Was he roofied?Didn't he know that sex would result in babies?Also DMC thread I guess

Was he roofied?Didn't he know that sex would result in babies?Also DMC thread I guess.

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>>600935821I dunno what's with all the outlandish theories when it's pretty obvious that Vergil fell in love and did it once with fortuna woman. Probably didn't know she got pregnant when he left and had no means of reaching her once he began his quest for power. By then it's doubtful that he'd even let himself care about her again.

>>600935821That's why dante always wins, devil power is stored in the balls.

>>600936051Not necessarily love, who knows why he did it. Could have been a result of just taking the chance at some physical activity for the sake of it. Sex can help you ease up a little and release stress.

>>600935821>another threadlet's fucking go>why did he do it?like a vergil, touched for the very first time~

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sexwith vergil

>>600935821Dante loves his nephew Nero!

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>>600938572>>600938678>>600938840why do DMC threads turn into homolust threads immediately?

>>600938943>fujo serieshow could this happen?

>>600938943First post is Vergil fucking a woman, second post is probably a woman knowing the amount of them in DMC threads. Third post is an obvious fujo with shit taste in pairings. So no, not exactly homolust.The series features a line of handsome men, it cannot be helped.

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>>600940195>toothpaste ad>gay pornwhich will be Donte's next job?

>>600939851>First post is Vergil fucking a woman, second post is probably a woman knowing the amount of them in DMC threads.>he doesn't want to destroy Vergil's bussyngmi king

>>600936051Anon you didn't know he got raped by an angel who turned out to be Morrigan from The Dark Stalkers Series (TM) and that's why Nero is so powerful? regardless of power levels not actually mattering here because I am a DBZ brained nigger.

>>600940460Donte really is just homo porn fodder. No fucking idea why horny gays are so obsessed with him.>>600940569I don't see Vergil as the type to want it up the ass if you ask me. He clearly likes being in control.

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>>600941228He doesn't know what he wants>Donte homo porn fodderI bet all those faggots couldn't into real Dante cause...anime? Donte was the gay icon according to Tameme after all

>>600941502>couldn't into real DanteAs expected horny normie faggots have shit taste.

>>600935821He got horny user and did a pump and dump. Not much to explain

most main characters in the game act like they never finished high school

>>600941779But Dan said that didn't fit his image of Vegil's character

This is my uncle Tedan everybody say hi Tedan(he has aspergers)

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Why would Dante and Vergil not have sex? They're perfect male specimens. For Nero it makes sense because he lived half his life in a religious community and he's in a relationship. But the other two have no reason to not sleep around sometimes. It's just also not terrible important to them. It's like cursing, drinking or smoking. It's not that they never did it, they're just not shown overtly doing it because they're clutches for being really cool.

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I'd read a novel about Dante and Vergil's time in the underworld. Though I suppose if they don't find much to do or find under there, it wouldn't have much to write about?

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>>600940460>which will be Donte's next job?Showing up at random convention like ugly sonic.>>600941910To be fair Dante and Vergil had to go on the run when they were like 10. Trish is a demon. Nero was raised by a demon cult. I think on lady went to high school.

I understand Nero so completely and always know what to do with him, and can clear Bloody Palace every time. With Dante I'm always fumbling around in the wrong style with the wrong weapon, with Vergil I can't dodge anything and end up dying to damage (I refuse to ever run), and with V I can braindead my way to round 99 where I find it impossible to not dodge tentacles and lose too much health to win round 100. Everyone is really cool in DMC threads so any advice?

seeing there are some fujo here, did the /cm/ dmc threads completely died off? haven't seen one in months, I used to steal fanart there

>>600943075No idea, I don't go to /cm/

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>summon Shadow>Cavaliere won't consistently swing at me>changes directions mid stribg>I can't no DMG M14I hate this

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>>600943059read your book, always have emergency DT to revive your pets and wreck shit with Nightmare.

>>600943059>DanteUse less weapons until you have a better grasp of all of them. Also don't shy away from Royalguard.>VergilTrick Dodge can be spammed endlessly once you nail it once. World of V will let you heal easily. Hell on Earth and Deep Stinger have massive i-frames.>VShadows dodges have overlaping i-frames. Summoning Nightmare also gives i-frames if you need to get out of trouble, and it will revive Shadow and Griffon and make them completely invulnerable.

>>600942761>implying this won't be DMC6

>>600943075>/cm/Not fujo but why would you go to that stinking shithole. All you need is Pixiv (and Twitter second) for fanart needs. For twitter use Japanese tags/names to find JP artists.

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How autistic are (You) about these games?I retried Mission 12 DMD like 50 times last night just to get a 15k No DMG rank>tfw Urizen 2 is actually easy

>>600943495>World of V will let you heal easilyI'm glad I asked because I completely forgot World of V exists. I didn't know it gives you health back, that may be a game changer for me. For Dante I'm afraid to say I do use Royalguard a lot and only use two weapons and two guns, but it's still too finnicky for me. That's good to learn about Shadow's overlapping i-frames too.

>>600943607>implying I would engage instead of just downloading the jpegs they post

>>600943526That wouldn't be enough for an entire game.>>600943943/cm/ women have garbage taste, easier to go to the source and find even more.

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>>600943357>tfw no damage M14 first time on my current run through DMD>final encounter consisted entire of Nightmare face tanking Goliath will I read the book and shat big damage attacks on him>even went in the canon order of Artemis+Griffon > Cavaliere+Shadow > Nightmare+Goliath because beating sword boy first was getting oldToo easy.

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>>600943750Urizen is a bloody joke. Just spam Trickster teleport on the faggot and use Balrog to finish him off.I'm trying to git gud with V, got S rank with him last night on DMD.

>>600943750I've only no damaged DMD but at the rate it's going I'm going to end up perfect S-ing it too.

>>600944293But in Mission 8 I fought the fucking hardest I've ever fought in my life and could only get him down to half HP>7285 points

>>600935821He didn't want to pay child support.

>>600943357>Mission 14 doesn't begin already in the pocket dimension so each time you get hit you can checkpoint to the start of the mission and don't have to restart mission, load time, select costume, load time, begin mission, load time, scripted walk segment or close the game

>>600943795>I didn't know it gives you health backIt depends on the amount of Concentration you have. Higher Concentration will give you more health and summon all the familiars. If you kill any enemies V's Royal Fork they will also drop health. There's a minor glitch that allows you to keep you Concentration if you kill the final enemy with Vergil stabbing himself and then having a cutscene play (Nero and Dante have a similar thing which will let you keep you Breaker if you they don't break before a cutscene or if you use SDT before a cutscene, this last one extends to BP).If you need to recharge your Concentration faster use Mirage Edge's combos or Yamato's perfect Judgement Cuts.>only use two weapons and two gunsWhich ones?

>>600944812Tip for saving a few 30 seconds that kill you inside: if you slide with Shadow all the way and fall on "the scripted" ground, hold Lock-on and V will slide and skip him tripping over as well.

>>600942213who gives a fuck about what the voice actor thinks.

>>600945103We do.

>>600940897i know youre jokig, but ive been wondering with the way theyve been consolidating franchises at capcom if theyll just be a light and dark timeline with the makai world in between

>>600945103He's not just the VA he's the mocap actor and he has a lot of input

>>600944906>If you kill any enemies V's Royal Fork they will also drop healthThat's excellent knowledge to know as well. I can't do perfect judgement cuts, I've practiced and can't do them at all. The only time I've done them was completely by accident when I was just trying to do a helm splitter with yamato, it was amazing to hear Vergil say jackpot. The weapons I use on Dante are the demon sword dante and the ice nuncucks, and ebony and ivory and the rocket launchers. Now I have a pizza about to arrive for the proper spirit and I'm going to eat it while trying Bloody Palace again, but with V or Vergil I don't know.

>>600935821>>600936051Women are only fertile for about one week a month, even if you nut inside the chances of a woman getting pregnant from one instance of unprotected sex is pretty low, and since Vergil was basically dead and stuck in hell for 20 years he probably had other things on his mind than having a potential bastard son out there

>>600945323>The weapons I use on Dante are the demon sword dante and the ice nuncucks, and ebony and ivory and the rocket launchers.Hmm, that's a pretty good load-out. DSD is very much the bread and butter weapon and King Cerberus has a bunch of unique abilities while missing a few more standard ones. E&I is great at building style while DKA is heavily damage focused.One thing I recommend checking is DSD's sword buff ability, which might seem like it's not a big deal, but can be really useful if you use it actively. Another thing is that King Cerberus' lightning form is capable of stunning enemies so it's something useful if you want to keep the more annoying types controlled. It's Ice Age attack gives you full i-frames too so it's a great defense method. A minor mechanic is that the fire form does more damage if you hit enemies with the tip, and technically speaking the game has elemental damage so so of its forms damage some enemies slightly more or less than others.Btw, have you played any other DMCs?

>>600945797>time is weird in hell, see Mallet Island>tfw Vergil didn't even realized he wandered for 15 years until he found Yamato

>>600946124Thanks for all of the advice, taken all of it in. Yes, I started with DMC3 as a kid and couldn't get past Cerebus. Then years later I got DMC4 and properly got into it thanks to Nero being easier, and I played the absolute shit out of it which is why I'm much more comfortable with Nero. Then I went back to DMC3 got a lot out of it, I just wasn't able to beat Vergil on Dante Must Die. I find Dante much easier to play in 3 than in 5 because you only have one style, wherein 5 I feel compelled to keep style switching and it overwhelms me.

>>600936051I always assumed it was a motivation similar to Vegeta's for getting with Bulma where thinking that having a loved one to protect would spur him to greater heights of power. Vergil probably thought that emulating Sparda and having a relationship with a mortal woman would help him become more powerful so he tried it once with one of the thousands of woman that were probably throwing themselves at him. Unfortunately, he underestimated his own autism and after not feeling an immediate zenkai boost after nutting in her, he decided it was a waste of time and then left.

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>>600946147>Dante and Vergil come out of hell after what seems like a short time to them>when they meet Nero he's nearly their age and has tons more experienceI can only hope...

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>>600946582>in 5 I feel compelled to keep style switching and it overwhelms meThat's okay. Fortunately the way the character is designed, you don't really need to style switch if you don't want to. Most of the weapons have abilities that cut distance, or do ranged damage, or give you i-frame or more air time so it's not necessary to do it all the time. And plenty of the enemies have abilities that can be parried, so other forms of defense are always available.

>>600946908Shut the fuck up Woolie


>>600947827NERO AND KYRIE ARE ATHEISTS>To this day there's no art of Vergil with the pink Badman shirt

I wouldn't mind to see the next DMC be a 3-character select campaign consisting of Nero, Trish and Lady. Most importantly, no Dante and Vergil, just to see if the series can hold its own without those 2 as crutches. They'll add in Dante and Vergil as DLC anyways.

So was Mundus eating the Qliphoth fruit the reason Sparda woke up to justice? It seems to roughly fit the timeframe, and it's weird that there's never been any information on how it happened. Was Sparda and Mundus' fallout similar to Dante and Vergil's? Did Sparda leave Mundus alive because he had similar feelings of fraternity towards Mundus?

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>>600948159This game would be so boring, unironically Nero solo would be better, not only Trish and Lady need a complete rehaul, but they're also boring characters now and don't have any chemistry whatsoever with Nero like they do with Dante.A Dante, Lady, Trish game? that could work but we should have gotten it around 3 or 4.

>>600948094Enlighten me on what this is referencing and I can make it happen. I do not know of this Woolie.

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>>600935821He felt like it

>>600936051It wasn’t love, it was lust. The whole point is that Virgil gave in to his human desire and had sex(something that doesn’t further his goal of gaining more power). All of DMC 5 is about Virgil regaining his humanity through his time as V and finally by accepting Nero(the proof that he is still human).

>>600947827don't care

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>>600948929look up Vegeta DBZ Badman shirt, but Vergil's wearing it

>>600947827BORN TO CUTWORLD IS A SCUM43, 856, 598, 276 DEAD BRITBONGSI AM WEEB MAN he didn't do a single thing wrong

>>600948929its a zoomy streamer meme from a fat nigger weeb. I only know this guy because they shat up the last mass effect thread desu.

>>600949480The DMC LP was the only good thing they've done in their entire career

>>600949868watching people play video games as entertainment is always gay dude.

>>600950010b-b-bbut it's DMC!!!

>>600949868>implying the Omikron LP isn't the peak of the LP genre

>>600950120>implying it isn't SnailborneI also loved when they did Silent Hill 2 because Pat actually knows about that game.

I don't wanna sound schizo guys, but I think Devil May Cry is actually a deeply subtle allusions to the Italian immigrants of America in the 18th century and mob gang violence they cause in America because of their family, lineage, history and sicilian bullshit. Think about it: Dante, Vergil, Nero (Italian names) that's all I got lmao___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

>IF THIS BIRD CRAPS ON MY ARM, I'M EATING IT! I hate how V nor Shadow don't have a move to bring them back to the ground, no Trick, no Helmbreaker equivalent, nothing

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>>600950501they're names from dantes inferno.

>>600950714And guess where Dante Aligheri hails from, that's right! Italy!

>>600950514Just teleport to a grounded enemy numb-nuts lol.

>>600950514What are you even going to do with V in the air?

>>600951087How to in a 1v1?

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>>600946908Reboot season 3 had no right to be so fucking good.

>>600951197Stupid switching camera angles will make me jump instead of dodge

>>600951307Just press R3 nigga.

Do you guys think the way DMC handles is a barrier of entry for new players? Not that the controls are convoluted, but I feel it controls very differently from most titles nowadays?Do you think a DMC by a new director will change how the game works on that level similar to how other Capcom properties have over the years?

>>600951197Taunting, Royal Fork, evading, cheaping out damage with the cane in M14

>>600950514V comes down quite nicely to the ground with a taunt at SSS.

>>600951697As someone who only played the DMC series for the first time on 2020 and it's completely casual about it, DMC is fine for newcomers (even the first game) and 5 is as accessible as it gets. People simply don't like action games so the only way you can change the series to be perfectly accessible to new players is turning it into something else, like a generic WRPG or a Souls-like.

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>>600952041Will still get you hit

>>600951697Yes. DMC6 should magnetise your attacks to enemies, remove air attacks, give you warning indicators for when enemies behind you are attacking and turn combos into preset cooldown supers. It's the only way for the series to evolve and survive in the modern day.

>>600952129>that scene>Boss flies through window.>Without strength you can't protect anything, you know that."KINO

>>600952268Oh and I forgot the most important part; every 10 seconds the characters should have a voiceline pointing out the objective or boss's weakspot to themselves.

>>600952306Literally the next screenshot I took then. >>600952268>>600952473Don't forget dialog choices and a pacifist route that allows you to finish the game without unsheathing your sword / gun even once. You also have to spend several hours walking around and doing fetch-quests for NPCs.

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>>600951697IMO the only weird thing about it is that dodge roll is a 3-button input and that jump is your main evasive action. Personally I think the focus on directionals over giant list of dial-a-combos like other games in the genre is what keep it accessible and somewhat alive.

No matter how many fixes or mods you give to V, faggots will always find a way to complain about him>>600950514he even does Trick Down right after Royal Fork>>600952619[Give Nero the Sparda] / [Give Dante the Sparda]

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>>600952619Before and after every fight the player character must shimmy through a tight gap in the wall.This is for artistic purposes and not at all to hide loading.6 is truly shaping up to be the ultimate DMC

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>>600952647>dodge roll is a 3-button input and that jump is your main evasive action is weird. Not really. In fact jumping being your main evasive action is kind of natural if you've played non-turn based videogames before. i-frame "dodging" is an abnormality outside fighting games and very few games used it.

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>>600952853>[Give Nero the Sparda] / [Give Dante the Sparda] / [Keep the Sparda]>You choose to keep the Sparda>You gained negative Karma!>NPCs will be less willing to talk to you!

>>600952853>[Give Nero the Sparda]>Mission 10 will now be about V carrying the Sparda all the way through the Qlipoth back to Nero>Mission 11 Dante wakes up with Balrog only>Nero unlocks DT earlier, giving him the Bringer back and a Sparda Stand>he will be the first to arrive at Mission 17>snatches the fruit away from Urizen>10 second timer as Yourreason approaches>[Eat the fruit] / [Destroy the fruit]

What are we gonna do if they recast Reuben over his schizo twitter posts bros

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I want any excuse to draw DMC so if you want to request anything hit me, but expect things that look more chibi.>>600949262I am not well versed in drawing people with actual human proportions so I apologize.

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>>600949868>watching any lp>everyChrist. Literally vidyacucking

>>600953395Let me put ut like this user. While Reuben schizoposts on twitter, he is such a genuinely nice guy irl that not even the turbojew SJW hacks at Naughty Dog fired him. The stunt studio that he owns is prolific and does frequent work for a numerous top dog AAA studios.Be more worried about him overdosing on his homegrown 4th dimensional magic mushrooms.

>>600953508I fucking love you.

>>600953508Dante and Nelo Angelo fighting plasma bat. Or just Dante and Nelo

>>600953742>didn't die in Guatemala >but might actually get killed over his interdimensional shroom trips Crazy to think.

>>600953508Nero with the Sparda! and a purple Sparda stand

>>600953508A chibbi vergil with a TOP GUN hat and cool shades

>>600953508>OC in a DMC thread>2020+2

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>>600953302>>[Eat the fruit] / [Destroy the fruit]Now that would be an interesting dilemma, it's the blood of like two million people, you either can't do it or eat it so they didn't die in vain and stop the monster that killed them>Nero gets SDT

>>600953508>Can only draw chibiL O N D O NONDONBut then again, this is a fujo thread so it's not that surprising.

>>600954138No point going to drawthreads when they're mostly garbage.

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>>600943357>Artemis lasersI gave up.

>>600953395Burn Capcom, we could just be able to make them hire him back if we tried hard enough, problem is, some people will celebrate, and I'm not talking about retardera fags, Twitter fujos as well, some retard there said he should be replaced by Matt Mercer.

>its another choking on the BP floor with the 3 furies after a perfect run episode I am so fucking done you have no idea

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>>600954338Not a grill, faggot. Contrary to popular belief there are a lot of dudes with cuter artstyles, it's a matter of what you grew up drawing. I didn't pick up drawing people better until later years unfortunately.

>>600954931Any tips on learning to draw?

>>600954816Seriously, No Damage DMD autism is ruining my life

>>600935821>rape a guy>don't abort the baby>also get rid of the baby when he's bornwoman amirite

>>600936051I don't get it either. why is all this complex conspiracy fanfic more believable than "Vergil had sex with Neros mom". it all always sounds like little kid theories on how sex works, like Nero was brought by the stork and shit. this thread is proof.

>>600953164>i-frame "dodging" is an abnormality outside fighting games and very few games used it.But user, Elden Ring the game of all time uses i-frame dodging.

>>600955251No damaging DMD isn't that bad thanks to checkpoints, BP without super skins is damaging my brain to unhealthy degrees

>>600953508This makes me wonder if Vergil knows how to drive. Maybe it's one of those things they just naturally know like using swords.

>>600955379i literally don't even bother with bp since i can't consistently beat vergil just yet, once i get 3 vergil kills in a row in DMD i will go for it

>>600955529>DMC6 Vergil Mobile>>600955379only BP without Super V, Dante and Vergil are unironically resource management and Nero is easy.

>>600955207Don't take it too seriously, when you don't know what to draw scribble absolutely anything (have fun), don't be afraid to take inspiration from artists you look up to, try new things and new methods no matter the result. Things will look better the more you do it over time, and remember drawing is not your job so have fun with it because it's harder to stay MOTIVATED if you burn yourself out worrying about results.

>>600955251I am losing my grip on reality

>>600936051>>600949074>>600955293She fell for Vergil because he was reminiscent of Sparda, but after he told her that he and Sparda were actually demons and he left she hesitated for months before killing herself through self-immolation.youtube.com/watch?v=2ozuT93VnRc

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>>600956592It's hover

>>600943750Platinumed the series twice.

Does Royal Fork have the worst input ever? couldn't it be back forward?

>>600956629>they are still overthinking the Fortuna NPC that happened to be Nero's mom

>>600950514Shadow has one.

>>600957354The saw will remain spinning in the air and get killed like a retard>inb4 dodging out

>>600952619fuck off Pedro

>>600953395Reuben isn't a hateful guy, as much as ResetEra tries to spin that narrative. Dude is genuinely kind and promotes positivity, not to mention, professional.

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>>600957647kek, it's him

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>>600957141It's not that bad.


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>>600958396They will NOT get away with it

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>>600957798>teleport into getting attackedunnecesary punishment for just fucking up this bitch of an input

>he hasn't no damaged DMD Am I surrounded by casuals?

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>>600958690I've done a weaponless RG+SDT only BP clear. Only caveat is that I froze the timer with mods.

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>>600958690It's BULLSHIT, nothing but useless shit

>>600935821dude tried the pull-out gamehe lostit happens

>>600959064This post is chicanery

>>600958690>mission 18 existsi won't bother t.bh

>>600958690>>600959551It's easy with Vergil but still

>>600959407I AM NOT CUHRAYZEI am not Crazy! I know he switched his styles. I knew it was Royal Guard. One after Swordmaster. As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just - I just couldn't dodge it. He covered with I-frames, he got that whore with the bazooka to lie for him. You think this is something? You think this is Savage? This? This foolishness? He's done worse. HE SHOT THE POPE THROUGH A SUNROOF. And I saved him! And I shouldn't have. I let him stay in the human world! What was I thinking? He'll never be change. He'll never get motivated! Ever since he was 8, always the same! Couldn't keep his hands out of my book! But not our Dante! Couldn't be precious Dante! Stylin' them blind! And HE gets to be The Son of Sparda? RIDICULOUS! I should've stopped him when I had the chance! Y-you have to stop him...Nero...

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>>600959779competently executed

>>600935821A son of sparda cant get roofied idiot

>>600945797Sperm can live like 2 weeks inside a vag iirc

>>600960483So they can't get drunk?


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>>600960694Dante surely can, see the DMC1 novel, and the writtings on his desk in 5. Gilver just throws up.

>>600960694I very much doubt that shitty poison like alcohol would have any effect on them

>>600956629I find it funny not even the pachinko could escape the gyroblades and the boss rush.

>>600953742growing your own shrooms is easy. literally just a box in a closet.

>>600958104still shit and unresponsive.

>>600961862Lol, shut up.

>>600961862You can cancel anything Shadow does with the side dash.

>>600935821she got pregnant just being in the same room

>>600935821Redpill me on DMC. which games should I play and in what order? never played any DMC game, because it wasn't on PC until recently and, after NES and Gameboy Color, my first console was PS4 Pro and I didn't want to start a series from a later installment

>>600963134play1,3,4,5 in that order

>playing V lolCan someone please edit this?>>600963134>PS4 proI should kick your ass.Start with DMC1, emulate it on PS2 or get the DMC HD Collection, not sure how good it is on PS4 but it slapped on X360, it's how I started.Skip DMC2, play DMC3:SE, DMC4:SE (should be on PS4) then finally the grande DMC5.If you have the stomach you can try DmC before trying anything here

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>>6009631341, 3, 4, 5 in that order. 1 is old but good. 3 is an amazing game that builds on everything 1 did. 4 innovates more on what 3 did but is unfinished. 5 takes everything in the franchise and perfects it. 2 is not worth playing. There's also a reboot that's alright in isolation, but has a terrible story and sloppier gameplay.HD Collection is fine to play on any platform but the Switch version of 3SE has a couple extra features. Get 4SE, not the vanilla version. DmC has a Definitive Edition that improves the game substantially but is only available on PS4 and Xbone. 5 has Special Edition that adds a couple features on PS5 and XSX but it's fine without it anyway.

>>600963310questions about order are always relevant though. e.g. I'd definitely recommend Pathologic 2 before 1, Morrowind before Arena etc.

>>600935821>mother dies in a fire>dante starts living among mercenaries and gunsmiths, changes name, rejects demonic heritage>vergil drifts alone, eventually ends up in fortuna trying to learn about sparda, rejects humanity but persistent religious whore slowly gets to his core>each twin suspects the other is long dead>mundus makes gilver and tedan>gilver infiltrates mercenaries and ends up killing most of them, traumatized dante embraces his true name and returns to redgrave to open demon-hunting agency>tedan forces vergil to manifest devil trigger but still barely makes it, whore gets hurt, traumatized vergil almost loses someone for the 2nd time and obssession with power spirals out of control, returns to redgrave to awaken temenigru >DMC3 starts>"it's been a whole year since we last met" is because they fought clones of each other but they still don't know it/headcanon


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>>600953508Kyrie Dumpy

I love gay cowboys

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>>600963134You can do 3 first instead of 1 first, it's fine, but you still gotta play it afterwards.

>>600964996Once again, I fucking love you, you should post this somewhere else so they won't rob you.

>>600962182>>600962258I'm just coping I can't no dmg M14