The greatest female villain in all of video games

The greatest female villain in all of video games.

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>>600927447Post her panties


Is the game scary?


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>>600927447>>600928985God. Diana is so freaking cute and charming I just want to hug and kiss her for hours.

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>>600927447I got filtered so hard by the gameplay. Should I just watch a playthrough instead?

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>>600930073What is the gameplay? I'm planning on trying this on my Series X

>>600928985First girl is classySecond looks way too pure, wouldn't trustThird is obviously evilFourth seems like a normal girlLast one has a misproportioned head that looks like a 30 year old head was stapled on a 12 year old body, creepy as fuckI choose to leave because I don't trust any of them at all

>>600927447Diana isn’t a villain, she was misled by Wendy, the real villain.>>600930073It feels more satisfying to play it through yourself. But definitely use save states as the game is almost unplayable otherwise.>>600930195The gameplay is horrendously bad.

>>600930195gameplay is just silent hill 2 but the girl is weak and a scared person so she takes probably twice as long to wind up and hit something making battle frustrating at times. Its especially evident on some boss fights. But would i call it hordendous? or downright boring? No. she controls the way she is written perfectly well if you ask me. Its just memes at this point to parrot the whole "its so bad" when talking about the gameplay.


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>>600930871>No. she controls the way she is written perfectly well if you ask me.Okay, but its still hot garbage to actually control.

>>600928568At the beginning yes, like Resident Evil scary, then it gets weird, so its Silent Hill scary. Then it just gets super depressing and sad. Great game, should get a remaster that makes the combat better.

>>600931061i never experienced her doing anything i didnt want her to do. Only thing fustrating about this game is the slow attack speed, she isnt a person that would want to attack even to save her life. But does she turn backwards when i want her to go the other way? no. Does she do other actions when fighting a monster no. She controls well, just she is not a action hero and game is better when people stop assuming that.

>>600927447It's like one of my Japanese Yuri doujins about bully high school girls that bully the female MC...

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>>600931312Does the gane have 180 turn? I cant remember, that should always be there for tank control games. Also maybe make walking backwards a little faster to get some distance from enemies. Also attack speed should be a little faster, and have a little more punch to it. I wish this game was remastered and released with just soke gameplay fixes, its a real hidden gem and i think it would do better than its original release nowdays.

>>600928985also the gun in the pic and opening are so misleading. You probably get the gun in the last 5-10% of the game

Wipe it clean, user.

>>600931626And when you finally get it there’s barely any bullets for it and it also incredibly weak.

>>600931061She controls fine its just her animations are really slow compared to your usual horror protags. The problem is the enemy hitboxes, it just shows up randomly and even a simple swing attack the hitbox seems to cover an entire meter area


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>>600933028>retarded pedo coomer>vthis is a surprise how?

I remember it being obnoxious to play even when it was new. Everything else about it is interesting though.

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>rule of rose still goes upwards of $800 physical on eBayWhere the fuck is my remaster you atlus dogs?

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>>600928568Not really. The gameplay is just annoying rather than tension building, the atmosphere is more whimsical than scary, and the story is just sad as fuck.

>>600933492>stillWhy would it go down? Also just download the iso

>>600928985>Lambdadelta before she was a witch


>>600927447>>600928985How did she manage to be such a strong, cute, and charismatic Stacy in such a young age?

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>>600928568Its more sad than scary. There are a couple of very strangely presented situations that might get to you if you have some very specific phobias or baggage. I guess in a way its scary simply because when you strip away the artifice and fantasy from the story its about a bunch of awful things that can and do actually happen to people.

>>600930490You made a smart decision with 2

>>600934479>Lambdadelta before she was a witch

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>>600931626>>600932294To be fair, its the only weapon in the game thats actually plot relevant.

same VA

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>>600927447She isnt even the main villain.>>600928985I want to protect the autistic one.

>>600937441no friggin' way

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>>600936669rape trauma. had the option of either breaking down or getting tough, and she made the right one.

>>600927907Diana Curtseying

Did anything in this game actually happen? It gets pretty confusing at the end, obviously like more than half of it is she remembering the events, but nothing at the start of the game could have actually happened either, or did she just visit the orphanage and then went on a mind trip she eventually woke up off

>>600927447Not even close

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>>600927447>>600928985>>600929976>>600931535>>600932983>>600936669>Diana is such a giga Stacy that she doesn't even wear a bra while walking in a long dress all the timeDammm

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>>600927447So I recently started playing this due to the last thread and it's really weird how the opening mansion has a lot of useless rooms you can explore, with the only reward being one diary entry in one room. Also the game is weirdly selective on which lines are voice acted and which aren't.>>600931605The game doesn't have tank controls.>>600933492Onion Games own the rights for it now so you better buy their games in Steam and the Moon RPG remaster!

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>>600938026trip caused by survivors guilt

>>600938026Everything actually happened, though obviously in a much more mundane context. Jennifer goes back to the orphanage and basically has a series of flashbacks to her time there after she survived the zeppelin crash and was rescued from Stray Dog by Wendy, forming the Red Crayon Aristocrats, etc. Basically just reconstructing the events leading up to Wendy getting everyone killed.

>>600938638I bought Moon RPG at full price

>>600938550There's a pretty big chance that she probably doesn't wear any underwear at all.

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>>600931751But what? Tears when I play this game every time?

Back of the knee maybe?

All the sexual deviancy present in me today was developed by this game, i'm pretty sure. Playing this as a kid may not have been the right move.

Thinking of emulating this for spooktober. Is it good? The trailer theme was great

>>600939157Kek, the first thing I tought about when I saw this pic >>600931535

>>600940727The start is scary but it gets more depressing as the game goes on. Its pretty heavy on subject matter, not really a comfy play desu because of how sad some stuff gets.

>>600940727Everything about the game is great except the actual gameplay itself.

>>600941195horror games aren't supposed to be comfy you fucking mong

>>600927447>greatest female villain>implying all females aren't villainsokay.

I am really curious about how the remake of Rule Of Rose done by modern Atlus and studio "Zero" would look like.

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>>600927447This game deserved far more than it got. It a travesty what happened to it and it’s devs. Once again a case of journo’s being retards and ruining everything.

Jennifer was such a dime

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>>600928985Short black hair little girls are my weakness

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>>600941746Dont call me mong. Also SH3 is comfy.

>>600928985Elenore is so cute, funny, and elegant. She's like a mysterious delicate flower. She always looked and felt like the only normal girl.

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>>600943431Isnt she the one that got abused sexually by the janitor?

>>600943879Not him. But I think you’re thinking of Clara. Elanor was just autistic.

>>600928195She doesn't wear panties you dum dum

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>out of blue, TWO rule of rose threads in a row>almost no one is talking about the game. everyone just came here lewding little girls.why are you like this?

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>>600927447>I can fix her

>>600927447>loli villainsI wish we had more of these

>>600948131It’s very disconcerting considering the games subject matter. I would marry Jennifer though.

>>600948131>lewding little girlsWhat are you even talking about? Are you the one twisted individual who writes all those ridiculous, dirty, and inappropriate posts that are accusing other people of them having dirty thoughts regarding prepubescent girls? You are ridiculous mister. All the people here are simply taking a part in a conversation about charisma, charm, and cuteness regarding those young heroine ladies. There's literally nothing remotely wrong with that.

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>>600949143you can't marry a child, or a corpse. especially child corpses. she was also a manipulative sociopath.

>>600950156Jennifer isn’t a child nor does she die. Also Jennifer is only guilty of curbstomping the bitch Wendy.

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>gets cucked from her girlhusband by a dog>proceeds to manipulates an actual pedophile serial killer to kill and torture herwhat the fuck was her problem?

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>>600950821I think it’s what the kids call being a “girlboss”

you guys need to kept FAR away from muh keeds

>>600950453>my brain autocorrects Jennifer to Diana.I blame that smile… damn female child.

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>>600951283Is this a bot post?

>>600928985She seemed to be so pure, innocent, and virginal...

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>>600951431Diana feels like one of the most depressing characters in the main cast. She just wants to wrestle an iota of control over her life. Which is why I can never understand people who further sexualize her. But, Jennifer just clearly needs help and support.


>>600952261Jenussy breaks a nigga

>>600951629I don't support the disgusting yuri relationships built on domestic abuse or abusing submissive kohai girls in general but I do agree that purely evil and dominatrix-like girls who lived through bad experiences are always the best and the most capable in life.

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>>600952996This, Wendy would’ve probably become some instagram influencer or something.

>>600952554Diana is both old and smart enough to understand what's really going on. yet still incapable to change anything. she's both fascinating and frightening about her maturing. yet the only parents figure she had is a pedo. honestly all these kids deserve better.

He deserved better, jesus christ I fucking hate how cruel children can be without even realizing it.The scene at the end with him as a puppy in the shed made me tear up

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>>600953608Yeah, it’s really horrifying to imagine the position she’s in. Her and Clara really got it the worst.

>>600940727The story and themes are fantastic, and like the other user said stuff gets real heavy when you mix the child characters with themes like pedophilia, mental illness and serial killers. It ended up causing a panic in Europe back in the day and got banned because boomers thought the gameplay involved about beating and raping children, along with an implied lesbian scene at one point.As for why the gameplay is so bad, its not just the design but also the coding. You have to deal with an extremely slow walk speed in a massive environment, its very easy to get lost and wander about in pointless rooms because unlike Silent Hill all the doors are unlocked and the majority of enemies attack in musou esque mobs with you having a fork as a weapon. This is all magnified by inconsistent hitboxes, getting stunlocked by seemingly nothing and feels like the game is fundamentally non-functional especially during the boss encounters where you're forced into combat. You have to be abnormally patient to put up with this shit, I ended up dropping the game at the vomit boss and watching the rest on youtube.

>>600948131There’s not much to discuss unfortunately. One of the biggest problems I had with the game was that while it did deal with some heavy subject matter in a very respectable way. It didn’t really say anything or really have interesting themes, which is why it’s hard to have a meaningful discussion about it.

>>600952996Rusalka is a Goddess

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>>600927447>>600928985>>600929976>>600931535>>600932983>>600936669>>600938550>>600939974>>600942343>>600943234>>600943431>>600946078>>600948131>>600949581>>600950453>>600950821>>600951431>>600951629>>600952261To think they almost got away with it.

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>>600952554>Jennifer just clearly needs help and support.>only survivor of the air crash>kidnapped and forced to RP by a psychopath>runs to an orphanage to be physically and psychologically abused for months>witnesses mass murdereven after the events of RoR the misfortune wont stop there as WW1 and the great depression will follow.Jennifer truly is an unlucky girl

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>>600930195>I'm planning on trying this on my Series XYou can do that?

>>600927447probably true since Edelgard is a protagonist.

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>>600928985One of those is confirmed used goods.


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>>600960607It runs Retroarch and everything up to the Wii.

>>600930073Use cheat codes.

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>>600959082The airship was bad enough, but I’m sure most of them at least had families to mourn them. I can’t imagine living with the constant knowledge that you are the only person who knows those poor kids even existed. All the shit they went through, who they were and what the shit did fucked up as it was. It’s all on Jennifer to remember because if she doesn’t it’s just gone.

>>600962795*what they did

>>600954353Any other horror games with a dog companion for the majority of the game? Off the top of my head I can only think of Haunting Ground.

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For me? It's Eleanor.

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>no one posted best girl yet

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used to play it about once year but started to memorize it. I think its been close to 3 or 4 years now. I should play it again soon. Will probably feel fresh again

>>600963815what was this chicks issue? what was her illness again? or just getting a period or some shit?

>>600963815This was the most jank boss fight I've ever experienced>>600963949molested/raped by Hoffman

>>600928568It's got a creepy feel to it like a Del Toro or a Burton movie but its not going to give you nightmares. Stray dog is a pretty disturbing character.

>>600964049you get the lead pipe with extremely good reach shortly before. But your supposed to switch back to the butchers cleaver i think it was . I didnt know this and this fight was long as shit

>>600927447Best way to emulate this?That PS2 one?

>>600964049so were the other staff covering up the truth? mustve been obvious

>>600963815unused voice files of Clara. god damn it hurts to hear…

>>600964837this game is dark as fuck

>>600958153can anyone post the picture of the xbox avatar ToT over Lady Primrose

>>600933403what movie is this shot from?

>>600964395The orphanage is pretty isolated and the only other staff is Martha who probably would've just been fired had she spoken out but that's never expounded upon. It's important to remember the game's story is relayed as Jennifer remembers it from when she was a child, which is why she interprets thing in a weird way, like Clara being a mermaid, because when she first saw it as a child she didn't understand what she was seeing.

>>600965848what was she seeing, you have me hooked, no pun intended

>>600958153>>600965786Here you go.

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>>600927447she was raped


You are not going to tell anyone right?

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Could I get a story manifest on this game. I've seen playthroughs since I don't wanna spend or emulate it quite yet. But could any of the scholars gimme a spoiler rundown of events?

>>600965831 Penda's Fen it recently got an HD re release along with a bunch of other folk horror titles because of Severin films (though Penda's Fen's case BFI already had an HD scan of the print it wasnt available outside the UK I believe) you might recognize this shot

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>>600966562I wonder if the whole Joshua thing would have been considered offensive or tasteful to normies if it were released in today's environment.

>>600930073git gud

>>600967013It was all a dream

>>600966005we simply don't know? they are many theories about the mermaid. Clara could be see naked and only cover her legs up with a blanket when she's with the Hoffman. she is bound by rope, which could symbolize her inability to escape or BDSM. the tied legs may also symbolize her trying to "close her legs together". or even to not have a "organ" for Hoffman to violate in the first place, which is why both she and Diana wants to becoming a mermaid.