formally it wasn't meant to have a specific political tendency, but it was dominated, or at least hijacked, by "gultural margzism :DDD" types

take one fucking look at /r/KiA

hah, was waiting for such reports
Indiana seemed suspiciously calm

I bet California will be disastrous

Never though I'd live through times when in the US thousands cheer against the ruling class.

Democratic Establishment May Anoint Joe Biden If Hillary Is Indicted

Some people just can't figure it out.
I grew up poorer than those around me, and I already know what it's like to get shit all over by the rest of society for one of many symptoms of being poor. I don't personally want food stamps and government assistance, I think it's bullshit that anyone would have to depend on anyone else and I think that work is, or rather ought to be, rewarding.
When we weaken unions, teach kids to abstain from sex rather than teach them about contraception in public schools, keep minimum wage low and then let the ruling class get away with whatever they want to do because of this illusion of hard work, we're living in an increasingly violent class war.
I hate poor people who have kids and people who can't budget, but I'm not so stupid to go around blaming the poor for everything wrong in the world. At the end of the day, if the rich want to kill or torture some people to fight over resources, I'm gonna be just as much of a victim as these other people. I'd just rather kill some porks than someone living in the same thinly veiled already existing FEMA camp as me.

I wish they would. I fucking wish they would.

that would certainly escalate things

"FULL SPEECH: Bernie Sanders Speaks at The National Press Club in Washington, D.C (5-1-16)"

Bernie lays out his arguments & strong points for being the DNC nominee. Do watch, it's great.

8:15 he talks about delegate math. A very important part of the speech.

Short report on the labor conditions in Haiti. Long live Hillary!

Late stage capitalist grotesque.

It's amazing you found your way out of all that.

cheers, comrade

This need to be capped. It will be usefull for anyone has on of those encounters.

Thanks. I didn't have any help, that's for sure. Just being very curious about why things are the way they are. My parents were Democrats(still are), but the rest of the family is Republican. I'd say online access is the main thing that did help, though. Believe it or not, there's still a sizable amount of the population in the US who don't have good access to it. I got a smart phone for the first time two years ago(father's old one), but could only afford to activate it through help from my fiance. (Even though I was working a full time, good job!) It's outrageous the amount you have to pay to activate & keep it going, especially compared to the wages that are generally made.

Cheers :)

That would be my first screencap, and I'd be honored. :)

Spot fucking on. We suffer in the South together.


why she wears the masck

Just because a post is long and rambling does not mean it's insightful.

Hey.. go away

>>>Holla Forums

Cool :)
And the filename is apt.

Just because a book is long and rambling does not mean it's insightful.

I just don't see this happening. Delegates aren't paid-off shills like superdelegates; each of them would have to be somehow convinced to do this personally.

not if your private porky party makes rules as they see fit

Well according to all the state and national committee bylaws I've read, you can't change the rules until the conventions.

Anyone else notice how often Sanders refers to himself in the third person? I hope they don't try to use that against him at some point.

He does?

60's meme technology.


what are you saying?

Wow, John Kasich dropped out


Kasich fucking dropped out…. Trump is the GOP nominee. What the fuck.

That's alright.
Ohio really missed him.
We love you John Kasich!

Trump will make Instrumentality real.

Trump is Third Impact.

5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Wins Big With Cruz (and Kasich) Dropout

1. News coverage for the Democratic primary, and thus Bernie Sanders, will increase exponentially — immediately.
2. Sanders will pick up a huge number of what would otherwise be Trump votes in states where voters are still able to register for upcoming Democratic primaries, or are able to cross over and vote in the Democratic primary due to being a registered independent.
3. Clinton will have to start spending a great deal of money to fight a two-front war against Donald Trump, who’ll begin his ultra-negative primary campaign against Clinton immediately, and Bernie Sanders, who will avoid attacking Clinton directly but has nevertheless vowed to take the Democratic primary to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.
4. Sanders now has a greatly increased chance of winning all of the remaining Democratic primaries and caucuses.
5. The Democrats will have a contested convention, and the Republicans won’t.

Hearing on election fraud and disenfranchisement:

New York City Board of Elections Public Testimony - 5/3/2016:

I just started watching now, but people are commenting that it gets heated. I'm guessing like the Arizona hearing, but maybe louder, since they're New Yorkers, lol. Not to make light, though, because this is very serious business.

But why would Kasich drop out?

He's the one the establishment delegates will rally behind.

He's the one they'll cuck Trump with.

starts off great already

I don't think they plan to cuck Trump out of the nomination now, they aim to contain and wrangle him into a more palatable candidate.


That sounds like something that could backfire really quick.
Basically they plan on being the sleazy Grand Vizier to the insane infant sultan?

Basically they plan on being the Cheney to the Bush


It's probably going to work, unfortunately.

Trump already has most of the kosher GOP positions (aside from banning muslim immigration and deporting illegals). They just aren't positive they own him so they're scared.

Despite what the media machine would have you believe, the Obomber presidency has deported millions, that in spite of illegal immigration being below net zero.

White gen0cide is the #1 priority of all politicians. Obama's "deportation of illegals" is just capture and release (IN THE US), they don't actually get sent back to their home countries.

Whether they're deported back to their countries entirely, illegal immigration is still naturally below net zero, meaning that more illegal immigrants are leaving the US than new illegals coming in.

It is a problem that is in the middle of solving itself.

Illegal immigration is a red herring used by politicians anyway.

The real problem is legal immigration. 1 million nonwhites flood into the US every year, but not a single person talks about that. That's because it was a planned shift of focus to the "illegals" and shifting the argument to whether they should stay or vote or whatever.


burden of proof

There's some hardcore delusion on that article.

Y-You're serious?

This is probably going to sound like a shill, but I promise you it's not.

Is hillary really all that bad? I've read somewhere that she shares like 90% of her policies with bernie.

Are we just delusional or flat out wrong about her? Do we want to hate her so we take everything possible and turn it into dislike? Are those 400+ super delegate endorsements smarter than us? Think about it, all we do is sit around on an imageboard and armchair politic.

idk, for the record the only thing I really know for sure is that I don't really trust her, she seems to either lie or distort the truth too much.

Did you seriously fall for the meme that she actually holds those positions and didn't merely adopt them because Bernie was becoming a threat?

no I first saw it last year in like june or something.

Her policies aren't that bad that it's totally not worth voting for. She wants to raise the minimum wage to $12, have college expenses paid for if they work 10 hours a week, etc.

Compare her tax plan to Obama's and Bernie's, it's basically improved Obama.

I will probably vote for her, begrudgingly, if she's the nominee, just because her policies will help the poor more than anything Trump would offer.

There's another thing to consider, there's a crash coming up soon, and whoever pres will be blamed. Will this be blamed on neoliberalism finally, or with they point the finger to anything resembling anything leftward?

As I said earlier in the thread, the "negative net illegal immigration" meme is extremely misleading. Leaving aside the fact that emigration isn't actually tracked (such suppositions are made using resident demographics, meaning deaths or evasiveness could account for it just as well as emigration), that was just a brief hiccup at the deepest nadir of the recession, and mostly effected Mexican migration. For what it's worth, during 2014 the CIA World Factbook offers a net migration rate of +2.45/1000, while the Census Bureau's gross migration rate for the same period is 4.07/1000.

Absolutely true, don't forget the colossal number of descendants of recent immigrants, nonresident temporary guest workers, just-over-the-border Maquiladora, and crossborder commuters.

He was really just in it for the free food tbh fam

Trump's 0% tax on everyone earning below $25,000 and 10% on everyone earning $25-50k is probably more relevant to the average working class family than anything else in politics, other than living in a safe neighborhood where they don't have to worry about their livelihood. My father hasn't voted in years, he's pro Trump to the point where he makes Holla Forums look like Cruz supporters, and it's all based on this one fact - people like him are squeezed on all sides already, squeezed by his employer, squeezed by bureaucrats, squeezed by utility bills, ripped off by every sector of our society that has their hand in the working class's pocket. He doesn't want to pay for free college for everybody and, frankly, I don't blame him. Until the working class is taken care of first, there's no reason they need to be paying for anything right now while the elites are hording everything.

In a perfect world we'll get everything, free education, free medicine, workers having a share in the profits of their labor, etc. We know we're not getting that this election, and I think the priorities of what many on the left do claim to want, free college seems to the big one, is so completely out of touch with the current needs of the actual working class, will burden the working class (because we both know neither Hillary nor Trump is going after the billionaires they wine and dine with to get that money) and is much more beneficial to well off college students who are often from muh privileged families that all the structural and capital advantages in society that allowed them to pursue an education at a $30,000 a year institution in the first place.

A man after my own heart

Get this shitty ideology out of here.


you're missing one thing: Hillary is a fucking liar. she is actually against all of the good things she's promising.

She's a criminal, liar, and a murderer. That's all I need.

Trump, Sanders win primary contests in Indiana

By Patrick Martin
4 May 2016


The Republican race being over this soon does nothing but help Bernie, and the DNC attacks for party unity only add fuel to the fire. No more talk of RNC division, it's all about the Dems. The upset in Indiana was the first sign. Bernie needed a boost, and this was it.

…whispers of a dream…

#DropOutHillary is currently trending #4 on Twitter and rising :))

This is pretty great the whole way through, more people need to see this. Looks like the exact same fucking bullshit that happened in Arizona went down in New York.

The problem is she's a gigantic liar with a history of supporting corporate interests over workers'. So yeah, she is all that bad.

Are you really not understanding how free college works? It works directly to counteract the privelege you're referring to by enabling those not so well off to get an education.

Maybe you should remove your Nazi flag and replace it with a burgerbux flag?

Her policies would most likely be the continuation of Obama's, which are better for the poor than what the GOP is offering.

People need to understand that the reason federal taxes, especially income taxes, are always at the center of tax cut debates, is because they're practically the only form of taxation that impacts the rich (not to mention the way FICA is lumped into many income tax comparisons, in spite of it being more of a compulsory savings program than a real tax. Sadly, even my pics have that problem).

Similarly, ad-valorum taxes like sales and property taxes, which hit working class consumers like a ton of bricks, but leave the wealthy practically untouched, are never attacked. On top of that, goofballs are regularly allowed to float retarded ideas, like giving the federal government European-style VATs. Question for yuropoors: Why do you morons let this continue? Unlike the vilified federal government, largely ignored state and local governments are almost totally reliant on these absurdly regressive ad-valorum taxes for revenue:

Not that the underlying ideology of "why should I (collectively) pay for necessities?" is in any way correct, but the specific example of higher education is increasingly dubious. Instead of a surefire job (or at least career boost), it's turned into a way of wasting 2-8 years of your life in return for the chance to try and get some nepotistic professional contacts and a square of toilet paper statistically unlikely to bear any relation to your eventual form of employment.

Higher ed needs a titanic overhaul: Immediate paid apprenticeship in at least one real profession for all taxpayer-funded students, employment/pay prospect accountability requirements for all taxpayer-subsidized majors to meet RoI quotas or be denied funding, deemphasis of academia in favor of businesses being required to train their own recruits depending on labor market conditions, etc… Student loan debt barely scratches the surface.

was meant for

Remember now, don't use naughty words in front of the election board or a public servant might remove your mic and turn the camera away before escorting you out of the room.

What if there are impressionable children on the board?

hah, was just about to webm that too

The DNC are killing themselves for Hillary.

I love every minute of it

So I hear things are about to heat up in Burger Town now, with the race being between Satan and the Antichrist!

[spoiler]Good luck, guys.[spoiler]

Is that marzipan?

yes, marzipan dipped in anus, to be more specific

I assume you mean anise.

Anise, anuse, does it matter?!

the democrat party really needs to be cleaned up

It's unsalvageable.


I think you meant to write "cleansed".


I think you meant to write 'purged'.

Any Indictment news comrades?

The feds will give new meaning to "too big to fail".

if the majority of the younger voters who support sanders continue an interest in politics and the affairs of the democratic party, there is a chance

You can't reform bourg parties into rev parties.

How about instead of trying to salvage a bourgie party the energy goes into a new party?

That's an option as well.

Let me guess, the SEP?

What part of the word "new" was difficult for you?


Castrated bougies can't do anything bad.

The part where you thought you can conjure an enthusiastic mass movement out of nowhere.

Where have you been the past year?


Hey what party do most of his supports align with?


Probably independent at this point tbh. There are a lot of states where you have to register as a democrap to vote for him, and that party is currently committing sudoku.

That's a fair point. More and more people are getting disillusioned with the Democrat party and with the two-party system in general.

Unfortunately that can't be fixed unless we replace first past the post voting with a system that doesn't have the spoiler effect. My pick would be approval voting: easy to understand, easy to count, and goes right to the heart of the issue - "would you be OK with this person as president?" Too bad you have to do a lot of explaining to get people to understand that the two-party system is a symptom.

Third party electoral politics is a dead-end in America. The real parties are the ones with mass support, which are currently subsumed in the D/R blobs:

Stick a neo- on the liberal and conservative ones.

Holla Forums here

A third party will never have a real shot in the US because of our first past the post electoral system. The Democrats and Republicans have basically become coalitions of various Left or Right factions. If you run third party you basically split the vote of your own coalition.

What you nerds would do if you wanted real power is join the Democratic Party and work to get involved with it, presenting yourselves as Sanders-tier socialists. Either you could get a sizable faction of the Democrats to proclaim themselves as Socialists and influence the progamme, or get enough support to split off from the party.

I'm a Republican Party commissioner in my county.

Honestly revitalizing local politics and the right for state and municipalities to self-manage democratically is a lot more important than getting a SocDem to become president.

Going for congress might not be a bad idea either.

We'd do better to build a party to take advantage of all the disillusioned independents and pull Democrats over to us while their party collapses.

I really hope Bernie starts encouraging people to get involved locally. The revolution (peaceful or violent) has to be bottom-up to work. Congress is also a good strategy. Bernie managed to get some good work done there. So could more people like him.

I've always used a slightly different model.
>Socialists- Bernie+ True Pure Form
Then there's Holla Forums and Holla Forums type groups but I wouldn't say those are big enough to hold up a party.

I can guarantee it that one of the first things Bernie would get to work on is FPTP. Then, the parties can split up into the above.

Local politics are party politics too. Local institutions are tied up within the parties. In major cities which have basically become one-party Democratic states (think Detroit or DC, Republicans don't even bother to run), the social institutions of the community are usually unofficially affiliated to the party i.e black churches.

Their party isn't collapsing. The minority bloc and globalists can hold the Democratic party together just fine. White workers and millenials have become largely dissilutioned, and some of the fringe of the minority bloc has insisted the party doesn't go far enough to cater to them, but that's not enough to destroy the party. If anything, white industrial workers might go to Trump, but that's about it.

There are like 20 communist parties in America you can join to "build" a new party, but most of them are dogshit. The only ones with any power or influence are the ones agitating nonwhites based on race issues, i.e the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Any new party is granted a lot more legitimacy if it takes some of the infrastructure of the established parties. You probably won't be able to get it to go FULL COMMUNISM but you could get policies implemented you think are pro-worker.

kill yourself tripfag

Your factions are dumb and your shits all retarded.

You'd have to amend the Constitution to do that. Good luck.

Isn't that the guy who started #BernieSoBlack?

I know Dr. Cornel West called Obama a "Rockefeller Republican in blackface" and honestly, I think he's onto something. Clinton and the rest of the establishment have been doing their damnedest to make this primary into a referendum on Obama as a way to court the black vote. I think Bernie would be faring at least a bit better were he running against a slate of white guys.

am i still banned.

if not, lol trump won


Duly noted. We appreciate the input.
t. Lares

Lefty pol needs to build a totally rad subversive alt left like pol did with the alt right.
Something that shits on sjws and idpol and promotes true leftism™
Pol was able to defeat the neocons with ebin meme's and calling them cucks….
leftypol runs around in circles wondering why blacks dont vote for bernie, i mean come on,, pwees vote.

If trump has taught me anything its that people respect confidence no matter what crazy shit you say, you guys have to embrace being commies publicly, have to start the movement, create videos and meme's making fund of idpol from a left perspective, create an altleft community

oh and another thing ive noticed from an outside perspective, all you fuckers do is fight each other.
There is a thread about why anarchy wont work right now.
The alt right has fucking monarchists in it who think the french revolution was the worst thing to happen to the west and we get along better.

That's because Holla Forums has forgotten how to disagree with someone without shouting "shill" and banning them.

Has it still not occurred to you? The fighting is a good thing. It's what makes this board a chan community. It keeps discussion in check by constantly questioning and belittling everything so nobody circlejerks.

The "alt right" is full of agreement because they do not care about the pursuit of ideas. Finding truth in philosophy is like finding it in science, it takes rigor, discipline. Instead, they are occupied with fighting imaginary enemies.

Pol are motely crue of far right groups pushed to the edge by the jew oligarchy destroying the west, we have our differences but times are tough and we work together to fight.
And now trump is the nominee, there are lots of alt right twitter, youtube
The neocohens like bill krystol and ben shapiro are licking their wounds.

this is why lefty pol will never win

also why cant i post videos, man you guys do suck

Win what, exactly?

corporations, idpol, sjws, political enemies within and without, you guys are too beta

Sentences. Can you form them, nigger?

Nah, that works with conservatives but not liberals. There's a study of political psychology and "lefties" and righties respond to different things.

And yet so far you have been unable to defeat us. In fact we've grown stronger.

It's like when righties shit-talk the Soviet Union and Marxism-Leninism, except even worse. If we're so weak, what does that say about YOU?

Have you read the word of Frederick Nitsche?
About how he who fights monsters, should be carefull not to become a monster?

Can you not see how, by using the tools of the enemy, you become the enemy? How pol has become IDpol? How IDpol creates more pol?

If to win, one needs to stop being oneself, then to hell with wining!

is hillary going to be indicted or are we going to lose?

Nah. It's just creating a mindless mob of zombies, saying "make 'murica great" or "check your privilage".

Also this.

I dont really care what you fuckers do, im just telling you why you are beta cucks losing on all fronts and why shillary is winning.
Trump had both the righting and leftwing media screaming REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HES HITLER for like 8 months and he still won.

You guys go on being proud of being losers then

beautiful, comrade


Sorry what did loose again?

Oh… you think politics is like a sports game where the trophy gets passed back and forth once every four year.

I guess that kind of explains enough about your positions

pol has always been idpol, just a different kind than sjws

Nigga that's why he won. He got tons of free exposure and was painted as the underdog. Bernie got ignored.

No, they see it like a video game.


now ain't that some shit.

Though, in Warcraft, Orcs became violent invaders, cause their world was invaded. .. .. Are warcraft orcs middle easterns invaded by US?

Honestly though, the ONE thing uniting this whole board is it's hatred of capitalism. You'd think you would have your priorities straights.

And these are all mostly byproducts of that system. Isn't leftism about uniting anyway? I mean, I love that this board isn't a torture chamber-echochamber-safespaceTM, but sometimes yall need to activism.
it made me reflect on the human condition more than anything.
btw, it was a nigger with a gun, I have no doubt in my heart that guy could've been a Holla Forumsyp

Lemme guess.
You also believe in gultural margxism XD XD?

you do know that coverage like that is almost always good for a candidate right?

What is wrong with this terminology? idpolers take Marx's idea of class and apply it to race, sex, etc. Then they use that analysis to push cultural changes.
It’s Not About Bernie: Why We Can’t Let Our Revolution Die in Philadelphia
Based Sawant on the revolution after moving forward.


How is anything I said incorrect?

You could actually try and, you know, debunking it to BTFO pol, you guys.

anyone who genuinely believes in cultural marxism is too far gone.

Explain it to me, since you're making the claim.

What even is cultural marxism then? I better steer clear of it because if I accidentally believe it I'll be too far gone.

Cultural marxism, a critique of the cultural state is the West, in which opportunities and resources are taken disproportionately by muh privileged individuals, designated by their demographics.


All you've done is rearrange words to make it similar to the basic premise of what I've described as Marxism. There's nothing even remotely similar. Rather, the lines of thinking are in complete contradiction.

Culture, opportunities, resources, demographics. These things are all decided by the material conditions of capitalism. To "apply Marxism" to these things is hogwash, as it fails basic base/superstructure theory and ignores the most fundamental aspects of Marxism in the first place.

In other words, it takes more to be considered an adoption of "Marxist" principles than to fucking critique hierarchy. Otherwise, you'd be Marxist for being anti-monarchist, or anti-slavery.
From Nixon to Clinton

So it fails to be Marxism. Marx himself distanced himself from Marxists because they diverged from his ideas. People still do what I described. Pointing out that people believe in spooks doesn't mean the beliefs don't exist and people don't act on them.

Important article:
>If Bernie’s only concern is that running independently could open the door to a President Trump, then why could he not at least campaign in the 40+ states where it’s generally clear the Democratic or Republican candidate will win? Even in this way, while not putting his name on the ballot in the 5-10 closely contested “swing states,” he could still run an historic campaign if linked to building a new party. It could lay the foundation for an ongoing mass political movement to run hundreds of left candidates for all levels of government, independent of corporate cash. He wouldn’t need to win this election to effect a sustained leftward shift in US politics.

Yes. Hence "cultural Marxism" is completely wrong, as if the fact that it's an oxymoron of a statement in the first place wasn't bad enough.
Which does nothing to change the fact that it still isn't Marxism, it just means Marx didn't refer to himself as a Marxist. Now, if the idpolers were adhering more to his words than the self-proclaimed Marxists, you'd have a point. However, there is zero overlap. I say again, the only similarity here is that they are critical of some form of hierarchy, which is not exclusive to Marxism in any way.

These people will call themselves marxists. They will say they apply Marx's theories to sex/race/whatever. Gee why do right wingers call these guys marxists? Hmm.

Don't you understand that you are saying something as idiotic as "applying biology to Vonnegut?"

Yeah, but I'm not the one claiming that I'm analyzing race through a marxist lens. I'm reporting that other people say they are, and that "cultural marxism" refers to them. It doesn't have to be a completely serious term. It can be ironic like social justice warrior.

So why call them "cultural marxist" which is a right wing conspiracy theory stemming from the Nazi "Kulturbolschewismus" and not just idiots if that is what they are?

It's the same stupid shit as "social Darwinism".

Nazis called themselves socialists. So?

USA calls itself a "Democracy". So?

Because they're a specific group that's having an effect. They need a name, and that's what they're currently being called. If you want them to be called something besides cultural marxists maybe try coming up with a better name instead of telling people not to use terms that trigger you.

How do you intellectually justify this? HINT: you can't.

How about, SJWs?

Edgy kids?

Even more so, both the tiny voter turnout in state and especially local elections, plus the presence of direct referenda at many of these elections, means it wouldn't be that hard to DIRECTLY overturn FPTP in favor of less vote-wasteful, more gerrymandering-resistant systems like IRV and at-large PV. This would allow third parties to become nationally established, become powerfully entryist in federal politics of the D & R parties, and eventually pass the constitutional amendments needed to reform federal democracy.

This. Holla Forums is a nazi torture chamber, and even the slightest sign of disunity is banned by hotpockets. We may disagree, but we are united on the areas we hold in common.

If the rumors about Biden getting auto-anointed in that event are true, what's needed isn't a personal Hillary indictment, but prosecution over electoral fraud and a primary recount.

Their world wasn't invaded, they invaded of their own choice after being invited by a traitorous humanbecame corrupted by demon worship and eventually (long after invading Azeroth) destroyed their own planet. You're probably thinking of Xen being invaded by the Combine in Half-Life.

I think it may also come from the misconception that they are mistaken for collectivists, when only sometimes it is the case. Funnily enough, they use what is known as the progressive stack, a hierarchy of 'victimhood' or rather their own muh privilege, which is taking advantage of peoples empathy. Ironically enough, many of them are narricisstic, an individualist trait, ergo, they themselves are individualists, not collectivists. Or, perhaps they are actually exploiting collectivism.

This thread is relevant to the 'gultral margzizm' discussion I think *sniffs*

Another term conservatives and liberals use, is 'regressive leftists' I would prefure the term reactionary idpolers myself.

I know what Sargonites use (she? I made a term too), and it's all in order to propagandize the "they are leftists" meme, and promote their neo-macarthism.

And, Idpolers is ok too.

Only Gultural Margsism is broblematic term and BO should make it excellent too.

The problem with "regressive leftists" as well as one of my personal favorites, "the faux-left" is that it can basically be applied to any and all types of liberals and doesn't really single out the idpolers. SJWs was good for a long while, but misuse both by the reactionary right and the adoption by ignorant non-idpol liberals has watered it down a bit.

If I want to communicate with people, I will use terms we both understand. If I'm talking to someone who refers to these people as cultural marxists, I'll refer to them as such. I'm sorry your feelings are too fragile to allow you to talk to people you disagree with.

This is probably the closest match, but I think it's a bit vague tbh.
They're not necessarily bourgeois.
They're not mainstream enough, honestly. A neoliberal would be someone like Obama or Clinton.

You make some good points. They're exploiting the idea of collectivism by trying to set up a new hierarchy where they're on top.
Yeah, they're not really leftist or regressive. Reactionary idpoler is basically a synonym with SJW but more descriptive.

Sargonite is a perfectly good word.

You're right about SJW being watered down. It's probably because it's vague. Marxism has a similar problem because it's just [name]+ism. If you call someone a reactionary idpoler (assuming people know what idpol means), it's hard to distort the meaning.

The only thing I don't understand is why Sawant and others haven't just thrown their support behind the Green Party instead of trying to build a whole new one.

Why join an existing party when you have a bigger movement to use and you have the opportunity to have more control over the direction it takes?

Not even a Marxist but just because you don't know what it means doesn't make it any less of an established, specifically defined political ideology.

Because it's a lot of work to make a new party and the Green Party already encompasses like 95% of the issues Sandersnistas are pissed off about in its current platform?

Call them Jonesites after Alex Jones.

The problem with "SJW" is that it's sarcastic. Normalfags (and many very retarded SJWs) will look at it and go "Social justice warrior? That sounds like a good thing!", much like other sarcastic internet epithets such as "butthurt", the joke goes over their heads.

On old GG threads, the best we could come up with was "outrageists", because their preferred currency of political exchange is hysterical moral outrage for its own sake, to virtue signal how enlightened they are, regardless of whether or not they're actually helping anyone.

Oh well, I guess that explains it.

what's your problem with her personally?

That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that to someone unfamiliar with what it means, it's easy to not know the difference between a distortion and the proper version. I contrasted with reactionary idpoler, the meaning of which should be clear from the name without needing further understanding.

Indeed. Actually collectivists, such as Islamists, a group they claim is always marginalized, is actually more authentically collectivist. Islamists act for the group, and in the name of their spook, rather than self interest, especially when they fight against someone of an opposing tribe, as it were. So much so, they sacrifice themselves to it.

Or also, 'Reactionary Identity Politician' or 'RIP' for short. I figure its a way that should catch on soon enough, at least in anti idpol leftist circles. Spread that shit like wildfire.

"Oh look, it's the rips coming to steal our fun!"

This is pretty good but it should apply to any political group that uses this tactic. The alt-right does that shit too.

Good point. Sarcasm is fucking dangerous on the internet. The MLP fandom started as a sarcastic joke but people took it seriously and it got way out of hand.



Furthermore, I think these sorts of identity politics is actually tied to capitalism, rather than socialism. After Socialism was effectively snuffed out during the red scare, what popped up after was the civil rights movement. It was the only way any proles could have any hope of having slightly less exploitation in the capitalist system. Obviously, once the black movement was seen as separate to socialists and communists, they were eventually given more rights and opportunities, if at a slow pace. Not to mention, it's actually allot harder to demonize people just based on race, rather than an idea, despite what pol might tell you. For instance there are pollacks that say 'nah, I only hate muh gultral marxxist juus that are fucking things up with immigrants lmao.'

The problem was, the civil rights movement, a form of identity politics, if but for an ultimately good cause, was still that of a compromise. Instead of all workers having a revolution and equality for all, it was just black workers being given the oh so wonderful honor of being only just as exploited as everyone else or only slightly more if they could get away with it, IE the drug war. A similar thing could be said with feminism as well. Yay?

So how does it tie in to capitalism? Well, one example is with neo-liberals putting Harriet Tubman on the twenty. I wouldn't be surprised if she took such a thing as an insult after what she had been through. Or I could be wrong.

Other examples are how, yes, they have the progressive stack, which is just another hierarchy of new age muh privilege. Or the fact they are upper middle-class petite bourgeoisie that don't even talk about class struggle, let alone have to worry about it. Whatever 'socialism' they advocate is simply just state capitalism. If they new what actual socialism was, and how to get it, they sure as shit wouldn't be socialists.

This type of RIP'inglol Is effectively pushed through academia and in mainstream media. It is a narrative that is easy to digest for the dumbed down masses to consume. A commodity to be sold to give people a sense of self righteousness in the face of suffering others. An easy way to rally against a false enemy. It is used as a means to castrate any revolutionary thought with 'but what about muh race/gender/sexuality people?' Forcing people to deal with them before anyone can deal with any real problems. It's another form of discrimination as well. Proles to fight amongst themselves while the bourgeoisie make bank again and again.

Also, can someone cap that last post I made? I don't want it to be forgotten.

Shit this has more potential than I thought.
and of course

I think 'Minister of catchy phrases' sounds pretty good about now.

I have a feeling I was reaching with that first paragraph…

We tried that.
The name was already taken by racist.

In my dream society, everyone/thing has whimsical names instead of something boring like "Director of PR".

How about the left hand path?

It would actually kind of make sense to say RIP in peace.

Why not classic leftism? Or just 'class' leftism?

Classy leftism? :^)

We shouldn't change the name, we aren't the 'alt-left', they are.

The alt-right style of outrageism is quite different, since they actually have a mostly coherent (if hilariously spooky) mindset of "volk must struggle against each other for supremacy, our volk are the ubermensch, and should rightfully subjugate or exterminate untermensch. If we fail to do so, we have been proven inferior and should suffer likewise". Compare this to the leftist outrageists, where the very concepts of logic, reason, and objective truth have been rejected, with constant self-criticism that often creeps into the realm of literal VHEM-grade misanthropy. The leftist kooks can be described in whole as outrageists precisely because they are ready and willing to be "deeply morally outraged" at anything and everything at any given moment.

Still, if you want to be REALLY specific, the exact term (originating from themselves) to describe their special flavor of brain cancer is "postmodern critical theorists".

To be fair, there were actual laws in the 1960s through which people could be oppressed in non-economic ways, so that would've had to be fixed regardless of capitalism and socialism. The problem is that's no longer the case, yet these perverts keep LARPing like it's still the 1960s1860s.

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