Resident Evil Village, but (You) are the main character. What do you think would happen to you?

Resident Evil Village, but (You) are the main character. What do you think would happen to you?

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I end up marrying Bela Dimitrescu.

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>>600953526Id fuck Ethans daughter. You fags can have the hag.

>>600953526dont have a daughter so no reason to go into the villagechris is going to blowup the big underground slime monster anyway so the threat is neutralized regardlessgo back to my cozy house and drink some wine

>>600953526Sexo with heisenberg

>>600954070>>600953526Isnt it lore they are all weak to water and they all dont wash. They have blood in there face so they must stink awful they also turn into flies so the smell must be horrid. I dunno op to answer your question. I sort of have magic powers I would probably just teleport out of there or take over marandas mind and fuck that place up. Cant have them ruin humanity.

>>600953526I'd eat CHris Redfield's ass and fuck him hard.

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I don't know, get shot a bunch, transform into something with a lot of eyes and then get shot in my eyes and die.

>>600954910I would voulentre to have sex with his sister to continue the blood line

>>600954910a very valid option

>>600954905They're weak to cold, not water. That's just for the 3 sisters, the actual Lords aren't affected.

>>600953526lady dimitrescu having sex with me until i die

>>600954905>Isnt it lore they are all weak to Try actually playing the game bro.

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>>600953526I die, duh

>>600954905Your weak to my dick

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I would become one with best girl...

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>>600954905>I sort of have magic powers I would probably just teleport out of there or take over marandas mind and fuck that place up.Uhm..?

>>600953526Become Lady Dimitrescu‘s plaything and let her do all types of “experiments” on me and spend my days having 24/7 sex with her and filling her with my seed as she gives birth to more daughters resulting in the biggest incest orgy of all time, then impregnated my daughters to give birth to more daughters and having babies with them.

I'd die. You'd die. We all would die. There is not chance in hell we get through it all. We'd all be fucked.

>>600956446You dont want to be killed by these girls? You don't want your flesh to nourish the best babes ever? What are you gay?

>>600953526Wouldnt be there. I would be in prison for raping her in the previous game.

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>>600953526If I don't die immediately upon arriving, try to climb up the castle walls to fap Dimitrescu changing. Maybe steal a bra and wear one cup as a helmet. Either that or try to leg it away from there before they blow that place up, I'm not a moldman.

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>>600953526This game honestly surprised me, I liked it significantly more than 7

>>600955852>>600955994Very based

>>600957551Agreed. Many times better then 7.

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>>600953526I'd beg her to allow me to be her son and hope for the best.

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>>600953526I end of serving mother Miranda

>>600956656It’s fucked up by eveline is like 70s year old body wise. But just imagine kissing her little body hear, don’t care I turned into a mold man.

When is the DLC? Modern Capcom is fucking trash.

>he didn't make a "Hey RE dudes, are you STOKED for a the DLC reveal today?" thread today.


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>>600953526>What do you think would happen to you?I would kneel.

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>>600960414As you should

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I kneel!

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>>600960839Let her cut...

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>>600953526Stop by castle for tea with vampiresBring a lego set to Beneviento's houseWatch Netflix with Moreau in his caveGet drunk and overthrow the gubment with Heisenberg

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>You will never live in the same universe as her

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>>600961014Kek, such horrible art.>2 Cassandras, with red hair>Bela, with green gem and red hair>Daniela memory-holedDani got off the best here.

>>600953526I wish i was in a good game instead.

>>600953526>Resident Evil Village, but (You) are the main character.>be me, wake up in Ethan's house>Imposter Mia sees me(Imposter user)>she screams for help>Chris comes in and guns her down>doesn't pay attention and just shoves me in the car>still doesn't explain what's going>realizes I am not Ethan and kicks me out of the car >go to village for a payphone>see werewolves>nope>leave village>die to the elements

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I like how they made him stupid so they could be like "bros...... could chris be evil now?"

id be dead in 8 minutes or less, probably one of the werewolf things would rip my intestines out

>>600961734Don't throw your life away to the wolves or the cold. Give your life to the best family. Let them have your blood for their baths. Let them use your flesh.

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>>600961528it helps being the forgotten sister sometimes

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>>600962298The only woman I'd look at in that game was the cute peasant girl. But she'd be too busy dying in a stupid way to care.

>>600962368I wont forget....

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>Look at what you've done to me. Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in, young man?

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>>600953526I'm not athletic, capable or an invincible mold man so I probably die almost immediately.

>>600962445What are you, gay?

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For me it's Dr Miranda

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>>600962445Her death was really bullshit

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That's crazy I was just about to make a RE thread and this was on the front page

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>>600962534God what a dream

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>>600962637Just not obsessed with a fictional character.

>>600962368>>600962476Based, more cute Danis to add to my collection. Have one of my mine.

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>>600963189I'm in love with her.

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>>600962663How do you go from this to religious cult leader?

>>600964637Baby fever

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>>600964637when everyone around your baby dies and then you are made immortal by moldEthan could have done it if Rose died instead

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>>600953526dunno, but I'm hoping it has anything to do with cuddling with the Dimitrescu daughters

>>600963358wew, your in the wrong thread.

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>>600965479It would be boring without that

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>>600963596Based Casschad

>>600966124Yes. Cuddling. Lots of that

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>>600966810Everyone needs it

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