Why did this game get so much praise?It's literally just a genesis sonic game released 20 years later

Why did this game get so much praise?It's literally just a genesis sonic game released 20 years later

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>>600952341You answered your own question.

>>600952341you answered your own question.

>>600952341you answered your own Question

you answered your own question.

>>600952341you answered your own question.

>>600952341Because people ore boring chucklefucks who don't actually want new stuff. They just want the same game they've already played but slightly different. Mania is a watered down, worse version of Sonic 3 & Knuckles and people love it for that.You see it all the time. "I want Mania 2!" "I want Adventure 3!" "I want Generation 2!"It's basically this, but with video games instead of TV. youtube.com/watch?v=VUVix0STUqo

>>600954641games as an industry peaked already

Worse, it's a rom hack of one. Every stage I kept going "Oh, they repurposed this stage gimmick from that other zone"

>>600952341>It's literally just a genesis sonic game released 20 years laterExactly.

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>>600952341>It's literally just a genesis sonic game released 20 years laterAh yes, I remember how there was fog and I used levers to clear them out in the Oil Ocean Zone in Sonic 2

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>>600952341>Why did this game get so much praise?>It's literally just a genesis sonic game released 20 years laterYou answered your own question.

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>>600952435>>600952486>>600952540>>600953013>>600953103Toooop of the morning to ya, the wonderful folk (and womenfolk) of Reddit!

30 years old man

>>600956425go backCAPTCHA: 2VG0Y

>>600955064No they haven't. You just haven't moved on.

It's an extremely well-done and nuanced remix of Sonic's long 2D past. It's a modern re-imagining of the history of the most prominent Sonic games. The magic of it is that, if you're an idiot, is that it looks the same! It feels the same! Same as you remember, right? Well, maybe your memory isn't as sharp as you think. In video games, we let the market drivers push us constantly into the new, new, new! But what is new? What has changed in games in the past 20 years? The big changes: monetization. Monetization has wriggled its nasty tentacles into every aspect of the modern video game. Games have also become far more standardized than they used to be, and now every video game basically fits one of four molds. If Sonic Mania is lost on you, please, continue your brave journey into this new world. I like a good handful of Sonic games but I guess I really don't give that much of a fuck in the end, and I think Chris Whitehead is a genius. If Sega could handle having more than one good idea per financial year, I'd love to see him get carte blanche on something else, even another Sonic game. Good games are forever.

>>600954641>hmm why do people want a good sequel to a good game that worked?When Sonic Team tries to do something radically different from what they've done before to appeal to ADHD faggots like you it results in shit like Secret Rings and Lost World and the werehog stages and Big's SA levels. Nice to see that Mania still makes bottom of the barrel people who want everything to be le whacky new totally different thing seethe. >>600955068You either have not realized that the classic games have always reused stage gimmicks from each other or have not played them in a long time. Some examples:>the circles you go around on at the beginning of Scrap Brain Act 2 and in Carnival Night>Conveyer belts>the bouncy things like in Carnival Night, Spring Yard, and Casino Night>the badniks with spike balls surrounding them in places like Star Light and Labyrinth zone are also in S3&K in Ice Cap and Launch Base>Sonic goes through pipes in Sonic 2's Chemical Plant and 3's Launch Base>the moving net things in flying battery and Metropolis>the things you hold onto that lift you up or bring you down in mystic cave and wing fortress in 2 reappear in Launch Base>piranhas in aquatic ruin and hydrocity>the see-saws in star light zone return in hill top>green hill and emerald hill have the flying bee badniksThere are of course more.

>>600956595You sound like a Nintendo fan who loves being fed the same exact game over and over again and prtending it's way different.

>>600956538I wish I could, but no one can bring back pre-2014 Holla Forums.

>>600952341It's actually a Saturn game dummy, you can't do 3D so well in Genesis

>>600956741The foundation of Sonic is very good, just like the foundation of Doom II, hence why people want more of it with new levels, same thing with Doom and its map making community, or Romero releasing Sigil.

>>600956741Imagine being so retarded that you cannot comprehend why people want new zones and enemies but in the formula of prior games that were good with a sensible evolution and addition of mechanics to the prior games. If Sonic 2 came out today you'd probably complain that it's boring because it's not different enough from the first game

>>600957163That's bring as fuck, though. Keep that up and you end up with something as soulless as the New Super Mario Bros. games and everyone ended up hating those by the end. Nintendo ven made Mario Maker 2 just so wouldn't hav to do more.Is that was Sonic needs? A Sonic Maker? Then again, I hardly see why since there's a million 2D fan games out there that all also play the same.

Your question, you answered it.

>>600957708But Sonic 2 IS different from the first game. It actually improved upon it in how it controls. Sonic 3 and Knuckles then further improved upon that. Mania didn't improve on anything. It just made S3&K again, not quite as good, but also made it 2D Generations. And no, adding the Drop Dash from Sonic 3's Beta isn't enough.

>>600952341>It's literally just a genesis sonic game released 20 years laterPretty much. You have to remember that Sonic Team struggles with recapturing what made classic so good, gameplay wise. Mania could have been a full blown new game with all new zones and it would still have been well received, it just feels great to play.

>>600954641People want the Dragon Quest approach. Sequels that are different enough to stand on their own without fucking with the fundamentals, unless it's to polish an existing idea.

>>600956547What are you looking forward to, exactly? Have there been any innovations in game design since 2005 that can't be summed up in "new ways for you to spend money on fake goods"? The future can't exist without the past. Everyone keeps looking at each other but nobody is looking back. Except Nintendo, and now Nintendo looks like the future again and the big boy systems are just another layer of cake icing bloat. When people were worried about how these virtual currencies and lootboxes and shit might introduce kids to gambling, could they have ever predicted that the most sinister aspects of casino and slot machine design would creep into the home video game?

>>600957848Not reading the rest of your post because it is whining. Don't play it if it doesn't interest you. I don't care about Mario, I've played a 2D game and a 3D game and had my fill of it. On the other hand I don't obnoxiously whine about new entries. Sometimes certain mechanics and styles can only be found in certain games thus people gravitate to them and of course would want more. If I get tired of it then I'll just play a different game, which I do play other games.

>>600958197>Mania didn't improve on anything.Added the drop dash and blue ring boxes. Arguably the best special stages of the classic games. Allows you more freedom to move after you spin dash and jump.>It just made S3&K again, not quite as good, By that logic you could say sonic 2 was Sonic 1 again, just either not as good or just better. 3&K is a high bar and if a game doesn't reach that bar it's not terrible.>And no, adding the Drop Dash from Sonic 3's Beta isn't enough.There is no evidence the mania team was aware of a drop dash being in Sonic 3. Even if they were, it's irrelevant. 3 was never released with a drop dash.

>>600958576I don't know much about Dragon Quest. How do things usually go there?

>>600952341The zones are designed in ways that are fun, flow well, and had fun gimmicks, which are nowhere to be found in Forces, the "legitimate" title of the two, let alone Frontiers.Unfortunately, the success of "classic" Sonic stuff means that SEGA will have some arbitrary need to distinguish it from their "modern" titles, so now the art direction in Sonic games for the forseeable future are going to be the bland shit in games like Frontiers.

It's more of a Saturn game than anything else. And it's absolutely Kino.

>>600958621>What are you looking forward to, exactly?Something new and different that I haven't already played 3 or more different version of 500 times.It'd be nice to come back to a franchise and find something I haven't already played before.

>>600959598Dragon Quest as a series is as basic as it gets. There's a lot of grinding involved, too. And you better not go through a cutscene too fast and take notes or you're fucked when you come back later and try to remember what you had to do.

>>600955908akshually the levers are in sonic & knuckles in sandopolis and help put the light back on as the screen becomes darker and darker if you don't with ghosts appearing. still, op is a faggot

>>600960020Sounds incredibly classic. But hey, as long as it works, I guess.I guess the way Sonic oldfags feel about the series is the same as how Melee fans feel about Smash from Brawl and onwards when it comes to freedom of movement, freeform flow and momentum.

>>600952341You questioned your own answer!?

>>600959598>How do things usually go there?It's a long ass story so let me summarize the important bits because multiple walls of text can be written about these games.First of all, DQ is pretty much the grandfather or JRPGs, literally every JRPG, even something like Final Fantasy, has the DQ DNA in it. It set the fundamentals for the entire genre. This is important because as far as gameplay goes, the series always kept things simple. Whenever a RPG adds some gimmick like QTEs, button inputs, card shit, etc it's derivative from the DQ formula.Story wise, the games usually follow a simple formula (dark lord wants to destroy the world/summon ancient evil) but the real meat of the story comes from the micro narratives. You reach a new location, there is a local issue like a monster in a cave or a thief or something, you solve their problems and become the local hero, moving on to the next location. Along the way, you come across NPCs who are having their own little problems, making the world feel alive.Gameplay wise, you get stuck in this loop of exploring new areas, buying better gear, solving the local problem, growing stronger, repeat. The combat has its own little quirks to keep two encounters from behaving the same way, something that helps with not making the games feel repetitive.Now, when a new DQ comes out, these fundamentals are either left untouched or tweaked/polished in some way. Like, DQ2 is one of the first RPGs to have party members, DQ3 has one more party member and introduces a class system that builds upon 2's. DQ4 has new classes with new skills and so on. They change the micro narratives so each story feels fresh (despite the same formula with the dark lord) and new enemies, each with their own fighting style.TL;DR Dragon Quest found this nice balance between keeping things simple, innovating itself without sacrificing its fundamentals

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>>600956547Nope, he's right.We've perfected 3D with the technology we currently have in lightning speeds. The industry's been dickwaving "DUDE GRAFIX" and nothing else. Innovation is no longer about gameplay, it's about how many individual hair strands, skin pores or specks of dust we can render at once in realtime 8K Ultra 120 FPS.The only place left to go is a fully-immersive seamless VR experience, but the technology isn't going to be there for a very, very, very long time.

>>600960020>basic as it getsIt's unfortunately more complex than a lot of JRPGs.>GrindingThis hasn't been necessary since DQ2 on Famicom (sans Torneko in 4, but that's a gimmick section).

>>600952341because It's literally just a genesis sonic game released 20 years later

>>600961054>This hasn't been necessary since DQ2 on FamicomNah man, all of them have the obligatory "grind 4-5 levels" segment. Some disguise it a little better but giving you an incentive to grind like 5's monster recruitment and 6's vocation rankings but it all boils down to walking on that one patch of grass for 10-30 minutes. The non linear progression introduced in 2 also meant difficulty spike boss fights because the games were designed around the idea of the player getting lost in the world and only finding the right location a bit later, after gaining a ton of exp/gold from random fights.

>>600960260Anon's being disingenuous. DQ1 and 11 are only a bit more similar than Sonic 1 and Forces. You select attacks from a menu and gather equipment/You run around and jump on platforms.If Sonic had the consistency of DQ, he would never lose the ability to roll into a ball on command, he would always navigate via launching himself around via momentum, and he would very rarely lose the spindash. Anything else is up for grabs.

>>600961348Dude, I'm sorry to say this, but you suck ass at Dragon Quest. 2 was the last one with mandatory grinding. 3 is a matter of party comp, 4 is a straight shot aside from Torneko (Meenah's section is tough but no grind is necessary), 5 is easily completed even if you never recruit a single optional monster, 6 and 7 are tedious as fuck so you pretty much have to willfully flee half your fights to be underdeveloped, and 8-11 are piss easy by default.You are just objectively wrong here.

>>600952341Genesis Sonic is that good. Best damn platformers there are.

>>600961806Orochi and Ballsack showed otherwise.

>>600954641It helps that it actually delivered on what the consumers wanted.Not Genesis-inspired, or styled, it actually looked and played like a classic Sonic game and was well made to boot.

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>>600962186>"You don't need to grind for Meenah/Maya's section, it's just a difficult.">YES YOU DO, BALZAK IMPOSSIBLEThanks for agreeing that you're shit at DQ I guess. Did you get stuck at Bjorn too?

>>600963098Okay, master gamer. I am sure you managed to conjure party wide healing and perfect RNG out of your ass. I totally believe you.

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>>600954641>Mania is a watered down, worse version of Sonic 3 & KnucklesExplain how.

>>600952341Mania is really mediocre. It only gets jerked off here so much because this place is full of retarded classic fags who worship and jerk off Taxman.Mania isn't 1/4th as good as Adventure 2.

>>600964454Mania has physics and level design. Even if it's not great(it is), it's automatically better than dreamcast shit.

>>600964454Adventure 2 is really mediocre. It only gets jerked off here so much because this place is full of retarded modern fags who worship and jerk off Shadow.Adventure 2 isn't 1/4th as good as S3&K.

>>600964454Here comes the Gaycube babby.

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>>600959121>Allows you more freedom to move after you spin dash and jump.Not that faggot but that's how it worked in CD.

>>600959919Nice cop out answer, faggot. Can you say anything specific or are you going to continue choking on dicks all day?

>it's another "Holla Forums doesn't understand sonic sucks and everyone thinks sonic sucks because it constantly tried to fix what didn't need fixing" threadi hate reruns

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>>600964454Sonic peaked at 2, did okay at upholding the bar with 3&K, and only went downhill from there.

>>600962650>Episode 1What were they thinking?

>>600967071It was a literal mobile game they decided to rebrand and put on consoles solely to profit off the gullible consumer.