Let's talk about NTR H-games

Let's talk about NTR H-games

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>Let's talk about NTR H-games

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You pigs already have a thread on /vg/

>>600961491Why do they call it NTR rather than cuckold?

>>600961491Let's talk about overrated NTR H-games with a tree, yet that tree also contains no H-scenes.

>Video game threads get deleted>/h/ threads get to stay

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All porn is NTR

>>600961491Fuck outta my face.

>>600961491Let’s talk about OP’s faggotry

>>600961491>ntr:(>the guy getting cucked is a fat dude/Shota/beta male Mc/black dude :D

>>600961629Why is Tom such a slut and only wears an apron?

>>600961525If asians are into cuckoldry, how come USA and the UK has had cuck porn as the most searched porn category since like 2010?

>>600961491my most fapped tags are rape, ntr, milf, monster

>>600961491NTR is shit because it's sexist

>>600961813You tell me

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>>600961525>BBC gang unite

I went through Please Bang My Wife with the name set to user just for screenshots. That's about all I have for NTR

>>600961730>ntr:(>the guy is getting ntr'd by his little sister/or her friends who a monstrous dik:)

>>600961985I see the anglo influence is infiltrating the chinks too. As expected of the perfidious Albion

>>600962207Whatever helps you cope shit clit

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>>600961929It's really retarded how mentally frail the women depicted are. I know that's part of the fetish, but it's so stupid I can't imagine being upset by it. I saw a Sailor Moon one and they just all turned into sluts and Usagi was like "what about being sailor scouts" and they were just "we don't care lol" and it was really fucking funny. What annoys me about NTR is these artists will draw the best MILF's and the sexual content fucking sucks and any dialogue is just "ooohhh we shouldn't do this."

>>600961491Thou art disgusting.

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>>600962317>Only east Asian country listed is south Korea, the mutt colonyThanks for proving my point. Thankfully the Russians will genocide the anglo and save Europe from their parasitic culture of evil.

>>600961491Best NTR game evertoo bad the sequel is shit.

>>600962506>NTR games are mostly made in Japan and China>Japanese and Chinese men don't like NTR You are deluded

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NTR "chads"

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>>600961730NTR is acceptable when the guy getting cucked is a complete pussy or shithead.

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>>600962702Isn't that just cheating? I thought NTR was about getting off on the jealousy.

>>600962668>most NTR and blacked porn, not a drawing is made in americaAnon....

>>600962668Yeah, fiction. Meanwhile the anglos produce real porn with real people. And push for cuck relation, oh I mean diversity couples (never with a white man though, anglos don't want them to breed).Nah, world will never know peace as long as the anglo exist and pollute Europe.

>>600961491Stop being mentally ill

>>600962778Cheating = flings/no lasting consequences. NTR = permanent consequences such as mind break, divorce, breakup, pregnancy, etc.

People call Asians beta pussies for liking NTR so much. Yet for every beta that gets cucked, there has to be a bull behind said cucking. Therefore, there are just as many Asian chad bulls as there are betas. Which means Asians are in fact, not a race of complete betas.

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>>600962957>anglosThey're jews user, mostly consumed by asians.

>>600962506The only country more degenerate than Russia is the US and Japan

>>600963030tell that to japans rapidly decaying population

>>600963060Anglos and Jews are but two peas in a pod. One enables the other to work their evil.

>>600962680truly mentally ill, whoever wrote this need therapy asap

>>600961491>DanielWhy does he have an American name,but looks like guido Brazilian?

>>600961491>Let's talk about NTR H-gamesSo lets talk about every H game there is then

>>600963146American population is going down even faster. I wonder why is that?

>>600963194>Anglos and Jews are but two peas in a pod. One enables the other to work their evil.Maybe in your HRT riddled mind, but not in reality

>>600963237America and Brazil are the are thing now

>>600961491Fuck off, nigger

>>600963237Because unlike mutts, Brazilians are white.


>>600963295Because of leftism, white right-wing religious people have above replacement rate. Leftoids just can't breed

>>600963017I guess there's different types of NTR. As a whole it seems to mostly be mind break with some fat guy as the lead. I don't even know why that bothers me since that's more accurate for self-insertion, but there's no real romance to it I guess.

Is there a game where I get to play the guy doing the NTRing. Cuckshit only does anything for me when I get to do the cucking.

>>600963428Not to mention a decent amount of them have been mind-broken into sterilizing themselves.

>>600963315Who created Israel and let the Jews flourish in their lands? And who enriched the anglo in every war over the centuries and ensures their victories through subversion and subterfuge?No, you must die, beast. And if glorious Russia has to nuke your vile islands and continent, then so be it. Every rat must be purged for the damage they have done to Europe.

>>600963030>implying asian men have sexwhy do you think NTR is popular

>>600961603Netorare (NTR) means cuckold in Japanese

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>>600963591vndb.org/v27746https://vndb.org/v24716And the game posted in >>600962702

>>600961491>play /ss/ vn by that same company>it has NTR>completely ignore the NTR and go for the vanilla mother/son incest endingthis is how play a NTR game, you cuck the devs by ignoring the shit parts they spent time adding in and go for the vanilla routes

>>600963237There are Daniels in Brazil too, user :)

>>600961491Lets not.

>>600963428That's weird because it seems like right-wing religious people are really into celibacy and some aren't married and have no kids as a result. I think the bigger factor is gen X are a bunch of manchildren and current economic factors make having a child much more a burden. I certainly don't see the point in bringing a child into this world as it is.

>>600963315Hilarious that the tranny central that is the anglosphere accuse anyone else of being trannies.

>>600963591you're alright user. retarded but alright.look for netori

>>600963703Lolicon means pedophile but people act like it's different.

>>600962439The women are insanely stupid and easy to corrupt with the power of large dick, the guys are all gigachad thundercocks that can come six times in a row (except for the MC cannot please a single woman with his micropenis) sometimes with magical blackmail or hypnosis powers but somehow this self-parody is meant to make you upset and horny. Yeah I don't get it either.

>>600961730NTR is good when a shota is cucking everyone

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>>600963591Yes,search>催眠And enjoy Netori for days. Oh, you dont like MC?tough titties, 99% of NTR stuff is crap,hypnosis is the only thing that makes sense.

>>600963703tl note: keikaku means plan

>>600963146There is, in principle, nothing wrong with a declining population. The actual problem is that the population in shitholes like africa doesn't decay as well. I suggest glassing the whole continent of africa. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

>>600963991I despise shotatrash but this was good. He's an absolute scumbag that fucks anything that moves and that's hot.

>>600963237Just want to say a few things.We are brazilian and Our brother is called Daniel, but the guy in the OP looks like a tanned blond guy, you dumbass motherfucker.

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>>600961491The MC in this game was actually pretty cool. I know it sounds like cuck cope or whatever, but compared to other MCs, the dude actually had some balls.>Has a loving wife and daughter>Has no issues pleasuring his wife>Immediately suspects that Daniel has ulterior motives when he moves in>Leaves to go get a promotion, more money for the family>While he's gone his wife loses to the cock and becomes Danny's bitch>But also while he's gone the MC also loved by all his co-workers, gets the promotion and even has to deflect pussy being thrown at him because he's a faithful man>MC gets home and catches them in the act>Instead of crying, looking at them gormlessly or masturbating he immediately tries to kick Danny's ass>Gets beat up, but tells Danny and his wife to get the fuck out of the house>They leave but keep trying to torment the MC by sending him tapes of them fucking>Instead of seething the MC completely drops them from his life, focuses on raising his daughter and hooks up with one of the girls that tried to have sex with him earlierHe still lost at the end of the day, but dammit good on him for actually trying and getting over his whore wife at the end. Much better than the faggot in the sequel.>>600963370vndb.org/v30294

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>>600963237You mean an English name.

>>600963841>Blah blah blah cope cope copeNah, leftism is why birthrates are in the shitterm, becuase they CAN'T BREED. But political persuasions is heritable, so the future will be right-wing and religious.

>>600964405Any retard can breed. A literal dead body can breed.

>>600963703It's the difference on verb.>寝取るThis is netoru, the infinitive or dictionary form of the verb. It means to "X' in this case to cuckold.>寝取られるThis is the full passive form of the verb,netorareru,it means to be cuckolded.>寝取りNetori,this is the masu stem,but like this can be a noun,meaning the bull,or the one who cucks.

>>600963991doujin name?

What's the difference between Netorase and Netorare?

>>600962317>chinks get scapegoated for blackedshit>China and Japan don't even show up on the list, not even highlighted>US does show up on the list and several western yuro countries get highlightedI always thought that chinks getting blamed for this junk was baseless, but I didn't know the people doing the blaming were so retarded they can't read a list.

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>>600963650>>600963315DANGEROUSLY BASED. Anglos are at least as bad as Jews. The West didn't go down the shitter under spics, frogs, gayreeks, romans, etc. It's all over, now we are set to become happy colonies for the chinese bug state.

>>600964313The guy in the sequel deserved to get cucked.

friendly reminder that netorase is for literal cucks, netori is for failed normalfags and netorare is for patricians

>>600964583netorare = to be cuckednetorase = to allow yourself to be cucked, i.e. willingly

>>600964021I chuckled

>>600964169>Hating shotaI feel bad for you

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>>600963760whats the ss game called

>>600962702MC was so fucking based>Steals wife and daughter from cheating scumbag>Then repeatedly impregnates Hinoka so that his new daughter won't be lonely ever again

>>600962317>bolivia>peru>mexico>ecuador>venezuelasouthern cone bros....we won....

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>>600964725gosh can you imagine being a beautiful woman in your prime and being banged by 5 small shota cocks?

>>600964725Sorry but under no circumstance I can accept a kid with a barely functional 2 inch penis stealing anyone.

>>600961491100x better and hotter if he was a ugly bastard

What's with all the English stuff in this thread? I thought NTR fags were better than this.

>>600961491Asians like anime NTR Westerners like real NTR that's why when you go to Pornhub and type "amateur cuckold" porn it's 90% western women

>>600964725Not him but even in a fictional setting, I can't process a woman being able to get off on a prepubescent tiny child dick. It just does nothing for me. Now big dick shota doujins on the other hand...

>>600964583What do they call the bull in Japanese?Do they have a slang term for him?

The best bulls are futas and horses

>cuck thread>Shotanigs outta the woodworkIt's literally true what they say about shotafags


>>600964313I'm convinced that the guy in the sequel was gay.

>>600965031what do they say about us shotachads?

>>600961491>husband blackmails both>makes the guy suck his cock>makes the wife eat shit>starts heading out the door>remind them that the camera was still recording>door closeshow based can one game be?

>>600964870>>600964985I find it funny how people say this shit and then go jack off to lolicon, ironic

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>>600961813Asian Americans.

>>600964865>smallnot with that artist

>>600965031You will never be a shotachad

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>>600965245Literally opposite working genitals, dipshit. Dick must be big. Pussy must be tight.

>>600962625I'm surprised they didn't make a third one.It's been a while since I seen a quality NTR game. I remember looking forward to Lune Team Bitters and Elf's games.On the other hand, plenty of NTR rpg games, but they tend to be hit and miss.Also, looking forward to pic related.

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>>600965198wait thats what happens?everyone said the american fucks the wife and daughter

why are asian american women so much better looking than asian women in asia? (exception being south korea)

>>600965129That in truth you're the biggest cucks. No longer happy with being cucked by some black thug or chad guy, you move on to someone who by all accounts should be inferior to a grown man. And then you fantasize about a literal kid, smaller, dumber, weaker than you, STILL is a better mate than you can ever be. Still best you at everything.You may cope now with your generic excuses

>you will never

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>>600965245How is that even the same thing? It's an entirely different scenario in terms of how the two parties get off.

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>>600965339Shota fucking sucks. It's like futa with mental gymnastics.

>>600964313The wife really didn't deserve him. Glad she got turned into a cocksleeve.

>>600965420>he likes dominant shotashit taste desu

American hour is really interesting

>>600965438>Only real world porn I like is white guy/black woman They really get into it.

guys, recommend the BEST shota hentai, hentai games, visual novels, etc.

forgot the name of it, but what was the one where the MC gets ntr'd but the other guy feels bad and teaches the MC how to be like him and the MC goes around fucking his wife's friends and mom?

>>600965361>>600965458Actual retard take, go jack off to whatever dipshit fetish you have

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still the GOAT

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>>600963237Daniel is hebrew, burgtard.

>>600965031Shotacon is the best, only low iq faggots and cuckolds dislike it.

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I love /ss/ so fucking much bros

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>>600965494Damn, you're even worse off. You want a beta kid to actually be more desirable than you are. How much do you hate yourself to sink this deep?>B-but I self insert.You are not a kid, just like how you're not a dog or an orc or a big buff black guy, or a woman.You are the ultimate cuck.

>>600964713Not allow here it is specifically causing it as in you're the one making it happen as in you arranged it, or you asked your wife to do it, etc. The conjugation is the same but the meaning is not. To simply allow it would count almost every single netorare considering the MC is often too weak to do anything about it and thus allows it to happen. Also I don't think I've ever played a netorase that went with the allow meaning rather than causative.

>>600965689I hate jin so much for vanishing without a trace.

>>600961491As a fellow spic, I self insert as Danny while playing this

>>600961491Why is there never a game where you NTR your wife with a muscular bull? It's the ultimate revenge of seeing so much NTR VNs.

>>600965478>Shota fuckingYes

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>threads about NTR>Shotacucks make it about their faggotryLiterally worse than furries these days

I imagine shotafags to be the ugliest fucks out of all the fetishfags since they want to go back to being a kid so badly since that's the only time they think women could possibly want them. Imagine being that ugly as an adult.

>>600965739This is a /ss/ thread now, ntrfags GET OUT

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>>600965748>You are the ultimate cuck.Why, yes, I am, how could you tell? My girlfriend deserves the most fertile, virile, and young seed

NTRfags can draw good but they can't write good.

>>600965793>Read netorase VN>MC keeps talking about how he wants his wife/gf to fuck someone else>MC finally convinces wife/gf to fuck someone else>MC suddenly finds out he doesn't want his wife/gf to fuck someone else and the story just turns into regular shitty NTRI don't get the appeal.

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>NTRcucks seething that they got their own thread NTRed by shotafagsYou can't make this shit up. You all deserve it you cucks.

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>>600961491lets not you cuck faggot nigga tranny kike

>>600961491Shit thread. There is almost nothing new to talk about. No new games, worse, no new good games to talk about.

>>600965910True, but they're also pedophile homosexuals.After all, there MUST be a little boy in the picture for them to get excited. Remove the kid, and they lose interest

>>600963030>Yet for every beta that gets cucked, there has to be a bull behind said cuckingit's a single bull visiting dozens of different cucks

>>600965960>>600965841>>600965739>>600965728>>600965597>>600965458>>600965129>>600964725/ss/hads unite!


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people who hate shota are balding boomers who are insecure about their youthyou are going to die and get replaced by the next generation deal with it

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>>600964313>Instead of seething the MC completely drops them from his life, focuses on raising his daughter and hooks up with one of the girls that tried to have sex with him earlierDoes it actually end like that or are you making it sound better than it is?

Does anybody have the list of "red flag" waifus?

>>600962668>fetish account

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why are American like this?

This thread is NTRetarded.

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>Shotafags cucking NTRfagsLET'S FUCKING GOOOOOO

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>>600966059Damn straight, SSchads cucking ntrniggers is based.

>blacked bad >NTR good explain this shit weabs


Fuck off with your garbage thread

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>>600966319They're both shit, this is an SS website.


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>>600965597from the top of my head, and the one's i got saved>shota hentai (animated)Oneshota The AnimationMuma No Machi CornelicaBoku To Misaki-sensei>shota hentai (doujin)[Agata] not Chibanare Not Weaning[Morishima Kon] Oshioki!Most of Kloah's stuffA Story about a Boy Getting His Virginity Stolen by His (Girl) Friend's Mom (NTR ALERT, but the art is good)A story About An Incubus Being Fondled By Two Onee-sansInusen Trust (Pit x Palutena Comic)Skt Freedom - JK Rich ThotsShe Used to Be Cool 1 & 2The Place I Stayed Over at Belonged to Perverted Gyaru Onee-chans[From SHIKOroute (Momoko)] Kyouko-san to | Together With Kyouko-san (Onexy) [English] [Digital][HGT Lab (Tsusauto)] Mikonjo no Shounengari... [English] [desudesu]>hentai gamesSummer MemoriesDream of Non-HumansRJ264906 - YUMESAME>visual novelsvndb.org/v24151i really wish there were more VNs, finding a good one is such a hassle

>>600962317Imagine making the most retarded insults and thinking it means anything

Reminder that shotafags are Twitter trannies who tried to get Loli banned from /a/

>>600965814He was murdered for doing that shit.Don't be surprised if Terasu MC will disappear without a trace one day, too.

>>600966407>self-insertI fap to the shota

>>600966319Being reminded that black people are real is a huge turn off.

Mom NTR is where it's at.

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>>600966462>ntr artist gets ntr'd out of their lifebased

>>600965960I like /ss/ when I'm playing as the shota bull....hmm, the calf?

>>600966319Blacked = real people disgusting 3dNTR = anime art style superior 2d

>>600966571>Oh mommy I'm cumming mummyEh...

>>600966462Was he really? I've heard of NTR artists getting doxxed and death threats but never straight up murdered.

>>600966462Based nips taking out the ntrniggers.

>>600966115That's actually how it ends, no bullshitting. The final lines are the MC bumping into the young co-worker that tried to enter his pants.One thing I didn't mention though is that the daughter is going to be mentally fucked. If you flip over to her perspective you find out that Danny is also sending her a copy of the tapes and she starts flicking the bean to her mother getting fucked, but she does promise to never leave her dad like her mom did so there's that at least.

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>>600966261Sauce Nothing comes up when I looked for it

>>600962317What race watches the most of this shit?

>>600966571Only if they're between 21-30 years old. Any older and I can smell their stench of rotten pussy and death through the monitor.

>>600965689Shota is only good when it's NTR

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>>600963237There are Daniels in Brasil,but you pronounce the L as a U.

>>600966686Niggers. It's a nigger power fantasy after all.

>>600961592Don't talk shit about /vn/

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>>600966462Sometimes I threat ntr artist on pixiv, but murdering is too cumbersome

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Notice how /ss/fags are always mommyfags and rarely post the superior shota/onee-san combo? It's so clear they are just mommy issue manchildren.

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>>600966439shit, forgot to add vndb.org/v28877 in the VN section

>>600966779>not even top 5 cope cum guzzler

>>600966945shit, never noticed that

>>600966945>>600966407Seethe, this a /ss/ board

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>>600966945It more about the size difference and complete contrast All this anti [ thing I don’t like-] has always been nothing but projection and it’s been worse since Reddit election happened

>>600966945Tell me who posted mommy shit retard

>>600966945>shota/onee-san combo?I only like these types of shotacon though.Mom shit is very weird to me.

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>>600966686go to a porn website of your choosingsearch "amateur cuckold"observe and formulate a conclusion based on the results

>>600966779Every day when I get up and get on the internet is every day I hate my on race and want to force a law that makes men fuck the women of their own race and vice versa. These dumb uneducated retards are killing humanity race-mixing to make mentally ill freaks who are easily subjugated. Malcolm X was right. They're not important and will never be kings, they need to shut the fuck up, drop the alcohol, drop the drugs, drop the guns, drop the gangs, and drop that clown-looking dress codes they have along with holding guns sideways like retards. The fuck happened to blacks in America was it the "big nose" race that did this?

Why does /ss/ upset so many "people"?

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I'm still surprised that with this much NTR hentai mangas/games there's not a single one where the guy who gets cucked mans the fuck up and murders the bull and/or his girlfriend to get his revenge