What killed the arcade?

What killed the arcade?

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home consoles, mostly the ones with multiplayer

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Consoles caught up. They weren't the cutting edge of technology any more. Also, gamers wanted deeper games with mechanics and narratives that couldn't be boiled down to a 5 minute session. Even the SNES was doing that.

>>600946801The pay-per-life system died in favor of the pay-to-own system. It's either>travel and pay per life to play whatever games are available while sharing a room or cabinet with other people you may not likeor>pay once to own a console and game all to yourself in the comfort of your own home without limitsConsumers obviously chose the latter.(also, somewhat unrelated, but the pay-to-own model is also now slowly dying out in favor of the free-to-play model)

>>600946801Arcades only really thrive when they provide something that you can't do at home. Like the Taiko arcade games with the massive drum.


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>>600947768>Arcades only really thrive when they provide something that you can't do at home. It used to be that arcades provided cutting edge performance. Nowadays it's mainly controller gimmicks.

>>600946801I have a Round1 like 45 minutes away from me here in the USAThey've been expanding rapidly and opening up in different statesGo there to play rhythm games

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>>600946801THE ICE AGE

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>>600946801Arcades was never a thing

>>600946801Pay 1 euro per game in an arcade. The game lasts something like 3 minutes unless you get really skilled at the game due to the game being designed to eat through your credits. Meaning for 1 hour of game time you probably spent 20 euros if not more.Or buy a new game for 60 euros (or you can buy a 6 months old game for probably half of that). You can probably play this one game for hundreds if not thousands of hours.Arcades died when consoles and PC got close enough to them in terms of graphics. After that there was no reason to go to the arcade.

>>600951037Glad this is here. Just wanted to tell you good job, user.

>>600951118>how to out yourself as being born in 1999Dude im only 27 and I clearly remember every fucking mall I have ever been to having an arcade. And I mean with real games like Street Fighter and shit. Games that you zoomies play on Fightcade.I might have just been barely too young to really witness the golden era of Arcades but at least I got to witness the glory of playing Carnevil and getting scared shitless as a kid while I heard "DAYTOOOONAAAAA" in the background while some other guy mashed buttons in mortal kombat

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>>600949631>Only in rare situationsMy dude, gacha games are the least rare of situations.


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>>600947146Cause I got touched by my uncle

>>600951838Fuck off. I was born in 2001 and I remember arcades and there were still big then. Faggots like you never been to one so stop larping as an oldfag, you nigger.

>>600951838>>600952292It's a very regionally differing thing, you're both close minded and stupid.

>>600952292lmao zoomers are so sensitive about their age and never getting to experience how awesome things were before 9/11>>600952410Yeah maybe I didn't realize he's from Brazil or Mexico where they were still playing King of Fighters in arcades all the way until the late 2000s

>>600946801Couple reasons. But main thing is that at one point arcades were the place you got the best gaming experience in terms of graphics and sound. Take one of the last examples of this. Virtua Fighter 3 from 1996. That game was more powerful than any consoles or PC's at the time.But especially by the late 90s arcade machines were esentially just beefed up PS1's and Dreamcasts. At that point arcades gave you few extra shadows over the console or PC version.And considering due to arcade games being designed to eat your credits meant that when you were new to the game you probably only played like 3 minutes at most for a credit. Buying a new console or a pc game would give you way more hours of entertainment for your money.And when their popularity dropped one thing that kept Arcades more alive in Japan compared to USA was that your average arcade game cost a quarter in USA. While in Japan and Europe an arcade game cost 100 yen or 1 euro. Meaning in those countries a game cost 4 times more which meanst more revenue. Though also meant that the reason to switch over to console and pc was bigger.But to sumarize. Arcades lost the only thing that made them special once PC's and Consoles caught up to them in specs.

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>>600952872This. I remember going to an arcade last summer when I went to my countrys most popular amusement park. They had an Arcade there that mainly had 1990s Namco and Sega Arcade machines along with couple more modern ones.I played Sega Tour Car Championship since I had played it on the Saturn. Since I had played it on the Saturn I managed to get to the second stage. (I almost completed the second stage but time ran out like 2 seconds before I would have completed it. Which sucks since the third stage is the games easiest stage)But I noticed that everyone else who played it never made it past the first stage. (The amusement park had seemingly set settings even harder than normal just to squeeze out more credits) And I'd have a hard time justifying putting down an another euro just after losing that badly.

>>600952774The killer blow was the pandemic. It was on a slow decline from the 2000s onwards but still hung on in Japan and some other places.

>>600946801only arcades with niche fighter titles arcades that atract normies and kids still exist

>>600952813I sincerely hope you're joking and not actually this retarded. GBF which predates Genshin by almost a decade is still going strong, FGO is also still relevant.

>>600946801Online play

>>600946801- The first nail was consoles in the 80s- The second nail was getting almost arcade perfect in the 90s- The final nail was online play so you didn't even need to be in the flesh to play against people or in co-op gamesSuch is life. RIP my glowing rooms of joy.

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>Boomers bitch about 5 dollar skins and DLC>Also Boomers: spends 10 dollars on 50 cent arcade machines with no multiplayer, no saving, and 1-2 lives where the game resets completely if you die

>>600953989>no multiplayerdumbass zoom zoom

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>>600953763Pandemic fucked over so many events and shops and hobbies it's unreal

>>600946801>Corona>Home Video games having more content removing the need for arcades>Mobile games having the same stuff as arcade gamesArcades are really fun, but they became outdated quickly

>the few arcades remaining are almost always empty and offer flat rate play>japanese ones have snacks and other shit you can enjoy while gaminghonestly still sounds like a good timeyou just need real friends

>>600954114True. But going to arcade nowadays sucks if you want an opponent. The last two times I had to pay their game to get someone to be my opponent.

>>600946801Nyaa, I killed arcades, see? Nyaah, I peppered those videogames with a tommy before the coppers could show up and throw me in the paddy wagon, see? Nyaah, Nyahh.

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>>600946801I'm not sure what you mean, I still visit the arcade 1-2 night a week. I mostly play MaxiTune and fighting games. The place is usually packed, especially on weekends.

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>>600954317This sounds like total horseshit. I did a circuit around Japan a couple years ago and none of the arcades had snacks or other shit, most people just brought shit from outside.

>>600946801Unironically women

>>600954494I've seen videos of some that have cheap snacks and beer

>>600946801Malls died, so older kids were hanging out in malls less, and younger generations of kids were less likely to be left on their own when their parents went into the mall to shop. Instead of a whole family going to the mall, often just one parent would go to a big box store.Arcades are kind of back, but they're usually downtown, serve alcohol, and focus on pinball and party games.Barcades often have a few fighting game cabinets, but nothing compared to the 90s where they dominated the arcade.

>>600946801Arcades died of AIDS. Arcades had gay sex with other Arcades, transferring HIV across Arcades. Arcades died in the hospital weighing only 70 pounds.

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I want to buy an arcade machine or make my own. Arcade machines are still being made now, but for cheaper and for home use only. Arcade machines in general outside those prize machines aren't made anymore since they don't sell or make as much as those machines do. Putting a older Iphone in one of those machines will bring more revenue than having a racing game.To get a band new arcade machine that isn't a cheap knockoff by Arcade1up, it's like 600 USD to 2k.

>>600946801What killed the arcade?why, my peanus weenus of course :)hahah!it's my weeeeeenus peanus! hahahITT: What killed the arcade - my answer is, of course, my peanus weenus :Dhahaha!

>>600954414Why is he holding a tiny ass Scary Black Rifle?

>>600946801arcades slipped on a banana peel trying to scam a grocery store for insurance, but botched the staged banana peel slipping incident and arcades actually broke its own neck and later died of cardiovascular paralysis

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>>600954842The rifle is normal size, the gangster who killed arcades is just 20 feet tall.

>>600946801trannies and zoomers unable to adapt to tradition

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>>600953973This.Even stuff like Dance Dance Revolution and racing games found their way out of the $3000k owned machines and into the home market in the late 2000s.Now everything you can play online from Street Fighter and your fight stick, Dance Dance Revolution and your Dance Mat to Daytona USA with a Best Buy bought racing seat and wheel.

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>>600955391Trannies didn't play arcade games, they were anti social in their youth and won't be a market in the next 10 years due to well......... you know, rope reasons

>>600953989>with no multiplayerArcade games from the last 13 years have come with online play that links you to other arcades on the same network. The real issue is that for consumers, arcades don't financially make sense. If you're into arcade culture, make a point to visit Japan ASAP once they start accepting tourists back into the country. I went in 2019 and visited as many as I could, including Mikado which is in OPs image.

japan: >>600946801usa: pic

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When they want to charge $2.50 per game for light-gun shooter that lasts three minutes.

>>600955424But can you play this?youtu.be/jZfX2KRbfVIhard mode:youtu.be/GzYkqdlxAtQ

The arcade tried to mukbang some Taco Bell food and it had so much diarrhea it died of dehydration.

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>>600946801Home consoles closing the gap in terms of graphical capabilityOnline gaming increasing in popularity

>>600955797Answer the question.

>>600955850The first game, ongeki, you can play at home yeah if you're in the right communities to get the game. Maimai cabs are actually relatively cheap to buy now because the game is end of life and won't be getting any more updates.

>>600956038used to be everywhere in 7-11/laundromats/grocery stores probably cost more for maintenance than money the pulled in, western arcades were super shady placesstill exist in some malls (those are dying/dead), they have all moved to barcades or console/lans

>>600956132Nevermind having to build your own fuckhuge ongeki con because nobody sells them (and the shipping cost would fuck you up), "just buy a cab" is not at all an arcade alternative when it literally is the arcade machine.

Arcades died in America because they require heavy foot-traffic, a population of customers that don't just break things because they're bored, broke, 87 IQ shitheads, and to be in a society where public leisure centers don't become crime-riddled, drug-peddling, low-life-attracting shitholes when not placed under constant, 24/7 police supervision.

>>600955662>If you're into arcade culture, make a point to visit Japan ASAPThere's no point to do that especially when COVID also killed the JP arcade scene.

>>600956025How much of this is due to the fact that in the late 90s Arcade boards were esentially just beefed up PS1's (Namco System 11 and 12) and Dreamcasts (Sega Naomi)


>>600955797We normalize mentally ill people and demonize anyone who questions them. They are out there destroying everything and us the owners have to deal with it.Welcome to the western way of thinking.

the Arcade was eating OP's moms asshole but she lost her balance and smothered the Arcade with her fat glutes

What Arcade machines should we have at the Holla Forums arcade?

>>600956437also outside SF/NYC america is car based so not alot of foot traffic places or convenient places to kill time waiting for train/eat in like japan

>>600955797Oh my god. So I work for a car dealership and the soda pop companies came and offered to PAY THEM to have a machine outside our office.Within 72 hours the machine was broken in and robbed in the middle of the night.> Located in the mid south of USA

Only reason I go to a certain mall near my home is the arcade

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>>600956619No it didn't. Some of the smaller arcades that were already struggling pre-pandemic have closed but all of the major arcades are still open and the majority of the independent arcades are still operating.

>>600957050My local arcade has a Soulcalibur 3, WACCA7 and a Sound Vortex. Shits cash money

>>600957041meanwhile in japan

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>>600956736Absolutely none of it. It was clear that hardware innovations weren't coming from arcade developers. Like you ask today why consoles use AMD CPU+GPU, it's because there's no need to spend money reinventing wheels, especially when you're very likely to do a worse job than AMD. The same applied to arcade developers.


>>600957291There's gitadora/SDVX/Pump/DRS/maimai dx and chunithm for rhythm games. Alongside some WMMT 6RRUnfortunately there's also an air hockey table that's really popular with normalfags and can get extremely noisy since it's pretty close to the rhythm games

>>600947175But we never got deeper games

>>600957330You are welcome to take a long walk alone in downtown Chicago without a weapon or armed escort.

>>600957427I mean Sega Model 2 was much more powerful than what PC's could produce when it was made in 1993. And Sega Model 3 was more powerful than what even a maxed out PC could provide back in 1996.Though from my understanding part of reason why Sega made Naomi (a beefed up dreamcast) instead of Model 4 was because Model 2 and 3 were quite difficult to program for. And Naomi had the added bonus that the games could be converted to Dreamcast quite easily.

>>600957962>not ignoring centuries of supreme court rulings, because big black guns are scary


>>600957886Tell that to the redcoats, Limey.

>>600947471Also, longer arcade games really sucked if you can't stay there all day feeding quarters into it. There are a lot of games I never got to play past the first few levels of, and if you actually own the game that's not an issue.

>>600948115>Nowadays it's mainly controller gimmicks.That's mostly fine IMO. There are some cool things I would pay $X to play but wouldn't want to pay $XXXX dollars to have a room in my house dedicated to.

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>>600946801Arcade perfect ports on dreamcast and nigger filled malls.

>>600958225We should just make guns illegal to bring into schools, then school shootings can't happen.

>>600958382Off topic post, but USA as more guns in circulation than any other country at any point of time outside of military use. BIG difference.

>>600958497Which was because the Sega's arcade machine since 1998 was the Sega Naomi....... which was a beefed up Dreamcast so off course Dreamcast could provide Arcade perfect ports.

>>600946801multiculturalism and nignogs

>>600954486That's because they're making a comeback with hipster normies.

All this people who call themselves "old" can suck my cock, the only reason arcades died it's because new generations didn't care about it and the new games of arcadr were non existent in western part of the world and they prioritized consoles.

>>600946801Greed. They made the games harder so people would spend more money on it.

Convenience and technology. Once consoles became sophisticated enough to recreate or surpass arcade games, arcades became functionally useless. After all, why would you go to the effort of playing games designed to drain your quarters endlessly when you can just make a one off payment and enjoy the same experiences from the comfort of home? The only thing I can think that arcades have over home consoles is the atmosphere of the arcade itself.

>>600947893>trans rightsDie.

>>600956038He did, lol

>>600959228There actually isn't if you only look at me.

>go to one of the few arcades left in my country>it's filled with phone gamesIt's fucking over

>>600946801N I G G E R S

>Fucking huge cost to keep up to date with new games>Rapidly increasing technology meant they were out of date quicker and quickerOh, you have a multiple hundred dollar machine that does fancy 3D graphics like Tekken?Here's a 300$ PS1. It has tekken. It's only been one year and your entire business purchase is now wiped out.So what, you buy a Tekken 2 or Tekken 3 machine for another multiple hundred dollars? Tekken 2 and 3 are probably out in homes before you even make money back.There's a good reason Neo Geo machines kept up for so long.


>>600949631>Everyone thought that mobile games would be the future and that has long dried up and died.Mobile games hold the biggest share of the games market today user

>>600959075>even though every other country that has banned guns never had a situation like thatGuns are banned in a lot of the African and South American countries where there's the most violence.

>>600959716Are you actually retarded? Does your fucking tiny brain comprehend how huge 41% of households is? That is an outdated estimate anyways, it is likely far higher by now.

>>600946801home consoles, mostly

>>600952173Based uncle diddle fist.

Multiplayer in The Coin Game fucking WHEN?

>>600960014>Tell me how many South african schools have been shot up in comparison to US thenA shitload. Have you not heard of Boko Haram?


>>600960331You should look up how Virginia's citizens responded to its attempt to pass new gun control laws recently.

>>600960638>So I will take that as no, they don't have any.>Thanks for sharingen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boko_Haram

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>>600946801>mikadoI hope its doing alright I just wanna go back already and play xrd all night

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>>600960896Not him but>an internationally known terrorist organization in a barely functional third-world nation is equivalent to mentally ill individual teenagers schooting up a school in the richest most powerful country on earth

arcades have always been mediocre. 90% of them had the exact same shitty light gun games that never worked, some multi-cabinet racing game, that jurassic park enclosed jeep shooter, and skee ball. you were never getting a proper gaming experience from them and the only reason you would go is if you were a normalfaggot. why would i waste my time and money ar an arcade trying to play some shitty police academy game with a broken gun when i could be at home playing rollercoaster tycoon and megaman x? fuck arcades, i'm glad they're dying.

>>600960781they didnt do anything


>>600946801Boomer here. Arcade halls died when home computers and consoles caught up technologically with arcade machines. 99% of the appeal of arcades was simply in that the games were more advanced graphically than what you could play at home. Once it stopped being true, arcades lost most of their point.

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There is an arcade in the city live with bowling to.Retrostuff is the shit

>>600961960Legal only means the State can use violencr to enforce.Fuck the State, long live the rigth to bear guns and any private property.Death to communists and fascists alike.

Barcades are pretty good depending on how much the owners know their shit. My local one I can spend $5 to get in and I can play shit all night for free.

>>600952292>born in 2001>doesn't even remember pre 9/11 Americael oh el

>go to barcade>every machine is beat to absolute shit and barely functionalArcades took too long to change from the model of "just rob the player of a life via some split second reaction bullshit every 2 minutes to keep the quarters flowing".

>>600961205>>comparing militia groups and gangs to lone shooters>>600961379I wasn't comparing them, retards. I was refuting his statement that there's no gun violence in any country where guns are banned.

>every single mass shooting in the last years if not more was with legally acquired guns, and often purchased mere days or hours before the eventhmmm

>>600962679You speak from a place of never seeing or acknowledging that some people will just straight up gut you and your loved ones for money or even just for fun. Even with your retarded mass shooter strawman, the only way to bring those people down is with a gun and getting those away from people will not fix anything since those mass shooters get them illegally. What would happen in the Texas church shooting where they popped the guy before he went off on a killing spree? You unironically are pushing for letting you and other people roll over and try to defend themselves from armed people (be it the government or invaders) with their hands. You could say "hurr durr I live in a crimeless area. Btfo", but that is only a retarded self assurance. Stop being scared.

The people who repeat this "arcades are dead" shit don't even like arcades.>I miss arcades dude...>Alright let's go then?>Dave and Busters? Dudebro shit.>Round One? I cant read half these games...>The barcade that just got Dodopnpochi and Death Crimson OX cabs... haha pop open a hoppy ipa no thanks dude


why did an arcade thread turn into a schizo thread

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>>600946801Sweaty ass faggots who thought they owned the machine because they played on it the most.

>>600965880No.Like just fucking go.Namco just updated Maximum Tune 5 in North America. Go to the arcade.

>>600957296Also japan: vid>>600962679If that sentence means what you allege it means then why did everyone interpret that legal text in a different manner for centuries, without anyone correcting them?It seems that it's more logical that the plain language of that section was understood correctly therefore the right to gun ownership is such a well-established concept. I want to clarify i do agree that gun regulations are a logical solution,but this is such a absurd angle to argue for that in my opinion.

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>>600965927Because arcades can only thrive in societies that teach from a young age to respect each other as people, to keep our cities clean, and not be egocentric nutcases


>>600966204arcades aren't even thriving in Japan these days, they are quickly getting replaced by gacha and pachinko

>>600949631>mobile games>deadWhat the fuck am I reading? Did you come from another world?

>>600966469Can, not necessarily should.

>>600966035I do, and tons of people do. You're strawmanning, fuck off.

>>600966553Maybe arcades have less to do with muh society and more with the fact that they are not economically and technologically viable? Things go obsolete user and many of said things wither away in time.


>>600966416Sorry but that's bullshit and cope.>The 2nd Amendment is rather clearAnd again it was interpreted in the same manner for centuries.

>>600966469I legitimately think pachinko is cool and I wish we had it in the west

>>600947471An arcade I went to a few weeks ago just charged an admission fee, and had all the games on free play. I think this is better than pay-per-life (as you describe it), although I kind of miss the stakes of being on your last quarter. It was fun finally beating Carnevil as anyone who's played it knows you need the domestic income of a small country to have enough quarters to get to Tokkentaker.

Zoomer here. What did it feel like to go to an arcade?

Shout out to Arcade Monsters in Oviedo.

>>600951838I'm 22 and I still remember the first time I laid eyes on Crazy Taxi. Was never good at it, as all kids do with games, but I remember loving it. So much so that when I got a PSP for the first time, my mom bought Crazy Taxi with it.Hell, it was one of my first purchases on Steam, as well. And I haven't played it since.