running out of ideas're running out of ideas

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I want every low functioning furfag autist to be culled in the most brutal way possible. I want everyone who dedicates their lives to pretending their animals to be executed by the state or at the very least castrated.

As a werewolf fan(fag) I am absolutely disgusted by how fucking terrible these models are. You literally have an entire library of furfag art to look at when designing anthro wolfs.Sims has always sucked ass tho

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>>600953110the whole internet would come to a standstill

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>>600952919>"we want the furry audience"

>>600953127I hate how small the snouts are and the lack of sexual dimorphism.

>>600953110absolutely, kill all the furries I say.

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>>600952919This is when they have lost there normie audience


Crude humor indeed.

>>600952919Absolutely disgusting, until the rivers turn red with their blood, we will never stop and so on.

>>600952919They don't even have a different model for male and female werewolves. That's even lazier than I expected.

>>600952919I wish they add a toggle to disable supernatural beings (aside from ghosts).

>>600952919Who is this for? Pretty sure there is already a furry mod for the sims.

>>600952919Can't wait to recreate my gay furry incestuous dad x son sims with those models.

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>>600953329Perhaps that'll be a good thing in the long run. Have you seen what social media does to people?

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>>600954260It's called not installing those packs...

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>>600954395you will never be white farquaad

>>600952919Furfag here. These are hideous.

>>600952919hmofa bros we->no titslost again.

these are hideous even by anthrotrash standards

>>600954685Reminds me of the movie Cats where they didn't fully commit and instead try to hit a ugly middle ground between human and animal. The lack of differences between the genders also doesn't help either.

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As a card carrying gay furfag, I would not touch this with a ten foot pole.


>>600952919TF IS THIS SHIT?????I've been waiting for a Sims 3 like (spooky) werewolves expansion and they're pandering too faggot furry garbage now????!!!!

>>600954487Those packs usually has good-ass CAS and Build mode items, it's pretty hard to ignore that.

ya man looks good to me totally worth 20 smackeroos

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Trannies, furries, fags...You Americans seriously need to get your shit together.

>>600952919Why do they looks so bad

worst trailer music ever ?

>>600952919Werewolves pack? More like Fursuits UwU pack

>>600952919Holy shit even for furries this is bad looking.

>>600952919I’ve never played Sims before growing up. I tried playing Sims 1 last month but didn’t get it. Like I got a job in the army and I would have to wait to get out of work before I could do anything. Then my guy wanted to eat then take a shit then he felt dirty so I took a bath. Like he never stopped bitching. Is Sims 2 better?

These look fucking awful, even by furry standards their snouts are way too tiny and their feet and hands look like a bad fan mod.

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>>600958183good they deserve less.

>>600955534ever think maybe they arent supposed to be sexy?

>>600952919Faces too uncannily human. Would not fap.

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>>600952919I like it, i wanted Werewolves for years and i don't mind getting the Furfag-kind since you already kinda could Jury-rig Vampires into getting ones like 2/3 visually with some bodyhair mods. This should make it easier to make Non-Human characters from cartoons and vidya. Plus, being a Gamepack it should be a easy skip for people who wanna avoid them.Also the trailer kinda gave me Strangeville vibes, so i wonder if it gonna have a "plotline", probably not because EFFORT.

>>600952919Next DragonAge game is called Dreadwolf. There some wolf thing going on or what? Are furries the new "thing" for pride?

>>600959041It that male?

We are not close to god anymore and by this point we will never go back from this degenerism.

>>600952919They look so derpy in this artstyle.

>>600959578FemaleShe's very scrawny

>>600952919Western gaming industry is so funny

>>600952919I want to fuck the mommywolf with the beauty mark.

>>600959671Good god's boring anyway.

>Not Scary/Monsterous enough for Monster Fuckers>Not Cartoony enough for Classic Furries>Not Cute/Anime enough for Kemono Fans>They all look androgynous as fuck in the worst possible wayWho is this for? The demographic of chicks that play the Sims would want more hunky wolf dudes and not these Cats style abominations, you'd think there'd be a furry dev or a higher up hiding their power level that would tell them to fix this shit but it somehow went through the entire development cycle.What a travesty

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>>600953110they're*Who's low functioning now?

>> like there’s some lore at least

>>600959890>eternally vaporware

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>>600952919>Toddler sim in a wolf onesie howlingAnyone else ready for roasties fighting over ww not allowing their Sims to fuck wolves or how oppressed the cubcons are?

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>>600959553Wolves/Dogs are pretty much the "basic race" for Furries so they are easy to use for appeal to them especially because "normal people" don't really pick up on it.This is probably because Wolves are seen as "Edgier Dogs" and people tend to like Dogs due being "Allied" for ages and so tend to see their more noble qualities, especially as so many people live far away and never actually need to deal with them outside of Zoos and romanticize them. I don't think it is a deliberate Pride thing even through Furries tend to like/support pride, it is more probable that you just noticed a pattern that is there for a while, like we also recently had that whole Werewolf Witcher thing, didn't we?>>600960280Even if WW doesn't allow Wolffucking out of the box you can bet there will be a add-on for it like there already is for Dogfucking.

What the fuck.Those are just furries, there's nothing werewolfy about them.

At least they took LGR's criticisms in his Supernatural review to heart

>>600960862Furries draw way better werewolves than that. This is Cats: The Movie levels of creepy.

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>>600952919Even more hideous than the Cats live action's design. There are sfm porn models that look ten folds better than this

>>600952919>we want the furry audienceLiterally anything else would be better

>>600959553Anthros are literally sexier and cuter than humans. Furry acceptence and embracement is happening because the older generation is retiring and the newer generations are generally more lax and less judgemental about fetishes and indentities. Maybe if people werent such disgusting fat fucks and bloated by GMOs, corn syrups and bad genes maybe there would be less ugly incels using furries as a cope for their own lack of relationship and pride in their own race.The truth hurts because im one of them.

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>>600961384They probably felt going full furry would chase away the normies so they tried to hit a middle ground.

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>>600962323Isn't that more of skinwalker thing?

>>600960862Reading the site mechanics wise it seems like they will at least be affected by the moon phases and have "Temperament" so i think they are leaning in more on the werewolf thing gameplay wise at least. I mean it is 4 so i doubt it will be hard to keep the form under control but i wouldn't be surprised if you could make one that gets perma angry and violent during full moon.I think we also only see two wolves in the daylight over the trailer and screenshot so if the do something the Vampires skill tree you might need to train to have transformation control/perma-transformation. I mean, it is Sims 4 so i wouldn't expect anything amazing, but honestly werewolves have usually been kinda underwhelming as a special life state.

>>600952919How much does Sims 4 cost with all the DLC?

>>600962323Skin shedding TF's are definitely the weirdest type of TF.

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>>600962561Too much. It pretty much gets away with it by dripfeeding and having a audience that don't play much else BUT the Sims.

>>600962323>>600962451>>600962570Okay but would you guys still try to fuck Phoebe?Remember she can probably kill you if something goes wrong, those are really big claws

>>600962616Based. I need to get this plugin.


>werewolf>it's just a low effort shitty design At least give them gender related features ffs

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The worst thing about this according to the animations is that they're not even proper werewolves: standing like humans, carrying like humans, doing human shit, like if they just wore costumes... Basically furries.

>>600962898Reminds me of the dragon kin race from Warcraft. The dragon forms have no sexual dimorphism. I guess this is the monkey's paw caveat of furshit slowly becoming mainstream. Foolish of us to presume we'd get big bosom werewolves when the industry is so pozzed.

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>>600952919>"wow, this mod looks pretty gay">click link>it's officialDios mios...

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>Werewolves>and Vampires>and Witches>and Genies>and Fairies>and Ghosts>and Zombies>and Alchemy>and six new traits>and a new town

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>>600952919Who’s the earliest furry in history?

>>600963528But how many chairs?


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>>600952919they look all the same lol theyll mod this up and down, looks too shit where do i get the sims 4 for a low price? ii had it once but cracked to fuck around, but it had no online features. im not sure i even remember what the came was able to do anymore, tho the hairs looked like shit

embarrassing, but expected

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>>600953110Furries are anti-tranny though. Since this is the designated anti-tranny website, shouldn’t we support furries?

>>600963528Genies were in Showtime

>>600952919did knot see that one coming

>>600963997>"Furries are anti-tranny">He actually believes this

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>>600963997But what if a trans werewolf who’s non binary?

>>600963997can i express desire to kill both? ty

werewolves are lame now, theyre supposed to be gangly feral MONSTERS not fucking people with wolf masks that just act like people

>>600963334Then i hope it will never become maintream

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>>600959961she cute

>>600953110>Furries live rent free in my head and I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMO--REEEEEE!!1!

>>600952919>don't have to download furry mods for The Sims anymoreFinally, some good shit.

>>600953110This but not hmofa

>>600953743cringe>>600954451>We are all alone.>B-but stand for Ukraine,

>>600964267I'm an anthro enjoyer and i despise troons

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>>600964398why did faggots coopt werewolves and vampires again?

>>600953329that's just good old degenerate projection

Thank you for fantastic gameplay EA. Video games have truly peaked because of you

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>>600964680For some reason people think in factions. And that all in said faction must share their ideals. And it's not just a group of different people interested in the same thing.

>>600952919Why does every werewolf look the same? I know the sims is "Woke: The Game" but did they really have to give both males and females the exact same model?

>>600952919>can now have giant furry wife fucked by shotas>can now have lolis fucked by big werewolfIts alright

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>>600963532Some German caveman from 40,000-50,000 years ago.

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>>600952919>companies are now trying to actively court the furfag audienceThere will be a reckoning from this eventually and I can't wait. One of these degenerate freaks will eventually get caught fucking their dog in a way that associates some major brand and the resulting fallout will destroy a company or two.

>>600965208>germanyeah, that fits

>>600965049That's just how Sims look. No matter what sliders you use your Sims will always have massive birthing hips regardless of gender.

>>600952919They don't even fucking look good. They had ONE job and they botched it.

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>>600965316Honestly i think it is a step up from the Furrymod at least.

>>600958583Sims games can be enjoyed in one of the following ways (without mods):>making a self insert and living the dream of a happy, nuclear family you will never have>making the guy who fucks the entire neighborhood and grooms kids>making a basement, locking a Sim in there and either playing SAW or spying on them>managing a dysfunctional family, trying to "fix" them>Mortimer NTR


>>600953110unironically thishmofa can stay though, the problem are the furry faggots and i don't mean faggot as the loose term used here

>>600958583the fun, at least for me, is going as far out of your way as you can to not play the game the way it wants you to

>>600953743based, fuck furries

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>>600955381Where is that from?

>>600962616Is that an embedded image? How do you enable that in 4chanx?

>>600965824See >>600962616.

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>>600963997>Furries are anti-tranny though

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>>600965527>Sims 4 sims >Dysfunctional as in brokenThey're dysfunctional as in they have BPD.

>>600965959You activated my trap card, Kaiba.

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>>600952919This isn't real right?

>>600965868Hotel Transylvania: The Series.

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>>600952919The whole thing was doomed from the moment somebody decided that rigging a new skeleton for the werewolf forms was just too much work. The faces are clearly rigged to the regular human face and it's trapped them in uncanny valley hell from which they can never escape, how this was ever signed off by anyone after seeing the first prototype is beyond me.

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>>600965868Hotel Transylvania tv show. Yes that was a thing.

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>>600966010yeah, all these groups want to push their shit in the public eye, its only a matter of time until it reaches a head


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>>600962561Too much, pirate it like any sane person

>>600952919those are furries, not werewolves

>>600966140i'm not an animator, but the game has a hell of a lot of animations, would it be feasible to swap the skeleton?

>>600964763Vampires are basically edgy elves, creatures that live on outside of society which appeals to socially awkward faggots who want special snowflake OCs that are also impossibly beautiful and wear clothes from Spencer's. Werewolves also have the whole "living secretly in the realm of man" vibe but really its mainly because they find them attractive and draw some much porn of them that even normies associate them with furries regardless of context.

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>>600963345Exactly my train of thought too. Still gonna get it though just for the new items.

>>600966107what is this plugin called?


>>600958583You have to remember Sims 1 is from 2000, it is fairly rudimentary compared to newer entries, but one thing they all have in common is that you make your own fun >>600965527 gives some good examples, but personally i like making characters from shows and games i like disable NPC/"Townie" generation (or get as close as possible to doing so) and playing shit out like a soap opera (one reason i like the NRAAS progression mod from 3, it gave update pop-ups over the neighborhood of how characters were fucking up their lives.Gameplay-wise 1 is probably the "hardest" ones with the Needs and just starting it is not necessarily easy to get someone to "stop bitching" because all your shit sucks and takes time (during which other needs drop), all succeeding games get easier and easier on that, 3 and 4 basically use more on a buff system and are very lenient, like in 3 you can basically go and pay for a Spa-day and be happy for two days straight or something unless you REALLY fuck up.

>>600964398>not fucking people with wolf masks that just act like peopleTo be fair, there are cultures where the "people with animal head" has them just act like eccentric people rather than beasts. Egyptians and the Japanese come to mind.

>>600966471Vampires are undead parasites with demonic powers. Elves bless the land and listen to spirits.

>>600966402To completely replace the entire skeleton and re-animate everything would be an enormous amount of work, but you could get away with reusing the normal human body if you're okay with your werewolves looking like high-quality fursuits. It's the head that absolutely requires a new skeleton if you don't want it to look complete and utter shit, since humans and wolves have radically different facial structure. That would still be a fair amount of work, but I refuse to believe that a supposedly big-budget AAA studio can't handle it.

>>600966471Vampire myths arose from jews settling in europe and getting caught in acts of blood libel (ritual jewish human sacrifice.) I mean they creep around in the shadows and are terrified of crosses, lmao.Werewolves come from old pagan berserker myths.

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>>600966107So there isn't anyone here that actually unironically hates furries? It's all just people secretly posting furry porn? My eyes have been opened.

>>600953329>The internet being destroyed is a bad thingkys