What do you think of Yelan Genshin Impact?

What do you think of Yelan Genshin Impact?

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I like Mona better

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>>600929483imagine the braps

>>600929383>>600929483Imagine having a japanese cosplay gf

God tier aesthetics and easy to build because they accidentally made a 3* weapon her BIS. Unfortunately still a XQ sidegrade.

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>>600929383How do I get a Yelan gf?

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>>600929973 I went downtown todayMet a girl on the way

>>600929483Churl bait

>>600929483imagine how big her turds would be out of that huge pooper

She's ok. Having 2 XQ's isn't a bad thing if that's what you are willing to spend primos on her and her dash is hella useful. When I tried her out in the event domain, she performed well, but it wasn't anything new since she is a 2nd XQ. I guess she could hit harder if you get cons and her bow but I don't want that much investment.She looks nice but her personality has been bland thus far, I think Rosaria is more interesting as far as the secret agent character trope goes. I just unlocked her character quest though, so I guess I will see what happens. Now that we are out of the hole, maybe serious mode will turn off a bit.

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>>600929483Mona has a perky little butt. That's just a fat whore in spandex.

She's fun and a pretty nice addition. Great use of a 5 star with utility, good sub DPS, and satisfactory at c0. I'm still salty how dirty they did Yae Miko.

>>600929383Pretty good

Don't care, saving for dendro.

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>>600929383I like her, I put the "crits give energy" bow on her and now I pretty much just have her burst on all the time. At 38k hp her skills deal some pretty great damage.

>>600931308Gays not welcome

>>600929383Fun stuff, seeing the rope explode feels good especially if they vape 40k

>>600931054>She looks nice but her personality has been bland thus farThis. Her Early 20th cent Republican-era gangster theme is baller.Her gameplay with zapping about random enemies is also like a more functional Sanic... I mean Sayu.But damn, she's just the most boring character around, easily beating out the previous top pick with Thoma. She literally has nothing going for her as a character.

>>600937061Haven't play her quest, but I do agree there's really nothing going with her. Just a no fun allowed chinese KGB, we need more Itto against her stuck up ass.

>>600929383>>600929483I love women.

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haha wow video game character name + video game's name so heckin wacky never seen that joke before

>>600929383O.M.G She's soooo attractive


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>>600937993Now that's more like it. Sauce?

>>600939094That's a boy.

Aqua is the only good thot so you get a pass this time OP.

Go on, brag about how much money you spent on this game and we'll tell you how unimpressed we are.

>>600931308You have to get off the internet and interact with real human beings if you think that is fat. Anime and fake bitches have warped your little dick reality to think that, also just kill yourself is an alternative you should probably take instead.

>>600942351okay tyrese

>>600942507>goes for shitty joke instead of realizing his rotting coombrain is the real problem. Rope, now.

>>600942351based tyrone

>>600929483sit on my face already

>>600930020>3* weapon her BISredpill me on it.

>>600942351Is the girl fat?NoIs the butt fat?Absolutely, tyrone.American culture has warped your perception of what is and isn't fat.

>>600929383>want to roll, gameplay seems kinda fun>find out she has no personality in reality and I can still 36* with the same garbage teams I've been using for the past yearShe's a skip. Also Mona is cuter and is actually interesting.

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>>600929483Imagine the doggystyles.

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>>600929383I really like her. She's even better than Kazuha for overworld.

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>>600943012Slingshot is really good but not her bis, that's her limited weapon.

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>>600929383>>600929483In time ago i would love to have a gf like that nowdays i would love to look like them, what is wrong with me?

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>>600947293You were using videogames as an outlet for your gender dysphoria and told yourself you only did it because the girls were cute.

>>600931054>she is a 2nd XQYou're using her wrong

>>600930020How can 1 post be so wrong?

>>600947293You're fuckin gay dude

>>600947293Stop being a faggot.

>>600929383holy airbrush batman, where is her pit?

Is she actually DECENT or it's just another random meme?I never saw so many "Y character oneshotting X boss" being made so fast

>>600945712I just lost the 50/50 and there's no way I'm giving these chinks my money after they fucked me like that, so I'll just save this in case I get lucky. Thanks user.

>>600949638She's actually great, high tier easily if not top tier>easy to build>shits out solid damage off field>buffs damage for the rest of the team>can be used as a battery with Fav Bow with no damage penalty to herself>cool dash that's great for the Abyss and the overworld

>>600949397At that point I don't understand why simps don't just make the jump to 2D.

>>600949638Almost every character in the game can one shot a boss. Even Barbara and she's a healer. Her charged attacks can do ~150k with proper buffs and gear. Some characters just natively do more damage than others without much effort and it looks like Yelan is one of them.


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>>600949869I'd honestly roll for her if I were close to pity or on guaranteed but, if I ended up getting unlucky, it'd take all of my primos to get her and I wanna save up for Sumeru, definitely planning accordingly for her rerun and I don't even wanna fuck her

>>600950181You don't, trust me.Most of them have huge ego issues.

>>600950169Go Barbara go!

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>>600949638She's good just like how being a 5* sucrose was a good thing because of how good she was. You lose stagger res and some healing for more damage and a much more fun skill

enka.network is open to public now

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>>600947293You're most likely a faggot, maybe even a potential tranny, but remember, you will never be a woman, make peace with that fact and don't do anything stupid

>>600949638She has massive single target damage, she's dirt cheap to build, and a 3* weapon or a free 4 star will perform as good as many 5 star bows, she's also functional at C0, so yes, she's really fucking good, as good as Raiden in single target

>>600929383>>600929483>>600930020>>600944236>>600947293why does she look like she fucks shotas?

>>600952045Because she does, duh?

>got a banner 5star in the last 20 pulls>decide to do a 10 pull on Xiao banner because I'm still superlow pity and I may use some of those 4star pot>actually get XiaoI'm..not even angry, but....is Xiao any good?No idea how to use it (ok, I just jump attack, but the team? the artifacts?)>actually get

>>600952397vv/glad or that chasm purple set is slightly better. No idea about teammates except jean maybe off field dps like xq

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>>600929383>cant wait to talk to this npc again

>>600952397What he said (>>600952787) about artifacts, the usual DPS stats (atk/Anemo/crit) BUT he does have some slight ER problems so you'll need a bit from either sub stats, weapon stat or worst case, ER sands. His best team AFAIK is Jean, Zhong and Albedo but Benny works too. For weapon I think it's usually the BP one otherwise Blackcliff or Favonius can work too.

>>600953942sadly I don't have a single one of those (excluding Benny)I'll probably put it into some semi national team with benny and XQ for now.I also have Kazuha, but I don't think dual anemo is that good

>>600955071Xiao needs a battery but Kazuha isn't a good battery for him.

>>600937993Is this girl of age?



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>>600955071Yeah, the problem with Xiao is that he's an unga DPS but his support options are quite limited, kinda similar to Geo DPS characters. Some other budget options I used back in the day are Diona (healing and shields) and Thrilling Tales Barbara (healing and atk buffing), you could even use them together for some Freeze swirls.

>>600950181I saw a cute one on the bus home from a con but was too timid to ask her out despite making eye contact and smiling at each other twice in a 5 minute bus ride. I'm still kicking myself.

>>600952397>>600955071Maybe these help:youtube.com/watch?v=d_g0b7jcJcshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0GXCwFK_Zo

I think we should have concentration camps made specifically for people who spend real money on gacha games

>>600956796there are much more retarded things to spend your money onyou just hate video games

>>600955723Dear lord

>>600956984I think we should also have concentration camps made for people who commission furry art. I assume there will be overlap

>>600956796>>600957245Spending money on things other than essentials is a sign of a healthy economy.

>getting unironically mad over how people spend their money when there are worse things out thereIs this how people in poverty express their jealousy?

>>600929383spent the last few hours testing her in the event and she seems pretty good. i'm leaning towards rolling but i don't know if i should now, though, seems like just another luxury.


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>>600929383I hate her. We're supposed to be a hebe board

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>>600929383Saving for Eula and Shenhe reruns.

for me its itto, hes been the best part of this event

>>600929483>>600944236It's a shame the devs forgot about her ever since Unreconciled Stars. I thought that she'd show up to talk about reading tea leaves or something in the bartender event at least.

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>>600959050She's going to be in the 2.8 event

>>600929383I'm enjoying Yelan. Forgot to save an R5 version of that 3* HP% substat bow though, so that's a little disappointing.

>>600947293Go to a con, you’ll meet many genshin cosplayers to have your fantasies

>>600959050She's 14 she can't drink

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>>600959050She gets her own domain event in 2.8

>>600959327That event was non alocholic coffee because muh mc can't drink. Plus she has a job she must be of age

>>600959327Depends on the drink.

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>>600959191>>600959367Well that's a relief. Still sucks that it took so long and now we won't get those cutscenes with her original costume.

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>>600960060I don't mind her new costume. It's fine.

Budding hebes > hags with breasts that are too big

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>>600929383I want to tickle her armpits until she cries.

>>600960292Hu Tao is in her 20s

>>600960416Hu Tao is 14

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>>600960597In your headcanon.

Yelan isn't sexy

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>>600945712>2 hotd + 2 totm is her best overalllmao

>>600961582t. coping with warbow

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>>600962119t. suboptimal burst damage and ER

>>600963210>burst damageBro your stringless>erBro your raiden

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>>600963504>>600963210>>600962119>>600961582t. retards with only 1 build

>>600963504Stringless belongs to Venti

BrosAny tips for Perpetual Array on the abyss? I'm thinking on using Raiden national but I always waste my bursts with the Maguu Kenki

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>>600963995I used this team. I'm going to bring electro traveler next time and remove Eula to help Yelan with her energy

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So what artifacts do I want for Yelan?What sets?

>>600964370HP/Hydro/CD4pc EoSF

>>600961470i disagree but respect your opinion

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>>600963995Rational. Bennet, Xiangling, and Xingqiu alone should be enough to bring Maguu down to 70% health and trigger his invuln phase. After that I use full Rational and shredded himNext reset I'll swap Xingqiu and Yelan

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Couldn't get gud to clear 11-3 onwards with Noelle.

>>600964782Isn't XQ better for Hu Tao?

>>600963995This abyss is fairly comfy, you can take pretty much whatever, I just slammed Euler into it.The first half of the chamber is a joke so you should have plenty of time for the second, burst not being ready should not be an issue.

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>>60096518236 star is a 36 star

>>600965357is it though?

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>>600963995First half is AoE spamSecond half is straight up damageJust get better at building your characters and stop wasting time needlessly. I don't even have good artifacts or 5* weapons besides the meme spine but I still used some of my favorite characters.

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I'm too retarded to figure out the tiem travel puzzle help


>>600965729that boob mole is dangerous for blueboards

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>>600966607Kill the sapling

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>>600966837She's dangerous for my hea

So how do you rate this event? unreconciled stars/10 or maybe better?


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>>600966908I really liked the quest, i dont like how it was timegated though, people who do it all in one go will like it a lot more

>>600929383I got Diluc C1 instead of Yelan, how do i make him good?

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>>600966908While it didn't really push the main plot forward (besides giving more proof that Paimon is related to Khaenriah) I loved it but I'm a Xiaofag so there's definitely bias there.

>>600966908I liked it. It was better than Inazuma's boring comiket where everybody got along with each other like boring assholes. I wish Xiao died

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