Of all the handhelds you fags shill why am I only hearing of this right now???

Of all the handhelds you fags shill why am I only hearing of this right now???

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>>600954571/v/ hates analogue. my pocket still hasn't arrived.

>>600954571Because most of us are waiting for our devices

>>600954571because it was shilled here for months and was a complete flop on arrival

>>600954571>gameboy knockoffwhy would you not just get a hacked vita

*tilts your cartridge*

>>600954571why the fuck would you pay over $300 to only be able to play GBA games providing if you still have the cartridges?

>>600954571Too expensive for a device that's functionally no different than a GBA SP. Also, no back cover to protect cartridges from tilting.

>>600955072they're seriously charging that much? what the fuck

what are the advantages over emulation?

>>600954571It's over priced and just not worth it.

analogue pocket makes zero sense

>>600954571it's been getting shilled super hard for a very long time, hell you're probably one of them if you actually think this thing is worth buyingyou can do the exact shit this does on your phone

>>600955208I guess if you've just been released from prison after a 30 year sentence and have never heard of smartphones, then this is your portable alternative

>>600954960OP here. I'm a bit of a techlet but from what I'm seeing it has a 1600x1440 resolution screen, backward compatibility from everything from Sega game gear to Gameboy advance. And even perfectly recreate the audio of those games. To me at least it has the potential to be the one stop shop device to play any game from the 1999 era backwards. Its the only screen that can faithfully recreate the graphics across all the major early platforms

>>600955072why do you have to lie?>Out of the box, Pocket is compatible with the 2,780+ Game Boy, Game Boy Color & Game Boy Advance game cartridge library. Pocket works with cartridge adapters for other handheld systems, too. Like Game Gear. Neo Geo Pocket Color. Atari Lynx & more.>Analogue Pocket - Black $219.99

>>600955208Literally only the screen resolution

>>600955208this is hardware emulation i.e. they use an FPGA which can emulate all the chips of a system in parallel and gets as close to the real deal as you can

>>600955435Good one, user.

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>>600954571Just buy a backlight mod for your GBA OPIt's 80% the same and more comfy to hold

>>600954571this look like an iphone better get one and use emulation

>>600955585that doesn't exactly help sell this overpriced garbage

>>600956119Doooood just get a 900 iphone for your portable disposable game system

>>600954867>flopIt sold out, then the resale sold out then the resale of the resale sold out.

>>600955585Nothing personal, user.

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>>600956649yeah, I also have a gba sp, congratulations

>>600956649I prefer the urgonomics of the advanced. Just wish it were backlit


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It's a neat way to play if you already have a physical collection, maybe your gameboys are fucked or something or god forbid playing on an Atari Lynx in 2022 without modding itHowever this brings up a question>If you're a hardcore collector and want to play on "original hardware" you're probably aware of screen mods, etc, and probably not afraid of opening your shit>If you're a super casual you will emulateThis basically targets ONLY casual collectors with lots of money or for some reason won't use original hardware

>>600956350so why do you have to make shit up if it's already shit enough??

>>600957016Fix it then dumb ass

where's the gif? someone post the gif. you know which one

>>600957113>If you're a hardcore collector and want to play on "original hardware" you're probably aware of screen mods, etc, and probably not afraid of opening your shitPockets screen is significantly better than a screen modded GBA.

>>600956495That doesn't change that it's a piece of shit. Guess what, the shitty retarded Paydate was sold out too.

>>600957449>wants to play on original hardware>b-but THIS non-original hardware is ok

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>>600957626Then call it a piece of shit. Don't say it flopped.

>>600957449it's also hundreds of dollars more when a whole ass IPS kit can be under 50$ and has the "authenticity" of modded original hardware

>>600955732Great so you can... Uh, use a link cable?

>>600957726Correct. You pay less for an inferior product. That's how the world works.

>>600957701It's a piece of shit that flopped.

>>600957701what the fuck is your horse in this race anyway

>>600957826>This basically targets ONLY casual collectors with lots of money or for some reason won't use original hardwareAnd now you're back to my original post, you stupid faggot.

>>600957016i hope you're just pretending to be retarded onlinethat's a ridiculously easy fix

>>600957745I think so:>Pocket to Pocket Link Cable $15.99>Connect your Pocket to another Pocket or GB, GBC, GBA systems for multiplayer. Works as an original-style link cable.>This cable is compatible with all original GB, GBC, GBA systems except for 1st GB.

Only children and manchildren use handheld devices, especially outside of the comfort of homeThat's all

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>>600957352>>600957953No, I'm probably just retarded, I didn't know it was an easy fix

>>600957917Your original post does not include "people that want to play GB/C/A games on the best combination of screen and accuracy.">>600957856I don't understand the sheer amount of irrational hatred the Pocket generates. If you have a problem with it state what your problem is. If it's as bad as you say it is you don't need to make shit up about it to make it seem bad, right?

>>600957672That's what he is saying. The analogue is for the casual collector who wants authenticity but shiny nice new techA hard core purist would indeed run modded hardware

>>600954571There's been several threads about it and many posts about it in shitty Chinese Android emu threads.>>600954867No it wasn't. It does what it said on the tin.

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>>600957963So you can't even use a real one? So then there are literally no benefits of it being "hardware emulated" at all?

>>600958605Just emulate.

>>600954571Because its shit

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>>600958869You can use a real link cable. They just aren't sold anymore so Analogue made new ones.

Why not just use a hacked 3DS or Vita?

>>600958521>state what your problem isIt is an overpriced option to a free, easy alternative, I'm just wondering why anyone in their right mind would pay for it

>>600959006OP here. 3DS (and switch) look autistic AF. I might as well be walking around with a propeller hat and VR goggles. I need something with a next gen look to it

>>600955272all pockets are analogue

>>600958898>after q3ouch

>>600959103>looks nice for a modern device, arguably much nicer than OG>better screen I’m vaguely interested just from those two points alone. Would impulse purchase one if they were actually on stock, it’s a cool gizmo.

>>600959103They've already told you that the alternative you talk about isn't as good.That is why you would buy this. It's simply better in every way. Especially since it can do software emulation as well.In part because it has it's own game development software which people have literally ported everything that matters to from the roms and also because it can be used for the creation of music as well as playing games made explicitly for it.

>>600959271>I need something with a next gen look to itIt looks like a fucking gameboy. You are not any more of a chad playing a fucking gameboy in public.

>>600954571There's no "magical unattainable level of precision that only FPGAs can do", if anything, an FPGA is as compatible as those chinese nes on a chip packages.Now the screen of this thing is fucking great, and it's the actual reason why you should get one if you want one.

>>600959103The reasons why I own a Pocket:I have a large collection of Game Boy games already.The screen is absolutely incredible.You get the benefits of an emulator while getting higher accuracy than an emulator.I didn't consider $200 to be expensive at all. i was actually surprised when they announced it was only $200.

>>600959271Then get a Vita. It can play all the games this device can play. Looks next gen, and can play PS1, PSP, and Vita games. It's also cheaper.

>>600959475How do you use it to create music? Gives access to GB synths or something?

>>600954571Because it is absolute shit.

>>600954571I have one, it's nice. Currently playing through Circle of the Moon. It lets you choose from a few different visual styles, like mimicking a GBA screen vs SP screen, changing the sharpness, saturation. If you don't care about a nice screen then just buy a cheaper Chinese Android emulation machine, that'll have a wider range of games you can play too

>>600954571because you can't just buy one, if you order one you're going to be waiting a year to get itfpga gaming is really nice though, you should build a mister, it's a much better feeling experience than software emulation if you're not looking for netplay

>>600954571fake shill thread by the company behind that product. u hate to see it.

>>600959679>You get the benefits of an emulator while getting higher accuracy than an emulator.No, not really.Specially for something like the gameboy.

>>600959983they shill a product that is out of stock? Brilliant!

>>600959696It comes with Nanoloop, which is a synth cartridge package for game boys and gba'sI'm not sure what the difference is between say, the GBA version and the analogue pocket, but it does have the ability to natively connect to other synthesizers and get used for live performance

>>600960081what is artificial supply shortages

>Holla Forums too poor to buy thing>mindlessly hates it and insists it's bad and failed in the most hilarious case of sour grapes ever

youtube.com/watch?v=aaEIlgpHVV4It's shit

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>>600960314Everyone has $200, but there is no reason to light it on fire even if it isn't a lot of money.

>>600960240impulse buyers aren't going to wait for six months to a year or however long it fucking takes

>>600959602>Now the screen of this thing is fucking great, and it's the actual reason why you should get one if you want one.This. The display is a thing of beauty and worth most of the price tag on it.

>>600959690Not a bad option mate. Definitely will look more into it

>>600958898cant fit that in your pocket though

Can you at least modify it so you can load roms without an everdrive? And what about other systems like SNES that clearly would have never worked with the cartridge port

>>600962310Not that I'm aware of. You can download patches that let you modify GB and GBC ROMs so they're seen as GB Studio games which you can then play off of the SD card. Nothing for GBA though

>>600962310you're MISSING THE POINT.haven't you ever seen the screen?It's stunning, it's beautiful.

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>>600960329You'd think this guy would know not to show his face on his streams

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>>600962603isnt having a stunning screen bad for authencity though? thats why people use crts still

>>600962775It's high resolution enough to emulate the effects of the game boy screen like the scanlines, dot matrix, etc accurately

>>600962732what a faggot

>>600962775people use crts because of input laghandhelds have always used shitty lcd screens so input lag is not a problem

>>600954571other than the screen, it's a piece of shit

>>600963228input lag isn't a problem on handhelds either, you get a very minimal amount of input lag because it's directly outputting to the screen at native resolution instead of being converted along the line somehow like consumer video input issome IPS display mods actually introduce a frame or two of input lag over the original because of this

>>600962775Not him, but a high resolution screen is nice for upscaling purposes, especially if you have lots of integer scaling combinations that are close or equal to the maximum screen sizeMost chinkshit devices are 640x480 which upscales horrifically for anything that's not either native at that resolution, or 320x240. SNES games in particular look like absolute ass when upscaled from 256x224 to 640x480, and PAR 1:1 does not yield the correct aspect ratio for SNES games, so you need upscaling of some kind to get the proper 4:3I'd buy a chinkshit device instantly if it >had a quality screen like the Analogue's>played ROMs>powerful enough to be full speed/accuracy for 5th gen and below

>>600963039>the effects of the game boy screen like the scanlines>like scanlinesnigger what

>>600963527scanlines is an easy way to explain it because most people get what scanlines areand yeah for the gba and other systems on this thing you have scanlines

>>600954571only hipsters give a crap about this pos. The vita can emulate gb, gbc, and gba + more, and costs less than this thing.

>>600963689>>600963527tldr it's high resolution enough to emulate every single pixel and then add the borders inbetween pixels at proper aspect ratio and resolution

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the main thing I'm worried about is the shoulder button placement and how well the cartridge stays in place

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>>600964784it super easily dislodges and fucks your game when tapped but people pretend this isn't an issue

I hate them cause don't ship to my 3rd world country

I'm actually thinking of cancelwmy preorder...just doesn't seem worth it anymore

>>600964784The cart slot isn't perfect, but the issues with it are way over blown. I've never once knocked the thing hard enough to disrupt anything while playing. And you can just use the extra two face buttons as L and R anyway.

>>600964784Terrible and not at all.

>>600964784I heard a kid in sarasota got injured when the cartridge suddenly shot out of the device and hit the kid right in the eye

>>600964784Many states are requiring Analogue Pocket owners to register theirs as a firearm.

>>600954571Because you don't get around.It's not Holla Forums's fault you have a singular source for gaming and tech news.


>>600956649Psssh.Screen's not as good as the Analogue Pocket.