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>>600943273I hate Golden with the fury of a thousand suns. I wish Atlus would just rerelease their shit without fucking with it.

>>600943432What's really the difference between P4G and regular P4

>>600944013>nerfed the only good bosses in the game>new post battle card drawing kills any challenge the game had left>bloats the game with dozens of hours of new VN content that is all substandard


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>>600944013Bad new story, and fucked up visuals.

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>>600943432I wish Sega would just rerelease their shit without fucking with it.

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>>600944013Adds a new dungeon, which personally I like the gimmick ofAdds social links with Adachi and new character Marie, who everyone hates due to her having Mary Sue properties (especially in the Golden anime)Made a LOT easier: save points are more spread around, party members are buffed, bosses are nerfed, adds some other gimmicks which makes things easier.Adds a silly quiz bonus game and some other special featuresUpdated graphics and some characters like Chie have new VAs. If these are improvements or not, it’s debatable.

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The game was always easy as fuck. Lmao

>>600944543Kiwami was superior. Cope faggot

You could feel that the last portion of the game was rushed due to how little content rhe last months had. Otherwise yeah the game was already perfect.

what was the point of this character?

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Is Adachi epic? Serious answers only.

>>600946541He didn’t want to be lonely. A kind of deconstruction of the mascot archetype.

>>600946541Hes Butters

>people here are genuinely trying to argue that a PS2 version of a game from 2008 is better than an enhanced version from 2012 with the modern conveniences of a 2020 PC

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>>600948112>NEW GOOD!! OLD BAD!!

>>600948112I think people over exaggerating the issues with golden but it still is a lot more bloated than base p4 and is hell of a lot more unbalanced

>>600948112When P4G was announced on Steam Holla Forums was very vocal about how you should avoid it and stick to the PS2 original. Still bought and played it because I always do the opposite of what Holla Forums says.

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>>600943273pure autism. theyre mostly the same game, youre just looking for shit to complain about because any deviation from the vanilla version is automatically shit in your eyes

>>600943273Is it meme to hate on golden? It's an improvement in almost every capacity, I don't see how you could prefer the original unless you really like grandma chie

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>>600944149literally SOULSOULLESS

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>>600944141>muh challengeplay smt you dumbfuck

>>600948491>When P4G was announced on Steam Holla Forums was very vocal about how you should avoid it and stick to the PS2 originalThat's not true you jew faggot

>>600944149you know for people bitching p4g for this scene this area was never brought up again. it only lasts for a second.

>>600949726>it's only the tip

>>600949676Trying to gaslight me, eh? It won't work, you lying man. The cherry on top: TLOU2 was released around the same time. Most of Holla Forums's catalog during the following two weeks was nothing but threads bitching about TLOU2.

>>600943273This but the overrated shit that is P3 on the left.

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>>600949676>>600949976archive exists you know. someone is telling the truth and the other is a lying whore.

>>600949324If you don't care about the gameplay just watch the anime instead, its way better

>>600943273>>600944149People don't talk enough about this. The textures are weird and overdetailed while some effects are completely gone. They fucked it up just to add that stupid new character no one likes and make a long game even longer with fanservice nonsense>>600949726The entire city looks worse, inside houses and buildings is not as bad, though

>>600951908Persona 4 always looked like a peanut budget turd so I don't think anyone cares that much about it looking slightly more asslike. original intro is pure, nostalgic kinoI am immediately pulled back to summer days watching this intro play on a CRT

>>600952024I don't think so, i've always thought the original ps2 game looks lovely and has a great small town atmosphere. Golden makes it worse for no reason

>>600943273>goden is bad because... it just is

>>600949293holy BASED

>>600949193It is significantly easier. Skill cards and new card drawing are the worst. SP and money economy is absolutely fucked, you just don't need the fox.

What's with this sudden contrarianism about the enhanced versions?Golden and Royal were always considered to be superior to the original versions for the longest time, did some jewtuber make a video about how the vanilla versions are better?

>>600952956you have people on Holla Forums arguing about it for half a damn decade before P5 came out and killed the daily Persona threads


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>>600952956Royal destroys what little semblance of difficulty vanilla had too, btw. I actually can't imagine what P6 might be like.

Okay, but which of these is the best>Persona 3>Persona 3 FES>Persona 3 Portable

>>600953315FES by far. You have a few idiots who will say Portable because "MUH FEM PROTAG" but it removes a large chunk of the overworld in favor of a shittier menu system.

>>600952956>sudden contrarianismactually they persisted even before the steam release which you could argue it was sour grapes instead.

>>600943273P5 > P3 > Diarrhea > P4 > Golden

>>600944149isnt that only an issue with the pc version?

if you want difficulty then play persona on very hard then

Hating on Golden over the original is this board's lowest moment and just convinced me that the only people in here are shitposting bots.

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>>600953821Marie objectively ruins p4g

>>600953913Then don't do her S.Link?

>>600944142Can the PC version be modded? I wanna make a mod that replaces her with a trash can that makes fart noises

>>600953498Fair but I like the idea of a full new playthrough. also I'd rather do that than play the The Answer again. Gross. The overworld is the dealbreaker though but then again so is not controlling characters. In a perfect world atlus will either combine the two into a new game or remake it to include everything.

>>600953913I hate Marie too but you can just ignore her. If the argument is that you don't like the new golden content then again, just ignore her and you don't have to do any of it.

>>600953965There's a lot of mods for the PC version actually. What you want to do isn't impossible. It's in fact very possible if you put your mind to it.


>>600953315Persona 3 isn't good

>>600944543They did. There's even quality of life improvements and the Wii U version shows the map on the Gamepad at all times.

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>> like how the reply in the pic is the only reply to point out the name

>>600953671No, it's the same on Vita.t. Someone who bought it for the Vita when it came out.

>>600943273FUCK Persona, aight.

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>>600953315portable, femc route

>>600954213Not him but I'm assuming those remasters are JP only, right?



>>600948112golden has the scooters therefore its better.

>>600943432every atlus expanded rerelease is better

>>600954453>>600954475Well damn, how good are those remasters in comparison to vanilla games?I might have to continue learning Nip so i can play those versions

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>>600953821>IT'S JUST BETTER OK??! YOU'RE JUST SHITPOSTING IF YOU THINK IT ISN'T!I hate the visual changesI hate the new musicI hate the new openingI hate the new cutscenesI hate the new characterAnd I have since it came out in 2012. Is it REALLY so unreasonable that some people dislike the new shit made by a new team tacked onto an already finished game?

>>600944149wow, the second image is fucking disgusting.

>>600954747They are amazing, it's the PS2 originals, soundtrack untouched, minigames untouched, no gay ass majima everywhere and all that shit plus Quality of Life enhancements and beautiful HD textures that make the PS2 originals really shine.

>>600946541atlus has terrible mascot characters.


>>600943273what is this, bait for ants?

>>600946541You shut the fuck up Teddie was based

>>600944149Give me the ps2 look

>persona 3 fes>only game to reward you for max s.links.>tedious to the point you get 3 extra days by the end of the year if you do everything right.


>>600954747>how good are those remasters in comparison to vanilla games?Objectively the definitive versions of the game.>Higher resolution.>Better textures in general.>1 adds in a Hard difficulty and makes the default Normal difficulty the unlockable difficulty you get from the PS2 version minus the constantly regenerating Heat.>1 has the restaurant items marked with a checkmark so you know what you bought.>Load times on both games are faster, and because you can install the games to your HDD they're faster than even emulated PS2 copies.>Save files give you bonuses for PS3 5 even in the west.Then as a bonus:>If you play them on RPCS3 they have the proper lighting and emulate effortlessly compared to PCSX2.They didn't fix any issues with the missables, PA, or how you can get locked out of Amon in 1, but there's no reason to play the PS2 copies if you can play HD.

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>>600954781unadulterated autism

>>600949324Don't tell me what to do, nigger.


>duurr more stuff equal better. who cares about about anything else? ur dumb

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>>600953498FES did it right by separating most of the extra content into another part as to not ruin the great pacing of the original. Golden pretty much made Atlus think more = good, and they ended up making 5 too long as a result. At a certain point it's better to focus on replayability instead of game length.

>>600955127>>600955396I really want to play those versions, unfortunately, it's gonna take years for me to fluent in Japanese, so I'm gonna have to play the PS2 versions of the game in the meantime since there are already English versions of 1 and 2

>>600956762The dub is hilariously bad; not to mention that the English script, aside from its translation quality, most likely have been "dumbed" down just to avoid terms like aniki/oyabun and such.

>>600944149all of the problems I had with Golden went away after the first hour or twomaybe it's because everyone at Atlus finds their direction by then, like nu-Chie's VA going from insufferable to tolerable by then

>>600953821For me that was 2019, when every single game that wasn't Sekiro was ferociously shitposted to death.

>>600955239>Teddie was basedbased on a piece of shit lmao

>>600953821The only thing I don't like are the visual changes. I was hoping someone would make a mod that, at least, adds fog back in, but no one has done it.

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If these P4G issues really mattered someone would have made a 4G-Vanilla conversion mod by now

>>600952025The opening is probably the weakest part of the game. P3’s was so much better. And i i think P4 was a masterpiece.

>>600943273does it still have denuvo?

>>600955894Don't be racist outside of Holla Forums, nagger. I got banned for that once.

>>600954781Holy autism batman

>>600944149bottom looks unironically better

>>600943273FES > 34 > goldenRoyal > 5What the fuck went wrong bros?


>>600962969Why would someone go through the effort of doing that when you can just boot the PS2 game on PCSX2?

>>600953315Portable fem route might as well be its own game since all of the social links are changed and the VN section is the majority of these games

>>600966460This but unironicallyThere's literally no point on unfucking golden. What do you even get by fixing golden other than lewd mods?

>>600943273>Being heated in an argument is because you are stupid.Communist/jewish tactics of attacking the character instead of the message.

>>600966925You really think the Jews are trying to convince you to prefer a PS2 game from 14 years ago instead of a Vita game from 10 years ago? Its just a shitpost, get over yourself