Post them Red Characters

Post them Red Characters

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this is a hostile takeoverpost them blue characters

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How old is this meme? I've seen it posted for over a decade but nobody ever mentions it in other threads

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Mind if I join your party?

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>>600951815I remember it since I first started coming here in 2007

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>>600950871you're going to end up with a really bad situation on your hands lol


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>>600953462>Secretos-y-trucos-de-Devil-May-Cry-3-en-Devil-May-Cry-HD-Collection-2.jpgQue te jodan


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>>600950871>>600951371What if I posted both red and blue characters in the same image?

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>>600956237all I see are a green character and a yellow character

>>600956237That's called ez modo

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I got your back

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>>600950871The second form, Gale!

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>>600956368I'll take red saber, please.

>>600951371Based cluechads.

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>>600955656>when you find out Act 3 is never coming out


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>>600950871>>600951371you faggots are both gay post green characters

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>>600955145>no pubesI sleep

G'day cants!

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>>600959207cor blimey...


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>>600958548THIS CITY

>>600958939Then I will post red/green characters and you can't stop me

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>>600958939I've got some green for ya.

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>>600959374that's green and purple, doc.Also red green blue characters

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Remember to play her rhythm game which is now available on every platform except Xbox

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>>600950871>>600951371>>600958939Fuck y'all, post dem BLACK characters

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>>600961524you really dropped the ball there, my lesser nigga

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>>600950871does my ass cheeks getting spanked red by goddess Sethanie count?

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