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Is the free trial that good?

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Who cares, it's free. The only thing you stand to lose is your time, and it isn't like that's worth anything to anyone.

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>>600952784>and it isn't like that's worth anything to anyone.Meanie :'(

>>600952523It is, just download it.

XIV is comfy, very nostalgic for FF fans, has good raid encounters, friendly people and an okay story with some good moments but pacing issues due to being an MMOis it some lifechanging masterpiece? not at all

It's literally worth trying before buying because you'll have to do the shit in the trial if you want to do any of the current content anyway

>>600954073FFXIV isn't an MMO

>BLU supposed to be a solo job>Leveling it solo is aidsWhat did Yoship mean by this?

>>600954692true BLU and SMN experience is in FFXI my friend

>>600952523The game is okay, people saying the game is amazing are lying out of their ass. It's not a bad game but the story isn't as great as people make it out to be. People kept harping on about how good the story was, I finished Shadowbringers and was just underwhelmed by it. Never bothered with Endwalker.You need to get to Heavensward for things get interesting. It gets boring again at Stormblood. Gets better but not all that in Shadowbringers.If you have lots of time, then sure. I don't think paying for it every month is worth it though once you finish the free trial.

>>600952523doesn't have as many furries as wow, therefore it's shit

>>600952523No. Stick to Lineage II.

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Do most of the classes just like have 3-4 abilities you hit over and over?Like compared to WoW it seemed I had a main attack and everything else was like 'every 60 seconds, you may now use this attack'I stopped at level 20 tho

>>600955186I found Shadowbringers to be very enjoyable, really. Probably better than XIII and XV. The endings of 5.0 and 5.3 hit some really high notes and I was pretty impressed all things considered.ARR is skip tier. 2.3 onwards is fine.Heavensward is decent. The walk towards Nidhogg was kino not gonna lie.Stormblood (4.0) sucked ass and was ARR tier, I started skipping a bunch of the filler MSQ halfway through and had to force myself through most of the quests.Shadowbringers was very fun, like I said.Endwalker picks up in the second half and ties it all very nicely together but it does feel very much like an end, yes. No idea what the fuck is supposed to happen next story wise because every plotline is now resolved.

>>600954570Keep saying it, one day it will be true.

>>600956932He's kind of right, it's a single player RPG with some MMO elements added in

it is critically acclaimed, yes

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>>600958038Has she no shame walking out of the house like that?

>>600957943Last time I checked I can do plenty of content with people.

>>600956637>I stopped at level 20 thoThat's why you only had 3-4 abilities.

>>600952523FFXIV ARR kinda sucks, Heavensward is pretty great.Stormblood is boring, Shadowbringers was pretty good, and Endwalker is not bad, not great.


>>600952523If you enjoy story games, Heavensward is really good.

>>600958321That is a female Au Ra, it's a she you retard.

>>600952523It's a good deal, all the base game + the first expansion for free and without time limit. It's more than enough to consider buying the game.

>>600956842yes stb msq was a chore.

>>600958276generally agreed. labyrnthos pt 2 wasnt that bad and lyse is fine.

Which game between wow and this has a better endgame/class design?

The main story in this game has no respect of your time and is filled with 10min cutscenes that could and should have been 2min. And I'm talking AFTER it gets better in HW, ARR is even worse.I still play through every bloated main story expansion on release because I'm a degen but it's absolutely not worth the time

>>600954692There were certain level ranges that were really fun as BLU. When you first get 1000 needles, you can sneak up behind enemies and obliterate them. Once you get sticky tongue, you can pull enemies out of a group, then blast them with 1000 needles while they are stunned.

>>600959339>wow's endgame is much better>You need to use addonslmao

>>600959339>You need to use addons in wow but ff doesn't allow themYou can still use plugins in XIV. Just don't stream with them or ever mention them in any in-game chat and they have no way of knowing that you are using them.

>>600952523>Is the free trial that good?It's a TON of bang for, well, free, but ironically no. Trial players don't really get to be a part of the community and you have to trudge through ARR/HW when subsequent expansions are much better.

>>600958276generally agreed. labyrnthos pt 2 wasnt that bad and lyse is fine.

>>600956637Most jobs just have a combo you loop with a few buttons in between the GCD. Depending on the job the loop can either be 10 seconds or a minute. why am i like this...

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>>600952523You get a lot of content for free BUT there are call on how impactful those restrictions will hinder your enjoyment. Plenty of people still play free trial and get everything to 60.

It's the best kind of free trial.

>>600958503Automatically assume every faggot using a Femra is male. You're a fucking dumb ass if you believe otherwise. Miqos are also more often than not male. Real women tend to play male Miqos or male Elezen. There's so many rejects playing this game, you can be sure you're going to bump into some when trying to interact with players.

>>600956637after like level 50 (in most classes) they start giving a lot of shit to work with, it's pretty fun

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>>600961193What even happened?

>>600961398My bias is all the men I know male femlander and women play Au Ra. I know this due to my IRL friends.

>>600961193And that is why I moved displacement a long time ago to a key that I hardly ever press

>>600961426Missed the tower soak so the party wiped

>>600956637Depends on the class, but you need to wait AT LEAST lvl 60 to have a decent rotation

>>600961558You probably don't get to know other players, huh?I can't blame you. Having friends you know who play this piece of shit is more favorable. I've talked to hundreds of players and I'm just speaking from experience. Most female characters I have seen are guys pretending to be women. They know there are advantages, some openly admit it, others try to keep it secret as much as possible because they love the attention at the end of the day and they find it lucrative for making gil in brothels with desperate permavirgins trying to ERP. You gotta see the depths of this abomination if you wanna know what's really going on.

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>>600952523Goood but not great

>>600961896I'm a straight cis male pretending to be FtM trans

>>600961896How are other MMOs different?

>>600952523ARR is a bit of a slog at time and the combat is a bit slow because you will be missing all your off-GCD's. That's why they expanded the free trial to HW years ago, so people see how it improved over ARR aswell as how the jobs slowly come into something interesting to play.That being said, I don't fault anybody not wanting to spend 200 hours until "it gets gud" (but it never gets good user, yeah I know.)

>>600962028I'm sorry about your cysts. Hopefully they clear up soon.

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>>600961896>I've talked to hundreds of playersI've never spoken to another player.

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>>600962229You're sad.

Game starts out really fucking slowly. Like beyond slow. I gave up after 1½ hours of fetch quests and shitty dialogue I don't care about, without having seen a single fucking mob.

>>600961896>>600961558I always assume all male miqote and male viera I see are played by girls (because what kind of man would play a twink) and all female characters I see are played by men

>>600962072XIV is by far the most popular for Erotic Roleplay. WoW has a community for that too, but it's not as popular from what I have seen. The thing about XIV is that it just has addons and mods you can really be flexible with. I don't fuck with it but friends have shown me how versatile it is. You can give a highlander male a fucking vagina. You can give a lalafell girl a huge dick. It's repulsive. People pay a lot of gil to roleplay with that kind of shit and have pictures of themselves taken to post in discord and jerk off to it. Don't step into this part of the community, it's not worth it.

>>600962389Zoom zoom

>>600962467If there is anything I learned on Holla Forums in my time, it's that Holla Forums loves ERP. I have seen it in WoW threads a decade ago too.

>>600962467Eh... XIV mods are only flexible if you don't know much about it.

Anons, why must leveling be so boring? I want to try out every class but I'm getting crushed by the grind. I've gotten a bunch of classes to 50, since hunting logs are kinda fun and at that point it's easier to grind up, but once I hit 50 it's just a brick wall of boredom. I've managed to get 6 classes to 90 and I'm fucking spent. The thought of spending months or even possibly a year of doing 2 hour roulettes every day to max all classes is mind-numbing. It sucks, since I really enjoy playing classes at 90. What do? Level 90: BLM, SMN/SCH, RDM, SGE, RPR, DRKWhat I want at 90: PLD, NIN, SAM, DRG, MCH at the minimum, less so WHM, AST, MNKWill do the grinding trick for BLU later with a friend.

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>>600962792Hahaha get fucked.I have all jobs at 90 and now I don't have anything I wanna do so I quit the game and feel like I wasted all my money on a game that lacks enjoyable content to meet new friends in. Get fucked nerd! lol!!!

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>>600962792I just do Frontlines almost daily, it's slow but at least I'm not in some garbage dungeon.

>>600962939Although I agree that FF14 is not entirely ideal for meeting new friends in-game, surely you could meet a lot of people by engaging with the raiding scene. Tons and tons of discords for getting together and doing min ilevel content for example, outside of forming a static which would surely bring you tight bonds of friendship with the other 7 people. I myself have formed a static and made several new friends through it, and I expect our bonds will only deepen over the years if we keep it up. >>600963121Frontlines are alright, though doing so many completely crushed my engagement with them since it was really beaten into me that it's all up to the rng of my 23 teammates and nothing I do matters.

>>600963216Wrong, you can almost solo win a frontline if you're good.

>>600962389this game would be 10x better without arr, it really makes the game a "it gets better after 50 hours"

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>>600962792Once you reach lvl 71 go into Bozja. If you have the patience for it you can get to 90 in a day doing that. Dailies all in all get you at least 2 levels each day on a job. Look at it this way. In 10 days you have leveled up 20 times on a given job. You can buy poetic augmented gear every 10 levels. From doing dailies it is very easy to cap out each day. It might be boring but it's effective doing it this way.

>>600952523Yeah I got 200 hours out of it then quitThen bought the entire game a year later

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>>600963374That is obviously and clearly not the case.

>>600963216>nothing I do matters.Yeah, I don't expect to win at all, I just go along with the flow. Though I really need to be aware of what day each FL is up, Secure is awful.

>>600959315Yeah but that moment goes to shit pretty quickly once you realize you're going to be doing that until 50.


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>>600963460Just play SMN and get 35 kills.

>>600963407Your pic is youArr sets up everythingSince it was so long ago for most people, they choose to only remember the bad and not the good

>>600963216>I made a static, and our bonds will only get stronger as the years go by!I'm just gonna keep it 100 with you chief.Your static is gonna disband after you do one raid successfully a few times. People will begin to leave and then more will follow that first one who decided to bounce. This is the fate of every static. Sometimes you don't even get good enough to finish a fight because you have a retard or two who just can't get the fight down cause they suck dank ass.This is reality.

>>600952523Good free trial for a bad game. All MMOs are bad.

Leveling killed the MMO, change my mind.

>>600963730This. Embraced the casual pug life and never looked back.

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>>600963730This is probably the case for many statics, but mine has a lot of oldfag players with 10,000+ hours literally desperate to play more content, and people from the HW days whose static died against A3S and have been desperate for raiding ever since. I think we're pretty solid unless one of us has a heart attack. Also, everyone is pretty good. We play precision platformers and shmups and stuff. The only thing I think we might be not able to beat is the new Dragonsong ultimate, if only because it seems insane.

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>>600963730>it happened to me so it'll happen to everyone!!lol

>last trial of Shadowbringers>crazy dungeon leading to it>somber story building with emets city and his memories>pumped up with adrenaline and emotion>it's all coming together>2:30am MTN time>queue for 30mins before giving up and sleeping

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>>600964064XIV has no job customization.You can't even consider Materia melding a form of build variety either because it doesn't change your overall playstyle in any significant way. Just increases numbers on your already unchangeable rotation for each job. As someone who has played every single job in XIV. I can say with certainty the closest thing this game has to an MMO class is Blue Mage. The others are just the same shit with a different angle. It's kind of sad really, but then you see the community coming out of the wood work trying to defend this bland shit because since everyone eats shit, it must be okay. Twitter is an absolute melting pot. XIV suffers for it.


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>>600964064For wow and FFXIV maybe. I think they could have done leveling for other skills betterFor RuneScape and osrs for example, leveling is the only reason so many of them even play

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>>600964341That's not what his argument was, nor what he said. Have you honestly had a static last more than a few weeks?

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>>600964631Sure I can see that. However, I feel that a lot of the more casual MMOs could benefit from ditching the leveling altogether or at least condensing it a lot. Having been burned too many times, I simply drop games where "it gets good after 50 hours".

The game looks and plays like something stuck in the early 00's.Only golems switched over to it.Also - it's made by asians, so it's obviously going to be supershitty.

>>600964527Its either this or a balancing nightmare like WoW and it would get worse as they kept adding jobs to the game. Its obviously still shitty but to them its probably the safest and least annoying choice.

>>600965024>The game looks and plays like something stuck in the early 00'sI wish.

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>Worst personal and total dps among all melee except for dungeons (lol) at level cap>Extremely boring to play outside of level cap, a problem that will never be fixed because they designed the entire class around a move you only get by doing an 80 class quest and the rest of your moveset is just identical moves copy pasted over and over pre 80>Only unique thing it offered over any other melee class (healing) nerfed into uselessness>Worst class questline and lore in the game, so bad it almost feels like a joke being played on you>Only like 3 weapon models are good>The ghost doesn't even talk and is only in 3 moves so most of the time you're actually just some jackass throwing a scythe aroundwhys it gotta be like this

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>>600965237Edgelords don't deserve anything good.

>>600965295but they got BLM, and DRK

>>600965181Of course it is.Yoshida is a fucking hack who will never take a chance. No wonder majority of the playerbase is coomers and freaks who pop a fantasia every day. They know who their audience is. The raiders who come sub for when a new fight releases don't stay subbed year-round. Some of them even wait several more months before jumping back because the game lacks other enjoyable shit outside of it for the regular human being.

>>600965237Because fuck Garleans and everything related to them

>>600952523I'd arguably say it isn't, you have so few buttons to press before even like level 60 that the game is genuinely unfun, I had to power through it with a lot of vodka to catch up with my friends

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>>600965237>>Worst class questline and lore in the game, so bad it almost feels like a joke being played on youNothing will be as bad as PLD quests, this alone tells me you are trying too hard to shit on the job

>>600964950Perhaps, perhaps. Maybe it's hard for me to realize since I grew up on RuneScape since like 2004. I've had the most fun in that game just by creating new accounts and leveling them. But leveling a new class on FFXIV just is kindof a slog, and to me didn't feel much different doing a different DPS to range DPS or tank roleIn RS things mostly feel very different to level despite the super simple combatAnother thing I think could be relevant is that you just completely start at level 1 again with level 1 hp and defences, and enemies all scale based off the region so you're always fighting something that can easily kill you if you accidentally pull a few or are just exploring or afkAlways kindof been a pet peeve of mine in FFXIV going to the next area and monsters are still a pain to kill despite being like a tiny bee lol

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Been using Mudfish with fastconnect for a while and it works fine, but is xivalexander something I should look into any way?

>>600965181>Its either this or a balancing nightmare like WoWIt's only a "balancing nightmare" when the devs are retarded.

>>600956637>Do most of the classes just like have 3-4 abilities you hit over and over?What

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>>600965818But thats literally every AAA developer.

>>600952523You're basically getting 2 jrpg stories for free with no timelimit and can play majority of the jobs, so yes, it is.

>>600965705Not that user but RPR is worse just because of all the excitement and speculation we had around the job leading up to EW. It had so much potential and they just completely fucked it up.

>>600961398Who gives a shit about the person behind the keyboard lmaoI'm in this game to forget about real life, faggot. It's a porcelain skinned female lizzer in skimpy clothing, it makes my dick hard and that is all that matters.

>>600966002Ah so it's your own fault you are disappointed, got it

>>600966052>job lore is all about making a pact with voidsent for power>go to unlock the job>no pact made, you just pick up the soul crystal and your buddy is preloaded into it>never mentioned again

>>600961398In my experience everyone is typically the gender of their character actuallyDespite what Holla Forums says. I have encountered 2 trannies however that were both girl dragons on the other hand but at least they have the decency to add pronouns and shit to their note thing so you know to avoid them

stop thinking about the lore

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>>600962460Male viera is mostly played by people who are desperate for pussy and groomers who used to play male au ra

>>600965295>>600965580don't forget nin and drg

>>600966335>Male viera is mostly played by people who are desperate for pussyThis and fujos.

Predict the next class that will Scouting, and Casting gear

>>600961896As someone deeply entrenched in the ERP community and has voice chat with fellow staff members in many venues:you would be surprised at how many girls are actually legitimately girls. I'm running the numbers in my head right now out of people I know and it's probably a solid 70% are actually women.(You would also be surprised, but probably less so, if you knew how many male gay cat and bunboys are actually also women)


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>>600963685setting up shit for 50 hours doesn't excuse the fact that it's boring as fuck, both gameplay and narrative-wise


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>>600966638I liked it, but played it more recently What now??

>>600966560>>600966671Ugly as fuck NO, you are not unique and liking unpopular ugly things isn't a personality

>>600966430Probably something "new"

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>>600966532>(You would also be surprised, but probably less so, if you knew how many male gay cat and bunboys are actually also women)this isn't suprising at all, it's a FF game with cute bishi boys, of course it will have women play "gay" male characters.It being a FF game also makes it not too surprising that many women play it, stuff like WoW was always steeped in nerd guy culture which turned them off those games, but FF has always appealed to women.

>>600961896i'm a middle aged man who plays as a femlala. judge me

>>600966753play the other 4 expansions which are absolutely better

>>600966894Nobody can tell the difference bro>>600966916I am get, owned heh

>>600966984you are right. only people with some kind of dysphoria think i'm a woman after talking to me for more than 15 minutes

>>600967092Typically guys playing as girls have a non girly name too Like my friend cleebus the female dragon