Monster hunter

>Apex monsters won't get g rank>Rampage won't get g rank>Jungle map will be remade in subreak>Seltas and Seltas Queen are teased on the jap tvpeople who love monster hunter world and 4 while hating monster hunter franchise aren't welcome in this threads

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I don't want to wait another full generation of MH games for Stories 3....

Huntress tumby.

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>>600933979Disgusting fetish aside, Lagombi and Gammoth are the best female armors in the series. Real shame they're beginning to cuck out and make all the female sets basically the same as the male ones now. Haven't seen a single cute set in Sunbreak yet.

>>600933802>>600933979Looking good

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>>600933979Gammoth armorSoul>>600934165Do you prefer g rank or normal one, fellow gammoth armor enjoyer?

I beat the monster! Going to fight guys to make the insect glave and play the high rank shit I missed because I didn't know it existed.It's getting easier friends. I'm improving! It was almost like playing a real videogame instead of eating shit and mashing buttons like a retard.

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>>600934309Grog hit beast with boneGrog get bigger boneGrog hit bigger beast for biggerer boneApe strong together.

>reading list of new things>quests where NPC accompany youWhat's next? Dating sim elements?Not like i would mind.

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>>600934269Normal. G rank has more of a coolness to it, while normal is comfy kino.

So is the greedy hog and her sister going to do anything after their psychic horseshit?

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>>600934669Yes, exclusive solo quests with them

>>600934669At the very least there are quests you can take them on

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>>600934669They will have 4-6 new lines of dialogue whenever you speak to them in Kamura after starting Sunbreak. Also they will have a few more requests.

>decent thread>then shitfling threadIs this gonna be the pattern for Holla Forums MH threads?

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>>600934827>decent>with that OP imageIt was gonna be shit the moment OP started the thread


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>>600933802Jesus christ lay off the donuts will ya?

>>600935086The image is the least offensive part of the OP post.

>>600933802You forgot to mention Lagiacrus got deconfimed >Unfortunately Lagiacrus is just a very technological…difficult monster to implement. It's very snake-like, its parts are all kind of touching the ground at different moments,” Tsujimoto explained. “So it's very like a writhing sort of ground-based monster.Also jungle is just a part of the Citadel

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>Seltas + QueenHoly fuck I thought wanting them was purely wishful thinking. Them AND what seems to be a Rakna Variant? Bug bros we won!

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>>600933802use the stories artstyle in a mainline game

>>600935924Seltas Queen isn't in Sunbreak retard

>>600935986That would be so bad, the aesthetic is nice but it would hurt Stories and make it lose its identity as a result. Plus you can’t get as visceral with that art style

>>600935924don't forget stuff suggesting a third crab.

>>600936164The second crab isn't even confirmed yet let alone a third one


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>>600935924They aren't confirmed, just teasedJust two japanese guys doing ice wolf pose and them in tv short about sunbreak

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>>600936218You think they are going to the trouble of making the rigging to use once with no reskins?This is Capcom.

>>600936230It's a bait and switch joke where they look like they're gonna do wyvern riding but then imitate the Seltas pair insteadIt even says in the video "from Monster Hunter 4"Also Seltas Queen is one of the devs' most hated monsters in terms of the sheer difficulty to make it work and it's never coming back

>>600935848>Also jungle is just a part of the CitadelWrong. You will see.

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>>600936323Royal Ludroth shares only with UroktorsRakna is the only spiderTetranadon is the game's only Amphibianin short, yes

>>600935848>monster that was possible on the wii is too hard to implementMan they really have gotten lazy

>>600933802>He WANTS G-rank rampages

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>>600936605tri had flat arenasRise actually msotly too, so it's weird to use that excuse

>>600936739Not only that but we also have like 3 leviathans in the game too

>Ceantaur & Astalos back>Apexes not getting MR versionsGet ready for Rustrazor & Boltreaver

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>>600936739Yeah I could understand for World, but Rise is all flat.

>>600936714The twitter replies are the best."Bad move by Capcom, they could have expanded on it?"Gamers are extremely retarded.

>>600936739I think theyre just saving him for 6

>>600936785This leviathans have legs, while lagi moves like a snake so he's shit on any uneven surface, that's what jap guy said as excuse

>>600935848>Also jungle is just a part of the CitadelEven in the swamp biome, there's not a single tropical plant in sight

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>>600936923True, but I figured they could have him slide around like Mizu does here and there

I heard that LS got nerfed, does anyone have proof of what happened with it?

>>600936873*twitter is extremely retarded

Did you people start playing with Rise or something? Don't you remember the Generations fiasco? They brought Lagi back without underwater, and it was just a fucking blue Khezu. Let it go, underwater is not coming back, and neither is Lagi. We've got a lot more a lot better flagships since Tri.

>>600934827Pale imitator of adopted dwarven daughterfu from 4

>wyvern riding fix>no need to wirebug to wallclimb>VFX option>Rampages gone>every weapon has the same skill floor but a higher skill ceiling with new switch skills>deviants maybe(?) returning>citadel looks goodsunbreak might unironically be one of the best g rank games

>>600936805>Rustrazor being in basically confirms GlavGet ready for Hellblade

>>600936923Somnacanth? To me Somna almost moves like a Snake Wyvern like Naja, and he fits fine.

>>600937079They were the same people that bitched about the mode. They would''ve complained anyway if it came back

>>600937157I liked Ivory Lagi. Especially its weapons.

>>600937236Hey, don't ask me

>>600933802>>Rampage won't get g rankGOD, I wish.FUCK rampage.

>>600937212I would prefer Acidic.Acid Glav Deviant?

>>600937198I mean, what G-rank games AREN'T massive improvements over their base versions?

>>600937339Anon, that's not just wishful thinking. It really won'

>>600937339It's been confirmed. The removal of them is actually why we're getting follower quests in the first place. The devs mentioned they didn't want to lose the player-npc interactions we had in rampage mode.

>>600937394Venon Acid Glav might work

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>>6009374573U 4UGU

>>600937457I didnt feel like GU was THAT big of an improvement from genSame with 4 and 4U. I actually played 4 on jp release

>>600937614At least 4u added monsters, 4's roster was almost as bad as world's, and definitely less interesting

>>600937457GU unironically made the game way too bloated IMO.

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>>600937462>>600937497Thank you based Capcom

>>600937705>4's roster was almost as bad as world'swhat4's newcomers were significantly better than World's, and it had a better roster of returning monsters as well

>>600937157>We've got a lot more a lot better flagships since Tri.The only better flagship as good as Lagi was Narga. Any differing opinions are only held by fags with shit taste.

All I FUCKING ask for when it comes to G-Rank.

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>>600937751I always loved farming mid tier monsters, so I never minded

>>600935848I know next to nothing about game development, but couldn't you just sort of "segment" lagiacrus' body so it forms around ground it stands on?

>>600937780You're replying to an ichinosefag. He wouldn't recognize a good monster design even if it hit him.

>>600935848It’s not

>>600936349>in terms of the sheer difficulty to make it workThis is why i like todd.He will just put lagiacrus and hope it will work.

>>600937919For me, it's Kaiser X.

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>>600937919Very hard to make out but I’m pretty sure the top one is the one that’s wirebugging in this image

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>>600937919It's in.

>>600937892> discounting GoreI will fight you with the wrath of 7 suns.

>>600937919Boy are you late

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>>600937157>Did you people start playing with Rise or something?Do you?Tri lagi was shit on land and mostly just charged at you underwater, so the only place where he was a danger was fucking flooded forest with small ass corridors mmo style generations fight was massive improvement>>600937892Glavenus was top tier flagship, with great hitboxes and who was manually programmed to act differently depending on what player is doing, instead of just having few scripts like all monsters before. Shame it was all removed in iceborne

>>600937705you're tripping, 4's base roster was awesome>kecha-wacha>seltas queen>nerscylla>gore>tetsu>zamtrios>congalala>brachyit's filled with amazing monsters and i'd wager it actually has the 3rd best newcoming monsters behind rice and gen

>>6009375473U and GU are fair although I slightly prefer them over the base games, but having never played 4 I find that hard to believe. They basically are the same game and don't have massive changes like 3U and GU right?

>>600937157I will die on the hill that GU Lagi is a more interesting fight than the original. I'm replaying 3U and it does the same stuff on land as underwater. Also the fight in GU lands itself really well to the styles

>you can’t leave the harvest moon circle when it’s placed down Lmao I can’t wait to be trapped in this thing when a teammate uses it and we all cart instantly

>>600937705>>600937705Biggest problem with 4/4U are the maps, it doesn't matter how good the monsters are when you're permanently fighting them at a 60degree angle.

>>6009383044U didn't actually add that much of value or fix anything significant while monster design generally took a nosediveSalvaging CB is really all the good it did

>>600938340pretty sure it will only affect the LS playerif it affects everyone you know im fucking griefing some lobbies if people shit on my weapon my choice

>>600937198>>every weapon has the same skill floor

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Reminder that LS belongs in the cuck circle

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>>600938605i meant same skill floor as rice dumbo>>600938491volcanic hollow....

>>600938535>Once again you return to the golden age of "posted a room, LS users will be kicked".Nature is healing.

>>600938491>b-b-but the maps

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>>600933802That thing going to choke every single monster that going to swallow.

>>600938152Only memorable thing about gore's fight is him flying to the 7 to be a cancerous piece of shit

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>>600938629>Activate Harvest moon>monster changes areas immediately

>>600938771The most dishonest post in this thread.

>>600938523Yeah I can see that but I did really enjoy the elder hall, definitely my favorite g rank in the series. Monster design in what sense? I thought the subspecies were quite good and unique compared to typical reskin with 1 new move and if youre lucky a new element

>>600938771>trying to climb one of the cliffs to get to him>shoots me off the cliff with one of his frenzy ball blastsThat area is so infuriating, but god I love that map

>>600937705Are you smoking crack? 4 has the most varied and interesting base roster by far

>>600938662Nigga, the environment plays just as much of a role in how "fun" a monster is as the design itself. Any returning 4U monster is going to be so much better in Rise on the sheer virtue of being in a mostly flat map.


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Ichinosefags are a disease

>>600938523>Salvaging CBI think you mean DB, wasn't it pretty much useless because of its sharpness?

>>600939106no DB was still usable in 4, I played it all the way to endgameLS and CB were completely unusable. 4U salvaged CB, but left LS in the dirt

>>600939106So was cb>>600939013>ice monster with ice weapons in zone without iceNot a good sign

>>600933802now we know what the A in Capcom stands forpretty based

Is there a way to get a ton of pale extract in Rise quickly? Or am I only stuck to hunting khezu over and over?

>>600933802when do we get this pic but with that breeding sow

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>>600937705>and definitely less interestingBait harder shitposter.

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I don't care that every other weapon is way better, I will still use lance and there is nothing you can do about it.

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>>600939274Same way you could get shitton of it in previous games...

>>600933802>Apex monsters won't get g rankThey will be renamed into bloodsomething, I bet>Rampage won't get g rankActually surprising, but confirmed>Jungle map will be remade in subreakI'm still skeptic about it, to be fair>Seltas and Seltas Queen are teased on the jap tvSadly some anons pointed out it's just japs being japs

>>600939274Rhondine also sells it occasionally

>>600939182>>ice monster with ice weapons in zone without ice>Not a good signIcey mountains within the very same map, it'd be weirder if it just arbitrarily never left the ice zones

>>600939415Every time I see a picture of Taiga I remember those two doujins.

Holy shit Valstrax is filtering me, how do I beat this motherfucker?

>>600939502I mean giggi never left his caves, and monkeys in gen 2 and gu never left shitzones of arctic ridge>>600939580Just start having fun and enjoy music and his moves, worked for me.

>>600935281The funnier part about all this is that the clip was supposed to show some pretty crazy IG tech but no one is talking about it lol

>>600939580He just hits hard, gotta get used to his telegraphs

>>600939505>▶...which 2?

>>600939580>Grab the spiribirds if you haven’t already.> be mindful of his wings, he has two modes and can only do some moves depending on where his wings are placed (you’ll see him kinda flip his wings)>grab some of those beetles, he’s weak to all elements except dragon so he’ll get staggered if you hit him with one of those >be mindful of his range, he can hit you from pretty far away with projectiles and his wings, and of course by boosting into youI usually stay on his ass because I feel he doesn’t have too many moves where he can hit you up close, aside from his front flip move


Magalabros is it over for us...?

>>600939854Adding on to this, if you’re in an area with the water beetle grab that, it’ll make his wings softer to hit

>>600937016The whole map, while having different area, stay pretty consistent compared to something like guiding lands

>>600939915title update 1 TRUST THE PLAN

>>600937157They made so many monster better in Rise I believe they could save lagiacrus tooalso>just a blue khezuI agree, keep lagiacrus and remove khezu

>>600937212Like rajang confirm the thunder pony or like any small monster confirm the big one?I like how they are fucking hard with roasterfags

>>600939915No, he’s not gonna be in the initial roster for Sunbreak though I can guarantee you that. He could even be one of the last title updates or something (could give him the Alatreon/Fatalis treatment, where there’s a story line tied to the monster) so who knows how long the wait will be. Also bloodblight works very similarly to frenzy virus, where you have to fight it off to recover from it, so there’s that I guess

>>600939807I don't remember the names or the artist, but if you look it up, they should be some of the most recent translated ones.

>>600939580Valstrax has extremely telegraphed moves, so you just gotta learn and reactAs an example, when Valstrax is hovering in the air, he'll use one of two attacks; a rocket divebomb, and a burst of wing energy. You can dodge the divebomb by rolling to the side, but trying to do the same with the burst will get you hit. You need to dodge backwards to avoid that attack.How can you tell which one he's about to use? Before he uses the burst, there will be a "crackling" sound in the air.Learn the tells like that (and use endemic life liberally if needed) and you'll take him down.Oh, and don't forget to hit his chest when he's charging up; if you deal enough damage then, he'll take extra damage and be knocked down.

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>>600939915He's coming back in the next mainline game.

>>600940064>remove khezuThen who would filter world speedrunners?

>>600933802>we want the high test audience

>>600940305valstrax has to be one of the best designed monsters in the series, he's absolutely wonderful

>>600938814That fuck over a lot of weapons.The fun part about harvest moon is that it doesn't even need to leave the area, just the circle lol

>>600939580Val has pretty massive telegraphs, and most of them use his bigass wings to make it more obvious, but take note that he doubles up on many attacks when enragedAlso while he's not charged up with dragon energy, he basically can't hit you as long as you stay close to him. Just watch out for when he 'scrunches up' while you're behind him, cause that means he going to do a backflip slam.

>>600940384uhm, the newly added blue khezu?

>>600937212we got a new acidic for glavenus in its return to MH World, might as well get a new variant for Astalos in this return to MH Rise, screencap this

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>>600939854>>600940305>>600940627Alright I'll give it another go, thanks

>>600939415Based dung eater

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>>600939580It's one of the most punishing base monsters, probably the only one that actually 3 carted me.Just try more and more with the tips the anons are giving you.If you are using a big commitment weapon, consider switching to one with less

>>600939415based, now stay away from my lobbies

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>>600940740I mean, we didn't get a Mizu sub so...At best we are getting Astalos devian- ehm, ape- uhm, however they call em now

>>600940853>If you are using a big commitment weapon, consider switching to one with lessWell I'm using GS, he moves around so fast that it's really frustrating trying to get proper attacks in on him while trying not to get two shot

>>600937157i never played Tri, i want underwater fighting again though, Lagiacrus looks damn cool.

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>>600935848I feel like they want Lagiacrus’ return to feel just right and not just another Ivory reskin, so here’s hoping for revamped underwater combat in MH6

>>600941008GS is pretty challenging, might want to shift to an oldschool sheathe style and just slam his head after his longer attacks

>>600941809Two last main team games were massive disappointments, so I doubt they will be original enough to make underwater fights again.I actually expect more 4 and world style handholding and cinematic experiences telling you how amazed you should feelBut there will be 20th anniversary game more likely, I have hopes for that one

>>600940807>>600940948Kill yourselves. Lance is one of the OG weapons. I WILL be respected as such.

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>>600941809I don't get why people get so defensive on lagiacrus, getting it now doesn't mean they can't use it anymore or something lol

>>600937497Good, wouldn't make sense, we defeated the monsters creating the rampage anyway.

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>>600942034I can kind of play SnS so I might just try to beat him with that instead, I just wanna be done with base Rise before the SB demo comes out at this point

>>600942124We will fight g rank narwa and ibushi anyway

>>600942034>it's to hard for them to remake a single monster to work in your normal environment>surely they will bring back an envirnment that basically force you to double the weapon movesets and remake monster to work with a special environmentI just hope you guys won't get disapponted too much when world2 come out and it doesn't have underwater

>>600942124Rampages are, in the end, just monster moving in a specific chokepoint, it doesn't really require a super specific reason to happenBut ehi, if we don't get even worse cancer in their place, not going to be particularly sad we lost em

It would be weird if they didn't make more Apexes, or at least make something that's equal to what they are. Rampages I understand getting phased out though.

>>600942454I’m coping/hoping they just bring back deviants

So what is meant to be the gimmick to valstrax weapons?

>>600933802Cute fatty.

>>600942624second best sharpness, a lot of it

>>600942454we are probably getting bloodthing monsters istead, but will be exactly like apex>>600942558why would they, do you also think they are going to put wystones apexes back?

>>600942663Imagine her sitting on your lap and blushing as you fondle her belly after a large meal.

>>600942624Pure White and Red sharpness, basically if you don't feel like managing your sharpness that much you can just put on a Valstrax weapon

>>600933802>>Apex monsters won't get g rank>>Rampage won't get g rank>>Jungle map will be remade in subreak>>Seltas and Seltas Queen are teased on the jap tvfucking hell what? capcom actually doing reasonable shit and listening to their audience?

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>>600942624Being quite good in HR but not in GR because they are not allowed purpleAlso I think they got a special skill in Rise so that's a thing too now

>>600942624In Rise, they get an exclusive Ramp-up Skill called Valstrax Soul that boosts their Dragon element power when you're inflicted with Dragonblight (which Valstrax gear just so happens to do when you're at lower health)But even ignoring that, lots of white sharpness

>>600933802>>Apex monsters won't get g rankwhat?

>>600938653Just gonna make a room & kick all non-LS users

>>600943018Valstrax weps were good in g rank too, purple sharpness isn't as huge of a boost anymore and not needing any sharpness skills means you can just go hard on damage, they were pretty solid and comfortable options for many weps

I like subtle weapon gimmickDunno if that was for all weapons, but I remember Cera cymmetry (DIablos GS) being blue sharpness, but with Handicraft it would jump to white/purple, like a diamond in the rough that shine after getting polished

>>600943656Also dragon element being great against all dragons and intelligent monsters(except rajang, because he's more retarded than kelbi)

>>600942065Go back to your clunky robotic game grandpaYour weapon will be the next HH

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>>600943157MH soundtracks are so boring. Literally just some stupid orchestras trying to be grandiose but ending up sound like shit.

>>6009427704U apexes are centered around the frenzy virus and Gore who's likely not in the gameDeviants are just glorified variants, there's no reason for them to not appear again

I won't miss Rampages really, but no MR equivalent begs a few questions:>What will be used to upgrade Rampage weapons, if at all?>Will Ramp-Ups remain? Will MR upgrades have better ones?>Will MR versions of monsters with Apexes just get their Apex moves, or will Deviants return?>Will Ibushi get a normal Slay hunt?>will NPC partner hunts be cakewalks given how strong they were in Rampages?

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>>600944292Soulless fucks like you is why we cant have anything

>>600944534I assume there will be a new Follower ticket that replaces Defender tickets in the Rampage upgrade trees and Ramp Up requirements.

>>600944292>>600944541The main theme is absolute Elden Lord Ancient God-tier kino, second is most of the village themes for comfykino, the monster themes are lesser kino, but no game can hold a candle to those

>>600943015Not until I see gold and silver Rath gear they aren't

I have died to event allmother three times while she's had the blue near-death icon now and I am going to put my controller through the screen.

>>600942065>implying I don't also eat shitI know it's gonna be raw anus but I just can't let go

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>>600944957Try to wear narwa's armor, it helps a lot against her

>>600944292Proof of a Hero is literally the best main theme to any video game series ever, if you don't want to hunt a monster after hearing this you might not be

>>600944534Ibushi already has a Slay huntIt only stands to reason that it'll get a G-rank one too

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can you feel it?

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>>600945698why he sad

>>600944292Kill yourself

>>600937919That gunner ser rules

>>600938093What the fuck were they thinking with the Kaiser helmet in Rise

>>600945698>people wirefalling into puddles of black tar and instantly exploding to dearhIt would be beautiful

>>600945785Tummy ache

>>600945785MH entered a sharp decline after his game and never recovered.

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Just did the first rampage and yeah, it was pretty shitty. How many of them are gonna be mandatory? I'm guessing you have to do at least one more to fight marshmallow.

>>600946403IIRC two more, Apex Arzuros and Ibushi.

>>600946403There’s only 3 mandatory Rampages in Rise

>>600946403You probably don't even know how to do them at this point

>>600945210I still think it was used at it's best in gu for mantis fight.In ib it was used to show how awesome hunter is in his fight against fatalis, which doesn't just hit the same

>>600946403You unironically did the "worst" one.The one with apex arzuros and ibushi, while still not great at least have a feeling of urgency and done ONCE can be...fine

>>600946982This.The part were you destroy the mech, everything fall, Proof start and you see those red eyes is absolutely amazing

>>600946982>>600947246Proof of a Hero never plays in Ahtal-Ka fight


>>600947447Consider playing the actual game at some point

>>600947447Come on, how can you not remember

>>600947784Pre world fights...Hope that easy shit will never come back

>>600947767>>600947776>>600947784Either an obvious bait or he is going to say something like "too different from the original one, it doesn't count"But capcom itself call it Proof of an hero XXver. so it doesn't matter

>>600948046world that's har- sorry user, this is too much, I can't do it

>>600948165To be fair, getting hit by the final boss and it doing less than a tenth of your hp is really low and silly

>>600948057Yeah my b, I just mostly remember that track for being the title themeStill kicks ass though

>>600948384With maxed gears that can happen sadly.

Bring back hypers

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>>600948524Fuck no

>>600948524>that disgustingly inflated hp poolI tried to solo hyper jho once and literally timed out

>>600937457Tempted to say Iceborne but base World was just so shit I cant even

>>600947784I miss my first fight against ahtal-kaI doubt they'll ever bring 'em back, and I kind of don't want them to

>>600948605>>600948753We would be able to melt them with the movesets we have now. I think this is THE time to inflate health pools.

post them hunters / huntresses

Attached: USJ set.png (662x657, 1.02M)

>>600944534It looks like master rank weapons have some sort of secondary deco slot that might be the replacement for ramp up skills

Attached: A90BF4C3-0EC4-430C-B157-557963FB8334.jpg (1800x1012, 416.6K)

>>600948524This. I want to see shitters in full meta sets get mogged by Izuchi because the hyper spot just happened to be on the tail at the wrong time.

>>600949260>ramp-up decosthis seems a bit strange,unless they plan on introducing another RNG element outside of charmsOH GOD NONONONO

>>600949123Rise monsters have both higher ho pool compared to previous game, and way higher damage output

>>600949260>>600949513There is always the chance (I guess) of a ramp up skill that say (add a level2 slot)Would love those on rampage weapons

>>600949197Someone posted a Piccolo layered armor some time ago.I need it, I wanna replicate it.

>malzenos themeholy fucking kino

>>600949836Or they could be making Ramp-up skills into decorations instead, making it more freeform across the board

>>600949260I wonder if there is any hidden info to get from the tree shown, like some branch we didn't have in the base game and such

>>600949983Oh, I get it now.I dunno, some skills are so bad but balance out a bit good weapon while some skills are so good that they would see play on EVERY weaponAgain, there is a slot level so maybe it's not a bad idea

>>600934827Can someone confirm she is Lil miss forge from MH4U?

Attached: 3691.gif (361x365, 53.68K)

>>600949836That seems more likely to me honestly, but we'll have to wait and see

>>600949983>Silkbind Boost on any weaponSnSbros we won

Attached: 1651078075352.gif (500x375, 990.65K)


Attached: CD925BA5-AD6B-4311-B627-39EF5FD64F24.jpg (550x596, 54.91K)

>>600949260Google translate it as something like "hudred ragon ornament", dunno how wrong it is, any moonrunes reader here?

>>600950567>Rakna's probably just going to get a stronger variant instead of a cool subspeciesgay

>>600950083The only branch in that image that isn't in the base game is Blood Orange Bishaten's

>>600950083Scary, considering the wolf seem to be fought after the golem monkey

>>600950660Rakna is already cool, she just needs a variant with more moves/difficulty. It would be nice if she got Blast on the Variant gear, though.

>shield tackle allows you to 180 degree turn towards the monsterwhat the fuck

>>600950457>maybe SB won't be Metsu spa-

>>600950824What weapon?


>>600950817Bishanten should be blast so it's probably not going to be Rakna

>>600950660I figured since it’s not a rachnoid that there’ll be another spider that’s not Rakna

>>600950989Dragon Element Rakna Kadaki :)

>>600933802I want to inseminate every single egg in her body!

Rise crack when?

Why do people say not to waste time with elemental HH again?

>>600951140I was hoping for Thunder Rakna that uses its silk to make circuits


>>600949859Is it finally out to listen to in full? really love what I've heard so far.

>>600951138The rise lore book says that male Rakna-kadaki are almost identical to Rachnoids so maybe that's what a Pyrantula is and the potential Rakna variant will fight with her mates instead of her babies.

>>600951372>Why do people say not to waste time with elemental [X] again?Because raw crit is just better, sadly.Unless you want to go turbo autistic min maxing

>>600950442Lil Miss forge was blonde

>>600942065Lance has fallen hard from grace. I'm speaking as a former Lance main that has long since given up on that weapon because of how hard they nerfed that weapon in MH4U. I will respect you only out of the virtue of you sticking to your favorite weapon and nothing more.

>>600950864You already wouldn't be spamming it due to the long cooldown and it being a counter.

>>600950442>>600951658It could be her motherI swear I always tought she just had some ludroth cap on her head

>>600951372iirc sonic damage does no elemental damage, and current HH is all about big hits with earthshakeralso elemental damage in rise is so garbage even bow, with its bugged elemental damage, prefers to use raw spread for solo play for a majority of monsters.

>>600951615>>600951797What about in GU?

>>600951691>You already wouldn't be spamming it due to the long cooldown and it being a counterThe CD at 3 bugs + bug whisperer is short enough you could say it's spammingAlso with G rank monster being more aggressive and bombing youself being a thing, it's not going to be a problem

>>600951405You could save that for a separate species entirely. >>600951372Because Elemental sucks for almost every weapon. Status Horn is good though, since it can get a lot of hits in while putting out Exhaust and KO.

>>600951867It's decent, it hits quite fast when reciting in Brave mode. The notes are the important part however, what, are you using the astalos horn or something?

>>600951867Crit boost and nu-WEX were a thing there too so I doubt it was that great on HH (even worse considering it was OLD HH)

>>600951871Not every attack is something you should SB for reasonable damage, and you're not going to be constantly refreshing your third bug

>>600939415No one cares about lance

>>600951871>Switch Skill loadouts exist now>Use Drill Slash to set up Sleep>Get Sleep, sharpen and set up Bomb Shoryu>switch to Shield Bash for a bunch of damage and even a KO after, perhaps Bomb Shoryu during the KOWe just need a better Sleep SnS. Baggi's sucks and the Dreamshell one puts out less Sleep.

Attached: 1637501639937.png (400x400, 314.3K)

>>600950442Of course not, are you blind? She is just another human taking over dwarven stuff for whatever reason.

Attached: 1414256952347.gif (500x302, 939.03K)


>>600952257Honestly, SnS is one of the worse weapon to use switch loadout on.the best thing you could probably do is some meme thing like you said and it's not even that good.Considering the last unshown skill is apparently some sort of shield dash and it goes into falling shadow, you may as well have 2 identic loadout and just switch for the evade

>>600952597I hate that youtube so much is unreal

>>600950629The Japanese name for the rampage translated to something like Night Parade of 100 dragons(wyverns) in reference to the Hyakki Yakō so they probably are going to be called rampage jewels or something like that


Attached: 93309449_p0.jpg (900x1259, 1.05M)

>>600950629In english they're rampage slotsThat's all we know

>>600952654The fuck you on about? The SnS is the only weapon where I constantly want to switch skills mid-battle.Also I went back to World and the lack of a basic combo for the SnS a la triple bash/drill slash makes the weapon almost unuseable for me.

>>600937919all i fucking ask for g-rank is to be able to color the blue things in tetranadon armor

>>600952597Why are youtubers like this

I want ZAMtrios


Attached: 1249911167675.jpg (515x728, 160.17K)

>>600952597>RageI'll just take your word on it

Attached: 1654037281304.jpg (480x360, 37.43K)

90% of the rampage skills are fucking ass


Attached: 1404620339563.gif (264x240, 2.64M)

>Lunagaron Hunting Horn has sharpness regen songFRIENDSHIP WITH WILD GRUNT OVER.

>>600953024Switch what exactly?If you have Metsu you won't care about windmill eating bug CDIf you have shield bash you want a raw weapon, so you won't care about drill slash (and the opposite too)the jumping slash may stay always on as wellBreaking oil doesn't look that goodThe new slash combo will stay on 99% of the timeSame for the wireart going on the falling shadow slotI think weapons with good switch potential will be things like CB that will get to use the full hit and both counter/hopping axe in the same hunt

>>600953215I wouldn't say 90%For example the anti-x are fine but so situational you may want to get something more generic

>>600953503Status application have diminishing returns so I want to apply poison/para once or twice before switching to blunt damage. Gives me a chance to cut the tail too.>Breaking oil doesn't look that goodLearn2predict staggers. Also windmill is great for clearing mobs or evade lingering hitboxes.

>>600933802phatI want to bite her belly

>>600953769>Learn2predict staggersThe problem is you may as well stop using Metsu Shoriu because you KNOW it will flinch with the first partI still think that each "side" of SnS just work too much for a specific playstyle and they will mix max badly.> Also windmill is great for clearing mobs That's...quite the way to put it...

uuooh Royal Loli Cunny ToT

I fucking hate nu-MH so much

>>600952597Eceleb nigger shut up

>>600952009No. I just like gimmicks and elemental stuff in vidya.>>600952017Oh well. Guess I'll just do the meta then.

I fucking love nu-MH so much

>>600952017>even worse considering it was OLD HHIn 4U at least for the weaker weapons, if there was a decent one that happened to have a monster's weakness it could be worth bringing over the general best pick.

>>600954503based, I hope the series continues to experiment and evolve so every entry is worth playing

Attached: E3MntgEVUAYpF1z.jpg (950x1000, 175.25K)

>>600953995WHERE'S THE PORN

>>6009546514U was more sharpness based and not crit based so it make sense (pretty sure crit boost wasn't even a thing)

>>600954654I just wish they hads scrubbed verticality, slopes and ledges much sooner. Going back to World is jarring to say the least, like two thirds of my moveset disappears in certain areas because I don't want to spam cheap aerial moves.

>>600954784Weakness Exploit was also just a 5% damage increase and not 50% critStill good but not better than bumping up a sharpness tier or getting skills that make your weapon function smoothly

>>600954939cringola. how about they make monsters able to climb?

I'm tired of waiting just give it to me already

Attached: nedroidcandy.png (800x1033, 54.53K)

>>600954945New WEX is only that better because of crit boostwithout it they are mostly the same

>>600955120Yeah I'm ready for the next phase of my MH journey. I can't enjoy low rank or high rank unless I know there's a G-rank by the end of it.

>>600937198>>wyvern riding fix>>no need to wirebug to wallclimb>>VFX optionWhere can I see more about these? I haven't been following Sunbreak a ton

>>600937457You ever heard of iceborne?

>>600955185Naw the crit increase averages out to be betterCrits do 1.25x damage without crit boost, critting 50% more often means you're averaging 1.125x more damage on weakpoints instead of 1.05x with 4U's WEX, the crit version is straight better.Even with Iceborne's non-tenderized numbers its still better.

Pretty sure I've just got worse at the game but these fuckers spent forever on the ceiling doing nothing. Favorite weapon and style to play with in generations?

Attached: capture.png (1920x1080, 2.28M)

>>600955367You can set it so you have to sheathe and then press a button to mount a monster instead of it being forced on the next hitMonsters appear to become active again pretty quickly if you don't so its basically a special stagger

>>600955624anon your rocket bombs?

>>600955624Guild all the way, and no fucking evasion arts.

>>600938629Tell me they at least tried to wirebug out of it

>>600955556Old weakness exploit raises the hitzones by +5, so at max effectiveness it's a 11.11% increase when it's 45 -> 50 with diminishing returns as the spot gets more softThe crit version is better but the other user is right that it's kind of closeish

>>600955624Aerial SwAxe & Valor HH

Attached: b9ef5d6da53a13462c221801b9c1201f.png (1280x853, 392.04K)

>>600955673Awesome, the only issue is that I still think it won't do as much damage so I think that you're kinda encouraged to do it either way and run them into walls

Rampages are fun in multiplayer.Absolutely sucks solo though.

>>600955624Striker SA for UNLIMITED POWER

>>600955675New character and it was the double ketzu quest and I ran out of them

>>600955764>Old weakness exploit raises the hitzones by +5If that's true I misunderstood it this whole time

Attached: 1624663781312.jpg (911x1024, 79.81K)

>>600955624Valor GS, aka the most fun GS in the series


>> You can see hunters start wall running without wire dashing first in Garangolm's trailer

>>600938771> Fighting at the top of the mountain in Area 5> He becomes enraged> Grey Filter takes the screenKINO

Attached: OoooThat'sGood.jpg (500x500, 74.06K)

>>600956278Popu Niku Sisters

Attached: 00000024.jpg (1280x1791, 546.34K)

>>600956319>Reduce player hit effects>Reduce OTHER PLAYER hit effectsThank fuck

>>600956107Its a very strange mechanic because it means the weaker a hitzone is, the less the skill actually does to buff your damage against itWhen the hitzone is 45, it's essentially a 10% damage buff which under ideal circumstance is still worse than nu-wex

for me it is Frontier.

>>600933802>>Apex monsters won't get g rankWhat the fuck? Why?

>>600957062They will be renamed

>>600957062The next line says they're doing something else instead

>>600947767>>600945210Man, I like Rise's Proof of a Hero, but jesus, it doesn't compare.That being said, I don't care that much about Proof of a Hero altogether.

>>600957062Deviants 2.0 maybe since they said they were doing something else.'mere user, sit down and tell us about that last hunt.

>>600957062>The virgin ApexVS>The chad Deviant 2.0Basically what it sounds like is happening

>>600957334Wouldn't it be 3.0?

>>600956521awesome, thanks user

Attached: architecter.png (1000x1132, 1.86M)

Lunagaron seems NASTY

Attached: 87.webm (640x360, 2.9M)

>>600957480Depends how you consider 4U Apex and Arch-Tempered 4U Apex -> Deviant -> AT -> Rise Apex (Deviants again but without unique designs) -> Whatever Sunbreak is doing

>>600957997luna has quick animations which give the illusion of it being fast, but the gaps between them are pretty sizeable which means that it'll probably be manageable in a regular hunt. I love it so much anyway

>>600949260>deviants are back>now you don't have ramp-up skills, at the end of each deviant hunt, if you win, you will gain a random rampage decorationi guess that could be nice

>>600958081>4U Apex and Arch-TemperedNot her, but I put them in same category as real mh games event monstersWhile deviants and rise apexes were clear variants

>>600958190Sure but that's near guaranteed 100 - 0 if you get hit unless you outgear him or slot in stun resist

Attached: 54.webm (640x360, 2.27M)

>>600958081The only things those share in common is being a super mode. There's no way in hell anyone whose fought both seriously believes 4U Apex Diablos and Bloodbath are similar fights>>600958289I still can't tell what the difference between a variant and a deviant is besides the latter requiring tickets to hunt

>>600958289Some Apexes in 4U and all AT monsters got new moves/patterns tooFalls into the same category of endgame powered up horseshit to me

>>600957997>0:05haha yeah NASTY indeed!

Attached: 1630083514536.png (404x597, 489.49K)

>>600958318Getting stunned in Rise is pretty hard so you'd have to fuck up multiple times before that hit. I'm not especially worried, but who knows luna could be tough anyway

>>600958680The attack is clearly a guaranteed stun, like Goss Harags slap.

>>600958680I get stunned and 2shotted a lot. Then again I rarely upgrade my armor and rely too hard on i-framing attacks.

>>600958475God I wish that were me

>>600958680There are some moves that are still a near guaranteed stun even if you haven't gotten hit in a whileGoss and the Tetranadon at least both had one

>>600958730goss has a guaranteed stun? I didn't know moves like that existed out of like, green nargacuga or something>>600958854case in point I had no idea tetra had one either


Attached: 1654068660572.jpg (1536x2048, 463.64K)

>>600957997Did they slow down that sword attack? It used to be pretty fast

>>600958908He does, he follows it up with this chad ass slow walk but the follow up attack is easy to avoid because of it. Someone probably has a webm.

>>600958908Tetranadon's sumo clap has a 100% stun shockwave around it. I didn't even know that until I grabbed some shit weapon to helping a friend who just picked the game up and was barely paying attention to what the monsters were doing.

>>600933802>enjoy slightly chubby 2d like OP's pic>can't have a single thread about them without people immediately posting obesity, weight gain, inflation, etchow do i cope?

Attached: ElWaVneWMAIpRqY.jpg (160x106, 3.27K)

>>600959028Feels like you could exchange the descriptions for variants and deviants and there would be 0 issue outside of the special permit part

>>600957443I wish I had gotten into MH sooner.I was too retarded to play solo and too shy to play with others on 3U. I love nu-mh as well but the older games seem to have such a comfy and soulful atmosphere overall, and I feel terrible for missing it.

>>600959303There's nothing stopping you from playing them right now

>>600959303You should. For me it was a life-defining experience, and I was already 19 when I started. The subdued and repelling nature of the old MH games hiding within it the finest fucking gameplay I had ever experienced still shapes my outlook on life.

>>600959181cope with a rope

>>600959369>>600959537I don't wanna play alone tho...I want to hunt monster monster with hunter bros and come back to comfy guild halls with their comfy music.

Attached: 1643777515133.jpg (641x527, 40.04K)

>>600960158>Doing goofy poses by the staircase>Two dudes armwrestling>One guy running back and forth between the quest board and forgeLoc Lac...

>>600960393I hope if they do bigger hubs again you can finally see people in town like in RiseAstera sucked but the early interviews made it sound like you'd see everyone running around it not just NPCs and no one used the actual gathering hub until Iceborne added a much better one

>>600961058I doubt the current playerbase would appreciate downtime and chillind out between hunts. Technically there's nothing stopping people from just going to a map and hanging around, collecting small animals and shit, but the metafaggotry is too strong.

How likely is a demo drop after summer games showcase. I'm itching

>>600951592You’ve piqued my interest

>>600961305They announced they’re doing an official showcase of gameplay next week, so whenever that is exactly, either the day of a after

>>600950989Blood Orange is fire as fuck

Thanks to that user yesterday who recommended the insect glaive. It's really easy and looks like I know what I'm doing when spamming the tornado attack. I don't understand what the bug does with the powder or how to do much else with it but I'm making progress and don't feel as retarded anymore with it. But I want to get better with it before trying shrieking legian again

Attached: glave.png (1024x1024, 1.87M)

>>600961451>powderIf you or another player hits the power clouds they explodeDifferent bugs do either different status effects or healing clouds that are about as strong as a mega potion.

>>600955624Garuga GS for 100% affinity at all times on weakpoints. Valor, Adept, or Guild it's all good.

Attached: 2019-07-16.webm (900x580, 2.86M)

>>60095799799% chance this is 2 hits so I can't insta-block it

>>600957997>hunter 2

Attached: 1647994871487.gif (430x458, 880.46K)

>>600961451Glad to hear it user. Hope the rest of Iceborne goes smoothly for you

>>600957997And this is why you use Ready Stance

>>600961305It'll be after Nintendo Direct, probably a week or two before the release

>>600961823You can insta-block multihits

>>600955624Hammer guild.

Of all the Worldmons to get into Rise I still can’t believe Odogaron didn’t make the cut

>>600962718Choices for returning monsters have always been all over the placeThe only thing guaranteed is the Raths

>>600962718Seems an obvious choice for me. They wanted to save the Bleed status for Seregios and Shogun Ceantaur.

>>600962802Raths honestly could take a break

Anyone up for some rise turns on the switch?

>>600961058When I heard World was always online I thought it'd be like that but when I finally played the game and discovered you could only see other players in the Hub (which is fucking useless) I was really disappointed. And in Iceborne all they did was make the Hub how it was in previous games but you still couldn't see other people in SelianaI will say the Join Request system is really cool though and perfect for MH

>>600936267>>600936230Seems like I'm going back to hammer.

>>600963059Rathalos can fuck off but I always like fighting Rathian

>>600963068send ID

>>600936518Almudron is a leviathan too, even if he's rarely in the default pose

>>600963059Los is the mascot unfortunately and Ian is his bitch.I'd be like having a mainline pokemon game without pikachu.

Attached: C-CQbyoU0AAhGSe.jpg (300x642, 36.44K)

>>600963480Pikachu is barely the mascot of Pokemon at this point

>>600963564Cat user have you got the picture of the meowstress with the weapon?

>>600963480>I'd be like having a mainline pokemon game without pikachu.They did do that one time though, Black & White. If B&W was all new mons but then also Pikachu & Raichu, that's the equivalent of Tri where the Raths were the only veteran monsters.

>>600963480>I'd be like having a mainline pokemon game without pikachu.They did do that though>>600963834There are multiple pictures like that. You're gonna have to be more specific.

Attached: 53970484_p0.jpg (942x1174, 1.14M)


>>600963564damn brat

>>600963885They got a huge makeover in Tri at least. In World and Rise, at least Rathian is practically identical to her fight in 3U. Rathalos does change a lot between games so his return is always warranted.

>>600963885>They did do that one time though, Black & WhitePikachu was still available in game, we're talking about them not making an appearance at all.

>>600963978You got the right one, thanks. glad to still see you around

>>600964045You could get them from the dreamworld as well.

>>600964005Milsy is a bit of a cheeky brat in game isn't she

Attached: DOU4iZ6VQAEyWbz.jpg (1024x576, 58.49K)

>>600956107If it help, I was confused myself about the actual utility of that skill and at some point I was (for some reason) believing that it would give hitzone

>>600961451jum poar the tea

>>600958237ew no, don't ruin this game too with garbage deco farming

>>600964941Deco farming is fine and a step up from 4U and GU's charm farming

>>600959028>infographic that try to be believable>second line is "Devinats"

>>600964941If the pool is just the existing Ramp-ups but better, there isn't as huge an amount as World deco gaming.


>>600953503i think its to push more elemental SnS builds because then you can utilize both shield bash for KOs and drill slash for pure damage. Heres to hoping they buff windmill or add an elemental multiplier on it so its actually useful. elemental is still going to be shit though and it makes me sad.

>>600963980Join up, 2 slots open

>>600959279Variant used to be mostly shit like>you see that angry monster? now he is permanently angry but can gen even more angry>oh, also an bird with a broken ear,just to varyand to be fair, the description for rare/sub spaces is meh too, the truth is that monster first get a sub and THEN get a rare, meaning those are basically the same

>>600935848I don't see how this argument holds any value when Almufuckinghugedron exists

>>600962802...and khezu, for some fucking reason

>>600963775They only added eevee, but it's still the official mascot and I dunno why you would say otherwise

>>600937157I agree. Lagi was never about AOEs, he was all about using his electric charge to empower his moves and to get faster

>>600965054Deco are basically part of every piece of your armor, while charm are just an extra piece of armor.I prefer the classic system more because I have many good sets that basically only use common charms and I just know that "oh, if I'll get a god one I guess I'll...just make a slightly better set!">>600965147Yeah but that would just add grind for something that wasn't grind before (and in this case, in the same fucking game)

Got to IB credits. Should I finish up post-game or go to rise?

>>600965621he had huge Aoe underwater too, and the going fast wasn't anything special to himIf anything yes, his gimmick was the Aoe underwater

>>600965730Meanwhile I can't make jack shit in GU because all my charms are ass and have to spend hours smacking the Brachy pinata because every other method of getting charms is laughably inefficient in comparison

>>600965873The title update monsters are where Iceborne shines

>>600939106DB in 4 was it's best. 4 still had that of the first hit of an attack crit, the rest did. So you could make some sick crit element and crit draw, then just do the spinning unsheathe. You became a blender, and monsters were your ingredients

>>600966075Allright. How much dick does guiding lands suck? Just unlocked it.


>>600966075I wish, Ala, Rajang and Fatty were the only worthwhile ones.

>>600965558I'm talking about Greninja and Lucario, Pokemon's actual mascots now

>>600965873IB's best hunts are the Special Investigations, go through those.Rise is fun too, if you wanna get to credits to play SB on time go ahead>>600965984I can make loads because there's a shitload of really strong sets (Silverwind, Dreadking, JhoCeana, Ahtal, Toka) that don't need a particularly strong charm to work>>600966203It fucking sucks and locks fighting monsters at your level behind killing/trapping Radobaan 1000 timesDon't bother, just max that shit out with haxx

Attached: __minayle_monster_hunter_and_1_more_drawn_by_bow_bhp__0d2621f7d3d053821e261f27b87460c3.png (767x1064, 933.96K)

>>600965730The only charm I had for like 300 hours of 4U that was widely usable on most of my sets was an Evasion +6 OOO charm I got in the middle of high rankI didn't get even a passable charm with handicraft or whatever on it until I had done nearly everything else in the gameMy luck hasn't been that bad in other MHs but I wish it was all just craftable even if it took tons of materials

We may have lost Rampage Quests, but did we at least gain Gogmazios and Ahtal-Ka!?Some of the Rampage Defenses were fun, we might as well use them for something.

Attached: MH4U-Gogmazios_Render_001.png (1176x776, 1.42M)

>>600966203Depends on your perspective. I personally found it pretty comfy just hunting stuff there endlessly but not being able to level up all the zones to max without mods is definitely a minus.

>>600966384I hope we have Gog but as a good hunt.

>>600966203>How much dick does guiding lands suck?99% of weapons only need Coral Highlands for health regen augments so if you don't have friends to level different areas with just stick with that one.

Why are boomer hunters not saying about how easy rise is?

>>600966542Why would we, we like Rise?

>>600966542The only hard MH is the first one you playedAnd we already went through the same shit with Gen

>>600965984>I can't make jack shit in GUIf your set require such a good charm....your standard are too high, just do a normal set isteadMeanwhile if I want to gem in a certain skill in world I need to hope I dropped it from a fucking monsterI loved 4U rathalos back-breaking strat, super comfy perfect for when I wasn't in the mood to hunt anything serious

>>600966384>add wirebugs and tons of mobility to hunters and the environment>"Hey siege quests might be more fun now that you don't have to stab their ankles the whole time">add literally no siege fightsThey're not my favorite thing but having none kinda sucks

>>600966478Volcano and Tundra are good too, but yeah, Coral is the biggest priorityDesert is only if you need elemental augmentsForest is for nothing

>>600966349>Don't bother, just max that shit out with haxxDon't really want to mod if I don't have to.>>600966478Allright, gonna focus on coral then.

>>600966301>Pokemon's actual mascots nowfactually wrong

>>600966203It sucks lots of cock because you're basically forced into multiplayer since raising the levels of the areas takes lots of hunting, monsters are locked behind area levels, and it's impossible to raise the levels of all the areas to max due to a hard cap.So your options are to level the areas that are beneficial to you and then use multiplayer for the rest. Or level the least popular areas and then use multiplayer for the popular stuff.

>>600966301>Greninja and Lucario, Pokemon's actual mascots nowUh, no.Hell Greninja rarely appears nowadays.

>>600966367Kinda unlucky, but I remember I had sets with decent skill + handicraft without a big handicraft charmThe trick is to improvise with what you have, and tools like Athena Ass helped a lot and yeah, I agree using tools isn't the funniest thing, reason why I like the new simplified system

>>600966542flawed logic. I played Rise as my first and struggled but once the mechanics clicked, I got used to it and later found FU, 4U and World easier for me

>>600966542Look, Rise is fun. Is it the best? No.But there is no BEST Monster Hunter. Every Monster Hunter has Good designs, Bad Designs, and Weird Designs.And just because Sunbreak brought back Dango and I fucking hate that, doesn't mean I'm already throwing this game in the trash.Unless Sunbreak does Gunlance dirty, then I'll absolutely hate it.

>>600966672Is a Focus +6 3 slot really asking that much?If I want a consistent crit rate I do actually need a god charm with both skills being good, but a decent focus charm is the minimum to make non-crit draw GS semi-worthwhile

>>600966542My guess is they actually unlocked the hard questsBased boomers

>>600966834How alive is mp for that on steam? I think world is still played fairly often, even more so than base game rise right now.

>>600967193Because of their weird region locking its pretty dead, same as World.

>>600967031>is a [specific skill]+6 3 slot asking that mucheh, yes. your best bet is to get a charm with some other skills you also need and switch around the armor pieces.Old system was kinda hellish for that, I admit

>>600967008>But there is no BEST Monster Hunter. Every Monster Hunter has Good designs, Bad Designs, and Weird Designs.Factually true and based statement.Just embrace the yank and become a true hunter.

>>600966384>Some of the Rampage Defenses were fun, we might as well use them for something.Finally, I was hoping someone might mention this. Rampages finally made the siege weapons fun. But, instead give us one monster in an arena instead of mowing down hundreds of monsters with dumb little requirements.

>>600966976Even if I fiddled with things nothing would've made much of an improvement, basically just moving skills around instead of actually gaining anything besides a couple niche elemental sets I did get lucky on sooner. Like a water CB set I used when I didn't want to deal with Gravios' horseshit.