Which game analysis was it?

Which game analysis was it?

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>>600953008I watched all videos by Joseph Anderson and MM despite not having played nor intending to play the dogshit they review

Is this the crusty crab thread?

Watched 20 hours of Oblivion and Morrowind autism this week.>Spent hours going on about why travel has meaning in Morrowind because you have to commit to your adventure>Ignores the fact you can have infinite mark and recall locations if you create more than one mark spell

>>600953145It's been done before.

>>600953008>be me >start movie>get bored>look up plot on wikipedia>close movie>repeathow do I make it stop bros


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>>600954072Find a movie that doesn't have a Wikipedia page

>>600953008I saw a video essay on YIIK just because it's hated all around the web and i didn't understood why, after watching the video, I'm glad everyone has already forgot about it.

I have never watched any videogame "analysis". I do play them though.


>>600953008I just need someone to talk while I'm sleeping because if I'm left with my own thoughts for too long I get sad.

>>600953008>video game essay.>consistant nitpicking and arguing hypotheticals.fuck people who make these videos. actual hack frauds.

>>600956040why are you like this?

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>>600953008none, if you can't sum up your thoughts in 10-15min you are pretentious retard

>>600956118It's exactly what this pic says. A friend sim. I've been watching a lot of streams of a few small youtubers playing half life mods and gmod and shit lately and it's fun because it feels like you're in a close circle of friends talking about shit while you don't have to do anything. Talking with the few friends I have left from HS is exhausting and the worst part is that I feel like I'm the one that's the next to fold. Not because I moved out or got a gf like the others, but because I just got bored. I catch myself just listening to my friends talking while I have nothing to add to the conversation. I've run out of things to talk about years ago. And making new friends is literally a meme and impossible.

>analysis>it just sums up the plot and questlines

They're not three and a half hours long but Running Shine is the best.

>>600953008That's literally just salt factory. Nobody else does this.

>>600953145so funny xd

>>600953701>Ignores the fact you can have infinite mark and recall locations if you create more than one mark spellWhat? No you can't.

I don’t know why but I fucking tear up here>Kirby is shaped like a friend>Kirby is your friend>Kirby will ALWAYS be your friend>And like him, you can take on anything>That's the value of Kirby>That's the story behind his lore>That's friendship

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>>600956886>gets certain plot elements wrong and misses information that was clearly spelled outSummoning Salt is the worst when it comes to this

what is the point of these threads

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>>600957585But doesn't he talk only about Speedrunning?

>>600954072Watch older, better movies compared to modern woke trash movies. Or indie films

>>600957881>>600957585I’m sorry, I meant Salt Factory

>>600953145Already been done. Pale imitation


>>600953008Liam Triforcehe has full length movies on Twilight Princess and Wind Waker, probably my favorite Zeldaur'man'em'up s

>>600954072Watch movies where the plot itself is secondary to the themes, style, acting etc.Either that or try a 'stay focused' drug like modafinil.

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>>600958039You heard him Jannies, kill this thread.

>>600953701You are schizophrenia

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>>600953008Granted, I've played all of them, so not sure whether it will count, but I like these ones in particular. youtube.com/watch?v=XQgGFG7LzeM&t=1shttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1096v5YoFHM&t=13shttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cznMkWBSI2s&list=PLK3_ZCz7UW1vpPSGtqQxddc1kTtnxeRAq&index=5&t=5066shttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vi7fikwiMDs&list=PLK3_ZCz7UW1vpPSGtqQxddc1kTtnxeRAq&index=3

>>600953008This is a bit thread arch.b4k.co/v/search/image/Mv0VeJAGWpVqW8WTj3xePQ/ >>600953145And this guy is also a bot

>>600953008im writing a video essay on saving in videogames, and im worried nobody will find it interesting or people will think its boring :(

>>600962574But i just don't get it, how is the image on OP "lust provoking"? It's a shitty meme.

I used to feel stupid for watching themed rimworld playthroughs but at some point I realized that it's just emergent storytelling and not in any meaningful way different than any other form of fiction.Also they tend to have more interesting stories

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>>600953008>3 hour video of Silent Hill ambience

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>>600953008None. I'm just here to steal recommendations.

>>600962803>im writing a video essay on saving in videogamesI read this as "saving video games" and was mildly interested, then I read it again and am now quite curious.People find all kinds of things interesting.

>>600953008that one behind the scenes about dead space 1. i started watching it by accident, and once i got past the 2 minute mark couldnt stop.there was also a few videos about 4k lore or halo PRE 343 shit.

>>600953008Honestly? YeahMovies are such garbage nowadays, at least the video game autism video works like a documentary.

video essays are a massive midwit cope that makes the consumer feel smart but is completely empty, devoid of meaning and immediately forgotten. stop watching this faggy psued shit.

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>>600954461>I do play them though.Cringe

>>600953008I seriously don't have the attention span for that shit these days. Anything more than 12 minutes is too much for me.

>>600953008All of them, they're perfect for my workouts.

>>600962803>>600962803Its an interesting topic user, specially since its one of the few things in vidya that has objectively improved with every gen and is now the best it has ever been.>no saves era>gigantic passwords era>garbage internal battery era>memory cards era>internal memory storage eraYou should also talk about how saving changed video game making as well since it alowed for longer games with no annoying long passwords.

>>600953008Watching movies is so 2009. I just watch XQC react to 12 minute long text to speech recaps of movies.

>>600953008For me it's listening to 20-part JRPG plot summaries because I'm not into JRPG gameplay enough to slog through it. Feels bad seeing people put loads of effort into some of these to only get a few thousand views per part though.

>>600962971The joke is the poster sees a picture of a nonsexualized little girl and immediately assumes the OP just posted the image to provoke lust. It's self deprecating humor that implies the poster is a pedophile.

>>600963384>>600964102appreciate it anonsyeah i talk about the history of it, which was rly interesting honestly.i talk a lot about cool ways games intergrate saving into the gameplay too, like RE, or rain world. and also a lot of observations on how they make it part of their game world. excited 2 finish it, hopefully you guys will find it when its done in ur youtube reccomended or whatever

>started watching the stupid ass iceberg videos for games i like>they either miss really basic shit, make stuff up or the narrator is too clueless to find what certain entries are referring tobonus points if narrator has a shitty microphone, a thick accent, poor editing or doesn't redo recordings and just leaves in his fuckupsgod i need a new fixation

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>>600963674ok boomer

Try WARLOCKRACY my niggas.

>>600953145whats wrong with you guys

>>600953008Not just a game analysis, an entire channel — Tehsnakerer is easily my favourite "excessively long videos about a game i've never even heard of" youtuber. Though his videos aren't exactly essays, more just full playthroughs edited down with post commentary.

>>600963337I don't watch videogame essays, i play movie essays in the background while playing, i often listen to Ryan Hollinger, he analyzes horror mostly movies but he has done some game ones like Bloodborne, RE2 and RE3.He is the kind of guy who liked lake mungo so maybe you would disagree with him from time to time.

i like to CONSUME CONTENT while i CONSUME CONTENT!!!!!!!

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>>600965405I consume content while i create content, ackshually

For me it was:youtube.com/watch?v=K9NGcWvq-vAI've never played any Yakuza game before.

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>>600956767Anon that's just sad.Why don't you go out there and try to join a community and find friends that way?

>>600967038NTA but the one sided engagement is a huge part of what makes it so appealingIve got friends but I really don't care for holding long conversations, especially over the phone or discord. Meanwhile I can just pop on a video and bam, some autist is talking about the autistic shit only I seem to care about, epic