She's literally impossible to beat

She's literally impossible to beat.

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fatchouli is easy what filters me are those shitty ass books that I have to masterspark

>>600955962belly rolls...

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>>600955962literally just use Time Stop and rape her fat cunt into submission lol

For her nons, the laser's hitbox despawn the moment the laser starts to fade away. Misdirect the aimed bullets.Good luck!

>>600956570i think ive seen a doujin with this plot...

sexo with zunart

>>600955962Just take her food

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Patchouli does NOT have stripes on her dress.

>>600956081>piss easy on Normal and Hard>borderline impossible on Lunaticfuck that shit

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>>600955962She's fat

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idk which happened but i went from thinking that Zun drawings were badly average, to pure soul


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>>600959763Gratz on your 18th birthday user.


yeah she's ugly as fuck, impossible to beat it to her

She's easy to beat it to, if you know what I mean.

>>600960102Please no sexo!!

>>600955962I beat for her every time haha

>>600959797thanks, but this happened years ago

>>600955962She's literally free

>>600960480How can she be free if she doesn't live in America

>>600956081bullshitting through the books once is probably still my greatest video game achievement

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Ah finally, my designated touhou Holla Forums thread, has been a couple hours since the last one, eh?

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>>600956228>>600960102>stripesImagine being okay with this.

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>>600960643you are from Poland


>>600960892>posting angry kanmarisaWhere do you think you are?

>>600960927I did nothing to deserve this slander

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>>600961204not slander, just stating a known fact based on my lurking


>>600961424Shut up you racist nigger,

come to poland

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>>600961571i'll try russia instead

>>600959705OoooOOOOooooh PUTAka

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I went to Poland once. I visited Zakopane and had cheese, it was nice.

Stop talking about poland!

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I just furiously masturbated to a fantasy of calling Shinki "mom" and sucking on her nipples. Then I did the mating press and came in real life. Turns out the human imagination is far more powerful than any picture or story in terms of the sheer sexual pleasure it provides.But that was just because of my hard 1cc. When I get the Lunatic 1cc I will go even further beyond.

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>literally named after a Polish settlement>has red and white in her color scheme just like the Polish flagwhen has ZUN NOT been a hack?

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>>600962254make if you polished these balls i would

>>600960927Some spells are annoying depending on the shot type but she's fine for Stage 4 overall, easier than most although there's easier than her as well.

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>>600962365Insanely based. What character?

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>>600962392When he walked.

>>600962365Thanks Alice, very cool.

>>600962446that has nothing to do with what i said

poland is NOT real, take your medication NOW

>>600962446Oops meant to you OP

>there are poles IN THIS VERY THREAD

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>>600962507RaymooI keep hearing that Mima is better, but I just prefer Reimu's homing


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>>600962639Let the man live his life


>>600962392>her most iconic pose references Jesus Christ (official king of Poland)

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Why are hagfags so mentally ill?

>>600962785I just want to nut inside Yukari, is that so wrong?

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How do I beat Gengetsu?

>>600963015you don't

>>600955962I love flatchouli and I want to marry her

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>>600963015Beat Mugetsu first

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>>600962590Elo kto pl?

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>>600963015Which part are you having trouble with?

>>600963326Second patternEverything after that

boland :-DDDD

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I unironically don't know where Poland is on a world mapI think it's to the right of Austria?Not a mutt btw


>>600955962Reimu B and Marisa B have easier Patche fights. Marisa A probably has the most annoying fight but the shot itself can make up for it.>>600963015She has 4 patterns, just practice a bit. That extra showers you with lives, you keep getting extends during the fight. Genge has a few aimed patterns, if you move around too much they can seem harder than they actually are. Also when the screen gets covered with lazers she will shoot a massive lazer right below her AND shoot pellets aimed at you, don’t forget to dodge them by moving up/down between two lazers.

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>>600963651without looking at a mapit's East of GermanyNorth of Czechia and I think Slovakia as wellWest of Lithuania and Belarusit doesn't border any country to the north, just seaI might haves missed somethingI'm a mutt btw

>>600963651>>600963948both polish

>>600963380Yeah the second one's bullshit. Try hiding in a corner when she shoots the stars then slowly streaming the aimed shit. Don't be afraid to use a copious amount of bombs.Third one's idiotically easy, just don't move until you need to. Gengetsu Spark takes some getting used to, phoneposter-kun above already explained how to do it. The "rest" phase of that spell is nerve-wracking but easy once you figure out the timing. Everything else is just plain dodging. Don't take too long on her final phase. Good luck!

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>>600963948>haveswhat the fuck I don't remember typing that s

Poland doesn't even exist lmao

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Look if you want to remember where Poland is you just have to think about who they got fucked over by, i.e. Germany and Russia. So it's right between them

>>600963948You forgot Russia.

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>>600964251>dodge to the leftYou missed Reimu!


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>>600964251You're right, somehow I keep forgetting Kaliningrad exists

>>600964331She's got homing fists, you can't dodge them.

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>>600963773>Reimu B and Marisa B have easier Patche fights>ReimuBlol no. Fuck that water spell

Going to buy some kielbasa. You lads want anything while I'm there?

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Hold still, secondaries

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>>600964592piwo poproszę

>>600964592Get me a Coke, a Pepsi or an cheap off brand equivalent

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>>600964595Please I will play them, have mercy!

Which game should I 1cc on hard? SA, UFO and LoLK aren't acceptable answers.


>>600965092God fucking damnit. I should've banned that one too.I'll tryTomorrow


>>600964579That’s easier than half of her spells. Fire Signs along make A shots the harder PatcheAlso worth mentioning that some spells are different on Easy/Normal, I’m talking Hard/Lunatic

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>>600965029Why not SA? It's a fun game

>>600965207Why are you racist? Control you fingers, bro.

>>600965029>>600965331I also think you should 1cc SoEW on Hard.Dumb nigger.

>>600965197Why are there so many pics of 2hus in bunny suits?

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>>600965452Fuck off, we were all having fun and you had to act like a racist moron.

Which shot type is the best for SoEWAll of them seem awful

>>600962365Take your fucking meds.

>>600965652Type A, you'll want the speed to pick up items

>>600965652ReimuA if you want speed for easy dodges, ReimuC if you want to shred bosses.

>>600965590We could still be having fun if you weren't such a nigger.>>600965652They're all awful. ReimuA is the "ram into bullets" shot, ReimuC is the permafocused shot. ReimuB just sucks.

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>>600965652Type C or Type B

>>600965548bunny suits are hot. Also very poular in japan for some random reason, probably playboy but I dunno

>>600965698t. no imagination


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>>600965778When you will grow up you will regret being such a cunt.

Enough IN for now, what should I 1cc next?

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>>600965985>cuntYikeserino, a sexist insult. Not so tolerant, are we? :)

>>600966180SA with MarisaB.

>>600966180PoFV or SA

>>600966180SAMarisa A

>>600966180SA, MarisaB

>>600966221>>600966238>>600966243>>600966247I've played some SA, but only with Reimu A and BI'll go try Marisa


Never mind, it works now.

Fellow fairycons, for me it's the clussy.

Jesus fucking Christ, I like this game but Marisa is one of the worst parts and she retroactively kills most of the fun I have with it.

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>>600967126I sure hope you're bombing

>>600967126This should be enough for MimaActually, I don't remember

>>600967043Patrician taste.

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>feel sleepy >go to bed>can't fall asleep>go back to pc>feel sleepy AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA STOP FUCKING BLUE BALLING ME DOREMY

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