*kills your game*

*kills your game*

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That game is so dead it still has more players than most Free2play games.

>>600938513FROM ruined their multiplayer themselves, no one is happy with ER multiplayer.Co-op fags hate constantly being targeted by invaders. This resulted in them turning into sweaties who minmax with unfun shit just so they can get on with co-oping.Invaders hate constantly being put in 1v2/3/4s. This means the only invaders left are the sweaties who minmax with unfun shit just to stand a chance.And solo players are left to eat shit, having no chill invasions to partake in, invasions to dealt with since they aren't targets and no chill co-op because the only invaders left are sweaties, and the host himself and his other phantom are probably sweaties as well.The only band-aid for solo players is using the Taunter's Tongue, but all that happens is they just get outright ganked by those same invaders.

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Good, now Fromsoftware may realize itElden Ring could have been one of the best games ever made if it wasn't for PVPThe very existence of PVP dooms Elden Ring game design, despite PVP itself being an awful, dying and hated mode that had no reason to be and is still broken despite all the compromises From made on the game to make it fit.Here's a list of what we could have had without PVP:>Seamless co-op experience for parties>Implementation of more improvements to combat, including much more expanded movesets, better magic system implementation and control scheme for both>The ability to use Colossal Weapons, Colossal Swords, Giant Spears and Greataxes as actual shields since the game doesn't answer to the arbitrary balancing mechanics of PVP>No return of rolls with general i-frames, defensive options balanced like in Sekiro now including shield/heavy weapon play and blocking/tanking/parrying complementing or replacing dodging and jumps.>The possibility of more Mirikiri counter style options with similar ad hoc animations, possibly even revamped parrying.>General increase in speed since the player moves are not meant to be reactable (along with more freedom in options and balancing), at least for low equip load build. A revert of the previous homogenization of playstyles where every build from 0 to 70% equip load plays at very similar speed.>Proper implementation of NPCs as actual traveling and fighting companions instead of the Spirit Ashes system>No PVP balancing constantly sucking the fun out of weapons and especially future DLC weapons>No Easy Anti-Cheat on PC tanking performance at launch and running in the background>Proper implementation of 4 players coop, including replacing the "arena" dlcs for dungeons that can also be played by a team of 4 as raid dungeons>More time to dedicate to the PVE experience>Much less rushed development cycle in general, less cut content and questlines.

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This is what the multiplayer should have been from the beginning.

>>600938513What?How is a mod gonna kill your game lol

Invaderfags on suicide watch

>>600938513has anyone tried it?

>>600940582You alright there, retard? You seem to have an advanced case of brain rot.

>PVPfagsMaybe now you'll finish the game.

>>600939403>The only band-aid for solo players is using the Taunter's Tongue, but all that happens is they just get outright ganked by those same invaders.this is wrong, you only get 1 invader if your solo and taunters

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>>600938513can someone tell me why this kills the game? does it remove pvp or what

>>600939403lol you have to SPEND currency if you want to be invaded as a solo player which is peak retardation

>>600943229It doesn't allow for invasions.

>>600943229I don't get it either.

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>>600943229It lets people to only play in their little friend circles which makes them not interact with the normal population. Won't kill the online community but it can been seen as a cancerous tumor.

>>600943229>Play seamless co-op>Can't join official servers and play with the rest of the community>Can't be invaded>Invaders have no target

>>600938513Good, fuck Elden Ring and all the zoomers who defended it. Glad this mod ruined Elden Ring more than it already was on PC.

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>>600938513Deserved. They had time to fix connection errors, rebalance all the shit people are constantly sperging about, and also make it so you have more control over stuff like where you invade and get summoned as a co-op phantom.

>>600943623>BBshit>Sekiroshit>On the same level as Nioh 2Fuck off

>>600939403>no one is happy with ER multiplayer.liesSolo Players are great, because they don't have to deal with twinks invading them and can proceed at their own pace. Co-Op players are great, because you can just keep throwing summons at Invaders until they die if you want, or can fight them, they have the agency to tackle that as they want. Invaders can eat a bag of dicks, because no one cares what they think or want. This mod: Doesn't change the solo experienceImproves the Co-op experienceContinues to shit on invaders. Its great

>>600943589>Buy game for PC thinking a mod would increase the max player count for some bad ass 6+ player sessions.>Get monkey pawed into a invasion destroying mod.

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>>600938513Good, fromsoft PvP is shit and their netcode is also garbage, maybe if they actually took the time to implement such modes properly, a mod wouldn't come out and "kill" the game. Hopefully next game they can not half-ass the online interactions again.

>>600939403>solo hosts get their wish >everybody else losesSolo hosts (non-taunter) are the jews of Fromsoft games.


>>600944030You will get your wish at the cost of the trade. You just have to wait for some nutjob to make his own mod that messes with the seamless version and ups it to 6+, unless you meant with invaders of course for the old chaos 3v3s, but we were never going to have that with this game because Fromsoft hates fun.

>>600944151die mad, you twink

I don't know what your idea of fun is, but mine sure isn't steamrolling a game that is already too easy in co-op while also removing invasions which is the only threat the game poses against three man teams.

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I hate coop shitters so much it's unreal.


>>600944237I just want das 3 online rules back.All they had to do was copy paste.>>600944278Twinking is kinda hard to do. I mean you got poison/rot but not much else. A scaled down password friend summon is so much stronger.

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>PVEfags busy playing the game>PVPfags stuck posting on 4chanI'm sure those bans will happen any day now

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>>600943492>It lets people to only play in their little friend circles which makes them not interact with the normal population.Holy shit fucking picked the fuck up>Won't kill the online community but it can been seen as a cancerous tumor.It's actually the reverse; this is immunization, plain and simple. Co-op with a buddy and never have to worry about your experience getting interrupted by some jackoff with a meta build and risk having to go resummon your dead friends after. It's completely perfect.

>Reddit Ring>Game at allLol

>>600944365>>600944408You mad

>>600944365the fun is getting to replay the game with your friends with a less shitty coop systemno invasions is a shame, but I get why the dev didn't put it in the mod

>Elden Ring massively shifts the balance in favor of hosts>Hosts are STILL scared shitless by the possibility that they might conceivably die to an invader>Ultimately, they're satisfied by nothing short of removing invasions entirely>Threads are filled with "serves those meanie invaders right!"The absolute fucking state

>can actually co-op through a from game without dumb hoops and shitty mechanicsdamn what a shame


>>600939491No, it just breaks the game.

ER is a singleplayer game anyway

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>>600944971>>Threads are filled with "serves those meanie invaders right!"Correct, PVP ruined Elden Ring combat

The mod is a trash fire of bugs, barely 1000 ppl are on it.

>>600945267And a really boring one at that.

At this point it's obvious that From fags can't make good multiplayer. However they managed to make good game without multiplayer. Are they not self-aware enough to get the message?

>no bad thoughts, No bad feelings, I can't feel bad, I must feel good, I cant face adversity, all is fair, Gotta be fair, NEED TO BE FAIR, Gotta be fair and play with friends at every second, I can't be alone, IM NOT ALONE, no consequences, no downside, I can't loose an item I have 900 of, No inconvenience, If I die its a shit game, I CANT DIE, FRIENDSSSS.

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Invasions are some of the most fun you can have in a souls game, that's why DS3 even after 6 years had 15-20K players on every day before the servers got pulled due to the hack.They're there to balance out the COOP from steamrolling the level PvE.If they remove invasions, then they also remove COOP or they'll have x3 HP on all enemies if you summon.Asymmetric MP 2v1 invasions are far more interesting than garbage HP inflated mobs like other games do for COOP.

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>>600945437nobody thinks like that

Bloodbornes remake will take it further: >costs Insight to invade>hosts can de-summon invaders, who don't get their insight backIt'll be perfect, and the seething will be divine

>>600945752Not gonna happen.

>>600945736subconsciously, yes.

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>>600945736Not consciously.

>>600945437Correct playing with friends is fun.

>>600943589>literally no downsides

>>600945614I bought all Dark Souls games on PS4 and I don't have PS+ and I regret nothing, the games are excellent as they are.

>>600945836Over coming an unfair fight with friends is even more fun.

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>>600945437I speak like that, I think like that, and I look like that.

>Invasions are some of the most fun you can have in a souls game, that's why DS3 even after 6 years had 15-20K players on every day before the servers got pulled due to the hack.>They're there to balance out the COOP from steamrolling the level PvE.If they remove invasions, then they also remove COOP or they'll have x3 HP on all enemies if you summon.>Asymmetric MP 2v1 invasions are far more interesting than garbage HP inflated mobs like other games do for COOP.

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>>600945614Considering the reception of Elden Ring multiplayer, enjoy it in this game while you can

>>600946168Oh no, you mean in the next Fromsoft banger I won't have to deal with Twinks farming the first dungeon with endgame equipment? Oh no, don't throw me in that brier patch Fromsoft, I'll haaaaaaaaaaaaaate that

>>600946168The same was said in the first 6 months of DS3:"invasions are dead because they're tied to summons""invasions are dead because it's 2v1 estoic/darksword spammers""game is just broken because they turned off poise by mistake""heavy weapons are just too hard too use properly"And all that turned out to be players who just didn't get it.I got 400+ tongues from invading in late 2021 and at midlevel I found invasions in 15-30 seconds in every relevant endgame/DLC area.

If you used mods you didn't beat the game. This includes DSfix if you played DS1 PTDE.

>>600938513ER multiplayer is absolute fucking trash. constant disconnects, lag, desyncs. plus the game is obviously not designed to be played against other players with some many forgiving iframes and invasions tending to be 1 vs 2, etc. pvpfags taking it so seriously is simply beyond me. this mod at least allows people to enjoy a proper, more stable co-op>but game is already easyyeah, it's not about the challenge, but fucking around with friends.

>>600938513>seamless coopDid they fixed that buggy shit and added support for pirated copies?

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>>600939403>And solo players are left to eat shit, having no chill invasions to partake inOh no, how horrifying, how will I ever enjoy a Fromsoft game again if I can't be griefed every once in a while?

Elden ring should only have two modes: online and offline. Online has solo invasions with rune arcs. Offline has nothing, just npc summons. shitters get rekt.

Any other comfy singleplayer gamers?>don't play on easy mode co-op >don't invade because PVP is a minigame>playing according to the developer vision and even get favored with invasion immunity

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>>600939481coop without invasions is for faggots and trannies cope seethe blah blah

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>>600938513Imagine being this mad about invasions lol

Why doesn't From swallow their pride and rework invasions? Of course no one wants to take part in content that's 99% invader content and 1% host content. Why don't hosts get covenant gear and more invasion-based items like seeds?Want people to opt into invasions? Add in real host covenants and not just some minor thing like Way of White.Literally 5 games with invasions and From still cannot understand why some invade and some avoid it.

>>600948670>Why doesn't From swallow their pride and make PVE games?Ftfy

>>600938513>seemless co-op>randomizer>nude Ranni modMost fun I've had playing Elden Ring. Mod is based.

>>600948670You already have opt in invasions for elden ring, its called co-op. If you co-op, you get invasions, if you solo, no invasions. Why is this difficult for pve fags to understand?

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>>600948504Imagine being this mad that people want to play with their friends and not your gay ass.

>>600948670It existed just not for regular hosts going through the game. I'm not going to pop the taunter's tongue and I want my gravelord covenant back even if 99% of people saw it as a non covenant. Until then people just summoning phantoms can get fucked by invaders because I'm not taking a slot.

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>>600948765And this is why invasions are dead. Who the fuck will willingly be griefed to satisfy some faggot who gets off on griefing FOR FREE? Why the fuck would people play a game mode with NO CONTENT for them? Invaders have the invasions themselves, and covenants, and rewards like consumables and gear. Literally what host content is there in invasions? Losing your souls and being sent back to the bonfire. Nice "content."


COOP is the equivalent of a nitro burst in racing games, having constant coop with no invasions just breaks too many things, that's why the mod is a clusterfuck.

Invaders just want all that sweet noob meat for invasions, they're not actually interested in a challenge. Now that those co-op addicts have their safe space, and solo players are still just playing offline, that should just leave pro-invasion people in the main game and everyones happy, right? Except Invaders don't actually want to PVP, they want to invade. They don't want to GET invaded. So they seethe and make threads like this. They're the only people that don't like these changes

>>600943176No you are wrong. TT guarantees more than 1 invader and if you are a solo player than you will high likely get invaded by 2 players.

>>600938513>pcfags make optional mod that you don't have to use for FOTM single player game>consolefags and pvp soulsfags seetheis there any other more pathetic "fanbase"?

>>600948993I don't care about opt-in/opt-out stuff, I'm saying that invasions are literally a game mode where one side has a full, fleshed out game mode and the other has jack shit. Invading has a ton of content, all being invaded has is... being invaded.

People aren't using the mod to "avoid invasions" they are using the mod because the vanilla coop is fucking SHIT. Just watch this bit of General Sam's vid, he explains it perfectly: youtu.be/bvrvHad1DXI?t=1478

>>6009492302v1 or 3v1 vs a SL1 invader is an easy win for the coopers, even with 4 talismans, 7 estus and meme weapons with status effects.Only complete noobs that have never played a souls game would lose.

>>600949031Imagine being so awful at video games that you need your overleveled friends to carry you through what is objectively not a difficult game. Fromsoft had the equation down right in Ds3. Embered for that bonus hp to make the game easier? Invasions. Summon friends to make the game easier? Invasions.You want to make the game easier on yourself? Fuck you get invaded. People are so goddamn bad at this game that they need a mod to circumvent any semblance of difficulty without repercussions. You don't want to play a video game you want to mash L2 with your friends without fear of losing. You are literally Phil Fish.

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>>600938513steamcharts.com/app/1245620#48hI dunno man, seems pretty alive to me.

>>600938513I'm not going to use this mod, but I support it solely for the invadercel tears.

>>600943990Invaders were the real player base that kept these games alive and relevant. Without invasions they wouldn’t have been as successful as they are.


>>600949207>>600949508Host content is the entire fucking game are you retarded or something?

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>>600949548Agreed, they may as well have a 999 chugs mods while they're at it.

>>600949548>needStopped reading there

>>600938513>this new mod that will get people to play the game more with their friends will kill the gamedesperateyour turn

>>600949730>b b but I just want to play with my friends without-you don't get to do that in souls games man this is the 5th game with this system and the only ones whining about getting invaded are the shitters who want to get carried

>>600949658>Invaders were the real player base that kept these games alive and relevantFucking kek, who the fuck do you think invaders were invading? Casual PVEfags, the REAL foundation that kept invasions alive. It's not even a 1:1 ratio, invaders need a lot of hosts so they don't run out due to invasion cooldowns.

>>600946042>basedjack redditor hates invasions Like clockwork

>>600949548>He thinks it's about difficultyYou fucking retard. You absolute clown. You will NEVER understand the joy of fucking around in a videogame with a friend, exploring, goofing off, and teaming up. Your existence is shallow and lonely.

>>600949696Ok then, thank you, will go offline then/ install the mod and enjoy MY content and will not engage in the content-drought that is invasions.

>>600949363wrong, retard.

>>600949906>you don't get to do that in souls games manAnd now with this mod I can :)

>>600944749>him and his buddy are so shit they can't 2v1 an invader

>>600949508Holy fuck i wish i could blow your brains out. You are such a whiny little baby.

I bet the combat system would be so much more fun if it was a PVE game

>>600949314That's wrong, most invaders don't mind losing, they prefer interesting 3v1s with tons of back and forth that span across the while dungeon with a bunch of PvE joining is while bring chased by the gank like it's Tom and Jerry.Often if I invade a total noob clearly is new to the game and just blocks and backpedals, I just kill their phantom and go back home.

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how pathetic must your life be that you look to video games for a challenge to surmountbitch, my life is a challenge to surmount, i just want to play with my friends

>>600949912Invaders were invading other invaders or gankers. PvE faggots put the game aside after finishing it once every time, smooth brain retard.

>mod was sometimes more fun PVP wise than regular PVP in ER because you can turn it on in a boss's arena and duel in it Next game Fromsoft. You let people be invaded after the boss is dead like DS2, but the next fog wall to send the invader home is after the boss. That way we can get duke it out in boss arenas.

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>>600949986There are ten billion dumb fucking games to play with your friends and "fuck around" (which we all know means not take seriously because then you'll never have your ego bruised when you inevitably suck at it) but the normalfags bit HARD on elden ring and didn't care to figure out it was a souls game. Fromsoft doesn't want you to just blitz the game without some sort of challenge because what's the fucking fun in that?

>>600949508There's tons of players that enjoy ganking with friends, it's been a thing since DS1.

>>600950359huum i'm entitled to invade your fun okay?

>>600950359you can play any other co-op game for thatyou don't have to play this one if you don't like the way it works

>>600950126I have played the game solo with invasions you are literally wrong dimwitted cocksucker.

>>600950195It's not that we can't, it's that we don't want to. When I invite my friend to play games, I'm not inviting you too. You're not welcome in my game. If I want to PVP I'll summon a duelist. Invasions are an archaic and outdated mechanic, and now I can be rid of them for good.

>>600950502i WILL play it moddedi WILL destroy this "community"you WILL seethe

>>600950228Seethe harder, please. Seethe even more when you have no one left to invade and are screaming on Holla Forums, confused why invasions as a mechanic died.

>>600950502fucking lel. go play consoles if you don't like modded game

>>600950607I am not seething i am simply cringing from having to share the same air as someone as spineless as you.

>>600950359Not half as pathetic as you crying about getting invaded despite the devs having the risk/reward of coop+invasions intertwined since the first souls game.You might as well ask Valve to remove the bomb in CSGO and add respawns to players.

>Coop is my favorite part of Souls games>My favorite part of Coop is the invasions>Quality of invasions get worse and worse every gameDaS1 was the best coop invader experience and everything was downhill from there.>DaS2 invaders don't exist>DaS3 invaders are so handicapped that killing them has no satisfaction>ER invaders are all chaff cut cookiecutter metafags because their continued handicapped and hamstrung existence accepts no less unless you're twinking

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>>600950425>There are ten billion dumb fucking games to play with your friends and "fuck around"Too bad, we chose this one. And with this mod installed, we don't ever have to deal with you again.

>>600949986Then whole argument was fundimentally wrong from the start, they use their own PVP engine to make bosses.

I love how invadefags are panicking because they no longer have the power to invade anyone they eant and have come to the realization that no one likes them or wants to play with them.

Reminder that this mod maker is the faggot that killed multiplayer of the other souls games on pc because he was so desperate for attention and he couldn’t shut his dumb mouth about this exploit that granted hackers kernel level access to your pc.

>>600950812I liked invading and cooping in Anor Londo equally. My favorite part of placing my sign at the bonfire pre O&S was waiting to see if the host would get invaded as we did the clear to them. I have never really managed to get that feeling back in any of these games.

>>600938513honestly, Elden ring low level PVP is fun if no one is twinked out, my and my friends will fight each other using weapons that are like +13 at most but holy hell PVP of any sort in this game outside of that is ass.>>600950279>that webmFuuuuucckkk bros when is DS3 servers going back up?, DS3 was the peak of invasions and anyone who truly loves PVP know it, they made the most balance PVP by accident, In DS3 ganksquads were so kino to fight, Mmmmmm I want my fucking hysel pick + old moonlight wombo combo build back when sorcery's were fun instead of glintstone pebble spam niggers.

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Literally no downsides how can anyone be upset at this?>but it kills invasionsWho cares? Current state of invasions is an arms race between gank squads and invaders trying to ncheese the other side with overpowered gimmicks. What is even the point? The people using this mod just want to play the game with their friends without having an invader in the former camp come in and stomp their shit in. Some people also only summon for boss fights, so they wouldn't be using this mod anyway then.I guess the only people who dislike this mod are invaders who are gonna lose their main type of prey.

>>600950546>It's not that we can't, it's that we don't want to.You don't want to play a souls game.>When I invite my friend to play games, I'm not inviting you too.You don't want to play a souls game.>You're not welcome in my game.You don't want to play a souls game.>If I want to PVP I'll summon a duelist. You don't want to play a souls game.> Invasions are an archaic and outdated mechanic, and now I can be rid of them for good.This comment pretty much sums up every single shitter who ever played a souls game. Every host that throws his hands up and lets the invader win, alt f4's, or plays offline. You literally do not want to play souls games at all you want to visit them. You'll never know the joys of getting better at something.

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>invaders on suicide watchNot going to lose any sleep over it. Most of the invaders I saw in the first week or two of Elden Ring were twinks, the majority using the Shotel Death faggotry to just roll near you and inflict death status. Just add another reusable item to allow you to be solo invaded and the problem is fixed.

>>600950546>it's that we don't want toWhy, just kill them and move on. >I'm not inviting you tooYou are though

>>600951051He sounds unfathomably based.

>>600950746Sure, sure. When a host covenant with weapons and armor is added, I'll gladly let invaders in, but until then, they can invade gank squads.

>invaderfags seething because the days of invading randoms with cobbled together PvE builds as a minmaxed PvP build with twink gear for free wins are overlmaoing @ your lives

>>600951236What host covenant with weapons or armour? This is not some mmo game, fucking cretin.

>>600951091>Putting your sign anywhere else but the start of the levelAnor Londo was peak Souls multiplayer. I've never had as much fun anywhere else in any of the other games.

>>600951112>Current state of invasions is an arms race between gank squads and invaders trying to cheese the other side with overpowered gimmicksHonestly has nothing to do with gank squads and the like, low level DS1 was Dark Bead and Zwiehander fags and high level DS1 was Havel clowns. A large amount will always floch to whatever is most popular.

>>600951126>projecting this hardInvasions have always been the objectively mechanically worst part of every souls game with the least thought and polish put in, and an afterthought mode at best. They're not even remotely among the first things anyone thinks of when they think of a "souls game". Your existence is delegated to funny youtube compilations at best, and a minor nuisance at worst.

>>600951112>Current state of invasions is an arms race between gank squads and invaders trying to cheese the other side with overpowered gimmicks.That's how they're always been though.In fact it was x100 worse in DS1 because no weapon matchmaking.You had SL1 invaders 1 shot players while being invincible because of 99softH.

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>>600951334People started to twink and use op builds because FS listened to coop shitters that cried about every challenging bit about these games including the invasions. As always once a company listens to a bunch of mouth breathing retards the game suddenly dies out.

>>600951126>You don't want to play a souls game.Oh, but I do want to play Souls games. I just don't want to play them with you. And now I don't have to!>>600951205>You are thoughNot anymore, lol

>>600951205Don't bother, they cannot comprehend the game's intended design. Invasions are and have always been an intentional mechanic meant to impede co-op players from simply steamrolling through the game.

>>600951545Good point. I think part of the reason I don't get the same feeling now is because of the locations summoning pools are at, the grace positions relative to the levels, and the fact that most of your summons will be directly to a boss.

>>600951348Invaders get (well, used to) covenants with spells and stuff, why can't hosts? Why would I partake in a mechanic with no content? I could go fight enemies in the world and get a cool sword instead of an invader that gives nothing interesting.

>>600951570>t. shitterI bet your attitude pervades every single aspect of your life and you think everyone else is wrong but you.

ZAMN! Look at those numbers! Oh nonono!

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>>600951601>People started to twink and use op builds because FS listened to coop shittersWrong. Invaderfags were already using twink builds to invade beginners in undead parish back in DS1. It was always just about free wins. The dedicated arenas for actual PvP against likeminded players were never even a fraction as popular as using sweaty twink builds to invade lower areas and stomp people with shitty PvE builds. Cope harder

>>600951627Playing a souls game with unimpeded co-op is tantamount to using a cheat engine. Congratulations, you're horrible at a child's game.

>>600951548Players naturally go for the path of least resistance to the point of making the game too easy just unengaging, just to get most wins. Most are like animals that lack self-control.That's why FROM need to continue to fine tune the balance of a bunch of things like they did with FrostStomp and BloodySlash, otherwise PvP would just be players spamming the same 2 things 24/7.

>>600951791>seamless has over 100,000 unique downloadsall you had to do was not fuckup fromsoft

>>600951791it dipped 20k daily users since the mod come out

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>>600951572>it was x100 worse in DS1No. Nothing in any other Souls game is on the level of the Elden Ring arms race. Not even close.

>>600951601>People started to twink and use op builds because FS listened to coop shittersOh fuck off, no one forced anyone to use Chaos Zweihanders in early game solo invasions.

>>600951754Nigga, are you dumb? You realize not every covenant was invasion oriented and some covenants gave you spells that could be used in pvp regardless of you invading others or not. Maybe try playing these games solo once in a while so you don’t miss out on stuff like a retard.

>>600951764>you think everyone else is wrong but youNot generally, but in this case it's obvious. Keep defending your shitty tacked-on game mode that grows increasingly irrelevant with every game, and which nobody really wants around, including From.

>>600951982Ok, you've never played DS1 online.

>>600951865>He thinks it's about difficulty>AgainAre you a massive fucking retard or something?

>>600951878Was bloody slash even that good? I remember it had a long wind-up.

>>600951989>bitching about zweihander in ds1 pvp. Holy shit, bunch of shit eating plebs you are.

>>600952023>and which nobody really wants around, including From.the copium is medical grade, you suck at video games

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>>600952046So you just want to go around roflstomping everything with a friend just to fuck around in a game with your friend? There's a lot better games to do that with

Whats been going on?I have literally just been helping people beat Melania on Xbox Series X and enjoying all the xbox dudebros thank you messages after helping them beat her.PC is trash.

>>600952046>Coop makes the game easier>easier is less difficult> b b but its not about difficultyOk tranny.

Elden Ring PVP was shit the moment it launched, this doesn't "kill the game", it just makes it more fun for those who wanted it.Anyone who legitimately PVPs in Elden Ring is eitherA) waiting for the Souls servers to come back upor B) coping extremely hard

>>600952027Let me guess, you think dark bead was an endemic issue and that havel monsters were even slightly comparable to the bullshit in ER. If you bring up backstabs you can really cement in that you have no clue what you're talking about.

>>600952156Nigga, you don't even need to listen to me to realize this, just look at reality, assuming you still can through the copium haze you're huffing. Bloodborne PvP was barely there. Sekiro was a single player game. Elden Ring demotes you to an optional system easily missed by the majority of players. You're already being phased out. And why not? The only people talking about invasions in a positive light are sweaty invaders.

>>600952286op's mod enables people to co-op without having to deal with with invasions, which causes the pvp people to seethe

>>600952092Now it has a longer windup, it used to be very fast and the self damage was 60HP instead of 150.

>>600952356>A) waiting for the Souls servers to come back upI really wish this wasn't true. The surface level experimentation with ER weapons wore off pretty fast for me and I have to agree souls is just more appealing. Maybe if Fromsoft wasn't extremely slow on patching I would feel different.

>>600952283>There's a lot better games to do that withBut I want to do it in a Souls game, the games I already enjoy. And now I can.>>600952324Is difficulty the only thing that matters to you? No wonder your life is so empty, you literally cannot conceive of why someone would play a videogame for any other reason.

>invaders are supposed to be hardcore>when they can bring endgame gear into the start of someone else's game>and invade from a bonfire>dying loses them nothing since they don't need to level up>they can't lose progress either because they aren't traversing the world

>>600952156If you don't think From doesn't hate invaders after what was done to them in DaS3. I don't know what to tell you.

>>600952553Invaders like to style themselves as this hardcore crowd who dare to PvP, but the harsh truth is that invasions were always stacked in their favor, and only now that they come face to face with equalizing factors do they start shitting their diapers.

>>600952358No, maxed out +15 weapons 1 shotting players at any level under SL50, plus invaders being invincible due to having 99softH that gave them 99 phys resistance, the equivalent of a full Knight set even when naked.

>>600938513This turns off EAC clearly right? Won't these fags get banned if going back to normal online play?

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invaderbros we are LITERALLY being GENOCIDES

>>600939403Basically this, also:>4 player limit>no meta level>no fight clubs or ganks

>>600952286PC got a co-op mode that works using offline mode so invaders lost both solo and co-op hosts. All they have left are gank squads, bonfire duelists, AFK trolls, and the few co-op players that don't use the mod.

>>600952553>worrying about losing progress in a game where you constantly lose progressBut its different because a human player killed you right? That's the part your ego can't reconcile?

>>600952717>Won't these fags get bannedWho gives a shit? Like what, they can't participate in the already dead online component? What a loss.

>>600943334wtf are you talking about..

You people kept bitching about Dark Souls 2 being shit when it had the best PvP. And now From will never get it right.

>>600952757>the few co-op players that don't use the mod.Less than 5% of the players are using the mod.

>>600952740This isn't genocide, it's pest control.

>>600952542>And now I can.Nothing was stopping you before

>>600952717Nope, different save files.

I wanna go maximum unga bunga and powerstance big weapons like hammers, greatswords etc, what weapons would be good to use for it? Atm im using Lordsworn Sword which is pretty good but not ungabunga

>>600951865Have you played the mod at all? Godrick has 60,000 hp instead of his normal 6000. Status effects like bleed and stagger apply 10x slower.

>>600943990Speak for yourself nigger.

>>600952693>Invaders forced to invade solo>Host has 2x as many estus>Host can summon friends>Host can hit the boss door to remove invader>Host can call 911 for a blue >Host can (and will) dc when things don't go their way.Explain to me how invaders have anything stacked in their favor? Or is it that people with more skill than you can kill you and you don't like that?

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>>600952828>already dead online component I'm getting invasions in Stormveil every 30 seconds at SL30/+4 weapon.

>>600952863DS2 really did have the best PvP. You got arena PvP, solo invasions, even gimmick areas with belltowers and rat dungeons, soul memory either ate a ring slot or forced you to move out of invading starter areas, and it had an absolute shitload of weapons for fun invasion builds.

>>600952947None of that matters when you can aggro swap with another player. All it does is take a little longer to kill.

>>600949031The souls games were never meant to be pure co-op games though. There is no co-op mode, only a multiplayer mode. The random and spontaneous co-op/pvp is a very cool and unique part of souls online

>>600952779Why should the imvader risk nothing? Isn't the game risk/reward? Seems to me like hosts have most of the risk and invaders have most of the reward, which makes hosts hardcore and invaders casual.

>>600953029DS3 and ER has the same though.You have the red sign for duels and bloody finger for asymmetric 2v1 invasions.

>>600952942early on you can get the large club and brick hammer for power unga

>>600952923And now I can do it without inviting unwanted visitors too. Bloodborne had the right idea in you being able to kill the chime maiden summoning invaders to enable co-op only. Invaders are unliked and unwelcome.

>>600950074Nice cheat.

>>600952974Invaders aren't progressing through the game. They don't need to worry about their estus or enemy mobs or making it to the boss.

>>600953131And ER and DS3 have shit PvP. So clearly they're doing something wrong. The fact that there isn't a ton of xXxSephirothxXx players running around is telling enough.

>>600952942Guts Sword is in a carriage at the start of Caelid, near 3-4 dogs.

>>600953094Hosts risk getting invaded when they summon a co-op partner to make the game easier. You're looking at it like we're playing 2 different games. Invasions are literally a mechanic meant to balance the ease in difficult that comes with summoning friends.

>>600950812DS1 invaders were OP as fuck compared to the average host

>>600953286>You're looking at it like we're playing 2 different gamesYou literally are.

>>600953218You will die 100x to the same mob/boss and keep trying but cry like a child when you lose 1x to an invader. Pick up your souls, git gud and move on.

>>600953091And I should care why? If multiplayer was so important then Fromsoft would've turned back on the servers for the Dark Souls games by now.

>>600952286PC got a mod which makes coop a lot less shittyunfortunately it also doesn't allow for invasions since it's not going through the main servers

>>600953382I believe we're both playing Elden Ring right? The game where if you summon a friend, there's a chance you get invaded? That game? Yeah same game.

>>600938513>Improves your gamefify

>>600953242No?DS3 had by far the best PvP and the most active invasion scene.I had constant invasions in mid-lategame in 2020 and 2021 and not during sales. Plus I almost never got the same host twice.ER's problems because of desyncs and disconnects for both COOP and PvP, not combat design.

>>600953396Nah, find someone else to- oh wait, turns out everyone hates you and has opted out of invasions.

>>600950931But invasion is an essentialt part of the souls online experience. There is no "co-op" mode in this series. It's like complaining about world pvp on a pvp server in WoW

Why do gummy-brained PvE players do this weird thing where they talk as though twinks and invaders are the same thing? Most invaders are not twinks "preying on helpless hosts with overleveled gear" you morons

>>600952697While I'm not going to say twinks weren't at their strongest in DS1, they also weren't that big of a deal. Burg twinks stopped existing the moment the duel meta set up because nobody wanted to filter through duelfags for an hour to find one new player, chapel twinks don't matter because the level is so small and invader grace was so generous, and the stars needed to align to get invaded by a twink in the sewers or the first part of Darkroot. After that point it's not twinking. ER is so much worse, and has much worse twink issues.


>>600953476Co-op is shitty and I totally understand why people download this mod to make it more enjoyable. The constant DC's playing with your friends sucks ass, not getting to use your horse with a friend sucks ass too.

>>600952974>invading some random pve babby who's just progressing through the game>using nothing but shit he found up to that point>stats all over the place due to leveling towards a new weapon>worries about losing progress and souls so naturally nervous and prone to making mistakes>never engaged in pvp to any degree like the majority of the playerbase>meanwhile invader rushed certain areas without leveling to get much better items and spells than you'd normally have, or uses outright twink gear>every stat is spent in the most optimal way for a given level range>usually has loads of pvp experience>every enemy in the game is on their side (barring DS2 usage of an obscure item)>nothing to lose, nothing at stakemhm yes, nothing stacked against the host here, nope sir. >summon copeblue covenants never worked correctly and still don't. summon signs are always clustered either around bonfires or in front of boss fogs, neither of which is necessarily immediately accessible to the host. every game pre-Elden Ring favored invaders

>>600939403>appease casuals>literally nobody is happyunless you count the autistic retards who zip and zoom through the game alone and uninstall immediately after>this will sell our games

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>>600953482I'm playing a game where I risk my progress upon losing, you aren't. Until invaders are willing to risk something too, I see it as a seperate game. Runes don't count.

>>600952693Dude you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about invaders have been gimped by so many things since DS2

>>600953242>DS3 have shit PvPSmells like DS2fag in here

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>>600953550Shitters cannot grasp this concept and believe invaders are somehow an unintentional part of the game.

>>600953550>But invasion is an essentialt part of the souls online experienceNot anymore

>>600953361I'm talking about coop invasions, not solo.

>>600953421I mean go play another game then. Or play offline. Sounds like souls multiplayer is not for you. So don't get so mad about it.

>>600952947>playing with 2 other friends>one other is using the dragon halberd like me until we get to cooler weapons>frostbite never actually procs on a boss because the resistances are changed that muchThe first update to the mod immediately buffed everything and I don't know if I like it or not because I came in expecting it to be retarded one way or the other.

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>go offline if you don't want invasions pussy>ok, i'll just go offline and use mods>NOT LIKE THAT

>>600953658What progress did you lose by dying to a person? While you're thinking about your answer ask yourself if it really was progress you lost and not just your ego taking a hit.

>>600953553 Look here's one >>600953619 again due most invaders aren't twinks. Twinks stop being a threat around level 30-40 ffs. After that the host is higher level than the red and has more healing plus can summon whenever he wants

>>600953585Twinks ruins both COOP and casual invasion PvP because they either two shot the boss attempting to help you or one shot you.This was especially bad in DS1 where the difference between a +0 weapon and a +15 was nearly x4 damage while in DS2 and DS3 maxed out weapons were barely past x2 damage competed to base but they had far better scaling so your stats in the endgame mattered more.

>>600953690>From keeps limiting invasions to specific areas or coop>covenants have been entirely abolished>their best games are single player and with very de-emphasized PvP respectivelyThe only one not getting the message that even Fromsoft considers invasions a failed system are invaderfags. The bones they're throwing your ilk will run out soon.

>>600953550>>600953550>It's like complaining about world pvp on a pvp server in WoWit's not just like, it is. dark souls and world pvp in mmos are pretty much the same niche. >enter wildly>get pkedBAWWWWWWW>enter stranglethorn vale>get gankedBAWWWWWWW>turn on ember and summon 3 people>get invadedBAWWWWWWWp funny

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Invaders refusing to believe they aren't a massive minority is amusing, they don't even realize that them being a massive minority is what allows invasions to function smoothly in old games. Too many invaders and they would invade everyone into cooldowns, each invader needs several hosts to invade, so it's a big difference in proportion.

>>600953762>I mean go play another game then. Or play offline.No. I will use this mod to play only with my friends and there's not a single thing you can do about it.

>>600953729Doesn't matter. The average host and co-op phantoms stood no chance against the average ds1 invader that had 40+ soft humanity defence and upgraded armor. Also infinite stuns with upgraded weapons.

>>600953619>blue covenants never worked correctly and still don'tIn DS2 maybe.In DS3 they were near instant, I had to fight 4 consecutive blues once as an invader.You could literally change your covenant the moment you saw the invader message and you got a blue in 30 seconds most of the time.

>>600953935Where did anyone say invaders weren't a minority?

>>600953682DS3 removed the good covenants (Dragon) or changed them into a shittier version of itself (Blue Sentinels). Only DS PvP tertiaries like yourself would ever defend it. And now the next evolution of PvP in ER is even worse.

>>600953619Everything you typed can be boiled down to "a player that took more time to get good at the game beat me and I can't cope with it so I blame the system." You absolute ape nigger this is the entire point of the game is to get your ass blasted and then overcome the challenges. Every single good player started out like how you described, you get your shit pushed in and git gud. pic related all the hosts in this thread

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>>600953975Ok, have fun when banwave hits.

>>600953778The point is that the games werent meant for "co-op without invasion".

>>600953494>ER's problems because of desyncs and disconnects for both COOP and PvPThe only reason why I'm even running seamless is because of connection errors.

>>600953797If the invasion experience were completely fair, invaderfags wouldn't invade. They only do it because it gave them benefits and free wins, otherwise they'd stick to the dedicated PvP arenas with the other PvP twinks.

>>600953550>But invasion is an essentialt part of the souls online experienceElden Ring isn't and doesn't need to be a Souls gameI would prefer From makes the combat more refined insteadElden Ring is the actual proof that PVP forces the game to be stale and homogenization of classes/builds I don't want Elden Ring to be Souls. It's an open world action RPG choke full of PVE contentSouls PVP fits linear games like Demon's Souls or Dark Souls 3 better

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>>600953975Not that user but you're just another pussy mmo babby shitting up the fanbase

>>600953828You're completely right about coop twinks but that's not what's being talked about. The point is that the whole metaslave bullshit in DS1 was nothing compared to the garbage in ER.

>>600953783The ego shit is the shallowest defence you guys have. Tell me, would you still invade if you couldn't send me back to the bonfire and I keep my souls/runes? If an invader killed me and I loaded back in where I died with my souls/runes, invaders would be more than welcome to come over.

>>600954120The mod doesn't use the official servers so a ban won't matter in the slightest. There's literally nothing you can do.

>>600954110I blame the system because it's shit. The only one coping is you by dressing up your playing an entirely different game than the PvE player as "skill", when the two experiences have nothing in common and aim for completely different things.

>>600954167Elden Ring is very much a souls game and it is still using the souls online system. And I want it to continue because it is a cool and unique system.

>>600954167>Elden Ring isn't and doesn't need to be a Souls gamethat's too fucking bad because it is a souls game

>>600954167Pve is stale and boring after a couple runs. PvP allows for build variety and a reason to make cool characters beyond silly challenge runs or whatever. If it wasn't the jankiest mess in terms of balancing people would like it more. It's not a problem with the system itself

>>600954120From would have to ban all PVE players for that, because the mod operates on offline mode.

>>600954218Stay mad

>>600954229What? The meta shit in ds1 was pure cancer.

>>600953984>co-op phantoms stood no chanceBruh. I am the coop phantom, and I will tell you that it was SIGNIFICANTLY more likely for the other phantom to be juiced up than for the invader to be. DaS1 existed before From started busting invaders balls so there were waaaaay more casual invaders.

>>600954229Nope, ER is just DS3's system with some much needed refinments.DS1 was a garbage fire once people got deeper into understanding things like softH, armor upgrades, weapon upgrades, catalysts/pyroflame and low requirements spells being OP

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>>600954309>I blame the system because it's shit. The only one coping is younigger do you read what you type before hitting Post

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>>600954231Yes. I play for the spontanous and random pvp chaos.

>>600954231Lmao 99% of invaders would you're not that fucking important to them

>>600954516Nigger do you read beyond the part that gets your panties in a twist? Apply some understanding, you should be used to it with all the "skill" you supposedly cultivated.

>>600954527Then I stand corrected, in your case. I don't mind fighting invaders, but I don't want it to affect my PVE progressing.

>>600954231If I can kill another player in a game I will take that opportunity every single time. People pvp because pvp is fun and infinitely more engaging than pve. You type like you're afraid of confrontation.

>>600954492What is the difference between doing what you posted and blasting a boss nonstop with that one spell in Elden Ring?

>>600954153Invasions aren't fair TO invaders you plonker. Being outnumbered by people who have more healing than you while your only help is a mob who deagroes if the host runs away a bit isn't fair. Invaders have been absolutely neutered since 3

>>600951918Are you aware you're comparing concurrent players with unique downloads, right? This means probably less 10% of concurrent players at any given time are using the mod, and thats just now because its new and it has had some promotion in media.And even out of those 100k downloads, most likely only 20% will actually play more than a couple sessions. The discord for the mod is 90% bug reports, because it also happens that the mod is pure jank, because no matter how much the modder tries to hack it, the engine and netcode and the fucking game isn't designed as a multiplayer experience.

>>600954656Well the thing is, invaders are part of the pve. That is the whole idea.

>>600954437The meta in all Souls games were cancer. Pink popsicle second chance bullshit was aids in DeS. The DS1 cancer was much less prevalent and you could reasonably play the game without dealing with much of it. Meanwhile in ER you can invade at the very first bonfire and there's a 50% chance that the host and both phantoms are holding RoB.

>>600954691I don't mind fighting other players though? Just don't impact my PVE and I'll gladly engage in PVP. If that ruins it for you, I'll assume what you really want is actually griefing and not PVP.

>>600954409I don't get mad because you're a lil bitch boy, sorry

>>600954231The penalty for death is tiny in ER until you get very lategame, you can sneak by, use elevator/door shortcuts or just run with the horse if you died in the open world and retrieve them in 60 seconds.

>>600954741>wah wah it's not fairSo you're enjoying the dedicated PvP arenas then, right? After all, they're fair. And that's what you're after, I'm sure.

>>600954452I remember when DS1 handed you free cracked red eye orbs as a drop people would use them. The only reason anybody does the freebie invades in ER is to get a free warp to Mohg.

>>600954796Well, I disagree there, so as long as the system remains as is, I still won't engage in it.

>>600954656Again, what progress? What are you losing when you die to an invader? Oh you got sent back 500 yards or lost some arbitrary amount of runes that you probably should have spent BEFORE summoning friends and opening yourself up to invaders. The entire "losing progress" defense is some of the biggest cope I've ever read.

>>600954741In the average random invasion scenario the invader is much more prepared and skilled at pvp than the average host. That is why we have the co-op party priority now.

>>600954845You are unbelievably butthurt

>>600954872You really don't get it do you? The whole point of invading is to go up against an assymetrical challenge where you're outnumbered in a chaotic battle. That's why any invader ever will say "duels are boring" if you tell them to go to arena

>>600952358No you faggot retard, he's saying that DS1 was an arms race of who could build the most broken SL1 invader to absolutely skullfuck entire squads of players using +5 chaos gear, fully upgraded armor, and functionally infinite healing. That's not even starting on the glitch "tech" that let you ignore multiple game mechanics and use lag to destroy people before they could even have a visual indication of what you were doing to react to. You never played PTDE's pvp, that much is very clear.

>>600954946That's fine, but as long as invasions work that way, I have no interest in them and will stick to dueling in fight clubs.

>>600943452What's stopping From from just unabling invasions ?

>>600955113Answer the question, what meaningful progress have you lost by dying to an invader?

>>600955070You are both butthurt and a huge pussy and also ugly irl

>>600955123Mod uses your own computer's P2P and not From's servers and matchmaking.

>>600955113>will stick to dueling in fight clubs.You've never gone to one to begin with lmao

>>600954364>If it wasn't the jankiest mess in terms of balancingThe reason it is is that the slight variation (Ashes of War) threw off the whole systemThe message is clear, the PVP should be dropped, and the game should focus on heavily improving its combat system with a complete rework.Otherwise we will be stuck with the same exact game, which people will soon get tired of, meaning the series will lose popularity after its APEXYou think From doesn't track player retention? It's why they have been fucking over invaders ever since DS2. And now that the PVP is the worst they'll soon reconsider the priorities. I know how these companies strategize/think because I worked for and within them. It will begin with testing the appeal of PVP arena mode with Elden Ring dlcs, pondering the idea of just making PVP its separate mode. Depending on that they may even choose to make just single player Souls games or games with PVP as separate mode with its own structure/balance and mechanics.

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>>600955085Fucking this. I am actually glad ds3 made invasions more challenging.

>>600954492The difference between DaS1 and ER is that DaS1 coop was significantly more casual and varied. Yeah, if you were shitting it up in Darkroot you were going to find a bunch of meta gargling fucks, but you could engage in multiplayer all over the game and not see that cancer at all. Meanwhile in ER you invade/coop anywhere at any level and you're more likely than not to be completely surrounded by metaslaves.

>>600955037That doesn't make up for co op, sorry. I can see why you'd think it does but when you can watch the top player in the game on stream declaring that two absolute babies are still a huge threat to him then I'll take his opinion (and that of every other tryhard) over that of pve players who *feel* threatened because they don't know what they're doing and they don't know how easily they could kill invaders

>>600955173In older souls games, bonfire progress and dropped souls meant way more to me than an invader's enjoyment. I can't be invaded in ER since I solo so that doesn't affect me there.

>>600938513I liked getting invaded in co op but the advantages of using seamless co op out wright the pvp fun

>>600955286>It's why they have been fucking over invaders ever since DS2Actually, even DS1 had an invader nerf relative to DeS, because invaders couldn't use estus (main healing) but could use grass in DeS. It goes back even further.


>>600955286Well that's dumb if they do that because invasions are literally one of a kind in the industry and the only reason the games stay alive way longer than single player games

>>600955108I could count on one hand the amount of people which knew that """"""tech"""""" and could actually perform it the entirety of the time I played DS1.

>>600955176>No uThe inane crying of an asspained baby-man

>>600954872Invasions are fun because they're not fair and chaotic as fuck.It makes the wins count way more than a fair 1v1, unless the COOPers are just total cluless noobs and you just stomp them easily even in a 3v1.If invasions were vs solo players, 90% of them would just be the host running back to the bonfire for a duel, it would be indistinguishable from red sign summon besides wasting time running to the bonfire after him.

Attached: 1618581973649.webm (1280x720, 2.77M)

>>600955286>fucking over invadersNo it's more like DeS and DaS 1 invaders were way too OP. You didn't even need to try to twink. Ds3 arguably gave the average shitter host a fighting chance. I say this as somebody who has been invading since DeS.

>>600955085Duels are for nerds. Invasions are the real fun mechanic since the game’s combat isn’t deep enough for pvp. Not to mention it is really fun playing cat and mouse with the host and phantoms. No other game has anything like this.

>>600938513>Why is there no FFA pvp zone in ER?Why is there no FFA pvp zone in ER?

>>600955592Must be strange to be inbred enough to have that many fingers. Explains who you're so fucking stupid too.

>>600955485The nerf hardly mattered with poise humanity heal to full hp.

>>600955594Baby men cry about invaders making them lose progress in a video game. Now post chin

>>600938513It would be a threat to the player count if it's primary target demographic wasn't braindead carebear reddit dads who just want "goof around with the guys". Most of these types already stopped playing the game in favor of whatever the new FOTM is, the ones who remain only a fraction of them are going to be able to rub enough braincells together to figure out how to get installed. Then it'll take a few weeks for them to go over to their buddy's house and get installed on their machines as well.That said I am glad this exists, I think it'll piss off Miyazaki enough that'll he'll ramp up the PvP and invader griefing potential for the next game.

Attached: 1620797788002.jpg (585x675, 73.85K)

How does this kill Elden Ring? Seems like it would just bring a lot more attention to it.

>>600955743I agree, but it was an attempted nerf.

>>600955485DS1 invaders were near invincible because of 99 softH, that was way bigger buff than removing estus healing.Plus they had miracle and humanity heals.

>invasions are griefersI fucking hate newfags so much, even if I never engaged that much with invasions. They're worst than "this game has no story" fags.

>>600955516Yeah of course you get to do that, with really shitty lame open world bosses that you already forgot about. The only way you're getting a dedicated one now is in a DLC, and if it's in a DLC then it automatically won't be as good as if it was a mandatory main boss in the base game.

>>600955642Yeah invasion is the fun and chaotic "party game" experience.

PvP is fucking dreadful in ER anyway because the mechanics are tailored toward PvE, which means any endgame builds are gonna shred other players like tissue paper. It's why most duels last 15 seconds or less, it's stupid easy to deal insane damage quickly in ER. It's also why backstabs are basically non-existent in PvP, and why parries are used more to counter specific builds than as a general tactic, you can do just as much damage or more without spending the time to properly position yourself.

>>600955790Soft humanity defence made the invaders arguably even more powerful.

>>600955617DaS1 was unironically more balanced for invading full parties than the newer games are.>DaS1 has the problem of invaders clapping solo hosts>Later games lather invaders in handicaps to make invading solo hosts fair>They also prevent you from invading solo hosts

>>600955749Baby men cry about other players shutting the door on them. You will never be wanted.

>>600955286>Hates PvP>Wants PvE to be completely reworkedHoly shit nigga just play a different game

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>>600938513>ganking faggots are mad they can't gank people anymore i might just pick up the game now

Attached: 1648151880679.png (749x718, 295.73K)

>>600938513>Playing single player games online

>>600955757Yep. 100k downloads (which is not bad desu), out of 15 million units sold on Steam. Certainly, the "goof around with the guys" crowd has its niche covered with this mod, but most of them don't really care about the game itself that much, and will probably rather play the next Valheim-like game rather sticking with a hacky mod for a game they dont understand or care about, being also a pain to set up and the fact that you gotta workaraound your gameplay each step to avoid breaking it, because its just a hack of a mod.

>>600956264Elden Ring isn't a singleplayer game.

>>600955757>It would be a threat if..it pulled 20k players off the invasion pool overnight

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>>600956337It barely counts as a game

>Buying From Soft gamesPost yfw you didn't fall for the scam

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>>600956413That's beside the point.

>>600956279>pain to set upIt's a drag and drop bro.

>>600956356>Player count fell 20% going from weekend to midweekJust like literally every other week you mook.

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>>600938513OHHHHH Elden RingOHHHHH

>>600956207Anon, you misunderstand. Casual-coopers are gone. Gankers are still there, and if anything, more common with casual players gone.

It's still Fromsoft's fault>just two more weeks to the next patch bro>just two more weeks>just another two weeks for Fromsoft to put out a patch tarnished!

Attached: 1648023899781.jpg (618x664, 106.32K)

>>600956490That is borderline digital wizardy for most of the casual co-opers who'd be interested in this mod.

>>600938513In other news, I wanna fuck a snake

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>>600956681no, friend, you misunderstand. i will download the mod that keeps me away from the ganking faggots. i put up with enough of that in WoW.>waaaah pvp happened on a pvp server!yup, haven't made that mistake again since

>>600956785Make sure to pick up your Coil Shield and Serpentbone Blade.

Is it useable without being banned? Not reading the entire shit flinging Holla Forums thread.

>>600956490Too difficult for 99% of normies. Also, the other points still stand.>>600956356Fucking moron, that's steam concurrent players, mod users are also accounted there.

wheres the mod that lets you get invaded while solo, with the normal timer

>>60094604220k players on 10 million in sales over all those years is ABYSMAL, pvpers do not matternote: ER has sold 27 million copies already

>>600950503nigger all my clips are from taunters in starter area, only way you get more than one invader with taunters is if you summon

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>>600951205>>600951660>you have to like and agree to all of the game if you want any of the gamelmao neither of you are going to keep a marriage together

>>600957347I want to start a playthrough where I try to keep taunter's tongue on as much as I can while summoning phantoms, but I don't know if I want to drag phantoms into a meat grinder for my own amusement. I do. I just really don't feel like playing through the game again.

>>600951572>that's how it's always been?Ok? And?

>>600957347because the starting area invasion pool is diluted with 100s of other retards like you using itgo through an actual playthrough in the dungeons and you get gank invaders constantly

>>600957002Partially. If you go online with your save you'll most likely get banned.

>>600939403Forgetting>blues getting cucked into being summoned by afk farmers in limgrave

why would anyone be willing to play ER online?


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>>600957471problem comes with doing anything over world, you will have to walk everywhere or be kicked off mount all the time>>600957561all invaders are gankers the argument was saying you could have 2v1 with just taunters and thats wrong. taunters lets you be invaded by 1 at a time and removes the cd, if you summon it adds an extra for 2v2

>>600955537They may also test for more limited PVP invasions, either as special dungeon gimmick or by giving several bosses this gimmicks and linking it to a covenant system, with players setting themselves up for invasion or as invaders in those specific locations, a sort of half assed measure to pretend that the game is still linked to gether by a seamless PVPVE structure, this including also actual arenas for duels>>600956121I'm just saying what Fromsoftware us certainly doing, becauae as I said I know enough of studios, game development, business management and relative online services with relative market research Fromsoftware has been trying to expand the combat system in a long time, and they can only do so much and with what they did they already passed the breaking point. You think Sekiro had no purpose? It was a test for revamp of PVE, but also gave a precedent and wherever you go, Youtube comments, Twitter, Reddit,... everybody says Elden Ring has worse combat and PVE than Elden Ring, something From for the very first time acknowledged to be the actual main appeal by simply cutting off any player that doesn't co-op from the enite multiplayer system

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>>600957889>problem comes with doing anything over world, you will have to walk everywhere or be kicked off mount all the timeDon't worry I considered that. Idea is only doing it between smaller stretches or popping it at open world bosses (because I can) and then catacombs/caves/legacy dungeons.


>>600958029back when the game first came out me and some other anons with cheat engine were breaking the game trying to find secrets. we did learn you can beat the game without getting on your mount its just aids

>>600949530the invader will hit so much harder, i would much rather be twinked out than be part of duo

>>600938513Ds2 had the system all figured out, it worked great and you had ways to lessen your chance at being invaded at cost of resources.Fromsoft literally NEVER learns from their older games, and make the same mistake again and again and again. It´s baffling how the can be so stubbornly backwards

>>600943589>>600944030you should have just got it on console

>>600958797>ds2>soul memory>goodtrolling outside of Holla Forums is breaking rules user

>>600959347Soul memory sucks yes, but the good far outweighs the bad

>>600956052Hope you aren't kept up tonight by scary red man

Bamco's probably gonna patch this shit out and temp ban the carebears.

>>600959524100% no, it should be how ds1 did it.i would make pvp alts in ds2 for set level ranges and have to reload the save after 5kills thanks to memory bullshit, 3+remake did weapon matchmaking trash. dev really didnt want twinking but it would be the best fix for elden ring's forced 1v2/3if you're good enough to beat the game at level 1 then you should be rewarded for it

>>600957002Yeah, I've been using it a week straight. Seamless is launching an altered exe that doesn't talk or connect to the Fromsoft servers. But you're always using a separate character save be default. You have to use CheatEngine to get your live ER characters to Seamless.

>>600958006This is borderline incomprehensible. So FromSoft is struggling because their PvP and combat system is bad and yet they just released their most successful release to date which is the spiritual successor to a descending list of massive hits that have been on GOAT lists since DaS1? Literally just play a different game you schizo, if you think the foundations of Souls design sucks then play something else god damn.

Attached: 1620768398640.gif (1280x720, 362.89K)

It really speaks volumes given 2 seconds of a chance people will just disable pvp Nobody wants you

>>600959814DS1 SL matchmaking, remove weapon matchmaking, keep the rest from DS2

>>600957608the saves are separate and so are the launchers, you can't get banned for this >>600957002it's 100% safe, it has 100k+ DLs and not a single instance of someone being banned for it

>>600958006what a weird fucking larp

>>600960019That's okay.I'll just continue to get summoned for early game bosses and watch the host die on my patches character.

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>>600959968>So FromSoft is strugglingNobody said this. I said that everybody is turning against the state of Elden Ring PVP. This includes influencers and shills that were present at the launch event. It's clear that Fromsoftware is trying to balance invaders and host experience in unsuccessful ways, so much that now you don't even get invaded without a summon as default. I said they'll be making multiplayer more focused, restricting it to arenas and/or special dungeons/bosses where they can handcrafts the experience in a more controlled enviroment. Either way the days of seamless invasions everywhere will be soon over, mark those words>>600960405What larp? I said I have experience in the matter and I can attest that this is probably what Fromsoft will doYou'll see when the next Souls successor releases

>>600960824>I'll just continue to get summoned for early game bosses and watch the host die on my patches character.Incredibly based

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>>600948765Uuuuuuh sekiro?

>>600949230That's not what happened in farron woods in ds3.

>>600938513All I wanted was to be able to joust motherfuckers in PVP. They got a mod for that yet?

>>600938513from killed their game by making it shit the pvp is literally the worst it has ever been

>>600961323>mfw sekiro game sales/discussion can't compare to other entries because it had no online.The "only PVE" crowd are their own worst enemies.

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>>600939491Correct. The awful system from dark souls should have died with that franchise

i just use the malcolm cheats and steamroll everyone I come acrosshaven't been banned yet

>>600961915Ask me how I know you havn't played since 1.0.4.

>>600939403I enjoy Taunters Tounge, I think you can only get invaded by one though unless you have the blue cipher ring or whatever.

>>600962551You are correct, you can't really be out numbered even if you wanted to. Its really lame.Loved doing dried finger runs in 3 and use CE to allow random invaders to take my summon slots. Funny shit when 5 players are fighting each other over killing me.

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>>600939403It's like with that organ donor document thing, basic psychology. Noone is going to sign a document to make himself organ donor willingly, but if you make donors automatically unless people refuse too, only a few will refuse.Solo invasions in ds3 were bsseline. All you needed to do is to get embered and online. There were shitton of embers easy to get, you would get it on automatically after each boss. Solo players mostly don't know or dont care enough to disable it so it will have a natural playerbase to invade. And various covenants to support the retard host.In Elden ring however, you don't get shit, barely any rune arcs in the world, no auto enable on boss kill and on top of that you need to buy an extra item somewhere an average normie won't find out and won't care to find out to participate in PvP.So before everyone was a donor unless decided sgainst it, now I'd the other way around. This way 90% of playerbase is automatically removed from the game by such a tiny decision. Solo PvP is dead instantly.And that wasn't fucking enough to from. They needed to give groups all the advantage too. So they capped players for invasion, and when invading groups you are never getting any help as invader.And on top of that all shit they made a bunch of sorcery spells that people can spam.And of course the only way to deal with this is to be a Meta fag invader. With suboptimal build you'll just get clapped.

>>600939403>FROM ruined their multiplayer themselves, no one is happy with ER multiplayer.Indeed. I enjoyed my PVP experiences, but they absolutely dropped the ball with co-op.More than half the sessions are dropped, especially in boss fights, inflating the health pool and robbing friends of Rune Arcs and RunesAnd no Torrent with other players effectively removes exploring the overworld together, making the co-op outside of Legacy Dungeons to feel like short, instanced sessions instead of a journey together.Having a new adventure to play with my friends for the first time since 2016 with DS3 was my biggest excitement with ER. And while we still had fun, we fought the system more often than the enemies.And we can't even go back and play the old ones to reminisce because online has been taken down for almost half a year.From made a great game with ER but this fiasco has made me lose faith in Bandai Namco as a support for the game post-release.As such, I'm ecstatic about the mod. While it's no longer a blind run, we might finally get the experience we originally wanted months after release.

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>>600961859They got filtered hard because sekiro shoes their turn nature.>No coop>No real way to overlevel outside of getting some minor gimmicksAnd with this the pve fags are unable to steamroll this game. Get get filtered because they need to do the mechanics. No friends to abuse, no levels to get infinite hp and oneshot boss with a spell, only fair and square fight as Devs intended. And they are proclaiming that PvP is unfair while being unable to finish a game without abusing Shit that makes them stronger than the game is designed for

>>600938513>Optional content is badRetard

>>600939403I've literally never been invaded and I have 200 hours in the game

>>600939491Agreed. The most surreal thing is that in explaining it to my friends, my conclusion is that it's basically Borderlands' model.>Entire game can be played in a single MP session>Completing content in one player's world completes it for everyone>You can still do single-player stuff when others aren't available without making future cooperation impossible

did that mod really kill invasions? can't be too hard for From to block it

>>600965428only for pc and even then not completely

>>600965428The mod is effectively a different client. It runs off a different executable, and adds new items into the game. It's like the difference between base DS2 and Scholar of the First Sin in terms of interaction - it's just two completely different versions of fundamentally the same game.

>>600965428It has its own 3rd party launcher. They may be able to do something about people playing newer content/patches but I doubt it. What is out there now can't be stopped pandoras box has been opened.Atleast we can enjoy a population jump when dlc drops and the mod hasnt had time to update the new stuff.

noooo you can't have sex using contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies! creating kids is a well-established and intended mechanic of not masturbating alone!!!!!!!

>PC fags brag about being the most hardcore gamers>Immediately make easy mode and co-op modsLol. Lmao, even.


>>600961859People bitched and moaned about not having summons in sekiro.God it was fucking fantastic. Seeing these same faggots complain about invasions since demon's souls doesn't surprise me any more.>>600964223You are absolutely correct

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Coop sucks anyway since you have to do everything twice and elden ring is massive

>>600949508You get to play with your friends, that's what you get for being open to being invaded, it's not one sided.If you don't want to play with your friends, why are you open to being invaded to begin with?The issue here is you see that as some sort of given that wouldn't affect the balance of the game or what you experience at all, whereas fromsoft clearly doesn't.

>>600939403Yes They hate him because he told the truth.There is an arms war because of the password system, over leveled phantoms, and invaders struggling against it.Of course the mod dominates, sucks for casually invading/being invaded. I have no idea if it's solvable situation at this point.

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>>600952974>Explain to me how invaders have anything stacked in their favor?Invaders>come into the fight fresh and cannot lose anything>have gear and spells inclined for PVP rather than PVE>have all NPC enemies on their side

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>>600966357>since you have to do everything twiceThat's one of the things the mod addresses - everyone gets credit for what you do together. The best way to think of it is that everyone is a host, not a phantom.

>>600966679>equip blue summon item.time is now against the invader because infinite help will now be summoned if the invader isn't aggressive.