This is the best videogame>infinite replayability>demands full engagement>free (costs nothing)

this is the best videogame>infinite replayability>demands full engagement>free (costs nothing)

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>>600943923I hear it gives you carpal tunnel real easily, haven't played it so I can't confirm though

Its nice containment for the kids too stupid for a real rhythm game

osu! standard is better than "real rhythm games"

>>600943923>>free (costs nothing)Oh wow, thanks user. I didn't know 'free' means 'costless'.

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>>600943923>demands full engagementNo thanks.

>>600944117post ur rhythm game of choice and your scores on it user.

>>600943923>weebshitGame seems cool but anime is a red flag I can't ignore. Hard pass.

>>600944606install gentoo

I really wanted to enjoy Osu!But I feel like there's always something off about the beatmaps. Either they follow the song but are braindead easy, or they're retardly hard and don't even follow the song anymore.

>>600945157You can ignore it, I just play non-tv size and graveyard maps and I enjoy this game a lot.

>>600945627>or they're retardly hard and don't even follow the song anymoreguitar hero did the same shit, if a song wasn't "hard" enough they made you play notes from other instruments. You'd fuck up if you only listened to the guitar track, so dumb

>>600945627>>600945839>he doesn't like playing all instruments and rhythms in a songgid gud

osu! is for tranniesElite beat agents is for CHADS

>>600945839based retard, it's a rhythm game not play along to one instrument in the song game. harder songs are going to follow more notes simple as.

>>600946865>>600947953there's a bass mode you don't need to put bass notes in the guitar chart

>gid gud

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>>600944041it's true, i'm in pain most days but it's bearable. breaks are important but the game is addictive

>>600943923this is not just limited to osu, rhythm games are the purest genre of video games to exist

>>600943923>WOOOAH BRO I TOTALLY FULL COMBOD THAT SONG>accuracy: 60% perfect: 2 great: 50 okay: 2000

>>600945839the difference is that osu! is not supposed to follow an instrument like the guitar. mapping any part of the song is fair game and switching which part is being followed is also fair game. Most maps do follow the song but people are too bad at the game to even realize. Overmapping does exist but it's quite rare in the ranked section

>>600948960the miku colorful stage mobile rhythm game has a full perfect combo award. Gotta be pretty cracked at the game to get that on expert or master level. Getting regular full combos is easy in comparison

>>600948960I could spend all my time trying to perfect 4 star maps, or actually have fun challenging myself with just finishing 5-6 star maps.

>>600946865>>600947953>>600948989Idgaf. It's shit.Project Diva pretty much only follows the voice of the characters yet it's still challenging, more fun and doesn't feel like it's over-designed to appeal only to scoretards.

>>600945157what the fuck does this even mean

>>600950592If you have a good sense of rhythm and composition, you shouldn't have a hard time following more vague note patterns that don't just stick to one instrument. Osu beatmaps are meant to accompany the music, which is why the hits actually make sound (Good beatmaps will use custom hit sounds to better complement the music). Also, the difficulty ceiling in project diva is knee-high compared to rhythm games focused on competitive scoring.

Tetote X Connect >>>>> Osu!

>>600950592project diva is shit compared to soundvoltex and thats a "scoring" game.

but yeah i loved Osu

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>>600943923I always found it too easy or too hard. Weird, because I am quite proud of being the only one in my friend group to completely beat EBA on highest difficulty.I guess it goes to show how good EBA/OTO is when OSU! is so imbalanced and often doesn't fit the music.

After playing osu!mania I can't stop thinking of standard as a retard mode. In mania you have to execute and learn some many challenging patterns, sliders/LNs actually have a purpose to exist because of simultaneous inputs. Standard has essentially two patterns - jumps and streams, and sliders have no reason to exist because there are no simultaneous inputs. It's just a game of clickfast.

For me, it's Stepmania/DDR/Pump it

>>600943923Not even close to even being the best rhythm game out there. It's a fine game but honestly the most fun from it comes from multiplayer lobbies and shitposting to other players between songs.

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>>600944892For me it is DJ Hero

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>>600943923Groove Coaster is the better game that revolves around tapping and sliding.


>>600953602std and catch are braindead modes, mania and taiko are top tier rhythmical games.

>>600943923The actual gameplay is terrible though. I know this is true of all video games, but if you're gonna spend hundreds of hours on a rhythm game you really might as well just buy a guitar and play Rocksmith.

>>600943923Nobody makes good maps for good songs/music and there's no connective gameplay to the music anyway. It's just playing with autistic coloured balls while music happens

>>600955782>>600945627Look at the fucking pavarottis here with perfect pitch

>>600952790i have never cringed so hard in my entire life

>>600956274>not liking the

>>600955341Or, like any sensible person who likes playing music, do both.

>>600955341Just saying play Rocksmith is fucking retarded when majority of rhythm games aren't based on playing rock or metal on plastic instruments. If I'm playing games with songs like this I'm not going to be jumping to start playing a guitar based game as a

>>600944606He has to say that because he is trying to hide that fact that Osu!'s got nothing on real free as in freedom rhythm games.

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any beatmaps with music like ?

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For me it's Beat Saber with custom packs

>>600946865>>600947953Pull that shit in Rocksmith or Gitadora and everyone would complain about it, especially towards the smartasses who put DDR tracks into the Drummania portion because it has a notable beat.

>>600943923You just described Cho Ren Sha 68k and Warning Forever.

Whats the point of rhythm games? You just executed pre-arranged commands. Like, how is this fun? There's no creativity, no freedom, no actual gameplay. TypeRacer is probably more fun than every rhythm game, at least I get to train an actual useful skill


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>>600960273i'm not a music geek so idk what genre that is but osu! has a bunch of goreshit maps which seems a bit harder than what you linked but it's the closest thing i can think of

>>600962190Perfecting execution to the beat of good music is an enjoyable experience, you'd have to be genuinely retarded to not understand why people enjoy the genre.

>>600943923sucks that you're playing at a disadvantage if you're not using a tabletyes some faggots play m+kb and do the hardest maps but tablet playing is inf easyer

>>600963205I'm playing ~6 star maps with a mouse and so far the only thing that fucks me up is my reaction speed.I'm using a G Pro if that makes any difference.

>>600963205mouse drift is annoying but unless you're playing 7 star maps it's really not that much of a disadvantage and even then it's not as big as you make it out to be. 9 times out of 10 someone isn't missing because of their hardware but because they lack something in one of their skillsets

>>600955341I don't know about you but I just play video games for fun

>>600955223Everyone always shittalks mania for being "overmapped" but a lot of the overmapped songs over 4k are really fun to play if you're not bad.

>>600963004i was forgetting about those but yeah i have most goreshit already

>>600964137Yes, and if you think shit like Osu is fun then you'd definitely enjoy playing an actual instrument, especially in a game format. You do you though king

>>600964927I do. I still play osu for fun

>>600943923I will not play this game in protest of his jewish ways>have to pay to change name>account permanetly marked with the old name>if you delete your account you are never allowed to make a new one