Post only the best enemies

post only the best enemies

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>>600952460does he say something funny if i pull his tongue?

>>600953000wtf why would he?

Post it

>>600953047clearly youve never owned one of those pull-string toys

here we go

>>600953641here it is

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>>600953641post it?

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>>600954040post the version with eyelashes

>>600952460i wanna put my dick there


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Another one added to the long list of things that 4chan has made me wanna fuck

>>600954040new 'toss

I have like 40 of these fucking edits saved and I'm not posting any because I don't wanna get banned

>that greentext some user wrote where a crowd of them kiss and lick the reader into a death by orgasm and then they turn into one

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>>600954313you didnt specify which

>>600953641post it?

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>>>not the good versionwhy the fuck did they mix this with bastion though

>Enemy tracks you by sound only

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>>600957152Why is Orb x Human impregnation so hot?

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>>600954567Based and boopilled

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>>600958336I wish I was a Boo

Paper Mario boos are so cute

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>>600958774>>600959150I wish we were both boo's so we could make out all the time with our huge tongues hahaha!

>>600959330H-haha, yeah, that sounds funny... and good...


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>>600954567>>600958306Luigi's Mansion King Boo never fails to bring me a smile

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>>600959925Ok NOW I want to fuck the Boos

>>600960090Dude I can't fap right now what are you doing to me?

>>600960383Get yourself a ghost blowjob then.


>>600959364Do you want to be boo friends? We play vidya and make out while doing so

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what does kissing feel like

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>>600960646And I will also kiss your boo boos if you get any

this thread is gay

>>600960734just dont take the pills

Stop thinking about sex.

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>>600960836Me when I get grounded for making out too much

>>600960771Sounds like a deal user, I will do my best to become your booyfriend.

God I want to fuck a ghost

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>>600960976That is just a femoid thot in a see-through bed sheet


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>>600960734Wouldn't know. Why do you think I'm on this site?

>>600956573Bros, I want to make out with a pirahna plant

>>600956573reminder that artist lurks here

>>600961307Her giant lips would envelop your entire face.

>>600961473oh my god

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>>600961307Don't do it. That's how you end up turning into one of them.

>>600954040>>600957152>>600958000>>600958336>>600959446>>600960090why do i have a boner?

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>>600958173If you don't kill this guy with an energy sword of your own you didn't beat halo 2


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>>600962137Now post the male x male version of that pic >>600957152

>>600962137It just keeps getting better and better.

>>600957152I wish that was me so bad


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>>600961307Not wanting Piranha Plant to rim you sloppily while another forcefully makes out with you

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You guys are strange

>>600962137This is just nasty

Stop making me want to fuck literal orbs.

>>600961449if that is true then i wish he would consider to make more Futa on female shits that isn't with wendy... it has so goddamn untapped potential... also please release more models.

you guys will fuck anything

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>>600962890Anon, having a guy blow you and then make out with you so you can swap the cum back and forth is super hot

>>600962550you cant just post that without giving the sauce

>>600962137now post the tf version

>>600963071yes, and ill fuck you too

>>600963150That is the full pic, artist has another Piranha Plant pic on

>>600962480god, I love long as fuck tongues that are used for kissing. too goddamn hot.

>>600963291oh thought those pics were croppedstill hot tho


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>>600962550>No teethLame.


>>600963071You must be new here

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i hope Haunted Chocolatier is good

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>>600960734I honestly thing it feels gross as fuck. Take some bread, mash it together, dip it in hot water and twirl it in your mouth for a bit, that's pretty much how it feels. I almost exclusively kiss my gf during sex or when I'm supremely horny and general grossness goes out the window.


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>>600964860I should honestly doodle more fun plants sometimes.

>>600962137I do this with my gf when I'm feeling extra horny. Gets me rock hard for round 2.


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>>600959150Did he died?

>>600966021He became kiss addict boo as wellNow he will come and make out with you forcibly so you become a boo too!

>>600960734Like a bag of sand

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>>600966248my penis is bigger than that

>>600966248my penis is smaller than that


>>600960734I did it when I was like 12 and it was absolutely amazing. Wish I'd know what it feels like to make out as a grownup but that'll never happen.

>>600956573Wish I was wendy here idc if plant has cock

>>600966465>I did it when I was like 12anon...story?

>>600966248Get this slander ouut of here! My penis isn't THAT small!

this is dangerously close to turning into a TF thread...

>>600963071I still don't know anything about this mushroom wojak, since this cute girl is cosplaying it I assume it was made by /int/.

>>600962550>You get an involuntary prostate orgasm as you scream against the other Piranha Plant's mouth>They just get excited start going harder when you cum under yourself, making you almost cry from pleasure and embarrassment

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>>600967025Sounds fine for me!