>And here's my wife's son's room>He's quite the gamer!

>And here's my wife's son's room>He's quite the gamer!

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amazon.co.uk/PERIBOARD-106M-Performance-Full-Size-Ergonomic-Pan-Scandinavian/dp/B09B12PDZX/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3KH5FHI08WEOD&keywords=perixx beige&qid=1654198649&sprefix=perixx beig,aps,181&sr=8-3This

>Only on PissStationWho's going to tell xem

>>600945594I like that lava lamp tho

>>600945594Where is his playstation

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>mom get out of my room I am playing horizon zero dawn!

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>>600945938>>600945594actual cultists

>>600945594>my wife's son's>fatherless bastard>dating a single mother>last chance for a partner taken>PlaystationYup, it checks up, a family of fucking losers

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>>600945837Doesn't have one, he watches the games on Youtube like most PlayStation fans.

>>600946053gamers are cultists yes

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>>600945938>>600947017I never understand all that extra shit around the tv. I'd rather have a larger tv.

>>600945594>lava lamp on the corner of the table right near the couchWhat in retardation is this shit?

>>600945594What a sad existence.


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>>600947017I just wanted to waste a little time.. what happened.

Attached: Screen_Shot_2018-02-06_at_3.37.14_PM.png (1600x948, 609.86K)

>>600947017>>600945938>>600945594>>600948923I love game rooms but if I walked into these I'd be uncomfortable the whole way through.

>>600945594>>600945938>>600947017>>600948923>>600949180What do you think would happen if he brought a woman home and she found this room? Would she just walk out and ghost him lmao

>fuck capitalism btw XD

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>>600945594Why does he have movie posters up if he's a gamer?

>>600949393That guy is married and has 2 kids believe it or not

Attached: 1d6s3oblzjg21.jpg (3024x3024, 952.05K)

>>600949393Bro, I am male and don't do anything besides video games and I would ghost them

>>600949583cute slampig desu

>>600949393She would ask him to play mario kart

>>600947446it's only for the e-peen photo dumbass

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>>600945594>>600945938>>600948923Gaming themed rooms are one thing but plastering the brand everywhere is another. It seems like its a Sonyfag only thing too since this one >>600947017 despite having Nintendo, jump and dc shit around doesn't have a single visible brand logo for any of them

>>600949393the fact this is what you think of means you are a turbovirgin.

>>600949872cope faggot

>>600949972Cope with what?

I remember bringing a girl home from college when I was like 24 and she made fun of the video game posters in my childhood bedroom but in morning after sleeping in bed together she said they were cute and that I should keep them up.

>>600949850This screams mentally ill in a completely different way

>>600950107That's because as much as kids on Holla Forums say otherwise women love people who are passionate regardless of what it is barring full on degenerate shit like being a furry.

>>600950025>it's a sonyfag only thingyou're delusional

>>600945594why did you greentext youre own experience?

>>600950263Oh no I had stopped liking video games by that age. Those posters were just there from when I was kid and teen and I was too lazy to take them down. I'm 32 now and barely play games at all. Maybe 1 or 2 games a year.

>>600950363The proof is in the pudding user. Hell I don't even think they make official logo merch for Nintendo, DC and Jump like they do Xbox and PlayStation.

>>600945594>>600949583this guy can get a gf but you can't Holla Forums, what's your excuse?

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Do you think this guy gets pussy?

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>>600950445>Oh no I had stopped liking video games by that age.I bet you waste three hours a day at least on here.

>>600949850the anime stuff is kinda cringe but this is a very neat aesthetic

>>600950603The world is just unfair, nothing you can do about it

>>600950603The crushing weight of despair.

>>600950683>I bet you waste three hours a day at least on here.Oh far more than that.

>all popular surface level current shitWhy are these people like this

>>600950263>women love people who are passionateThat's cool with everything but games. The skaters and dirt bikes have their cute groupies who follow them around, the tat artists have all kinds of similar girls like them.. but the gamer is out of luck.

>>600945594>>600945938>>600947017>>600948923>>600949180>>600949583>>600950610people like this should be skinned alive. by me

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>>600950924Gamers truly are the most oppressed group of society

>>600950910I bet you if it was a room full of obscure old shit you'd still complain

>>600945594I feel awkward enough having a Resident Evil 3 poster in my room I would fucking die if I had my entire place themed up like that

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>>600950549Sony isn't a toy company so if you're a fan of something, you usually have to collect promo material, and it's usually free if you just ask the shop owner for it when they're done.Cope.

>>600949850If I was a woman I would feel safer in this room than any other of the gaming rooms posted here. Its still odd but at least theres some design choice put into it

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>>600945594I genuinely cannot fathom how someone can stomach being a snoy in 2022

meanwhile at user's place

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>>600951608>Sony isn't a toyNeither are Nintendo, jump or dc but they don't sell official merch of their logos. >you usually have to collect promo materialNo, they plaster their brand on a whole bunch of cheap merch. Store I used to work at used to sell these things at Christmas. Flew off the shelves too while the xbox ones basically rotted.

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>>600949180>it hasn't been posted yet

>>600952425God, I don't understand why sonyfags are such blatant brandwhores.

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>>600949393Not every woman is a Holla Forums caricature like you wish they were

>>600946053The irony is that that dude unironically sits on twitter all day posting his same pics calling xbots cultist

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>shrines to a brandi do not understand

>>600949583They’re Brits. This is her in a few years.

Attached: C5282348-0C8A-4235-AF83-D28A0A5DD432.jpg (1200x1789, 518.13K)

>>600945938tf is wrong this faggot?

>>600949583she literally looks like my drunkard british cousin in CK3

>Wife's sonI always had a respect for those Step Dad's that went "My kid now" when they moved in or married the mom. But "My wife's son." seems like someone a completely defeated individual would say.

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>>600952621To be fair, most people will get through that amount of PS5 controllers after a few months playing games

>>600945594You can't take a look at this pic and say this is not patheticTrannyera tourists and plebbitors will say>He's doing what he likesYeah so? It's still pathetic, he's an actual manchild

>>600952773>Part 2 was released almost two years ago

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>>600950610>tlou>that wall color>that bed>that shoddy craftsmanship on that archThis is 100% a Brazilian or South American

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>>600949872>This giant Nintendo themed Nintendo orgy of Nintendo shit is okay thoughShut the fuck up you moron

>>600947017if only you knew how bad things really are

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>>600949583they both look dead inside

>>600952819Consumerism is the millennial religion

>>600953124Please point to any Nintendo logos not on the console or controllers.

>>600945594Those "only on PS" posters must really sting now.

>>600951706I dunno, i think whoever made that room is the most likely of the lot to be a serial killer.

>>600949583What goes through their heads when taking this pic?I don't get it>here's some generic ps4 games everybody knows aboutLike okaw, what the hell is wrong with these consoomers?

>>600953124Not him but yeah they're not there to advertise Nintendo's brand.

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>>600949872>tendie already starts copingLmao you faggots are pathetic

>>600949872Triggering all the snoys with this one lmao

>>600950603I've had gfs I just don't want another until I get my life together

>>600953397>>600953527Duality of man, is it?

>>600953352>PS button coasters>PS button lampI don't understand why this exists.

>>600951706If you were a women you would be already dead

>>600953219>>600953324>it's okay because there are no logos anywhereholy shit the cope is off the charts

>>600953781It's his room user

>>600953527we're calling out your moronic double standards

>>600953630It's hardly a duality. One is triggered and one is making note of vsaid triggering.

>>600951706I don't think anyone would feel safe in the same room as this

Attached: 1444834474758 (2).webm (1920x1080, 264.6K)

>>600953219>>600953324>Giant Switch on the wall>Nintendo toys everywhereNintendo fans remain the biggest fucking retards on this board

>>600953896>we're>yourNah, nigga. You're just mad because he has you pegged.What does your room look like I wonder?

>>600954027Pegged for what. I hate console wars in general but that Nintendo room is very much just as cringey as the Sony rooms

>>600953929>30>greying beard

>>600954027yes we, look at all the other replies, and yes your moronic double standards because you're saying that being a lunatic brand cultist is okay as long as it's your brand of preference

>>600945594>>600945938>>600947017>>600948923>>600949180>>600949850>>600950610>>600952238>>600952425>>600952621>>600952773>>600952984>>600953114>>600953352I would be scared to go into any of these people's houses, I'd fear that they're probably a serial killer.

lol this thread twitter.com/kjngamer/status/1531390684309389312?s=21&t=IU82Shapkq-UNVvd1nsgNw

Post more setups for us to laugh at

>>600949872>it’s okay when a nincel does it lmao the mental gymnastics, good lord

>>600949872Here's the thing, sonyfags have nothing other than the brand. They don't like their games they just jerk off to the ps when they do well. The other guy is actually passionate about what he likes to the point where he wouldn't just buy merch but custom build cupboards rather than slap a bunch of Nintendo pillows, Nintendo lamps, Nintendo etc logos everywhere. Hell the "Nintendo" room isn't even a Nintendo room, it's literally everything the guy likes, he even painted a mural.

Attached: da8a6e45b77a611db72f7c416ebda519.jpg (1080x799, 117.58K)

>>600949180How tall is he?

>>600954201>tfw 32>multiple gray hairs alreadyMy beard is fine but my head is starting to go. Goodbye boys I'll see you on the other side

Attached: images.jpg (309x163, 5.05K)

>>600950610With pictures of (((Druckmann))) around? Absolutely not.

>>600954480He can't be more than 5'5 with that stack.

>>600954471>double standards holy shit nintendofags are pathetic

>>600954471The only thing more embarrassing than having a room like this is being the one and only faglord defending it.

>>600954480>>600954568Only pic I could find on google

Attached: C4F976CF-6570-4E8C-859E-3A51A1DB016F.jpg (922x2048, 172.43K)

>>600954471I'd honestly have more respect for sonyfags if they actually had the kind of dedication to custom build shit for fun.

>>600954518Grey hair is nothing compared to losing your hair, be grateful you faggot.

>>600949583You can see him playing all those garbage games, while his wife is getting fucked by her bull.


Attached: 61C07A6D-048B-4BDF-8B58-C07EC9D887D0.jpg (1284x1719, 959.48K)

>>600954985What a faggot.

>>600954808Its actually lightly thinning on top because I have psoriasis that went untreated for 6 months. It will grow back now that I'm medicated but it apparently takes like 3 years according to my Dermatologist.

Attached: 1639499859515.png (377x413, 213.64K)

>>600954791This good enough for you, dipshit? It’s sad, pathetic behavior that most people would look down on, not try to make excuses based on how much effort they’ve put into being a massive goddamn fag.


I love reading 'huh what the fuck is wrong with this guy? ' over and over again, these threads are so interesting.

>>600955394>It’s sad, pathetic behavior that most people would look down on,Who in their right mind would look down on competent carpentry?

>>600955394Forgot pic.

Attached: BE0767B6-7CF0-4EEB-B695-312B4A4E3A8D.jpg (474x632, 67.06K)

>>600955317>because I have psoriasis that went untreated for 6 monthsGod that shit is the fucking worst. There was a period where I couldn't wash my hair because the water was out for repairs and my scalp hurt like a motherfucker after a few days.The worst part is that I have curly near afro hair, granted now I keep it trimmed just so the shampoo can hit my scalp properly.

>being over the age of 18>having a room that seems to be decorated for a 7 year oldThese people need to be put down, all of them, regardless of brand.

>>600955498Oh god, what the fuck is that?That's the laziest thing I've ever seen. Dude didn't even cut notches for the shoulder buttons and the bottom and the speakers for the vita are all wrong.The only good part of that is the Sony and PSVita paint to no one's surprise.

Attached: 869a0c6b4ce9c0f63317fc1995c115eb-1200-80.jpg (1200x674, 66.33K)

>>600955498Oh my god, I didn't even notice that the start, select and PS buttons weren't aligned.Anyway, I searched the image and apparently this guy is also an engineer. God help us if these people are going to be working as engineers.

>>600955990Im 34 and i have posters and figures all over my gaming room.Thing is i couldn't buy these things when i was a kid and now i can.Mfw i just bought my first manga along with my first 2 pops of dexters lab.

>>600956824That's how adult life should be if you have the money.I bought my first digimon v-pet last year because I was never allowed.

Attached: 1566289502756.gif (500x275, 996.06K)

>>600945594>>600945938>>600947017>>600948923>>600949180Is there any Xbox themed room ilke that?

>>600956824>>600957024Don't you feel like you're trying to chase a way to compensate for something?

why is this board so jealous of happy people

>>600957049They exist but they aren't as gaudy as the Sony ones because its just green on white or black

Attached: 87252dfe0f400697d0be3d018f2d0f4c.jpg (410x344, 32.88K)

>>600956824Kys.I collect old games, but i don't turn my room into some cringy bullshit, each console has a box i store them in and i pull them out and plug it into my CRT whenever i want to play them.Grow the fuck up, user.

>>600957146Compensate for what?I'm buying it to make up for lost time.


>>600957362Sounds like you just live at home and can't do these things.

>>600945594>>600949583>>600954985Wait this is the same guy?

>>600957462In heavy's voice*

>>600950610i thought those were morb memes for a sec lol

I’m less a gamer than these guys right?

Attached: 1C160EB5-CF38-44D8-A794-45EA3F5583A4.jpg (3439x2923, 3.4M)

youtube.com/watch?v=QtE-4gLRynMThis thread reminded me of this.

>>600954985jesus christ how stupid can somebody be?

Attached: 481.png (884x804, 584.55K)

>>600957691Clean the fuck up dude.

>>600957481Why would i do this?it looks fucking retarded, my setup is minimalistic.Again, grow up you fucking flaming homo faggot.

>>600957818I just have a box and a monitor mount to store away. Its not that messy.

>>600957691>CRT>well taken care of consoles>no gay shit plastered everywhereYou're better than literally all of them.

>>600957825>it looks fucking retardedThe Sony ones are a different story since that's just core consooming. Anything that involves DIY on the other than a man should try at least once.I mean, do you even have a set of tools?

>>600957764>>600954985>>600949583Okay you know what Holla Forums, i finally understand what you guys mean when you use the word "snoy", took me a few years.

>>600945938Beyond pathetic and sad holy fucking lord idc how much money they have

>>600957691Why do you have a Simpsons poster?

>>600945594When I was a kid my room was filled with posters and magazine page cut outs, and graffiti on my wall next to my art desk.

>>600958075The better question is why dont you have a pre season 10 simpsons poster?

>>600957972>Do you have a set of toolsThe only thing i don't own is a reballing station I have everything since i like restoring/fixing old consoles as a hobby.

>>600958010The thing that gets me about that one in particular is that he had to go out to his local game shop and either beg them for the display or dumpster dive for it.


Attached: s-l640.jpg (414x640, 50.11K)

>>600958219Well you're on the right path at least.

>>600945594I dont own any merchandise, and the reality is that Im the weirdo. I wish I could be as happy to consume products as these people seem to be, they seem to know what they want.


rate my setup Holla Forums

Attached: DSC_0363.jpg (1474x2952, 1.79M)

>>600957691This is how life is like across the globe for gamers

>>600945594looks based, keep seething, nincels.

I still have some of my old LBP merch that I got years ago, I don't have the heart to throw it away

>>600958380Your boxes are stacked like a retard trying to play janga

>>600958380fire hazard nigga

>>600958380You only get one room?

>>600958169Not a big Simpsons fan.And I don't really like posters as it is, right now I only have a NMH3, SMT5 and Pokemon BW poster up and that's just because they were free.

>>600958380>doesn't have the zero figure arts or Bruce LeePleb

>>600958075I have a gay ass cuphead poster on my wall for the past 5 years and still don't know why user

>>600958549Thats far, but im sorry your taste is bad.

>>600958380Please for the love of GOD fix those boxes.

>>600953352I don't understand this. Do these people just make a shrine for every new AAA game that releases? All that shit is covering his shelf so there's no way it's something he intends to keep there for more than a few days.

>>600958649>why don't the have them stored in the closet

>>600958634Says the Simpsons lad.

>>600945938>>600945594I never thought gaming rooms could ever be more cringe, but Snoys managed.

>>600945594>quite the gamer!>no games

Attached: 1645558985387.jpg (419x480, 31.03K)

>>600958720Simpsons should have died and long time ago when they were still good

>>600958787Im the guy with the poster and I agree, ive literally never seen an eps past season 13.

>>600958896I have. I've seen them all. I died inside when just like when Lisa regected chief piggums retarded son live on the Krusty anniversary

>>600954518My buddy went completely "silver" at 35, like not a single hair on his head was brown still.

>>600945594all this brand worship is sad man, empty lives in packed rooms, what a shitfest>inb4 mental gymnastics to be able to wake up another morning

>>600945594>No Aibo>No Walkman>No Aniplex anime>No Bravia>No burner VaioGo full into Sony or go home

Attached: 1749132.png (490x350, 327.12K)

>>600958942Tell him to grow it out liked sephiroth

>>600958692>Do these people just make a shrine for every new AAA game that releasesPart of me thinks that Sony fanboys swap them out with each game because these>>600952238>>600952425>>600952621>>600952773Look like the same place.

Attached: DSC_0572.jpg (4032x3024, 2.57M)

>>600959545the cringe is the crappy beer

>>600959545pretty chad ngl

>>600959545You have to get up to get a beer? It opens on the left

>>600959627Pilsner is Pilsner. I just bought the fridge today and wanted to fill it up for cheap

>>600959545The fuck are those drawers?

>>600959748Mirror your desk so the pc is on the left and your mini bar is on the right so the door opens up on your right side.

>>600949393>Would she just walk out and ghost himYes.

>it's another let's make fun of people being happy and living their best lives threadNever change Holla Forums


>>600959545Switch the desk and cabinet around

>>600948923Imagine the crunching sounds

that's an old looking child

>>600959948It's like bubble wrap

>>600959824I think I can put the hinges on the other side of the door. It didn't bother me until you mentioned it but I'll swap it over when I can be bothered

>>600960024Easy access. I'm a professional lazy ass

>>600949180>tv above the fireplace>shelves in front of itPlease not this isn't just bad taste, it's British houses literally not being big enough to house a modern size television.

>>600949850Pretty sure this dude attracted feds

>>600960078you think this know how to start a fire anyway?

>>600960178No that's just a really gay fish eye lens picture

>>600960197I doubt Holla Forums can agree on anything. The energy used with a cut elictical cord could start many fires.

>>600958365Nah the old chick is way cuter. New one is a trashy skank who has to angle her head in photos to make her face look less fat

>>600960024Just flip it. EZPZ

>>600960532They’re British. She’s a slag.

>>600957691christ glare on the crt must be dick

>>600960913Its just I have the blinds open for the kitty, when I use it I shut the blinds and pull close the curtains.

Attached: 1278355630547.jpg (718x1024, 389.2K)

>>600960756Ive honestly seen more fat people in the UK online than in the US.

>>600961013I just moved one of my tvs so my cat could look out of the window

>>600950603hatred of women

>>600961115Hatred of yourself

>>600959924But then he can't use the mini fridge to block the monitor when his mom walks by.

>>600961109There are huge windows on two of my walls so there is no place I could move the TVs that wouldnt get hit bight light with the blinds up.

Attached: Adult Rydia1.jpg (460x650, 78.69K)

>>600961021>Ive honestly seen more fat people in the UK online than in the US.Because skinny people don't have reason to post online.

>>600961262no, just women. I feel comfy

>>600959545the fuck is this, 90's ? anyway, look better than everything in this thread

>>600959824>>600960024I read these posts having missed the image and thought it was about an actual door. Realized as a result that I could and should swap my bedroom door around so it doesn't hit my desk anymore, thanks lads.

Attached: persona 3 protag diagram.png (800x600, 3.29K)

>>600959545Cultured.I could type on that keyboard for days.

>>600958380>dear friendsbased

>>600958586then take it down

>>600950924i feel like a 20 something man who is obsessed with skating and bikes would be more repulsive than bing bing wahoo

>>600961660The keyboard isn't that great. There's nothing wrong with it but it's just a bogstandard rubber dome one:amazon.co.uk/PERIBOARD-106M-Performance-Full-Size-Ergonomic-Pan-Scandinavian/dp/B09B12PDZX/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3KH5FHI08WEOD&keywords=perixx beige&qid=1654198649&sprefix=perixx beig,aps,181&sr=8-3This isn't my main PC by the way, I've just recently moved house and I only have this one set up so far. I have a gay RGB mechanical keyboard for my main computer but that's not set up yet since I've recently moved.

>>600958380Isn't this the room of the guy who killed his family after they got mad at him for spending too much on titty streamers?

>>600949808>giant nintendo switch controllers along the side of his tv. >for just one photo.bruh. he obviously decorated for the long term.

>>600965697My guess is that he probably just made them for the sake making it.I mean, if I had any talent with carpentry I would have made an arcade machine shell, gutted an old TV, slapped a switch Dock on to the side of it and made a makeshift arcade machine.