It's true and you know it. Go ahead and try to name one, you can't

It's true and you know it. Go ahead and try to name one, you can't.

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>>600962568>slappersRoom temperature IQ nigger take.

Only because of Michael Jackson

>>600962750You still didn't name one tho.

>>600962568>*Destroys your opinion*

>>600962762Michael Jackson made like 3 songs and Brad did a lot of the heavy lifting.

>>600962750>slang bad

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>>600962873>One song from one game>Vs nearly 30 years of Sonic OSTs

Mega Man

>>600963132That's all it takes.

>>600963173Mega Man soundtracks are too forgettable. The only ones with memorable songs are the X series and even then only X1, X2 and X4.>>600963198No, read the image again.


>>600962873Yes, yes, well done, SMT.

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>>600963273>>600963173Name one Mega Man song anyone remembers outside of Wily stage or X vs Zero.

>>600962568Most vidya OSTs stick to one genre or theme. Sonic OSTs can do anything, that's why they're so much better. They can be rock, jazz, funk, pop, techno, orchestra or any combination. No one else can compete on that level.

>>600962873Bro this is fucking trash lmfao, fuck outta here

>>600963132Literally every SMT has a god tier OST.

>>600963359Elecman, Gutsman, Cutman, Crashman, Woodman, Bubbleman, Airman, Geminiman, Shadowman, Needleman, Topman, Snakeman, Pharaohman, Diveman, Gyroman, Chargeman, Knightman, Blizzardman, 7's intro stage, Shademan, Springman, Turboman, Tenguman, Astroman, Duo, Galaxyman, Concreteman, Solarman, Strikeman, Chillman, Blastman, FusemanEat cum, faggot.


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>>600963348I agree sonic is better but that's a terrible example

>>600964114And how many of those are there, like 5? Compared to over 50 Sonic games each one with a top tier OST?

>>600962568donkey kong country

>>600964252>And how many of those are there, like 5? No. There's more than the mainline games.

>>600964221>Generic orchestra shit

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Find me a better stage theme than Tabloid Jargon

>>600962568Sonic games don't really have that many great themes.

The entire Megaman Series. Sonic has good music, yeah. But he doesn't match Megaman. Even the worst Megaman games have one or two tracks that are memorable.

>>600963253if you disagree you just haven't played enough Mega Man games¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>>600962568sonic music unironically sucks

>>600964314Mans said fucking Donkey Kong lmaooooooo. >>600964365SA2 soundtrack alone clears your favorite series.


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>>600963359Nitro man, tornado man, bubble man, metal man, fuck you man


>>600962568Persona before 5

>>600962568Legend of Zelda

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>>600962568CastlevaniaDonkey Kong CountryFinal FantasySuper Mario Bros.

>>600963173>>600964180>>600964382>>600964412>>600964495>Sonic soundtracks>Excel at every genre, theme and style of music. >Mega Man soundtracks>BLEEP BLOOP BLIP CHIPTUNES LMAO



>>600962568Jet Set Radio

>>600962873I like SMT music but holy fuck no, it's not even inbthe same weight class as something like Supporting Me or Team Chaotix, let alone the rest of Sonic.

>>600964382>Even the worst Megaman games have one or two tracks that are memorable.proof:


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>>600964567consider developing some taste

Frontiers is going to shit the bed with trying and failing to replicate BotW soundtrack.

>>600964726Nigga nobody wanna listen to computer blips, we ain't robots.

>>600962568Bomberman is definitely on his the ones June Chikuma didn't work on are


>>600964804Post one song from Castlevania that's on Sonic's level.

>>600964767Computer blips can be

Zelda, Donkey Kong, Mario, Kirby, CastlevaniaFinal Fantasy

>>600964529>CastlevaniaThis.Also pic related.

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>>600964567oh god he's talking about modern sonic music and not the actual good music

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*absotuvely obliterates your favorite OST in your path

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>>600962568No Straight Roads is extremely high quality but is a single short game, so it doesn't compare to the legacy of Sonic, but "Amazing and repeat listens" per song, NSR is on par or higher than any individual Sonic game.



Fallout series. I'm talking about the ambient/industrial stuff as opposed to the pop singles. Would rather listen to that type of content than most of the stuff from Sonic.

Why do people keep saying Castlevania? Every Castlevania song sounds the exact same, generic goth music with electric guitar spliced in. Sounds like the shit an angry white boy school shooter would listen to.

>>600962568The only one that even fucking compares is Kirby. Literally any other answer is wrong.

>>600963359Armored Armadillo and Spark Mandril.


>>600965178Even then it's a very distant second. There are other games with good OSTs but not a single one has the level or volume of consistency that Sonic does. Every single Sonic game, even the most mediocre, has a 10/10 soundtrack.

>>600962568>>600965178I'd also argue that if you're talking vocal soundtracks or stuff like any Crush 40 song, then Sonic still mogs the fuck out of Kirby even then.

>>600964882>on Sonic's level.Sorry, Castlevania doesn't have any song that is that bad.

>>600965104>generic goth music with electric guitar spliced in.That's not what it sounds like at all. That's DMC music.

>>600965104have you ever even played a castlevania game? it's all buttrock

>>600965416More like Castlevania doesn't have a single song anyone actually remembers outside of boomers that think it's still a relevant series. >>600965418Whitoid detected.

>>600965293Forces had a completely forgettable soundtrack so did Lost World

>>600965323Crush 40 is fucking terrible. Vocal tracks are the worst part of Sonic ost.

>>600965521Keep telling yourself that

>>600965104>Every Castlevania song sounds the exact same, generic goth music with electric guitar spliced in.Can you list 5 songs like that?

>>600964314>>600964529>>600964958Donkey Kong? Really? Fucking Donkey Kong? Y'all listening to ooga booga jungle noises and shit? This is why you're single.

>>600963095Yes.So are niggers and trannies.


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>>600965518Well, I know what "goth music" sounds like, so I guess.Castlevania music is upbeat and groovy for the most part.

>>600965620That would require Castlevania to have 5 songs worth remembering when it doesn't even have 1.

>>600962568You retarded? Play Steets of Rage 2 and never post here again you low IQ brillo head bonobo ape.

Sonic music that can compare to Castlevania music:>Angel Island 2>Hidrossity 2>Hard Times (The Jetzons)>Mushroom Hill 1>Flying Battery 1>Lava Reef 1>Lava Reef 2>most of Sonic Mania's soundtrackSo no, Sonic has less great music than Castlevania has. As series, anyways.

>>600964529>>600964958seconding Final Fantasy. It already had a great range of styles and memorable melodies, but with 14 (I know, I know) the music in the series has really been able to explore genres on a massive scale. Soken is a prodigy and he has a great team to back him up.

>>600965823See >>600963132

>>600965104That's the prime demographic of people who post here you included

>>600965791>LOOLLLL THESE ARE ALL BAD>which ones are you talking about>W-WELL I DON'T KNOW HAHA GET REKTThe current state of Sonic fans.

>>600965694You just used 2 slang words

>>600965961My brother in christ no one gives a shit about Castlevania or listens to its music except for bitchless 40 year olds.

>>600965323>>600965586In my experience, people who love Crush 40 haven't listened to actual mainstream rock yet or just like it out of irony (i.e. lol it's so wacky to sing Live and Learn out loud XD)



>>600965845>Spring Yard Zone>Ice Cap Zone>Chemical Plant Zone>Stardust Speedway>Open Your Heart>What I'm Made Of>The entire SA2 OST>Solaris phase 2>Rooftop Run>The entire Sonic Rush OST>With Me>Infinite's theme>Aquatic Base TAKE ME BAAACK IN TIIIMEETO ANOTHER WORLDTHEN YOU CAN BE MIIIIINEWE DON'T HAVE TO WORRYWHEN YOU'RE BYY MYY SIIIIDETHERE'S NOTHING I DON'T KNOWTHERE'S NOTHING TO DECIIIIDEAPART FROM WHERE WE WANT TO GO>>600965586wrong

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>>600962568Donkey Kong

>>600966135This is okay but doesn't compare to any 3D Sonic OST.>>

>>600964347Uh oh Sonicbros did we get too cocky?

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This thread is going to entirely be sonic fags insisting the entire soundtrack is amazing because they see sonic as an extension of self

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>>600962568>All these replies and no one has disproven it yet

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>>600965845>HidrossityNigger why are you punching your keyboard

>>600963095>cancerjak>>600964475>>600965695>donut steel the redditfroggo back

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>>600966220>>Spring Yard ZoneNot on a high level.>>Ice Cap ZoneGo listen to "Hard Times" by The Jetzons.>>Chemical Plant ZoneStated in "most of Sonic Mania".>>Stardust SpeedwayNot that good.>>Open Your Heart>>What I'm Made OfWeak.>>The entire SA2 OSTGood in an ironic shitposting way.>>Solaris phase 2Don't know that.>>Rooftop RunNot that good.>>The entire Sonic Rush OSTNot on top level like the ones I mentioned.>>With Me>>Infinite's theme>>Aquatic BaseDon't know these.

>>600962568Sorry user. Sonic has some great tracks to his name but not even he can compete with the top

>Mega ManOnly the X series. Everything else is generic chiptune shit.>CastlevaniaMid>Donkey KongYou've got to be trolling at this point>Kingdom Hearts and KirbyFair but still doesn't compare to Sonic


>>600966479>Out of touch boomer hasn't even heard half the songs listedGo pay your taxes grandpa

>>600962568Kirby.Nothing good has ever came from sonic

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>>600965845Every single track from classic sonic, except hill top and sky sanctuary, is better than castlevanias soundtrackt. played both franchises

Monty on the Run has the best soundtrack ever, because all it needs is one

>>600966424Hello, newfag!>>600966604>talking shit about DKC musicHello, newfag!

Everyone's just going to ignore the premise of franchise and only post one song or one gameThere's five franchises as long running, recognizable and big as Sonic and none flex their music as hard

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Sonictrannies are getting obnoxious again. Frontiers needs to come out and bomb already so they'll go back to their quite wallowing mode again.


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>>600966741This must be a fucking meme because I've NEVER heard anyone talk up Donkey Kong soundtracks before. Must be some white people shit like Morbius.

>>600966734>Every single track from classic sonic, except hill top and sky sanctuary,I forgot about Sky Sanctuary, thanks. It's one of the best songs in the franchise, showing that your taste is completely invalid.


>>600966604I dunno man the music from DKC is iconic. Definitley my most listened to game soundtrack far and away. It was also the first video game I ever played though so the nostalgia is as deep as it gets

>>600966479>What I'm Made Of>WeakImagine having such dogshit taste. Literal top 5 final boss theme ever.

>>600966819Lurk moar. Forever, if possible.

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(please ignore nü banjo) (please no bully)

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>>600966849It gets jarring really quickly, you would know if you actually played the game cunt

>>600966819giga zoomer moment

>>600966504Good call. Touhou music inspired a whole musical scene, it was so

>>600966795Exactly. People are just replying with songs they think are good, which is not the point. Putting aside how trash most of these are, having one good song or one game with a good OST doesn't compare to a franchise with constant 10/10 soundtracks since the first game all the way back in the early 90s. There is no franchise in all of gaming with more consistently great soundtracks.>>600966808You mean when the Mario movie comes out and embarrasses Sonic haters yet again.

This thread made my day. Love Sonic music to death. Thanks Holla Forums

>>600967029I played it on release, shit-licker.

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>>600966950>>600967053Found the white people

>>600966604>Everything else is generic chiptune shit.What kind of shit taste is this?

>> The major artists responsible for the Soundtrack did get their start with Sonic remixes and sonic inspirations, so, we have Sonic to thank for the NSR soundtrack being so

>>600967185>Click link>First 3 seconds are 8 bit farts>Dislike video and close

>>600967074>You mean when the Mario movie comes out and embarrasses Sonic haters yet again.Oh right. I forgot Sonicfags have completely given up on the games. Maybe you'd all be better off moving to Holla Forums then,

>>600966479>Open Your Heart>Weak.It's possibly the absolute highest point in the series.

>>600962568Mega Man has a lot of good tracks. Some shit ones, and a lot are samey, but there's still a lot of good there too.

>>600962568Monkey Island.That was easy.

>>600967268Almost like Sonic has transcended vidya and become a multimedia franchise. Sorry your favorite series are too shit to accomplish that but it doesn't mean you need to hate on Sonic for it.