Why do western devs never factor in lewdability when designing characters...

Why do western devs never factor in lewdability when designing characters? Nier Automata got free advertising across every corner of the internet thanks to the vast ocean of 2B porn before the game even released.

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>>600951693most retarded and grug brain take ever, they precisely take that into consideration with the sole purppose of not making them sexy

>>600951693I fucking hate Baal like you wouldn't believe

>>600951693Unironically because of BlackRock.

>>600952148I fucking hate [popular thing] like you wouldn't believe

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>>600952549I work in Blackrock. This is true.

>>600951693me on the right


>>600951693Blizzard does this. They might try to virtue signal not that they've been exposed as breast milk bandits and cubicle prawlers, but it's clear that the cooming potential behind their female characters generate the a massive portion of their fanbase and has affected a lot of their designs.


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>>600951693you know whats even more rare? a nice lewd design AND a cool battle system.if you can't let me do phat combos then don't even bother

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>>600951693She does not exist in real lifeShe won’t be mind raped by your hypnotismShe doesn’t like you

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>>600953120>normal skin tonewtf user that's racist


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>>600953051>>600952609>>600951693is all this guy's stuff just the same three jokes repeated over and over?

>>600953241Not really. That's what Tim Buckley does.

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>>600953241yes and it's beautiful

>>600953065which tales is this and is it on steam?

>>600951693Because if the dev team works in California, the office will be filled with pic related.

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>>600953120>tomboys are this one specific formulaic thingWrong. Tomboy's just a term for a girl that does act stereotyoically girly and might have interests, attitudes or tendencies usually more expected of boys. It's just the oposite of a girly dude.

>>600953241i heard he makes mad cash with his commissions. so i don't think he really cares.

>redditbuudygo back

>>600953120>met a girl exactly like left, even appearance wise but she wears glasses>been talking to her everyday>being an autistic fuck I don't know how to gauge if she's interested or just niceFUCK

>>600951693So anyone have the one of jesus talking about futanari porn?

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>>600953120Hair length has nothing to do with it. Most tomboyish girls I've known have long hair.

>>600953723Just ask her out an rip the band-aid.That's what I did.No point in living in the "what if" scenario, it'll only drive you mad.

>>600953569Not the point. Majority of 4chan users act like tomboys are always le tanned fit "just one of the guys" attractive women.

>>600953241One of the rare based chads who draws SMITE porn so its fine.

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>>600953241Yeah.Not like I mind them too much though.

>>600952148I love his art but i hate his content, is reddit tier, i wish he just focus on drawing and stop making lame atempts at "jokes"

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>>600953564How did he take this photo

>>600954616This was the only one that i liked

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>>600954738his pecs

>>600954812>Fat dude on the right looks exactly like me IRLFuck my life.

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>>600953723Just ask. Worst that can happen is she says no and insults you, but you say she's nice so worst that'll happen is just simple rejection.Dont give up on her as a friend if rejected, she might have a sister, cousin, or friends.

>>600953907What did she say user?

>>600951693Nier Automata was a shit game though?

>>600953723like others said simply ask her out, if she says no just move on with your life

>>600955019It's time to start your career in porn bro

>>600953241he just steals jokes from /tg/

>>600955326Yes. I'm having the first date tomorrow.But even if she said no it's better than never trying because that shit will haunt you even worse let me tell you.

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>>600951693lol thats so funny xD

>>600953120Most tomboys here are just dudes in female sportsy bodies. Factory I work in had a small girl join the better paying but more physically straining section of the treadmill, tiny woman surrounded by a bunch of big hairy dudes. In about a year she started wearing adidas pants and hoodies, cursed like a sailor and talked about cars like the rest of us. Sometimes the nature of the male-centric physical labor jobs turn women into tomboys over time.

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>>600955019must be rough deflowering all those highschoolers

It doesn’t even occur to them. I think Western everything is basically completely toxic at the moment. It’s not like the plants are killed by it, the actual soil is just complete garbage so the plants never grow in the first place. Is that going to change some day? Yeah, probably but for now it’s pretty terrible.

>>600953241Nah, its more than three and its all stolen from here. If I remember right someone said he was a drawfag in one the threads here.

>>600956120best anyone can do is vote with your wallet


>>600956186He's been a drawfag for years now

>>600953120Left side of the image should be super simplified to one sentence like "has boyish traits", right now it's just doing the same thing that right side is doing by saying tomboys are only [these specific things].


>>600953537Xillia 2 and no. Get the PS3 emulator it's fun af

>>600952148Pretty much everything he draws comes from patreon requests made by 4chin users.

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>>600953120>my headcanon vs extreme strawman stereotype

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>>600953723>>600953907>>600955204>>600955326>>600955659>Be friends with left for ten years.>Genuinely does not want any romantic relationship and turns down anyone including myself also a complete virgin.>try to move on from her>neither of us can be away from each other for too long before we start trying to bring each other back>to this day we have never gone one day without one of us messaging the other>I know I can never have her but I can't leave her either>will tease me or cheer me up with porn when I'm downThis is a special kind of hell and to this day one of my favorite memories is her falling asleep on my shoulder

>>600953120Written by a jealous tranny or a seething foid. I had several friends closer to the right than left back in highschool and met one more recently at the gym (taken of course). It's not even uncommon to find a girl genuinely into powerlifting who will banter with you about bulking and dreading volume days. Especially the younger generation, where way more women are into anime/Vidya and lifting.

>>600952148he can be funny sometimes.

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>>600952609>ALL GIRLS ARE COOMABLEI wish I could say I agree with this man but I am incapable of fapping to 3D

>>600951693They do factor it in, same way a light skinned dark person in a commerical will be factored in

>>600951693>>600953557The original issue is that men were sometimes sexualized while women were ALWAYS sexualized if in a similar role. Lack of female leads and main characters that weren't sexualized by default, in games and entertainment as a whole, negatively impacts the self esteem of developing women who have no role models that aren't dolled up to turn on men.Lefties aren't typically so prudish that they're against the idea of secualization and many are very sex-positive. The issue was that for women, sexualization was the default, and for men it was not.That's not to say I agree with the means a lot of developers wanna use to correct this issue. I think you can have a strong well-written female character without making her look like a spud, but the incompetence of developers to do this doesn't take away from the core issue they're attempting to address

>>600952148This, but the demon.

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>>600951693Because unlike the average ching chong people who are not from rice countries have sex normally.

>>600959019Sounds like a bitch

>>600960526>Lefties aren't typically so prudish that they're against the idea of secualization and many are very sex-positiveonly for IRL shit. for some reason those fags just really fucking hate drawings.

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>>600960801it hurts so much.

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>>600960801I would unironically blow my fucking brains out if I saw this shit.

>>600956120This is what I think too. It's awful, it's toxic in every sense of the word, it's designed to break you down, but even then it can't last forever.

>>600960526>Lefties aren't typically so prudish that they're against the idea of secualizationLefties, like Rightwings, are hypocrites that claim to be in favor of things until it's convenient to be against that thing.

>>600959019this is why God invented rape user, put a baby in her oven and never apologize.If you're already in hell, just go a little deeper and you willl find the sunlight


>>600955019make a cum back.

>>600951693It's called artistic integrity.

>>600961314>>600961031Maybe have an actual discussion with the people you despise instead of seething at a strawman of them. Leftists dont hate sexy women in games. There is more nuance to it

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>>600952148Reddit 'artist' for a reddit tier shithole


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>>600953241These are literally commissions

>>600961476Wow, leftists sure hate beauty!

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>>600959019Nigga trust me she's probably getting spitroasted as you type this. Stop wasting time and move on preferably with someone who isn't on this childish bullshit. I guarantee you if she saw you with another woman she'd jump your bones and even if she didn't who would care?


>>600961476It's impossible to have a discussion with a leftist, they have a completely warped view on reality to the point they don't even know what a woman is any more. You can't have a discussion with someone like that, it's simply not possible.

>>600961476>>600961602I'm done arguing with people though. Especially online. I'm going to just start directly killing anyone that disagrees with me.

>>600961476>>600961602>If you're attracted to this, you are a pedo!

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>>600961753Based leftist bro.

>the virgin milksop debatervs>the chad "I'm going to just start directly killing anyone that disagrees with me."

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>>600961609Yeah no, had no idea how to do sex until 3 months ago and hates the sight of genitalia. She's very sheltered like unhealthy so

>>600959019I mean I wouldn't want to fuck a mentally ill tripfag either.

>>600961696>>600961753>>600961863I like how you guys dont even address the posts made in the screenshot lol.

>>600962113Since when was chad&virgin about shooters? I remember the original threads on arcanine, it was more of a absurdist meme back then juxtapositioning chad and virgin.

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>>600955019What's your diet like to have the energy to molest dozens of girls in a week?

>>600962113>you become a chad by doing terror attacksbitch is so off the mark lol

>>600962381>5 people made reasonable sounding posts, that means the left is completely sane!We could sit here and cherry pick twitter posts all day, user, but that's an even bigger waste of time than typing out this post.

>>600962381Shut up faggot I'll kill you.

>>600962381I told you, it's impossible to have a discussion with someone like that. I'm especially not interested in having a debate online, I'll only discuss something with someone if they're right in front of me.


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>>600962113>incel culture>hierarchy

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>>600961476>sexy women detracts from the game hurr durrwhat a bunch of faggots holy shit

>>600961602>Stop making every sexy character a pure virginal maidenLeftists are so warped they literally can't imagine a beautiful person that isn't a whore.

>>600962113For being intelligence agencies, they sure are stupid.

>>600962179Lets be honest here user. Either she's mentally impared or shes someone you have no real reason to be around. Either way sh'll eventually become an emotional drain on you (she already has if you're posting about it). Move on or don't its not my life just saying what I'd do in your shoes.

>>600962113Man, fuck Oslo.

>>600951693They do factor it in. They intentionally make characters as un-lewd as possible.

>>600951693Its funny coz blizzard, one of the most pozzed western typical devs out there, did this with Overwatch. But most of the Overwatch characters were designed back in the late 00s by designers that no longer work there and their designs were repurposed from the failed Titan mmo, so I'm pretty sure it was unintended from the OW Devs themselvesOW literally survives through porn

>>600962774"Military intelligence" is an oxymoron. This goes for the government in general.


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>>600951693Why did 2b get so popular anyways

>>600962113God, women were a mistake. Sorry for eating that apple that bitch gave me.

>>600963478Great ass. Wants to fuck the cute shota that's following her around. Cute overall design.

>>600963478over 300 pounds of pussy and ass

>>600962909You know what? You're absolutely right user enough of this bullshit I'm telling her to fuck off right now

>>600960526Maybe you should stop being a beta.There should be NO female characters in any game. women are property, and should never be seen or heard, even digitally.Stop being gay.Also - masculinity(muscles and personality) is sexuality. women don't want attractive characters, because they're dumb cunts. Men want to become muscular and improve themselves.Try to think before you spout your leftist faggot shit.

>>600959960Read it in Hayter's

>>600962381There's nothing wrong with designs made for the "male gaze", including power fantasies. They exist a lot because men have always been the primary target for video games and they still are if you're not counting mobile shit. Not only there is the amount of female consumers, but also the way men are into sexual stuff is inherently different than how females are into it, so obviously you rarely will see sexualized men because your game will not sell otherwise. I agree with the dude that say that fanservice should be tasteful, but I have nothing against the existence of fanservice for the sake of fanservice, I will just not consume it if that's all the game has to offer. Anyways, just make more Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight-tier stuff for women. My position is the same: nothing against it, I will just not consume it because it's not my thing. Now, if you're letting fiction dictate how you treat real human beings, maybe the problem is not in the fiction itself, but in you as a person.



>>600964109>Now, if you're letting fiction dictate how you treat real human beings, maybe the problem is not in the fiction itself, but in you as a personLook at Japan, they have a lot of sexist anfsexual stuff in their media, and look at all the sexual assault and harrassment that goes on there (it went to the point where woman and men subways had to be seperated). Fiction does affect reality. Every female in media is sexualized to look good to men, and also in video games, do you really think that doesntcontribute to the rising rate of eating disorders in young women and mens view of woman being sex objects?

>>600963873>Try to think before you spout your leftist faggot shit.>masculinity(muscles and personality) is sexuality.Take your own advice troon

>>600953841Why is Cynthia so fucking hot? Why black nails and toenails make her even hotter?


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>>600963859>user takes dating advice on 4chan and loses a lifelong friend retard


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>>600953241the problem is he gets commissioned to do this stuff, he's like SIR who're nothing but one trick pony whose fame explode thanks to twitter normies and faggots who share these 4chan content elsewhere. at least baal gives these tropes a twist and are funny unlike SIR who has gone the popufur route

>>600965526Doesn't SIR draw feitsh art nowadays?

>>600964627No, I do not. that's a symptom, not the cause. The sexualization of women in fiction is just a mere reflection of how culturally women have been treated by society and trying to ban sexy women from games isn't going to help anyone, but inflate someone's ego for having one less thing they don't like not existing. There's no point if you don't change how people are educated. I guess an argument could be made by the fact that many people are educated by media itself, but once again, I don't see how that's the media's problem and not the parents for not doing their parental job.

>>600965637is that and "look how cool i am with my furry friends" slice of life comics

>>600952148At least he actually draws jokes and has some semblance of humor.I would take this every single time over a Stonetoss comic.

>>600952609[popular thing] is literally all he draws

>>600965035What's the point of being friends with a girl if she isn't giving any

>>600953557>mtg refuses to sexualize women anymore>the LGBT+Whatver secret lair had alternate arts celebrating gay characters>including several fully clothed head to toe no-skin-showing whatsoever lesbians>and then this shith8 these people like you wouldn't believe

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>>600966369This. Leftists hate women more then any boogieman they create ever could.

>>600961476>>600961602holy fuck the raw ignorance on display here, it's like their entire fucking concept of video game visual design begins and ends with WoW, the female warrior from Dragon Quest, and Jason Schrier's rants about Dragon's Crown.

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>>600953120Ok, and? >durr thing no like realityNo fucking shit retard. Why do think it's such a common fantasy?

>>600962113There's just no way this is legit, they could spend a single afternoon on any board and know this is complete bullshit. Apparently intelligence agencies are like first year college students and just bullshit their way through presentations

>>600965035It's a tripfag, if the girl is even real this was bound to happen eventually anyway. Nobody wants to associate with a mentally ill freak forever.

>>600966752the cyber security chief in japan is a boomer who has literally never used a computer in his life

>>600953120you will never find a cute tomboy gf user