bans English gaming tech JargonWhy are French so autistic...>France bans English gaming tech JargonWhy are French so autistic?What makes me laugh is they provide no original terms that can be used easily>streamervs>joueur-animateur en direct>eSportsvs>Jeu video de competitionTopkek

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>preserve language purityThey do know English is like 25% French right?

>>600943134In France it's illegal to call a pig napoleon but just try and stop me!

the french language itself is the only thing still culturally significant about france, which has produced very little good art in the past 50 years after being a hip corner of the world for the first part of the 20th century. coupled with a poor sense of individuality, this leads to gatekeeping for what these people feel is basically the only unique thing about them anymore.

>>600943348What... Are you doing with that pic...??

>>600943134This is what happens when your country is culturally dead. Such is the case with the entirety of Europe. Sad!

Was Napoleon /yourguy/?

that's funny because when i visited it back in 2018 half of the people were either niggers or muslimsglad to know the real issue were the words "gamer" and "streamer" that are ruining the country

>>600943134>preserve lenguage purity>nigger muslims and shitskins poluted your country Ok esto es divertido

>>600946174you're one to talk pedro

>>600946459Onions español imbecil

>>600943134i mean i know english is pretty retarded, but it sure is better than fucking french

>>600946765All germanic languages are better than romance languages.


>France does something inconsequential >the whole World seethe over it

>>600946862your language only manages to be less disgusting than the people who speak it

>Still saltyNot even a REAL great power

french ppl are incredibly cringe. everytime at uni they congregate like chinks and never talk to anyone else. same when I did an exchange in Japan, they only talked to each other while everyone else was socializing normally. they are truly the chinks of europe.

>>600947036>France does something autistic>the whole World seethe over itftfy

>>600947036I still think it's because of Iraq.

>>600947069>english lenguage is americanDo frogs really?


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Make sure to use proper French language for gaming terms, I will demonstrate.ألعاب الفيديو واللافتات والرياضات الإلكترونية

>>600947219It could be worse.


>>600947634This made me laugh harder than it should have, kek

>>600947440most of the world speaks English as a direct consequence of the USA and it's post war hegemony over oceanic trade and cultural exports. Don't bother replying to me, I won't see it.

>>600947634kek I will use this against frenchies from now on

Reminder that De Ga*lle BEGGED Allies to let him liberate Paris

>french gov does literally anything that french people don't give a flying fuck about>mutts shit themselvesEvery timeThis inferiority complex is sad

>>600947219Not fair considering half the planet speaks our language and nobody gives a shit about yours

>>600943134France is a worthless country. We should have let the Germans keep it.

>>600948291>my language is so basic and retarded anyone can speak it>this means I'm superiorKek

>>600943134it breaks my heart and makes me tear up seeing my white european brethren, yes including spaniards, fighting over non sense when we should be teaming up to take down the zionist mafia and abolish their nigger importing schemes and finally restore peace to our beautiful continent


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>>600948556We can't because bootlicking mutts will fight tooth and nail to keep them in power and keep everyone distracted with gender/race war bullshit

>>600944717Isn't France one of the major comic book producers in the world?

>>600947069Noooo you should no be able to say eighty, it should be four times twentyyyyyyyIf I had a shitty language like france I would unironically speak american english istead

So this is what African colonization led to them to.

>>600948506Wasn't that French's old status, and hasn't your seething the last few centuries been over you losing that status?

>le streamer>le esportWas this too hard?

>>600943348It's fucking fake you fucking moronI'm in a law field and I'm tired of hearing this bullshit

>>600949020You have no idea how to speak frenchI learned english in 2 months during summer vacation when I was 17 because I didn't feel like reading subtitlesEnough said lmao, basic bitch barbarian language with no depth whatsoever

>>600949186>le CHONKThey won't even need to translate the new pokemon game, another victory for whiteflagbros

They're just translating english words in french, they're not banning english wordsStop believe everything you read on the internet holy shit

>>600949186No because it's not 'correct' to use words from another country.>>600949668Your hideous bastardized form of Latin is only used to sound like a girl, it's used by women and french 'men' only

That moment when you invent nationalism but you accidentally tell the barbarians to your immediate east about it

>>600943134>4chan post-2016>complains constantly about globohomo>this happens>No, you must let your language and culture get formatted by the global English standard!Japan has tons of unique terminology, I hope France can reach somewhere close to that level as well, but I'm sure faggots like you will continue to decry and ignore this honest effort to cultivate a unique identity in the swamp of vile American internet zoomer terminology.

>Mutts shitting themselves over a country banning words in a shitty niche wannabe sportsYou love to see it.

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>>600950103Sadly we have one of the biggest globohomo leader so don't expect anything more than this kind of meaningless actions

>>600943134Realistically speaking, how would you even enforce something like this? Constantly have government agents scour twitch and fine anyone who says streamer and esports?

>>600950342>>Mutts shitting themselves over a country banning wordsThey're autistic about being allowed to hold any opinion and not be punished for it. If it's the will of the government to control how the people talk with each other then that's its right.

English is the dumbest language anyway.>verb+subject>kiss himGive him a kiss.>glass himSmash a fucking glass on his head.

So what happens if some French gamer chad uses the term esports or streamer?

>>600950103its a meaningless act when they keep importing muslims and niggers

>>600950470realistically speaking no one actually gives a shit except the geriatric ward escapees at the académie française who have to justify their position,even though they've been parking their cars in "un parking" and attending "des meetings politiques" for decades and no one gives a single fuck about those words

>>600949931Nigga, your bitch ass country got conquered BTFO by the French for centuries. Your mongrel language is like half romance half germanic

>>600950793>gamer>chadchoisissez-en un

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>>600947069>>600948191>>600950342>>600950659>anglo (civilized) world rightfully laugh at frogs for banning words to protect their garbage """""""""""""language""""""""""""">frogoids start coping and deflect with "m-muh mutts"You love to see it.

>>600950470>>600950793The article's title is misleading because the English terms aren't "banned", it's simply a government agency recommending French equivalents for them

>>600943134Colony cope.

>>600949186>le diffuseur>le eSportThere's already french words for that shit

>>600950967I opened this expecting the French whore BTFOing Jonah Hill.

>>600950973>anglo (civilized) worlddon't forget your bulletproof vest when going outside

>>600950103Are you the same type of nigger faggot that cried about masks and covid and MUH FREEDOM but think banning words is good?

>>600949668Why would I learn French? Nobody speaks it anymore. In highschool I was given the option between learning French or German, and I picked German.

>>600949186Sports is sports in French?

>>600950973>The absolute state of Muttkeks

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>>600950103Japan is a living country.French is a Muslim and African colony.I'm all for countries to retain their hegemony, but France doesn't exist anymore.

>>600947967>most of the world speaks English as a direct consequence of the USA and it's post war hegemony over oceanic trade and cultural exportsDude we are talking about france england is closed to that country learn geography

>>600949890But they are banning English words, and forcing them to use French equivalents.

>>600951161And don't forget your neck protector, user.

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>>600943282It's more than 25% I believe.

>>600943134this is not how languages work

>>600943134>France does something>Other countries start copingHonhonhon filz goud tou bi french honhonhonReminder that the Académie Française literally btfo troons and their neutral pronoun shit

>>600951375>Japan is a living countryThey massively kill themselves and don't procreate

>>600950103They've done this before with ivory coast

>>600951471Easy french goverment dont want muslims or africans to leave Is basically a barrier preventing them to flee to england or america

>seething over something that doesn't affect you in any way, shape, or formYou niggers don't even care about that shithole, what is wrong with you?

>>600951325>more deflectionGood guess, but no m8

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>>600951643I would rather die by my own hand than yours, retard.They choose how to live and die on their land under their terms, not under Muslim terms like the French do.

>>600951780I have an opinion.

>>600943134The French are unironically planning on using their language as a major soft power move. A large swath of Africa speaks French and Macron and company are planning on using this to control African interests...somehow. Seems kind of retarded to me, but hey maybe they're playing 4D chess.

>>600951812holy cope

>>600943134Don't you have a black man to give your wife to? Get on it mutt.

>>600949356I wouldn't know, I was quoting The Gentlemen

>>600951937>nooo let the invaders kill you!I can smell your mixed genes from here.

>>600951780At yet you faggots obsess over another country every day lmao

>>600951471No they're not do you seriously think police is gonna break in your house because you use a forbiden word?

It's based when beauracrats police langauge it makes capitlist chuds seethe


>>600951947The share of the black population in the US is 12%. In France, it's estimated to be 16% or more. You are literally blacker.


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>>600951812It doesn't matter how you die in the end, the only important thing is to live

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>>600951325>LOL MUTTKEKS>meanwhile, paris:francocucks are as bad as christcucks

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>>600947069French is guttural. Spanish or Russian is more pleasant to hear than that "language"

>>600952178HO NO NO NO NO...

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>>600948658>the only ones opposed to zionist shit are eastern euros>France and Germany are constantly seething about them and want to kick them out of NATO/EU>America doesn't care so long as they want to kill ruskiesKeep seething about Poland not accepting immigrants faggot.

Linguistic prescriptivism is fighting a losing battle. The French resistance to borrow words hasn't done much to staunch the flow of Anglicisms because this kind of top-down linguistic regulation doesn't actually affect how people use the language day to day. Realistically the thing that drives the language and will dictate the form it takes in the future is the way in which it is used rather than the way it is deemed "correct". The only real outcome you can get here is a disconnect between the language used in official capacities and the language used by the majority of speakers, it's going to achieve very little in terms of retaining any sort of linguistic "purity".All that said, reject modern languages, return to Proto Indo-European.

>>600943134>we need to preserve the french language>Bring shitloads of arabs and africans that don't speak frenchWhat did the froggies mean by this?

>>600943282We know. We'll never stop saying "streamer" and other gaming-related words. It's the Académie Française that's anal about using french words everywhere.Years ago they said "frimousse" should be used in place of "smiley". Guess which word people are using.

>>600952307I dunno user, to me it's pretty

there was that big nationalism change in the world from trump and alex jones>>600952487this date rolls back every time I see it or something

>>600945946>going to ParisThat was your mistake.

>>600943134France is the worse european country and made has the worse fucking colonial lands.The fucking french nogs and muslims are the worst on the planet.Bongs should have nuked it in the 40's

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>>600945946Come to Savoy or something, it's like visiting New York or Detroit and expecting the rest of the US being like that.

>>600952672Sounds like vomiting.

>>600952526>Linguistic prescriptivism is fighting a losing battleAnd yet anglojews have been doing it through television and cinema for a century, and nowadays paying peanuts to cum-guzzling shills with threads like this

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>>600952307>Russian >PleasantNice try, Boris.

>>600952894Incredibly bad faith.

>>600946608Nigger, Pedro is literally the name of your current President

>>600943134It's not banned, the "Académie" will just try to enforce it (and completely fail) like they usually do but no one will follow them, they've been trying to impose "la COVID" instead of "le COVID" for two years now. There was a small push in official communications when they decided that but now everyone is back to "le COVID", even in a lot of official communications, the same will happen here.They've also been trying to "translate" basic internet things for decades now, like "email", they first tried to impose "courriel" instead of it, no one ended up using it, then they tried "mél", even less people used it. Most of the time their retarded shit end up being used as memes in french communities.

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>>600943134This is literally a good thing you anglophile globalist runt. English is a shit language and France is trying to preserve their own culture before it's lost to globohomo (globoanglo)

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>>600952526We need to go further. Remove all other letters. Your keyboard now just writes with rotated q keys.

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>>600952841Feels great, desu.

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>>600952672Most french speakers are nogs and it sounds as disgusting as chineseAbolish the french language

>>600943134French is such a useless fucking language that they're banning these words because they can't keep up and keep ceding ground to English. It's actually Englishes great strength in that it can be very flexible to use improperly while still adequately communicating your message. Spanish is used enough around the world that they don't have to worry about refrigerator and refrigerador sounding the same

>>600947634a sad kek

>>600943134At least their terms are more accurate. What is sporty about playing so called eSports? Do you consider those players athletes?

>>600952128Only muslim girls fuck black men.And no one fucks black girls.

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>>600950967damn who are these qts

>>600953278Chess has been recognised as a sport for decades

France cares more about what you call an egirl than the fact African refugees own Paris. Guess cultural decay is fine if we all speak french

>>600953106Feels good.

>>600943134>BAGUETTE, FAGUETTE, FRANCAIS HON HON HON HON!you're better off learning arabic. goes for most of western europe btw.

>>600952157do jews really?

>>600953278It's called eSports because "progaming" and professional gaming are cringe terms. The term eSports is itself cringe but really youre just assigning the more attractive term so people don't laugh at you. It's why libs don't call it abortion rights and instead call it "reproductive rights" to keep your mind off of the unattractive part of it

>burgers complaining about France once againYou guys lost two towers to a inside job lmao

>>600952965All French sounds like vomit, it's from the lack of consonants (the vowel soup nature of the language) and the way you speak it at the top and back of your throat.

>>600953413Most baguettes are in fact sold in faggot formation.

>>600953441And you guys have lost every single war in the history of man. Do we really want to keep score?

>>600953032L'académie is fighting a good battle, but you're right that they aren't successful unlike the wokes who managed to impose inclusive shit in the universities and such

>>600953505burger education everyone.

>>600953505Sorry jimbo but I'm not even French to begin with, want another USS liberty incident?

>>600953456>lack of consonants>vowel soup nature of the languageLOOOOOL

why did the french made a movie about a man getting cuked by a monkey? what did they mean hy this?

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>burgers STILL mad we're resisting their influenceFRENCH FRIES HAHAHAHAHA

>>600953456>the vowel soup nature of the languageReally ?

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>>600953621>>600953652Just give it up and pack it in, we all know it's already coming. Go riot about gas prices or something

>All these people seething when almost every french think most of these new tech jargon are retarded and nobody plan to use themEven if we were that autistic about our language, we're way too much used to the english terms to drop them

>>600946174chupa me la verga cabrón

>>600953725>>600953843Yes. French loves to string together vowel sounds. Compare it to a language like English or German, which are very consonant heavy.

>>600950925>Gets colonized by Northmen>Northmen spread language to Britain>Claim the French conquered BritainAbsolute nigger tier WE WUZ behavior

>>600953851לעזאזל עם מפגר

>>600944717Its because the french, as part of nationbuilding, harmonized the language. Now that metropolitan french has been rolled out over the country, and local languages are pretty much dead, they have no reason to exist anymore. But since they live of subsidy, they have to do something. So they start shit like this. Its the same as the UN women that start whining about anime titties

>>600954082Even XIXth LARPers would cringe

>>600946862Shove your einem/einer up your ass along with your ims/in, das/der/die from backwards grammar situations.>>600949186You forgot frenchies are the epitome of pride and patriotism and will not settle for that, they will shit out anything that doesn't sound english so "streamer" will be un "divertisseur" and "esport" will be "sport électronique".

>>600954371No probs frenchie, even though i currently live in Switzerland

>>600953805>resisting their influenceOH NONONONONO

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>>600954710>he doesn't know about the Sinai warAnon...

>>600950103>Japan has tons of unique terminologyYeah, ignore takanaka which is just another alphabet used for english words.>>600951812Ah yes, japanese people really fought to be over exploited by their boss to the point of killing themselves.

ITT: losers with french people living rent free in their heads. Don't fucking give them attention.

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>>600954984>endless SEAniggers and stank skins posting about america for no reason>americans dont give a fuck>1 thread about french foolery>WE ARE FRENCH WOMEN HEAR US ROAR

>>600943134>jargonkek literally answered yourselfEFLs have no notion of protecting their own language and then they wonder why is singular they a thing

>>600955382>endless SEAniggers and stank skins posting about america for no reason>americans dont give a fuckCitation needed.

>>600953601>unlike the wokes who managed to impose inclusive shit in the universities and suchI have yet to see that shit in areas that weren't already known to be plagued by them and I'm seeing it less and less so they really failed to spread it, I'm seeing more and more people from all sides of the political spectrum shitting on it. I even have an almost blind guy at work who immediately posts a fuck huge copy/pasted rant against it as soon as someone tries to use it in messages because it completely fucks the readability on his text to braille reader.

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>>600947430>I still think it's because of IraqUnironically this.The entire US media and especially the Murdoch empire (which directly/indirectly influences 1 in 3 people on Earth) strongly pushed the "invading Iraq good, cheese-eating surrender monkeys bad" narrative in the mid 00s and's also one of the big reasons why bongs became increasingly anti-France/anti-Europe and pro-America in the ensuing decade.

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>>600955775use what in messages??

>>600947430>>600956012Growing up my father taught me to hate the French because they're all arrogant and gay, which in my experience has held true. This was all before 9/11 too.

>>600955775When I was in university I saw it often, and even today I still see it sometimes. It's true that most people don't use it, but it means that people who want to force it have better means to do so since they are way more important than they should be compared to the Académie, who at least is trying to work in favor of proper french language

>>600954093>They live off subsidy Aren't they one of the most self sufficient nations in the EU

>>600956397Let me guess, your father got cucked by a frenchman?

>>600955775it's all over the place m8there's isn't a single university or engineering school where they don't use inclusive writing

>>600956654Not a lot of Frenchman in Texas, user.

>>600943134French here They better ban Arabic words that plague our language

>>600956749but first say bismillah

>>600943134>protecting your culture and identity against globohomo is........... LE BAD


>>600956727>Growing up my father taught me to hate people he never even metCuck behavior lmao

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>>600950973>anglo (civilized) worldLMAO

>>600957015jorgen von strangle saying thats the joke.gif

>>600956321"inclusive" language which is basically instead of just writing "Bonjour à tous(tes)" you write "Bonjour à tou·te·s", because it supposedly is more "inclusive", which is bullshit.>>600956474>>600956685It's honestly way less prominent now outside of their universities than it was some years ago.

>>6009565751) I meant the board for the french language, not france2) no, france is struggling. During bad times they curb unemployment by creating government jobs. But then during good times they dont fire those people. Add to that that because of the french revolution the government generally sides with the employee against the employer. As such its very difficult to compete. And whenever they try to reform people start rioting (see yellow jackets protests, or the endless public transit strikes). Macron is trying to further european integration to set up a transfer union where germany pays for france. Also their agriculture is at a much smaller scale compared to germany and they are only sustained by massive amounts of french and EU subsidies. Same with their fishing industry.Only thing they have is their size, military and historical rights (being a permanent member of the UN, french being a langauge in international systems)

>>600956012France has always been a country that went out of its way to become independant from the anglo-sphere, no matter how.This resulted in several diplomatic crisis between France and the USA, such as when the left NATO or when they aquired nukes despite the USA aggressively trying to hide this technology from them, just to quote the most well-known ones.Iraq was a big incident, but it didn't start here. In fact France wasn't the only one against this war Russia and Germany were too.

>>600952721The date's always been 2045-2050 you fucking retard

>>600952721>this date rolls back every time I see it or somethingdoesn't matter,its the truth,cope muttie,your country is shit.

>>600957028I have yet to meet a single Frenchie that went against stereotype. France did one thing for the US and since then they've been nothing but assholes.

>>600953505This post cannot actually be serious, holy shit.

>>600943134je suis monte!

>>600957136True, but France not being all in on invading Iraq really was seen as a betrayal at the>>600957119>the government generally sides with the employee against the employerBased

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>>600957119France's future is as a German vassal.

>>600952841>and made has the worse fucking colonial lands.That's not Belgium.

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>>600943134>amerimutts seething someone is taking action against their Newspeak

>>600957136>>600957391>>600956012The US has actually been in opposition to France since the XYZ Affair where they insulted our diplomats. There's really no such thing as a friendship between Americans and French.

>>600957259>I have yet to meet a single Frenchie that went against stereotypeHave you ever been to France?

>>600957419Go back, Merkel.

>>600943134>"france" bansNo, it's the académie française, a bunch of elitist old boomers who think they're an authority on anything, who claim we should do this or that.All the bullshit they say never get applied, like when they said "la covid" is correct, yet everyone kept saying "le covid"

>>600947036And this is why I'm a Francophile A nation of trolls and cunnysours

>>600952508Keep seething over your gibs being taken away.

>>600957632>zoomers unironically getting mad their amerimutt nigger noises are getting filteredlmao

>>600957419I think that, the way its going, there will more likely be a north/south split as the south demands different monetary policy, but at the same time demands money. While the north wants to give less money but more austerity. France will probably dominate the south, while germany the north.>>600957391>BasedIts totally fine if you want to run a country that way, the problem is that their economy is stapled together with other EU economies that dont want to run it that way.

>>600952841>the worse european countryAmerican education

>>600949186fuck off redditor

>>600957573I don't speak French and it's a bad idea to be a tourist in countries where you don't speak the language.

What did Hitler mean by this?

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>>600957717No one will ever say "joueur-animateur en direct" unironically, cope and seethe

Reminder that the French government literally blamed nigger and muslim worship around the world on american propaganda.

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>>600957119So much bullshit in one post

>>600943134Actually based. I wish my country would do the same here, I'm so fucking tired of the populace replacing our own language for the american-english words they hear on TV.

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All countries should speak English fluently. I understand wanting to preserve your native language but it shouldn't get in the way of communication.

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>>600957534>There's really no such thing as a friendship between Americans and French.Honestly this.I'd even go as far as say that the UK and France have """"friendlier"""" bonds than France-USA, because at least France and UK need each other for economic purposes.

>>600957770>it's a bad idea to be a tourist in countries where you don't speak the languageKek, am I being trolled or is this a common Amerifat belief?Genuinely can't tell.

>>600957968why should it be english?

>>600958020What do you think would happen if you came to the US as a tourist not speaking or reading any English? Outside of a couple spots in Louisiana you'd be treated like a circus freak and have no idea what's going on.

>>600958058>the language even subhumans can learn at a fast pace shouldn't be the lingua franca

>>600958058English is the most popular second language in the world.

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>>600943134The amounts of seethes from anglos clearly shows this shit is working keep it up baguettefags

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>>600958152sounds like a symptom of bad behaviour from your "people"

>>600957850Just look how anglo media in general were absolutely livid because of laïcité and went even as far as telling we were anto muzzies just because we don't officially enable them

>>600958361Everyone I've talked to who went to France without speaking French told me the people were incredibly rude to them, so I'm not sure you're one to talk.

>>600958501that's not because they couldn't speak frenchfrench are rude to anyone, even french. especially french>t. french

>>600958631So what I originally said:>>600956397>they're all arrogant and gayHolds true?

>>600958152For starters I have no interest in going to your shithole country.But the point was that you're a retard for thinking you should only be a tourist in countries where English is an official language.The tourism industry in almost every country in the world is set up around English, I've gone from all over Europe to the middle of nowhere in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America with zero issues stemming from not speaking the native tongue.I wouldn't recommend it to you though, you'd likely only perpetuate stereotypes about American tourists.

>>600958501>implying i'm from morocco 2.0wrong, muttie

>>600958726Not everyone only wants to visit tourist traps.


>>600958837>lacks reading comprehension in the only language he speaksngmi

>>600953505>country with the highest budget on military in the world can't beat vietnamese women and children with spears and bowscope and seethe hard, you don't have any culture of your own, you owe everything to Europe and you will disappear sooner than any European country

>>600958058Everybody's always gonna be against it if it's not their language. We had to settle on something, english is convenient because it has only 26 letters with no accents.There has been attempts at new languages for this purpose like esperanto, but nobody wants to learn a new language if no one speaks it

>>600957850And then he proceed to recruit a new education minister 100% into everything he's warning about here.I fucking hate Macron.

>>600947036>the whole world laughs at itft4u

>>600957968All countries should speak Japanese fluently. I understand wanting to preserve your native language but it shouldn't get in the way of communication.

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>>600959565Way too hard to learn and not popular enough.

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>>600959565shut the fuck up slant eye

>>600943134>streamerلعبة فيديو غاسل>eSportsلعبة فيديو تنافسية

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>>600952861>>600952763i was in alsace for most of my stay, i have relatives living in that region

>>600948486Germans are too big of faggots, they would give it back or fuck it up as well.

>>600952657So how do they feel about that whole language of aviation thing


>>600954710>The left loves Israel >The right loves IsraelI dun get it, why does Holla Forums side with the right and attack the left if both sides love Jews?

>>600962107>Ameritard believes liberal, centrist, and leftist are synonymsMany such cases

>>600962107/pol/ is anti-establishment, the Jews are powerful in both sides of the establishment.

>>600943134This is what, 3rd thread of an*lo subhumans seething and crying over this all the way to bumplimit? lmoa

>>600943134>language purity>purity>francelmao

>>600943134They do that a lot actuallyFor example, this past semester they've had the EU presidency and have sent out all official admin papers, all the agendas for every meeting etc, in french. It's been driving everyone up the wall.


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>>600943134Based frogs, retaking Norman clay soon amis

It must drive the Ameri-troons insane how every french word is gendered male or female.

>>600964210It drives us insane because it makes it unreasonably hard to learn the language because genders are assigned arbitrarily. If it made more sense, like making all kitchen appliances feminine and all tools masculine, then it would be less of an issue.

>>600943134All French people should be shot