I'm 29 years old

WTF is Pokemon anymore? Haven't played in years but just caught this. How are people okay with these souless designs?

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>>600947591pokemon is close to 30 years old, the original illustrators are probably dead by now and the current management wants to make this shit apparently

I don't see anything wrong with those designs for a children's game

>>600947591blame zoomers

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>>600947591I'm 27. I don't have all of them. I can't not see the eye infection on Lechonk and Smolicd is way too simplistic and basically identical to another mon that I can't remember the name of. The rest of the ones you posted are ok. They try to add WAY too many every gen and now have a huge liability on their hands with hundreds of Pokémon that is NO ONES favorite. They should be adding no more than 25-50 every gen.

>>600947591>pozzed tranny series What are you doing

>The grass starter is the best new starter>Samllolive is the best new revealed PokémonIs this it, grassbros? Is this the all-grass gen we've been waiting for?

>>600947993Zoomers don't play it and they don't control who illustrates this shit.

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>>600948042*hate not have, sorry, I'm currently shitting and therefore phoneposting.>>600948054Took 5 posts to get there this time.


Seeing awful generation of Pokemon designs after awful generation of Pokemon designs has just desensitized me to it. Like yes obviously they're terrible but what can you do about it?

>>600947591"Uhh i dont play this series but they look so bad no amiright?? Ugh i need someone to agree with me.. im SO FUKIN UGLY"

>>600948076>is the best new starterIt's just a giant-headed cat but green, there's nothing particularly plant like about it.

>>600947591Shame I don't like pokemon anymore. Duck is cool.

>>600947951The average age of pokemon players is like 25 years old.

>>600947591>literally a green cat>apple Barney>rich pompous asshole of a duck>we want the Reddit audience>"haha, small olive, 'cause, it kinda looks like an olive and it's small, you know? hahahah genius!">fat Pikachu pretending to be a fire typeFellow Pokemon boomers, I don't feel so good...

>>600948635>Gen 1 designs>Literally just a bird>Literally just a bird (holding a leek)>Literally just a bird (big)>Literally just a bird (bigger version of the big bird)>Literally just a rat>Literally just a rat (big)>Literally just a ball>Literally just a magnet with eyes>Literally just two magnets with eyes>Literally just three magnets with eyesdam broz.............. what happened to good designs............... so simple these days... baka

>>600947591those are fine designs, you're just old

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>>600948859>bakaDon't @ me you weeb.

>>600947591Smash Pass SmashPass Smash Smash>>600947993Pass SmashPass PassPass PassPass Pass

>>600947591>duck with blue pomp>soulessliterally youre aidsCheck my 9 cuntnugget

>>600947591I love this lil nigga

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>>600947591You think maybe just maybe a premise of “catch colorful magic animals to fight battles for you” as a premise got stale after decades of it?

the real problem is that even with the new mons they look so much worse in-game than in their 2D art.

>>600948983>Pass on FuecocoIt’s that buck tooth that ruins it, isn’t it?

>>600948926>29 is oldEven if youre 18 there's no way you can rationalize this shit

>>600949194What premise or IP isn’t stale at this point?

>>600949329It just looks like the player characters from Bubble Bobble. That's no E X T E N D, that's a hard pass.

>>600947591>How are people okay with these souless designs?They aren't,manchildren just buy this shit every year anyway because all there friends do.

>>600947951You don't know what children actually like.

>Child's game mirrors current child's animation projectsWhodathunk!

>>600947951I'm glad people like you weren't making kids games and cartoons when I was a kid.

>>600948859Fucking Jewish faggot trying to rewrite history.Every gen 1 grass types had plant theming and the new grass starter has no plant theming besides being green

>>600949465Supposedly this is the evo...

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>>600949875...but this is all I can see.

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>>600947867ken sugimori's only 56 years old>>600947591honestly they dont feel that bad as designs, the big difference is that they arent sprites. the sprites added a lot of character where the 3d models sucked a lot of the soul out of the pokemon designs, even the older ones.i dont think 3d models are inherently bad, even for pokemon, but i do think the pokemon team specifically are bad at 3d design and modeling. they should have stuck with what they know

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>>600947993Zoomers don't care about PokemonPokemon's fanbase is composed of millennials who refuse to grow up and soccer moms who need a christmas present for Timmy

>>600949796>Jewish faggotWhat does having an unbiased memory have to do with being Jewish?>grass starter has no plant themingOh, you're American. I know you guys don't tend to eat fruit or vegetables, but fruit (which is what an olive is) comes from plants. On the overhand, Exeggcute is a group of eggs - spoiler, these are not plants.

>>600947591>a fucking cat>a trashcan with legs>a duck>a pig>green anal bead>whatever that orange thing isThese have to be bad on purpose

>>600949465For me the mouth is nice but the buck tooth… that’s going to hurt.

>>600947591It’s the 3D models that are soulless. They actually look good in 2d

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>>600950017It has nothing to do with them being sprites and everything to do with proportions and design.

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>>600950407i really hope those arent eyeboogers, thats so gross. im so tired of gross pokemon, i swear cubchoo makes me gag every time i see it

>>600950530Got any more 3D-ified sprites? To me Red's sprites will always be the canon apperances.

>>600950530post that render without the sprite materials, coloring, and downscale filter then.


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>>600950407Fucking yikes. Are you serious?

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>>600950191>17See you in a year

>>600947591Let me guess now you love them

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>>600950738Tranny hands typed this

>>600950825Olive looks good, both chonkers can go.

>>600948983Smash Hug PassPass Pass PassPass PassSmash PassSmash SmashPass Pass

>>600947591>WTF is Pokemon anymore?the same

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>>600950825Yeah, they look a lot better like this. The mind can fill in the gaps and make it less retarded.

>>600950825nubudew and pig, no, but the third one compares well with gen1 Eevee and Vulpix.

>>600950825>>600950962are you both browsing reddit or did the tranny discord defense force awaken?

>>600950191Michael Jackson popcorn.gif

>>600950758Looks like a gen 2 mon. Same as smoliv. The 3d models and the whole game really look like shit but the actual base designs were decent. It’s not the artists fault that Gamefreak can’t make a game not look like shit

>>600951072>are you both browsing reddityou do since you made this thread. also are you aware that there's a pokemon board? fucking retard

>>600951072>user discovers marketing teams love to gaslight and act retarded online

>>600950738>gen 3 is nugen nowI hate you fucking gen 1 boomer faggots, gen 3 was a fantastic gen in line with 1 and 2, lots of soulful designs. everything about gen 3 was the same as 1 and 2, but you elitist faggots won't admit it

>>600950825It's literally budew and that bouncing pig but better. Gen 3 designs were so fucking terrible.


>>600947591>>600949104Pepper Croc is great, if I still gave a shit about mainline I'd pick him.>>600949875Don't care for this, though. Really hope it's a middle evolution, even though those moonrunes probably say it's the last stage.

>>600950738lmao the seethe

>>600951229You didn't read the whole thing, did you?


>>600950221It's because you're trying to say an undeniable fact, pokemon's change in design philosophy, is atually false. If you could actually read then you would have seen I said the "grass" cat is just a green cat and that I never mentioned the olive at all.Exeggcute is a weird one because it's based on a sort of coconut and egg fusion, probably because of the word eggplant. Either way, they are fallen Exeggutor nuts.

>>600947993>>600948150zoomers grew up with Dreamworks tier shit and they respond to simplistic designs. These Pokemon are made to pander to them.

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>>600947591It isn't aimed at you. It hasn't been for a good 15 years or so. Stupid fuck.

>>600947591>weed cat lol>lechonk reddit naming>smoliv haha get it? The smol mons have low ivs!Pokemon B2W2 was the curtain call.

>>600947591I hate the bird and I am not too keen on the cat. But aside from those I kind of like the rest. Or at least find no real fault with them. Sometimes I am just convinced that haters have just decided to dedicate themselves to hate regardless of the circumstances. However the shit the game may end up being, these designs won't be why. Or even part of why.

>>600947591Allow me to explain: it's a children's game/thread

I don't use other sites other than 4chan. But didn't "smol" start on /e/ and /a/? When did it become "reddit"?

>>600950738kek, nugen faggots blown out

>>600947591>>600950825I like Olivemon, please don't turn it into a waifumon GF


>>600951902Isn't Lechonk based on the spanish word for pig?

>>600952447Yeah ''lechon''

>>600952205>That 3D MissingnoEven the glitches had soul in Gen 1.

>>600950825Olive looks a lot better.Rodent looks meh. Reminds me of that cut gen 2 fire starter.Pig looks better, but still doesn't look Pokemon-ish. Looks more like an early game enemy you'd see in a JRPG with cute monster designs, like Dragon Quest.

>>600952470>France used "le">Spain used "chonk" and "me gusta"And people wonder why English became the dominant language.

>>600952565>but still doesn't look Pokemon-ishWhat does?

>>600952565Pig perfectly pass as a pokemon, if anything the olive is the one that looks slapped in. It looks like a heartless or a mapple story mob

>>600949875Honestly good design, as long it's not another fucking furry it's an improvement.

The multiplayer coop might be good if they have contests like fishing or bug catching

>>600952754Well, someone once trained an AI on early Pokemon and Digimon designs, then fed it the rest of the designs and had it figure out if they were Pokemon or Digimon. Apparently pic related are the most Pokemon-looking Pokemon after Gen 2.

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>>600950825This is such a bs comparison, the designs in these sprites are different than the official artwork. Smolive's face is a lot more compact with much less empty space. Likewise lechonk's face is far more compact with the nose not being cartoonishly big.The designs aren't even that bad, with moderate tweaking they could make them not shit. But as they are, they're fucking shit.

>>600947591I wish the art looked this good.

>>600951072>Do I fit in yet guiz?

>>600953408Also to add onto this, lechonk's nose isn't just a flat pink they contrasts with the rest of the body. In the sprites the colors smoothly transition and have shadows.

>>600953546Into your ass, maybe

>>600953403>ai memeRedditors think AI's are infalliable God's for some reason. This list doesn't mean shit.

>>600949875This is fake it's obviously fairy fire but trusted leak said fire ghost

>>600954048the leak also said you'll suffer from a "leak" in your pants

>>600948983>Smash Smoliv>Pass VulpixNigga what

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>>600954301One is a Pokémon, the other is an animal with bugeyes.

>>600953403>Not a single Gen 6-8 designBased AI

>>600950736Not him. But I am betting it would still look pretty good even at high res and a full scale colour array, provided it just had decent enough cel shading to it.

>>600953408>>600953578Have you ever heard of a little thing called angles user? But regardless of that compare literally any pokemon sprite to it's concept art and you will realize almost never is it a 1:1 matchAll the way up to gen 4 GF still couldn't get the colors exactly right for the sprites sometimesBut more importantly making pokemon look more compact in their sprites is exactly what GF did most of the time obviously because the games were made for small handheld screensIn gen 1 and 2 the concept art actually matched up better in this senseThen in gen 3 Sugimori started doing a more clean style which stretched out all of the proportions moreAnd if anything the switch to 3D models made many pokemon look way LESS faithful to their concept art from gen 1/2 let alone gen 3 Because you know 2D sprites and 3D models have to be approached very differently in order to actually look good in a gameBasically what I'm saying is these complaints are really stupid

>>600947591How do these look any worse than shit like Chikorita?

>>600953403>not a single gen 1-2 designCringe AI

>>600955431Nobody even remember Chikorita exist.

>>600955483Did you read the post? There are no gen 1 -2 Pokémon because those were used as the standard to evaluate the rest.

The original fanbase are now men in their late twenties and thirties, but their target demo has been increasingly small children and girls under 30. I really don’t know what’s so confusing about this.

>>600955431>Shit on bad old designs like Dewgong and Meganium, people simply agree with you>Shit on bad new designs like Cinderace and Lechonk, people lose their fucking minds People wouldn't hate nugen fans so much if you weren't such thin-skinned faggots.

>>600955431>>600955574Chikorita wasn't even my starter back in the day and I think it's in the top 3 gen 2 designs. It's peak cute.

>>600953403>Vanilluxe is there

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>>600955727The irony in this post is astounding

>>600955798It's just Bulbasaur but worse.

>>600955984So are most of the grass mons in the seriesThat is to say Bulbasaur is just really good that's no reason not to like Chikorita

>>600955984>>600956302Bulbasaur is a fat fucking dino with a bulb-shaped hemorroid. Chikorita is a loving tsundere. They are not the same.

>>600955858It has a big face and a rounded design, and those are apparently big things the AI picked up as Pokemon-like. Here are Pokemon the AI mistook the most often for Digimon.

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>>600947591has something to do since pokemon went full 3D during its debut to 3DS. the art style changed.

>>600947591Pokemon makes 5/6ths of its money from merchandising. Simple, rounded designs are easier to make into toys than intricate ones.

>>600955413You’re asking aspies not to sperg user. They live only for this

>>600950017I don't think it's the models themselves necessarily I think it's that many of the designs (especially these early released ones) are being designed primarily to work as toys.

>>600956537>sharp edges and dark colors = DigimonWell, it's at least about as smart as the average user when deciding which is which

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>>600956537>corvisquire but no corviknight even if they have the same designwat

>>600948054Yep, I was looking for someone to call Pokémon a tranny game.

>>600955713people really undersell the fact that pokemon shifted it's demo from just boys to now include women. It's very apparent when you look at pokemons multimedia endeavors like that cafe mobile game that they want girls to like the games and the designs from the early gens don't appeal to women as much.

>>600956537there's an equal mix of good and utterly shit designs in this image

Fellas... You don't HAVE to explain why designs bad or good. The initial 151 mon were drawn by Ken Sugimori, just say you like his work. Art is subjective, if I say I like Holbein I don't have to autistically explain why for 50 minutes.

>>600956537>alolan exeggcutor>bonslyNot quite what I was expecting

So.A coomer Pokemon game where you have to breed the Pokemon yourself and can catch wild Pokemon by mind breaking them.y/n?

that croco thing looks better than 99% of the things that have come out since johto

>>600957079>The initial 151 mon were drawn by Ken Sugimori.....as well as all the others until Gen 8?

>>600947591How are they any different from all the other Pokemon? Am I lacking the gene that makes me seethe and scream and shit myself in fury over meaningless drivel?

>>600956537to be very fair to game freak the some of the ones like the Ultra beasts or Deoxys are meant to be otherworldy alien creatures so it obviously makes sense they would look very differentI know people still don't like their designs but the Ultra beasts aren't indicative of a trend since they're their own one off thing.

>>600956660This comparison sums up why I don't care for newer pokemon as much. They are a lot more fanciful and many shove a specific "theme" into their designs in the most hamfisted way possible like how Incineroar must be a wrestler before anything else and Noivern must have boombox elements

>>600957317A brain is not a gene, but yes, you're lacking it.

>>600953403the fact that like half of this list is gen 3 which is the furthest back the ai can go is kinda sad.

>>600957079What are you doing on a video game discussion board if you don't like seeing people discussing video games?

>>600956537Some extra information. The person who did the experiment admitted that the AI wasn't judging Pokemon as "Digimon-like" in the same way people tended to. He noticed that the AI thought gens 4, 7, and 8 were the most Digimon-like, but from a questionnaire he did people seemed to think gens 5, 7, and 8 were the most Digimon-like. When he sorted Pokemon by what type of design they fell into, he noticed that gens 5, 7 and, 8 have way more bipedal and human-like Pokemon than other gens. So he theorizes that bipedal and anthropomorphic Pokemon are the big thing that causes people to view a generation as Digimon-like. The AI though seems to mostly be judging designs based on their spikiness, the size of their face, and how the colors are saturated and contrast.Anyway, here's Digimon the AI thought were Pokemon. Terriormon is the most Pokemon-like Digimon, with 2000 out of 2000 times of the AI thinking it's a Pokemon.

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>>600957525So because I'm not acting like this is a direct attack on me, gaming, and the white race, I don't have a brain?

>>600957651>Bunkeroid throws in 'White race' as baitOh no you don't you cheeky cunt.


>>600957815>>600957827I'm glad I don't have a brain, then, because throwing these shrieking tantrums over a video game doesn't seem like something i want to be cursed with.

>>600950738lol fckin rekt

>>600947591>I'm 29 years oldThen stop caring about a kiddy game for mentally ill manchildren. Move on. Let the Pokefags wallow in their filth.

>>600947591I swear to god that the lower right one is from one of those Pokemon knockoff

>>600947591We go through this every gen. New things are scary, it happened to you.You'll get used to them over time by seeing them in-game, fanart or gifs. I used to hate oshawott when it was new but now I think it's cute.

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>>600958842That's funny, I haven't gotten used to the garbage in Gen 8 yet and it's been almost 3 years.I see no reason why I would act differently with these Deviantart fakemon.

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>>600955413Basically I'm saying you suck nigger dick. Your points don't apply to anything I said.

>>600947591all 6 of these designs are "meh" at worst. chili gator looks great.

>>600953403I keep saying it, but Regirock is the GOAT Pokemon design.

>>600959673Based Regibro

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>>600949875Nope, he will be a humanoid animal with a job. Chef, probably.

>>600947591Why do you care, you are 29. This is a game for kids.

>>600959659You're a retard. End your life you literal man child.

>>600960225>Being this much of a seething bitch over other user harmless opinion>Calling anyone man childI take irony is lost in you

>>600951418Yes, seethe at the truth stated in red.

>>600960359>killed my favorite franchise by being a low iq consoomer who eats literal garbage for $120+tipNah, fuck off. Consoomer npcs like you are literally killing society.

>>600960591But i haven't bought a game since gen 5

>>600947951when I was a kid people actually put effort into kid's stuff rather than just spewing garbage that looks like it's from a generic toddler cartoon.

>>600947591>WTF is Pokemon anymore?Dead.

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>>600951229>everything about gen 3 was the same as 1 and 2Hell no.>lots of soulful designsNo. It has a few good designs but most of them look like cheap plastic toys or have broken anatomy that only works in 2D.>elitist faggotsYour standards are lower, simple as that.

>>600948402We know you are.

>>600960591People like you who go into seething, frothing rages over someone enjoying something you don't while simultaneously trying to take the moral high ground and demeaning them for being immature are genuinely funny.

>>600960838>mfw Game Freak puts a flower-like structure on a Grass type Pokemon

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>soulless designsreminder that Krabby's name in japanese is literally Crab, something similar happens with Wingull and Haunter. Gamefreak was always lazy.

>>600948150Did anyone say that old games have no bad designs, or new games no good ones? Yes, the designs on the left are superior to the right. Except for the turtle, a walking sea turtle is retarded.

I'm in my thirties and I've always wanted an adult-oriented Pokemon game. I just can't play this Let's Go Micky Mouse shit and it saddens me.

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>>600961372Dragonseeds for the psxYou're welcome

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>>600961372It's called "Monstermind".

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>>600950175but ahmed, soccer moms loved pokemon.

>>600961620I can't get over how fucking perfect these are. And they all came from one guy doing what he thought would be a minor thing. He was just like, "I'm going to create a whole pantheon of monster for a game taht's like 99% sure to flop"

>>600961704No they didn't, they were all screaming about how Pokemon is Satanic alongside the televangelists they watched.

>>600961909Only in america.

I'm 32 and stopped playing after gen 3 but came back this year to try legends. Why is there another Pokémon releasing this year?

>>600950017>ken sugimori's only 56 years oldThe user you're quoting is exaggerating to be sure, but that's like ten years from retirement (unless there's something I should know about JP work culture). That's not a terribly long time when the Pokemon franchise itself is already 2,5x that in age. Even if Sugimori's already let other artists take over the lead artist roles, soon enough you won't be seeing anything out of his pen.

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>>600948859All of those are iconic and looked very different from everything else out there at the time even though they were inspired by popular things. The shit in the OP looks like either Neopets or low-budget pokémon rip-offs and would be recognized as such if it wasn't them being technically official. And fuck you, Rattata aren't just rats and Magnemite aren't just Magnets.

>>600962017You never retire from drawing shit.Also why is Celebi so fucking cute bros?


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>>600961887>He was just like, "I'm going to create a whole pantheon of monster for a game taht's like 99% sure to flop"Ken Sugimori didn't design every Gen 1 Pokemon. In fact, he didn't even design the most iconic ones. Pikachu, Eevee, Charizard, etc. were all designed by other artists

>>600947867>the original illustrators are probably dead by nowAnon, it’s not the fucking dark ages. Even if Sugimori was in his 40s when he did the art, he would still statistically be alive.

>>600961372You want to have sex with the pokemon or something?

>>600954048It's based on a ghost story from the region so it could easily be Ghost-type too.

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>>600947591le heckin chonk

>>600950738But isn't Natu the same gen as fucking Ho-oh?

>>600962130Weepinbell is a pitcher plant. That's shitty recent art you posted too, not made by Ken Sugimori.

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I was fine with Pokemon designs until Gen 8

>>600961887>And they all came from one guy doing what he thought would be a minor thing. He was just like, "I'm going to create a whole pantheon of monster for a game taht's like 99% sure to flop"No, you fucking retard. There are like 7 or 10 Pokemon designers in gen 1 alone. These are obviously incomplete by the way. I hate you retards so fucking much, you don't even know what you're talking about.

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>>600948150What cope is this

>>600961372Try Insurgence.

>>600962378>Weepinbell is a pitcher plant.And your posted one that shows completely different leaves. And Victreebel has a properly designed one. And it's SIMPLER THAN BELLSPROUT's ffs. And the Sugimori one is identical. Dumbass.

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So is this going to be a thing with every new generation, Holla Forums throwing the exact same genital-tearing tantrums about how Gamefreaks hates them and is destroying everything they love?


>>600962618there's no sprouting bulb on the bellsprout linejust accept that these new neopet chinese bootleg pokemon are garbage and go back to your groomer discord or whatever

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>>600962748Are you gonna keep spamming about tantrums?

>>600962814Ok. Amazing argument by the way.

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>>600956537>No ZangooseDiscarded

>>600962976What point are you trying to make? Vileplume is a raflesia plant with a very detailed flower.That new green penis plant thing is plastic.

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>>600962748/v/ does this with literally every game

>>600949875Head tuft aside, it swoops SwSh starters out of the water

>>600963164Nice pic user. Want to know something curious? Vileplume is not Gloom. Did you know that? I did. Vileplume has an actual flower designed on its head, not whatever those blobs Gloom has.

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There's nothing wrong with them, and if these are the shitty ones you guys are complaining about, it seems like pokemon designs must be getting better after the garbage they subjected us to in previous iterations.

>>600961372Digimon Cyber Sleuth

>>600963365that's how raflessia buds look you fucking dork

>>600947591bottom middle one would be used as an example of soul by genwunners if it were released back then. faggy fans and franchise.

>old designs are shit because they're simple>new designs are good because they're simpleSo is this the line of defense you guys are going with?

>>600963517not him but no the fuck it isn't

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>>600963517You would have an argument if every single one of those bloomed into a separate flower, as the similarity is clearly there. But they don't. They're big ass petals.

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>>600950738>red text missing the point of most of the comparisonskek

>>600962748>B..but muh wheel lizard legendary!

>>600961372There's always Shin Megami Tensei.

>>600947591You’re clearly jaded. The pig alone was universally loved it’s actually kind of silly.

>>600947591it's zoomers, bro. They ingest anything these days...

>>600962748>Gamefreak is destroying everything they loveConsidering that is exactly what they're doing, yes and it won't stop for the foreseeable future.

>>600947591if you play pokemon past 24 youre a lost cause

>>600963946It's said to have mascara and lipstick when it evolves...

I hate pokemon fans (that aren't literal children) so much.Literally a blight on video games.

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>>600950738>someone genuinely seethed about this

>>600947867Sugimori is still alive, he was supposed to quit/retire from Pokemon though. The guy that did the ultra beasts was supposed to take over. But I think Sugimori didn't like his work and stayed around and as concession they still allowed the ultra beast guy to make some

>>600950530right, you're just a manchild with nostalgia bias


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Why are they so committed to using these Fisher price toy 3d models and not something creative and unique like their original water color aesthetic? Keep the 3D models but do water color cell shading or something idk fuck i hate gamefreak

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>>600956537>hurrr anything pointy and edgy is a digimon>anything overly rounded moeblob is a pokemonshit a.i

>>600964569>The guy that did the ultra beasts was supposed to take over. But I think Sugimori didn't like his work and stayed around and as concession they still allowed the ultra beast guy to make someMultiple people designed the Ultra Beasts and all of them (of the ones that have revealed designers anyways) have done design work on previous gen Pokemon. Sugimori probably only stepped down for Turner to be art director for Gen 8 because he's the only anglo on the team anyways.

From what I've seen people really want to fuck the first one. So pokemon ain't lost yet.

>>600965135That's exactly what people think too.

>>600947591These designs are the best we had since Black/White.

>>600964990>cherrypickingsure showed me, want to bring up "literally a Pokeball" and "literally a Pokeball but upside down" as pinnacles of character design while you're at it, or even "three floating magnates stuck together"?

>>600965436kys tranny

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>>600964259It's the Juan Bobo story! Hory shiiiiit! I didn't expect any deeper cultural references than random spanglish.

>>600957496Did you also feel this way when you discovered Meowth is the Japanese fortune cat first and foremost, Jynx is a specific type of yokai first and foremost, and Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan are Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan first and foremost?

>>600965313>what if… we just made lazy copies of Gen 1 designs? For the entire game’s dex? >good designsUnovabort pls go, your game will always be nugen

>>600965606This. BW were our most hated games of 2010 because they epitomize nugen. We will always bate Gen 5 kust as much as Gen 6,7,8,9

You've had literally fucking DECADES to accept that newer pokemon are usually>Rounder>Cartoonyetcand yet we have this thread VERBATIM every time a new pokemon is announced.

>we have people crying about Pokemon deigns being "too simple" AND people crying that Pokemon designed are "over-designed" in the same threadWhich is it, people?

>>600947591>not a single one looks semi-threateningDisappointed every time.

>>600965606>>600965682Tranny /vp/ samefag thinking hes tricking anyone again

>>600965686I'm more concerned by people insisting that there is absolutely no difference and that the art direction is exactly the same.

>>600965787since when do route 1 pokemon and starters ever do?


>>600965686Because we are Holla Forums. Rage and hatred are our food and drink, complaining is the essence of our beings, and outrage is the air we breathe. And we will continue to shit on everything outside Gen 1 until Gamefreak is burned to the ground and its "developers" executed and thrown into a ditch.

>>600965682Discordfag can't even type properly anymore, how sad.

>>600965895>Oh no, i've been found out

>>600965946You faggots have ran this joke into the ground so hard you forgot how hyped Holla Forums used to get for games

>>600965842But they're right...as long as it's between 2-9 and the few outliers of 1.

>>600965867I'm going to count Charmander and Nidoran.

>>600965787The worst part is how their heads are double the size of their bodies (to make them more suitable for to be stuffed toys.)It even happened to old pokemon art compared to more recent art, their heads are MASSIVE now.

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>>600947591heyyyy i am29 as well yes fuck game freak

>>600966007>>600966012>everyone and everything is my boogiemen, shadow cabals lurk everywhere to attack me and what i love, the grand conspiracy is upon us>>600966067>used to getYour key words, user. Holla Forums stopped being about anything positive years ago, now it's endless shrieking about how oldfags are never being catered to, raging about how every group of people someone hates is responsible for everything being destroyed, and massive shit-flinging circuses over East vs West, console wars, and other faggotry. It's not a joke when it's the truth and reality.

>>600947591>New Pokemon game announced>Autistic screeching about how Pokemon needs to stop being a multiplayer turn based RPG and it’s going to die if it doesn’t change>It does well>Seething for entire game life cycle>New game announced...

>>600965842They're called trolls.

>>600966158>The worst part is how their heads are double the size of their bodiesThis has been a massive trend since Gen 2 but there was hints of it in Gen 1 even so far back. Meowth's head is wider than its entire body in its original JP artwork

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>>600949334cope lmfao

>>600966158yeah it's certainly a new thing too

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smoliv is just sunkernthe grass starter isn't too bad either

>>600947591I'm 30 and I like them.

>>600963793please tell us what the point of your retarded image is

>>600964379Holy shit even the human designs have gone to shit. It took Holla Forums long enough to realize this. Maybe it was the cavetranny professor.