Here is your new Dragon Age bro

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, they really waited for pride month to reveal this shit LMFAO

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What the fuck is that logo? Dragon Punk Cyber Age.

>>600947227It has the meme purple/blue tint. its over

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>>600947227>Pride MonthI'm starting to question you chuds, even more-so than normal. E3 has been held in June for DECADES. Companies that didn't have floor time/the money for it made announcements through magazines and the internet.

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>>600947227What triggers you about this user?

that subname fucking sucks lmaoi fucking hate bioware holy fucking shit

>>600947227i love that mobile game ass font.

>>600947227Green seemed like more of his color, but ok, maybe they felt it was overused considering 3 and the Fade focus?

>>600947227YIKESdo people still care about Dragon Age? Even origins wasn't very good

>>600947227This series is still carried by the Origins. Every single game after that have been shit.

>>600947528There is no E3 anymore

>>600947439Is there an image of this with kirby? asking for a friend.

>>600947227that looks cartoonish

>>600947528nigga look at the logo, it's gay as fuck, ofc they waited for this month to reveal it

>>600947397>>600947227>>600947439The game's Director. Do I need to say more?

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>>600947715origins was dogshit too though

>>600947580All the trannies that will be in it

What's the most recent non-shit Bioware game? How outdated is DAI if I wanted to play that?

>>600947865Are trannies the new jews?

>you lived long enough to shitposters on Holla Forums get so desperate for something to shit on that the shitpost about the colour of a logo

>>600947865oh no.....dragon age sisters, i feel bad for you.

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>when you anticipate the memes more than the games

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I fucking hate Bioware so much now holy shit I'm mad.

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>>6009475289/10, but your use of "chuds" gave it away

>>600947227as it should be>announce game>show story and gameplay trailer>release date in 6 months>interviews to talk about shit>final marketing push 2 months before releaseas it was before covid>announce game with a cgi teaser>talk a bit about in interviews for the next 2 weeks>show another slightly more fleshed out teaser a year later>a bit more info this time>show a story trailer a year later>small gameplay trailer too>announce release date for next year>delay game by 6 months>final marketing push>2 months before release final trailer, gameplay, story, interviews, pre-order BS, detailing day1 patchas it is right now>announce game with a teaser image>nothing for a year>story teaser>cryptic interviews that over promise>nothing for another year>the game is still alive we promise>nothing for another year>the game is still alive we promise, we just hit a bit of a snag>nothing for another year>slightly more detailed teaser>interviews>everybody wondering what the fuck is going on>the game is being restructured and done when it's done, sorrylooking specifically at you>whole xbox lineup

>>600947921>outdatedoutdated by what?their games only got progressively worse throughout the years

>>600947842or you can just take your meds

>>600947865it's over, or more accurately, it never started

>>600947890Seek help for your mental illness freak

>>600947865I love how he used a female filter to make him more feminine lmao, these people need help

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Will we still play as the Inquisitor or will they just make us be yet another new main character throwing out everything Female Elves and Solas had going on?

Calling it now: Darkspawn party member. Yes, that would be retarded and make no sense lorewise. That won't stop nuBioware.

>>600948061Games generally get better over time. I'm worried DAI will feel too much like a pre-BOTW game.

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>>600947970No Jews have control and power.

>>600947998>t. tourist

>>600947865(S)he might be a great leader. (S)he might even be the best game director around....But they've forced this shit so much, with such a huge focus on marketing that I'll never believe these kind of people are there because of their qualifications and it's just a PR stunt.

>>600948183yeah, dude looks like plastic

>>600947227They release the title because it got leaked by Tom Henderson.

>>600948189>yet another new main characterno game that gives you the option to choose the MCs race will ever have a canon MC.

>>600948108>Observing the past and using it to predict the future is a mental illnessWhat else? Object permanence?


>tfw never played a Dragon Age gameFeels good to not have to worry about this franchise LMAO

Looks like a live service thing, whats with that aesthetic lol?Either way, hype for the final nail in biowares coffin. They invented tortanic, theyll do it one last time

>>600948203Why would that make no sense? It is a common trope to have someone from the evil side join the good side?You are literally just making shit up so you can shit on the game though for no reason which makes no sense.

>>600947921>How outdated is DAI if I wanted to play that?If the idea of a big ass empty world sounds appealing to you, go wild.

>>600947865I fucking hate reality so much holy shit.

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>>600948072>or you can just take yo-ACK!

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>>600947227shit franchise without soulwhere is the new dragon's dogma

>>600948259>hahaha the colour purple>hahaha the game is shitTake your fucking meds retard.

>>600948390Only the first game was somewhat decent and even then it was full of forced gay shit.

>fucked up Mass Effect>fucked up live service game>inquisition is the worst goty winner in historyThis is it, the final bioware game.I'm absolutely sure they wont even make it to Mass Effect 4

Why are Bioware so fucking lame? It's like they are written entirely by shitty womens romance novel writers. Just cringy forced romance and women with attitudes everywhere.

>>600947865>opinions are my ownWhy do Twitter faggots feel the need to include this? Who else's opinions would they be sharing from their personal account?

>>600947227There is no hope left for western games. Japan is our last bastion.

>>600947865Not like this game had any chance to begin with.

>>600948520even besides the context and patterns we have seen repeated countless times before which you are deliberately ignoring, its unfitting as fuck

>>600948643>If I say "opinions are my own", I won't be liable for anything I publicly say even though I advertise my connection to this company in the same sentence

>>600948587>Company started and run by dweeb nerdsWhat did you expect? It's what all D&D videogames are like, CW-tier characters, cheesy romances and shitty pseudophilosophy.Nerds are lame, they do lame shit

Isn't it true you can fuck a female Turian in Andromeda? Inlcuding hmofa in your AAA game seems extremely based to me, leagues ahead of what the japanese are attempting.

>>600947227can we have white pride this month?

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ITT: Mental illness

>>600947227This looks so fucking bad. I don't even know what it is, I guess it's the shiny purple, but it looks so bad. Man it's sad how low that studio has fallen.

>>600948643Because they know how Twitter retards can be. They can post something like "Biden Bad" and people (and most gaming news outlets) will start a witch hunt saying "DRAGON AGE IS BEING BUILT AS A RIGHT WING UTOPIA".They know because they themselves do that to other people.

>>600948864Just check Grindr if you want to have that. Most of them only want white cock.

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Reminder that Bioware was never good

>>600948851Yes but the game is still shit

>>600948183>I love how she used a female filter to make him more feminine lmao,Then she are indeed, a womenTrans women are women

>>600947865How do these retards keep getting hired? I'm Latino and while I do get interviews easier, they still grill me and I have to pass the standard the have that anyone else would. I do not see a troon passing those type of entry tests.

anyone else not play the first two but are in here for the lels and keks? i don't know why anyone half-decent would pick up this series

>>600947227spoilers for dragon age inquisition, but i am sure none of you care:i hate the fucking solas shit, that dood sucks and is boring and gay, i dont want him as a main character. should call him soulles he fucking sucks hate that character

>>600949213Her skill? Her talent?

>>600949092If you ask me, the game that makes me have sex with Michael Jackson can never be better than the game that lets me fuck a hot alien broad.

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>>600949213You probably just suck lol.

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>>600949219Technically this is the fourth in the series. Origins was good and DA2 had potential to be good but it was rushed because EA is retarded.

>>600947773I've sent the image to your friend

>>600949354as it should be>announce game>show story and gameplay trailer>release date in 6 months>interviews to talk about shit>final marketing push 2 months before releaseas it was before covid>announce game with a cgi teaser>talk a bit about in interviews for the next 2 weeks>show another slightly more fleshed out teaser a year later>a bit more info this time>show a story trailer a year later>small gameplay trailer too>announce release date for next year>delay game by 6 months>final marketing push>2 months before release final trailer, gameplay, story, interviews, pre-order BS, detailing day1 patchas it is right now>announce game with a teaser image>nothing for a year>story teaser>cryptic interviews that over promise>nothing for another year>the game is still alive we promise>nothing for another year>the game is still alive we promise, we just hit a bit of a snag>nothing for another year>slightly more detailed teaser>interviews>everybody wondering what the fuck is going on>the game is being restructured and done when it's done, sorrylooking specifically at you>whole xbox lineup

>>600949308>the game that makes meIt doesn't, bang Liara or Tali or Jack instead, you negro. Why would you pick a barren coalburner ffs

>>600947865It was cool to always be right at first, but now it's getting annoying.

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>>600947580last game was mega pozzed and this one will be giga pozzed. only good DA games are the first 2 and barely the 2nd

>>600949295obviously non-existent

>>600948256So trannies ARE the new Jews.

>>600949538The 2nd is the worst and you haven't played it

>>600949418>>600948051I can't wait for you to be globally spamfiltered, faggot.

>>600947921Honestly? DA:O. DAII had no business being labelled as a sequel, it's a cash-grab thrown together in like 3 years (for comparison DA:O was developed for 7 years) and feels like a cheap, action-oriented spin-off with very slight JRPG overtones. Despite being a massive disappointment as a DA game it wasn't as bad (more like mediocre), so you can get a playthrough out of it. And more importantly, it's much closer thematically to DA:I than it was to DA:O. So it makes a lot of sense to play at least that before the 3rd episode for multiple reasons.DAI was originally going to be an MMO (and it shows) with consoles as a main platform (and it shows) with references and recurring characters from previous episodes, mostly DAII (and this also shows). If you're even slightly allergic to console-dumb action systems and offline MMO-style open-worlds (and everything that comes with it) avoid it like a plague. It also sounds like you haven't played either DA before that - the familiarity and established connection to the lore and characters could have served as a motivation to get through the inevitable slumps. And there will be plenty, believe me.

>>600949287Did you punch him and tell him he's shit in inquisition? Cuz God damn he's the most annoying companion I've ever seen.

>>600948051that's because a lot of you fags base your lives around release dates and over-hyping games. then once the shitty game releases and it doesn't meet your extreme expectations, the game flops.

can /dag/ finally come back

>>600949716not gonna stop until you faggots realize that you're talking about something that you won't get to see for another 5 years. no matter how much of a blob you are right now, you could get into shape and climb fucking everest before this comes out.

Will everyone's teeth still be yellow and disgusting?

>>600949708i've played all of them multiple times.

>>600949418Spam in another thread.

>>600947227why should i care?the first one was badthe second was horribleand the third was an abomination.what makes you think that i should care for the next one?

Name a game series where every sequel is worse than the game that came before it. I'll start.Dragon Age.

DA:O was the only good one.DA:O was a return to more tactical gameplay after KOTOR and Jade Empire were dumbed down for XBOX.DA:O had interesting mechanics you could play with. Spells could combine and modify/empower their effects in ways that DivinityOS would later improve upon.DA:O was packed full of microtransactions, though, one of the early signs of bioware starting to rot out.and then all the sequels were trash. DA2 was horrendous, fucking early beta piece of shit.

>>600949187hmmm...but...what is a woman?

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>>600947528black yosuke is so fucking cool I wish he was my friend IRL

>>600947227Phew, thought you meant Dragon Quest for a second

>>600949708I dislike Inquisition but it's not because of some faggot woke shit or whatever, it's just more annoying than 2.2 is shit but you can beat it quick and have some fun, Inquisition is always a slog, takes forever to go and is rarely pleasant to just play DESUThe controls never felt confortable for me and while the plot is more involved than bare-bones 2, it's just so boring to me. 2 is like some episodes of Xena, Inquisition is like the last seasons of game of thrones.

>>600948583Mass Effect 4 will happen no matter what. Dragon Age doesn't even come close to the success of ME

>>600949287>gay>NWFs everyone besides Elf females

>>600948208Who’s this lil cutie

>>600949867>I'm going to spam autistic copypastas because I imagine people to get angry atGreat work you're doing. Retard.

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>>600948208>Games generally get better over timeNot in this case. If you want a RPG, Inquisition has like 30 spells for +100 Origins has. That tells you everything you need to now about how these games got worse and worse. Now, this can be explained by saying the series turned to action, which is a valid choice regarding of how people feel about it, right? But the action is complete utter shit, it's not real action, you just press a key and watch the automatic attacking animation. It's shit, it's awful, it's a completely empty barren generic fantasy MMO open world with a terrible story that is a slog, there's nothing good about DAI.

I have a personal rage boner against Dragon Age.Back when I used to work in Media, they invited us to The Game Awards. The organization gave us a lot of swag, but mostly Dragon Age: Inquisition crap.We all laughed an said that EA was tossing money, since DA:I barely made any ripples. It was either Dark Souls 2 or Shadows of Mordor (the good one).The event was strangely Dragon Age themed. With multiple references, ads, music and even a fucking concert with the game's music right before the GOTY announcment.When it was announced that DA:I won I realized. We were played. We fell right into their slimy hands. The game no one remembered had bought everything. Fuck EA.I got to see Koji Kondo play live though, which is nice.

>>600947865And people really want to sit here and talk shit about Pokémon Scarlet and VioletI stand with Nintendo

>>600950763I suppose I'll just wait for the new one then. But I WILL pirate that regardless, I can't just skip every game after DA:O.

>>600950708what copypasta?

>>600947397If they had the balls to make cyberdragon age I'd love itIf they don't and it's just regular fantasy with a cyber logo they're hacks

>>600950907Pirating them is the best thing you can do, including Origins, just to spit on EA for their microtransaction bullshit. My advice would be play Origins alone and forget about the rest.

Come to think of it, Dragon Age is kind of a stupid title for this series considering how unimportant Dragons ended up being as time went on. The big dragon in the first game wasn't even really a dragon technically.


>>600949354>Others say a betrayer of his people... or a saviour who seeks to rescue themI feel like this has already given away half of the story. Solas flip flops so wildly that he may as well not even be a character anymore. I wish I hadn't enjoyed Inquisition sometimes.

>>600951253They wanted to cash in on that sweet Skyrim hype.

>>600951492Pretty forward thinking of them, considering Skyrim didn't release for another two years after Origins.

>>600947865This isnt even the first degenerate in charge of this game. This game is going to be nonstop faggotry and there is nothing you can do about it except ignore it.

>>600947865>>600948273BW Blog started a Developer Story series about the key people of DA a few days ago. Which should at least partially be about things you mentioned, but as expected half of it is filled with musings about his "personality". Video games?, I guess.

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Did they really just audible troons for furries?

>>600951834can't wait for the recession

>>600951868You can phsyically feel the suits pulling out their bingo oppression list and deciding furries were the most financially exploitable target. Its pretty hilarious thats all these people are seen as now. Its also a sign from a very pro-troon company that the troons aren't marketable anymore.

>>600951834Well after the last two shit fests I didn’t play on ever playing this. After reading this I’ll just pretend it doesn’t exist because there is 0 chance it’ll be good.

>>600947970Trannies are just the jews' biological weapons. Like niggers.

>>600951727Skyrim 1 came out in the early 90s dude. People didn't really care about the series until Skyrim - Morrowind though.

>>600951834>dark fantasy setting>advertised as blood, sex and violence>its about queer tranny representationWhere did we go wrong? How did it come to this?

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>>600947227That's it?Just a picture of the title? No gameplay trailer? Concept art? ANYFUCKINGTHING?

>>600951834every time you post it i'm gonna post mineas it should be>announce game>show story and gameplay trailer>release date in 6 months>interviews to talk about shit>final marketing push 2 months before releaseas it was before covid>announce game with a cgi teaser>talk a bit about in interviews for the next 2 weeks>show another slightly more fleshed out teaser a year later>a bit more info this time>show a story trailer a year later>small gameplay trailer too>announce release date for next year>delay game by 6 months>final marketing push>2 months before release final trailer, gameplay, story, interviews, pre-order BS, detailing day1 patchas it is right now>announce game with a teaser image>nothing for a year>story teaser>cryptic interviews that over promise>nothing for another year>the game is still alive we promise>nothing for another year>the game is still alive we promise, we just hit a bit of a snag>nothing for another year>slightly more detailed teaser>interviews>everybody wondering what the fuck is going on>the game is being restructured and done when it's done, sorrylooking specifically at you>whole xbox lineup

>remember playing a bit of da1>never touched da2>quit da3 due to really fucking weird controlsit was weird 3rd person camera but you have to click and drag to move the camera around wtf was that about?

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>>600947227This game's development has been an absolute dumpster fire, having been rebooted and changed hands like thrice already.If it somehow doesn't turn out to be complete shit I'll be genuinely impressed.

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>>600947865I'm just so tired of this shit, when does it end?

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>>600947865good lord

>>600950860you can stand with any Japanese company still, doesnt need to be Nintendo

>>600949213Normal people having a real fear that the tranny will go on a mass killing spree.I'm not joking, to the normal person this is all so insane they go along with it because the realistic fallout could look like Columbine. Thats how the normies view this stuff, its just eggshell walking out of fear. As a group trannies appear like they are about to go unhinged and kill a ton of people at the drop of a hat as their normal resting state.

>>600947865shut up and take my money!

Can't wait for yet another game where Bioware completely unwittingly presents a situation where genocide is the objectively best solution.

>>600947865>opinions are my ownnani?

>>6009497082 is the worst yeah, Inquisition is just boring, all the characters are boring, the combat is just spam hotkey until enemy dies.

>>600947439Oh god. The 'Dreadwolf' is just going to be a SonicFox self insert isnt it...

>>600947970jews are the trannies

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>>600952181blacks actually have balls and fight for themselvesit's the whites in US that just weep and cry over everything, absolutely powerless (and stupid) to accomplish anything

>>600947227>that color

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It's a cocktease of a title. Solas is going to stay a shitty bald elf the entire time and never turn into a wolfman.

>>600947227>that colour

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>>600952990as opposed to the opinion of the company

>>600947865Decided to check out what this person had been working on before, hoping to find some light; but oh god...>Environmental Artist for Tiger Woods games>Designer for the Sims 3 DLC>Lead Designer for the Sims Mobile>Now directing Dragon AgeThis game is so fucked. Please do one right thing in your fucking life Bioware and please don't do this to ME4.Also, his actual name is Andy if you want to look up his credits.

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>>600953335the red light district color palette

>>600953295So long as I can kill him I'm good with whatever.

>>600947865>advertise your job position in COMPANY>anything you publicly say while advertising your job in COMPANY obviously will reflect on said company>muh own opinionsDo people really lack the most basic common sense? Dont put your fucking job in the title if you just want to drop hot takes>

>>600947865Origins was the only DA worth playing anyways.

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>>600953220Uh huh.

>>600947227>pretend to get triggered by gay pride>yet play dragon age, a series that was like this since the second game and arguably the first.


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>be BioWare>used to be good >EA>drops turd after turd>still around Fucking how?

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The Mage/Templar conflict is going to lean even harder into the oppressed minorities vs brutal cops angle. I'm fully expecting an unironic "mage lives matter".

>>600953220>changpostingIts wild that I see all this stuff as some chinaman being retarded now. 1 type of racism has completely washed all the others away for me.

>>600952783Every single American cup should say “thirsty boy” when it gets above a certain size

>>600953897>pretend to get triggered by gay pride>yet play dragon age, a series that was like this since the second game and arguably the first.Surely, faggot.

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>>600953897i've never played dragon age lol

>>600954113Bioware is just a name slapped onto companies for credibility. It hasn't been the Bioware you experienced for years, a decade, more.

>Dragon Age 2 sucked>Dragon Age Cisquisition sucked>Ass Effect 3 sucked>Ass Effect Andromeda was one of the worst games of all time>the Ass Effect remake took out the only good part (Miranda ass shots)>but maybe the new Dragon Age will be good?kill yourselves

>>600953220>blacks actually have balls and fight for themselvesyet whites had to free them from jewish slavery

>>600949287isn't he a god elf nazi? you'd think this place would love him


>>600947227>May the Dread Wolf take you°W°

>>600954124We already got the "le faggot who gets oppressed by authoritarian masculine Templars" in Inquisition, god just imagine how much more pozzed it will get 8 years on in the current political climate.

>>600950157Indeed user, what is a woman?

>>600947865I hope this will be a lesson for future generations and they will just kill all trannies.

>We live in a timeline where they put more trannies than blacks

>>600947227>may the dread wolf take youFinally, a series for white women.

>>600954618Isn't bioware a canadian company? This is all too meta for me, I'm out.

>>600954276Da3 was worse than andromeda. I never played anthem but imo da3 was the worst game Of theirs.

>>600947865Are we 3D printing people these days? This is almost a parody at this point

>>600954276Replaying mass effect 3 with all the dlc recently and it was actually pretty good. Way better than I remember it. I kind of liked the vacation DLC too.

>>600953656Thank you for your service user! This is what shit like >>600951834 should have been about. Now it's apparent why it wasn't.He hasn't deleted his old twatter from his Sims days. Funny how his career suddenly skyrocketed after trooning out.

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>>600954276Nobody is expecting or hoping DA4 will be better, at least not here. We're just tuning in to laugh at the upcoming dumpster fire, like people slowing their cars on the highway to look at a car accident. Like a gore thread on Holla Forums but with a bit more class and SFW.

>>600953656Well that's a shame. Honestly I don't really care if the director is trans or whatever as long as their qualified.This resume is not that. Why give the lead role to someone that hasn't even worked on a RPG or even a fantasy setting? Even if it's all for cheap virtue signaling this is still a business at the end of the day and a crap director building a crap game that sells like crap isn't going to convince EA to not drag the studio out back and double tap it.

>>600954914After a decade of unfinished junk being shit out I’m sure it looks good by comparison.

I miss Origin's aesthetic. It was a little generic, but it had a quaint charm to it. From 2 onwards it became an overdesigned mess.

>>600947865HAHAHAHAHA, imagine still playing and caring about western industry games. Get fucked retards.

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>>600947865Why do trannys always pick these weird names you rarely see any real girl run with?

>>600955083All the talent left Bioware ages ago, DA4 is going to be a special kind of trainwreck.

>>600954016>Lawful Good alignment.

>>600947227>armored warrior>dragon>edgy bloody red>qt3.14 in the background>overall massive kinographyRemember what (they) took from us

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are any of the dragon age games good? i assume it only got pozzed later after a successful game

>>600949538The second game was one of the worst sequels ever.

>>600954124While Dorian is his own can of worms for pozzed rubbish, it feels very weird to remember that you have both him and Vivienne not give a fuck about any of the issues of the mages. It was quite a refreshing change to have companions around that don't bark on about MUH CIRCLE all the time.

>>600947865Could be good. I don't trust women to make games.

>>600955268Origins is good. Two is dumbed down and not much fun but inoffensive. Three sucks, etc, etc.

>>600947227I miss the good ol' days of RPGs.

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>>600955268Just play Origins and pretend nothing after it published by Bioware exists.

>>600955268Play them and find out, zoomie

>>600947865His game development history from 15 years at EA:>Tiger Woods 06, 07 and 08>The Simpsons 2007 game>Nerf N Strike>Nerf N Strike Elite>Monopoly Streets>The Sims 3 Pets>The Sims 3: Supernatural>The Sims 3: University>The Sims 3: Into The Future>The Sims 4 >The Sims Mobile This person is now working on an entirely different genre and was chosen as the lead designer. What the fuck?

>>600955268Bioware has always leaned on poz, KOTOR introduced the first lesbian in Star Wars for example. That said, up to Mass Effect 2 they compensated making good games. As for Dragon Age, Origins is pretty good. DA2 is a rushed unfinished pile of garbage that had lots of potential but was ruined by EA and DAI is extremely bad, even worse than 2.


>>600955268Origins is great.2 was a cool idea on paper, but failed in execution.Inquisition was a single player MMO.

>>600954483An adult human that was born without a penis.


Attached: bullshit.png (1154x488, 746.85K)

>>600947227Ever since Inquisition came out.I re-install it once a year when discussions around dragon age get to me.I play as far as the desert region and uninstallI've never once completed it.

>>600955060Why are all the "men" doing that stupid hand on chin pose?

>>600947865Take a look at the new Fable 4 Lead Writer, her Twitter look the same woke

>>600948479Twitter people aren't real

>>600955464Director* I mean

>>600955504>a single player MMO.thats my favorite genre

>>600955480You're a god damn moron and your underage is showing. You could just as easily say bethesda eww. Not all companies were always shit. There was a time even EA was good.

>>600955403Cool, now post a game that is an actual RPG and not an action game with stats.

>>600955103>>600955464I think Bioware is just suicidal at this point.Anthem flopping was probably the last straw and the management may now be wishing for sweet release by the hands of EA. Also holy fucking shit, I'm terrified about what's going to happen to Mass Effect 4.

Attached: 138183010853.jpg (1600x900, 529.65K)

>>600955735Gladly, right after you get your head out of your ass, climb off that high horse, and for once in your life try not to be a contrarian cunt.

I never played Inquisition and I won't play this.

Attached: 1651436267281.png (550x535, 198.01K)

>>600955616Basically THIS. Westoids praise Twitter way too much its unreal and this combined with leaving the House rarely is a deathly Combo

i mean i dont care about bioware games because they're bound to be shit anyway but dreadwolf is a painfully generic and lame title


>>600955781>I think Bioware is just suicidal at this point.>Anthem flopping was probably the last straw and the managementAll the managers quit after Anthem flopped. The management is brand new and have no idea what kind of hell they're in for.

>>600948842Why did troika manage to pull off good characters?

>>600955474>DAI is extremely bad, even worse than 2.This. DAI had a lame story, bad characters, contradicts lore and is woke. The gameplay was nice except for the mmo padded out quests.

>>600947580>>600948072>>600948108>>600948520>>600948973>m-meds!!!Kill yourself troon

Attached: Screenshot_20220602-152550_Twitter.jpg (1080x614, 204.72K)

>>600955859Nah, I like my horse, fuck you.

>>600955980>Roger Penrose: I can't explain the why, I can explain the how.

>>600951335Just like a necromancer. Creating a mockery of the real thing with twisted magic and surgery that will inevitably result in horrific death.

>>600947227Have they shown gameplay yet?

>>600956086Were they up for debate before this tweet? How strange.I'm no fan of those groups but their Rights are inalienable. Weird how Bioware had to affirm something everyone else already knows.

>>600955865I played it and barely remember what it was about. The only thing I remember clearly is that faggot with a mustache character was bro after you told him your dick is not to be sucked.

>>600956194I saw some webms some time ago, it looked like a Korean MMO.

>>600955721>ea goodNeed for speed and road rash? They were never all that good.

>>600955268DAO is amazing, one of the best WRPGs ever made.

>>600955464These companies are bloated to bursting with kids who thought making games was their dream job. They'll take anything so no better way to fill vacancies.

>>600955268DAO is ok, DA2 is painful, DAI is bland with the occasional really good moments, Trespasser is kino

>>600947865he will never be a woman

Attached: 1652277378238.webm (720x540, 2.8M)

>>600955576I actually managed to slog my way into finishing the main story, then I quit before I finished the DLC

>>600954185Yes, I am sure.

Attached: zevran.png (544x686, 411.98K)

>>600955721lol this retard think ubisoft still makes good gamesfags like you are why gaming is dead

>>600947865I sense a new GTA:DE tier disaster on the horizon

Attached: 1621608289132.jpg (1024x1024, 79.89K)

>>600955883I will happily ignore all of the fake people and leave them alone to whatever dumb fake shit they want to do, providing you stop hiring them to develop film and videogame franchises which I once enjoyed.

Attached: Twitter.jpg (828x821, 656.06K)


Attached: YWNBARW.webm (960x540, 2.86M)

>>600956507He's using past tense and talking about companies being good in the past so I doubt it

I gave up on Bioware years ago

Attached: 1537271656833.png (348x278, 106.32K)

time to oil the meme machines

>>600956464The Descent is the real slog DLC. I must've spent as long on the other DLCs combined compared to how long it took to grind through those health bloated dwarves.

>>600947865godfuckingdamnit.let us bask in the glory of old and replay

>>600956086i can literally feel all the opressed women gays and black peoples metaphorical chains breaking from the sheer power of this brave statement

>>600947865I think I'm gonna pirate this just to make screencaps of the terrible, woke dialogue

Attached: 1621499166868.png (292x337, 75.79K)

>>600956213What rights do trans not have?

>>600956063The story of DAI is so stupid. It never felt big despite trying to make it big. You have demons coming out of the fade invading and killing all except they don’t, their outbreaks are localized to certain areas and therefore everything is contained. This is the exact opposite of DAO where we had the darkspawn slowly invading and conquering all of fereldan culminating in the battle of denerim. DA2 also felt big even though everything was localized to one city. You still felt a great threat from the qunari invasion and the mage rebellion/Templar chimpout. DAI finished on a whimper and was entirely about preparing the great threat for the NEXT GAME....

>>600947227jesus why isn't this shitty franchise dead yet

>>600956589>ubishit>good in the pastmental illness

With the success of Elden Ring and TW3 and basically all woke tranny pandering games flopping, I'd bet this game will just be an interactive movie with minimal combat and exploration or some shit, EA is not stupid enough to waste millions on a game that will only appeal to sexually twisted freaks.

>>600947865When will their infestation of the Western video game industry end?

>>600956783They have the exact same human rights as all other people. They want preferential treatment and they will never get it so they try to couch their desires in a guise of being oppressed.

>>600947865Can't believe I'm going to miss Hamburger Helper.

Don't careWhere is the gameplay

>>600956783the right to not be called mean names on the internet :(

>>600956786>It never felt big despite trying to make it bigProbably because they never let Corypheus be on screen for more than a few seconds. His boss fight is probably way longer than his screentime elsewhere and even then, that's not very long.

>>600956927Its already over. this stuff doesn't sell while games like elden ring do. In that game you kill a tranny god because it had a mental breakdown. You get to see how they threw all their merchants down a well into a mass grave and their kvetch births a demon. That is what sells now, sjw games do not sell.

>>600956783The right to not be seen as a goddamn freak in public.

Attached: 1499644832586.jpg (480x360, 15.49K)

>>600956783the right to fuck kids without consentthe right to be immune from criticismthe right to slander and libel everyone who they perceive as a foe


Attached: attachment[1].jpg (400x225, 18.78K)

This is soul in audible

>>600947227Introducing the Dreadwolf

Attached: 1593216563.checkhoff_8-1.jpg (905x1280, 155.11K)

>>600955948No, they all quit after Mass Effect 3. This crop is the SECOND wave - anybody who survived the first is definitely gone now.

>>600957019We didn't know how good we had it, at least she was an actual woman

>>600956285>I played it and barely remember what it was

I'll pirate the game and play as an elf that wants to help Solas if possible. Hopefully he destroys the world and Bioware won't be able to make more games out of it.

>>600957027>gameplayThat is not what western games are about anymore.


Attached: 1442528145169.jpg (900x762, 180.03K)

>>600957187I have unironically killed less ridiculous final bosses.

>>600955781The OGs are all gone at this point. Bioware is just a corpse that EA is controlling until they absolutely cannot make any profit off of them. ME4 will be a mess, just like this will be a mess and hopefully those will be finally make EA put a bullet into the head of this zombie.

>>600947865yep its over.

Attached: cat punching you.gif (224x336, 952.32K)

>>600957232I wonder how all the legitimate women game developers feel about being replaced by men in dresses

>>600947865Kek video games are dead and that's a good thing

Dragon Age without Gaider? Didn't he invent the universe?

>>600947865Does this person even have credit in any other video games, or is it completely a nepotism thing?EA is just pure evil and super jew, so it doesn't make sense why they would even okay something like that when it's going to affect sales.

>>600957574just western AAA video gamesim playing tales of arise right now


Attached: unknown-6.png (1754x1623, 2.99M)

>>600957395>DA2 flopped>Inquisition kinda flopped>Andromeda flopped>Anthem flopped hardI have no idea why EA still funds them. They probably have the best fucking salesmen in the industry, able to hypnotize all the top brass because I can't explain it otherwise.

>>600957653see this post >>600955464

2 and 3 were such aids now its evolved into super aids

>Dread Wolf

Attached: Dragon Age Dick Wolf.jpg (800x401, 248.48K)

>teaser trailer 3 years ago>Today just a picture of the titleAre they okay in the head???Do they think they are making the next big thing after Elden Ring?They are the laughing stock of the industry

Attached: IMG_20220520_171344.jpg (533x407, 48.37K)

>>600947227What does this announcement have to do with pride month (formerly week)?

Let the company burn.This is what they deserve.

Dragon Age has been dead since 2, I dunno what you guys expected

why does a game about knights and dragons have a bright purple modern logo that looks like it could be for a chinese android phone manufacturer

>>600957814People think, that despite June being the month for new video game info for fucking years, that developers putting out info now is because of pride month.

>>600947865Damn. We got too cocky Holla Forums sisters.

Attached: jazz tranny.png (1591x640, 1.08M)


>>600951834DAO is filled with political intrigue and deep worldbuilding, this tranny freak taking faggotry from this franchise suggests to me that he never even played them, or he only played the shitty later games that had all the gay sex in them.

>>600957505They can speak out against it and get cancelled for being TERFs, or bow their heads to the tranny order and accept they brought this on themselves. Worst part is that some might believe everything is fine

>>600947865>The game director is a transgender qeerosexual gendermancer woman>Black lives matterGood lord almighty, what the fuck is queerosexual gendermancer. It sounds like something it made up.

>>600957707Good one

>>600947865Can't be worse than Gaydar desu

Attached: FUG6-htWIAAPmnj.jpg (741x656, 61.91K)

>>600955517Someone born with testicles but no penis due to a birth defect is a woman?


Attached: stanry_roo.png (500x377, 210.41K)

>>600958205>he didnt get the 2022 pride flag memo

Attached: 1654085603748.jpg (1075x1065, 141.81K)

Dragon age was always filled with gays and bisexuals and tranny elves.

>>600957629It's no longer the universe he invented, and during the ass end of DA:I's popularity, was somehow expected to make a statement on a mod that made Sera straight, I doubt he's raring to go on another DA

>>60095770710/10. 41% hitting 100% very soon

Attached: 1430037047357.jpg (498x700, 77.68K)

>>600947227There is something off about this. The neon purple being the most glaringly off-theme thing about this.

>>600947865how does bioware do it, how can a shit company proactively gets worse and worse?

Attached: 1639094376211.jpg (400x299, 17.89K)

>>600957785It makes me wonder, what could they have in store? These guys were trail blazers with the pozzing, having trannies long before other company jumped in the pozz train. How can they surpass themselves in this day and age?


Attached: 1647788719855.png (590x468, 64.18K)

>>600956394good shit.

>>600947751Summer Game Fest is still in June you fuck

>>600947842>Logo>GayHoly shit, ever since your God Emperor lost you nazis are mentally breaking.Seek help, chud.

>>600947865This is just so tiring.

>>600947865He used a filter lmao, holy fuck I feel so bad for trannies.

Attached: 1647788035167.jpg (800x999, 455.44K)

As long as they do some more cool reveals in DAD, I'll be happy, want to see what happens to that wisp Flemeth sent to Morrigan, and the consequences of drinking from the well and such

>>600958538What a fucking cuck.

>>600958538this faggot seething now that the verdict is out?

Is there really not one lead from the previous DA games that could've gotten the spot? I don't give a fuck what gender or color the person is, you cannot convince me that a fucking designer from The Sims dev team was the best suited individual at EA to direct the new Dragon Age.

>>600958679>want to see (...) the consequencesYou just don't learn, do you?


Attached: D491343E-D0AD-4856-9B2C-4C577A7F60A1.jpg (1170x1160, 166.82K)

Solas is going to solo the remaining two archdemons just to establish his threat level.

>>600958538Seems reasonable to me.

>>600947528>for decadesThe 2016 election happened eight years ago. That’s all people remember because most of this site is for election tourists. They’re too young to remember E3.

But can I ride the bull? Or the wolf?

>>600947865>Opinions are my own The fuck does that even mean

>>600947865this has to stop

Attached: so done.png (160x192, 22.58K)

>>600947865Pls don't start another retarded crusade against EA marketing team, autist bros

>>600947865Yep, didn’t take long for yet another Holla Forums thread to devolve into tranny spam

>>600958847NYPAkys btw.

>>600947227>>600947439>>600947528>>600947580>>600947865You can't make this shit up

>>600958736that is his reaction after the verdict

Dreadwolf more like dreadful Too ez

>>600958750Seeing Loghain come back because I made him a Warden and had the god baby, was coolAlso finding out Bull can betray you if you keep him a Qun loyalist

>>600947865Can't make this shit up

>>600947227Very based very cool! I can't wait for another big comfy fantasy adventure in the world of Thedas! I'm going to play with a Qunari Amazonfu. What about you guys?>>600947227

Attached: Dragon-Age-4-1536x864.jpg (1536x864, 142.82K)

>>600958538>This feminist faggot that gets triggered by dwarves and qunari women is the same one who wrote DAOHard to believe

>>600958538>David Gaider

Attached: early life-.jpg (860x1024, 117.67K)

A reminder that 4chan is, first and foremost, a political movement. We fully and 100% support Christian family values, always have, and always will. We love Jesus Christ and hate all trannies and faggots. Let’s pray to the Lord that the tranny menace stops messing with our video games. Amen.

>>600950109Deus Ex

>>600958895Dont be an autist, just ignore the game and the tranny.You already have made a bunch of nobodies rich and famous.

>>600958825It's mostly a disclaimer so they don't get fired if they say stupid shit in public, a way to not associate themselves with the company they are working for, even if they fucking plaster their position all over the place.


Attached: 1490410851499.jpg (640x559, 22.82K)

>>600959036This meme is funny because it implies that the suspect is Jewish! You see, when you look up the person’s name on Wikipedia, the “Early Life” section reveals that he’s Jewish. Isn’t that crazy? The 4chan movement is anti-Jewish because they’re genociding the White race with transgender propaganda.

>>600947865How did trannies become 20% of video game industry employees?Those things are everywhere now.

>Look up the game>Multiplayer was already cuttop kek it might actually have a chance

Attached: 1634987330455.jpg (885x1008, 79.7K)


Attached: 1633938480892.png (420x426, 205.43K)

>>600959272>reaction image>memeGo back.

Attached: luigi.jpg (387x309, 19.67K)

>>600958825Let me break it down for you, retard.She works for a gaming company.Gamers are widely known to be braindead and toxic incels, much like yourself.She's explaining to anyone who's reading her tweets, that they do not necessarily represent the company's stance on those matters e.g. just because she says all incels should be hanged, it doesn't mean Bioware supports that idea. You're still very likely to believe that anyway because of your severely limited intelligence but at least she tried.

>>600959291Back then, employing them was a risk not many were willing to take. Now, hiring them and parading them all over the internet is free brownie points.

>>600959291>hyper competitive market>woke culture>if you fire me I will scream transphobia

>>600958776should have just stayed an ugly man lmao

>>600947865Fucking damn it

Attached: 1654196885547.jpg (600x660, 64.88K)

>>600948643They think it will keep them from being fired when they bring down a storm of shit on the company they work for.

>>600955103I am fairly certain he's just their fall guy. At this point Bioware and EA must know this game is going to be an absolute trainwreck so they found someone who is willing to take the blame for its failure. The thing is, because it's a tranny, critics won't blame him and they'll even run defense for him after the inevitable backlash. So this game won't actually be a blemish on his record. He'll have an AAA directorial credit on his resume and will almost certainly find a job at some other big western game company.

>>600951834You know, the main choices I remember making are the ones where I kill random innocents with a kitchen knife

>>600947397Looks like snow or broken stone with magic oozing out of it, it's fine>>600958887Is it really Holla Forums's fault?

>>600947865Why are Westerners like this?

Attached: FTr32jxXEAU3WVx.jpg (1392x2048, 474.93K)


Attached: d7e.jpg (1200x1200, 76.47K)

>>600957150Is she still in the industry these days?

>>600947865It's like they're actively trying to kill their fucking game!

Attached: 1639939098125.jpg (273x316, 21.16K)


Attached: leftist bios (1).jpg (640x922, 102.45K)

>>600958808>2016>Eight years ago

Attached: head-hurts.jpg (570x842, 87.2K)

>>600947227In this game we play as a pirate

>>600953335>>600953234piss-filter bros.... we are vindicated..

>>600959457> SheThat's a man playing pretend, you retarded faggot. No amount of make-up or filters will change that.

>>600958776Damn Egoraptor finally hit rock bottom, didnt he

But does something awesome still have to happen when I press a button?

>>600947865>Just leave us alone, we aren't doing anything to you!Sorry for your loss Bioware fans, they got you, it'll be absolute garbage.

>>600959928Case in point.

>>600947865Not that I had hope for it before

Attached: yeah rip.jpg (199x254, 5.6K)

>>600947865>Man from the trailer, the new Dragon Age looks kinda shit>WHAT??? HOW DARE YOU, BIGOT. This outta be a fun lead up to the game's release

>>600959291>How did trannies become 20% of video game industry employees?For the same reason they became 20% of coders, 20% of activists and 20% of HR staff. A combination of autism and affirmative action.

Attached: 1645332921245.jpg (400x394, 44.13K)

>>600960034Your tombstone will have your birth name on it when you inevitably commit suicide, faggot.

>>600952363Key members behind DA Origins disbanded after EA take over.DA2 was a mess and Cisquisition is trash.

>>600955781Something tells me there wont be Mass Effect 4 user

>>600947227This is such a corporate looking logo. What's the over/under on this being live service and chock-full of 'current thing' isms?

Attached: 1332019878258.jpg (640x480, 36.75K)

>>600952363Origins was one of the last games made by Bioware, like real Bioware. EA acquired Bioware when Origins was almost completely finished.

>>600960287>What's the over/under on this being live service and chock-full of 'current thing' isms?In their defense, they actively cut multiplayer out of the game so I'm guessing they don't want to turn it into live service garbage.

>>600959505He did lmao

>>600960412That’s because after Anthem and Andromeda if they fail again they’re all done. They can’t risk it.

>>600960287looks like a mobile game

>>600959291>How did trannies become 20% of video game industry employees?They aggressively force themselves into them, like men. The thrill of the conquest. Like pic related described. >>600954016

>>600960412EA finally realized single player still had a market and GAAS can be massive flops through Anthem and Fallen Order

I don't get why Inquisition gets so much hate when it lets you help a straight white Aryan man cuck a tranny in getting a lady

>>600947865>is realthe wrong side won the war

Attached: 5215216123612.jpg (385x433, 11.67K)


>>600947865It's funny that people are acting surprised or that Bioware hasn't already been dead for well over a decade.

>>600952794Never. You voted for this. Your parents voted for this.

>>600959467>free brownie points>freeThat's why nearly every major publisher has either been sold or is in the process of seeking a buyer, right?

>>600947227Crpgs are all purple now. Purple is a tranny color.

>>600947889Nah, but I respect your opinion and can see why you'd think that.

>>600961619Purple is a Varangian color

>>600961504Unless you think trannies are the reason all business have been slowly consolidating for the last 100 years, yes.

No brakes on this disaster train of a studio

Attached: bioware.png (1638x1148, 2.07M)

>>600947227why did they give a fantasy game such a sci-fi logo?

>>600961619that's not purple, that's magenta, a unnatural color that can't be found on nature, just like trannies.purple is simply mixing blue with red.


>>600961861Who is the tall lad?

>>600947865So tiresome, another dead franchise

Attached: 1650363848620.jpg (680x500, 41.23K)


Attached: 1653557411807.jpg (720x720, 76.7K)

>>600956783Actual answer, it's not about having no human rights, it's about not being treated like they do by anonymous starters on the internet and conservative boomers that disregard the "no hiring/firing discriminatively" stuff.


>>600962129I hope this will be the last nail in the coffin for this God forsaken studio.

Attached: g4fOWoIJWZ.jpg (1029x961, 125.09K)

>>600947865well at least we know exactly how this will go.

Attached: 1653096928928.jpg (720x712, 34.13K)

>>600961432FUCK democracy

>>600962197Dragon Age has been dead since the second game.

>>600947865Chudsisters...We lost...:(

Attached: 1644940312263.png (190x200, 15.37K)


Attached: 1654198370228.png (213x170, 44.38K)

>>600962129Nuke us Putler.

>>600962227The fuck has that got to do with human rights?t. lawfag who had to study human rights

>>600947865Christ. I'm sticking with Japanese vidya.

Attached: Xenoblade.jpg (1280x720, 140.45K)

>>600947227>Announced during Pride Month>DreadwolfWill my character have a futa wolf gf?

>>600962227>It's about making people pretend that trannies are not abominations that are unnerving and unnatural. Trannies want to feel normal, even though they are quite literally the furthest thing from the term.

>>600962139That's the infamous patriarchy

>>600958776He honestly looked happiest as an ugly man. That fake emotion as a woman does not suit him.

>>600962645>sticking with Japanese vidyathis. cute japanese traps > western ugly trannies

>>600947865>(you)s galoretake another one

>>600962674The Dread Wolf is a character that has long been spoken about in lore and was a party member in Inquisition. Goddamn furfags. Just as bad as the troons.

>>600962674That would make the game promising. We can't have that.

>>600962827too bad your games suck gorilla ass and you'll never be japanese


Attached: whowritesthebwcode.jpg (1200x698, 384.89K)

>>600955060which one is it?

>>600959291Men are natural born conqueror's its in our blood. We will conquer and dominate all spaces just because its there.>Why does man climb the mountain?He loves the mountain.

>>600962962Japanese games are the only actual games though. Westacucked shit is just movies.

>>600947227This >>600947528June has always been the month for game reveals. No E3 doesn't change that. Stop letting faggots co-opt months.

>>600962864and it was a fucking knife ear because the writers are elvenfags.

>>600947865I-Its all in your head! Chud!

>>600963379Of course he'd be a fucking knife ear, he's part of the elven pantheonThat's like throwing a fit over Andraste being human

How did it go from the tense and mature political drama of DA2 to this?


Likelihood of a Contrapoints voiced character?

Attached: E4mAuOcWYAYi-mG.jpg (614x852, 89.48K)

Even the Mages vs Templars autism in older threads were better than all this tranny obsession

>>600947227I'm just glad we got a title

>>600964014>bisexual lightningdoth these fags know about blacklight or nah?

>>600964015Maybe they should market whatever conflict is coming instead of this shit >>600951834


>>600964202You ever heard of co-opting? Its similar to how men who think they are women are co-opting women roles.

>>600959847You will never be a woman.

>>600956719>we will never go back.

Attached: 1640704760710.png (699x1050, 246.03K)

>>600956086but not a dro of support for good game

Attached: 1635843221090.jpg (960x540, 52.82K)

>>600956719DAO was some tedious shit, man

>>600962129>Half the quotes bitching at them for not having good enough representation>Other half bitching at them for not making good gamesBiosisters... we just can't win...

Why did Holla Forums turn blue, and is there any way I can change it back?

>>600964014it used to be known as glowlight

>>600964459Just pick it up and replay it if you want to, it'll always be there for you.

>>600950109Mass effect and if you disagree lol you are gay

>>600964737>tourists think all anons aren't Holla ForumsYou'll learn in time.


Attached: 1625111740559.png (545x600, 431.36K)

>>600956086>supports trans rights>women's rightsAlready contradicting themselves in the first sentence

>>600949213Actual discrimination in hiring practices favoring minorities and different flavors of fags. Here you see a high up from blizzard at the time literally admitting to the process being rigged to get a non white male

>>600947865its SO FUCKING OVER bros...

>>600947865>opinions are my ownInteresting...

>>600947865RIP Bioware.It was a wild ride but it's time to read the writing on the wall.

>>600947865I too shall reply to this post


>>600965003why these tourists always go to pol but forget about int?



>>600965706Because they are disingenuous. Its also why they never mention /news/ or /his/. They've only heard of Holla Forums from other people, them being on Holla Forums is just for the thread and because their discord sent them. Brothers wars don't happen on 4chan.

>>600949187Trans women can also be men you fucking bigot.

I'm a tranny and even I'm getting tired of their shit. Starting to feel like Bobby Fischer.

>>600947865Ha, Bioware is dead

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>>6009497082 wasn't great, but I liked it a lot more than Inquisition.

>>600956394based lol

>>600965460>You will live long enough to see Bioware dieI am going to be making threads all fucking day when it happens. I will be celebrating it every year.

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>>600952418Like the Metroid Prime 4 "reveal."They have jack shit.

I'm going to murderfuck my way through balder's gate.

>>600949708>2nd game was pozzednigger, did you somehow miss out on how the storyline was literally about refugees openly being hostile to their host, citing their religion while they commit terror attacks? Or how tolerance fucked everyone over completely?

>>600966032>isbioware died years ago. anyone who thinks otherwise or had any faith they would ever make a good game again are retards.

>>600947227i know it's just a logo but everything about it is just fucking wrong, this looks like a saint's row game set in the dark ages.

>>600966474yeah I got that feeling once MassEffect 3 came out

>>600966575they died when me1 abandoned crpgs for console shooter bullshit.

>>600947227>Pride monthIts only a thing if you keep talking about it, retard

>>600966427Or how the "oppressed minorities" are rapists and murders and pull off magic 9/11

>>600966493>saint's row game set in the dark ages.I'd play that

>>600947865>nu bioware>EAhonestly what did you faggots expect, i've been telling you stupid fucking DA fans the franchise has been a walking corpse for well over a decade and you faggots still want to act like there's any hope to be had.

>>600966807too bad it actually isn't that, it just looks corny, over the top, and gay for no reason.

>>600964547it was kino tedious shit

>>600966807>robin hood and his merry gang>johnny archery>little john's big house o' whores

>>600955610According to the pic's description it was supposed to be a super-serious (wink-wink!) pic about them.>>600963028Second from the right. The nose alone betrays it. I wonder if he still has that beer belly.

>>600962227>it's about not being treated like they do by anonymous starters on the internetNewsflash, everyone gets treated like fucking shit on the internet, grow some thicker skin you sissy.>no hiring/firing discriminativelyBit late for that what with the advent of fucking quotas and the fact that many workplaces these days deliberately sort out anything white and male.

>>600947865You fucking boomers were supposed to gatekeep this shit so the next generation of zoomers can have their kino as you did.