>elements from civ 4 and civ 5 mixed>soul art design Why do you hate?

>elements from civ 4 and civ 5 mixed>soul art design Why do you hate?

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>>600938257because they mixed those elements piss poor and the art design looks like shitdefine soulful because I'm not seeing it

>>600938257I suppose art is subjective, but I think the artstyle looks like shit.That alone makes me not want to touch it, it's repulsive.

>>600938257also the UI is absolute AIDS that takes up half the screenliterally "semen meter" tier

>>600938685>>600938863the artstyle is good, literally civ soul>>600939205you are mentally ill

>>600938257LiesMore lies Why are you a faggot

>>600939323Artstyle is opposite of what made Civilization great. 6 art is mobile game tier cancer.

>>600938257Literally tranny calarts design

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>>600938863Art style imo looks bad in screenshots but really nice in-game. However, I still prefer Civ V’s graphics.

>>600939614if anything I'd expect people to complain about the graphics themselves rather than the artmobile games are pretty good now so idk what the argument would be

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>>600938257>Worse AI>Worse performanceI regret paying full price for this game

>>600939684I don't think you know what those words mean user

>>600939745civ 6 looks better than 5 imo

>>600938257because like all civ games since 4 they are shit at release and only towards the end when they have all the content are they good. V was panned here and many many threads shat on it and how 4 was better, until BNW. Then 6 releases and surprise many threads shit on it until GS released.The process will repeat itself when 7 launches too.

>>600938257>Why do you hate?Because it looks like mobile shit that Paradox is copying too.

>>6009400964 is still the best


>fortnite art style>gameplay somehow worse>unexplored areas and fog of war indistinguishable i'll stick to civ5

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Tried out the complete edition. Still looks like mobileshit and doesn't run as smooth as V. Couldn't get into it at all.

>>600940219I thought that for a while but No. V with all expansions is the current king. It hurts but it's true.

Cartoony dumb art style despite most of its veteran players being 40+ Year old men

>>600940358lol no

>>600938257>soul artIt looks like a fucking Nickelodeon game. That art style is terrible.

>>600940541lmao yes

>>600940096They going to fix that retarded, low-budget, mobile-style art made for children's games in a patch?

>>600939323>says soul again>still doesn't elaborate on what the fuck he's talking abouthere's Civ III leader portraits do they look like VI's ugly cartoon caricatures or do they look like the way they do in IV and V?also they really need to bring back leaders changing attire to match the time periodthat shit was cash

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>>600940403V feels like there's too many metaslike there are clearly right and wrong decisions that end up railroading playthroughs

>>600938257I will never play it only because of how the leaders look like. That art direction is a crime against nature.

>>600940587>NickelodeonYou know what, you're right. It does look like that.

>>600940965I really do just see it as a herd mentality thing

>>600938257i fucking hate the way harder difficulties are handeled and the end game if boring too. I never got the dlcs tho, because I'm not willing to pay 40 bucks for expansion of 6 year old video game

Notice how the only thing people ever complain about is the art style. Very rarely do you see game play or UI ever come up.

>>600941312they do not play the game and if they do it's just an exercise in mental illness lol

>>600938257the artstyle is the opposite of soulI only got it after I realised one of the devs made a civ 5 tileset graphic mod (which I then supplemented with a mod that turns "forests" into FORESTS)

>>600941312Well gee.. It probably means that the artstyle is bad idk

>>600938685>>600938863>>600939512>>600939614>>600939684>>600939698>>600940106>>600940358>>600940587>Shit artstyle>Nickelodeon game>Fortnite art style>Looks exactly the same as civ 4b-bros?

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>>600941075You mean with picking leaders? I understand that. You CAN beat every victory with any leader on probably up to King difficulty. But yes, you usually decide on one or two victory types when you pick your leader.Honestly, I don't think that's too much of an issue. I like the uniqueness. But I understand your point.

>>600938257The art style is atrocious.

>>600941560Civ IV looks like that because it's 17 years old, Civ VI has those sort of low-poly, cartoony characters because they wanted the game to work on tablets and phones.

>>600941560yeah I was going to say it was just civ 4 two but since it has elements of civ 5 it's just civ 6 now

>>600941858holy fucking cope

>>600941735I think he means more there's little point in going outside of tradition and rationality in terms of policies or how rushing philosophy for national college into education for universities is basically the tried and true way of keeping up with higher difficulty AI science.


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>>600941971Ah! Actually, you can totally do the other ones and it be viable. I've honestly done EVERY combination of them. Though yes, rationality is great.


>>600942453The issue is that men exist who think they are women.


>>600941560>exactly the same>one ugly arab means VI looks exactly the same as IVget your eyes checked

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>>600941075That's one thing I started to realize and dislike when playing the highest difficulties in V. Regardless of the victory type you want, you're probably going to go for the same techs and wonders in 90% of games.I mean you COULD go for the Exploration policy tree once you unlock it for instance, but that's 6 shitty policies pretty much just for the hidden excavations which ain't really ever worth it.Exception is probably Cultural victories, which is the only time you want some wonders (even then, science is still your top priority because of the internet and other end-game techs/national wonders being essential).

>>600938257>Looks like shit>Plays like shitYeah nah

>>600941284Unless you‘re using machine learning, there are way too many parameters to make a competent AI that doesn‘t make players seethe.

>>600942993Eh, can't beat a game in an afternoon.

>>600943138I don't want to sound racist, but why are all of the VI leaders so... tanned? (brown)

>>600938257The districts were an interesting idea but the way they were implemented made the world feel too small. I want to feel like there is actual space between cities, not one continual sprawl.

>>600943342How do you train an AI with machine learning without taking those parameters into account?

Terra Nova > everything elseyes even Baba Yetu

>>600943138Georgie is the only one from 4 that looks goodDe Gaulle looks like a downieBesides, that's a cherrypicked compilation Still looks better

>>600938257I could stomach Civ V but this one has too much regime propaganda for my tastes.

>>600938685>soulfulusually it's something like pic related

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>Civ VI was 6 years ago>there were 6 years between V and VIIt's also been 3 years since the last expansion.Is VII a likely thing? VI sold well, right?

>>600938257>soul art designI'll fucking denounce you

>>600940358>CIV V>going tall with four cities every single game is good gameplay

>>600943705>going tall with four cities every single game is good gameplaylegitimately curious what you mean

>>600943486>cherrypickedjust typed "Civ IV leaders" and "Civ VI leaders into google images and just slapped together the two pics with the most leader portraits I could findit's as non-cherrypicked as I could make it barring putting in actual effort

>>600943437No idea, I just think that machine learning would help a game like this.

>>600943859he means it's better it better to go tall vs wide in 5 but personally I think you can go with a lot more cities and it's still viable if you know what you're doing

>>600938257It's a massive drain on resources. Only Civ 2 got it right. Turn 200 is computer meltdown.

>>600943859This is literally every game in Civ V. Tradition is the only worthwhile Policy, going wide is pretty much never viable because of the retarded happiness mechanic.

>>600943859what do you mean what does he mean? Do you play on chieftain or smthg

>>600939745Jadwiga is hotter (and younger) than any Civ V female, retard.She is also the only waifu i’ve ever had trough any form of media.

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>>600944065>>600943705Did they change it in expansions or something? I haven’t played 5 since launch but I remember back then the strat was to spam new cities no matter what because the happiness penalty was a joke and there was literally no downside even if the benefits were minuscule

>>600944380I simply didn't know the term, just means fewer cities

>>600944215Civ II was great. I love the wonder movies

I like the more stylized rulers in VI, but I hate that they just get a shitty, mostly black background like this >>600944795

>>600943660>Is VII a likely thing?who cares. Everyone knows even numbered Civ games are the only good ones

>>600943342and why not use machine learning? it seems like a smart idea

>>600939323>>600938863the artstyle is neither good nor bad imo, it's a solid 5/10>>600939205the UI, however, is dogshit. you have to x out of like 50 boxes every turn

>>600946663because it’s actually a pain in the ass for marginal benefits when letting the AI cheat is effectively the same outcome as some AI generated optimal strategy

>>600938257because it won't stop crashing and won't let me play it

>playing Civ V, deity difficulty>have one Gatling gun stationed in a coastal city>directly opposite of the highest score opponent in the game>she declares war on me>the naval AI is so atrociously bad that my absolute minimal defenses are enough to overcome the entire army she tries to sail across the sea>mop up her army, sue for peaceI heard VI also had a shit AI at launch, did that ever get improved?

>>600945058I didn't play much before G&K but happiness penalties will fuck you up now with severe hits to production and once you're at - 10 barbarian units of your tech level will spawn in your boarders constantly until its dealt with. Not to mention the penalties to culture and science from having a lot of cities that aren't developed.

>>600938257Civ5 is the only good Civ game.

>>600938257>soul art design>cartoony units and 1960s Batman-like punching effectsNo, looks like a boardgame for children

>>600941858>low-polythat word does not mean what you think it means

>Civ thread>muh artstyle muh graphics like fucking clockwork

My lacking attention span always forces me to go for religious or domination victories. Help.

>>600949350The OP is literally about the art style, what did you expect people to discuss

>>600949592i dont know, the fucking gameplay? every single civ thread just talks about the artstyle never about the specific civ mechanics or how religious victories still chew ass etc etc

>>600949350The game mechanics and ai and gameplay are shit, the quotes for tech are cancer, what remains to discuss is the shit graphics and the unfunctional mobile tier graphics.

I really like playing Pedro, Peter and Pericles. Which other leaders play like them?

>>600948763it basically is though and always has been the graphics are pretty good too peopel just hyperfixate on the one thing the herd think thought >>600949830then it wouldn't be like the gem of civ 4

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>>600950023>the mechanics and gameplay is shit because i say so>ok time to discuss more globohomo shit unironically kill yourself

>>600938257Better than 5 but the AI is still unplayably terrible and I have no friends to do MP with

>>600940965They need to go back to Civ 2’s FMV advisors, peak SOVL

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>>600949350it's the most egregious part about 6, it's bad to the point where i can't get over it. it's actually offensive to me

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>>600950257why does ghengis khan look like a grubhub ad

>>600938257It is good. The district system and civilizations are staying in Civ 7, bet. It adds dimensions to simplistic civ 5 mechanics. And I like Civ 5.

>every nose is giganticwhat did they mean by this?

The artstyle is terrible.It fucking pisses me off when brainlet retards call Civ5's art deco/oil painting style "boring realism" and then praise Civ6 for its absolutely generic, soulless piece of shit style.

>>600941284>end game boring>no dlcsRenewable energy, death robots, future governments, seasteads, utilizing climate change. The dlcs make it fun.

>>600950257>square head to overexaggerate the square faces mongols physically haveLooks like a decent style to me. He looks like he's choked people barehanded. Better than Civ 5 Genghis.

youtube.com/watch?v=vPdAxoTXEbAi will now buy your game

Just clean remake of 2, that's all I want


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>>600949502Just play Korea Spam their special campus, conquer like one or two neighbors, go to space. Religious victory is 5 times more tedious than science.

>>600950639And to add to this, the music in 6 is just awful. Bring back the classical music.youtube.com/watch?v=QBYHM0QRoMo


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>>600950845he looks like a goofy but loyal sidekick in a pixar movie, it's ridiculous here's another dogshit character design

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>>600949502>>600951129babylon is superior to korea for science victories

>>600951230See him in motion and works fucking fine. It's a younger more exaggerated Shaka, compared to old Civ 5 Shaka.

>>600951349Only kinda, they struggle once it goes to modern since there are no tech boosts outside of spying and everyone you spy will be below you techwise. They have science production halved.


>>600951434how does motion change the garbage pixar artstyle?

>>600939684Thanks, finally someone said it. This is 4chan. We are the global center of online traditionalism. It doesn’t matter if the game is “good” or not. If trannies are on the dev team, that means that our $60 will go directly to trannies so they can cut off their penises. This runs directly against our values as a website and a movement. As such, it’s our responsibility to condemn Civilization 6.

>>600951542they have 50% extra great scientist production and the initial boost makes it impossible to catch up with them if the player knows what he's doing. you don't need to spy, you just put one in your capital to make sure nobody steals from you academies are insanely strong, that 50% boost is ridiculous and gamebreaking. you're already super far ahead as babylon when korea starts utilizing specialists

>>600951542I also forgot>they have science production halvedwhat do you mean?

>>600944269Yeah, but that's just how games are at the highest level. As you improve, you approach the best strategies and struggle to deviate from the optimal choices.It's why I stopped playing civ, it becomes like filling out a form or something; a chore. Like, I know what I will do given any situation, do I really want to sit here and play it out? Do I want to push for even lower turn counts by 3 or 5 by extreme micro management?Not really. The game is fun as fuck until you master it.>>600938257People hate it because the art style is incredibly divisive to the extent that people who have 100s and even 1000s of hours in the franchise refuse to touch it. Read a fucking room dude.

>>600950115By discuss the art-style and shit graphics and music and leaders I mean shitting on them all and their shills.

>>600951167>the music in 6 is just awfulThis is the only thing 6 did amazingly well, what the fuck are you talking aboutyoutube.com/watch?v=or8kFWVLHUQhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNaCHVUagAchttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRcGBE92zs4https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kc7TOqhndiwhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Enb-rTasgyIhttps://youtu.be/r2jz22IqjzE

>>600938257 the art style might be subjective but I like it personally

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>>600938257something something female protagonists bad

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>>600943138Why are Civ 4 leaders on default pose, but all Civ 6 leader pics taken mid animations? Seems a bit cherrypicked stuff in all honesty, even when some leaders in the game look horrid(Wilhelmina).That pic is literal internet journalist tier where they rag on mean Youtubers by taking stupidest looking screenshot they can.

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>>600952371for me, it's youtube.com/watch?v=cj5m_uPUmXo

>>600939614This. I've never spent so little time with a Civ game and I have over 300 hours in Civ I and 500 in Civ 2.

>>600952519What are you on about?

>>600944269It's not happiness, even though it's retarded, yes. There's a 5% tech cost increase for every city introduced in BNW that broke ICS.

>>600943381the only leader that's darker than he should is Hammurabi, when they tried to turn Seondeok into a nigress they got shit on so hard they promptly changed her

>>600952371>Not posting Sumeria's Atomic Age musicLiterally the best song ever youtube.com/watch?v=GCvA-XmDZPw

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>>600951854there's not a single trans on the civ team and the project leader is a white middle aged male

>>600938257Districts are too "big" for the 3 tile limit that a city can work,you want to grow your city with nice triangle/hexagon farms that need alot of space? to bad you need to place an idiotic arena or neighborhood on one of the tiles or you wont grow, oh whats that? you expand like a normal person and now have 8 good to avergae cities? well to bad you wont ever get the last 4 up and running in 100 turns because now a regular district like the commercial one or industrial one costs 50 turns with mediocre production due to the cost scaling upwards with ever other district you build, and a tile that you sacrifice to build a district dont bring in yields for the duration it is building, fuck whoever designed the districts because i love the idea but HATE how they executed it

>>600951854please be trolling

>>600952190civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Babylonian_(Civ6)Civ 6, dinguses.

>>600951854>user writing the post

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>>600951709Because the motion makes the model work better? Do you not understand the basics of animation?

>>600953759jesus christ i thought we were talking about 5 for some reason. I'm retarded

>>600953862what the fuck are you on about? there's nothing wrong with the model, I'm talking about the *artstyle*. what are you having trouble with understanding? I've played the game for 16 hours, I've seen them move and it changes nothing

>>600954154The artstyle is fine and exaggerated. If you only want realism I cant help you. I have 500 hours so I can appreciate the work that went into rigging them.

>>600951542Hammurabi is fucking broken. You can't win him unless the player playing him is absolute retard or new to the game.

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>>600954252when did I ask you to "help" me? the artstyle is dogshit and i dont care how hard they worked on it, it still looks like generic pixar garbage

The AI sucks. The game has a ton of mechanics but the AI doesn't engage in most of them. Balance between civs is way too extreme. Lots of meme modes that don't properly mesh into the game, they mostly just make the game way too easy if you turn too many on. I don't like eurekas and inspirations because it makes you take arbitrary decisions to keep up on science which feels bad in a strategy game. Like oh I have no reason to touch this tile but if I slap a worker on it now I get this tech twice as fast? It's silly.

Series peaked with Civ 4

>>600952386It's kind of like political cartoons but that label "subjective" is pretty deep I like the way think, because it fits with the group think and current politics. Maybe it's a "don't take it so seriously" kind of move or maybe it's just a next generation thing.I didn't like civ 5 characters they were already wacky this is more just unapologetically so.

>>600938257The game is good, i'm sure 90% of people who avoid it is because of the artstyle.

>>600938257>still no stacking>uno edicts>shit leader screensI'm just gonna play IV.

>>600941560civ 6 came out before fortnite

>>600938257Honestly the art is just so shit in my eyes that I can't even bring myself to try the game

>>600939745>women (especially ones that were rulers in medieval england) not being samefaced bimbos is like 9/11 to Holla Forumstards

>>600951854>We are the global center of online traditionalism4chan was founded to talk about anime, user. its for mentally ill people.

>>6009382576 really punishes you for going to war, might as well be a 3x game because it's missing the eXterminate.>>600944065Wide is generally better than tall because wide allows you access to a lot more resources than tall. The only thing that really makes tall overpowered is that you can rush all the pacifist win conditions like Science and win because wide has a big penalty to science.

>>600957193>its for mentally ill peopleDamn I guess leftists really do belong here.

>>600950247right answer

reminder that Alpha Centurai is still the best civ game and the best game made in the past 26 years

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>>600956483but why play 4 when there's 5? and why play 5 when there's 6? and it's basically 4 and 5, the government screen is cute in 6 too, idk it's just comfy to me the more I play it. >>600952371all these leaders look normal to me in the game context, it's actually just a few that are uncanny, but if you don't appreciate the comfiness of it then you will hate it but at that point you probably like ww2 sims and are an avowed national socialist or something

>>6009575094chan has always been lefty clay

>>600952979Sounds too modern to be reflective of the 50's-70's atomic age

>>600957293Strategic resources aren't very important until you start getting to oil though since you'll likely have at least some horses or iron around your starting location. If you try to go wide early game that science penalty would result in having an army of archers against opponents that have crossbow men.

>>600957669>why play 4?>Lenard Nemoy quotes>better religion mechanics >better world wonders, theyre generally stronger and can give you major bonuses>Mechanics like colonies, and new civs rising from riots were never added to 5 or 6>health, happiness and riots were better handled in 4>doomstacks and cites that arent units and are just fancy tile improvements theres a ton of reasons to play 4 over 5 or 6.

>>600938257Because the AI is infuriatingly simple and petty and it feels like you're playing against children. Its nearly impossible to end a game without most of them hating you because of how retarded the agenda system is.

>>600957616now i have to reinstall

>>600958168The atomic age music tracks are just the final versions that play late game so it would encompass information era sounds as well. Tracks are divided between ancient, medieval, industrial and atomic.

The biggest problem I had with civ 6 was that civics didn’t feel like they mattered at all. In civ 4, democracy, fascism, etc really felt like they changed your city visually, as well as having really big bonuses depending on what you focused on. Even civ 5 had some busted synergies. In civ 6 it was like “you want 3 passives or 4?” No more culture victories, no more ideological wars, just these gay little cards.

>>600958397>mfw Gaia, the pacifists are the only ones who actually fight a war in the lore>she uses the most brutal and unethical ways to fightwe must dissent.

>>600957669>but why play 4 when there's 5? and why play 5 when there's 6? and it's basically 4 and 5, the government screen is cute in 6 too, idk it's just comfy to me the more I play it.each game is made by a different lead designer. they had their own approaches to the game. 4 was developed by soren Johnson and is IMO the best the series has to offer. I don't think any other systems 5 and 6 add are that interesting and desu they are too bloated and unrefined. civ 6 suffers more because it has a shit ui. "New game good, old game bad" is a stupid mentality to have. no I am not saying "old game good new game bad", because I didn't like civ 3 (although civ 2 is also a contender for best civ game)

>>600958546>No more culture victoriesWhat do you mean by this? Like cities flipping control based on culture pressure?

On a separate note, a spirit came to me in a dream and told me that next Civilization game they will do something very gay: they will add Angela Merkel as a German leader. Feel free to screenshot this.

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>>600958507That's dumb.

>>600938257the decided to start respecting women more, and I take that as a personal insult

>>600938257I'm playing Unciv (it plays almost exactly as Civ5 from what I've read) on my phone, already getting a grasp of it (never played civ before) and I find it fun. But I read 6 requires even more micromanagement? Sounds kind of a slog, at least for me since I'ld have to play on ps4. I'll stick to Unciv, and I'm giving Stellaris a try as well

Doomstacks was a terrible gameplay mechanic.

>>600954332civilization.fandom.com/wiki/Babylonian_(Civ6)CIV 6 DUMBASS

>>600962413Yes? He can rush tech tree so fast that it isn't even funny. He gets so much ahead that the game won't get to atomic era(except him) and it is over. Getting free building as well for districts is laughable and he gets free golden age at the start due to double ancient era unique things. Sabum Kibittum is also OP for start and capable to defend your city.I don't like to make fun of other people, but I recommend playing the game and learning how eurekas work.

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>>600963108Late game requires spying since no techs get eurekas then, but youll be ahead of everyone.

>>600963332Unless you are giga baka, you have wiped them out at that point. At least your own continent's civilizations. If you drag the game that far for luls to make Aircraft armada nuke happy stuff I understand, but otherwise it is quite quickly over. Getting industrial zone on your city just by building 3 mines is bonkers. And you get workshop for free as well.

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>>600963332the point of babylon's bonus is to prevent the other civs from getting that far. ur supposed to play ultra aggressive and take down all ur neighbors so that u can have a massive lead.