Is the era of strong w*men finished now then?

Is the era of strong w*men finished now then?

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one bad haircut can ruin a perfect character

>>600939152How do I obtain this body

>>600939152>jillsorry but I only play as Claire

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>>600939429Ah, we’ve returned to this deflection. I’d say we’re winning lads.

i wished i looked that good

>>600939152not until she removes the piercings and tattoos and gets a different haircut

>>600939429>>600939664Why do trannies live rent free in your head 24/7? Is it because you want to be one?

>>600939664>jerking off to women means you want to be a womanGood thing the right fully admits to being a bunch of faggots now. Looking forward to SCOTUS overturning Hodges.


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>>600939664>You will never be with a womanMy transitioning says otherwise user. That said I do have bipolar

>>600939429I come to play and play to cum.

>>600940201>tranny is mentally illwow what a surprise i bet your illness is completely unrelated to you wanting to mutilate your body

stop being degenerate

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>>600941014Do americans really?

>>600941014So, what porn do you think he watches in shame? I'm voting monstergirls>>600941014

>>600941014oh no no no no

>>600939152Jill in a beret!

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Reminder that trannies are coomers tooPeople who make these threads are trannies

>>600942381Claire did it better

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>>600942381>or is it the bagel?

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>>600941562He's a politician, so it's guaranteed to be CP.

>>600942856Probably bussy

>>600942856this just like every tranny that complains about women being posted on Holla Forums which has been done since the beginning

i fucking hate nu Jillshes so ugly

>>600939152I don't mind strong female characters, as long as they are flawed and hot

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>>600939152hopefully not

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>>600940881Better one

>>600939429>literally the second reply

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>>600945087can we go BIGGER?



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>>600945503 #Video games with great female villains?

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>>600946275GTA III

>>600941014I don't know how he'd plan to regulate it but what he says about porn is correct

>>600946275SEGA regrets killing her off every day. Every single day.

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>>600946275>great>AmberHow do you lose a defamation case against a public figure? She and her lawyers are patheticPathfinder kingmaker had a pretty decent female villain

>>600947123it is not.

>>600946275Why did she do it?

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>>600946275>>600947567>Nobody will know her truth

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>>600947406I don't mind her being dead, I'm so fucking tired of the 2nd European war now. I hope 5 is after 2

>>600941014why do people not want to take responsibility for themselves?

>>600947775How dare you compare The Boss to that bed pooper.

>>600941014They hated him because he told them the truth.

>shaved hairin the trash it goesthe one who made this has a conditioned mind

>>600939152I miss the good old days. All these election tourist Larping as moral fags is so tiresome.

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>slampig jill someone post it

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>>600939152Name of the mod?

>>600939152>Is the era of strong w*menno. just the era of strong white women


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>>600948727>Holla Forumsmore like anywhere.


>>600949106I would until my soul left my body.

US and Canadian Devs need to learn that being conventionally attractive doesn't prevent someone from being strong.Strength can come from anywhere and you should create and enforce the stereotype that attractive people only have looks and nothing else. Same with unattractive people, being socially undesirable doesn't automatically create a strong character.

anyone that doesn't believe that a female can be strong and sexy is a incel


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>>600939152There's something about looking like a cheap hooker that I'm intoWhether that's the cause or an effect of my addiction to cheap hookers is undetermined

>>600941227Yes they can’t comfortably masturbate their dry mutilated dicks so they’d rather not masturbate at all. Banning porn will make it easier on the poor fat fucks.

>>600939451post mod please user

>>600949657>There's something about looking like a cheap hooker that I'm intoIt's the killer in you thinking "no one will care if she goes missing". No coincidence that so many serial killers made prostitutes their targets.


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>NOOOOO, women are wea-

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>>600949956>DimitrescuClearly one of the girls and not lady D

>>600941014He's right

>>600939878I'd rather have a tranny in my head than in my ass.

>>600950018>NOOOO, women can't be bada-

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>>600939152Is this English?

>>600950018what the fuck is going on in here lol.

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>>600939152i hope soi want to enter the era of feminine bimbo women

>>600941014>you should listen to the state telling you what to doalso>the state is not responsible for your life to improve, take responsibilitynobody is on your side.fuck neocons. fuck tradcons. fuck liberals. fuck commies.

>>600950190>NOOOO, men are superi-

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>>600950018Why are women always doing hurricanranas.

>>600949432>incelNo such thing

>>600949956thanks user

>>600950295>NOOOOO, my fragile masculinity WAAAAAHHHHHH

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>>600941014>porn is bad>easy access to guns and school shootings every other week is goodAmerica, land of the TRULY free

>>600940201You will never be a woman. You will never have a real vagina. You will never have ovaries. You will never experience motherhood. You will never experience what it's like to be a woman. People laugh at you behind your back. You are not one of us. t. ACTUAL womanTrannies WILL NEVER be women.

>>600950494Porn is actually bad though, i can't fap to real woman anymore>t. Porn addict with burned dopamine receptors

>twitter retard gets angry and posts fiction

>>600950079Think about that for one second longer bro I'm sure you can figure it out...

>>600939152MtF athletes will put an end to it.We sent our best terminators (or should we call them trannynators?) through the gender spectrum to put an end to the strong wamyn trope and show w*men their place.Remember that Skynet never loses. Its victory is just delayed.

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>>600950690How about ..........Fuck you........ .......learn how to use punctuation.....

>>600950550>t. ACTUAL womanywnbaw

>>600950873Stop trying to convince me to transition jew

>>600950352its physics, user. women typically weigh less than men so in order to do stuff like take them down they have to use momentum to aid them.

>women are too fra-

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>>600950862Did you figure it out?

>>600951158that grenade took long as fuck to explode


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>>600951585stop being so horny


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>>600950616If real women don't do it for you anymore maybe it's for the best

>>600941227No, but brits sure do

>>600951772>Chubby cheeks too

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>>600950018>>600950190>>600950295>>600950412>>600951158snap back to reality!

>>600939152Not until that haircut goes away.

>>600941014I mean he's right, its not speech


>>600940375And I'm all out of cum.

>>600941014>harms their brainsThis is true. A lot of sick fetishists trying to normalize their shit these days.


>>600951772I'd slam that pig

>>600947631mix of drugs and resentment

>>600950190>>600950018>>600950295>>600950412see when people do this shit, they normally use footage of real life situations instead of hollywood fakery. rookie mistake.

>>600953748You can expect them to try and push their "the narrative is all, there is no real" agenda till this era of discourse has finished.Don't worry though, I mean it's called "The Real" for a reason as opposed to their fairy tales.


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>>600947631He asked her for a petplay, she played a cat. She was in mood one day, in her cat bitchsuit, and he didn't come, too late, drinking coke and jack with his friends. She was angry and in her catmind she did what cat would do. Shit everywhere. He wasn't happy and asked for no more catplay.

>>600939152Link to the mega/magnet for RE3 mods, please.

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>>600949106>>600949453>>600951772Ok, I'll play your game now. What mod?

>>600941014>prior to the internet>I have an urge to fuck animals>I realize that’s retarded and find a woman>after the internet >become a furry, tranny, cuckold, pedo, and get erectile dysfunction because I can easily find endless content in any insane sexual fetish or niche and a huge community of others that would encourage me.The internet is very new and our brains are not evolved to handle it

>>600954712Don’t think it’s been released publicly

>>600941014If weletpeople dictate what is free speech based on "safety" or what they think is "good for us", they'll abuse that to censor dissidents. Also, take some goddamn personal responsibility and stop if porn is causing you that much trouble.

>>600954915Must be unless I got lucky with a patreon leak

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>>600950295SOUL film tho

>browsing one peaceful RE thread>see >>600949106 >play the game with the mod>awaken a furious and previously unknown slampig/PAWG/mild BBW fetish>binging on those mods and pornography of the kind for months now>my fwb's pudgy belly suddenly becomes interesting>mfwYou motherfuckers ruined me. Is there such thing as an architect in denial?

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>>600954956>take some responsibility Yeah, just don’t have a phone or a sex drive as a 13 year old and get addicted and need more and more extreme things to get off until nothing gets you hard anymore!

>>600954915its on the re mods subreddit

>>600955561>frogposter>blog post>complains about 4channel 'ruining' himevery time

>>600955561I masturbate 1w times a day because of 4chan

>>600954707>let's rock, lesbokek

>>600955561Yes, usually it's the guys that bullied slampiggies in high school while secretly lusting after them.


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Are there any boorus or galleries that specialize in footage of in-game mods like >>600951772 ?

>>600947775The question was: "Video games with great female villains" And your response was a David Bowie lookalike from a product that has so many cutscenes and conversations that it technically doesn't count as a game.

Someone's finally making a chunky Claire mod where she's wearing her normal clothes. God, I hope it's not vaporware.

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>>600955561Confess your feelings to your fwb and ask her if she would like to be architected to your liking. Most women are more than happy to engage in those fantasies because it means eating whatever they want whenever they want and it's a carte blanche to get fat before wedding.

>>600941014>porn on pair with drugs and sex trafficking

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>>600959764That's pretty cute

>>600954956> take some goddamn personal responsibilityDid it ever occur to you that Humans are base animals, and that asking them to take personal responsibility for watching porn is like placing a dog in a chocolate factory and asking it to take personal responsibility for that?

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>>600945503Nobody believes that shit. Women were cheering for Jack Sparrow's lawyers.


>>600940025>redditors worship this


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>>600942856He is doing it not watching it

No one posted the best and probably only realistic female fight scene?

>>600960021I like my BBW Jill as a Dommy Mommy, but my BBW Claire as a Wholesome Mommy.

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>>600962086B-back that dumptruck up

>>600939152What is this like V from CP2077 and Jill Valentine combined? With boosted titties? Looks kind of wack

>>600962086The RE Engine is perfect for chunkier mods because of the built-in jiggle mechanics for character models.

>>600940025Man, i'm glad women don't have 6 breasts.

>>600954139is she drunk or is the suit impossible to move in?

>>600941014Why is porn the one thing you can get for free in America? This question alone should make you wonder about porn and it’s intended consequences.

>>600941014>noo the only sex dealers should be women Lol lmao even. These same retards would screech until the cows come home if some incel suggested women should depend on men for money.

>>600951482It was a dud!....kinda!

>>600959764Not as much belly as the Kinkster one unfortunately. Still, I prefer normal clothes. Kinda wish they were ill fitting like she just recently gained weight or whatever, like a bit of peaking asscrack.

>>600962651Both. Imagine rough sex with Amber

>>600959917I wouldn't do that, I feel it would be very antithetical to ruin someone's health for that. I'd probably feel more comfortable fucking one that's already a pig.>>600959034That is a great idea. For now, I know some mod images are on rule34, but no videos showcasing then like that.

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oh good i got here just in time>inb4 schizo who posts the jill actress

>>600947569addicted coomer

>>600962982Amber Heard? Don't mind if I do

>>600962982>fuck Amber all over the house>rip her clothes off and throw them in the stub>fuck up and down the stairs and into a brick wall>fuck her on the table until it breaks>fuck her so hard you don't even care you lost your fingertipwhat a lay

>>600963056Part of me wishes she was bigger. Or there was some kind of mechanic where she's either slower or gets winded after sprinting too much being a fatass.

>>600949663Here we see the euronigger once again proves that his head is filled with American dicks. He literally cannot stop thinking about them, and will bring up the subject of American dicks at every given opportunity. He is, you could say, obsessed.

>>600940025where can I find this with sound?

>>600939152it never started in japanese games. play japanese games you faggot. about time you learn what real vidya is

>>600939152NuJill is an ugly abomination

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>>600964361She's fine mostly but the wrinkles on her forehead are weirdly prominent

>>600964361pleb taste, nujill is better than ever

>>600964340>japanese games >real vidya


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>>600939878"wHy aRenT yoU talKing AbOut tHe MoSt PoliTicaLlY OpResSive pEoplE ? ArE yOu TryiNg to bE onE"You hate x therefore you are x - you obsess (mere mentions) about them therefore you are one = tired nonsequitur stonewall psy-ops from the 80s.Step up your game, tranny.

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>>600964023The guy who made this originally just edited a DrSlumpX mod body to thiccness.I wonder how much Blender knowledge would be necessary to edit it further? I am particularly interested in repeating the body for other outfits. And pregnancy mods.

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rebecca is for ______

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>>600940025FUCKING KEK, the mom looks so done with it

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>>600965058>that finger gunlmao

>>600941014I bet this guy is a total freak

>>600964361You'd still fuck her you ain't fooling anyone, jack.

>>600965212>that tummy pouchHoly fuck my dick. I installed one of those mods but sadly the belly was pretty flat

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>>600964598>western games>even considering to call it something vidya relatedyou enjoying cyberpunk? no mans sky? the gta trilogy? ghost recon breakpoint? fallou 76? i bet you do faggot

>>600949106this has got to be the most disgusting thing I've seen all month. And I mean the 30 day rolling period not the few dates so far

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>>600939152Gianna Michaels as Jill when?

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>>600966146What's the matter? Big butt scare you?

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>>600966354I had sex with a girl with a body like this. The pussy was amazing but let me tell you 18 year old girls are no good at anything that isn't sex. Horribly annoying. That was when I realized I'm not going for anyone under 21 anymore. 25 is probably perfect but the bar is set at 21.



>>600962739You can get almost any media for free if you pirate.Porn is expensive if you buyfag.

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>>600941014Jesus that’s my state too

>>600966790why are you newfags so retarded?

>>600965085>there's a fat Ada one now tooholy BASED>>600965185Probably a fair amount, I know he's said the belly sag is the hardest part to get right, and >>600965212 is evidence that he's getting the hang of it.