>make 99% of your fanbase wait an extra day for no reasonWhen will devs grow the fuck up?

>make 99% of your fanbase wait an extra day for no reasonWhen will devs grow the fuck up?

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My character's helmet is not showing. Is it a bug

>>600928859It's Blizzard, what do you expect.

Playing this on my phone atm. It's actually fun.

>>600929448enjoy wasting all your money, the microtransactions will be ramping up

>>600929448Mobile trash always is in the beginning, that's how they manipulate you. Just wait until the difficulty ramps up and you discover you can't get any decent gear without buying blizzbux and playing the slot machine.

>>600929842>>600930191Implying i will spend a dime on it. Kek, Also i am not gonna marry this game. Will do the main story and move along. Not gonna sperg and grind endless content for +0,01% power.Also if i hit a paywall i'll just quit. You guys should start taking those games less seriously

OP'S implication that 99% of the fanbase is waiting for this is funny.

People playing through the campaign are masturbating pretty hard about how much fun it is for "free" and how they are happily spending money cause they get their moneys worth out of the game. I mean, good for them I guess, though the way they talk sounds kinda fanatical, reminds me of that gay term "toxic positivity". They seem almost desperate in trying to convince people that they're having fun and that it makes sense to spend money on it.All of this is fine but no one is talking about the game itself, I've read hundreds of comments about the game so far and I still have no idea how it feels or holds up compared to other diablo games. It's nothing but "Oh my god it's free, this is so much better than I thought, it's good, good, good, good, the battle pass is so much worth it! Would gladly pay premium for the game!" It's weird.

>>600928859What time's it supposed to drop?

>>600931194PC version should be out in 3 hours. You can play right now on mobile though.


>>600928859Tired it yesterday, its another mobile game with diablo skin. Id say just ignore this and wait for d4, but i doubt it will be better if it ever comes out

>>600931396The human eye can't see past 30fps until Apple invents it

>>600928859after seeing the insane PTW elements involved thats a hard pass for me. its an even worse gamblegrinder than lost ark, and thats saying something

>>600929448First hit is always free.

>>600931482At this point I'm not even convinced Diablo 4 is ever going to come out desu. Especially if Immortal ends up making them a lot of money. They definitely won't maintain D4 like the maintained D3, that's for sure.


>>600931834If Diablo Immortal gets enough whales Diablo 4 won't exist, it'll be absorbed into Immortal. GTA5 did the same shit with no single player post release content and everything went to GTA Online because of the retards buying shark cards.

>>600928859Who the hell is actually waiting for this piece of shit?

>>600931181The true blackpill is that the Jews are right and the goyim really are cattle

>>600932313I have it installed on PC just to see for myself how bad the damage is. Apparently they're pretty in your face constantly wanting you to spend a dollar on the store when you do a mission or beat a boss. It'll be fun to make fun of for a day at least.

>>600931619>its an even worse gamblegrinderCalm down there, its close but no

>>600932680>he hasnt seen the nesting doll gem farmhooooo boy are you in for a treat

>bashing down the door to play a piece of mobile p2w crapblizzdrones everybody

Ah, brave warrior, you finished the tutorial. Would you like to buy this 800% increased value reward for your heroic deeds? You can only buy it once and it'll never be offered again, think of all the savings you're missing out on!

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>>600933101>You can only buy it once and it'll never be offered againits actually permanent so at least there is that

>>600928859They think it drives hype. It drives nothing but me away from your game.

>>600933101You wanna know what's even scummier? It offers these on every character you make. You have to buy it for EVERY character you make, it is NOT an account unlock

>>600933394You arent suppposed to make other characters competitively. Its not sustainable at all. You are supposed to play one and just class change when you want something new.

>>600928859Hss enemies stopped spawning for some people?I havent seen an enemy in a while nowI just want to complete the damn bounties.

>>600933101holy shit 800% increased value???? what a fucking deal!!!!! the big number makes me CONSOOOOOOOM

>>600932262Didn't Diablo 3 make like a fucking mountain of money?

>Preload because fucking love Diablo>Find out how predatory the game is>Uninstall because fuck P2W garbage

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>>600929448Is this an out of season april fools

ITT: poorfags coping

>>600935339It's not p2w bro??? You can beat all the content without paying and it'll only take you 8 years of playing 8 hours a day to get all the legendary gems for one build on one character, you don't even have to pay lol

>>600935123Sold like 20 million copies lol, before the console portDon't know how many shekels RMAH made, blizz ain't telling

>>600931181It's an even simpler Diablo 3 with no passives nor runes. Any semblance of a "build" comes from legendary items working pretty much how they did in D3.

do we get to play in two hours or not until tomorrow?

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>>600935123that was 10 years ago, time flies and things change

>>600935123On release. But they want it to make a fucking fountain of money for every year of its existence.

>>600928859Blizzard fanbase is a cück fanbase

>>600935508Damn just like what I did with Diablo 3?!

>>600928859>giving a shit about this>wanting to play this>making threads complaining about not being able to play thisDo the world a favor zoomer and hang yourself

>>600929842>>600930191>>600930654How bad is the MTX? I can enjoy the entirety of COD: Mobile without paying a dime

>>600928859It seems surprisingly decent, but I can't get into mobile games that try to be full-on actual games. Just doesn't work.Beat the tutorial and uninstalled. No idea how predatory the pay-to-win and such gets later on, probably bad if the leaks are to be believed ($100k+ to fully max out a character's gems)

>>600936149Well it's an ARPG, a genre designed to have grind the same content over and over and over again, improving your character and doing it better and faster.You won't be doing anything better or faster without paying.

>>600936149People are trying to shit on it as usual for a mobile game but never give a shit about autobattler anime gacha games that are way more predatory. But anyways. You'll still be able to do everything in the game without spending a dime. Don't fall for the PvP trap of getting curbstomped by an opponent who whaled so now you "need" to whale. PvP has a stat cap anyways so once you get there whales don't even matter and their legendary gems don't stop them from getting CC'd to death anyways.

>>600936450>People are trying to shit on it as usual for a mobile game but never give a shit about autobattler anime gacha games that are way more predatory.Could you quote these people?


>the reward for killing Leoric is literally the opportunity to buy a bundleYou can't make this shit up

>>600936589Cope with what?

>>600936450>but never give a shit about autobattler anime gacha games that are way more predatorynice head canon you've go there

>>600936261Systems like Renown and level 5 gems (which are 1/2000 drops from the cash shop, and can be fed into other level 5 gems for ultra-powerful gems) have been made to appeal to mega-whales as much as absolute possible.There's the usual amount of micro-transaction shit in the game for normies, but the mega-whales are the main target here, because there's literally hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of character progression to be bought.

>>600928859holy fuck, the monetization in this game is fucking insane. who is going to stay on for all this?

>>600936676Uh not just a bundle bro, a bundle with 570% increased value! Buy now!

>>600928859>blizzard>still having fansblizzard died years ago. move on. it will never be good again

F2P player here since the closed beta. You can do all content really easily in the game and you do not have to spend any money on it at all. Anyone telling you that you need to spend isa shitposter. Whales get no advantages in PvP. Whilst they do in PvE content, they get no individual awards from the leaderboards, instead the rewards are shared based on community progress.

>>600936676but it's great value..... you have just killed the boss, don't you want your reward? it's only a dollar bro


>>600936980jewish blizzard hands typed this post.


>>600937001>open the shop menu>big "Best value!" sticker on one of the bundles>$99.95Every time

>>600936980>the rewards are shared based on community progressSounds like commie shitI ain't downloading that

>>600936980I know for a fact you're lying, not sure why you would. Why bother if you like the game?

>playing this shit when D2 + mods exists for FREE

>>600937091>>600937095>>600937140>>600937269>>600937315Fags fear the truth

>>600936980prove it

>>600937165The sheer amount of money is staggering, I just don't understand why anyone would buy this. It's not like you're done with one of these 100 dollar EXTREME VALUE packs either, it's insanity. Who buys this shit?

>>600933101Just charge me for the fucking game, christ it's ugly to see this being shoehorned in after killing a "boss". It is a blizzard boss though so it's piss easy until your 90th run when the enemy damage multipliers start ramping up

>Holla Forums's first mobile gameThey grow up so quickly.

>>600928859>fanbase >blizzardyou have only yourself to blame

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>>600936450>but never give a shit about autobattler anime gacha games that are way more predatory.Those aren’t games, you retarded literal fucking teenager. Nobody ever plays those. Why there are so many of them or why any company would employ those “mechanics” is beyond me.

>>600937658>Nobody ever plays those.Holla Forums was literally sucking off Genshit Impact when it came out.

>>600937427but fags are the ones working at blizzard?

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>>600937548Its actually kinda cute, just look at them lol >>600936857

>>600932405that includes you tranny

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>>600928859>Playing a game with literal mobile game restrictions Do diabloniggers really?

>>600937894she's kind of hot

>>600937904Yes, I play very few mobile games. I really only have pvz installed for airplane flights. But reviewing the details of this game since Diablo interests me as a series, I am just shocked at all the bullshit.


>>600937439There is something really thrilling about dumping money into a game and expecting a fat return. What's worse is that after you get over the initial shame of doing it once, it becomes THAT much easier to do it again, and even easier the next time, and the next time. Then, once you've realized just how much money you've dropped, you face a dilemma-- if I quit now, then all of that money I spent was literally for nothing, but if I keep playing, I'm almost guaranteed to keep spending on it. The only safe way to avoid this is to stick to your fucking guns and never pay for ANYTHING! Mobile games are not intended to be meaningful experiences, they are designed for the sole purpose of killing time and (hopefully) draining your wallet. Don't give them money for this shit-- just play it until you get bored and drop it.>t. whaled for two games during lockdown before deciding to cut my losses and move on

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>>600937658kek trannies here definitely play genshin

>>60092885999% of the fan base. so thats what? like 6 people and one of them has a small amount of reservations?

I like to think the monetization can't get to me cause I physically don't own a credit card or PayPal or any other method of paying for blizzard's shitty game

>>600936149Your main stat gems come in 1-5 star ratings, you have 20% to get 1 star, and 2% to get a 2 star as a f2p user, and 0% chance to get anything better.

>>600938767You need to be 18 or above to post here

>>600938849This is wrong btw. Rare chests are more common yes for the 1-2 star legendaries. But as a f2p user you still have the chance to get a legendary chest with the 1-5 star legendaries. The only thing whales pay for is a guaranteed legendary at the end and even that can still be a shitty 1 star.

>>600938947>if you don't feel the need to rely on the banking system to get by in life you must be under 18!!!

>>600938849You can apparently get 1-3 of the legendary chest things per week as a f2p, but they aren't guaranteed to even have anything good.According to some maths done by anons in previous threads, on average it would take you 8 years to get enough of those free chests to get a full set of 5/5 gems for one character.

>>600939180actually yes, or live in a shithole

>>600939263Sounds about right

>>6009392638 years of 8 hours a day, I recall>23k hoursYou could max like 5-10 RuneScape accounts in that time.

>>600939263How long does it take for F2P on Genshin to get a fully kitted out C6 5 star character?

>>600939263>>600939408>8 yearsIn 5, when there's just a skeleton crew maintaining the game, I am 100% certain by then the gear caps will have been increased even further.You can't have the mega whales stop playing, there must always be more.

>>600939503Dunno, I don't play Gay Shit Infact.

Fucking scam game, did a dungeon in the graveyard, said Id get a random legendary for it, but I didnt.

>>600938143>he's kind of hot

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>>600939503From what I understand there's a pity timer of 80 wishes for a 5*. Typically you can only earn 1-3 a day as a f2per in my experience.And that's just a random 5*, to get enough to full max out the constellation of a specific one would probably not be feasible.

>>600939503If you also include the weapon I a quite sure it would take more than 8 years. You can use a single character in genshin though, at least not without being completely uselees. You run 4 characters at a time and endgame content requires a minimum of 8. Also thats by taking events and the like into account. The diablo number doesnt include those, which is idiotic since that will be the main source of them.

>>600928859don't you guys have phones?!

>>600928859do you not have a phone?

>>600939791Also, there's not really any reason to fully max out a character, no content demands it.I honestly don't understand why anyone pays money on Genshin, once you're done with the main content and are in "20 minutes of daily commissions and then log-out" territory, what's the point of further progression?

>>600939957I imagine like all mobile game launches the events will ramp up later on.

>>600933101>You have defeated this boss, and now you can BUY this extra +800% WORTH of shit for ONE DOLLARyou gotta be shitting me

>>600939791>1-3 a day as a f2per iIts ~31 a month with events, dailies and abyss included

>>600940226Its a one time celebration thing, its not that absurd>>600939791You only have a 50% of gettin the character you want, with guaranteed next time if you miss it

>>600940340I see, personally I no-lifed the game for a month or so, so I was earning a lot of extra gems and wishes through progression (quest rewards and such). ~5 wishes a day could be common until I burned out and quitGuess it'd eventually flatten out

>>600940340according to my stellar math if you fail the coinflip and hit the 90 pity every time it's like 34 months to get a maxed constellation 5 star if you get 31 rolls a month.

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>>600940520Its basically 6 months to 100% guarantee getting a character. The average is gonna be better though.

>>600940489>Its a one time celebration thing, its not that absurdMaybe? But for me it just spounds like>as a reward, we will give you an option to pay us moneyOn a second thought, it does sound absurd. But I guess people are fine with it, otherwise this practice of microtransactions wouldn't be so common.

>>600933101DOOD The VALUE!!!

>>600940489>Its a one time celebration thing, its not that absurdYou get them thrown at you every time you beat a boss.

Mobile and VR games are the future. All other things you enjoy will slowly be marginalized to niche genres. Normies will leave once that happens. Idk why anons are retarded and want to keep normies in their vidya.

>>600940838its a celebration thing, its not like they took away the boss drops, which are the reward, it looks way worse than what it is.

Immortal has given me the urge to play a Diablo-like, so I'm reinstalling PoEHope the current league isn't ass, haven't played since 2020. Gotta be better than this, though


>>600940963No, only every time you beat a story boss for the first time. They are literally celebration offers.

>>600940489>you reward is being ALLOWED to pay for something with real money>its not that absurdtake your meds

>>600941119>only every time you beat a story boss for the first time.Ah yes, only every time you kill a boss.Fuck off shill.

>>600941157Its not a reward though. Do you consdier holiday discounts as rewards?

>>600941243If you think those two are one and the same you have a bigger problem to worry about than a p2w mobile game

>>600933101i would rather pay a one off fee for a game any day over microtransactions.

>There are people in this thread so desperate for cash that they take dirty backhanders from fucking Blizzard of all people and try to gaslight a korean fishing forum into believing the game isn't p2w

Diablo immortal is p2w the same way Lost Ark is ironically.

>>600928859>playing mobile cashgrabs for no reasonWhen will gamers grow the fuck up?

>>600934608just buy more enemies

>>600941314it literally say in the very image that the purchasable pack this is a reward for saving worthamyou are such a mentally ill consoomer it's incredible

>these same people complained about stash tabs in PoEtop kek

>>600941541Even if it was b2p it would still sell cosmetics. And since I only care about cosmetics for me it saves me money. The cosmetics are also pretty cheap here because the main money source is power so it works great for me financially.

>>600933394Blizzard fans are retarded, they'll eat it right up.

>>600932262>If Diablo Immortal gets enough whales Diablo 4 won't existGood.Just leave the genere to Grinding Gear Games, they at least know how to make it good.

>>600942000>they at least know how to make it good.>3 dogshit leagues in a row

>>600942000>GGG>GoodI see someone hasn't played the last 2 leagues

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>>600937859/v/ warned me abouts its spyware. Only the characters and a few pieces of TECHNOLOGY (like persistent ballistics) were praised. The pricing model and chinese nature of it was begrudged

I heard that apparently it may take up to 7 figures to fully max out a character. Or at the very least, 6 figures, so several hundred grand.That can't be real, can it?

>>600942116are you poor?


>>600942116just make more money bro

>>600942116Yes its great, so expensive its circles around to not even mattering

>>600942069>>600942090What's 3 bad leagues on a 10 year timescale?Even the worst leagues are better than what D3 did.You're just burnt out on the game just like me.They desperately need PoE2.

What server are we rolling on Holla Forumsros?

>>600942215Yes, actuallyThere's a reason I exclusively play F2P games or games I've owned for years

>>600942318PoE2 is vaporware

>>600942116I saw some convincing calculations that if you have really bad luck it could take between 800k-1m to max out the gems for one character.>>600942318>Burnt out on the gameBro, they tried to force Archnemesis to core and they've had to patch it every 3-4 days since release and they're still going. It's not even the league that's bad now, they forced some god awful shit nobody asked for to core.

>>600942360I am too, I haven't earned a dollar since 2019.

>>600942360This, there is also a reason I play mostly mobile games

>>600942410>they forced some god awful shit nobody asked for to core.True.I don't think anybody enjoyed Bestiary league and I have no clue why they made it core.

>>600942069>whining this much about a free game that makes objectively the best ARPGsTouch grass

>>600942476Living in an age where nearly every game is "freemium" (especially on mobile) is both a blessing and a curse.If you want, you can play vidya all day without ever spending a penny... But it's probably going to be pretty shit.

>>600942528Bestiary is fine now, good even. The main problem was that you had to catch the beasts yourself but now Einhar does it.There's no amount of "fixing" they can do to make Archnemesis good. The mods are confusing and some of them straight up shut builds out completely. The only thing they can do is remove it, but they wont because that isn't Chris' vision.

>>600942576Is pvp in poe a thing?

>>600942692>simply paying $50 for a game and all it's features wasn't enough for jewish BA'smany such cases

>>600942345the countess

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>>600942730>Bestiary is fine now, good even.Nah, the rewards are absolute dogshit, except for for earlygame flask affixes and then some very lategame stuff.It's a waste of time and not worth bothering with.

>>600928859mobile and diablo is a match made in hell.

>>600942345I'm on The Worldstone, currently 34 Barbarian.The game is better than I was expecting it to be, but my expectations were near zero so that isn't saying much.I don't like it enough to spend money, so if I get paywalled ill stop playing.

>>600942823Fully priced games that include microtransactions are actually what I hate the most. In my opinion wow is way, way worse than Immortal. You pay for the game, pay for every expansion full game price, pay every month, and you still have to pay for cosmetics, what a joke, especiall in a game where the endgame is basically mounts and cosmetics.Not to mention you also need to pay for race change and the like. What a joke, whats even the point of a subscription lol

>>600942895Me too, do you have a good clan?

>>600943323clan? no I just want to beat the story

>>600943203WoW's true microtransaction crime is Tokens, they have made actual character progression (gear, achievements, BoP gear) buyable with real world money.It has literally become pay-to-win, just with a game currency in the middle to obfuscate things.>cash > gold > gear

>>600943537Baldy is quite cheeky for someone whose game is the worst of the bunch, although wow boomers overall like to turn a blind eye when shitting on other games

>>600943061Lack of rewards is one thing, but again I must reiterate that Archnemesis affects every part of the game, from the first rare you meet after booting up the game to T16 maps and it's straight up not fun at the best of times and unplayable at the worst.

>>600933101this is disgusting and completely destroys any chance of immersion

>>600943889Just buy some immersion from the store bro it has 260% more value.

>>600933101Fuck Blizz and fuck every one who plays and enables this shit. You're part of the cancer.

>>600943889Anon, you don't get it. Buying things IS the main experience, some people actually have fun with this sort of thing.

>>600931181>I still have no idea how it feels or holds up compared to other diablo games.It's Diablo 3, but abilities have cooldowns instead of mana/rage, and the entire game is designed around playing in ten minute chunks. That's literally it.Compared to another Diablo game, it's not *good*, but compared to basically every other Chinese P2W mobile game, it's fucking fantastic. There's cosmetics and premium currencies, but there's no "fatigue" system and you're not locked out of entire game mechanics unless you get a 5-star Waifu. The P2W mechanics just guarantee a legendary drop in rifts, and that's basically it. If it comes to a choice between this and literally any other Diablo game? Fuck no, non-mobile diablo is better, obviously. But a choice between this and, I dunno, Granblue Fantasy, or Girls Frontline or Genshin Impact or whatever? Then yeah, this game's great.

>>600929448I tried on mobile, but this kind of control scheme is complete aids to play for me

>>600931396You can turn down some settings to get 60FPS mode, if your phone is good enoughI've got an iPhone 10S, and I just had to turn the resolution down to get 60, and the screen's already small enough that I don't notice the difference.

I played for about 10 minutes and it's just a shittier Diablo 3 that works on a phone. Which is funny because Diablo 3 was just a shittier Diablo 2.The fucking state of this industry.

>>600945253Diablo 2 was shit too.

>>600933101How do they even calculate that 800% extra value? MTX games always do this shit, and the values make no sense to me. If you want to know the value of a single piece of premium currency, you need to divide it by every fucking bundle they have, and then somehow take into the equation the extra shit you get that's not premium.

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>we live in a world where Holla Forums is discussing phone games

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>>600945317I don't agree but that's okay God be with you my friend.

>>600945447/v/ has always talked about mobile games. Most of the plebs here play anime gacha games.

>>600945447I hope it's banned.

>>600945447and soon all the good little boys and girls will be whipping out the credit card to upgrade their epic diablo character.

literally d3 f2p but you can crossplay on your smart fridge etc saw only beggining tho, do you need to pay for rifts?

wtf cant even choose server?

>>600945667Pay for rifts? No.Pay to guarantee good drops? Yes.

I gave up after realizing how close the camera is and you cant change it

>>600945447>you now remember that >>>/vmg/ exists

watching people react to this game and how expensive it is to max a character, its like theyve never played a gacha before and this is somehow new information to them

>>600944919Nope Genshin is still has that exploration factor together with other stuff. It's basically a PC game really.

who plays blizzard games in 2022??

I simply cant believe that your REWARD for beating a dungeon is a CHANCE TO SPEND MONEY.holy shit.

>>600945447/v/ has been talking about genshin for 2+ years

>>600930654>Implying i will spend a dime on it.You're spending time on it, so are you saying...

>>600947682Jesus fucking christ

>>600945447>wasn't here for Holla Forums - Flappy Bird


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>28gigs on pc

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Shouldn't the PC servers have come on 10 minutes ago? What's the holdup

>>600948197YAS DOOD

>>600948235how much is it on mobile

It's only $100,000 to max your gear. What are you, poor?

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>>600948235>download on mobile>2GB*>* +10GB tip upon first launch


>>600947770everyone knows them, but it's always a good time to shit on them. it spells doom for the whole idea of gaming. those with the actual capital will chase genshin numbers at the expense of all else. we haven't seen the last of it.

>>600947771Genshin literally locks you out of content if you don't have the right drops, stfu

>>600928859I thought he was making one of those Japan weeb cafe heart signs those maids do for you., turns out it's just weird abs scales.

alright it seems im a old timer and this market is not for me anymore, what kind of a space engine phone do i need for that? i remember when i was happy i had the wifi function

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>>600947770Fate Grand Order, Girls Frontline, World Flipper most of the gacha games i ever touched never shoved 'amazing deals' after boss fights or getting back to main menu. Generally i also don't feel like i need to pay to progress in the games. Then again i dropped most of them except GFL and Blue Archive.

>>600928859>costs six figures to max out your character >or a decade of logging in daily I won’t even play the 20 hour story of this trash now

>>600948651My Pixel 4a (a 2 year old budget android phone) runs it perfectly fine, they're dirt cheap now.Any modern ~$200 phone should be able to run it

Euroserverchat is filled with idiots, who don't know how to open the map or inventory. The other half is racist edgelords.And Russians, lots of russiansDid Matt Uelmen made the score ? Sounds nice

>>600948831they kind of do, i mean half the home pages of gachas are a bunch of boxes with >RECRUIT BANNER>SICK DEAL>MONTHLY PASSjust because it doesnt popup doesnt mean its not there

When is it out?

>tfw already coding a bot to sell f2p accounts for a good start

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>>600948651The kind that plugs into the wall receptacle and has a standalone monitor. Mouse and keyboard as well. Maybe hdmi and some extra usb. One of those

this shit has facial recognition software in it for the ccp

>>600949014I guess i'm immune to those because it doesn't stop me from going to enchanting menu or other places. Fucking hate X-ing out for the hundreds of times. At least that was my experience with Raid shadow legends.

>Asmon literally, physically shaking at the thought of paying for powerSo these are the whales these games are for...

uninstalled. wanted to like it, feels like what it is - a shitty mobile port on PC. Might try the new season of PoE or fuck off and play some Stalker

Won't even start on Windows 11.

>>600949270Never wrong to play Stalker

>>600949396You should have known better than to install 11

>Blizzard fails at the player auction house in D3>years later they find success monetizing Diablo with gacha elements

Attached: Winnie.png (648x864, 706.22K)

>>60094945011 has been, no contest, better across the board for my machine. This is the only thing that has had even a hint of a problem.

>>600945378You aren't supposed to figure out these things by design. Most of these packages have items that can't be purchased directly and devs will overprice them just like they will overprice non-promotional purchases to convince players that these packages are a good deal.The whole thing is a game of its own, unlocking "great deals" via gameplay so you don't have to deal with the cash shop's inefficient funbux:cash ratio. Players will feel smart for using their money "efficiently" and will buy the expensive endgame packs because their deals are "even better" despite the higher price.

Attached: 1457098603102.gif (120x160, 826)

>>600949124will track down the kids who have addiction and place them in a camp.nothing of value was lost.

>>600949505There was literally nothing wrong with the auction house, i made some good money with it


Attached: 1512977062959.jpg (959x777, 156.71K)

>>600947682I didn't even know this existed

>>600948197You just gonna ignore his point?

>Start up Diablo Immortal>This appears in my volume mixer

Attached: 1624617900480.png (216x302, 7.17K)

>>600949881and what exactly is the bald one's point?



>>600950176CCP is listening.

>>600949881What point? That p2w is bad? Everyone knows that.What he's doing is advertising the game and trying to lure kids into gambling for Blizzard's benefit. Monkey see, monkey do, no matter how ironic the retard claims to be.

Attached: 1583572893.png (313x749, 260.86K)

>>600931181>"toxic positivity"wut?

>>600928859>game is banned in several countries for predatory sales modelswelp, thats not a good sign

>>600950380We call it marketing. E-celebs did the same shit with Lost Ark.

>>600950387its interesting that gachas are allowed but this isnt

>>600950343This. The funniest part is that most the money he's spending comes directly from his fanbase.

Why would you play a 3d game on your phone anyways? Wont it completely kill your battery?

>>600950482>blizzard created something even worse than gachas

Attached: how_the_jew_piggu_do.jpg (135x264, 11.79K)

>>600950679>he doesnt have the latest android with molten thorium reactor batteryhave fun on your ishit

>>600950709This has been pretty much the standard for Chinese focused mobile games and some KR games. You'll hear stories about people that have spent up to a million on their characters. Like in DFO, the NA server is only alive because of Chinese refugees who couldn't keep up with the absurd P2W in the Chinese version of DFO

Blizzard cultists mindlessly gobbling up P2W shit again, what else is new

>>6009420902 years*PoE has been going down the drain for at least two years now.

Damn the UI is so obtrusively huge on pc

I feel like even the diablo 3 on switch had more zoomed out camera than this shit

>>600951141I just don't understand why dumping money into a F2P MMO is so addicting to people though

>>600928859>install game>graphics on maximum>only 60fps, can't even use my 144hz screen full potential>phone still gets pretty hot and battery starts draining like a motherfucker>uninstallah yes, AAA phone games, i still don't understand why they exist desu

Is there a reroll guide?

>>600952109because they make money

>>600952109The Diablo3 group i'm worships the immortal right now. So there are definetly low bar enjoyers out there.I just stay at emulating Diablo 1 on my phone.

>>600938457that fucking sounds retarded, every purchase made by me for anything is heavily scrutinized, try being an adult more often

Attached: face.jpg (250x216, 6.18K)

>>600952367Why wouldnt they just keep playing diablo 3 instead

Maybe it was just the phone version, or just my shitty ears, but did Deckard Cain sound sort of robotic?He sounded like those AI voice generators, like we have for TF2 characters.

>>600952459its just your phone dying

>fanbase>phone gamelolOh also anyone notice how this game was EXCLUSIVELY advertised on google play due to blizzards fucking trashed reputation now? Shit was god damn hilarious

>>600935628That’s literally not possible. I’ve played and it already has more than Diablo 3. Diablo 3 is baby’s first arpg, Atleast this is mobile so there is an excuse.

i just watched a twitch streamer spend 40 dollars on a cosmetic2 seconds later he said it looks like shitproceeds to spend another 40 dollars on a cosmeticethis is why mobile games exist

>>600948959How are Russians not ip banned? Can't blizzard get into shit for that?

Can't even change a single line of code to accommodate PC

Attached: Screenshot_2.png (1919x1079, 3.2M)

>>600952109>download pc version>graphics>fps rate: uncapped

>>600940489>its not that absurdI consider it to be absurd. If any game tried to sell me rewards for beating stuff I'd uninstall that game immediately. I can't believe people are okay with this

>>600953078You are a third-rate citizen, PChud. Blizzard does not care enough to accommodate you.

>>600953017what is the point in buying cosmetics in a game where you can barely see your character

>>600953817clips.twitch.tv/MoistCourteousCheesecakeCeilingCat-URT74pBsL8zNcX13to support the devs

>>600939503You need 62.5 fates on average to get a 5* character. You need 93.75 fates to get one banner character with the coinflip mechanic.Fully f2p player gets ~70 fates per patch. Each patch lasts 6 weeks.He will need to save for 56 weeks to get one C6 character.

>>600929448Enjoy pissing away thousands of dollars

>beat the second zone>get another mad value 0.99 yuros offerDamn son this game is too generous

I don't give this company money anymore. They got enough with WoW over the years and they've turned to complete dogshit at this point. Disband this rotting carcass, please.

>>600954265fucking kek what were they thinking

>>600954664"holy shit we're about to make a ton of money from retards"

>>600952036In most cases it's just cosmetics and dress up, mounts and pets. Which is kind of understandable. The only people who get a kick out of powering up using money are whales because these games will never give you big upgrades for a small amount of money, you always have to spend big.

>>600954789fair enough

I doubted, bros... But I have to admit!Diablo Immortal is the BEST Diablo game of all time. Blizzard won this time! I can't wait to see what they do next with this gem.

>>600954957SO MUCH THIS! I just bought the Mega Value pack to show my support!

>>600936149It costs you over 100k to max out your charcter>>600936450This user is a blizzdrone shill faggot and should self-delete

>>600936980Why would you lie?

I was reluctant to spend money but it said 400% value that's just really good value so I bought it immediately so much value man

It's actually worse than Diablo 3. Holy shit. It's slow, ugly, and feels cheap and unpolished. What have they been doing the past 4-5 years?

>>600939048It takes literally 8+ years of playing every day to catch up to whales, fuck off.

>>600954004Holy fuck blizzdrones

Attached: 1626047468957.png (599x528, 308.79K)

Why would you play this over D:3, unless you wanted to play on phone?

>>600955427D3 is an old game that everyone has played

>>600955383it's a mobile game smooth brain

Why is there Chinese shit on the immortal game app?

Attached: F65E3E5A-77CB-438C-95EB-CC982EB1DE98.jpg (828x361, 61.34K)

>>600955690You know why.

Attached: 1651755539561.png (325x300, 75.91K)

>>600955427Diablo Immortal is the best game to come out this decade, if not all time. It's a flawless experience crafted by the studio that stands at the summit of game development. In the future, video game history will be divided into two periods: before and after Diablo Immortal.

>>600954004>buy battle passyes yes well done pay pig well done.... HOWEVER

>>600955794>there is a premium battle pass>there is also a SUPER premium battle passlmfao it's like a parody

>>600955938It is a parody but Blizzdrones are so far fucking gone they'll eat it up

>>600928859Publishers.Devs make the game, user. Their incompetence is shown in the game's lack of quality and balancing.Releases are on Publishers.Why should anything fix when even you, the person being critical, don't know how to hold the right people accountable?

>>600955690>why is there chinese shit on this chinese game app?It's a mystery.

>>600941106Devs are complicit at this point

>>600949881He has no point. We know it's P2W, finding out "how bad" it is by directly partaking in it isn't him showing us anything because we can already theoretically show the difference between a p2w vs f2p player. The only reason he said that is to justify his actions - Asmon is a fucking midwit

>>600954004>three paid tier of battle pass shit

Attached: ADVANCED_FAGGOTRY.png (399x600, 309.05K)

>>600948539You what? All the content in the game is available for everyone disregarding your characters and gear. If you don't have enough characters the events give you trial versions of the characters. The main rewards (primogems) are given for basically participating, you never need any high level gear to get them.Also shitton of events don't need any character or gear at all. They are just mini-games like tower defense, hide-and-seek, mixing drinks, creating ikebanas, etc.

The saddest thing about this piece of turd, is that it would make an insane amount of money, and have a massive player-base, which in turn would spawn more crap. Blizzard is long dead, if you can't see it you're either, stupid, coping, or you're too young to have known good Blizzard.

is anybody else having horrific lag when trying to use a controller on PC?i just want to sit on my couch and casually play on my big screen...

>>600954004Nigga what the fuck is this how is this real

>>600948539You don't even need to bother with grinding autism in Genshin let alone the gacha bullshit, you can beat the whole game at level 40~50 wearing trash you find on chests. The game is casual as all fuck.

Wanted to check battle pass so i googled it."How to buy battle pass." "How to access battle pass"I get it's mobile gaming, but good lord i can't believe how retard they are.

>>600956765i did some google and apparently the first tier is free, the 2nd tier costs $5 USD, and the 3rd tier costs $15 USD>season ends in 33 days 22 hoursI remember thinking it was ridiculous when COD had stupid grinding requirements to unlock skins for freenow people are literally paying just to get the chance to progress

>Ultra graphics mode not available for S22 UltraExcuse me?

why the fuck cant i play?

Attached: 1642168121829.png (298x241, 10.66K)

>>600957680God has smiled upon you this day and is protecting your soul

>>600957792well looks like satan did this thing bcause i restarted battle.net and now i can playLETS FUCKING GO

This is going to be my toilet game for a little while, nothing more. It's like playing the other Diablos but just stingy. You won't get much without paying, but you still progress.

>>600933101Fucking scumbags giving you the lootbox first and then charging you money to unlock it. I'm glad Holla Forums calls out this bullshit when they see it.

>knew it would be bad from the moment it was announced, as we all did>somehow a tiny vestige of my soul apparently had some hope it wouldn't be bad>try it out>it's absolutely riddled with mobile game cancer, as it was always going to beWhat a fool I am

Attached: 1470464086409.jpg (600x590, 68.13K)

Why is the gameplay so floaty and slow


Attached: 1636311779920.jpg (796x800, 233.35K)

you can get from level 1-30 in like 2 hours and then it completely stops unless you pay or grind

>>600957680You're dutch or from Belgium arn't you?

>Second day since the game came out>Already can’t find anyone to do level 40 dungeonsDead game

couldnt you just play titan quest if you really must play diablo game on your phone

>>600958342Mobile games are bigger than ever unironically

Which server are we rolling on, bros?

Attached: FUN_dCfWQAU8nLE.jpg (1280x720, 45.37K)

>>600955745Sold. Downloading right meow! Thanks bud!

jewish garbage

>>600958603yes because gamers are more brainrotted than ever if any of you actually paid for this shit consider killing yourself and your entire bloodline

I’m going to play this because I want to have a discount Avgn moment and yell at my computer

Mobile games are good.Check out Guardian Tales.

does it have autocombat?

>>600958813No just auto walk


>>600928859It crasehes on my Air 2

Glad to hear Cain's VA is getting work, if nothing else

>asmongold "unironically" buying everything that pops up

>>600928859I tried it for ~20 minutes. Too zoomed in and it's got nothing going for it for the pc version. I'll stick to D2

>>600959509im sure they reimburse him considering its his job to advertise that shit

$100 says the 1-year anniversary will either be Whimsyshire or the Cow Level.

>>600956920It's real because Blizzcucks are still alive

Downloading right now. I'm expecting the worst. Didn't died once in D3 on 'Hard'. Will put a stone on the LMB over night and it should be completed by tomorrow..

>>600959509That would make good content

This game is great value and the future of the Diablo series by Activision Blizzard. I can't wait for the announcement that Diablo 4 will be a timed mobile exclusive!Any other Holla Forumsros buying the extended super battle pass? It's great value!

>>600959509I have no idea how anyone can watch that mental midget

>>600959509>I'm protesting against Blizzard's P2W by giving them thousands of dollars!Fucking retarded grifter

it's garbage cookie cutter bullshitthey somehow managed to make a diablo game even more mindless

>>600959896wish it had autocombatclicking skills is retarded


>>600959882To play devil's advocate he's being ironic and pointing out how predatory this game is, I don't think boomer diablo players are aware of this

>>600933204kike nigger cuck

>>600949881>lmao i hate this haahah but its fun!!!>look at my cool skin haha it was 150$!!!>lol blizzard so dumb lets buy this battle pass hahai'm 110% certain that this is more effective advertisement than someone who doesn't "ridicule" the p2w aspect

>first quest objective is a progress bar for how far your character has walked across the map>there's a path of literal glowing footsteps to show you where to go to get QUEST COMPLETE and release that microdose of dopaminewhat the fuck

Attached: 1528665951537.png (240x228, 77.99K)


>>600960216nothing is predatorybattlepass basic is free, you can play to unlock the shitevery game that has a battlepass lets you pay to unlock ranks, i guess they are all predatory

>you only need to play 23376 hours to get BiS as a F2P playerWow!

>>600960462he's literally a millionair because of the company's games. if you think he cant spend a thousand bucks to make 10k off this stream you're a retard

>>600954004>>600955416>>600955794>>600956765>>600956920pretty standard battle pass system actually in most f2p games, the first tier is free and just gives you some garbage to make you look at all the cool shit you could have if you get the paid tiers


Attached: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.png (136x288, 55.35K)


>you unlocked boon of plenty!>click it>get thisIT JUST KEEPS GOING WITH THIS SHIT

Attached: Untitled.jpg (1918x1080, 610.61K)

this shit isn't even pretending to be a game anymore, it's just exploiting addicts and the mentally ill

>>600960761Only 9.99??? That pack surely has a value of at least 49.99! Buy it now gamer!!!!!

>>600960760theres nothing ironic about it you sperg. this is his job, he is very wealthy because oif it. its just an investment and I would be surprised if blizz wasn't paying him directly or refunding him after this advertisement stream ends

>>600960761they are copying genshit

>>600933101path of exile has better cosmetics that aren't just 1-character locked like this shit

>>600960889literal room temp IQ

>>600960761They really put every single way to monetize you in the game

>>600960761Jesus christ

>>600958249>Fucking scumbags giving you the lootbox first and then charging you money to unlock ithey, isn't that like team fortress 2

>>600960957and whats your take, that he is earnestly buying all these things because he is simply too stupid to know better? your stance is that he is losing money by doing this?


Attached: hitsdifferent.png (774x477, 540.91K)

>>600961045>>600958249and dota, csgo, lol

>>600961050>takemasaka.... is it really possible to go lower than room temperature??? are you in negative IQ??? are you black??

>>600961050His stance is that Asmongold is a shill and a hypocrite.>muh store mounts>whales thousands of dollars on predatory P2W games (Lost Shart and 暗黑破坏神不朽)

>>600960761>battle passes>"daily extra shit" subscription service>constantly "9999% value" pop-ups>overpriced funbuxI will "try" to ignore all of this if the game is somehow fun enough.>limited inventory, need money to expand itThis is an instant uninstall to me. Fuck inventory management.

Attached: 1399454196061.jpg (253x296, 18.92K)

>>600960216It stops being ironic the second you pay them a single penny.

>>600961267imagine being so set off by a single word you ignore the question, you bitchmade fucking faggot>>600961278maybe he should have just said that instead of trying to argue with me because I fucking agree

>>600928859>Clearing the Cobwebs bounty spawns 4 spiders every 10 minuts and you need 50 to finish the quest.Fucking bravo, Blizzard.

Attached: 1618860287962.gif (346x288, 971.72K)

>>600933101>800% extra valuebut this shit is worthless

>>600961527go back to Holla Forums,reddit or twitter. whichever hole you crawled out of, they are all the same to me, just go back there.

imagine being shocked and upset about a free to play mobile phone game having content locked behind predatory pay to win mechanics....

Attached: depositphotos_62329839-stock-photo-handicapped-student-working-on-laptop.jpg (1023x682, 101.02K)

What's the point of gold coins if there's stones and gems as paid currency?


Attached: 15873952789532.png (993x675, 974.63K)

>>600961637why? we are talking about video games. you implied hes buying these things because hes an idiot, I said its because its his job

>>600961045man I remember when they first did that. I literally couldn't understand what was going on because it was so outlandish

>>600928859>I can't wait to waste my money I couldn't save up due to the pandemic, and rich assholes wanting more. Take my pennies

>>600961845>you implied hes buying these things because hes an idiotno i didn't. >doesn't deny being a reddit/pol/twitter professionalhang yourself untermensch

>>600961690different uses, its like why does poe have 2 dozen currencies


Attached: shut-up-and-take-my-money-futurama-fry.png (1920x1080, 917.44K)

>>600929448Sure, Blizzard.

>>600961835this dude is happily playing the game right now and promoting it

>>600962005He's on Blizzard payroll and doesn't disclose it

>>600961927>UHH WHY ARENT YOU REPLYING TO MY GAY INSULTS???because i don't care, I'm talking about the dude who spent $1000 on a mobile game to turn a massive profit from his stream. Why do you want to change the subject so bad? realized we weren't arguing and want to feel like you won something anyway?

>>600962049I don't believe in God but I pray for samwise every day

>>600961616That shit is stuff any other game would give you for free as a progression reward and here they make you pay for it

>>600960761>€9.99poggers, that's not so expensive

>>600959751>fucking pecs

Attached: dea9ce510e9726e40bf7f866c344d4ce.jpg (462x203, 16.98K)

>Start game>Tap to play>Game crashesbravo blizzard, you have blessed us with yet another masterpiece


>>600962816He looks like a scummy gambling addicted rat

>>600960668>it’s standard to have multiple tiers of battlepass >free>premium>SUPER PREMIUM>on top of all the other P2W Kys shill

>>600962816>streamer gets streamer RNG/manually altered dropWOOOOO POGGERS IN THE CHAAAAT TAKE MY DONO

>>600962905>I can't wait to get ripped off next

>>600962972i don't know how any person could think this shit is real, he is absolutely playing a sponsored stream no matter what he thinks

>>600962972>dropActually he paid for it "ironically"

>>600962972If I'm going to donate it will be for people who need the money, not some faggot

>>600948007Speak English retard

>>600962905yes, it's standarddon't like it, don't play f2p games, which is what I do

>>600962972he got it from the battlepass he spend 150 dollars on

Mmorpgs are for low IQ people. They've all been beaten on the first 3 weaks of every launch.

god damnit this sucked so bad i resubbed to WoW


The sad thing is that this MTX-raped game has pretty good art direction and sound/voicework. The VAs actually sound like they give a fuck.

Anyone who pays for mmorpgs I feel sorry for.

I haven't even started the actual game and I already have negative impressions. Most of the character creation options are really ugly. I'm not expecting beautiful people, but it'd be nice to have options that don't look like mongloids. Theres sliders that don't really do anything but make you even uglier. I tried recreating the crusader lady from D3 but couldn't even make a character that looked white. Then once I got into the game I'm constantly looking at a portrait of my character that looks nothing like what I chose. Also theres some advertisement bot spamming the chat that I can't seem to block.

>it's just a gimped D3 with p2w garbage>it will be their most profitable game a year from nowwhat is the final solution to the blizzdrone question?

>>600963620killing them

>>600928859Just let ChinkEase track you, goy. It's for personalized experiences!

Attached: File_000.png (2778x1284, 2.08M)

>>600963113No, nigger it’s NOT standard. Stop excusing this shit as standard and self-delete. I’m tired of you apologist pieces of shit ruining literally everything you take even a passing interest in.


>>600929448Fuckin shills out in full force. Get fucked.

i dont know why anyone would play this on PC over D3 or even fucking lost ark. the port doesnt even have proper graphics options its pathetic

just found out maxing your char costs over 100000$. that true?

Attached: would you look at the date.jpg (750x673, 33.15K)

>>600964775Its RNG so its give or take. Technically the cost is infinite because there is no way for you to guarantee the things you need

>>600964557no it fits right in with the fortnite, v rising, and other streamer/fotm games

>>600964775what do you need a maxed out character for?

>>600964775If you have “average RNG”. If you have below average RNG then it costs more. If you have above average RNG then it costs less. Expect to pay six figures to max out your character.

>>600950380Just a new made up phrase for Holla Forums to cry about people not hating every game like they do

>>600964775Nah bro you don't need to pay a cent! If you play 8 hours a day for 8 years straight you'll be able to max out 1 characters gems on average.

>>600965027Kys shill

>>600965119pretending shit tastes like chocolate might be positive, but its definitely toxic

>>600931568Too bad iPhones are 120hz now huh, retard?

>>600965229do you have a maxed out character in any diablo game, with perfect prefixes?no?

cheat engine works

lmao desperate seething zeevies trooning out lying YET AGAIN about blizzard products. heres some facts:- the game is asmongold approvedall. you. need. to. know. cya ingame doods.

>>600943889>Immersion>Cell phone gameRetard they're made entirely around the idea of 10 minute spurts of play, not immersion

>>600944868>FUCK Blizzard for doing exactly what every single mobile game does!Go back to r/pcgaminggaming with your Blizzard screeching

>>600948235Wait this is on PC too?

>>600965783thats after you finish the story

>$50 dungeon runs with 10 crestskek even gacha games are not that jewish.

>>600948382Looks to be like 10-13GB, it's all split up into downloads for each area so I can't just check the total install all at once

Attached: 5.png (2778x1284, 2.64M)

This is just making me play path of exile againGive me a fun build for this league

>>600966148>download rewardsThis just keeps getting better with every screenshot posted.

played about 10 minutes and this just makes me want to fire up diablo 2

>>600959509I would too when I can say "Hey chat pay for these" and not a cent comes out of my bank

>>600966321>PoE in its current stateYou'd unironically be better playing Diablo 3.

Diablo Immortal is the next step in mobile game evolution. It has done was other cannot, delivering high quality PC like gameplay to the small screen! Blizzard has had much controversy in the past but I believe they have done the needful with this particular game!

Attached: 1653516279450.png (430x389, 64.49K)

does necro ever get more than 2 skeletons or should i uninstall already?

>>600966656>PC like gameplayno, it delivered mobile gameplay to the PC

>>600964775>Posting a literal cuck

>>60092944810/10 bait user

>>600965754based, having lots of fun with this game.

>>600966668you get 2 skeletons and a big skeleton mage, its optimized for mobile so nothing more than that. just uninstall already, "Diablo 3 but worse and paywalled" is not worth your time.

>gems need other gems to upgrade>at one point you need dupes of those gems plus gems you burn for the upgradeThis game will make millions because of retards.

If only I had a phone

I'm reading on reddit that everything you buy is linked to the character and server you play on. Is that true? What a scam!

>druid voiced by Advisor from TWWLove that old lad

>>600965229Answer the question. Nobody maxes anything in Diablo. There are people who've played D2 for decades and haven't bothered getting characters to 99, it's exponential grind for essentially 0 gain to go over 90

>>600966915good thing its on pc :)

>>600966321Seismic Trap

>>600967068but sir you dont understand, you NEED to spend that 100k for an additional 1% damage reduction or your character isnt viable or competitive

>>600967068People never really max them, but the point of the genre is the journey to maxing your character, seeing your build get better and better, improving bit by bit and seeing the results of your grind pay off.Why would anyone bother with that when it's drip fed to them at a snail's pace OVER 8 FUCKING YEARS unless the pay?