Its not fair

its not fair

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>>600940605>snoy gets scammed by JimmyWater is wet


>>600940605>May be lostIn other words the delivery driver stole it.

>>600940605Why are you upset not getting a console that has no gaems?

>>600940605Damn, I wish I never have to see this on one of my orders.

>>600940605wow that sucks

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Just request the refund nigger and do it right now. If it does show up, you got a free PS5. There's some law where whatever shows up at your door is yours so you don't even have to pay for it after.

>>600940605a snail did it it is always a snail

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>>600940605based delivery driver taking what he's worth and forcing globohomo to pay up. Truly a victimless crime

>>600940605>Buy console with no games>Get console and money stolenServes you right

>>600940605Thanks for the free PS5, Billy! t. Tyrone

>>600940605Based. PS5 cucks deserve nothing.

>>600940890won't they just send it back when they find it?

>>600940605just get the refund then

he will use it better than you, just like with your wife

>>600940605Could have just walked into target and walked out with an new x box annon

Thats the cost of living in diverse country

>>600941034For sure if it's being delivered by Amazon themselves. If it's one of the big three carriers though, they have to intercept the package. Sometimes that takes a day to get into the system and sometimes it's too late.

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>>600940605how do you even get a PS5 through Amazon to begin with

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>>600941234Is this Stalker?

Give me your worst carriers and deliveries stories?Aslos are FedEx the worst?

Sorry to hear a delivery nigger stole your ps5 and all its games.


>>600940605Get the refund then hope it comes anyway

>>600940605>your package may be lostyep that sounds like the average snoy to me alright

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>>600941412its los angeles where nobody apparently loots trains

>>600940605Why would you even buy a console?

>>600941546Damn. Commiefornia is truly a trashfilled shithole.


It was Tyrone, if you don't like it then you're racist

>trusting mailniggers

>>600941429There is no worst. They're all perfectly capable of breaking or losing your package. USPS gets shit on the most simply because it's the most used one. At leas they don't have any surcharges like UPS and FedEx.

Just take comfort in the fact that you'd be playing as many games without it as you would with it.

>>600940890nah amazon will see if it gets marked as delivered later and charge you again if you don't return it, just happened to me on a refund that showed up later

>finally delivered>stolen

>>600941542you are user of the day. enjoy your fame

>>600940605you dodged a bullet op now get that refund

>>600940605you're a fool for ordering something like that through delivery. If you didn't go to a store and pick it up yourself, you're probably gonna get scammed

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>>600942503this is why you install cameras EVERYWHERE

Cosmic forces are trying to save you from a huge mistake.

>>600942473Yeah you're right. It only works out if you get a package accidentally delivered to you I guess. The law exists because companies could just send you shit randomly and demand you pay for it or return it. Why it's always good to triple check the address if you're shipping something, and make good friends with your neighbors because if the mail man drops your shit off at their house instead, it's legally theirs.

I ordered mine from Sony last Wednesday and they delivered it on Friday. Don't use Amazon for nice things.

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>>600941631my 2080 broke and I wanna finish death stranding

>>600940605Why is the US the only place where I regularly see package theft while delivery?We have tons of nigs, spics and slimes here but it's not as prevalent.

Why are thieves allowed to roam free? Where's the law? Where's the punishment?Deus Ex was right. You're so afraid of a strong government that you have no government.

>>600942869It's a complicated situation but mostly it comes down to a mix of having no consumer protection laws (california is the only state where they have to tell you if theres lead in your food and water for example) and artificially working the buying power of a dollar so food and entertainment stay cheap so nobody knows how fucked and poor they are

>>600940605I once bought a bunch of PS4 games from Amazon, the total was like $180, I got the notification that the package might have been lost and they reimbursed all the money. Like a month later all the games arrived and I didn't have to pay anything. So this might be a blessing in disguise. You might actually be able to get a PS5 for free.

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>>600940605I just bit the fucking bullet and bought from one of those scalper companies operating through Walmart. Yes, I paid out the ass but I spent many hours previously searching online, camping sites, etc, until I hit a point where I remembered that I make good money and my time is more valuable than my money so I just bought the damn thing.Fuck you, Sony.

>>600942869Because we have packages left on the porches all the time. In most areas it's not a problem. My parents don't even have a security system and don't lock the doors unless they're leaving for more than 24 hours, but you drive 1 hour away to the poor areas and I'm sure it happens all the time. Its an opportunistic crime. But at least in Sweden, when I lived there for two years, they would bring my packages to a nearly convenience store if I wasn't home

>>600942969In Los Angeles, theft under like $900 or $1000 is literally not a crime. You'll routinely see phone or security footage of niggers just strolling into stores with trash bags or whatever and casually just helping themselves to scooping in hundreds of dollars worth of goods into the bag and leaving without being given any trouble whatsoever.

>>600943160Same thing happened to me last christmas, some toy dinosaur plushie for my nephew and dark souls artbook got lost, I got the money back and ordered the same shit again, then like in beginning of february the original package arrived all beat up like it's taken a detour via Afghanistan.

>>600940605>being a regard buying an overpriced console with no gamesServes you right.

>>600943424>regardahahahahahahaha what a fucking dumbass

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>>600940930He bought no games and got no games. I don't see the problem.

>>600943424>regardYou're not wrong, but if you're going to call someone else retarded online then you better make damn well sure that you don't make any typos yourself in the process.

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>>600943194People like you are the the reason they get away with this retarded shit"new thing" that has basically artificial scarsity simply doesnt exist to me, and it shouldnt exist to you either

>>600940605>lostaka some nignog in a distribution center yoinked it from you

>>600940605>order package>hmm ariving late >look at location >Los Angeles EVERY. FUCKING.TIME

>>600940605Damm that's fucked. You were lucky to even FIND a PS5 on Amazon.

>order directly from Sony due to that online raffle>arrives less than 48 hours later Now I just need to wait 5 years for some exclusives and Ill be all set.

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>>600940605NEVER request a refund, force those fuckers to deliver it. They will buy from a secondary seller if they have to. Demand to talk to an American representative.

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>>600943194Dude even I got one last month from a regular non scalper source and I'm functionally retarded.

is an Xbox one/s a good buy?

>>600943160That literally only happens if it's a secondary seller who used the postal system instead of UPS, while telling Amazon it was via UPS.

>>600944015Only if you don't have a PC but can afford more than a Switch.

>>600941429Nah Amazon gets shit on the most because their drivers are poorly trained, underpaid, and ridiculously overworked.t. Former Amazon driver


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>>600943893I called the logistics department and they really tried to refund me but little do they know that I’m severely autistic and have a ton of time on my hands so I refused the refund and said I’ll call twice a day until they deliver it. They said it was at my local distribution center and hasn’t been delivered for reasons they can’t disclose


>>600944287Based autist, keep pushing

>>600944015If you skipped the Xbone, it's good for OG and 360 backwards compatibility.

>>600942723>install cameras everywhere>get footage of their and license plates and give it to the cops>they don't do anything

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>>600944015>Xbox OneNo.>Xbox Series SYes, if you don't mind 1080p being your upper limit and not having physical copies. It's quite a bang-for-your-buck package. For the same MSRP as a Switch (and less than a Switch OLED) you get access to almost all of the current-gen games, alongside the Xbone's library and even some Xbox/360 releases with enhancements.


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>>600940605This happened to me with a Switch, I ended up getting a refund, and the Switch came 2 days later. So, I pirated a Switch and the games.

>>600944589Why did you think the cops would do anything? Are you some inbred cityslicker with zero life experience?

>>600940605chad ups man disappearing a PS5 so he can sell it back to snoys for 10 times the MSRP

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>>600941429>Always tell Amazon to leave stuff by the back door which is a 2 second long walk from the front door and takes no effort but keeps packages a bit safer if I'm not home.>Hear the guy guy stomp his way to my back door.>Hear the package being frisbee thrown on the ground.>Picture taken to show it was delivered was literally from like five feet away from the door itself because he couldn't be bothered to turn a corner.I also had my Xbone X shipped without a cardboard box for protection. They straight up just slapped a sticker on the box, shipped it like that, and even though it was supposed to be a "Sign to deliver" they just left that at my front door for about three hours without letting me know.

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>>600940605Some delivery man who barely speaks english stole your PS5.Lmao.

>>600944589No shit. I had my catalytic converter stolen last winter and even with HQ video they didn't do a fucking thing. They don't care. They didn't even tell me "okay you can come pick up your report on [this date]." They're useless for "small" shit like that.

>>600940605based paco dabbing on the snoycucks


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>>600945359cool it with the racism chief

Obviously some low life saw it was a PS5 being shipped and swiped it.

>>600944852>>600945192what's the point of security cameras then

>>600940605An amazon van nigger stole your ps5, lmao

>>600943424Based regard

>>600945016They did the same shit to me when I bought a new graphics card a few years ago. Just slapped a fucking shipping label on the shrink wrap around the box and left it in plain view on the front porch. I didn't even know it came because the fucker didn't even ring the doorbell so it was just sitting there for hours.

>>600945510Why not?Nobody will ever know and they're gonna make some money as they resell the thing.


>>600940605Request the refund nigger. They don't know where it is so if it arrives you'll get it for free

>go on waiting list on>go in line when they're available after being notified>reserve my ps5>have delivered within the weekit's not hard but retards want to make it out to be

>>600945515Same reason for a "Beware of Dog" sign. Some people might see it and think "meh, next house." The best thing about the camera footage though is to post it on local Facebook/social media pages and see if anyone knows them. If it goes "viral" you might get a name or at least enough attention to prod the cops into taking action

>>600942665I got mine from walmart's online store day 1.

>>600940845Being able to play ps4 games at locked framerates is unironically worth it.

>>600940605>nog driver stole itlmao

>>600940605So request a refund?


>>600945634That PS5 could very well be something some 14 year old has been working hard for and bought with their own money. Of course it's probably just some manchild who will be upset, but why even skirt that line of ruining some kid's day?

>>600941234Looks like Africa

>>600940605Nice, maybe it'll give Sony enough time to release a 5th game when you finally get yours.

>>600946138Problem is that if you like taking screenshots it takes them at 4K and then upscales the image on the screenshot if you're at 1080p. It's my biggest annoyance about playing anything but native PS5 games on the system.

>>600946294More like 4th because isn't Returnal going PC in a few months?

>>600946379I think people underestimate just how much convenience there is in a box that just fucking works. My PC craps out on me every couple years for no reason (I've got good parts, no ghetto shit), and my console doesn't.

>>600946249A kid could learn a lesson from this.

>>600943601I'm not proud of the purchase but my aging PS4 was on the way out and they're almost harder to find than PS5's. Supply and demand. I make more than the MSRP of a PS5 every day so that's no issue. I don't like supporting the scalper fucks either but I hit that point of "fuck you got mine". So I guess fuck you, got mine.


>>600943194yeah wtf i've gotten 4 raffle emails from sony over the past 6 months just have some patience and self-respect nigga

>>600946664>for no reasonNigger, there's always a reason.

I got a playstation direct invite for today. Should I buy it?

>>600940605Some nigger in an amazon delivery truck been sitting with a bucket of KFC, holding your PS5 in his greasy ass hands yelling BIX NOOD MUHFUGGA.Many such cases.

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>>600946986I mean, yes, there's always a reason. A part fucked up. completely out of my control at my skill level. I don't even know what I need to know to stop this from happening.

>>600946905I got zero after being signed up to that Sony mailing list for months and months, same with Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and a bunch of shadier places.Patience is for the poors.

>>600946379Yes, maybe

>>600940605niggers stole it

>>600941412Nope, LA.>trains stop>horde of feral pavement apes crawl out of the bushes with bolt cutters and other thievery implements>begin clearing out boxcars of freight ripping open every package for anything of value>no one can do anything about it because rail security can't fucking deal with a horde of potentially hundreds of feral and probably armed nigs, police are fucking useless and even if any of them could/would do something it would cause a chimpout over 'DEMS MUH REPARAYSHUNS CRACKA DAT SHIT BELONG TO US'every day California goes un-carpet nuked is a sad day for humanity

>>600941429>Used to have this one guy from the post office that always forgot my shit>It's literally in the office, but he always forgets it and I always get it the next dayI used to work for the post office and they usually find shit like that unacceptable.

>>600948283My friend's brother was dumb enough to move to California. Is he fucked?

>>600948645he will be sucked

>>600948645Oh yeah. Either he's going to get killed or he's going to become absolutely fucknuts insane/insufferable. California destroys EVERYONE who goes to live there, be it mentally or physically. Or both.

>>600948645Your friend has a sister now.

>>600948645I don't know but I'm angry at my friend who used to live in California and moved to Texas because "California is hell on earth" but he keeps posting fucking Beto messages on his social media.Him and almost every single person fleeing california is a fucking locust

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>>600948645Depends. He's either surrounded by screeching leftists and will get inquisitioned in a political purge (can still get out before then though if he knows what to watch for) if he's not like them, or he's surrounded by feral nogs in which case he's definitely fucked.In short, your friend fucked up, California is the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah and choosing to live there is living on borrowed time before it is righteously smote for being such a shithole

>>600940605>oh no not my hecking fashion accessory

>>600949001damn what happened to that old lady?

>>600949000Texas should make it legal to turn away people with cali plates at the state border.


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>>600949147xbox saved her

>>600940605>Sony lost

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>>600949147Press ganged into the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation

>>600940605ayo its yo driver jamal here opthanks for the free playstation homieholla

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>>600949175riots only happened in urban shitholesas far as I'm concerned they were a good thing

>>600949340even more based than >>600949218

>>600940605I'll sell you mine AT msrp. I barely use mine. I'm planning on playing my backlog on my other systems anyway.

>>600948852Another friend of mine was able to raise a whole fucking family there. Is he just coping?


>>600949570>I'll sell you mine AT msrp.if you were really willing to do that you could get at least 1.5x MSRP selling online

>>600940908Life is simply unfair.

>>600940605>not knowing your delivery driversi got my PS5 dropped off to me at work because nobody was at my house at the time when the delivery driver stopped by.

>>600945515Security cameras are there to protect corporations and government, not cattle, dumbass.

>>600949597It seems like half the people there think of it as a living nightmare while the other half think everyone else is just jealous

>>600949597Depends where you live. I live in New Jersey which everyone says in a nig infested shithole, but I live in an affluent suburb and went to private school. I never even heard gunshots until I went to a shooting range. If your friend lives in a nice area he'll be fine.

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remember when someone got the beta to something really good and it got lost in yahoo's mail

>>600945016>from toothpaste to high end electronicsi got bored trying to greentext the thousands of boxes daily for a handful of drivers and shit

>>600940605With gpu prices still high up, I’m glad I preordered my PS5 and got it day one for MSRP.


>>600940605Fuck off racist

>>600949378bobb sapp is a based black man, don't put the same as niggers

>>600941429I assume this happens literally every day so not really worst but>order a big package>sit at home waiting for it>doorbell rings>literally run to the door>deliveryman is entering his truck and about to leave when I open itHow is UPS still in business?

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>>600952504Feels good man

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>>600949597California is great for the upperclass, everyone else is fucked having to deal with the homeless, nigger looters/gangbangers.

>>600942087>USPS gets shit on the most simply because it's the most used one.I will never not shit on USPS the worst, I worked out of my house for about four years and out of the three(granted yes they were used more often) I had almost no problems with the UPS or Fedex. The amount of times I got a pink slip "LOL WHOOPS WE MISSED YOU", motherfucker no you did not, I was here.

>>600953152We get wine delivered like every 2 weeks and you’re supposed to sign for it but our UPS guy isn’t a cunt and just signs for me. Whenever the normal guy isn’t there they literally walk up, ring the doorbell, and start walking away without waiting even a second. It’s always fucking women too, I assume they’re too lazy to carry the box.

>>600941542based shin poster

>>600943194Whew. Good thing you did that.How're them video games?

>>600942473not the case.I had a copy of a game lost in the USPS crippling incompentence, sent my refund request, got the game in 2 days, then a week later the other copy showed up and no one gave a shit

>>600949000Texan here.I despise Californians with every fibre of my being. When they flee the shitheap they created they should be treated as the refugees they are. No voting rights, temporary shelters only.

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>where did my ps5 go?

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>>600946084>>600942665not sure why it says shipped and not delivered but I got mine from Amazon on launch day. Driver was an older brown guy but as far as I remember the box was not marked in any way. Not sure how drivers know which boxes to openThe steamdeck was very clearly identifiable as such though. I'm surprised that made it to me without getting stolen. They just threw it on the lawn

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>>600955619>The steamdeck was very clearly identifiable as such though. I'm surprised that made it to me without getting stolen. They just threw it on the lawnI'd imagine a PS5 has more mainstream recognition than Gabe's steambox

>>600955026californian herei dont care about you at all

>>600940605This is what you deserve for going after the Flavour of the Month. Ameritards and their Consoooming Religion i mean cmon atleast get an american Product Xbox instead of supporting chinese Snoystation

>>600955976Oh for sure. But Amazon had enough sense to put the ps5 in a regular non descript box. Valve sent the shit in a box that said valve and had battery warnings.Even if you don't know what valve or steam are, it's very clearly an electronic device.Valve put weird restriction on the shipment too. I want allowed to request that the package be held at the FedEx station. I was worried about it getting stolen off my porch. Contacted both FedEx and valve and they both said no dice.

>>600956007Good stay in Cali.

>>600940605package? ain't got no package for you cracka

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>>600956512Different califag(LA) here. I'm getting the fuck out. Just got a confirmation for a job interview in VA in a couple weeks. Sorry bro, I promise I won't vote or impact the culture in any way. Just want to stay home in peace

>ordered sexdoll a few weeks ago>no news>see this thread>item shipped with factory pics>fear

>>600956709>all those watermarksWhy?


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>>600956480>I want allowed to request that the package be held at the FedEx station. I was worried about it getting stolen off my porch. Contacted both FedEx and valve and they both said no dice.that is strange. Guess they didn't want to be liable, once it's delivered it's out of their hands

>>600957009niggas be stealin

/toy/ here. I literally paid $60 for shipping. You don't know what true hell is.

Fat chance corpo

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>pc says its been delivered>box no where to be seen>check the neighborhood in case of driver retardation>its 3 houses down on someones patio while it's absolutely dumping rain outside

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>>600940605jusr imagine all the PS4 games you're missing

>>600940605delivery driver stole it. they are hiring bottom of the barrel now.

>>600941429I'm convinced that UPS niggers are stealing my packages.

>>600942794I belive it has to be addressed to you for it to count as yours.

>buy game from years ago>a month passes, it didn't show up>complain to customer service>they agree to send it again >two weeks later i received the original shipment plus the extra one they sent>sell one of them on ebay

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>>600956480>Even if you don't know what valve or steam are, it's very clearly an electronic device.Which for all the delivery guy knew could have been some chink brand phone that costs $100 and not worth risking your for.A Sony or PS5 logo would automatically make them know they have something with a lot of resell value, which is why stolen PS5 packages are a thing and not TP-Link packages.

>>600957595If you don't you'll be charged again. Just a heads up.


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>>600957809they are. I only get stuff delivered to my po box now. if they wont ship there fuck them.

>>600957598had some important shit delivered to the apartment above mine. Thank christ the dude in the apartment was cool and kept it safe inside until the right person came up to claim it

>>600957595>order package>it doesn’t arrive because of Amazon’s incompetence>request refund>get it>Please return the item once it’s delivered to you.Compensation? What’s that?

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Those UPS or FedEx guys never get naything when they get caught?

>>600941429UPS is worst based on my experience. FedEx is pretty bad too. I know the USPS aren't always on it, but its so rare for them to lose a package or make it hard to deliver to you. UPS and FedEx gave me bad experiences and they usually make it difficult to deliver to you. DHL can be lazy too, but I can't get too mad with how fast they are.

>>600940605What if you refund it and then it arrives?

>>600940605get your refund, be thankful you were saved from your bad decision and emulate something instead, thing has literally no games


>>600941429I ordered a half gallon of jambalaya sauce from Amazon. I then got a (stained) letter from the USPS saying a package they attempted to deliver to me leaked and damaged a package sorting machine and was unable to be delivered. Supposedly those machines cost tens of thousands of dollars. I'd like to imagine a bunch of people got letters that were stained that day.



>>600953869I got two words for you:Bug. Snax.Only the Playstation 5 platform is capable of running this action-platformer masterpiece the way the devs intended it to be.

>>600958407That is fucking awesome

>>600958407Wondered why that box of dragon dildos smelled so good

>>600958407>I ordered a half gallon of jambalaya saucebut why

>>600941542best post ITT

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>>600957572>combined order on AmiAmi>they seperate the order due to release date pushed back>oopsie woopsies, guess you'll be paying for $40 shipping twiceThanks AmiAmi, guess I'm using HLJ from now on.

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Part and parcel. At least they are happy to refund you.

>>600940605This is what happens when niggers are given jobs that require more than physical labor

If you were a real gamer you would have gotten a PS5 on launch like i did. I got the XboxSeX on launch too. I didn't even preorder on announcement either, i worked hard and refreshed on Best Buy 3 days after and got it. My will power beat all the bots to secure an order. You have nobody but yourself to blame for not getting one.

>>600956798NoYou cannot comeStay in your shitholeWe are FULL


>>600955026NoReturn to sender immediatelyAnd if they refuse they go back in bodybags (or a dumpster)

>>600960246>We are FULLdoesn't look like it. Plenty of cheap ass houses for sale.

>>600960637WrongIf you are from California we are FULL and you CANNOT comeStay in your shitholeYou are not welcome here

>>600959020why not? I ordered a half-gallon of chick-fil-a sauce the other day

>>600960778Nah. maybe I'll buy two houses and rent one to you at a discount.

>>600942473Wrong. I ordered a blender that was lost and requested a refund, the day the refund hit my bank account it showed up.

>>600941429Amazon delivered a bucket of chlorine pool tablets instead of my PC case a few months ago.


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>>600941429FedEx is the only courier that will bring shit to my door instead of leaving it at my complex's Amazon Hub, despite numerous instructions to not bring anything to the Amazon Hub. So FedEx is alright by me.

>>600956798>VirginiaIt's run by glowies anyway. Enjoy having the CIA living right next door.

>>600960179Brave and powerful Consoooomer! American Education strikes again whoooop who has the biggest Car in the Neightborhood whoop i have all Gaming Stations am i a good Person now Mr. Goldbergstein? CONSOOOOMING i must consooooom

>>600959262I prefer Amiami because they give you more time to pay just in case some shit happens.

>>600946284New Africa

>>600961161Double checking the computer takes time.

>>600940605what happens if you refund and it gets delievered anyway? Can you keep it without paying?

>>600941429Went online and bought a pair a Georgia Wellington boots for a couple hundred, already got a sinking feeling when I saw that FedEx was doing the delivery, but I continued to wait. Four days in and I got a notification that the boots had been delivered, I searched relentlessly around my property, even going to the parcel box to see if anything was dropped of there, since sometimes Fedex, or UPS will give USPS packages to drop off. Nothing. I was slightly annoyed to say the least. I gave it one more day just to make sure, still nothing, so I immediately contacted the seller, explained it must have been porch pirates or some shit, and got a full refund. Low and behold two days later and my package finally arrives, the box had been resealed, and the cardboard looked like shit. My boots were still in there looking brand new, so I don't know what happened. My suspicion is the driver thought it was a console or something else, or maybe just wanted the boots so he stole them, only to find out that they were too small/big. My theory checks out since the driver who dropped them off was a 20 something year old black dude. Anyway, I got my boots, and got to keep my money. So a win-win in my books.

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>>600960372That's what the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie is about, incidentally: A bunch of liberal Californians try to gentrify a rural Texas town to escape the Californian hellscape, while making plans to turn the town into a little San Francisco. It goes as well as you would expect. Very based movie, highly recommended.

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>>600962638I've had that happen a few times. Once with a pretty expensive coffee maker, once with a laptop bag that was something like $100~, once with an expensive action figure... etc.

>buying tech from alibaba-replica-zon.comThese days I don't trust Amazon for shit and have unironically gone back to brick and mortar.

>>600940605based Jamal

>ordering ANYTHING from AmazonMay as well use Craigslist, or just go to a fucking casino for the same experience.

>>600962638Yup. The package is insured and Amazon is so huge that it is cheaper to take your word for it and get the insurance instead of trying to investigate what happened. Of course, there are exceptions - sometimes random to keep the general public on their toes, and if it happens to you multiple times, they'll add hoops for you to go through.

>>600964073As long as it says "shipped by Amazon", you're good.

>>600964073>>600963692i have literally never had a problem with amazon

let me guess. black delivery driver?

>>600964073I've only ever had problems with where they put the stuff outside of that "frisbee" guy and I've been buying from them for nearly a decade now. Their prices are nearly always $10-20 cheaper than most places and they very quickly drop prices on new games compared to Walmart, Best Buy, and Target.