Sigma really that bad? I just got it

Sigma really that bad? I just got it.

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no it's not. Sigma 2 on the other hand.

i only played black but apparently sigma and black are good so it just depends on what kind of ice cream do you like. and sigma 2 sucks ass and you need mods to make it better

sigma 1 is finesigma 2 is shit. download this mod's edge has the best ryu in terms of moveset but its enemy and boss design is beyond godawful. don't even play it

what's sigma?

>>600950940sigma dick lmaoooo

>>600950353>he bought Sugmalmao

>>600950353Sigma 1 = greatSigma 2 = inferior version of a great game(you can play as hot ladies though)3RE = flawed gem. great gamplay, some terrible enemies and bosses. but still pretty good overall.

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the fucking unreactable grabs in 1 are driving me insane

>>600950353Sugma is bad, but otherwise it was the only way for PS3 users to play it so it wasn't too offensive for someone that didn't want to drop 399 on another brand new console at that time. Master Collection on the other hand is the worst shit you could have bought. It retains the bad aspects of Sugma (bloom up your ass, nonsense art style change, over a dozen more loading screens than the original 2004 xbox game - this is how Sugma was programmed so even NVMe SSD won't fix that among other issues) BUT MC also removed anything that could be categorized as a positive for Ligma games (such as Co-op and PvP additions) and on top of that they introduced unique bugs only found in this shitstain collection.

>>600951597>over a dozen more loading screens than the original 2004 xboxHow could they manage this

>>600951597>introduced unique bugs only found in this shitstain collectionstop lying bro

1 is aight2 isn't great3 in every iteration is fucking dogshit>BUT MUH RE!!!!!is slightly less dogshit but still fucking dogshit. Black was the last great ninja gaiden and there's a reason why nobody respects gaiden fags

>>600950353Sigma 1 is just as good at the original. It adds QoL features.Sigma 2 is a not bad but it's a completely different game in certain missions when compared to the original. If you're a purist stop reading. If you aren't a purist I'd say play both/own both. Buy a Series S and you have the complete series of games. All of them. Original NG, Black, Original 2, Sigma 2, DON'T YOU DARE PLAY ORIGINAL 3 NIGGER PUT THAT SHIT BACK! NOT EVEN FOR THE SCIENCE NIGGER PUT IT BACK!!!!, and 3 Razor Edge3RE too a plate full of shit (Regular 3) and removed about 75% of the shit on said plate. It's Good (even great in some ways) but there is still shit on that plate.

>>600950849>razor's edge has the best ryu in terms of moveset but its enemy and boss design is beyond godawfulIt's sad that evil ryu is stuck in a shit game.

>>600951717Incompetent devs I assume. NG04 installed part of the assets on OG Xbox's cache (I think it had up to 3GB to use? - it was cleared each time you booted a different game so the first initial load screen would be ~30 seconds long and afterwards barely 1-3 seconds).PS3 version still had near 3GB mandatory HDD installation but for some reason you had loading screens mid fight and even over dumb shit like opening chests (I still don't understand how the fuck did they do this).>>600951939Just google it bro. NGS2 had 360 moves completely broken and many hitboxes were fucked as well. Admittedly they fixed some of the biggest issues but it still showcases their incompetency on importing shit from Vita version (which also had lower fidelity on top of that) AND at the same time fucking up said assets so they ran at incorrect timing (which again ties down to the fucked up gameplay related bugs).And honestly, you don't even need to google that because if you've played those games you would have known or at least went to ngrealms or gamefaqs or whatever the fuck. No reason to suck off for free over incompetent devs I say but you do you.

Is there a mod to skip the Rachael missions in Sigma 1?

>>600950353All those versions are good for a first playthrough. If you like what you see, you can mix it up later with the various different ports. You don't need to obsess over the best versions, and no one is going to accept you until you start larping as a Master Ninja anyway.

It's funny how everyone hates 3re but literally every nigger jumping into high level NG goes straight to 3RE and they all say it's the "more fun game" while niggers on Holla Forums call it shit lmao

>>600952865I like it. Combat is great in that game and the ninja girls are actually strong this time around.

>>600950353sigma 1 is a decent way to play ng1(black is better but sigma is fine)S2 is ok.. I guess? its a watered down version of 2 so its a solid foundation but you're better off playing vanilla 2 if you can, if not then its still fine3RE is still NG3 don't even fucking bother, dogshit game

>>600950353Sigma 1 is at least passable but still inferior to Black. Sigma 2 just shat the bed.

Im still pretty new to NG overall and I was having trouble with S2 on Mentor until I discovered lunar's 360 UT. The beginning is the hardest cus you have nothing unlocked. I assume all the games are like that on their higher difficulties?

>>600950353Smegma versions are dogshit.Reminder:If you are interested in playing Ninja Gaiden and want the best experience with the IP, then take heed; avoid Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge. Ninja Gaiden Sigma is inferior to Ninja Gaiden Black, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is a censored, dumbed down, downgraded abomination and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge is a piece of shit because the foundation of the game is Ninja Gaiden 3 which attempted to betray the IP and become an interactive movie experience. There will be trolls, platform fanboys and shitposters who will make bait comments denying these facts, do not engage with them.What are your options?1. Play Ninja Gaiden Black and Ninja Gaiden II via Xbox backwards compatibility; Xbox One X (4K 60fps), Xbox Series S (1440p 60fps) or Xbox Series X (4K 60fps LOCKED).2. Go for emulation on PC (Pic related shows how to get ISO files). Xemu emulates Ninja Gaiden Black 99% accurately at 4K 60FPS (only a graphical bug needs fixing): , Xenia emulates Ninja Gaiden II and it is getting better: you want to try this NG: "master" collection, then PIRATE IT. This garbage collection is a waste of your money, do not get scammed by it, be smart or you will get exploited. Don't know how to pirate? Download torrents you use windows 7, download WinCDEmu and to punish Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo for this garbage collection? Buy it on Steam, leave a negative review, then refund it.>Buy it so we can get Ninja Gaiden 4No need, Team Ninja is already making NG4, that is why they port this collection in the first place.

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>>600954086Unfortunately I have an R5 3600. I don't think I have the power to run these games.

>>600954086I understand they lost the source code to black and 2 or whatever, but why the fuck did they decide to SIGMAFY the games instead of just redo them right?

>>600954305Probably figured since they had to redo them anyway may as well make changes

>>600954490Oatmeal cookie really lost his fucking way

>>600954305They didn't lose the source code, Koei Tecmo didn't allow Team Ninja to port the Itagaki games because they are still butthurt about Itagaki raping them in court.

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>>600954517?Itagaki has nothing to do with Smegma versions.

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>>600954086This post is autistic but he's not wrong. Source on the NG4 claim, though? >>600952865Because normies would rather play a game that's entirely a QTE than learn the older combat systems of NGB

I'm gonna say it:Sigma 2 is the best NG game. Fixes problems with original 2 at the low-low cost of MUH GORES

>>600950849That mod is really not what it seems likeIt's a masochism mod for people that already beat MN on the original 2 and want that experience or even harder.If you want to actually experience 2 properly you are best of just emulating it.

>>600955000>Source on the NG4 claim, though? has hinted in different interviews that he wants to bring back Ninja Gaiden and knows what the fans want, so his project is most likely Ninja Gaiden 4.>Yasuda says fans should look forward to future titles which include a brand new action game set in the Three Kingdom era, a new title from the Fatal Frame series producer Yosuke Kikuchi, who says that his team are working on something that they've never done before, and a project that Fumihiko Yasuda is personally directing, which is finally taking shape after many years of planning.

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>>600950353The Sigma games were made as a calculated insult to Itagaki by the guy who cooked up the "sexual harassment" allegations to get him fired, no one should be supporting them.

I honestly don't know why I'm here. This is the most repetitive thread on Holla Forums and all you niggers do is infighting about which game is the best or which game should you play over others. And the worst part is that tomorrow you will have the same thread with the same conversation. NGbros aren't a community, you niggers are a cult.

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>>600955839Based, thanks user. Also another question while I'm in a NG thread. I've played the Xbox trilogy and the NES ports within Ninja Gaiden in the Han's Bar arcade. I also played a bit of the Dead or Alive series. However I've always been curious about Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword (Nintendo DS) and just last week I learned Warriors Orochi and something else are also the same universe? Any of these other games worth playing if I'm only in it for Ryu content? Is there a Dragon Sword port available?

>>600956061He wasn't fired, Koei Tecmo refused to pay him his royalties/bonus and told him to either accept it or quit. Itagaki quit the company and sued them and won in court and got massive payout, raped Koei Tecmo so hard that they are still butthurt to this day.

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i keep my 360 in my closet for ng2 and the mgs hd collection.

>>600956143>NGbros aren't a community, you niggers are a cult.That is a good thing. Fuck "community", niche cult is the best.

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>>600956143What do you want? Gameplay has been solved for years, no new games or teases in years, and those discussions are the logical conclusion to a new port and new players. The most effective discussion at this point is getting new players in and bitching at Team Ninja until Ninja Gaiden 4 gets released or the trilogy gets a remake, and realistically the only evolution in discussion I can imagine on 4chan is Fiendgirl waifuposting

Is there any reason why Sugma 2 has so many nonsensical changes outside of my headcannon that the new director wanted to change shit for the sake of change?Even simple shit like HUD in S2 is unfinished, it doesn't even have ninpo indicator which previous 2 games had (even s1 had it lol).Or how about Water Dragon just forcing you to stand on that collapsed pillar when you were free to move around the water and slash him around in og2.

>>600956160I can't help you with those questions, I only played NGB, NGII and tried out NG3:RE, NGS and NGS2. Maybe another user will eventually answer your questions.

Nobody is calling it so bad its unplayable.It's just inferior to NGB and NG2 on Xbox, and the remakes in general were just absolutely pointless and spit in the faces of the fans and Itagakis vision. Therefore if you actually care anything about vidya or vidya history then you should play the originals.NGB is such an amazing game it's literally worth scrounging up some OG Xbox or 360 to play it. It's literally an essential must play game if you have any taste in videogames before the industry became dogshit.

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Sigma 1 has issues but most of them aren't that big of a deal.Sigma 2 obviously plays way different to the original, but it's still a decent game if you never played the original.Razor's Edge is super flawed but still has decent combat.

>>600956220im so glad, it's a shame Devil's Third sucked so much ass though. The original trailer from way back in like 2009 or whatever looked awesome. I hope he comes back for one more try at a game. If Suzuki can make Shenmue 3 then surely Itagaki can make some spiritual successor to Ninja Gaiden.

>>600956143Damn... this post gave chills... to yo say ninja Gaiden first play controller Playstation ninja combo saying sigma good then all say

>>600956590>NGB is such an amazing game it's literally worth scrounging up some OG Xbox or 360 to play it.There is no need. Both NGB and NGII are backwards compatible on Xbox One and onwards.

>>600952691just keep counter attacking bro

>>600956831Devil's Third was unironically sabotaged, it had multiple publisher bankruptcy which caused multiple engine switching and target platform switching, the fact that it released at all is impressive.And yes, Itagaki is back and is making a new Action game for PS5/XboxSeries/PC. I hope it is a spiritual successor to Ninja

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>>600957073Wanted:Dead looks jank as fuck.

Sigma 1 is fine, but has more loading screens, adventure aspects were dumbed down from the already brain dead easy platforming. Makes it more boring imo. Also has rachel, but she handles like shit and you cant skip her mission.Sigma 2. The combat is fine, just like xbox, but there are far less enemies during the campain. To combat this, they can insta kill, but thats only on higher difficulties. So its really boring on your first playthrough. Rachel is back, but she handles way better than sigma 1. Ayane and momiji is also thrown in. I think theyre fun.The combat in 2 is the best.Ng3RE. Its not that bad, but has some major balancing issues. Lots of cool updates to Ryus combat from Ninja Gaiden 2, like his teleport, but there are so many drawbacks that they get overshadowed with REs bullshit. They removed essance, which really fucks with the flow of combat. No healing items, instead its tied to a useless move that drains ki. Ki that barely fills up. Implemented a steel on bone move which is cool, but youre often waiting for an enemy to initiate it, on top of that, there is some bullshit input delay. Ofen, when an enemy goes for a grab, the game makes ryu sit fucking still for the animation to happen. I saw a grab coming a mile away, pressed to slide, but ryu just stood there. I take it i was supposed to teleport, but with how much ki that uses, i wanted to slide. Happened a lot. RE3 has a lot of cool ideas, but it fucks up way too much to make it enjoyable.

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>>600957652Wanted:Dead is not made by him, it is made by Soleil. The original Team Ninja has split into 3 different developers by now:1. Team Ninja2. Itagaki Games3. Soleil

Nioh is spiritual cousin

>grabs you for half your health with no warning or way to counter it

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>>600958061Kill first cry later

>>600958061>giving him a window to attack you in the first placeStill have much to learn young one.

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>>600954086Does the staircase fight in NG2 still have the epic slowdown when running it on Xbox One S? I refuse to play it any other way.

>>600958316Not as slow as the 360 version but it does slightly. I think only Series X consoles have near zero slow down for the entire game.I think DF did a comparison between all consoles for NG2 BC performance.

>>600958316It has a bit of fps drops on xbox one, but it doesn't have slowdown. As for xbox one x, series x, both run it at 4K 60fps. series s runs at it at 1440p 60fps.

>>600950353Sigmas passable. Smegma 2 is bad and cringe, mod it to be vanilla.

>>600957073>ItagakiApexwhat a chad

>>600958061Learn how to UT chain, the combat at peak NG performance is so overpowered that an enemy taking half your health is no big deal

>>600955839that wanted:dead game looks so shit. Is that one of the three games they are working on?

>>600951132>recently addedIts gamepass

>>600950353Sigma 1 is a side grade.Sigma 2 is dogshit and only enjoyable with the Black mod, as >>600950849 pointed out.RE is VERY rough around the edges, and requires you to really learn its mechanics, otherwise you'll get frustrated. It plays quite different from the other NGs and a lot of complaints about the combat come from people who play the game like its NG2. I personally enjoy RE's combat the most. That said, it also has a bunch of sections that are just straight up shit. Like the infamous walking simulator sections.

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>>600959732The level design in RE is so bad. Why is Kunai climbing even a thing? The wall jumps from before were so slick and much faster. But they thought it was a good idea to replace that with kunai climbing every 10 minutes? And the waves of arenas isn't something that 1 or 2 really did much of outside challenge missions and I hate that. I like moving through a level and just killing enemies along the way that are in front of me. Not being locked into a circular room against repeating waves.

>>600960368>Why is Kunai climbing even a thing? The wall jumps from before were so slick and much faster. But they thought it was a good idea to replace that with kunai climbing every 10 minutes?You're thinking of NG3 Vanilla, RE has very few Kunai sections and they're over very quick.

>>600959179Read: >>600957753

>>600954086>If you are interested in playing Ninja Gaiden and want the best experience with the IP>Didn't even mention the 2D games onceare you even a real fan?

>>600961195No, I am not. I am only a fan of NGB and NGII.

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>>600960565I played RE and they're more common than they need to be. 1 is too many already. It's annoying.

>>600961376They're over in 5 seconds.

>>600959732>walking sections Which ones are even left in RE outside of the canna carrying section and the short grip of murder parts

>>600961469The Hayabusa village visit. It baffles me how that shit made it into RE. You can't even cheese it like you can with the murder hand sections, because you can't attack.

>>600961287well at least you are honest and swift like a real ninja.

>>600961425Hitting the left and right triggers over and over isn't good gameplay. You take 5-10 seconds spent doing this shit sequence, do it again in 10 minutes, multiplied by a least a dozen times in the game and your 3 hour game is 10% kunai climbing. Walljumping back and forth was way smoother, faster, and wasn't its owns separate gimmicky minigame.

>>600961913I don't think they're great either but they're super short. Literally 5 seconds.>do it again in 10 minutes, multiplied by a least a dozen times in the game and your 3 hour game is 10% kunai climbing. WYou're remembering RE wrong. There really aren't a lot of kunai sections.

>>600961583I'm fine with that one cause it's the first time in the series they actually show the village living normally outside of it being destroyed.

>>600950353Sigma 1 is still greatSigma 2 is fine but kinda boring at times compared to the original. Master Ninja mode is the only thing they've made arguably better than the original Master ninja modeRazor Edge is worth playing but oh boy is it a BS game at times.

>>600962410>all the difficulty is in the instakill grabs >better than the original

>>600962083No im not remembering it wrong. There's a lot of them.

>>600960368>The level design in RE is so badI liked how straightforward it is on multiple replaysI just want to fight man, without shitty platforming or long walk of nothing in the way. Which 3RE is guilty of, but cuts almost entirely on chapter challenge.

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All three games are fine for first timers, don't listen to try hard autists. I love NG2 and recently played Sigma 2 for the first time. Yes, it's different but it's still Ninja Gaiden and it's still fun.Beat Razor's Edge on Wii U and thought it was completely fine and fun, scratched the Ninja Gaiden itch for me.There is no bad 3D Ninja Gaiden game. Heck, the DS game is fucking underrated too, I totally recommend that.

>>600962670There literally aren't. And I've played through the entire game 4 times.

>>600962519Yes it arguably better than a game of exploiting iframes to survive the 1000000 explosive kunais stuck on you AT ALL TIME.Avoiding grabs is nothing in comparison.

>>600962773There subjectively are and I've played it that many times. So it was more than enough to be annoying and ruin the level design.

>>600950849The mod is for NG2 pros. It's not a NG2 replacement.

>>600962672the chapter replay like that should be in every game

>reach first boss>addsdoes the game have many of those? i'm not a fan of bullshit

>>600962884>subjectivelyLiterally "it was real in my mind".

>>600962929on higher difficulties almost all the bosses have adds yes

>>600962937You used literally wrong

>>600963393Literally tongue my anus like the nigger that you are.

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>>600954517Oatmeal quit after vanilla 2

>>600963214guess i wont be replaying it on higher difficulties

>>600963579Keep defending shit qte gameplay that didn't need to be in the game. Let alone 20 fucking times. Just one of the reasons 3 is shit, and that includes RE too.

There are always these fucking autists in threads like these that try waaaay too fucking hard to seem immensely edgy and cool just like their papa Itagaki with these posts like "go fuck your bitch ass mother niggerfaggot, the game is fairly balanced, the only way to play it is to buy a useless dated console, no other way around, the Smegma version is not only inferior, it transforms you into a chicken and rapes your butthole with the diarrhea-smeared veiny fat dick, by the way, fuck you and fuck your throat until you can't fucking breathe you fucking bitch-ass faggot", this is hilarious to me.

>>600964330I never played the original games.I finished and enjoyed Sigma 1 on multiple difficulties but i couldn't play Sigma 2 past like the 5-6th chapter. It was boring as fuck.Then i installed the Sigma 2 Black mod, played the first chapter and coomed so hard. The game was incredible but it was too hard for me since i never played 2. I feel like i understand the hype for 2 and i hope i get to play it in the future.

>>600964780It all depends on taste. I prefer Sigma 2 because I get to play around with combos more thanks to the increased health pool of enemies. Instakill grabs are kinda gay though. If I want to fight hordes I'll just play a musou.

>>600962672Why do you retarded add niggers have to ruin the story mode when there's trials and optional modes that are just for getting into combat? You could just hit a button and start fighting right from the main menu. RE even has long walks of nothing with forced walking sections where Ryu puts his finger to his ear like it's a gears of war game and slowly walks. Fucking awful.

>>600965060The musou hordes are useless trash while the hordes in 2 are incredibly dangerous.In that chapter 1 that i played the normal mook enemies(the white ninjas) could easily suicide bomb grab you and kill you in 1 hit. The tension was always high and bodies and limbs were flying all over even if it was the shitty Sigma gore. It was incredible how sometimes the powerful mage enemies would randomly delimb, surprising me but still the game kept the tension because of the normal enemies. Truly an incredible rush unlike any other action game in existence. It wants you to always deal with every situation and think on your feet at all times.

>>600965060You have no clue how musous play cause the enemies in those games don't do anything

>>600964257>kill boss>die in cutscenewooooooow

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>>600965721As opposed to NG2 during cutscene attacks?

>>600965972they jump on you immediately after the cutscene attacksstupid arguement really

>>600965569>>600965721I'm saying that to me it feels the same. A dangerous horde only means some time is wasted if they get you, this is also why I dislike the instakill grabs. Being a human blender is fun but I just get more of what I enjoy out of Sigma 2 than vanilla.

>>600965838At least it unlocks the next level of difficulty for you pre-MN. Player's great though, even beat the twin boss fight with Rachel without taking a

Next time I'm going to go through the game with a level 1 weapon, enemies die too fast.

NG3RE's combat is better than 2. More combo strings and an added variation of the izuna drop.The balancing in other areas ruins it for me.

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>>600962672Thats what chapter challenges and Tag missions are for. No need to ruin the campaigns level design with only hallways and arenas.

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