Weekly Famitsu Sales Thread

>Famitsu has published its estimated physical game software and hardware sales data for Japan for the week of May 23, 2022 to May 29, 2022.>Otome visual novel Radiant Tale for Switch was the highest selling new release of the week, opening at 7,311 retail copies sold.>Other titles launched last week, such as Yurukill: The Calumniation Games, Pac-Man Museum+, and the Switch version of The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails, did not chart in the top 10.>On the hardware side, the Switch family sold 60,877 units, the PlayStation 5 family sold 14,830 units, the Xbox Series family sold 2,541 units, and the PlayStation 4 family sold 16 units. Next-generation consoles continue to face stock issues.(gematsu.com/2022/06/famitsu-sales-5-23-22-5-29-22)Software Sales 01./01. [NSW] Nintendo Switch Sports (Nintendo) {2022.04.29} (¥4.980) - 32.321 / 419.522 (-8%)02./03. [NSW] Kirby and the Forgotten Land (Nintendo) {2022.03.25} (¥5.980) - 12.720 / 736.287 (-1%)03./04. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo) {2017.04.28} (¥5.980) - 9.938 / 4.652.766 (-3%)04./00. [NSW] Radiant Tale # (Idea Factory) {2022.05.26} (¥6.500) - 7.311 / NEW05./06. [NSW] Minecraft # (Microsoft Game Studios) {2018.06.21} (¥3.600) - 7.262 / 2.655.548 (+15%)06./05. [NSW] eBaseball Powerful Pro Baseball 2022 (Konami) {2022.04.21} (¥7.500) - 5.693 / 177.208 (-21%)07./07. [NSW] Ring Fit Adventure # (Nintendo) {2019.10.18} (¥7.980) - 5.217 / 3.162.189 (-1%)08./08. [NSW] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate # (Nintendo) {2018.12.07} (¥7.200) - 5.052 / 4.889.720 (+4%)09./02. [NSW] Taiko Risshiden V DX # (Koei Tecmo) {2022.05.19} (¥4.500) - 4.198 / 25.908 (-81%)10./10. [NSW] Mario Party Superstars (Nintendo) {2021.10.29} (¥5.980) - 3.434 / 971.212 (-6%)Hardware SalesSwitch 3– 60.877 (24.890.876)PlayStation 5 – 14.830 (1.649.945)Xbox Series X|S – 2.541 (214.549)3DS – 164 (24.592.801)PlayStation 4 – 16 (9.395.127)

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here we go again

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Elden Ring surpasses 1 million units sold in Japan>Elden Ring sold 12 million copies worldwide after 17 days of its release, with one million in Japan alone.en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elden_Ring

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>>600939130>Elden Ring Japan sales were 60% digitaltwitter.com/bk2128/status/1504444693090025474?s=21

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>>600939034>Japan sales: Persona 5 900,000, Persona 5 Royal 400,000, Shin Megami Tensei V 190,000krsw.5ch.net/test/read.cgi/ghard/1644575223/

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>>600939034>twinfinite.net/2022/05/sony-playstation-business-segment-briefing/>PS5 expected to sell 160 million, outselling the ps2's recordHaters btfo, holy shit

shitch has no gaem, tendies only play minecraft and fortnite with their 8yo friends

>>600939130>>600939218>>600939319snoys really are coping hard, huh.

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>[NSW] Shin Megami Tensei V # (Atlus) {2021.11.11} (¥8.980) - 186.913 / NEW (138.985 )>[PS4] Tales of Arise # (Bandai Namco Entertainment) {2021.09.09} (¥7.980) - 246.721 / NEW (170.607 )>[PS5] Tales of Arise # (Bandai Namco Entertainment) {2021.09.09} (¥7.980) - 84.146 / NEW (65.003 )

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COMG for June 2, 2022

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snoybucks: broken

Now that we've got all the ritualposts out of the way, do we have some sort of expectations for Mario Strikers?Did the original games do well in japan?

>>600939590Goddamit Atlus.

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>>600939594The post that buck broke the snoy in the previous thread.>>that snoy that thought the Switch would sell less than 50k this week.>Lmao@his life.

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>>600938971Honestly any developer with half a brain should be able to look at the massive success games like Genshin have on twitter and realize that there is a huge potential market for otome style characters with western otaku womenI could possibly see them getting hung up on some market factors though like pricing vs translation costs.

No seriously, nothing happened this week much like last week yet somehow posts pile up so quickly due to seething. Why?

>>600939706>make a game for a dead consoles>sell like shitWho would have thought!

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>>600939796only thing that really happened was pokemon

>>600939706And the shitch version would be even lower, LOL

>>600939796One of them got extremely butthurt because he was called out for his wrong prediction. >>600939726

>>600939892eric, you forgot to change your snoy name.

>>600939726You still haven't listed a single shitch game that sold more than 50k this week

>>600939892busted piggy

>>600939892Switch port started production as soon as they saw the preorders.

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>he forgot to remove his namelmao

>>600939218why do you keep posting some unknown's guesswork?

>>600939984Why list something unrelated to the conversation?It'd be like me saying that no Playstation game sold more than 3.434 this week.

>>600939984>this weekOh no no no no no no he's still butthurt he got BTFO.

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>>600939892Please be a joke

>>600939034Why a new thread? The other one was full of shitposting snd the top 30 is like 10 hoyrs away.

>>600940168Atlus games sell worse on shitch

>>600939034>02./03. [NSW] Kirby and the Forgotten Land (Nintendo) {2022.03.25} (¥5.980) - 12.720 / 736.287 (-1%)>Elden Ring not even in top 10Is this what they call 'total mogging'?

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>>600939892Nice name faggot

>>600939706only PC Chads can save Atlus now

>>600939892>so butthurt he forgets to remove his nameLMAO

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>>600940194snoys are glutton for punishment

>>600940074It actually might have since their recent Survey asked people if the wanted SH2 on a portable device, fucking christ Atlus.

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>>600940223Ah, so the snoytranny finally figured out how to remove its name.

>>600940223I agree totally different user that's a totally different person

>>600940194there's a lot of discussion so we do 2 threads for the top 10 and 2 for the top 30

>>600939603>first one was a gamecube game so kinda muted overall but still managed to make it to Player's Choice label>second one was on the Wii early on in its lifespan, did 200k in Japan and sold quite a bit more overallThis new game has the Switch behind it, and can benefit from World Cup publicity. I think it'll do well longterm, especially with post-launch updates.

>>600940275Hopefully bombs and all systems.

>>600940275I wouldn't be surprised after how Compile panic ported that nep game lmao.

>>600940275SEGA was somehow able to perform black magic and wring a PC Persona port out of Atlus; surely they can easily step in and smack some sense into them for smaller games like this. If you're buying a company that almost died from bankruptcy, maybe being totally hands-OFF with them is a fucking awful idea.

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>>600939524I love the sportsmates. I hope they keep them around for future projects too.

New ads for the Kimetsu game on Switch with Akari

>>600939034Japan is dead. Even last year, the top 30 would sell over 3500. I guess that's why tendies are clinging so desperately, it's the only country they're "winning".

Remember when people were saying that KnY wouldn't even run on the Switch?

>>600940223Here's how the latest Atlus game did>11. [NSW] Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (ATLUS, 03/17/22) – 6,490 (New)>12. [PS4] Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (ATLUS, 03/17/22) – 6,194 (New)

>>600940431I don't know why some devs still refuse to jump ship, hell Nis did it and they are reaping the benefits.gamebiz.jp/news/349997The decision to make Disgaea 6 a Switch launch exclusive outside Japan was a contentious one, but it worked out in the end, even Falcom is making the jump after Kuro 2.

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>>600940656Switch is literally winning every region except india.Why do snoys always lie?

>>600939034You have nothing to look forward to for the rest of the year but licking up scraps in this faggotmitsu threads about the world's most irrelevant island

>>600940574Why do women like kimetsu so much? I don't think it's bad or anything, but my wife goes utterly ballistic for the series. She doesn't even usually play video games, outside of when we do mario kart or something for family game night, and she's been asking if she could call dibs on the switch when this comes out.

>>600940717Disgaea 6 was a fucking disaster

>>600940798Why so upset, snoytranny?

>>600940717Because it's far easier to port a PS5 game to every other platform than to make a Switch port.

>>600940717Falcom must be seething hard since a good chunk of that record is thanks to their games lmao, and they ain't seeing any penny out of it. At least it made them jump into the Switch bandwagon hard.

>>600940656>Japan is dead.Japan is doing way better than when PS4 was the default system. Switch is singlehandedly carrying the entire market

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>>600940837It's a straightforward series with bishonen swordsmen

>>600940837Cute little boys and an emphasis on emotion and connection

>>600940970>switch bandwagontendies don't buy 3rd parties unless is kiddy shit

>>60094106090 percent of multiplats sell better on switch, snoytranny.

>>600941060why lie?

>>600939796I think people are getting tense about not-E3. We already have press telling people to temper expectations for tonight.

>>600941060What do Snoys buy?

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>>600941060>void tRrLM; //Void Terrarium {2020.01.23}[NSW] 4.759 (57,9 %)[PS4] 3.459 (42,1 %)>Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection {2020.02.27}[NSW] 11.610 (61,6 %)[PS4] 7.235 (38,4 %)>LoveR Kiss {2020.02.27}[NSW] 5.838[PS4] didn't rank>My Hero: One's Justice 2 {2020.03.12}[NSW] 16.997 (76,8 %)[PS4] 5.136 (23,2 %)>Dragon Quest X: All in One Package Ver.1-5 {2020.05.14}[NSW] 5.657 (59,4 %)[PS4] 3.867 (40,6 %)>Shoujo Jigoku no Doku Musume {2020.06.25}[NSW] 1.928[PS4] didn't rank>eBaseball Powerful Pro Baseball 2020 {2020.07.09}[NSW] 94.876 (50,9 %)[PS4] 91.547 (49,1 %)>Indivisible {2020.07.16}[NSW] 2.479 (53,8 %)[PS4] 2.132 (46,2 %)>Fairy Tail {2020.07.30}[NSW] 15.447 (53,9 %)[PS4] 13.236 (46,1 %)>Yoru, Tomosu {2020.07.30}[NSW] 1.748[PS4] didn't rank>Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition {2020.08.27}[NSW] 48.957 (61,9 %)[PS4] 30.169 (38,1 %)>Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions {2020.08.27}[NSW] 16.678 (54,7 %)[PS4] 13.828 (45,3 %)>Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition {2020.09.08}[NSW] 11.450[PS4] didn't rank>KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! Love for this Tempting Attire {2020.09.24}[NSW] 4.171 (55,3 %)[PS4] 3.368 (44,7 %)>Yomi wo Saku Hana {2020.10.15}[NSW] 2.731 (54,6 %)[PS4] 2.271 (45,4 %)

>>600941141>almost 3x the amount of shitches in japan>maybe 10% more salesTendies don't buy 3rd parties

>>600941183Haven't they had to do that for the past State of Play or two already?

>>600941262Didn't you just claim they didn't buy any games, snoytranny?

>>600940574This shit would have sold 1m if they launched it on Switch while the anime was hiring, in the middle of the hype period. Now it will sell only a fraction of that. What a bunch of retards.

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>>600941262>Tendies don't buy 3rd partiesHighlights from recently released Media Create White Paper for year 2021>Nintendo had 83,39% share of the market>There were 542 games on Nintendo systems in top 1000 (up from 520 in 2020, first year in history Nintendo > Sony in # of games)>For multiplatform releases Switch version was the best selling one in over 90% of cases

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>>600941394If tendies bought games, you'd expect AT LEAST a similar ratio to the install bases. That's not the case.

Persona 6 won't be for switch and you'll whine anyways

>>600941262>maybe 10% more salesNah, 90% of them.

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>>600941363Yeah, but never learn. Some are expecting things like RE4 Remake at this

>>600941465So literally IT DOESN'T COUNT!The snoy cope continues.

>>600941487see >>600941261Every single one of these, except for surprise surprise, a kiddy game, did way better on playstation when you account for the ratio of ps4s in japan vs shitches in japan.

>>600941465So you admit Nintendo is more important than sony.

>>600941183I don't think that's even their notE3 presentation, just a regular State of Play.I assume they'll do a new PS Experience, or whatever, around June 10 with 1st party and big 3rd party games.If they still don't have anything to announce after skipping E3 last year then Sony is as good as dead

Here's the big question, will Sat 3 outsell Elden ERing worldwide? We already know Japan is obviously a given.

>>600941665LOL COPE.

>>600941673To toddlers and grown men that still act like toddlers, yes. To functioning adults, no.

>>600941665So you're saying sony sells worse.Good to know.

>>600941262>>600941465Still sounds like there are more hardcore gamers on Switch than the PS4/PS5, regardless of any ratios

>>600941718Splatoon 2 did 13 mil, so it probably could.


>>600941718Probably not, i mean it's a big seller but it is only on one platform.

>>600941767Nintendo is more important to the health of the industry, you said it yourself.

>>600939034Here is the top 1000 media create sales link since the list is to big to post. installbaseforum.com/forums/threads/media-create-sales-cy-2021-2021-jan-04-2022-jan-02-new-used.816/

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>>600941802Well yeah I don't think a sony platform other than the ps2 has ever targeted core gamers.

>>600941679Seems like a misstep to lead with a weak presentation, but maybe you're right. It feels like there hasn't been any major Sony conference since last Sept when they teased Wolverine and all.

Rushing Xenoblade 3 and shitting out a soccer mini game compilation won't take away from the fact that the literally lost their biggest exclusive of the last year in just a couple of months.Suda did his damndest to shill this shit for Tendo too, he even game Travis a ugly Switch power glove and made a mock smash stage the Nintendo even ok'd. Holy shit this must eat away at him BASED Marvelous!!!

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>>600942062Why do snoytrannies have such pathetic copes they cling to?

>>600942062Tell us how you really feel.

>>600939590Those numbers for mario strkires seem very low. I hope the game does well enough overseas.

So now that we have confirmation that this faggot >>600939434 is Eric, what are the odds that the rest of the pseudobotposting is him too? They're all suspiciously placed almost exactly a minute apart.

>>600941980Have this too. It's the data exported into a pastebin for easier access. pastebin.com/Rxjwvrk4

>Disgaea 6 flops>had to port it to PS4>No more heroes flops>had to port it to PS4

>>600941950Shitch is a handheld, not a console, so it's actually parasatizing the video game industry. Next you'll say that iphones are important to the health of the industry.

>>600942062And NMH still sold like shit on Playstation anyway cope harder snoygger

>>600939541>even switch's flops outsell PS5's best gameskek.

>>600942150almost 100 percent, I would say.


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>>600939706It's pretty bewildering that a game probably running off of TMS's engine isn't also on Switch.If you wanted to make a third flagship I can get the multiplat angle, but you'd also want to make sure it's actually on the most viable platform in the second biggest video game market.Especially since anyone alive that actually gives a shit about Devil Summoner/Soul Hackers would most likely have played the first/second game on a 3DS.We probably go over the game compromising the original SH leaning into the cyberpunk elements that have been with the Megaten franchise since SMT1, robbing it of its original aesthetic identity in favor of a post-Persona 5-era JRPG being obsessed with "lmao colors everywhere" and UI elements flying all over the place hampering a bit, but that'll be for the postmortem.

>>600942194Sounds like nintendo is single handidly carrying the entire industry, sony is useless.

>>600940275>Platform completely dominate the market.>uhhh guise you want this?How stupid you can be? It's been 5 years.

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>>600942150Who the fuck is eric?

>>600941465Even if everyone in Japan owned a Switch, the fanbases for a particular genre/game don't suddenly increase by a large margin.Considering how many PC's exist, by your logic, every PC game should be selling 1 billion copies.

>>600939541SMTV: 3 gotyTales: 0 gotyNintenchads got the better game.

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>>600940275Considering the fact that it's coming to everything else and it doesn't look like Switch wouldn't be able to run it, the only thing that makes sense is that the butthurt TMS devs blamed Nintendo for his idolshit Persona not selling.

>>600942139Nintendo games outside of RPGs like Pokemon and stuff like Splatoon always underperform at COMG. It's just one store, not a tracker for the entire market.

>>600942062Dude how much do you think Suda is volcanoing right now?>Suda51: I’ve been working with Nintendo since the first two No More Heroes games, and they have always offered an immense amount of support and have always been willing to allow me to try new things and make the games I want to makeventurebeat.com/2017/09/13/suda51-on-travis-strikes-again-working-with-nintendo-and-the-switch/>Nintendo Life: Why did you choose Nintendo Switch as your platform? Travis has a history of being on Nintendo systems, so did that affect your decision to focus so entirely on Switch?>Suda51: With the No More Heroes series, it just feels like it should always be on a Nintendo platform, it’s just the way it is.nintendolife.com/news/2018/04/interview_suda51_on_travis_strikes_again_nintendo_switch_and_the_future_of_no_more_heroes>Suda also mentioned to us that Nintendo first approached him about bringing Travis back a few months before 2017's Switch reveal event.gameinformer.com/pax-2018/2018/09/03/suda-51-wants-to-make-no-more-heroes-3-after-travis-strikes-againHe even called the Switch "punk"kotaku.com/suda-51-thinks-nintendo-switch-is-punk-af-1803819394?utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Twitter&utm_source=Kotaku_Twitter&utm_medium=SocialflowHe even wants to work on one of their old NES IPs for some fucking reason.nintendolife.com/news/2021/09/suda51_would_love_to_revive_a_lesser-known_nintendo_classicHe even went out of his way to run damage control and attack another dev for not putting his game on the Switchtwitch.tv/videos/124057149?t=1h29m18s>"In Asia, Danganronpa is published by Sony, so I don't know anything about switch. i didn't even know it existed">"There's a Nintendo Asia you know."

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>>600942062>Rushing Xenoblade 3You keep making this claim but you've got nothing to back it up with. And while I won't claim that NMH has ever been insignificant, the hyperbole of claiming it was their biggest exclusive of the year is just ridiculous. Then again you're just a shitposter who keeps repeating your shit over and over. At least you stopped making the claim that they moved up Xenoblade -because- NMH3 went multiplat. Utterly ridiculous.

>>600942334Shitendo is singlehandedly killing the industry from the inside

>>600942357The guy who is constantly spewing "Shitch" posts in these and other threads.

>>600942339i mean, there's kny as proof that idiots gonna be idiots

>>600942194>Switch has portability>Series S has best price>PC has the most powerPS5 has what?

>>600942334>Sounds like nintendo is single handidly carrying the entire industry, sony is useless.Considering how bad thing were for Japan during the PS4 days it isn't sirprising the Switch is carrying the Japanese industry.

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>it's another muh percentage with console sales matters, not the actual numbers for saleswhat a terrible, illogical argument

>>600942450>Suda is still making snoys lose their shitBASED

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>>600942452Remember reading something that claimed that XB3 has been basically finished since all the way back in last August and that theyve just been sitting on it waiting for an opportune moment to launch. Seems likely Splat3 ran into an issue somewhere along the line and needed a couple more months to finish and thus Nintendo decided to put XB3 in it's place to fill the gap.

>>600942458>everyone who uses a common insult must be the exact same guy! there couldn't possibly be more than one person who thought of an obvious pun!

>>600942306Yeah, it specifically the fact that it's on everything but the Switch. If it was a PS4/5 exclusive, I could see it at least as a 'Persona Audience' thing.

>>600942450>Suda making Snoys mad by telling like it is.BASED SUDA.

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>>600942583Eric does have a point IMO. I think it boils down to the pool of hardcore gamers willing to buy that kind of game being roughly the same despite the overall Switch user base being inflated by people who only play the big games.

>>600939034Literally nothing to play for the rest of the year. Holy shit this is really bad and honestly worse then the malding over Starfield getting delayed, not like BOTW is going through dev hell itself

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>>600942504Ps5 is more powerful than a pc

>>600942775There couldn't be more than one schizo who obsessively posts in every Nintendo related thread on the board repeating rhe exact same shit over and over,no.

>>600942828That's every system. Looks at ps4 top sellers. Fifa shit and Cod.

>>600942828Nah. Sales is just hard numbers. They wouldn't care about how much is the ratio between users if it sold more than before. It's piss poor attempt at downplaying sales.

>>600942450Not even the premise of your copypasta citationfest shitpost makes sense. Because NMH going multiplat will no doubt be a boon for Suda in terms of both financials and influence. And I very much doubt it'll hurt his relations with Nintendo much if at all and he'll no most likely continue to have good working relations with Nintendo moving forward.

>>600942457Why?Only tendies buy games, snoys only watch netflix.

>>600942671>>600942797The funny thing is, this tirade is clearly brought on by people in the past making fun of Harada and Nagoshi, but when was the last time people actually brought them up? Has this guy been stewing on this for such a long time?

>>600942850>Literally nothing to play for the rest of the year. What is?>Xenoblade 3.>Splatoon 3.>Bayonetta 3.>pokemon.

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>>600939467The attachment rates tell a different story. Ps5 is clearly the console that everyone buys for their shitty multiplayer sports and shooter games. The exclusives game sales are absolute shit on ps5 while the switch has some of the best exclusive game sales we've ever seen on a console

>>600942985Don't forget Mario Strikers 3

>>600939034Why aren't PS5 games selling in Japan? I have heard from many Playstation fans that Japan is still a Sony stronghold.

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>>600942850Shitch has had nothing for the last 5 years, how is this news?

>>600942953>Has this guy been stewing on this for such a long time?Nope he has being doing this for two months.arch.b4k.co/v/search/image/5kNZdQjzc9Azq5HdwS04Pw/He is probably the brazilians that did the same shit with Smt V

>>600939467The vast majority of Fortnite revenue comes from Sony platforms

>>600943141What PS5 games would any hypothetical PS5 owner buy?

I’m happy I switched from PS4 to switch. Ps4 has no good games my PC can’t already play.

>>600943156I was talking more about the span between the last time these threads used those copypastas about Harada/Nagoshi and him making that one about Suda in retaliation

>>600943189Some PS4 games are better on it.

>>600942927The context doesn't make sense because it's a post I researched about why NMH3 was on the Switch to begin with and he just added the part about Suda seething at the beginning.

>>600942953>this tirade is clearly brought on by people in the past making fun of Harada and NagoshiThe craziest thing is that it's not even remotely equatable. Harada and Nagoshi were crashing their businesses and missing golden opportunities for growth for no good reason. There are reasons for why Nagoshi got disposed of while Suda still has good job security. Harada and Nagoshi came off as insane and ridiculously bullheaded, butting heads against the reality of the market while simping heavily for failing Playstation on social media. And they weren't better off for it. Suda hasn't lost anything from being buddy buddy with Nintendo and NMH going multiplat isn't hurting them either as it doesn't seem like Nintendo minds it. It's not even close to the same thing.

Anyone finds really odd the decision of Sony becoming full anti Japanese and becoming full American woke faggots?Like, I dunno, kinda macabre to think that a Japanese company can turn into a soulless American corporation just so easy and quickly.The power of Amerifaggots is scary

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>>600943180>The vast majority of Fortnite revenue comes from Sony platformsWhich probably why sony refused to do Cross play with fortnite for a long time.

Attached: Fortnite MTX earnings.jpg (1024x589, 43.07K)

>>600942062>no more heroes>biggest exclusiveYou're trolling, right?

>>600943189Well there are Demon's Souls which Japan supposedly likes. And Elden Ring runs the best on PS5 what I have heard. Many multiplats in general run best on PS5 according to Playstation fans.

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>>600943397It’s true though.

>>600943141>Japan is still a Sony strongholdLOLLMAO

>>600942828You could put a Switch in the hands of everyone in Japan, it wouldn't suddenly make niche fanbases like shmups or otome games into million-sellers. Fanbases are mostly gonna stay the same size, unless a certain niche game is marketed very well. By that logic, every PC game would be selling 1 billion copies since there's so many PC's in the world.Nintendo's goal is to put a Switch in the hands of as many people within each fanbase as possible, which it seems like it's mostly been able to do.

>>600943368>Anyone finds really odd the decision of Sony becoming full anti Japanese and becoming full American woke faggots?No because they took the wrong les sons from the PS3 shit show. the disaster of the PS3 is partially what caused Sony to turn more to their western branch for developing the PSN and the direction for the next consoleIt was mostly Ken Kutaragi and Sony Japan who expected the PS3 to be a guaranteed success, so they loaded it with proprietary technology that Sony owned to help them win format wars, even if it wasn't suited for game development. Such as Blu-ray, and the cell microprocessor.They won the disk format war, but it didn't matter because like everyone predicted digital distribution became the future. Blu-ray never achieved anywhere near the same sales that DVD didThe PS3 wasn't even intended to launch with a GPU, Ken Kutaragi expected the cell processor to be able to do literally everything, but someone convinced them to shove a GPU in there at the last minute. This was a huge shift for devs who were expecting to have to offload all graphics processing onto the cell processor even though it wasn't suited for iten.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_3#History

>>600942953You have no idea how spiteful Sonyfans are, many have n't even recovered from the PS3 has no games.There's one so broken by it he believes in a conspiracy that 4chan and Nintendo created the meme to hurt Sony.They're like the kid in the classroom who loves to laugh and mock at others but can't never take it when it's with them.And they'll still pretend to be good people on social media

>>600943345>The context doesn't make sense because it's a post I researched about why NMH3 was on the Switch to begin withYeah. I had memories of having seen that post as a non-shitpost in a non-shitpost context. So I was very confused when it was transformed into this shitpost and it being reposted over and over again in shitpost contexts. As you say. The premise doesn't even make sense. Claiming that Suda is seething doesn't isn't exactly a claim that is being supported by the rest of the post nor is it a claim that appears to have any relation whatsoever to the rest of the post. Complete and utter lunacy. Was he betting on people just reading the first line or two, then just assuming that all the links and citations supported the claim without actually reading any of it?

>>600943727>They're like the kid in the classroom who loves to laugh and mock at others but can't never take it when it's with them.An image from the PS4 days.

Attached: 1612450513752.png (1000x1000, 947.67K)

>>600943453So sonyfags are the ones who spend the most on shitty microtransactions? Absolute cancer on the industry

>>600942785>specifically the fact that it's on everything but the Switch.Feels like genuine spite from the team for TMS not doing well on either system it came out on. Almost like it was an incredibly ill-advised premise and an incredibly shitty bait-and-switch on a crossover that should've been straightforward and easy.

>>600943562It's a similar thing with fighting games with numbers of people playing daily are about the same, despite the differing sales of the games.

Holy shit this is the crazy crap you people are into?nintendo.co.jp/software/feature/otome_archive.html

Attached: 1624029549929.webm (346x540, 310.76K)

>>600939706>WhY dOnT tEnDiEs BuY tHiRd PaRtY ???

>>600943141>I have heard from many Playstation fanslol

>>600943141>I have heard from many Playstation fans that Japan is still a Sony stronghold.See >>600941451>>Nintendo had 83,39% share of the marketThis data includes the PS4 by the way.

>>600944016God i wish cute girls who dont hate gaming as a hobby actually existed

>>600943882>So sonyfags are the ones who spend the most on shitty microtransactions?Yes.From Sony own mouth their are shifting to gaas because they don't make money from their full release games, they make money from MTX and DLC.Ryan then mentioned that PlayStation Studios have a great track record of delivering great, narrative-driven, and graphically beautiful single-player games, but he admitted that Sony may have restricted itself to a rather narrow segment of the gaming market. By expanding to PC and mobile and live services, they have the opportunity to expand outside that narrow segment and be present everywhere in the gaming market. If executed right, with intelligence, and excellence, Ryan believes this is potentially an extremely large opportunity for significant growth in the number of people playing Sony’s games and spending money on theminsideheadline.com/playstation-ceo-jim-ryan-discusses-metaverse-possible-further-acquisitions-live-services-expansion-more/

Attached: Adon content.png (859x286, 52.91K)

>>600943910>an incredibly ill-advised premise and an incredibly shitty bait-and-switchKinda like SH2 as well.

>>600939824You forget that according to Snoys, 5 under performed because Switch owners only buy Mario games and it would have sold more on playstation

>>600944212Touche. Sounds like it's just a recurring theme for that team.

its only 12:30 and there's already a second famitsu thread?

>>600942180Doesn't help that disgaea 6 is legitimately awful

>>600942472>Literally 2 polls showing the audience is on that platform>Skip it and sell like garbage. During the whole Movie hype and s2 announcement.>O shit, plz do emergency port.Media buinsess can be weird but when solid data proves that release is fucked you should step down and rethink. Those retards reach flat earther tier stupidity.

Attached: 1654182496976.jpg (738x718, 104.25K)

>>600944016I am more into galge for obvious reasons. But I still respect this kind of stuff a lot. What's wrong with it?

Attached: img-mv_21.jpg (1440x520, 139.45K)

>>600944376Sony fans are really, really angry today for some reason.

>>600944376oh I forgot today is SoP, of course the schizos are out

>>600944502Eh I would say the Kimetsu no Yaiba stuff is more overhead pressure to release on Playstation(or rather, not release on Switch) rather than a full on let's be retarded venture.

>>600943354>Harada and Nagoshi came off as insane and ridiculously bullheaded, butting heads against the reality of the market while simping heavily for failing Playstation on social media. And they weren't better off for it.And in harada's case the guy legit begged people to buy PS5 on twitter and Nagoshi admitted he was wrong about the Switch later

Attached: Nagoshineverexpectedtheswitchtosellwell.png (352x342, 156.52K)

>>600943141They call PlayStation fans cockroaches because of a news article how some guy had roaches nesting in his PS4

>>600944376There's a State of Play today.

>>600944376Yup, that one schizo is really mad today.Maybe he's a "little" nervous with the State of Play today, who knows

>>600943453thanks doc.

>>600944740>>600944752there's a state of play? explains a lot

>>600944716I'm pretty sure the Sonyroach thing started with the PS2

>>600944789>there's a state of play?Yes.youtube.com/watch?v=Wr4PGa1sHFQ

>>600939130Cock sucker.

>>600944693>Short print turkeyhime switch >Sell more while PS4 versions still can be found.That's usual Jew scam to sell more digital but still show people preferences.

Attached: 1654138145207.png (554x482, 363.5K)

>>600944016>western foids>screech about unrealistic womxn in games>nip women>just make perfect 2D husbandos for themselvesJapan, I kneel

>>600944512I actually do believe that the media landscape would look better if otome stuff was bigger than it currently is in the west. In Japan, to varying degrees at least, there exists something of a mutually beneficial relationship between nerd media for men and nerd media for women where they support each other and validate each others' existence from a kind of mirror perspective. But in the west nerd media for women is so extremely undeveloped in comparison that no synergy can exist, and sometimes you almost get the feeling that the void left from the nerd media for women being so undeveloped just causes unnecessary and disproportionate tension and derangement as the demand for such media is clearly there and just not sated. A lot of women probably don't even realize that it's something they desire because the market is so undeveloped that the very idea of it hasn't even crossed their minds, let alone having gotten a taste of it. Yes there aren't close to as many nerd women as nerd men, but it's ridiculous to pretend like they don't exist. I do think this void in the market is most likely unhealthy. Even for nerd media for men from a male perspective concerned with male hobbies.

>>600940837My wife's friend/coworker said they love the brother caring for his sister plot that he wish to see her children do the same. IDKbut that's what she said when the movie became a topic on one of their gathering.


>>600943397it's true, Switch + PC is the way to go

>>600944323The recurring theme seems to be them wanting to make a Persona game, not being allowed to and then twitsting whatever project they do get into a Persona clone.

>>600943368Nigga Sony has always been a souless corporation, wtf you are on?

>>600943735>Was he betting on people just reading the first line or two, then just assuming that all the links and citations supported the claim without actually reading any of it?They're just scrapping the bottom of the barrel and niche games that have a long time association with Nintendo (NMH, SMT, etc) being catapulted into the spotlight by the Switch's success are easy targets

>>600944016Uh uh sir you won't see me shitting on otome today. Otomestacies and yumejos are mostly harmless and keep to themselves while also promoting 2D>3D. They're just based cute boy lovers who want a harem and that's fine with me

>>600945446>The recurring theme seems to be them wanting to make a Persona game, not being allowed to and then twitsting whatever project they do get into a Persona clone.Persona really broke Atlus didn't it.How long till everything they have becomes personafied.

>>600940275I honestly don't want it.

>>600944905Yeah. My brother worked at a used game store that repaired PS2s in the mid 2000s. He told me back then it wasn't uncommon to find dead roaches in traded in PS2s.

I don't care about SMT, SH or Persona, where the hell is Etrian Odyssey Atlus? EO next was announced almost 5 years ago

>>600945626>How long till everything they have becomes personafiedI feel like if Nintendo didn't push as hard as they for SMTV, Atlus would just drop it and focus on Persona. The Trauma series is dead, EO is MIA, Catherine didn't really set the charts on fire, etc.

Just here to remind you all that Sony try to fuck over Nintendo during the original PlayStation.

Attached: sony.png (590x350, 227.35K)

>>600945626Somewhat, but I'd say it's more of the TMS team problem.Hopefully SMTV doing well and SH2 likely bombing will stop Atlus from personafying any other series.

>>600945626TMS is nothing alike persona. Coincidences are quite superficial, and story is literally Shadow dragon redux.

>>600940275Dunno who is running things at Atlus or Sega but a multiplatform title skipping the Switch when the game doesn't look that graphically intensive is fucking suicide over there. Either they are 100% banking on the west saving it or that the PS5 takes off in Japan in less that 4 months.

>>600944710>in harada's case the guy legit begged people to buy PS5 on twitterand when he interviewed Ken Kutaragi, Kutaragi also indirectly called Harada out as being a stubborn asshole.

Attached: kutaragi harada.png (1060x1134, 187.58K)

>>600941397Who did they hire?

>>600946281>and when he interviewed Ken Kutaragi, Kutaragi also indirectly called Harada out as being a stubborn asshole.That the funniest part kutaragi told him japanese devs are always late to the party because the wait to long

Attached: 1613853998456.png (640x480, 338.37K)

>>600945819Atlus West told them to fire the artist because Twitter cancelled him (they found his loli doujins), so now they have to rework all the art.

>>600944512I like how Otome games' promotional artwork always has characters using a Switch.

>>600946565The twitter troons and MAPs cancelled Himukai?

>>600943727There was some new cope last thread or some other one where the snoy tried backing up his "PS5 exclusives" list going to PC by doing "Well, it's also on PC but also only on *Playstation consoles* so it's an PS exclusive!"

>>600946103Not only that, I'd bet serious money that this was also Sony's plan with SEGA when they approached SEGA for a joint console as well. Sony's assrage wasn't over being "spurned" - it was the fact that all the work and money would have to come from themselves to make Playstation actually happen, and that they couldn't just greasily absorb someone else's IPs out of the gate.

>>600946710That's not new "exclusively not on Nintendo" has been one of their many coping mechanisms for years.

>>600946692Nah, but he got account nuked. And wasn't due EO but FEH.

>>600946710They've been saying that shit for years, it's just gotten worse due to sony porting the first parties to pc as well.

>>600946854Link to the loli doujin?

>>600946854He has a new one.twitter.com/nistick023

>>600947009Kill yourself, gryphoneer

>>600946565>they found his loli doujinsI actually know how to find them, I just wanted an excuse to use this image

Attached: oh my god thats disgusting where.jpg (1200x675, 131.1K)

>>600947093Cringe. Get out.

>>600947009It wasn't due doujin it was due artwork, and whole bitching is due looking like a "Loli".

Attached: Face_10.png (1600x1920, 308.96K)

>>600946873And it's gonna get worse as jim himself just straight up said they are hoping 50% of their Profits come from PC and mobile in the near future.CUE the snoys saying shifting to Gaas is good actually.

Attached: Jim Ryan on the future of playstation.png (1060x1658, 612.3K)

>>600946565>>600946692>>600946854Didn't he do the art to that A-Train game

>>600946873>to sony porting the first parties to pc as well.That was fun because that means we can use Xbox/PC games as Xbox exclusives then it came out that Xbox has more exclusives than PS5 that really sets them off.

>>600947240Salt romano already has, someone post it

Another L for Nintendo

>>600946594Yeah it's cute.

Attached: img-mv_39.jpg (1440x520, 237.33K)

>>600947228>looking like a "Loli"The absolute state of sonypedos. They were just butthurt that those games are Nintendo exclusives.

>>600947228That's probably the largest breasts Lucina's ever been portrayed with.

>>600947310Yes it did, but is just twatter being mentally ill and abusing bots doing auto bans.

>>600947356>someone post it

Attached: Salt Romano on Copium.png (1060x1549, 304.83K)


>>600946854>Nah, but he got account nuked.Twice actually. A couple of years apart. And I am actually extremely peeved over this because his twitter had tons and tons WIP uploads and other odd concept/sketch/idea art that never actually got uploaded anywhere else.

>>600947525>money made from GaaS will be pumped into making real games and not MORE shitty GaaS!there's delusional, and then several steps below it, there's whatever this is

>>600947525>NOOOOOOOOOOOO SONY SHOULD STAY OUTDATED LIKE NINTENDO!!! YOU CAN'T EVOLVE STOP!!!Reminder that the Switch is 6th gen hardware and we are in the 9th gen already


>>600947669>gaas>evolvingIt's de-evolving.

Attached: 1534444494081.png (557x625, 343.39K)

>>600947669All consoles hardware are outdated

>>600947765>>600947862You'll defend it anyway when Nintendo does GAAS some 10 years after everyone does it, and you'll even pretend Nintendo invented it

>>600947658>there's delusional, and then several steps below it, there's whatever this isYep people always say gaas money would go to their big games but that Never happens when fortnite became mega popular we didn't get more Unreal games.

>>600947669>advance technologically>have hundreds of trillions of dollars in ray tracing in graphics>have nothing to show for it except for cinematic movie games like Bloodborne and Persona

Attached: laughing bart.png (898x900, 1M)

>>600947947Stop projecting, snoytranny.You're the only one suddenly loving GAAS because sony does it.

>>600947947Nah, not everyone is a corporate drone like yourself disgusting pedo.

>>600947947Nope. I hate fire emblem heroes, pokemon go, etc. I think splatoon's worst elements are its features similar to GaaS. I will not spend a single fucking cent on any nintendo GaaS, and I will fervently hope for them to flop.

>>600947658Reminds of Rockstar just giving up on GTA because they can just milk sharkcards forever then they halfass the port of the GTA trilogy. I never believe these fuckers that can get easy money that will somehow funnel it into their "dream project" and not just find more ways to be even more lazy.

>>600947240>CUE the snoys saying shifting to Gaas is good actually.>>600947669>>600947947Like clockwork

Attached: Like Clockwork.gif (220x124, 432.74K)

>>600947658Hell, Sony BOOSTED their stated number of planned/in-development GaaS titles from 10 to 12 since then. That's proof right there that the money won't be put back into real games. Maybe at most another over-the-shoulder archery simulator starring either a constantly bitchy grrrl power type and/or a broken family-man type.

>>600948168>I will not spend a single fucking cent on any nintendo GaaS, and I will fervently hope for them to flop.you'll still jerk off to Nintendo profits which include GAAS

>>600948262>you'll still jerk off to Nintendo profits which include GAASStop projecting faggot

>>600948262Name them

>>600947669Change is not inheritly good. Only changing to something better is. Changing to focus on GaS and MTX is a bad thing and no amount straw manning will change that

>>600948009Kill yourself, ACfag

>>600948376Name what?

>>600947947The people in your head do whatever you want them to do to make you look right

>>600939034Jesus, Japan doesn't like video games anymore

>>600947947I have yet to find a single person who liked the gacha in Xenoblade 2.All the people that like GaaS are already on mobile, there's no reason for them to suddenly make GaaS for console beside predatory greed.

>>600948240I'm still mad that it took less than 24 hours for snoys to go from "Paid online?! LMAO" to "P-P-PAID ONLINE WILL MAKE IT BETTER! J-J-JUST FIVE BUCKS A MONTH!"

>>600948606>modern sony>video gamesPick one

>>600948680Is the snoy in the room with you?

>>600948496Name the nintendo GaaS I'm supposedly jerking off to


How many otome cages in the new otome game

Attached: 7729b010bdcecabd91de53b2245d7d321406518373_full.jpg (480x272, 67.95K)


>>600948787Is English not your native language?

>>600948752Nice retort, faggot

>>600947240I cannot fathom how sonyfags are still defending sony after this. This is an utter betrayal to anyone who was a fan of what the company used to be. Why stay loyal to the brand when everything you fell in love with has completely vanished?

>>600945626I mean, Persona outsells everything else Atlus makes by far. I don't blame them for wanting to capitalize on it more

>>600948878Is your reading comprehension too poor to compensate for any supposed ESLness?Are you low IQ, or why can't you answer his question?

>>600948617>I have yet to find a single person who liked the gacha in Xenoblade 2.Not like you had to throw money at it.

>>600949023Read what you reply to, idiot. We are talking about the future of Nintendo, not the present.

>>600948913Unironically it's attachment to their trophy levelsI've seen many weebs on this board say they don't want to support weebshit on other platforms because no trophies, and often see them posting their platinums as if anyone gives a shit (there's one Talesfag who always posts his platinums and one Atelierfag as well)

>>600942306When you consider how badly Nintendo shat on TMS to censor it and ruin any and all chances for it to reach a larger audience, you can't really blame the devs for not wanting to back Nintendo anymore. It's may be an act driven by spite, but it's well justified spite.

>>600948878>>600949090You're saying I'm jerking off to nintendo's supposed GaaS in the present though

>>600948453see>>600948032I'm not paying for your POZZED GAAS garbage.

>>600947240>CUE the snoys saying shifting to Gaas is good actually.I can't wait. They're literally the only fanbase to take it up the ass without a fight.

>>600949142lol no >>600948262>you'll>'ll

>>600947121Gonna share, champ?

>>600949243It's on the panda, search for 日向悠二.

>>600949203see >>600948168I don't give a shit how much nintendo makes. If I like an individual game, I want it to do well so that more games like it are made. If nintendo ever does make a GaaS (funny how you dwell on this hypothetical and not the 12 confirmed GaaS coming out of sony, but oh well) I will hope for it to flop so badly that nintendo never tries it again.

>>600949072That's the point, people are already disliking a totally free gacha system, I don't see why the user I quoted think the Nintendo fanbase that doesn't already play gacha on phone will suddenly start loving GaaS once they'll actually need to spend money for it.

>>600949578>I will hope for it to flop so badly that nintendo never tries it again.Sure, on an individual basis you'll root for that single game to fail. But at the end of the quarter, when Nintendo announces how much money they made overall, you'll still jerk off to it anyway.

>>600949650Meanwhile, snoy's favorite games are fortnite, cod, genshin, and fifa

>>600949698I just said I don't give a single shit how much nintendo makes. 7-1, you ESL favela monkey.

>>600949698You're the only one doing that, by worshipping snoy GAAS.Stop projecting.

>>600949854>I just said I don't give a single shit how much nintendo makesYou are dishonest.

>>600948827I don't have any screenshots. But funnily enough, more than a couple. Kind of funny that it's unironically a thing somehow.

>>600949741i had no idea GI was so popular on PS4/5, explains all the BOTW vs GI shitposting threads

>>600948680I'm not a Snoy you paranoid schizo.LOOK at this list honestly.Kirby, Radiant Tale and.... That's it.Those are the only single player games they have on the list.Japan doesn't play video games anymore, face it. They only care about social games.Japanese developers just make games for us.

>>600949698If nintendo looked like modern sony, no I would not jerk off to their success. In a general sense, I like seeing nintendo succeed because I like what they do. If they fully switched to GaaS I would no longer like what they do and no longer care for their success.Regardless, the levels of hypothetical levels of cope your own right now is ubsurd though. It doesnt change the fact that you are an absolute cancer on the industry for still supporting sonys new godawful direction.

Nintendo exclusive in 2022

Attached: garbage.png (396x549, 235.22K)

>>600950027They literally promoted on ps first.Switch port is on pipeline for a year or so.

>>600950354Weaker than a ps2



Attached: 1652969812207.png (675x286, 26.22K)

>>600950523>it's another tendie disavows Nintendo thing, but then jerks off to Nintendo's overall profit from it

>>600950015I hate women

>>600950027Genshin pretty much makes all of its money on ps.


>>600950582>schizo ramblings about NintendoRent free

I'd take a thousand live service games over bragging about paying hundreds of fucking dollars for literal cardboard. I'm not letting tendies memory hole that one, at least sony fans support creators, we don't get scammed on fucking CARDBOARD.

>>600950638tendies disavow gamefreakproceeds to jerk off to nintendo published games being 80% of the japanese market (50% of that is pokemon games)

>>600950582Which never happens.

>>600950636>Genshin pretty much makes all of its money on ps

Attached: Sony slide 2.jpg (2047x1089, 132.3K)

>>600950719Nintendo doesn't publish pokemon in japan

>>600950719Who cares what retards think?

>>600950717>snoy desperately deflecting from sony going third-party and shifting to GAASkek

>>600950717It flopped though. People didnt buy shit. You guys are the faggots who are actually actively supporting GaaS

>>600950717Didn't the cardboard flop like Last of Us 2?

>>600950893Last of us 2 didn't flop, you paid shill

>>600950717>we don't get scammed on fucking CARDBOARD.I mean, you got scammed hard with ps+ premium and that's even less than cardboard.

>>600951001>games are less games than cardboard, which is not gamesThis is your mind on nintendo

>>600950951flopped extremely hard

>>600950951>Last of us 2 didn't flop, you paid shillThen why hasn't sony update to sales for that game the last update was 4 million and we still don't know the lifetime sales

>>600950951TLoU2 bombed hard though

>>600950893Yep, 4 different games barely sold 1m.That said, because it was so cheap. It probably made more than TLOU2.

>>600950951Didn't it user? Didn't it?

This is now a last of us 2 thread

>>600951042>>gamesWho said anything about games?People have to pay in order to pay for ps+ premium if you want to upgrade.

>>600951046>>600951062>>600951080>>600951110Give me a source, if you're so confident.

>>600951271Sony themselves, for one kek

>>600951216And then they back off when people called them out by saying it was a bug

Attached: We SWEAR it was a bug bro.png (1060x1141, 230K)

>>600951401This was just a bug though

>>600951042>PAL games>Sony doesn't honor discounts and force you to pay more>ps3 streamingIt's a scam dude you're they're spitting in your face and you're just taking it like a good goy.

>>600951042>than cardboard, which is not gamesNot to defend labo or anything. But how is it not? The cardboard in this instance is directly equivalent to regular gaming hardware such as a dual sense controller or whatever. It's just that for this game it's made from cardboard. And the actual software portion of the game absolutely had a game(s) to it. The games weren't amazing but it's undeniably videogames. Shitting on labo doesn't mean you need to be objectively incorrect.

>>600951438It wasn't, it was actually on their site for some time.

>>600951438>This was just a bug thoughSure thing user, sure thing...

>>600951438Bugs don't talk about themselves in emails

>>600951587>>600951620>>600951625It was an error they literally said it

>>600951438Bugs don't normally have customer support emails stating that they were indeed going to jew you for extra

>>600951687They lied.

>>600951723That's not even true>>600951898No user they didn't you can see above

>>600949163I love how ACfags style has become so regonkzable he doesn't even deny it anymore

>>600951687And they're gonna sell 160 bajillion ps5s!

>>600951687This is also Sony user, they've lied on multiple occasions and have been destroying their online services for older consoles secretly for years.

>>600952014Just stop spreading shit

>>600952014Nintendo is the one who lies


>>600952297Let me guess, they make up their sales numbers and lie to investors?


>>600952297Do you have proof?

>>600952349They literally overship the switch and then conflate that with sales. They also stopped allowing audits of their numbers back in 2019, and wouldn't you know it, THE VERY NEXT YEAR they had a record year for "sales". Why won't they allow audits if they have nothing to hide?

>>600952138Tell that to Sony.

>>600952412like you're claiming sony does in response to this >>600939434 ?

>>600952450Sony is the only company that uses Shipped to retailers as sales numbers

>>600946594In a different timeline they could have all been using Vitas. The Vita had flaws for sure, but I still find its fate and history to be one of the most ridiculous things in the history of the entire videogames industry. The Vita neither needed to nor should have gone under the way that it did. I'll happily accept the Switch as the Vita2 though. But I still find it ridiculous that this shift ever even took place. Or needed to take place in the first place.

Attached: VitaMeansLife.gif (300x240, 7.81K)

>>600952450>They also stopped allowing audits of their numbers back in 2019Source?>THE VERY NEXT YEAR they had a record year for "sales"Yeah, in 2020, where everyone was buying more electronics than usual because they were stuck inside during the pandemic

>>600952543Sony isn't lying there. They're just being fucking retarded.

>>600952543>Hypothetical numbers.Snoys are now reduced to cope with imaginary numbers.KEK

>>600952543Not even that user. But Sony aren't lying there. They're just grossly overestimating their estimates to comical degrees. Which is not lying. It's just silly.

>>600952450>They literally overship the switch and then conflate that with sales.False, they only post sold units, not shipped.You're thinking of Sony.>They also stopped allowing audits of their numbers back in 2019,Also false, 2016 was when NPD started recording digital sales if I remember right and only for America based storefronts.Nintendo is not America based while that year was also the year Sony moved PSHQ to Cali.

>>600952450When did they overship the switch? That shit has been sold out for like half of its lifecycle

>>600952572False, you're spouting literal paid shill propaganda right now

>>600943368People need to remember that this shit began with the japanese side of Sony. Remember Shuhei Yoshida bitching about Vita being an otaku heaven? Sony Japans is full of nips Uncle Ruckus

>>600952758Maybe you should read an investor report.

>>600952758>Not even that user. But Sony aren't lying there. They're just grossly overestimating their estimates to comical degrees.>Which is not lying. It's just silly.sony counts scalped sales and second-hand sales as well.

>>600948827>otome cagesWhat?

>>600952867Again. They're being disingenuous. Deceptive. And stupid. But they aren't lying. If they were lying they'd get fined to hell.

>>600952809>Sony Japans is full of nips Uncle RuckusIt's not so much that as much as they were in PSoJ's ass about not being as profitable as the Americans.

I think PlayStation has been on a mentally downward spiral, and now they've lost it completely.

Attached: downwardsspiral.png (836x561, 551.49K)

>>600952994>Deceptive. And stupid. But they aren't lyingYeah sony are the master of PR.

Attached: Sony's Lies.gif (3470x2470, 2.35M)

>>600953245Reminder that Sony tried to brag about their YoY sales growth by comparing 4 months of 2020 to the entirety of 2021

>>600953186I wonder if emplemon would do A sony video just like he did with nintendo considering all the shit sony is currently doing.

Attached: Jim Ryan QnA.png (1060x1536, 424.62K)

>>600952909Not him. But it's kind of a not too uncommon trope in otome games where one or more of the guys robs the female protagonist of her freedom by locking her up. Often in literal cages.

Attached: 1654192952.jpg (480x480, 49.03K)

>>600953515>women schlock over being absurd and controlledThis shit baffles me to no end

>>600953483Of course he wouldn't, the guy is a hardcore Sony shitsucker.

>>600953645Well user there is a reason why twilight and 50 Shades of grey(which was ironically a twilight fanfic) were so popular women are into that shit the more abusive the asshole character the more the "I can fix him" stocks go up.

>>600950636this is definitley not true lmao and I can't believe no one called you out for it. Genshin's biggest market is China and you can't even get a playstation there lol. It makes the majority of it's money through mobile like any other mobile gameThis is not to say it doesn't make a lot of money on ps. But saying "it makes pretty much all its money on ps" is just flat out false

>>600954087Genshin's marketing literally started with a stunt of an aggrieved fanboy smashing a PS4.

>>600953483Dude's the stereotypical sony zoomer that grew up with ps4 as the default and acts like it was because of quality and not being the highest turd in the shitstack at the time. I enjoy most of his videos, but the nintendo one was mainly him whining about nintendo doing things that the rest of the industry was doing 15 years ago and has now moved on to catastrophically worse things while he pretends that this somehow makes nintendo just as bad, IF NOT WORSE than the rest of the industry. Yes, gacha mechanics in a full priced game is bad, but DLC EXPANSION PACKS? HOW UNTHINKABLE!

>>600952591The western end of PS hated the Vita from the start and genuinely thought handhelds were going to die out in the face of smartphones. So there was some sabotage from that end. The Vita also had some superfluous bells and whistles holding it back, IMO. I think they could have done without the cameras and the rear touch pad, even if some worthwhile exclusives used them. The vast majority of games simply didn't, making them bloat in production costs. Remove components like that and you could have launched the Vita at a lower, more consumer friendly price which would have helped it a lot.Then there's the proprietary memory, obviously, but I think everything has been sad about that already. Basically, the Vita's worst enemy ended up being Sony itself.

>>600953931I guess not being female I just cannot wrap my brain around the idea of being beaten and imprisoned against my will somehow being sexually desirable.

>>600954307>Dude's the stereotypical sony zoomer that grew up with ps4 as the defaultEmpLemon's channel started before the PS4 was even announced. He still might be a PSfag, I don't know, but at least get your facts straight.

>>600952450if they were overshipping it and there wasn't enough demand, you would see price drops in order to spur sales

>>600954379>The western end of PS hated the Vita from the start and genuinely thought handhelds were going to die out in the face of smartphones. So there was some sabotage from that end.That selling short, according to this former sony worker, Sony killed the vita within months they didn't even gave the vita a full year before throwing in the towel.old.reddit.com/r/vita/comments/mmrz7p/i_am_a_former_sony_employee_ama/ Imagine if the nintendo did the same shit after the rough launch of the 3Ds.

Attached: 1615429264725.jpg (492x489, 67.67K)

>>600953931>>600954504Author of Twilight wrote a gender swapped version of the books a few years ago and suddenly every man understood the popularity

>>600954732Yep as it turns out we are not that different.

Attached: Life and death.jpg (452x679, 19.53K)

>>600954732>>600954880never heard of it, so no, it didn't become as popular as Twilight

>>600954576Anon, I'm talking about his formative years, not that he was literally born with a ps4 in the crib

>>600954303Ok? Genshin has also had marketing stunts where people had to watch twitch streamers, that doesn't mean Genshin is the most popular game on twitch. They tried to have a marketing scheme with Elon musk too does that mean your Tesla can play Genshin?Again I don't deny the game makes a lot of money on ps. Especially in the west. But the west is the 3rd largest piece of the pie behind Japan and China (where playstation consoles were banned for 15 years thus the ecosystem doesn't exist there)This isn't even getting into the audience of SEAmonkeys or indians too poor to buy a playstation but have a phoneThere is no possible universe where Genshin makes more on playstation than on mobile. You are just wrong.

>>600954087>Genshin's biggest market is China and you can't even get a playstation there lolYou can get PlayStations in China user. They're severely locked down but you can.

>>600955006Anon, he was already through his formative years when the PS4 was announced. His early childhood was PS2 though, and he probably moved on to PS3 during his late childhood and early adolescence.

>>600955214You're right but I was conflating that with their 15 year ban which only ended somewhat recently. The impact of the ban has still made it so that playstation as a brand is barely existent in ChinaIt doesn't change the fact that China isn't playing on playstation

>>600955365Isn't the ccp cracking down on gaming AGAIN cureently?

>>600955259Anon, it came out early in high school for him, I think it might literally have been his freshman year. I don't think you can get much more formative than that.

>>600955462Seeing the shit the CCP gets away with in recent years has me pretty demoralized, I feel like there's no hope for things ever improving in that nation.

>>600942450>Dude how much do you think Suda is volcanoing right now?why would he?

>>600955462Yes they only recently ended their hiatus on game licenses last month. They are still not giving licenses to Tencent and Netease because China hates them and sees them as parasite companiesbloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-04-11/china-ends-game-freeze-by-handing-out-first-licenses-since-julyExpect this kind of stuff to continue for companies China doesn't like. They tend to get on a big brother kick about once a year so they can convince their people and chinese parents that big brother CCP is looking out for their interests

>>600956095also like 1000s of shitty mobile game companies went bankrupt and died because of this licensing freeze lmao

>>600955892It seems like they only loosen the restrictions on gaming just so they can blame some issue on it and ban it again. It exists to be a scapegoat.

>>600955696Sophomore year. EmpLemon was born in 98, PS4 launched in late 2013. He was 15.Highschool years aren't your formative years, it's childhood that are your formative years.

>>600943727>There's one so broken by it he believes in a conspiracy that 4chan and Nintendo created the meme to hurt Sony.isn't that the same guy that to this day blames the ps3 doiung bad on 4chan? saying that if we didn't shit on it it would have done ps2 numbers or something?

>>600953483Never because he is a meleefag and he has more to gain by bashing Nintendo. He wants to stop the justified hate for his community by deflecting. Attacking Sony would change literally nothing in his eyes.

>>600956247Well my comment was more about the CCP and their policies in general than gaming specifically. Seeing a people get absolutely crushed and controlled as hard as the Chinese makes me pretty sad, especially knowing there is a large and growing section of the population that wants that sort of shit imported to the west.

>>600953515So the real lesson to learn here is that we need less strong female characters and more psychos?

>>600956398>isn't that the same guy that to this day blames the ps3 doiung bad on 4chan? saying that if we didn't shit on it it would have done ps2 numbers or something?Yep.As if the "no games" meme was exclusive to this site.

>>600947240>they are hoping 50% of their Profits come from PC and mobile in the near future.almost sure we knew that from this document>>600939434>>600939892

>>600954731It's kind of reflective of how Playstation and Nintendo treats their videogame business in general. Becuase it applies to their software business and general brands too. Ask yourself why Playstation has no truly iconic characters. People will obviously mention the exception that is Kratos, but even with Kratos he ranks kind of low when compared to truly iconic icons and no matter the case it doesn't change the fact that it's a huge weakness of Playstation how they've kind of only got one icon after having been in the business for decades. If Playstation sees a property struggle they typically bail on it instantly. And that's why even their successful franchises never got a chance to grow and truly establish themselves as faces of the industry, and are at best remembered as cornerstones of but very specific time periods instead. Now this is not to say that others don't also bail on weak or failing properties, and Nintendo are obviously no exception. But the difference is that Nintendo have and still support tons of properties that aren't currently or maybe have never truly sold exceptionally well. Imagine if they had bailed on Zelda after Wind Waker and Minish Cap didn't do too hot. They would have given up Metroid forever ago, since in spite of making profits, have never actually sold too hot. In a lot of cases, obviously not always, Nintendo appear to act on the presumptions of the perceived value of the brand and or how it can diversify their product catalogue and assist them in reaching more kinds of audiences and demographics. Even if individual sales may not be too hot. Playstation just doesn't do business like that. And that's why things like Ape Escape and Japan Studio as a whole are gone now.

>>600942775Lurk more

>>600956954Playstation could have at least half a dozen icons if they'd actually market them. They for some reason think Slot is going to be their next big thing and keep trying to push her despite nobody giving a fuck.

>>600943862Wasn't that from PS3 days?

>>600950048and FIFA and blm spiderman propaganda are?

>>600956954>Nintendo appear to act on the presumptions of the perceived value of the brand and or how it can diversify their product catalogue and assist them in reaching more kinds of audiences and demographics. Even if individual sales may not be too hotHonestly this is probably why they gave their full support to indies and why they still work with people like Suda or the guys at platinum even if their games don't set the world on fire hell the fact that they still working with platinum even after the masiive flop that was the Wonderful 101 is proof of this plus they got astral chain later and that one sold a million

Attached: Astral Chain.jpg (739x415, 89.35K)

>>600957148*think AloyWhat the fuck man, this is what I get for being too lazy to get out of bed I guess

>>600954087see >>600950769reminder that a FY is indicated by the year they end, so this is not even all of 2020 when covid started

>>600957417Bayonetta 2 was the big bet for PG back then.

>>600946754>I'd bet serious money that this was also Sony's plan with SEGA when they approached SEGA for a joint console as wellExactly what happened. The only one that is unknown is if they approached Atari

>>600940223Objectively wrong.

Attached: dev2021.png (2150x1280, 65.62K)

>>600951271did sony even update the sales numbers past 2M?

>>600952543are you actually retarded?

>>600957625>TPC getting barely edged out by Capcom, otherwise it'd be 1 and 2 with Nintendo themselveChrist alive

>>600957789The last update was 4 million and since then no update not even a superfluous archivement like Faster selling or anything like that

>>600956954Nintendo knows that you need variety in their catalogue. Sony lets 3rd party devs handle that. They just focus on cash cow narrative driven action games and sports games to get microtransactions.

>>600958101>They just focus on cash cow narrative driven>>600947240And according to jim ryan that's not enough for the company anymore

>>600947669I'm trying to figure out in what way gambling is the healthy natural evolution of gaming

>>600942062You are fucking deluded.

>>600950717>we don't get scammed on fucking CARDBOARD.Yeah you do

Attached: sony-wonderbook-book-of-spells-move-bundle-ps3_w612.jpg (457x550, 38.38K)

>>600958352>I'm trying to figure out in what way gambling is the healthy natural evolution of gamingTo companies it is because if you get a succesful Gaas game then it can paid for the rest of the company forever see rockstar with GTA V the problem is this also makes the company focus only on said game since what's the point of making other games when this one makes money forever?

>>600958669Forgot about this shit, lel

>>600939590>Squids at 3x the next closest thingOh lawdy

>>600959004The part that gets me the most is that they didn't even customize the book.

Attached: 51dCtQJznDL._AC_SY1000_.jpg (487x299, 34.27K)

>>600958347all they're adding is microtransaction filled stuff, they're not branching out and making smaller AA games

>>600959898Can they even make AA games anymore?I don't think current sony could make something like omegaboost, vib ribbon or gravity rush those days are over

>>600960131>Can they even make AA games anymoreThe talent required for that either left or can't do shit at Sony.

>>600940798Anon PS5 doesnt even have 2 exclusive games coming this month, how does it make you feel?


>>600956542What makes me sad is that the west is full of niggers.

>>600961259The actual demographics still have niggers as a small minority. You're buying into the illusion the media is projecting that niggers are far more numerous and relevant than they are. Spics are a far bigger concern than niggers if you're worried about demographics.

>>600961458Numerous enough to tilt the election

>>600939475go cry to your media create tranny forum you faggot

Why haven't mods banned these blatant circlejerks yet?


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>>600963270Mods don't delete anti-nintendo threads.If you want them gone stop shitposting.


Attached: How.jpg (612x536, 44.77K)

>>600963594Anti nintendo gets banned faster than cp because of all the ninpedo mods on this board

>>600963270Because tendies are experts in the act of subtle console warring. You're just mad that you got out skilled. Now go spam your shitty bait wojaks and cry when you get banned


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>>600963704>Because tendies are experts in the act of subtle console warringOr they just don't do it.

>>600963697Anti anything gets banned when accompanied by extremely low effort wojak spam. I think the problem is you, not the mods.

>>600963826Nah we're just better at it.

>>600963806Does that one schizo still think this is fake?


>>600963697Mods are predominantly pro Sony here, its why you can't make negative Sony threads here without them being deleted on sight.

>>600964120Yes, he is probably not here tho, because he goes ballistic everytime someone posts that picture

>>600958101>Sony lets 3rd party devs handle thathonestly explains a whole lot, even during the PS1/PS2 glory days the consoles were very much carried by third party exclusives and not first party ones. When the brand doesn't have a lot of third party titles exclusive to it, as is the case with the PS5 and to a slightly lesser extent the PS3, it really shows how Sony Entertainment isn't able to hold the console up by themselves, considering how they abandon their IPs at the drop of a hat and only support like 2 or 3 at a time, a fact that has only been exacerbated as of late with Japan Studio getting shuttered. PlayStation All-Stars having a pitiful roster thanks to its shoe-string budget should've been a wake-up call to people that most of PlayStation's memorable characters weren't owned by Sony. Hell, Sony wanting to profit off of Nintendo's IPs when they were negotiating the SNES-CD addon is a bit of foreshadowing in hindsight, the idea that they weren't confident enough in their own ideas that they wanted to profit off another company's instead.

>>600964696>Hell, Sony wanting to profit off of Nintendo's IPs when they were negotiating the SNES-CD addon is a bit of foreshadowing in hindsight, the idea that they weren't confident enough in their own ideas that they wanted to profit off another company's instead.This.Sony without third parties is fucked, no wonder the activision buyout wiped 20 billion off their market value, Sony really should have invested on themselves just like Nintendo did, hell nintendo just had a massive expansion if anything nintendo is becoming even less reliant on third parties as most the best selling Switch titles are first party games.

Attached: Bigthonk.gif (192x224, 51.24K)

>>600965834>Sony really should have invested on themselves just like Nintendo didThat would require talent and they killed what little they had when they fucked over Japan Studio.