ITT: describe your life with a panel from Tails Gets Trolled

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>>600958551Your parents, huh

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>>600959465That’s fan art right?

>>600959465best ENTER in the whole comic

>>600959686No, it's in Chapter 21.

>>600959778Holy shit. Is lazerbot the da Vinci of our time?

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>>600959686no this is

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Anyone got the donkey kong "it burns when i pee" panel?

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>>600959929>black Bart being called a n****r and a niggerGenius

>>600958334Knuckles and his smart weed.

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>>600958334I don't have it but its the one where Knuckles is like "I'm gonna smoke my smart weed now so my plan will work"

>>600959861He was drawing with his left the hand up until this point. Holding back. Limiting himself as a challenge. Then he switched to his dominant hand and killed everyone. We're all ghosts and don't know it.

I don't have any panels to contribute because I lost all of my favorite ones recently. Does anyone have the one that's like "did you know people die in car crashes all the time even with seatbelts on?"

>>600961142>Then he switched to his dominant hand and killed everyone. We're all ghosts and don't know it. That unironically reads like a TGT plot


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>>600961618>>600961672>>600961775lolthank you anons



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God, I gotta read this again. It is hands down the funniest and most well-written comic I've ever taken the time to read.

>>600959929Almost as good as the real thing.

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TGT unironically made me like Shadow

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>>600962727Why does he smoke the cig backwards?

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>>600962623The best version.

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>>600963718I don't remember anymore but don't they all get killed horribly and Porky necks himself in the end?

>>600964649They become satanic necromancers and get chased by angry Christians. Porky's parents, wife and newborn son are all killed (two of them in front of him) and he loses his cool and hangs himself with his own satanic, corpse controlling strings.

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>>600964783Dayum. Dat sum heavy shit.

for me, its tamers12345

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>>600964802You can’t go wrong with any of Troll Face’s panels

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>>600964802This is literally me at family reunions. I always just sit around and never say more than four or five sentence the entire time. I don't know what I'm going to do if I ever get a gf, and I have to actively familiarize myself to her family.

>>600965206Not even the heaviest shit in this series so far if you consider the entirety of weed party and Arthur's flashback.

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>>600966442This guy can't draw for shit and yet he draws the most expressive fucking faces

>>600965412On old Holla Forums there would've been weekly threads about his videos, shame.

>>600959465>>600960804Fellow Jacko bros

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Every single Coyote panel


>>600966549Lazerbot draws through the eyes into the soul

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>>600966549He really nails drawing a character who is either going through or has been through something traumatic. You really feel the atrocities the trolls commited by just looking at the main cast.

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>>600960804I never actually read the labels on the bottles until now.

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