Went back to this after Elden Ring, and it's just so bland and empty

I know the most mentally ill spammers on this board go apeshit when you say things like this, but it's the honest truth. It felt relaxing for a bit, sure, but Hyrule just feels utterly soulless compared to the world in Elden Ring. I hope they can make some major improvements to the variety, character, and personality of the world in botw2 because sheikah gimmicks only go so far.

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the majority of Holla Forums dislikes zelda: botw.

>>600925267I went back to BotW after playing Elden Ring and it just blows my mind how moch more alive and immersive BotW's world is.Its frankly fucking astonishing that a 6 year old Wii U game on toaster hardware from 2010 looks positively NEXT-LEVEL compared a to a brand new title running on modern 12 teraflop super consoles.

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to be quite honest its not like you have anything to do after you beat bosses in elden ring

Somebody post the "Let's fight somewhere empty"

>>600925267I honestly had the exact reaction, Inliked it even more after finishing ER.I guess we have different expectations.

>but Hyrule just feels utterly soulless compared to the world in Elden RingYou can't tell me this with a straight face because Elden Ring is easily by far the most soulless bland piece of crap Fromsoft has put out in their souls era.The open world is terrible.Hyrule is full of shit to do. Elden Ring is like Fromsoft took all the worst parts of their previous games, none of the good parts from Sekiro and combined it with garbage western open-world game design, which together becomes even more crap because of From's minimalistic approach

Here begins the daily BotW seethe thread I guess.

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It’s not even relaxing. Wind Waker was relaxing. This game was somewhat eerie.

>>600925793Not an argument.

>>600925538>>600925267I don't know how people can give these cinematic experiences such high ratings. I had nothing but revulsion for the NPCs and the obnoxious excuse of a "story" that's force fed down your throat. When I want to violently hurt every single character in your game, including the friendly NPCs, then you've failed to endear the world to me. They make the fatal mistake of assuming that I care about these pieces of code given form with polygons. If you are an NPC, you are only as good as your function in the game, and if you're just there for flavor text, like 99% of the NPCs in BOTW and Elden Ring, then you don't deserve to exist. You are wasting everyone's time.>B-BUT I NEED LOREGo read a book and stop polluting video games.

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Nintendies on suicide watch

>>600925267>but Hyrule just feels utterly soulless compared to the world in Elden RingNot in comparison to elden ring, in comparison to literally every other open world game. And that was the complaint from day one.Not sure where youve been user.

They're both just computer games. When people compare games like this to shit on one of them I just assume they want attention. Not sure why they need it so much that even negative attention is worth pursuing.

>>600926041Stop polluting this board with your shit taste, rank laughable opinions and psychotic behaviour ACfag. Go play that like little 2D indie pixelshite game you love so much. REAL video games aren't for you.

They had to delay BOTW 2 because Elden Ring raised the bar on what a Japanese Open World game should be.Thank you based Miyazaki.

>>600926041Maybe you should play Pong or SMB1 if you are this fucking autistic

>>600926324>>600926245>you want gameplay in your game? >lol that's stupid, games should just be giant walking simulators that force feed you lore and exposition, the story is clearly the most important part of the game!

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>>600926301Elden Ring couldn't even top BotW by any metric lmao.BotW2 is only trying to get to the bar raised by BotW.

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>>600925267I realized that 10 hours into BotW, no Elden Ring needed. Coming off all my initial hype, my love of the series and the high that was the plateau, I wanted to keep giving the world a chance for far longer than it deserved until I dropped it about 30 hours in. Just a super disappointing game outside of a few rare moments.

>>600926417>Incredibly accessible casual nintendo game reviews better than gritty challenging from gameWow, this really tells us a lot about society.

>>600925267I know it's the truth.best exploration ever made and they made it as deep as a puddle. it was missing the discovery Zelda was always known for.Imagine BoTW but there were huge sprawling dungeons hidden around the world with unique gameplay changing items hidden inside them.Yeah, that's the best game ever made.


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>>600926417>Elden Ring couldn't even top BotW by any metricDelusional.

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>>600926404Both BotW and Elden Ring are light on story telling you fucking weirdo. Implying that video games shouldn't tell stories is fucking laughable. Did you lose your shit when you got told the Princess was in another castle?>REEEEEEEEEEE! SNORT! GAH! FUCKING CINEMATIC CUTSCENE IN MY BIDEO GAMES! HALP! MOMMY GET ME PONG!!Go play your laughable 2D indieshit pixeltrash ACfag.

>>600926417can we please ban these ESLs already

>>60092526730 hours into ER I came to the realization that I'm just going to have to force myself to play BotW2, because there's no way it can even come close to ER.

>>600926041soitier post


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>>600926593>available on 9 different platforms>already in the bargain binsCan't outsell a game which sold 30 million on a single platform and still sell millions each year at FULL PRICE 6 years later.Embarrassing really.

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>>600926741>>600926672>b-but they're light on storytelling>NO YOU CAN'T TAKE OUT THE STORY THAT RUINS THE WHOLE GAMEthen it's a cinematic experience.

>>600926556Yeah the traversal options are great and all, they kept me engaged on a second by second basis, but there's absolutely nothing memorable about the world itself, and so the adventure is the most basic bitch soulless trash ever. It appeals to turbo autists bc turbo autists have no eye for anything beyond gimmicky game mechanics, they can't think about the sum of all the moving parts, they have no concept of the bigger picture. Just utterly soulless.


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>>600926943>out of arguments>soijacks come outA tale as old as time.

>>600925793>"leave alone the multi-billion dollar company"

Why is botw a good open world game?

>>600926996Tell us again how Super Mario World is "Cinematic Garbage" because it has a two second animation when you enter a castle.That always cracks me up. Go play PONG lma0o

>>600926593>comparing multiplats to a game on a single consolewe should at least divide elden ring sales by 3 to make it a fair playing field

>>600927108>Why is botw a good open world game?Freedom and Player Agency in a living breathing dynamic and systemic ungated world.Its quite the recipe for a grand adventure.

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>>600925681>>600925538Cram it, fatsos. Blindly loyal Tendiemanbabies with no standards at all like you are the cancers infesting Holla Forumsintedogaf.

>>600927119According to you, removing these elements would completely and utterly ruin the game. Therefore you have no faith in the gameplay itself.>>600927231>freedom and player agencyExcept when you want to deviate from the cinematic story lol

>>600927108It showed its potential on the plateau with the progression, traversal, variety, challenge, and intuitive physics and puzzle solving in the terrain.And then it promptly squandered all of that with a world ten times bigger than it should've been loaded up with a shitload of near worthless copy pasted content that you had already seen on the plateau.

>>600927231So elden ring?


>more and more people realizing that Botw is nothing but an empty world with nothing in itGlorious.

>>600927278Unironically what is your favorite videogame? I'm assuming you are just baiting, but if not, what videogames do you enjoy? Fucking pong?>Bro the heckin gameplay and story CANNOT complement each other. says a fucking Holla Forums retard

>>600927108It isn't

>>600927417Take a guess what my favorite video game is.>story cannot complement gameplayNo, it can't. Not unless you enjoy watching 50 hours of cutscenes.

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>>600925681>Hyrule is full of shit to do.Everything leads to the same item. EVERYTHING is a Shrine that gives you an orb. At least in Elden Ring you get a weapon, a spell, a summon, or a special attack.

>>600927278>Except when you want to deviate from the cinematic story lolWhat story are you talking about lmao. You don't need to do jack shit in BotW if you don't want to.>>600927365>So elden ring?No. Elden Ring's world is utterly sterile.

The way all of you argue is fucking embarrassing.Yes, you.The person reading this who has posted in this thread.You're a faggot.

>>600927489>press skip cutscene>still enjoy the gameplay that was already thereWoah

>>600927108Its a really bad example of copy pasted content in an empty open world.

>>600925267so this is this generations new vegas > fo3?

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>>600927373It's not even that there's "nothing in it", it's that there's no variety. The entire game is just Axe, Spear, Sword with basic attacks.

>>600927489>story cannot complement gameplayImagine being this pathetic shallow. Do you just turn games off when you beat the final boss? Can't have any of rancid storytelling!lmao why do hate video games so much? You only play sad little 2D pixel art games.Its like listening to a retard who only watches National Lampoon movies trying to critique world cinema. Your taste in games is as shallow and vapid as you are.

This is the peak of video games according to tendies.

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>>600927552It's not even unique. >500 "put the boulder in the hole in the ground" puzzles>500 "pick up the rock to find the korok under it" rewards>500 "run from point A to point B under the time limit" minigamesAND IT'S ALL AGAINST THE UGLIEST MOST SOULLESS UNINSPIRED BACKDROP OF ANY OPEN WORLD GAME EVER MADE

>>600927735>The entire game is just Axe, Spear, Sword with basic attacks.Absolute retard lmao

>>600927570You're a bald millennial with nothing to show for the 30-odd years you've been wasting oxygen on this planet :)

>>600927564>What story are you talking about lmao.Having the mandatory tutorial forced down your throat, for starters. It even has stupid cinematics inbetween the shrines just to nail it home that you're nothing but a glorified errand boy.>>600927584>step over pile of dog droppings>still find it utterly disgustingYou're not fixing the problem. You're just tacking a bandaid onto it.>>600927771>Do you just turn games off when you beat the final boss? When the final boss is fun, I don't need anything else. I can quite literally turn the game off the moment I beat a boss in a good shmup. I don't need end credits or an end cutscene. Remind me again, wasn't BOTW trying to teach gamers that the journey is just as important as the destination? But now you need some keys jangled infront of your face just so you'll keep playing? come on bro.

>>600927790Sad dishonest schizoid shitposting for 6 years straight. The person who made that webm literally had to set that up. 1) you will almost NEVER fight Bokoblins one-on-one. They're always in groups 2) this means that the player systemically wiped out the rest of the camp, leaving this one archer - who was no doubt shooting at him the whole time 3) then the player PUSHED the archer off his platform (you can see it right behind the Bokoblin). The enemy has literally been artificially removed from its static spawn location. And now this schizo tries to pretend this set up is reflective of normal combat interaction in the game. Its pure seething manifesting in mental illness. But you already know that, don't you? Pic-related is what actual normal combat looks like.

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>>600925267Elden Ring is no better.Both these game fucking suck. Both of them are large, empty fields and the same small handful of content recycled way too much.>>600925538Shut up Tendie. You're astonished the switch can play a shitty, ps3 era looking game at less than 30 fps?

>>600927856Tell me how swords, boomerangs and wands differ in movesets.

>>600927919Holy shit I kneel. You are the most autistic person I have ever encountered on this board

>>600927935but the goblins still stand there like retards as you whack them

>>600927967>Elden Ring is no betterThe world is far richer in Elden ring and that makes the first time exploring it far more rewarding than anything in hyrule.

>>600925538>all the seething in the replies alreadySPBP

I think Elden Ring is the best open world game of all, but I still like BotW, I would still put it in top 10 open worlds. It's sparse in actual good rewards and everything always ends in a shrine but the puzzles are still pretty fun and the physics interactions are neat. It has some cool moments, Zora Domain, Gerudo Desert and Hyrule Castle were great. The world having a lot of verticality is always something I applaud because it's not easy.

>>600927935holy shit that jump at 0:17 was swag

>>600927919>Having the mandatory tutorial forced down your throat, for starters.BotW's tutorial is probably the greatest feat of game design in the past decade. Not only does the player subtly learn all of the game's complex mechanics through open organic gameplay on thier own terms, they also have complete freedom and agency while doing so.All this tantalises the eventually reward of leaving the Great Plateau - which is why its literally elevated above everything else, allowing you SEE where you can aspire to get to.Nintendo under game design way better than some chump retard on a hentai pedo board. Please remain BAFFLED.

>>600925267Dude, its a 2017 game built for the Wii U and a better game was FINALLY released but won’t outsell it. Do you think its some sort of win?

>>600927278>Except when you want to deviate from the cinematic story lolThe nonlinear, largely optional, and relatively sparse cinematic story?

>>600927935woah, this must be the easiest i've gotten someone this mad with a short post. i will post that webm more often from now on :)

>game from two gens ago has less content than current gameWhoah user

>>600927968Are you going to sit there with a straight fucking face and pretend that a tree branch has the same properties or combat options as a Flame Blade?Just how dumb are you? Please tell us.

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>>600927790The damage sponges were really fucking bad desu

>>600928402Go on, tell me the difference in their movesets.

>>600928347Its pasta that I've been posting for years lmao. And you can't refute it.But by all means, keep posting shitty out-of-context webms if it makes you feel better. BotW is bound to stop being one of the greatest games of all time any day now.

>>600927967Elden Ring is a lot better, and I heavily criticize the open world in that game too. It's not even a comparison how above and beyond Elden Ring's world's exploration and discovery is even if I still think it being open world is a nuisance that forces you to run around looking for things to do rather than simply doing them. BotW is like Elden Ring, only way emptier and way more copy paste so I take issue with it far more, especially with all the dicksucking it gets just because of the Zelda name attached.

The truth is that Nintendo could only benefit from making their games more challenging and compelling like Elden Ring, while From soft could only benefit from Nintendo polish.All of you are retarded, both products are great while still being flawed.

>>600928480Did you even watch the webm you chucklefuck retard?I truly believe Nintendo developed BotW as pleb fliter.

>>600928625Why are you so afraid to tell me? Is it because a tree branch and the master sword share the same moveset?

>>600928275>Not only does the player subtly learn all of the game's complex mechanics through open organic gameplay on thier own terms, they also have complete freedom and agency while doing so.And yet Terraria did that better 11 years ago, without a single cutscene or mandatory invisible wall. oops!

>>600928572>Nintendo polish>Nintendo>polish

>>600928315In that case, I should be allowed to skip the great plateau without ever getting the glider? I can go into villages and burn them down? I can enter the divine beasts without going through the appropriate sidequests? Oh, I can't. It wouldn't "adhere to the narrative". Golly, that's a pity.

>>600925267>"dude zelda is so empty XD">plays Elden RingIrony at it's finest. I know its bait but i love this shit. Thanks OP will use this copy pasta myself in the future.

>>600925538lol this

>>600928224>It has some cool moments, Zora Domain, Gerudo Desert and Hyrule Castle were great.Yeah I agree about the Zora and gerudo sections.

>>600928887It won't be as effective as you think considering any reasonable person would easily agree elden ring is nowhere near as empty as botw.

>>600927882>I'll argue against his point by proving it!

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>>600925267ER is pinnacle of soulless, static repetition of the exact same bland Souls-style hack and slash shit that got old already 12 years ago.

Attached: botw is FULL of content 2020 edit.png (1564x1736, 1.02M)

>>600928275>BotW's tutorial is probably the greatest feat of game design in the past decade.please permaban these ESLs, it's like Holla Forums's equivalent to pajeets on Holla Forums that argue about snyder being the greatest filmmaker of all time

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>>600928554Good post

>>600928728>Is it because a tree branch and the master sword share the same moveset?Do they have the same properties or combat options? Why are you LYING.BotW uses the classic Weapon Triangle of Sword/Spear/Axe which has been around since the days of tabletop D&D.But the wealth of variations in elemental types allows for endless combat options and interactivity with the world around the player.You have ZERO argument other than your redundant "same moveset" nonsense

>>600928887No you won't, you'll just seethe and mald like you always do

>>600928554>especially with all the dicksucking it getsOnly with normies and journalists. Botw is easily one of the most criticised games on Holla Forums.

>>600928776Sorry I don't play 2D indie shite. If I want to play an open world adventure I'll play a REAL game. Terraria can't offer an experience like that. But then nobody would expect some 2D pixel shit to be able to. Sorry.

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>>600929182>Do they have the same properties or combat optionsThey swing the same, one just has more durability and damage.>BotW uses the classic Weapon Triangle of Sword/Spear/Axe which has been around since the days of tabletop D&D.Asspull cope.>But the wealth of variations in elemental types allows for endless combat options and interactivity with the world around the player.Keep moving the goalpost.

>>600929491>literally zero argument You can't explain why its "bad".See point #2

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>>600925267Zelda BOTW has a more traditional open world. There are far fewer borders and bottlenecks than Elden Ring and you have some interaction with the world. What do you do in the open world of Elden Ring? You find items behind rocks and face standard enemies that you can ignore much of the time. You're also rewarded with procedural dungeons here and there.About soul/souless, I think you are referring to the aesthetic part and not the functional part of these worlds.Elden Ring is being considered by many people as the "right" way to do open worlds, which just shows that most players don't have the ability to understand the most basic things they experience.

>>600925267Always was

Reminder that no matter what you say in these threads, arthur will jack off to it and spew nonsense in response. This is what he lives for. The best thing you can do is ignore them so he has to resort to samefagging and bumping them all alone, taking from him the only thing he has left in his miserable life.

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>>600929704>Elden Ring is being considered by many people as the "right" way to do open worlds, which just shows that most players don't have the ability to understand the most basic things they experience.Autism is antithetical to soul

>>600929315You don't care about good gameplay. When you're too busy jerking off graphics and story, you forget what's truly important in a video game. Your image is nuclear grade copium put into jpg form, and you don't even realize it.>Terraria is bad. Why? UM, THE GRAPHICS AREN'T REALISTIC LIKE CALL OF DUTYYou'll continue to be angry and seethe about it for decades to come. While I enjoy Terraria.>UM AKSHUALLY YOU'RE THE ONE WHO'S S-SEETHING!Remind me again who unironically posted soijacks, and is spending his thursday morning crying about games being bad because they don't have enough graphics? Speaking of which, why aren't you playing BOTW right now? I posed this question to you in about 5 previous threads, and your answer was always "um.... I'm busy, CHUD!". Imagine not taking a little time out of your day to enjoy something that you heralded as one of the greatest masterpieces of our modern era. Imagine if someone didn't want to see citizen Kane for the first time because they were too busy Roleplaying on discord, or going to Mcdonalds. And everytime you offered to take them to see it, they'd come up with new excuses constantly.

>>600929686>You can't explain why its bad to find the same copypasted weapons throughout the whole gameYou're a retard.

>>600929704>Elden Ring is being considered by many people as the "right" way to do open worldsIf you're a combatfag who can't appreciate any other aspect of games

>>600929825who is arthur?

>>600929998The faggot who will take screencaps of his own pasta>>600929686

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>>600925267>Doesn't have enemy clusters with an agro radius everywhere so it's lifeless

>>600930083i sincerely hope he works for nintendo and gets money for his efforts

>>600929880>You'll continue to be angry and seethe about it for decades to come. While I enjoy Terraria.He says this while seething and sperging in BotW threada every day for 6 years straight. I have never once been in a Terraria thread (not that you ever see them) because I don't give a fuck about 2D indieshit. BotW will forever be considered one of the greatest games of all time. Terraria never will be.Feels good.

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>>600930286>He says this while seething and sperging So according to you, saying "I think Terraria is better" is seething and sperging. Yet, when you call me a tranny and a faggot and imply that Terraria is only liked by retards, and you pull out every shitposting cliche in the book, somehow THAT isn't seething.Tell you what, let's put this to the test. This will be my last post in this thread. I'm going to play some Terraria, or maybe another game in my backlog. How about you do the same and play any number of Nintendo's highly rated exclusives, maybe even BOTW? Or will you continue to seethe in this thread? Let's find out, shall we?Ciao.

>>600929917Even combat does not benefit from the open world in that game.See, I think Elden Ring is a more complete game than Zelda BOTW mainly because it has some difficulty (which you can get around easily), whereas BOTW has zero difficulty (I finished with three hearts, just upgrading to get the Master Sword and then removing them, and I still think there is no challenge in that game).However, the Open World of Elden Ring is simply a nuisance to the player. The exploration of Elden Ring is the equivalent of finding the car key that you can't remember where you put it, it's terrible, you have to look behind every tomb, every rock, at the end of every cliff, to find items that may or may not be useful for your character. The FOV of the game is about 75 degrees, which only makes everything even more terrible in the open areas.Someone might say that it is a sandbox for those who like Dark Souls, since the open areas allow you to choose the enemy you want to fight. Okay, but in the open areas you will rarely encounter enemies that are actually fun to fight, these are usually confined to the more traditional dungeons.

>>600930649Just kill yourself buildfaggot, you're incapable of understanding the point of games as a medium

>>600930625See you in the next BotW thread. You can't help yourself lmao

If this sperg thinks BOTW has too much story I'd hate to see him discover jrpgs.

>>600930797No, I just have standards while you think that walking around in a world that has zero interactivity looking at every cranny for white spheres that 99% are useless items is a stimulating activity.Players swallow any garbage so the world of Elden Ring and also Zelda BOTW don't have to be interesting to succeed. At least Nintendo tried to add some gameplay in their huge and useless open world, while From didn't even go beyond the aesthetic part.

>>600930649you're kinda right. i rank ER amongst the best games i've played, but the open world is almost detrimental to my enjoyment

Yeah, you're right. Elden Ring has so much more variety

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>>600931024He thinks Super Mario World has too much atory.

>>600931095You don't have human agency, you're genetically wired to be a warehouse worker stocking shelves :)

>>600931130catacombs are filler content in ER, while shrines are the supposed highlights of breath of the empty. bad comparison

>>600931130Shrines are all that botw has to offer in terms of dungeons. Caves and catacombs are entirely skippable and optional in Elden ring, and the dozens of GOAT dungeons and interweaving areas in the game made nintendo shit their pants and delay their gimmick fest by a year.

Hyrule Castle is a lazy trash dungeon. It's a level that would end up on the cutting room floor on a project like MGSV

>>600931310>>600931478Elden Ring doesn't have a single location as creative or imaginative than any of BotW's beasts.

Attached: 1560600878942.webm (640x360, 2.9M)

>>600928897>Gerudo desertThe desert and mountains you have to cross to get there were actually my least liked areas. If there were any parts to complain "wow, a big empty area" it would be these two. Even death mountain has rail carts, hot springs, and THE best shrine in the game going for it. To be fair, it is a huge desert and huge mountain range, so there wouldn't really be much to expect. Don't get me wrong, Gerudo town itself is a joy and so is seal surfing, but the area around it is just sand dunes as far as the eye can see. It kind of reminds me of the poison swamp at the bottom of Blight town; "This area is shit but has good stuff past it so I need to go through it."

>>600928864No, you can't do those specific things becausea) you'd be bitching the same way you are right now if the game didn't take time to explain to you how it works (i know your kind, you're never happy with anything)b) the examples you gave are completely arbitrary. Why doesn't the game let me visit other continents? Why can't I cuck a random NPC by fucking his wife? These are arbitrary ideas and no developer on the whole planet can account for every single thing you might want to do in their game. Games are a very limited medium. In fact, BotW stands out among other open world games because it gets very close to the immersive sim genre, while also being open world. You can't tell me there's nothing to do in Hyrule where people are constantly finding out about new things to do.I'll give you a very simple example. Did you know that in BotW, if you're in a town with its own music, you can crouch and the music volume will lower itself? The devs did this so you can concentrate on the sounds of nature. It's completely unnecessary, and most people don't even know about it. But the game is full of shit like that which the developers did account for.


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>>600927231>living breathingbuzzwords.just because the game is programmed to spawn a fox or deer every ten feet, doesn't mean it's "living breathing"

>>600931649lame b8

>>600925345then they are faggots

>>600931295Well, at least you have a sense of the ridiculous and aren't trying to defend your favorite shitty game. Imagine someone trying to justify 75 degrees of horizontal FOV in a game where you are almost always in open areas observing your surroundings in brainless exploration.Imagine someone trying to justify an open world where there's ZERO interactivity with the objects around you. You will not roll a single rock. You will not move a single branch of the thousands of trees you encounter. All places are interchangeable because there are no mechanics that make anything unique. The maximum interactivity of your character with the world is colliding with the floor and walls and even that is janky as fuck.

>>600931649>Elden Ring doesn't have a single location as creative or imaginative than any of BotW's beasts.He probably actually believes this

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>>600931921Stick to the shelves user, LARPing as a video essayist in waiting isn't the right calling for you.

>>600932049Still hiding behind botw, niohfag?


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>>600925267while you are completely correct, i still believe your post is dishonest. no one "goes back to botw" in 2022 anymore, especially not if you're into action games.

This game is horrible, I bought a switch for it and it was a huge dissapointment. The most overrated console game in the past few generations.I guess I understand why some people like it, but it's one of those "where the fuck do I go games". I gave up after not being able to figure out where TF to go and it was just boring and frustrating.

>>600928776>he once again pretends he is superior for liking terraria while shitting on botwis this what your daily routine consists of? i swear i've only been on Holla Forums for THREE fucking days and I already know who you aresuch a shame /vrpg/ turned into Holla Forums2.0 (tho i'm thankful reanposters are gone) or else i would've stayed there, now it makes no difference

>>600932243There is nowhere to go other than hyrule castle. You just dick around until you find a shrine or seed you want to do.

>exactly 10 replies in and ACfag just coincidentally starts postingDon't you ever get tired of creating these threads on a daily basis, ACfag? I mean holy fuck, it's been over half a decade. What is it about BotW that mindbroke you so much?

>>600932243The game ALWAYS tells you where to go, and after the plateau (the tutorial) you can even ignore it if you want. This isn't Morrowind, user, there's a marker in your map.Are you an IGN reviewer, or just a run of the mill kind of retard?

>>600932468Trying to bait him into coming back because he's the closest thing you have to a friend is truly sad.

>>600932115Nice, keep running away from the discussion, it's a good excuse for me to keep exposing the ridiculousness that is Elden Ring.Let's talk about the NPCs. You have a huge world so you will encounter NPCs here and there, as you really do. The funny thing? The NPCs in Elden Ring aren't able to move! They can only stand still and when you activate a flag that makes them change place, they will say something like "buddy, I'm going to rest here for a while, see you later" and will wait for the player to move away so they can teleport to the next location, where they will also stand still waiting for the next flag.This amazing open world is so dynamic that you will never see a friendly NPC walk.

>>600932546I actually rarely had time figuring out where to go in Morrowind because it had a great journal and told you about the locations and directions to them.In BOTW, the map is confusing, I couldn't figure out where the quest markers are and there are no directions given. Worst navigation system I've ever had in any game. I have the game stuck at one of the plateau missions in the beginning and I gave up trying to figure out where I'm supposed to go next, it doesn't help that everything looks the same.

>>600932593Well if he left, that's good. I didn't read all the way to the bottom so I thought he was still shitting up the thread.

>>600932243>I guess I understand why some people like it, but it's one of those "where the fuck do I go games".Are you one of those morons who complain about getting lost in completely linear corridor games?

if it did not have the "zelda" tag attached, no one would have bothered with this primitive trash

nintendo games are shit and for casual redditors

>>600931841>>600931953No argument found

>>600932789What the fuck do you mean you couldn't figure it out? You open the map with the (-) button and the marker is right there. If it isn't, it's because you deactivated it from the missions list.I agree that Morrowind directions are superior to markers, but the fact they're not used anymore as an industry standard isn't BotW's fault. It's Bethesda's, since they put them in Oblivion in the first place.Again, once a marker is placed in your map, you will ALWAYS see it in the border of your minimap, telling you in what direction you must go. Do I really have to explain this to you? Do you even go out in real life? Or do you get lost as soon as you cross the street?And the only thing you have to do in the plateau is go to the tower, activate it, locate four shrines from the top of the tower, mark them (You) yourself on the map, and go there. Once you're done you just go to the temple of time and get the paraglider, then you're 100% free to roam the world. Are you telling me you're seriously so retarded that you couldn't get past the game's tutorial? And you have the balls to tell me that was the game's fault? Nigger there are small children that got past that tutorial.

>>600933314IT lights up 4 things on my minimap but when I go there I either already explored them or they dont work. Its a horrible system and some things aren't even lighting up or moving around and I cant get to them.Ive never had trouble navigating game worlds before this game.

There is nothing to Elden Ring but combat, and the combat isn't even particularly polished.They more or less just added an open world to the Dark Souls formula and called it a day. What's the point of doing a big open world if 95% of its content is just gonna be enemies to fight? That's not open world, that's just "big map". Can't I at least get one town with friendly NPC's in it? A fishing minigame? Bandits who try to rob traveling merchants at night? Just *some* shit that gives you the illusion that this is actually a world and not just a big arena you fight hostile NPCs in? This wasn't Dark Souls 4, this was a new IP, they could have taken risks, but they didn't. And yeah, sorry but BotW is way less static and does more with its environment than this. There's much more interactivity in that game. You can glide, you can climb, you can swim, sometimes it's hot and you need something to cool down and vice versa, you can create an upwards current by setting grass on fire, you can use lightning to your advantage during fights, there's a bunch of side activities (catching horses, some minigames), crafting is actually useful (too useful), so gathering materials actually feels relevant, you can also upgrade your gear with said materials, instead of it being only upgradable with titanite or whatever. I like both games, and some of said mechanics aren't revolutionary but they're here and they flesh out the open world more than ER does. In ER there's combat and the occasional bugged quest given by an isolated NPC, that's pretty much it. It's boring as sin.

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>>600933538There are a few moments that Elden Ring takes advantage of Open World. For example, the village of madness, because of the type of terrain your approach there is radically different from the rest of the game. The interaction of the terrain + enemy attacks creates a unique area in the game.I think it's the only part like that, though. There are areas that will restrict your movement with swamps or because you need to do terrible shitty platforming, but that's it.

>>600933459>IT lights up 4 things on my minimap but when I go there I either already explored them or they dont work. Its a horrible system and some things aren't even lighting up or moving around and I cant get to them.>Ive never had trouble navigating game worlds before this game.This sounds like a (retardation) problem.

>>600934000If it is a retardation problem, how come I never had any trouble finding where to go in any other game? That includes Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, the GTA games, Red Dead Redemption.

>>600933459That never happened to me, that's not how the game works. You're clearly doing something wrong and are too retarded to see it.It amazes me that you ever managed to even install Morrowind in the first place.

>>600934146Yes it is. I go up to first of the light up places, its temple of magnets or something (cue the ICP song) but I already did it, so why is it still lit up. I go to the next one and I already did it too and it is still lit up. The next one I cant get to because its in a cold place and my character keeps dying but I cant find whats suppose to warm me up.The stupid weapons breaking every 3 seconds is annoying too. Am I suppose to be a hero with a sword or a hobo fighting with sticks? Just terrible.

And I played through all the DS Zelda games and had a good ass time but they had great navigation and I was never stuck where to go.

>>600925538 SPBP

>>600934407The four shrines on the plateau never "light up" in your map. It's your own markers that you have to place there, which only dissappear once you step around the area you placed them in. If you already completed the shrine then take the fucking marker away, dude.>I cant get to because its in a cold place and my character keeps dying but I cant find whats suppose to warm me upIt's literally right at the entrance of the cold area. There's a bush of spicy peppers outside the door. You cook them for a longer effect. Even then you can just Rambo it and go there while constantly healing. It's the retarded way of doing it but the fact that this didn't even cross your mind worries me. There's also some warm clothes you can get from the old man if you find his house and cook some fish for him or something like that. The game tells you these things but you have to find them first. You're complaining the game is too hard to figure out while doing the bare minimum.>The stupid weapons breaking every 3 seconds is annoying tooSince you didn't get out of the tutorial even, you have no right to criticize that. And don't get me wrong, there's plenty to criticize about it, but you haven't even had the chance to get better weapons that don't break in like ten seconds. For the record, you don't need better weapons during the tutorial either. I don't know what to tell you user. The game starts respawning enemies and loot once in a while after you get out of the tutorial, but this is the first time that I'm aware of that someone is so retarded, they might've run out of resources to even get ouf of the tutorial (which doesn't even take that many of them, by the way).All this, and you feel like you can throw shit at a game just like that? user I truly feel sorry for you, I believe there's a chance you might even like the game if you could actually play it, but your autism is too powerful I guess.

>>600934407Literally hold a torch to keep warm you stupid fuck

>>600935415Like I could understand if you were too retarded to play something like say, Monster Hunter. But this is BotW we're talking about, a game played by literal children.How did you even get to Balmora? Did you just run around Vaardenfeel until you found the right place? Cause after all this it wouldn't surprise me if you just missed the Silt Strider that's right there in Seyda Neen

>>600935415I didnt place any markers, the only markers I have are some "stamps" I accidently placed all over the map that are annoying AF too and I dont get the point of them. I dont know how to cook or find spicy peppers because the game never told me about it or it was in an easily missable place. People talked trash about Silent Hill Downpour because they missed the radio at the start of the game, but I never missed it, but this game is made by Nintendo so people will call it grate no matter what.It doesnt tell me where the old mans house is either, I found him on a side of the road or something but he doesnt give me anything so I assumed he was useless.>>600935514How is that suppose to be intuitive? A torch should just get blown away by the wind, IRL, if you go outside with a torch you wont be warm and it will be blown out by the wind. The game never tells you, "A torch will help you cross frozen land". Whats next, you have to find magic underwear to get your weapons to not break? The whole game is a cryptic mess.

ITT: Tendies trying to cope their way around the truth and failing.

>>600935798I didnt use the Silt Strider my first time, I walked on the road and saw road signs that showed me where Balmora is. Easy.

>>600926417>>600932049>>600932164>>600925538>>600925681>>600925793>>600926837>>600927231>>600928275>>600928625>>600929046>>600929686>>600929704>>600929917>>600930286>>600930429>>600931649>>600932049>>600932164>>600933538Cope. ER is king of open world games

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>>600936126>Tendies trying to cope their way around the truth and failingThe ironing.

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Besides walking in Morrowind is better than the silt strider because you get to fight the cliff racers and can jump around to get more athletic power so the silt strider is the dumb way to go to Balmora.


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ER gives up on having anything unique or interesting to show after Limgrave and Caelid, at least in BotW you can wander around and find a heart lake or a rando giant cube maze or something to break the monotony

>>600936263Were those scores by Elon musk? Why does it matter then?

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I have Elden Ring too, and the navigation is a bit confusing too, I wandered around for a bit running into enemies who are way more strong than me, but in general it is much easier to find your way.

>>600936228lma0o is this how you cope?

>>600936228Okay sure but I didn't enjoy it as much as BotW regardless, so I don't really care how many people suck it off.

>>600936102> I dont know how to cook or find spicy peppers because the game never told me about itImagine being filtered by BotW’s tutorial area, holy shit

>>600936479>one of the most important and influential people of all time praises ER as game of all time while shit of the wild Is not even on his radarNo cope needed. We won :)

>>600936102You find the old man 3 seconds after starting the game and you have to explore the [limited] area the game gives you to find his house or whatever else you might want to find. You know what? This game is about exploring. And since you can't even manage to do that in 1/13th of the map, I'm glad you didn't get out of the tutorial. Your brain would've clearly exploded from the amount of freedom.>A torch should just get blown away by the windGood thing you just assumed that and didn't even try at all in the first place, right?Again, if the game straight up told you what to do or how to sort some obstacle, you'd be complaining about that. And there wouldn't be anything to figure out for yourself. And that's ignoring the fact that a torch isn't the only way to survive in the cold, nor the best one (you can't fight while holding a torch). Again, you're so retarded you expect the game to literally babysit you constantly or else you get lost and don't know what to do. In the fucking tutorial. Is this the kind of people that shit on BotW?

>>600936787Anon he's merely pretending to be retarded

>>600936539Same, but flip the games.

>>600936660Wow great accomplishment, make your game so confusing and cryptic that you need to invest a ton of time into boring tutorials to just be able to play it. Starcraft II is a much more complex game than BOTW, but I had no problems learning everything from the tutorial missions.


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>>600936907You can stop falseflagging.

5 years5 years of daily threads being butthurt over a game

>>600936201lmao fucking retard

>>600936228the king of reddit likes it? omg then i must suck eldenringarinos dick now i guess

>>600927231>living>breathingI'd be more inclined to believe this if you could chase wildlife for more than a couple of feet before they phase out of existence

>>600936228>>600936713That's nice but Elon Musk said Halo Infinite was good so checkmate, faggot.

>>600936820Gee I sure hope so, otherwise I'd feel bad for mocking a retard.

Even Death Stranding which is essentially a walking simulator makes more sophisticated use of Open World than Elden Ring. In DS you need to plan your travels and the main factor that will determine this is the terrain.Incidentally, this element of creating a strategy based on an open map is quite common in several games, other examples being Teardown and Spintires.In Elden Ring there are rare occasions where you will change an approach because of the terrain, but it is something extremely simplistic because this game has the depth of a puddle of water in basically every aspect, but mainly in the interaction of the player with the open world.

>>600937096Yeah use the Silt Strider and miss the combat XP and world enjoyment.

>>600937220Yeah that's pretty bad, but it becomes non important the second you can kill them in one hit. And it doesn't get much to get to that point, mind you. You just need a bow and a well placed arrow to the head.

>>600936926My fucking sides.

It's kind of baffling how anyone can say BOTW has more content then ER ER is always showing you something new a new enemy type a new locations a new boss just tons of shit to do and find You kind of see everything you are going to really see in BOTW by the 10 hour mark at best and the game never really escalates besides the final boss. >But muh reused content So what? still nowhere as bad as BOTW in terms of reusing shit at least by the 100 hour mark in ER I was still finding new shit I hadn't seen yet. I love both games but in the long ER is just far better BOTW just kind of feels like a tech demo in a lot of ways to me while ER is a full fledged game

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ITT: fromtrannies trying to cope their way around the truth and failing.

>>600937601>miss on the whole game for using fast travel onceCome on now, you can stop baiting. Did you even finish the game? Cause it's not hard, but it does take a lot of walking. Unless you abuse alchemy to run like Sonic I don't believe for a second you walked everywhere. Not during the quests where you have to go to all the ashlander tribes and convince them you're the nerevarine. There's no fucking chance you're retarded enough to spend 999 hours walking everywhere but you didn't take half an hour to do the same in BotW.

>>600937778>ER is always showing you something new a new enemy type a new locations a new boss just tons of shit to do and findAll you did was just list "new enemies" as if combat is the only thing to do in the game and, surprise surprise, turns out it is.

>>600938016And this, keep in mind, is with Morrowind's slow walking speed, which decreases the more shit you carry. So, again, don't tell me for a fucking second that you did something in Morrowind that you couldn't do in BotW which is a much easier and convenient (note I didn't say better) game to play.

>>600937778Because fanboyism, zelda, and nintendo. I am a huge zelda fan, but I can still sit back and say beyond any shadow of doubt that elden ring showed up breath of the wild. It's not debatable and some of the saddest arguments I've seen have been trying to yammer on about how elden ring has some repeat bosses and then acting like because you fight them more than once, they suddenly don't exist at all, and so if you only compare the truly unique ones, then botw kinda sort of doesn't get blown out as hard, and all that despite botw's far greater abuse of the copy paste tool. It's sad.A true fan can criticize in the hopes of something greater. A bootlicker gets on their knees and defends no matter what.

>>600938147When I think of BOTW I mostly think of combat and scaling cliffs and shit I'd rather have a game that does one thing really well then a game that's just ok at the million things it does.

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>>600937220>I'd be more inclined to believe this if you could chase wildlife for more than a couple of feet before they phase out of existenceWhy can't you chucklefuck retards understand simple game design. The game has a survival aspect. The tutorial teaches you how to hunt for food. The game has a SOUND meter. You are a supposed to SNEAK up on animals. If you startle an animal you have fucked your chance and it will momentary disappear. You blew it.Holy fuck this game filters so many retards its unreal.

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>>600925345>>600925267this is prime tertiary larp. You don't play video games. all you will post are emulator screencaps from the emulator sites , and some promo art easilly googled. It's a fact you think "gaming" is about learning the meme of r/gaming then repeating them on other sites to give the illusion you know something. Doesn't work on Holla Forums though.

>nintendo copies ubisoft openworld formula now that their overpriced shit is actually at ps3/xbox360 level>empty map, ubi towers, make 3 different objectives and copy them on the map 100s of times for shallow depth>also ad in physics puzzles from early 2000s shooters>tendies lose their mindi find it cute thou i wish i could still be happy about simple things like thatkind of reminds me of third worlders who only got smartphones and prolly freak out over shitty gacha games

>>600938668I don't remember unbreakable weapons in botw

>>600925267>It felt relaxing for a bit, sure, but Hyrule just feels utterly soulless compared to the world in Elden RingWrong. There's actually other things besides killing you can do.

>>600925267>ER>Not soullessLmao play a real souls game

>>600937778>ER is always showing you something new a new enemy type> a new boss

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>>600938357I'm a souls fanboy, the open world in ER adds nothing to the formula. At least BotW's world is fun to engage with.

Is it just kids there or marketing trans? Who the fuck cares which game sold better? Who the fuck cares if ER is better or worse than Zelda? Seriously, who the fuck cares?

>>600936926Should be Skyward Sword.

>>600926537>Coming off all my initial hype, my love of the series and the high that was the plateau, I wanted to keep giving the world a chance for far longer than it deserved until I dropped it about 30 hoursLiterally me except I played the whole game giving them whole thing a chance and still walked away disappointed

>>600940205The problem is the more you play, the more disappointing it gets. Aside from a few very rare highs like eventide, it never gets better once you leave the plateau and if you make it all the way to ganon after all that, he's just a bigger blight and a complete joke with the one of the worst final forms in all of vidya. I'm convinced that most people who say they love botw, hardly played it or at least that certainly applies to the normalfags who jumped into it.

Zelda sisters....Even tendies admit Elden Ring is better>Elden Ring perfected the open world>after playing Elden Ring, i'm not longer hyped up for BotW2We just keep losing......

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>>600939116yeah, doing a puzzle intended for mentally retarded to find your 456th korok seed is sure fun

>>600925267I dropped breath of the wild halfway through, it's the only zelda game I have never finished, I just don't like open world games at all, it felt empty and pointless for the most part. Zelda combat was never good but the weapon durability didn't add anything but an annoyance for me. Elden ring coincidentally is the only fromsoft game I haven't enjoyed and still have yet to finish, but other games just kind of took the front seat for me, open world just isn't fun, it always feels tacked on to appeal to normalfags to try and make out it's something more than just a videogame, a "world".

>>600940637It's not about the prize, chud. It's about the journey...

>>600925345Good, the game is massively overrated by normalfags. Nintendo ruined one of their best franchises with this Ubisoft crap. Sonic is about to do the same thing but at least Sonic games were already bad.

>>600941069zelda always look like this. i played the le old zelda games and theyre not much better than botw.

>>600936228>Using the opinion of a man who lies for a living as basis for how good Elden Ring

>>600933538>a fishing minigameThis is what botw fans have in mind when they rate it 10/10 btw>bandits who try to rob traveling merchantsThere were zero instances in botw where rescuing travelers actually have a meaningful reward or opened up a side quest. It was all good and some throwaway dialogue each time. Then blood moon comes and it happens again and they don’t remember you and it’s like they’re stuck in a time loop

how can tendies seriously compare BOTW to ER, it's like a mobile game in comparison


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>>600941069Kill yourself subhuman cuck

the difference between BOTW and ER is that the best parts about elden rings open world are the parts that aren't open (IE Legacy Dungeons)In Zelda the best part of the open world IS the open world.


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>>600941661>>600941890>seething so he reached for the emergency folder

>>600925538Yes.I prefer the interactivity of BotWs world.Plus Elden Ring has horrible moveset for an open world game. It's not engaging at all even when riding on Torrent.


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>>600941846Now if only BotW did the same and didn't throw away traditional (legacy!!!) Zelda dungeons for no reason.

>>600925267It's the japanese , getting their own back for losing world war 2

>>600925538>Its frankly fucking astonishing that a 6 year old Wii U game on toaster hardware from 2010 looks positively NEXT-LEVEL compared a to a brand new title running on modern 12 teraflop super consoles./thread

>>600940549Ever since ER came out botw fans have been getting more and paranoid and afraid and schizo. Never seen any game get them like this

>>600941661>>600942102LMAOO. Post your Elon’s botw build. I’ll wait

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Elden Ring succeeds at doing the same things well every other souls game has done before it but the open world design fucking blows. When a game like Horizon Zero Dawns world is more interactive and believable there's something wrong with your game.Despite that, ER is still easily GOTY and I don't think any game this year can surpass it.

>>600942102DELETE THIS

The game literally has ubisoft towers but it's okay when nintendo does it

>>600942989paranoid of what? of other good games coming out? gee, imagine the horror

>>600943298The towers just show you the topology of the map, they don't unlock it or suddenly show every event on the map like Ubishit games do. Play a game before you [try] to shit on it.

>>600943298No one would give a shit about BOTW if it wasn't a Zelda game. It would be as "relevant" as Horizon Forbidden West, based on merits alone.

>>600943438Of a game being better than botw. In all these years no game sparks as much fear as ER does in botw tranny hearts


>>600925878Eerie? Elaborate.

>250 replieswe are reaching levels of cope that shouldnt be possible, even for bing bing wahoo tendies

>>600943568They don't show you everything because if they did you'd drop it right then and there from seeing nothing but more seeds and shrines.

>>600943880>whiteGo back

>>600944002you mean in this thread full of shaking fromfaggots who are upset that they still couldn't make a better open world game than the bing bing wahoo guys?

>>600943298>The game literally has ubisoft towersNo it doesn't you retard. Elden Ring map markera are the EXACT same as BotW's design - except BotW's towers offer a puzzle of challenge and topographical vantage point, while Elden Ring's groundlevel markers offer nothing.

>>600944329>couldn’t make a better open worldDid botw have billionaires praise and play it? Elden ring did. Cope

>>600944329B-B-But Elon Musk!!!

>>600943781There's been better games than BotW even before BotW came out. And I say this while having BotW in my top 5 games. Cope and seethe, not everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny.

>>600943895Anon is scared of BotW's colorful aesthetics.

As someone who's beaten and enjoyed both multiple times what I'll say is that I felt like Zelda absolutely benefited from an open world while in Elden Ring I don't know if it benefited at all.Everytime I play BOTW I enjoy exploring the open world even though I've done it before because I always somehow discover something I never have. The absolute freedom philosophy it provides is so interwoven into the game design that it excels in getting you fully immersed into the world and finding a shrine somewhere becomes its own reward rather than the shrine itself which are often kind of simple. On the flipside, the more I play Elden Ring, the more I wish it was linear like other From Software gamesThe best parts of the game are the Legacy Dungeons. If you took them out what does the world have to offer exactly? I think I would've honestly preferred a Dark Souls 4 over Elden Ring.I feel like this type of game excels best when built into a maze-like world where navigating every aspect of it is dangerous and also fulfilling as things open up and loop back around to each other. Basically what I'm saying is that open world Zelda feels like a step forward for that series but open world Souls feels like a step backward for that one.

>>600927231Seethe and Dilate. BOTW most certainly had it's moments, but the game is very empty and soulless. I have no intention of ever touching that game again.

>>600944101No, they don't do it because its bad game design and because not every bit of content can/should be shown on the map. But keep baiting I guess, there's nothing a game that turns out to be popular can do to make jaded faggots like you happy. No matter which version of the game from any reality you could conceive in your mind, there's always gonna be people seething about how it'd be better if some arbitrary fraction of the game was different.

>>600944132>he's also a shitskinLMAO

>>600944767>calling BotW soulless Fuck sake I hate this shithole

>>600945013corporate bootlicker, please. botw is the epitome of a lazy cashgrab, no different from the latest pokemon or asscreed games

>>600944993Your grandkids will be brown

>>600944391I do wish the towers throughout Elden Ring were where all the map pieces are. Imagine having to go through an entire mini-dungeon scaling a huge tower just for a map of that region.

>>600945118You wish.

>>600944917It'd have saved me the disappointment of organically discovering how empty and copy paste the world was.

>>600945112You sound completely unhinged and irrationally hateful of a goddamn video game company. Do you consider Nintendo to be your arch nemesis?

>>600945297not a company, a practice, whether ubisoft or nintendo does it

>>600945372Seek fucking help for fuck sake.


>>600944101>>600945208This. Every decision nintendo made for the game was lazy. For example, they only added weapon durability to pad the map with breakable weapons everywhere. Otherwise they’d have to fill it with something interesting to find. God forbid

>>600938016Different user, but of course I did. Personally I agree, screw silt striders, I’m running and primarily jumping all the way across everywhere, and enjoy gathering massive clouds of cliff racers only to blow them out of the sky with my magic.I’m not disagreeing with you on Morrowind feeling empty, though.It is DESOLATE. The amount of space between mushroom trees alone is almost triggering. So alchemy abuse is a necessity to even remotely enjoy it for me.I also abuse it to do other things. I am the destined one meant to beat up dagoth ur right? A fucking demon god or something? Well it’s surprising I can’t merely think of somewhere and teleport there like Goku, me jumping across the stratosphere is merely an ounce of the strength I crave.

>>600945679Can you make your next shitpost less boring? Thanks.

>>600945297It's 100% moral to hate Nintendo, and 100% immoral to defend them.

>>600945013Why? I'm a huge zelda fan, but I'm not gonna sit around and suck those tiny jap cocks for no reason. BOTW was empty and had no sense of urgency, no real rewards for exploration, and no dungeons lmao.

fromsoft games arent goodbethesda games arent goodbotw isnt good

>>600946030The rewards for exploration in past Zelda games were just ruppees and heart pieces, it’s the same thing here. Huge Zelda fan my ass, golden bugs good koroks bad.

>>600927935>That Black Bokoblin behind youKek

>>600945013Yes, a soulless zelda game to trendchase the open world meme because neither aonuma or koizumi have any clue what to do with the series.

>>600946368>koizumi*meant fujibayashiI wish koizumi were still around

>>600945961Can you make ur race less boring and then maybe you won’t go extinct? Thanks

>>600945957I didn't say Morrowind was empty tho (I also didn't say it wasn't). What I said was that, if user was willing to walk all the way across Vaardenfell, surely he would do the same in the tutorial area for BotW. But he didn't, he didn't explore, and he didn't find anything. How come someone so retarded played another game that asks the same thing of the player, and only in BotW did he find himself lost?It's not the "posts with directions" thing because they are in BotW too, in the larger overworld, which he never got to.

>>600946301The rewards for exploration in previous zelda games was actual progression.

>>600945927>Every decision nintendo made for the game was lazy.You need to utterly fucking clueless to call BotW "lazy". You clearly have no fucking clue of the hundreds of thousands of hours of playtesting this game must have took to ensure it wasn't a completely fucking broken mess at launch. There's a reason why BotW is still unmatched 6 years later - its because very few developers would even attempt it. Instead they'll just half-ass BotW's ideas into their own incompatible game engines.

>>600941481>>a fishing minigame>This is what botw fans have in mind when they rate it 10/10 btwBOTW doesn't even have fishing, retard. You completely missed the point.

>>600946536Boring. Last (you) you're getting.

>>600927935This is unironically so bad

>>600946647I sincerely hope you get paid for this.

>>600946729I really that one day you'll develope an understand of game design craft and not just irrationally hate companies because you consider them your arch nemesis in life.

>>600941481>Then blood moon comes and it happens again and they don’t remember you and it’s like they’re stuck in a time loopIf you walk away from them a little bit and come back the bokoblins will despawn too and they'll be just fine. It's not like they can die or anything anyway.

>>600946681Good riddance yt

>>600946946It's because I know better that I don't give them free passes. Defending corporations is something only the ignorant or underage do, unless they're on the payroll.

>>600946654The point being that the things you complain about are things that literally no one buys games for. Literally no one gives a fuck if elden ring doesn’t have a fishing minigame and objectively that shouldn’t affect ur rating on it

>>600947281Faggot I only every major system for the past 30 years. BotW is the bsst adventure game I've ever played on any system. I don't need to "defend" them lol.Ya seethin.

>>600947013You don't get any rewards for doing that tho.>inb4 rewards are shit anywaysYes, the NPCs aren't great pro adventurers like Link, they're just normal run of the mill guys with no riches (that's why they risk their lives adventuring) in a post apocaliptic setting. What they give you is what they can spare.

>>600947419Now in English.

>>600947438This is such a lame excuse for not having any real incentive to explore anywhere. Go literally anywhere and all you find is breakable weapons, ore, rupees, and maybe if you’re lucky you might find an armor piece but those are all mostly palette swaps of the same base design too

>Thread about Elden Ring>everyone discussing BotWReally makes you think....

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>>600925267ER>unbalanced game with jank combat but GOAT aestheticWitcher 3>slavjank kino with fantastic story but shit combatBotW>empty tech demo with great physics engineI just want Dragon's Dogma 2 lads.

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>>600948006Nigga what the fuck are you on about? I wasn't using it as an "excuse for not having any real incentive to explore anywhere", we weren't talking about that.>>600948160Don't be stupid, user, you know well this was a BotW AND ER thread from the start. OP even used a BotW image instead of an ER one.

>>600948006This is a YOU issue. You're outright dismissing a weath of content experienced in open organic gameplay, including the whole topographical exploration of the and survival aspects of the game. It's a trademark sign of ADHD people to seek instant gratification and only prioritise combat and tangible benefits of collectibles / tasks in games. They find it difficult to process any kind "experience". When I played BotW the moments which stuck the most with are the personal ones: that time I crafted a solution to crossing that icy river, my first terrifying encounter with a fully mobile guardian, that time I got caught in horseback combat in a thunderstorm, the time I climbed a mountain to see if I COULD and found a dragon there, my ill-advised first trip to Death Mountain and barely surviving thanks to my wits and resources, stumbling into the haunting Lost Woods and finding a magical sword. The best adventure game I've ever played. You sound like the kind of person who would play Super Mario Bros and base his gameplay experience on what came out of the "?" block

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>>600948160>Sam ByfordWho?

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>>600948432Sorry chump. The wealth of opinion is against you.My God, its beautiful watching you seethe.

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>>600948351>BotW AND ER threadIt's not that either. It's a BotW thread using ER to remain alive for more than 10 posts.

Arthur thread

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>>600948386>it’s good because it’s meant to be a survival nature gameThat’s weird because no one buys Zelda games for that

>>600948624This, and the only reason it's still alive is because of one autist.

>>600948674Absolutely MALDING

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>>600948613Again, who? All these literal nobodies don’t matter lmao. Elon chads won

>>600948624>it’s this autist again

>>600925267I didn't have to go back to either BotW or Elden Ring.I hate Open World games, I wish this genre would fucking die die die die.Just give me 8 hour linear games or JRPGs with world maps that act open but are actually linear.

>>600948773That quote describes every Zelda game. I don’t see survival anywhere in that quote.

>>600948624Whatever gets you going user. The fact is, even if OP didn't mention ER at all, fags would still pop up to talk about it in a BotW thread because Holla Forums can't go a second without crying about this game.

>>600948996It quotess BotW - THE Zelda game. Keep screeching. Its only 2022.

Both are worse than asscreed.

>>600949116Worst take in this whole thread.

>>600925267>Empty ass world with the same recycled content over and over again…>With baby’s first physics puzzle and golden turds hidden under rocksWOWIE

>>600949057You sound ESL. The quote has nothing to do with those survival aspects you were praising


>>600949159And I'm sure you never played asscreed.

>>600948386Don’t you get tired of this copypasta every thread

>>600949372Clearly he doesn't if he's been doing this for almost as long as the game's been out

>>600949241Keep screeching. You got utterly BTFO and now you are cornered wounded shitter. Love to see it. XDD

>>600925267I'm in camp "BOTW is pretty good but I never finished it" until seconds ago and the absurdity of your post, comparing a Dark Souls game favorably in the category "soul", made me finally say fuck it. I've started up BOTW in CEMU and I'm going to finish the other two giant robots today. last time I played it was about a year ago.>>600925538this may be hyperbole because of course things look rather sparse and simple in BOTW, but in terms of the simulation that's going on you're right on the money. there's a world being simulated with things like critters (lots of them. no, the occasional deer in Elden Ring isn't the same thing), civilians, entire villages of them, trees and grass that can be cut down or burned, lots of objects that can be moved by the player etc. whereas in Elden Ring there's just the terrain and the enemies and not even a proper fucking save system. it's night and day. BOTW has the level of interactivity I thought games would get way sooner, and yet 5 years after its release most games still don't follow its lead. Starfield apparently has a temperature system and when I saw that I thought, wow, that's neat, until I remembered BOTW had already done it and Starfield will probably have only half the depth to it.

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>>600949372He's been at it for 6 years, I don't think he's getting tired anytime soon.

>>600949445Take your meds LMAOO

>>600949536And the "arguments" dry up.

>>600950042You had an argument?


>>600944767>soullessBOTW has the most attention to detail out of every Zelda game.

>>600940205Why did you play that much then? I finished the game in 20ish hours. I did the 4 divine beasts, master sword and labyrinths. I knew I wouldnt enjoy the shrine grind so I stopped looking for them after I got the master sword.

>>600936228>king of open world gamesI'm the king of sexually transmitted diseases but it's not something I would brag about

>>600950815The answer is literally in the post you’re quoting. I’m a long-time Zelda fan and I really wanted to enjoy the game and was hoping something would surprise me and end up being good. I did all the shrines hoping I’d like at least a few of them. They weren’t all terrible. I liked one of the magma ones. And twin peak ones. But it was mostly disappointing.

>>600951526>I’m a long-time Zelda fanSame here. I had been utterly disillusioned with the Zelda series for almost two decades. Just a constant downward spiral of OoT rehashes as the series moved further and further away from what I liked about Zelda. Skyward Sword was barely recognisable as being the same series.Then Nintendo gave me BotW and stopped the rot. It was the Zelda game I've wanted since I was a child. An entire world of Hyrule to go off exploring and adventuring in. It feels like Nintendo made Breath Of The Wild just for me.

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Just got home and skimmed through the story vs gameplay argument. You guys are all retarded. Videogames don't need a story to be a videogame, and I can't stand cinematic experiences, but having an npc say "go to that castle in the far east" doesn't remove the gameplay. Jesus christ!

>>600952986>skimmed through the story vs gameplay argument.Any argument ACfag is fucking retarded.

>>600952879Like I said above, the game certainly had its moments and I had no trouble finishing it but it could have been 10x better.Hell, a single windwaker island had more NPCs shit going on than most BOTW cities combined.

>>600954118you're replying to a copypasta, not a genuine person

>>600954118>it could have been 10x better.10x better than a 97 Metacritic rating? It pisses me when faggots act like BotW is somehow "broken" and needs to be "fixed". Its a near perfect video game experience. This guy nailed it earlier. >>600944917

>>600954479Who still listens to jewish gaming reviews after all these years? The game is just too empty for my tastes.

>>600954740>The game is just too empty for my tastes.Go a play a game with less praise and acclaim then.

>>600952879It felt similar to me. I started liking Zelda because I craved adventure. I played Ocarina and then moved on to other zeldas. But along the way, I wished I had more freedom. I wanted it to be more like Elder Scrolls, not necessarily the same (they're different franchises for a reason), but even if you dislike TES, you cannot deny the freedom it gives to the player. A year prior to the announcement of BotW I was imagining what an open world Zelda could look like. How it would play, what sort of things you could find in it. I remember playing Ocarina and Twilight Princess only to run around their overworlds, but they felt like sinkholes I couldn't get out of. You know, when a map in a game is surrounded by cliffs that you can't climb because that's as far as the map goes? You feel like you're not in an open field, but a fucking sinkhole. Then BotW was finally shown, and the rest is history.

>>600938560You don't need to fight anything in BotW. But I would find myself making ice pillars to control the fall of a huge boulder in a giant pachinko machine.I'd be trying to take a lit flame all the way through a shrine full of things trying to extinguish it.I'd be trying to dodge lazers on a conveyor belt.I'd be using magnesis to build myself a bridge over spikes.I'd be trying get a frozen block of ice to end of a shrine before it melted.I'd trying to reconnect an electric current to progress.I'd be chopping down trees and riding it down a river to find an underground shrine.I'd be using my timestop ability to manage my way around traps.I'd be riding gusts of air to survive a gauntlet of traps. The variety of gameplay and unique ideas thrown at the player dwarfs anything in Elden Ring.

>>600925267I believe you bro but you have to admit the movement in BoTW is better than ER.

>>600954831>I wanted it to be more like Elder Scrolls, not necessarily the same (they're different franchises for a reason), but even if you dislike TES, you cannot deny the freedom it gives to the playerBy the time Skyward Sword released, a lot of Zelda fans were jealously looking over the fence at Skyrim because they recognised a lot of Zelda-esque qualities which were now missing from the games.The whole internet - this place included - was buzzing with threads like "Imagine if Nintendo did an open world Zelda game like Skyrim? How amazing would that be?"Nintendo then went and made the best open world game of all time on their first attempt.

>>600955547The open world trend is killing gaming for me

>>600955547>a lot of Zelda fans were jealously looking over the fence at Skyrim because they recognised a lot of Zelda-esque qualities which were now missing from the games.Maybe YOU were, but I was looking at Dark Souls

>>600955652>The open world trend is killing gaming for meJust because a genre is saturated doesn't mean there isn't masterpieces there.In the 90's the market was flooded with cutesy mascot 2D platform games. But that doesn't mean Mario World and Sonic 2 weren't amazing. Then, the market was flooded with FPS, but that doesn't mean Golden Eye and Halflife weren't exceptional.Same goes for the current open world trend.

>>600955652I get why you say that user, I get not wanting an open world MGS for example. But Zelda started as open world, and it was the next big step the franchise needed to take after Skyward Shit.You simply CANNOT be mad at open world Zelda, unless you're misinterpreting the whole point of the franchise just because some n64 games were smaller in scope (as if they had any choice).

>>600955784>I was looking at Dark SoulsReminded me of OoT but shitter. And having to backtrack a mile to have another go at boss made me turn the fucking thing off. There was nothing I wanted from DS in a Zelda game.

>>600956117>having to backtrack a mile to have another go at boss made me turn the fucking thing off.Stop dying and you won't have that problem

>>600956298>bro, you have to git gud but without gitting gud, you have to be BORN gud!

>>600956865I don't care how you git gud, but the game allows multiple methods for dealing with bosses, giving up over needing to run back to where you were is silly, especially when there's ample checkpoints, and it's not like LoZ wasn't similar with the older games like Zelda 1/2

what makes elden ring's open world better than BotW's exactly? What do you do in one that you don't in the other?

>353 posts>97 IPsSchizo thread

>>600925267Nintendo will improve it for its 10th annieversary.

>>600957993>357/97=3.63917525773come on user, a conversation in which each person participates less than four times is very rare and would mean a failed threadand i know it doesn't work like that, i myself have posted more than four times itt

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>>600957783Having huge underground areas you can seamlessly enter at any time definitely helps

>>600959149ok but what do you actually do in them? other than fighting monsters

>>600959298Acquire equipment and lore

There has never been a good Nintendo game. Fact.

>>600959643Nintendo has plenty of good games, but the vast majority were released in the 80s and 90s. Once Yamauchi left the company is when things started going downhill

>>600959839Plenty of examples I could use to show you're wrong, but of course I'm gonna use one of the strongest ones, so Mario Galaxy begs to differ.

>>600925267>I know the most mentally ill spammers on this board go apeshit when you say things like this,Actually they go apeshit when you rate Elden Ring lower than 9/10 and accuse you of being a "discord tranny"

>>600959149The underground in Elden ring isn't exactly seamless unless you're talking about certain caves

>>600960570>Galaxyit's all spectacle, the actual gameplay is really plain

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>>600961065Except it's not, and spectacle isn't necessarily a negative thing either. It's done right, and that's commendable.

>>600925538Absolutely right. Elden Ring is garbage.

don't make me post the elden ring webms, you cultists

>>600925538Based. 4 chan had a honey moon with ER for the first two months, but now the cracks are starting to show. The pvp is shit, the music is forgettable, boss reuse is of the chart, the balancing doesn't even exist and from the Mountaintop of the giants the game goes to complete shit. Also, everything is hard for the sake of being hard just so From neckbeards sadomasochists can enjoy themselves wasting 3 hours of their life on a copy pasted boss an intern didn't bother too balance. Not to mention technical problems like input delay and the fucking camera which killed me more times than the boss did.In a year Elden Ring will be ranked slightly above Dark Souls 2.


>>600961658>not the first post from this IPHmmmm

>>600961658>4 chan had a honey moon with ER for the first two months, but now the cracks are starting to show.We're still having daily threads about it and any complaints you made were also made during those initial months

>>600961930Don't respond to the Terraria schizo, he's been in every BotW thread for the last six years

>>600955928>Same goes for the current open world trendLmao

>>600961987>We're still having daily threads about it and any complaints you made were also made during those initial monthsYeah, but now people are allowed to discuss the complaints. Previously some schizos would simply post a screenshot from a Discord (likely Photoshopped) and claim trannies are trying to destroy Elden Ring sales, lmao. And other cultists would attack you just for criticizing it. Now they have played the game. realized it is shit so they are quiet. Never heard anyone say: "I am on my third replay of Elden RIng."

>>600963135>Now they have played the game. realized it is shit so they are quietOr people stopped playing it since it's a singleplayer game>Never heard anyone say: "I am on my third replay of Elden RIng."People are still playing through it on new runs/builds, especially on the /vg/ thread

>>600954820I did. It’s called elden ring and it was so much better. And it got praised by Elon musk who matters more than literal who metacritic reviews

>>600963135You've always been allowed to criticize Elden ring, it's just that people that care enough to respond moved on

>>600925793>>600925538well that didn't take long

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>>600963573>And it got praised by Elon musk

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>>600963135I'm playing the randomizer mod and will also be playing seamless co op soon