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What happened?

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>>600944639Wtf Nintendo

I honestly like that you can now customize your trainer, if what we saw in the trailer are supposed to be more players instead of NPCs then I'm glad you can truly make a character of y your own likingI'm still going to play as the cute girl

>>600944639I miss the DS era...

>>600944639The i still preffer the off model art of the 5th gen

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>>600944639you retarded fucks.the reason the mcs look so simple in the last pokemon games is because they are customisable. and they want the default to look a bit bland so that the player feels excited about the way they "upgrade" them.its the same with like minecraft having ugly houses spawn in the wild by default. they dont want to out-do the player. they could easily spawn beautiful buildings.dont post on my website again.

>>600948480The past 2 or 3 gen had cool designs and you could still customize them. That's not an excuse to this crappy bland design. At least show some of the customization menu in the teaser, if that's so important, baka

>>600944639>15 year olds good 12 year olds badyoure just mad you cant lewd them without feeling like a pedo, dont pretend otherwise

>>600948480Default Calem and Serena looks cool even if they're customizable.

Pokemon fans be like: Which underaged female has the biggest ass?

>>600950671I'm not a fucking apebrained plebeian, which underage girl has the tastiest footsweat?

>>600948886>>600950561Wardrobe options aren't character customization

>>600944639They prob hired some sjw who said the girl MC should be less sexy and look more like the boy MC

>>600951729>less sexyif that's true, they failed pretty fucking hard

>>600950671>furfags be like "wich animal has the best cock"

>>600944639The boy on the left always looked like shit. I still don’t get what’s wrong with the right other than new thing bad


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>>600950671Which underaged female has the cutest tummy?

>>600951729Well they did an awful job at it, she has better hips and a hip to waist ratio that is very rarely found in teenagers at that age.


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>>600951713Since Alola they were all pretty customizable. If you think you're gonna have a skyrim customization in the new game, you're desilusional.

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>>600944639MCs turned into templates now since you can just customize them

>>600944639>thinking that the left is actually soulYou must be 18+ to post here.

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>>600952260Alternate skins are also not character customization, and of course the customization isn't going to be anything crazy. But even if it's just something like choosing from a list of hairstyles and picking your hair, eye, and skin colour, then what >>600948480 said still applies.

>>600944639They chose those costumes because they're unisex. Either because they're too lazy to design separate male and female costumes, or they're kissing ass towards the alphabet people

>>600944639TPCi has been actively removing anime elements from Pokemon

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>>600953730what are "anime elements"

>>600954289The things that make Pokemon Japanese, newfag

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>>600950561no they were they were generic af because it started the customization trend i want something as cool as og may again

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>>600955074so say Japanese elements, not """"anime"""" elements retard

>>600955276first 3 gens character designs had some big fucking calves

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>>600944639>SHITnovaOP is a gigantic fag who suck cocks every single day.

>gen 5>soulyoutu.be/O0ikW7pVa_I

>>600955470yeah i liked sugimoris style he made the humans in pokemon a little chunky it it wasnt til the tail end of gen 3 and beyond when the human started slimming down and going for a more rounder moe look.

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>>600955819which ultimately led to this cancer. at the end i know its subjective but it looks so much worse

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>>600952816Hilbert is the best male MC design since Red.

>>600956137it's true

I'm going to rape Hilbert

>>600955356Anime is a Japanese art style so it goes without saying

>>600955608>>600955758Fuck off trannies, Gen 5 is peak SOVL.

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>>600956048here have this

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We're actually here now...People claiming that Gen 5 was AKSHUALLY totally good and soul!Never thought i'd see the day. Seems like the new games are THAT shit, huh?

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these are the most generic designs ever if this wasnt a pokeshit game everyone would agree

>>600956938People outside of Facebook always liked Gen 5.

>>600956938People have been shilling Black and White for over 10 years now as the best generation because of the huge fucking breadth of features they had. From a functional gameplay perspective they're not exactly wrong. However I think the Dex and setting is pretty shit. So are most of the bosses.Also people are probably shilling it now because it would have been a zoomer childhood game in addition to the fact that Hilda porn is through the roof and having a resurgence.

>>600944639>new bad!>old good!Same shit different day. When Gen 10 comes out you’ll call Scarlet/Violet the best games in the series.

Old style is goodNew style is goodBoth are goodI jerk off to may a lot

>>600957283>When Gen 10 comes out you’ll call Scarlet/Violet the best games in the series.outside of discord groups Holla Forums's opinion on pokemon games has been pretty consistentthey've gone downhill since XY

>>600956938It’s been a meme for a while. Now many zoomer children unironically have nostalgia for Gen 5 and are coming here to shill.

>>600957283Pokemon has consistently been getting worse for generations but yes if Generation 10 features a bunch of black tumblr designed transgenders I will probably sing the praises of the simpler times when Pokemon was only just replacing attractive/cool looking generation protagonists with incredibly bland and unremarkable NPC looking, genderless schoolchildren.

>>600953730Good, anime is for gaylords

>>600956938Gen 5 was 12 years ago.

>>600956137>>600956225No. He is literally based on Justin Beiber.

>>600957892Elaborate.I want to hear what makes you think this way.

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>>600957892haha justin beiber memethis isnt the 2000's anymore this is 2022 fag


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>>600948480The protags were customisable in XY too and they were nowhere near as bland there.

>>600957974During Gen 4, Sugimori mentioned in an interview that he and Game Freak design protagonists based on what they see children wearing at the time, hence why Dawn wears a skirt in cold weather like they do in Hokkaido and why there were hints of French culture in Sinnoh as it was trendy in Japan back then (check out stuff from around that time like Solatorobo). As they couldn't simply spy on American kids from their windows, they copied the looks that Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus had at some point. If you can find the photos, you'll see they had the exact same clothes (and hairstyle in the case of Hilda).>>600958174See above, imbecile.>>600958210I, however, disagree.

>>600957892It's 2022, not 2006, Justin Bieber is based now.

>>600959792Fuck off, child. Get off my Web.

>>600959689Produce the pictures at once.

>>600953730I hate this shitty timeline I'm gona buttblast the one responsible.

>>600944639Nonwhite PC options.

>>600956938Every gen should have an entirely new pokedex with no preexisting repeats before the post-game.

>>600960093YOU like Justin Beiber, why don't YOU do it?

>>600961140You're the one who made the claim, you back it up.

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>>600960605Did Black and White do that? I can't remember. If so it's to their credit, another aspect of that game that finally does things right. Hell, even the story felt like a proper JRPG and fully fledged story trying to actually do or say something.However, the dex kind of sucks.

>>600960182Do it.

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Going to buy my first Pokemon game since Yellow for her and muscle professor.

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Can we finally customise faces in this game?

>>600961535>I'm gonna buy a game for a girl's design when porn of her is free!Why?

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>>600944639>He doesn't want to be a shota buttslut who gets passed around by the evil team.How gay

>>600961750Because I'm too stupid to just look at pictures online.

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>>600944639Left look like young teens, 13-14, right look like little kids 9 or 10 maybe

>>600956048The only thing bad about this is her skin color is too pale.

>>600944639Gen 5 also sucks btw.

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>>600944639back in my day gen 5 was called the worst gen yet, what happened?

>>600955470Walking brah.