>no, you see, it's okay because she was "purified by a goddess"Oh...

>no, you see, it's okay because she was "purified by a goddess"Oh, did the goddess go back in time and prevent her from riding literal miles of penis?Didn't think so.

Attached: bcf6xw2grtn51.jpg (700x1036, 112.1K)

>>600931851>no, you see, it's okay because she was "purified by a goddess"Wait. Who said that? Her main selling point is that she IS A WHORE. Hell over half her dialogues are either her meeting men she fucked or telling you all about her dyke adventures. Not a single romance in that game is good. At least Sosiel is cute but the predatory behavior over his virginity and him being black ruins him for me.

Attached: Sips Lann's Cum.png (259x262, 135.75K)

>Literal Reddit filename OP>Obvious bait>First post is the gay UruguayanOff to a good start

>>600932068Pathfinder threads always seem to be really shitty, sadly.

>>600931979I could've gone my whole life without remembering farquaadanon

Purification through love and dick.Very based fetish.

Attached: 1447541468503.jpg (2336x1727, 2.29M)

>I FUCKING LOVE USED GOODSWhy are Owlcucks like this?

>>600932472its all theyve had. Imagine never getting pure pussy. You either loathe your life, or trick yourself into thinking youre actually happy getting chads sloppy seconds


>>600932437>even after been purified she kept the womb tattoKINO

Attached: 1.jpg (480x480, 24.08K)



>>600931979Play the game first. Don't ask questions about lore and be shocked by the answers.

>>600931851Actually yeahDesna regenerated her hymen

>>600939641The bad thing about Farquaad getting rangebanned is that we get people like you that don't know who he is

>>600939667But didn't stop her from taking all that dick

>>600939773Yuletard got rangebanned?

>>600939869Constantly, but he always comes back to shitpost some more

I'm pretty sure WRPGs are just leftist sexual pathologies in a fantasy setting

>>600931851Your problem is that you can't understand that game was made for people who enjoyed oldscool games like arcanum and baldurs game, you know the time when love interest could be a whore and incels wouldn't mind

>>600939773Well, maybe I'm better off.

>>600940089>time when love interest could be a whore and incels wouldn't mindlol

>>600931979>NOOOO THE SUCCUBUS IS A SUCCUBUSWho actually gives a shit if a succubus has sex retard, she can literally morph her pussy to your dick for max pleasure. additionally, she's sweet>not a single romance in that game is goodCamellia is easily one of the best romances in all video games. Plus Nocticula was awesome in its own way. If you're gay Daeran is really cool too

>>600931851I can save her I can fix the demon

>>600939795It did, though. Desna said so.

So are pathfinder games good? I just beat pillars 1, about to beat pillars 2. Tempted to get into them.Also is Tyranny worth it?Thanks homos.

>>600931851> one of her quests is you two literally meeting one of her exes that she keeps having "dreams" about so she can finally get over him or somethingActual cuckold romance option.

>>600940780>are pathfinder games good?Kingmaker is ok>is Tyranny worth it?No

>>600931851It's a fantasy game I'd believe there's a re-virginifier

>>600940780yes to all. just know that pathfinder games come with a RTS minigame that will take 20hrs of your run

>>600940715Play the game first. 15000 shouldn't even be enough for the first area.

>>600940780Kingmaker and Wrath have mediocre story, mediocre characters and mediocre campaigns, but are an absolute treat for people who liek building D&D3.5 characters.Tyranny is very cool and promising... and then it just ends right when things get interesting.

Attached: fall_from_grace.jpg (3439x5000, 2.85M)

>>600940906Only cucks could look at someone like Dimalchio and imagine themselves as a cuck in that scenario

>>600939795She regenerated all the penises touched by infernal filth too. Yes, it means some of the guys became kissless virgins again.

>>600940780Tyranny is better than Pillars. Weird endingBoth Pathfinders are even better.

>>600941026yeah i think obsidian had to cut out a chapter at the end or two. Still a very fun game. Its a tighter and more focused game than a lot of these other crpgs.

>>600940926Whats wrong with tyranny thanks>>600940952Ok thank you>>600941026Worse writing than pillars by a large margin? I enjoy pullars though 2 is weak for dungeon crawling.>>600941103Conflicted but will buy then, it does look decent.

>>600931851>sex demon had sex beforewhoa that's crazy

>>600941026>mediocre charactersRegill is probably the best CRPG character i've seen since BG2 daysNok-Nok is up there too. Ekun too.

>>600941083Where is your Trickster-2, Aeon-2, etc folders?Don't tell me you didn't play each one at least twice to experience it all...

>>600941083You forgot to mention that you used toybox to cheat at everything just so that you could take screenshots to avatarfag on Holla Forums and /vrpg/

>>600941251Pillars is worst writing. Also, ignore the guy who says Pathfinder has bad characters as that's horseshit. You can even romance the big baddy which next to no games allows you to do that.

>>600941594I like pillars desu, i wish they didnt go pirates in 2 though.

>>600931851>Desna is literally giving you an immortal tradwife for free>-NOOOOOOOOOOOO MY ANIME WAIFUS ARE PURE AND UNTOUCHED AND SMELL OF ROSES AND ARE PERFECT AND HAS THE BEST ANIME - said OP from his commander's seat, farting and shitting while crying rivers as Regill painfully tried to mantain his composure as pus from OP's obese body bursted towards him. OP's diapers grew in size and stench, the room quickly evacuated of personel by Irabeth while Anevia rushed to issue the next batch of nuggies and Tian Xia animated scrolls>The mythic stench so strong that not even the hazardous smoke from Greybor's pipe could not mask the putrid cloud, which by the way instantly cleared Drezen of the vescavor infestation, from reaching his nose and burning his hair>So strong, in fact, that when it reached the prison it brought Arueshalae into a state of frenzy as it reminded her of slightly less disgusting debaucheries her old demonic self commited. It almost broke desna's charm on the spot>Khorramzadeh was seen packing and leaving Sarkoris later that week, scouts say that "his pay grade was not high enough for that shit"

Attached: 1653896115064.jpg (972x1024, 100.47K)

Is it true that the game was updated with obligatory telemetry datamining? Kingmaker didn't and still doesn't have any of that crap. Why would they fuck up Wrath with it?

Kingmaker was good, Wrath while very fun up to end of Act 2, goes to shit after it

>>600941698How long until you get rangebanned again?

>>600941723>Desna turns you into a star, while she fucks your mourning succuwaifu in her dreams

I like Arueshalae :)

>>600941897Desna is a romancefag. Some romance is tragic. Don't be a retard and secure your happiness by throwing the witch into the Wound.Arue literally falls for you so hard that even if you reset the world as Aeon she never fucks anyone despite being a full succubus again.

When did it all began? What was the first western RPG game that began the whole "let's make a dating sim!" bullshit? Was it BioWare with Baldur's Gate II?


>>600942216>>>600942182 (You)>YesMan, fuck BioWare, then.

>>600942182Yep, BG2 is entirely at fault.


>>600941698You didn't get the true end?

>>600942101>romancefag>implying she wasn't just waiting for you to cleanse the taint of off the succubus before fucking her herselfIomedae is the real romancefag goddess of Wrath

>>600942182Yep. You could say it existed in Japan but it didn't cross over until much later after BG2 existed.I wouldn't even have minded if it didn't fuck up the fanbase and what people were wasting their time developing.

>>600940941>with her trying to kill youher giving you a playful love stab is fucking cute as hell coming from a murderous serial killer, and her stating she doesn't want to kill you is probably the most true to character she could have. Plus it's satisfying because it's not just waifubait "I can change her" tier garbage. >NOOOO IT NEEDS TO BE [SELF INSERTED INCEL PANDERING] TO BE GOOD.user, you need to have sex in real life

Attached: 1653904508788.jpg (2713x4500, 2.69M)

>>600942182Probably.And the autistic shits will never stop seething about it. Absolutely based.

>>600940089ThisPeople obsessed with virgin waifus played to many Japanese dating sims. Virgins in real life cant fuck worth shit

Attached: 91271.jpg (540x422, 77.39K)

>>600942658Of course the gay spic forces the cuck memes

>>600931851>did the goddess go back in time and prevent her from riding literal miles of penis?Don't worry, I can fix this.

Attached: mythic_portrait_aeon.png (332x432, 171.02K)

>>600942873Stop lying Farquaad, we both know no gay has standards low enough to fuck you

>Owlcat romanceslol LMAO


Attached: Screenshot 2022-06-02 091823.png (1441x774, 1.56M)

Arue and Daeran are the best romances to come out of a CRPG in quite a while. Wenduag would be good as well if she wasn't quite as blatantly evil as she is.

>>600943245Stop replying to that faggot, retard

>>600942921So can I. Permanently.

Attached: mythic_portrait_lich.png (332x432, 141.46K)

>>600943271Wenduag being an evil bdsm loving kot who is into being dominated is one of the best things about herA tough girl who is not a moralfag is a fucking rarity

>Cam>Wend>Arue>GalfUsed goods

>>600943413I agree, but she steps over the line to the point that I can't justify her behavior. Her murdering the mongrel trader is blatant murder with very little justification, it's too much. Hell, even her tricking mongrels into the cult at the beginning of the game is nearly too much.

>a demon that repentsShould kill anyone and everyone because it is fun. I fucking wish this guy was a recruitable.

Attached: images - 2022-06-03T012259.916.jpg (185x242, 6.59K)

>>600931851That's actually what happens on the Aeon path

>>600943580>very little justificationPay attention next time. Dyra found out what the cat was up to.

>>600942873No you literally became the only thing she truly loved. She still wants to murder you, but leaves you so she denies the opportunity. >no the murderous psychopath wants to have a a family and raise our beautiful childrengrow up

>>600931851>still seething a day laterOh i am laffing

>>600943707I'm aware of the reason she did it, it's not a good justification and even if she had a slightly better reason it would still be outright murder.

>>600942301That is some heavy projection

>>600943413>A tough girl who is not a moralfag is a fucking rarityHell no it isn'tEmphasis on "tough" there is tough and there is evil

>>600943865Aruefags will never recover from this

>>600943897The fuck do you mean not good enough? She is trying to hide her duplicitous nature from the tribe. What else do you expect her to do? Have a stern talk with Dyra and let her go?I also like how you can justify cannibalism, luring tribesmen into the maze to possibly die etc. But a murder some time later is just a step too far.

>>600943619He was unironically pretty based, and it's funny how Kenabres goes to shit if the Desnan takes over, versus if you left Hulrun alive

Haha holy shit, and here I thought Valkyrie Profile had the dumbest set of random bullshit requirements for the true end.How the fuck are you supposed to do this other than a very improbable accident or straight up playing with a guide?

Attached: 01.png (900x1011, 680.59K)

>>600942921>>600931851>If you romance her as a true Aeon, you literally go back in time but let your companions keep their memories, Arueshalae becomes known as a weird celibate succubus because she can't get over her memories of MCNot even a meme.

>>600941335Regill is a pretty poor take on a lawful character. Initially he's great, though would be better if he wasn't a gnome. However, being a deceptive piece of shit kind of goes against the whole lawful idea.The actually good lawful character is Lann. He recognizes importance of hierarchy and structured society, as evident in his questline, and will actually obey his commander's orders even at the cost of his personal feelings.

>>600944216The cannibalism and luring tribesman can be seen as her trying to survive while being coerced by an outside force, her murdering Dyra is just her being an evil cunt, Dyra is terrified of Wenduag and would never speak out against her. I'm well-aware that I'm stretching with the justifications for the cannibalism and luring mongrels bit, but that's my point, Dyra being murdered makes it so there's no more stretching to be done, she's evil, period.

>>600944346>How the fuck are you supposed to do this other than a very improbable accident or straight up playing with a guide?You aren't

>>600944224And his inquisitors are pretty badass they warp in and just murder everyone.Kinda like medieval space marines.

>>600944069you made a whole thread after getting BTFO last thread

>>600944346People have datamined the game from the first beta. Thats how. Just like every other secret ending.It gets datamined and people write up a guide for it.

How do i build a Mutation Warrior? Should I go for natural attacks??

>>600944350Don't forget that she was never redeemed in the new timeline so she still has the desire of wanting to fuck everything she sees but still doesn't act on it

>>600944595>wanting to fuckMore like wanting to rape and torture everything. Never forget this evil cunt made a skindress out of a loving couple she flayed alive

>>600944660Even an angel MC kills a billion of bystanders by the end. You're a perfect pair.

>>600944564No, natural attacks are a meme. Mutation warrior is just a fighter without armor training and with mutagens, which is a really fucking good tradeoff. Just go straight mutation warrior and build it like you would any fighter, just without heavy armor.

>>600944758Demons aren't bystanders.

>>600944778You also kill demon collaborators (some were either tricked or manipulated into it), people resorting to banditry out of desperation and other humanoids that simply got into your way.

one mention that this purify bullshit is some new kind of god directed cuckoldry, and aruefags lose their shit lmao

>>600944967They deserved it.

What is Aeon supposed to synergize with the most? I see no obvious link here like sorcerer+lich for instance.

>>6009445641. Pick a weapon2. Make sure to get the wings mutation down the line3. Win the game.20 mutation warrior is one of the easiest things to put together. Its just a fighter, but better.

>>600944994That couple deserved it too

>>600931851It's a crpg romance from 2021, what did you expect? Hell a chick having ridden thousands of demon cocks is an upside for their target audience.

>>600944773>>600945028Oh cool, are greataxes as well serviced as they were in Kingmaker? I remember i had a weapon upgrade every chapter.

>>600945008Inquisitor, but not really

>TFW devs had to remove the whole 'eating child flesh' thing

>>600945008Inquisitor, both thematically and because they have Bane which stacks. But Aeon is pretty poor when it comes to actually synergizing with anything.

>>600941052The hell spawn tiefling and succubus are somehow virgins.

Attached: 95224CEA-E9AB-4F8D-87C9-8A287567DA2E.jpg (676x512, 118.81K)

>>600945008Inquisitor, the banes stack

>>600945110Yes they are, and there is always finnean too

is arueshalae a dom or sub?

>>600932437are there any games where you can pull a John Marston by turning a whore into a housewife?

Attached: tgr7y1e053s11.png (720x713, 600K)

>>600944660Yes user, rape implies fucking

>>600945148>But Aeon is pretty poor when it comes to actually synergizingBut is it actually any good by itself?

>>600945110Greataxes get one of the top-tier weapons in the game in act 3 I think, which is very early. I think it's called gravesinger? it's been a while, but it's a greataxe with an enhanced threat range or a higher crit multiplier or something, it's really good

>>600945260Having an evil slut to purify is like the standard for wrpgs, Viconia is the original one

>>600945364Not really. It gets ok 7+, but at that point all the mythics are broken.It basically does what Demon does, but worse in every way and with worse spells.

>>600945257She's a succubus, she'll be whatever you want her to be. >>600945260This game.

>>600941087fucking lolits canon now that you can become again an incel in pathfinder

>>600941052Grace will never be topped

>>600945364Mythic Suppression was hilariously good the first time I played, long before aeon got new stuff.I'm pretty sure you can stop the vavakia vanguards from respawning using it and that alone is worth it.

>>600931851Context mattersIts never implied she is proud of who she wasHer past is treated as something vile by her and everybody arround herIts when they tell you that it doesnt matter thst you need to be careful

>>600931851anon its a succubus if you want virgin then you are looking in the wrong place

>>600941703Was hoping they would touch on the Aedyran empire later. Oh well. I did enjoy pirates as a setting even if the execution wasn't the greatest.

>>600942301> aerie still get threads from time to timewhy are you lying? are you desperate that owlcat made the biggest whore in gaming and people point it out?

>>600945691If you cant take a Vavakia gently sharing its minty fresh breath with you, your build / party comp is shit.Aeon is very likely the weakest mythic throughout. And I am saying likely, because I didnt play Devil yet.Shame. The story elements it brings are interesting.

>>600940941you will never learn the touch of a woman,or reach old age, because the myriad of faggot diseases will have you dead well before you are 50 years old.you are a shitfly, a sick poop-lusting ass-stomper who spends his days dunking anonymous shitholes in filthy hobo-infested ghetto backalleys and during sexual encounters in nondescript gasstation toilets pounding away his pride and dignity with his meatstick collecting filty STDS like there pokemon.think very hard about why elderly fags are rarer than cosmic-grade platinum and that you and your ilk are even below sewer hobos.>No wonder you str8 men constantly get cheated onyup, and its still better than playing russian roulette with thousands of possibly with aids infected sexual encounters before settling with a fellow degenerate twink who helped by his younger age and looks will spend his days cruising for the next mealticket.>His romance is garbage and gay men don't like gross biscumtheres currently a homofaggot exclusive disease known as monkeypox doing the rounds. you homofaggots not fucking bifaggots and having them spread your homofaggot-plague upon women is the greatest contribution you faggots have made to mankind besides one day (hopefully) contemplating mass-suicide.

>>600945930desu i remember seeing two aerie threads last week

>>600945739This is something that might have gone over the head of around 50 posters.

>>600945989hang on i forgot something.

Attached: LOLFGT.png (1112x2893, 189.49K)

>>600945996with the cute 3d model right?damn they dont make cute pure waifus anymore...now just degenerate hoes and cucks

>>600945967Vavakia is bullshit and you know it.But yes, aeon is very likely the weakest path, unless the rework addressed that. Devil has some insanely good abilities and the only problem is a dogshit plot that takes way too long (not that there's a lot of it, you just have to skip weeks to progress it).

>>600945739>go for the prudish woman shown to abhore the attention she gets from men>lol just kidding bro here's her telling you about the last guy she fucked even though its not in her naturethose owl fucks can't hand me a virgin, I swear it must be one of the writers weird fetish to have every girl already broken in rough

Attached: valerie_companion_pathfinder_kingmaker_wiki_guide_600px.jpg (600x809, 55.06K)

>>600945921I dont understand, arent they making a third after avowed?

>>600946479you might have a fetish for virgins

>>600946479>to have every girl already broken in roughthe truth is, every girl loses virginity in highschool (or earlier)

>>600946479Good, I hope the Warhammer game and the third Pathfinder game will have all the girls going into excruciating details about how they fucked other men before you and how they're better than you, you purityfags are even more annoying than regular romancefags.

>>600946479the weird for me is that sexuality HAS to be something they talk about, every single time with those devs

arueshalae should be punished(sexually) for her crimes against golarion

Can't play this game because of rerollitis.Choice paralysis is real.

>>600946659They'll still insist their murderous whore of a waifu is actually an innocent and pure virgin because some deranged lesbian goddess said so.

>>600946479>>lol just kidding bro here's her telling you about the last guy she fuckedTypical Owlcat romance

>>600946825Just google a broken build and use it, if you're obsessing over your choices then skipping to a broken build will let you just get on with it.

>>600946825Do you like holy power? Play Oracle Seeker 20. (angel)Do you like arcane power? Play Sorc Sage 20.(lich)Do you like hitting things? Play Mutation Warrior 20.(demon).There, solved it for you.

>>600946991How can you believe she loves you if she doesn't tell you that, out of dozens of cum samples she has tasted, yours is the best?

>>600946991the worst part is how she could've left it at "I had a previous relationship" but no they had to have her tell you just how great the sex was because a character like Valerie would totally do that

>>600947307>great the sexShe doesn't do this.

>>600946870don't forget the monad, too

>>600947741Leave them be, they have to make up their own cuck fantasies


Attached: 362355261.png (660x106, 89.86K)

>>600931851>Holla Forums isso incel they don't want succ gfwhat happened?

>>600948080owlcucks on suicide watch

>>600948080is that it?

>>600931851Ye, it's called menstruation

>>600948080Every time I play Kingmaker I always go for the twins plus Nyrissa with cheats, so I had never seen thisAnd this, this is what makes Valerie and purityfags shit and piss their pants?

>>600941087>finally have sex with a girl>goddess says nooo you cant do that>money stolen wow

>>600948814For me it's cucking Regongar with Octavia and then pumping and dumping her for the twins

>>600948897Arue never charged for it.The rumors she worked at Ten Thousand Delights for a time were spread by Dimalchio who is still bitter she wont fuck him anymore.


>>600946659>WarhammerNo way the Eldar hasn't fucked constantly. Even of she's a crafworld Eldar, she's still an Eldar.The battle sister really depends on what order she's part of. The art looks like Order of the Scarlet Rose but I'm not as adept at Adeptus Sororitas as I am Space Marines (Or Orks) so I might be wrong. Some orders are celibate because what man can compare to Big E, some only play with fellow sisters, and a few are pretty lax about that shit. She can go in a number of directions.Now the navigator chick. Probably a virgin. Because she's a filthy abhuman and while the Emperor said we needed to accept those freaks because they are human, he never said anything about having to fuck them.

>people think succubus sex is niceUHhh, you won't be doing the fucking that's for sure. Probably morph a gigantic spiked dick to fuck your ass into oblivion and then shit on your corpse. Unless you're into that

>>600949462Sex with Arueshalae is nice, or at the very least the MC and Arueshalae enjoy it.

>>600949462that's evilrue


Attached: the weak should fear the strong.png (626x1361, 1.32M)

>>600949529It was more meant that they thought original Succubus Arueshalae was getting dicked in a human sense.She probably did, but it certainly wasn't what people in this thread thought it to be.

>>600949368Is the game even going to have romance to begin with?

Give it to me straight. Is Azata actually a cool path or is it all dumb shit like t3h sp0rk p3ngu1nz of d00m?Screenshots of that MLP dragon have me worried.

>>600949920>is it all dumb shit like t3h sp0rk p3ngu1nz of d00m?Yes

>>600949920It has cool moments. Pic related, you destroy the biggest slave market in the Abyss forever.

Attached: demon genocide best day of my life.png (1001x295, 598.66K)

>>600949712She explains very clearly what sex with her is like. Herrax elaborates on what is fun about it too.If you play demon, you can dominate and sex up Vellexia, because you have the power to do so. Its about power. If you have more, you get to do the fucking. Simple as.

>>600949712Oh yeah, sex between demons is always take, it's never give. One demon is taking pleasure and the other is having pleasure taken, though occasionally they might be into that I suppose.

>>600949920>dumb shit like t3h sp0rk p3ngu1nz of d00mIt is absolutely that to a T. It was shocking how much it resembled something written by a deviantart fangirl.

>>600950084But Vellexia enjoyed it

>>600949920It's like 50/50 freedom fighter kino and reddit hippie cringe, the biggest offender is that you're tied to the Desnan cultists and they are fucking retarded.

>>600931979Personally I enjoyed breakin that buckHe were the peculiar sort of buck what almost broke hisself!

Attached: file.png (662x416, 440.99K)

>>600949920Good idea, poor execution.Shines brights at times and casts a lot of shadows.Gameplay wise it's pretty cool, because superpowers are fun to play with.

>>600949920Trickster is straight up Reddit tier. Azata is just whimsical. But if you dont like the idea of playing CG character, dont bother.>>600950182So much that she follows you around afterwards ... dont know what Arue is on about. Demon sex sounds like a pretty memorable experience.

post the tranny loving dev, iam on my phone

>>600950332No, I'm saying that Vellexia isn't a good example of what demon sex is because she was so fucking bored that having someone intimidate her and rape her was an enjoyable experience for her

>>600950413>PhoneposterJesus christ you niggers don't even try to hide it

>Go Lich>Realize I can't get the cute dragon sidekick everyone's fawning overCan I AT LEAST have sex with Nenio?

Attached: Nenio Needs Alcohol.png (2560x1440, 3.93M)

>>600931851Disregard flesh, acquire UndeathIf Rogue Trader lets me I'll tear off this weak flesh once again and embrace the Omnissiah

>>600950581I saw one person say you can, but others say you can't

>>600949815It was already confirmed, yes.If a Rogue Trader family is old enough they have a signed writ from the emperor himself that basically says as long as this family strives to do the utmost for the stability and advancement of humanity, they can basically do whatever the fuck they want.Inquisitor comes knocking asking why you're harboring xenos? Fuck you dad said I could.Tech priests want to know why you've upgraded your ship with xeno tech? Fuck you dad said I could.The Order of the Pure Maidens want to know why you've spirited away 6 of their new sisters who are now all half naked and lounging around a lavishly furnished room of your ship labeled "Captain's Haram"? Fuck you dad said I could.As long as the MC has Big E's writ of "I only have one rule fuck all the other rules" they can do whatever the fuck they want and the only one at this point who *Might* have a say otherwise is Papa Smurf.

>>600950581No, Nenio cannot be romanced in any manner.

>>600950581>Lich>SexThat's mortal weakness talking user

Arueshalae romance pro tips-Make sure to burn the table. Its required for the true ending.

>>600950581But you do get a cute dragon sidekick. She is called Terendelev. Although she is a bit shy and stays at your basement most of the time.

>>600950750That's not trueOr at least it's not true in Imperial spaceIt is true on the frontier, but in the Imperium itself they defacto answer to the Inquisition and any other government body with enough guns to force them to comply

>>600931851>woman helping other woman hide her cock carousel historyrealistic, they got the only instance of sis code that exists

>>600950764God fucking damn it. I should've picked the spiderchick and let her go on a killing rampage, anything's better than succupussy.>>600950917Didn't she get her fucking head lopped off? I found her claw laying on the other side of the province, that's how hard she got fucked up.

>>600950958>"You see player, she is totally pure and virgin again! And ready to marry!" winks at aruelmao

>>600951054>Didn't she get her fucking head lopped off?Sure, but surely you noticed the bloodsmear on the market map, saying that someone dragged her away.I wonder what they could do to her....

>>600931851does it really matter when I'm going to eat her anyway?

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>>600951054The best written romances are Daeran, Arueshalae, Wenduag and Camellia, though depending on your morals you may or may not want to romance Wenduag or Camellia.

>>600951265Who are you quoting?

>>600950942Imperium space is a tiny miniscule fraction of whay frontier space is.For all intents and purposes they are free from imperium rules.

>>600951509Desna, obviously.

>>600951442I had a save where I was aiming to romance Wenduag, but I replayed the entire game after taking Drezen on Hard mode because, well, I like hard games. Lann was just more useful in fights.

>be a century old crusade against demons>new commander is a demon>k, let's just roll with it :)

Attached: opposites-attract-comic0.png (1000x1000, 85.64K)

>>600951696Eeeh, you are not a confirmed demon until you literally summon half of the abyss to you at the start of the last act. Kinda late to do anything about it at that point.

>>600951509damn, you are dumb

>>600951664yeah Wenduag isn't very good unfortunately, I use a full respec mod so I can have my cake and eat it too

>>600951696Great writing

>there are people in this world who actually liked Camellia>there are people who consider literal psychopath that kills for fun and giggles and casually suggest killing innocent people for no reason "cute"Im glad that she entered autistic screech mode in her final quest and she gave me reason to Judgment Bolt her to her knees and cut her in half. She had her chance for redemption, while rest of the party happily enjoyed their demi-god status afterward.Camellia is worthless shit and you should feel bad for having any kind of positive emotion towards her.

Attached: 36_1648750380_489597.jpg (2048x1277, 126.26K)

>>600952043>Noooo you can't like evil charactersYou're retarded for letting her live that long anyways, if your character is any kind of good you should have killed her in act 3

>>6009519831 fighter / 19 kineticist disagrees with you. And thats a whatever build. If your wendu sucks, you built her poorly.

>>600951983Nice. Does the game have any other cool mods?

>>600951983She literally comes at level 1

>>600952120>Bae I left another severed head in your backpackOK but why though


Don't forget the part where the Hand of the Inheritor actually breaks the non-intervention policy of the Heavens to save a demon.Then he goes on advanced mental gymnastics to explain how the single most anti-demon deity in the existence is fine with said demon leading the crusade.

Attached: OK.png (208x184, 62.05K)

>>600952120LG maybe. CG and NG is possible to give her another chance. If you believe her excuse, that is.

>>600952243She comes at level 1 with a bad class (in comparison to other options) and a potentially wasted feat. Respeccing her even from level 1 makes me significantly better.

>>600952120Lawful stupid character would, Neutral Good or Chaotic Good would give her chance to redeem herself. She failed and paid the price.Similarly, Regill could be considered no-no for stupid good character but he proves to be one of most reasonable companions who rarely if ever do anything evil after you recruit him.

Why is Lann a monk? HOW is Lann a monk?

>>600952446At no point he saves a demon. By the time you confirm and actually become one, he is already chilling with Baphomet. Unless I forgot some story beat even later on.

>>600952185Yeah, there are alot of QoL mods that make the game alot better, the three best ones IMO being the full respec mod, the mod that allows you to insta-win crusade battles and the mod that allows you to set up buffs so that you can instantly apply all of them at once with one button press.

>>600952446>the Hand of the Inheritor actually breaks the non-intervention policy of the HeavensThe game explains, multiple time, that they're allowed to help, just that they can't send the entire fucking army

>>600952517>makes me Meant to say "makes her"


Attached: Arueshalae crying tears of joy while looking at some butterflies.png (1227x441, 634.39K)

>>600952731How is fighter a bad class?

>>600952586Maybe he had to fight monsters bare-handed before someone flushed down a longbow?

>>600952586Just play the game?He's the most consistently lawful character in the game and practices discipline to overcome Savamelekh's influence.

>>600952517The premade build for both Lann and Wenduagg makes them the strongest party members by far. Even early on she was killing 2 to 3 mooks by herself practically every turn on core difficulty

Best girl

Attached: queen.jpg (1920x2509, 1.1M)

Is there a way to play that does not involve using 20 buffs every 5 minutes.

>>600952818It's a bad class because mutation warrior is better, other different classes are better and her starting feats basically lock her into being a ranged build unless you want to just let those be wasted. Again, a full respec makes her alot better.

>>600952971>romance>literally nothingShould have known when it was a strech goal. But its a stretch to call it a romance. Should have allowed us to at least correspond with her through letters.>>600953036Mutation warrior is not a class. Its a subclass. Wasting a feat is literally non issue unless you are some autistic sperg that plays Unfair. Fuck I used Staunton at launch on Core just fine, and he had like 5 wasted feats.

>>600952971It's telling how two evil bitches like Camellia and Wenduag don't betray you if you romance them and this old hag does

>>600952971More like best food.

Attached: good ole swarm giving queen galfrey a hug.jpg (2997x1694, 699.22K)

>>600952818Popular opinion is that fighters lacks all the flashy super powers of other classes, don't have magic and so on. But in the end, they are walking feats sponge, can specialize in certain tactics and weaponry and are full BAB class that usually have biggest attack bonus at the moment because their stats are straightforward (literally just don't need to be retards aka no 8 int/wis). In teambased games, the "boring" classes do wonders.

>>600953183>Mutation warrior is not a class.Why would you assume I was talking about the fighter overarching class and not her subclass?>Wasting a feat is literally non issue unless you are some autistic sperg that plays Unfair.Why would you think I'm not an autistic sperg talking about playing on unfair when we're discussing class power differences? I wouldn't be talking about power differences and optimization if we were talking about a difficulty where it doesn't matter. Oracle angel MC can solo the game, let alone core difficulty.

>>600952971Cute teasing.

Attached: 99B960171FCD103CB11127E020E04377A6C85FB1 (2).jpg (1317x340, 163.67K)

>>600953350>Why would you think I'm not an autistic sperg talking about playing on unfair when we're discussing class power differences?Because you think she is bad due to one wasted level. If you cant handle that, I doubt you can handle Unfair.

>>600953018Yeah, kineticist lich.

>>600953018Yes, you give your buffmonkey oracle/cleric greater enduring spells.

>>600953504She *is* bad due to one wasted level. There is very little reason to pick her over Lann, and if I'm going to include her in my party for the hell of it I'm at least going to fully respec her so that not having Lann isn't as bad.

>>600953706Ok cool. Have fun.

Is a girl pure if she is only pure of heart?

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>>600953269But she doesn't betray you if you both become demigods.

Attached: Untitled.jpg (813x105, 40.45K)

>>600953772I just started playing this recently, are there any sex scenes you have to choose to partake in that aren't game overs? I want to see her corrupted and slutting it up.

>play a game made by cucks for cucks>be surprised when cucks defend it

>>600931851She didn't have to, because she never rode miles of penis. Succubus in the pathfinder setting work differently.>Cuck!No, I'm just tired of seeing the same retards try and argue this. I didn't romance anyone on my playthrough because I'm trying to run a successful crusade, not getting my dick wet.

>>600954056>Succubus in the pathfinder setting work differentlyxplain

>>600954051>Cuck cuck cuck cuckOk I get it, you can take your meds now

>>600954056Yeah whatever you say, Cuckleberry Finn.

>>600954164Not the guy you replied to, but succubi can do their thing without actually having sex with you. Arueshalae even explains the kill that made Desna abduct her, which was seducing a priestess and then delving into her dreams while sucking her soul out. No actual sex has to occur.

>>600953957Game is linear, but there are plenty of corruption ends after stage 10. >turning into an evil succubus>becoming a happy fuck maid>doing drugged prostitution>DOGGED

>>600954413I'll take it, thanks user

>>600954051Anyone know if the writing was done by Paizo or Owlcat? Just hoping the new game they're working on isn't as fagged up as this one was.

>>600954056are you legit saying that arue did not fucked a lot of things in her life?

>>600931851All women are sluts.How is this even an argument?And the few they aren't?Enjoy your dead beadroom and horrible, boring sex.

>>600954523I doubt very much pozzed paizo didnt't watched the writing closely, changing when displeased

>>600942732>in real life

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>>600954523Owlcat, but what you have to remember is that the Wrath of the Righteous adventure module is famous for being absolutely fucking trash, seriously if you think the writing and plot are bad, you should see what the adventure module is like. Owlcat did *alot* to salvage this shit, if it was straight Paizo then even normies would think it was retarded.

>>600954270Kek, thats a good one

>>600954678t. dont know how to groom virgins into sluts in bed

>>600954828t. doesn't know either but hentai told him he can

>>600954678Just because a woman doesn't sleep around doesn't mean she doesn't want sex. Are you mentally handicapped?

>>600954678>Women need to fuck men that aren't me to know how to properly fuck mecuckolds are disgusting retards

>>600954828What drives someone to larp as a chad on a mongolian basket weaving forum?

>>600945190It's Sigil user. Anything could be a portal. Fuck one anarch and your member is on the spearline of a baazetu charge. Fuck another and you just got your dick flattened by two cubes bashing together incrdibly fasht in the boring neutral realm. Also it's sigil, and ANYTHING CAN BE A PORTAL. Xiaosects probably get confused and deflower gutterpipes more than guttersnipes.

>>600955004You are on Holla Forums. Of course he is.

>>600954729I like the plot and writing.

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>>600955004Serial monogamy isn't really much better.

>>600945260real life. Just marry a christian girl


>>600955025>has barely any interest in sex>"she will be into all my obscure fetishes and constantly willing to try new things"Naive retard.

>>600955047The writing is good, especially the character writing, but the plot is absolute garbage compared to Kingmaker and again it's because the adventure module sucks. You should go look up what the actual encounter with Iomedae is like. If anyone has the TOOT images then please post them.

>>600954164They don't have to blow you to eat your soul(which is the only thing retards think they can do), or feed off the "negative energy" associated with torturing you mentally and physically. Hell, most succubus in the game find pleasure in outright torturing people with absolutely nothing sexual involved.>>600954575From what I remember, no. I didn't romance her at all, so I can't say that I personally experienced her romance path, but absolutely nothing I've experienced or have seen from people romancing her has even vaguely alluded to the fact that she had a tons of sex, or even any sex. It's literally a fag or people who haven't even played the game grasping at straws to make it seem like straight people are getting humiliated in the game.Also as a side note, the fag is a massive self inserter and is perpetually buttmad that Ifan from DOS2 wasn't gay, which started his tantrum.

>>600954896worked very well with my first gf, 13 years agoyou just dont know how

>Scaled fist 1

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>>600955323She obviously had sex, so do all demons, it's true that the game makes more emphasis on the fact that she was a psychopath murderer though>the fag is a massive self inserter and is perpetually buttmad that Ifan from DOS2 wasn't gay, which started his tantrumNo, Farquaad has nothing to do with this, that faggot hates the game in general, this is just purityfag shitposting for replies because Arue is popular

>>600955401You were both 13 back then, duh.

>>600955257>The writing is good>especially the character writing

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>>600954729NWN 1 & 2, Baldur's gate and hell, Mask of the Betrayer are based on Forgotten realms, which is basically a setting entirely devoted to stroking an self-insert character's cock, usually in collaboration fellatio with other self inserts. But yes I ran it in what...2014? 2013? Feels like 2013 and its a narrative pacing mess. I wouldn't say its terrible, then again I've played Dragonlance custom campaigns where everyone is a bugbear.

>>600955401Your hand isn't a girlfriend

>>600954729>6 books>six hundred pages of WotRffs

>>600955469>scaled fist >oracle seeker Yep, it's gamer time

Attached: imagine.png (1139x1079, 469.62K)

>>600955115Literally how would you know on multiple levels.

>>600955653cope as much as you want anonI still have the videos. Good times

>>600955587If you think the character writing in Wrath is worse than Kingmaker then you're smoking crack. It's on par with most other CRPGs in terms of character writing.

>>600953772what game is this?

>>600955702I can't play Kotor 2 without taking finesse: lightsabers. I know this pain or I would if I didn't have 30+ DEX.

>>600955795>Filming himself jerking off

>>600955557Actually she was 15, I old enought to not reveal here in order to avoid problems.

>>600955795I don't get why people get assblasted at the fact non-sluts exist, and they're not that uncommon either.Fuck is wrong with these people?

>>600955867Holy Knight Ricca, go check out the thread on f95

>>600955469I'm too scared to dip, I don't know how this shit works. Hope there's a reward for 20 levels of pure sorcerer.

>>600955895lol, you are really seething over people having different lives than yoursI hope yours get better user

>>600949462Why do you think Arue holds back until you complete her romance quest? She literally wants to run all tags from paheal on you at all times until she ascends.


>>600955954In a non mythic environment, yes. In here, the capstone will probably be partially or entirely superficial because of your Mythic abilities. Depends on the bloodline.Casters in general dont need to dip though, they are powerful enough as is.

>>600955949>He says while he seethes every thread about the chastity of his video game waifus>And a succubus on top of that

>>600956141Yeah, all I do is level Boneshaker as much as physically possible and rattle skellies all day.

>>600956153I don't give a shit about video game characters. You seem to be projecting.

>>600956094>She literally wants to run all tags from paheal on youSo she doesn't want to do jack shit? Paheal barely has any tags, only for characters, franchises, and meta shit like being animated

>>600956094Maybe turning into a nice, loving wife is the kinkiest thing imaginable for a Succubus?

>>600946479You do realize women in every time period, especially in an era like medieval where women were quite routinely fucking the rancher's boy or local mercenaries were quite the norm. It's a very modern concept of women being chaste as 20+ year old women.

>>600944346This is not true end. It's completely batshit lore-breaking ending, it can't be considered true end. It's called secret ending.

>>600955954Scaled fist is a braindead dip, if you're any sort of build that uses charisma as your primary stat then you do 1 dip of scaled fist so you get your charisma bonus to your AC. Same with seeker oracle + one of the nature revelations or whatever, it also gives your charisma bonus to your AC so you can double up on it and get retarded high AC with next to no investment.

>>600956217The undead really need to do a PR campaign to get out of the D&D limelight. Even demons just get a few spells that protect against or damage them or banish. But be a skelly anywhere near dice and there's whole fucking books of skills out there to ruin your fucking day.

>>600955469>Vivi 1

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>>600956407There is a skeleton inside you right now. That is why. They are everywhere.Demons are like tourists.

>>600956371Really? My sorc does get assraped if the enemy starts attacking him. So what do I do, next level I just pick scaled fist and pick a skill or something?

>>600935726Donald duck will never stop being based

>>600955926>I groomed a girl who was just discovering her interest in sexGood job retard, now do the same thing to some frigid woman in her twenties. Not even sex therapists are having great success with that.

>>600956723They should make a game about him.

Attached: KH.jpg (1076x759, 309.59K)

>>600956687If your sorcerer gets into melee, you have tactical issues. Unless you are trying to melee with a pure sorcerer. Then you have brain issues.

>>600956653I don't see how a skeleton could fit inside my bones user that's silly.

>>600956687Basically yeah, but keep in mind that it's your charisma bonus to your AC *if you are unarmored* and you still have to use other stuff to stack your AC high enough to matter. Also keep in mind monks have to be lawful.

>>600956797I'm down for a nee duck tales game featuring uncle Don.

>>600956797The game cover would be a close up of Donald's face all angry and shit

>>600931851How about the fact she's a fucking "Espionage Agent". Yeah Im sure having demon wings are really useful for sneaking and blending in.

"Romance" mechanic in any game that isn't actual porn is an absolutely retarded shit that adds nothing to the experience that induces no reaction or feeling other than second hand embarrassment when you think that someone had to make assets for that. Cheers to Owlcat for understanding that too and mogging tards who care about crpg "romance" by giving them galore of sluts one worse than the other until they finally understand lmao.

>>600956797Poor Donald. Aww

>>600956989Seems useful enough when you are espionaging in a demon army.

>>600957029When I think of romance I think of the 3 kingdoms and war.

>>600956989>Demon that is a mole in the demon army has demon wingswow

>>600956743Actually she is fine now. A bit fat but that is usually how it works for women near 30s.Don't need to freak out user, just because you dont have real life experience doesn't mean what you see on tv really happens.

>>600956986Japanese cover: Fun adventure across the world with Donald and the newphews!US cover: Donald gonna bust a cap in yo ass

Attached: Quackshot.jpg (1599x1111, 607.31K)

>>600956989Demon wings are cute, shut up. It's the gay butterflies around her that fucks her disguise.

>>600957221>cuteHer wings are fugly. Nocti is the only one with nice looking wings.

>>600957029Romancing saga

Attached: RS3_Michael_Artwork.png (640x875, 983.95K)

>>600957208As long as it plays the same. I always liked looking at the differences of world wide released cover art

>playing as a Godclaw Inquisitor Aeon>fuck the literal demon succubus anyway

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>>6009576651 off

>>600957208The left looks better. Nips know what they're doing.

All of you retards would take a succubus GF without any hesitations if she knocked on your door. You can theorycraft about the promiscuity of women and their resulting worth all you want, when reality hits you, none of you would have the willpower to actually act according to the shit you write here.

>>600958278>All of you retards would take a succubus GF without any hesitations if she knocked on your dooryeah, I romanced Arueshalae


>>600958278A succubus is the last thing on earth I'd stick my dick into. They eat souls.

>>600958278Wrong. I would hesitate, then get overpowered and raped.

>>600958278>All of you retards would take a succubus GF without any hesitations if she knocked on your doorObviously yeah. There does not exist a better way to go then getting your soul sucked out of your dick.

>>600958474Ackshually, mythological succubi don’t do that, they just take your sperm and use it to impregnate virgins.


Attached: ProtectiveWard.png (64x64, 10.87K)

>>600944390>testing someone suddenly makes you a bad lawful characterokay, retard

>>600958708I can think of better uses for my money than paying child support to random strangers. No I'd rather mindbreak an angel or something than go for a succubus.

>All companion quests give you an item, an ability, or something as a reward, even if sometimes it was romance only like Lann and Wenduag>Arueshalae's doesn't give jack shit other than Desna's voyeur flowersWhy did owlcat drop the balls so hard with this

>>600959938Act 5 was blatantly unfinished. I swear you can pinpoint the exact moment they ran out of money

>>600931851Which "rider" class is the best?

>>600960481Beast Rider

>>600960448Most of them are rewards from act 5

>>600960481I'm partial to a Gendarme Cavalier, but it can be a pretty vanilla choice. I've heard good things about Arcane Rider Magus as well. I've never tried Bloodrider Bloodrager before, but Bloodragers are pretty good universally.

Attached: knight-and-dragon-fighting.jpg (741x699, 115.11K)

>>600946479>some poor bastard probably lost his virginity to herI can only see him wanting to cuddle and she goes>SEX WAS MEDIOCRE LIKE YOU PAINTING FAGGOT, GO KILL YOURSELF

>>600960481None of the cavaliers, you should use mounts as a means of keeping squishy supports alive like a paladin or bard.

>>600960814she explicitly said there was no love. sounds like a nightmare

>Gestalt Scaled Fist plus Sorcerer (Gold Bloodline)/Dragon Disciple>Mythic path: Gold Dragon

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>>600961797>Dragon DiscipleWasted imo, Gold Dragon sets all your stats to 18 minimum

>>600961942I will be the most dragony dragon to ever dragon

>>60096194222 now I think

>>600931851i can't tell what my favorite companion was in the PF gamesit's a toss up between arue and all the men/dogs/demons who talk about fucking her in chapter 4 vs helping the black guy impregnate the white woman in kingmakeri love these gamescan't wait to see how they handle 40k

>>600931851>no, you see, it's okay because she was "purified by a goddess"Did the goddess use her cock as well?

>>600931851I rather fuck her demonic version. Honestly she's too human like for my demon girl tastes.

>>600960481I am partial to Sohei 11/Gendarme, pure Arcane rider or Cavalier of the Paw halfling class


A bit late on the discussion, but fighter cannot be a bad class on Wrath due to Mythic weapon specialization.That shit is delicious on top of everything else they get.Granted, I'd still take mutation warrior or two handed fighter for more specific build.But Vanilla alchemist is not bad just because grenadier and incense synthesizer exist

>>600941594>You can even romance the big baddy which next to no games allows you to do that.Too bad this wasn't Rise of the Runelords.

>>600944350Yea but if you don't give her the big LAwful Cock, she becomes an even more evil and sadistic demon, even with her memories.

>>600944350>>600963581Galfrey Aeon ending is sad.Reg Aeon ending is based

Attached: stillinservice.jpg (2560x1440, 681.69K)

>>600944967So trash?

>>600963889I also like the trickster ending for Regill, in which the chaos you cause makes Regill seethe so hard that it staves off his bleaching for centuries as he runs around trying to bring order to the shit you've turned upside down.

>>600962071They buffed goldie?What else was changed?

The Paathfinder Alignment Experience:Chaotic Evil: nihahahhaa I Kill youNeutral Evil: Put the money in the bag.Lawful Evil: Yes you helped me but you're criminals so I'm killing you.Lawful Neutral: Fucking chaosniggers.Chaotic Neutral: Luv fight'n luv me drink 'ate Orcs (not racist jus' don't like em)Chaotic Good: Ooohh cookies, ugh rules!? Let's kill him! I stole it tehee!Lawful Good: The extermination camps for the lesser races and fae are finally nearing completion.

>>600964506Nothing. The content is still shit.

>>600964562is this a bot or something? wtf is wrong with you

>>600964562>Pathfinder>Evil actionMOMS GONNA FREAK (Attack)

>>600963581Yes, that's the point

>>600964562Missed true neutral and neutral good.

>>600964732Yeah looks like the bot broke, he was supposed to make another post about cuckoldry

>>600947307That's why I pumped and dumped her, pumped and dumped the half elf, pumped the tiefling twins, then put a few babies into the evil slut elf.The funny thing is, the slutty tiefling girl and slutty undead elf are probably the most loyal romance options you get.


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>>600965227So Valerie fucking someone before triggers you but not Jaethal that literally had a daughter or Kanerah who is a gold digger?

>>600949529So do the peasants.

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Attached: shorty.jpg (1031x957, 283.93K)

>>600952586Why would an order of crusaders be made up of monks? Where would this entire tribe of former crusaders get martial training? Why would a subterranean monster learn to fight without the use of his eyes, in an environment with very little light?Fucking owlcat.

>>600957192>he thinks you can apply grooming teens that just reached sexual maturity to actual frigid adult womenSure user, I'm totally the one lacking life experience here.

>>600960690I don't intend to play a white woman.

>>600965529With Jaethal and Kanerah I know exactly what I'm buying. Valerie is a bait and switch, that's the only reason why people are mad.