Should I play xenoblade

Should I play xenoblade

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>>600934083Yeah, it's kino

>>600934083If you're asking stupid questions like this then no, don't play it

>>600934083What the fuck is that outfitIt makes my dick diamonds

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What happened to "OMG SHE'S SO ATTRACTIVE" poster? Haven't seen them in a while :(


>>600934083This is a girl who acts like a boy

Yeah they're pretty fun.

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>>600934083bumping this Morag thread!

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Is this the thread?

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If I buy a non USA physical copy, how will DLC work?

Yes, but not with the ironic dubs (XB1 is the only acceptable one).

>>600934083reminder that morag canonically adopts Nia and makes her a personal blade to serve the Adrestian throne.

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>>600934083There something endearing about military women doing this.>>600935871Is this the feeling?

>>600934083>>600936206>>600937719>>600937907She looks like she fucks her blood related younger male relatives

>>600934083Truly the bestest girl, she never left my party

>>600938518>Adrestian throneWrong game, user.

>>600939040Every game intersects in the Attractive Universe (tm)

>>600938518I want to be Nias royal dresser



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>>600935871>BoyMan*>>600938218You'll probably have to buy it from that region, no idea if it's compatible

What were these blades CREATED for? I mean BUILT? CONSTRUCTED?

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>is this game good ??>replies are "bro it's le kino!!" and coompostingIs there a bigger redflag?Anyway I played it and if you have any standards, you'll find it garbage.

>>600939040Adrestian! Ardanian! Same thing really, both have generals I want to marry.


>>600935871>sounds like a manFTFY.

>>600938826Morag is for Zeke

>>600945973Zeke is for Pandy dumb philistine

>>600945973Heresy! Zeke is for Pandoria.


>>600945973t. Cuckdoria

>>600945973stupid user

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the girls are cute the game itself is worse than shit



>>600945973Morag is for Brighid and no one else. Everyone in Xenoblade 2 pairs off with a blade. Or in Rex's case blades.

>>600934083Play Xenogears instead. It’s better in almost every way.

Morag is the cutest XC2 character

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>>600953213I want her to step on me!

>>600953213I love Special Inquisitor Morag!

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>>600937907I’m in love with Lady Moràg. Even her shoulder is so cute >\\\

>>600953068Its gameplay is one of the sloggiest and least fun things I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. But sure, good story, until disc 2 ruins its telling.

>>600953475We should kiss Mòrag’s shoulders together~

>>600934083how do you play something with no gameplay

>>600938826She looks like she lets her Blade fuck and get impregnated by her younger male relative to continue the bloodline because her carrying his children would be improper.

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Morag's so cute

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>>600956084That batter looks really tasty

>>600956084the cutest!

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>>600957265I wanna kiss her!

>>600954929I would laugh if Sena is related to Brighd in that way. I think it won't end up being that though.

Other thread is gone, so reposting it here. Current rumors circulating around. Trailer will be posted on the 3rd. Possible direct on the 8th.

>>600959378>source: my ass

>>600938518>Brighid sleeps on the floor

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>>600934083No cap why is the graphics in xbc2 so fucking shit even in docked mode

I want Morag to hold me

>>600960971>No capShut the fuck up

>>600960971monolith got used to the superior wii U hardware

>>600961041fr fr finna stfu no cap, king

Will not play Xenoblade. Also Morag a cute.

>pyra and mythra get fuck tons of art and porn>morag gets nothingworst timeline

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>>600934083I love this brother fucker so much.

>>600934083Sure, it's a fun series, all the games are really good.

>>600961940Things are rough for Morag

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>>600945973Based >>600946034>>600946186>>600948180Cringe>>600953016Giga cringe

>>600965036I really really like this image