Gameplay Webm thread

Gameplay Webm thread

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>>600925094i frfr pogged when that nigga kicked my ass midair no cap that move was bussing

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>>600926867cool video game

>>600926867Are you stupid? Like, legit question, do you often find people look at you with puzzled looks? Or talk to you with phrases like "ok, sure" or "thanks for your input"? What part of "Gameplay webm thread" did you not understand? Even if I gave you the benefit of the doubt and assumed you missed OPs intro, you are on the VIDEO GAMES board! How fucking dense can you be to post a webm of someone playing a REAL LIFE GAME in a GAMEPLAY WEBM thread?!?!? God knows how you manage to lurk here as you seem incapable of basic literacy. Stop shitting up threads with your irrelevant nonsense you fucking cretin.


>>600926989>Your Dragonbone club broke!always makes me chuckle

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>>600926830Oh jesus christ. Are we pretending to be zoomers now for a forced laugh? Jesus christ, this place has lost any sense of comedy.

>>600928449Holy cringe

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>>600928449look again user, it's rendered in Unreal Engine 5®


>>600928893Heres better one

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>>600928449Hopefully bait

29147made by discord trannies

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>>600929158"killing giant monsters with guns" sounds like a great idea in theory, but always sucks in practice

>>600929828>t. hasn't played EDF


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>>600929060Is this achievable natty?

>>600928449my man posted a bakugon webm and you had a meltdown

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>>600924956imagine thinking this is funny

>>600929147Jokes on you my mother is already dead

>>600929695Finally. Take her.

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>>600930458air raidou is de facto kino

>>600930594No other class has the power to Punch God

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>>600930092Unironically yes. You can make an intelligence potion, drink it and make a stronger intelligence potion, reapeat until you're so smart you can make an infinite mana potion and create a spell with retarded stats. Make a spell for acrobatics so you can jump around like a spastic and vioala.

>>600930458what did that poor lizard do to you

>>600930750japanese shooters were a mistake

>>600930750Looks neat but i'm 100% certain it's got microtransactions and other forms of cancer

>>600930819EXISTAlso it tried to jump scare me

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>>600930934>>600930458I don't normally post the other clips I have from the RAID.webm videoAlso RAID.webm

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>>600930928Oddly enough I don't think it does


>>600929060wow that foggy scenery looks great

>>600930776The guy in that webm isn't using mana potions, he just has a bunch of enchanted items with piss poor damage, considering the guards are still alive.

>>600930750PC port and/or sequel fucking WHEN

>>600932347Yeah he probably just used console commands, but I was just saying you could achieve the same results in vanilla gameplay without cheats.

>>600932870You can easily achieve that shit in vanilla, I doubt he would have bothered with cheats for it

>>600926830that funny as fuck my fellow brown person you should keep up

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>>600928735>Zoomer speak>Daily twatter scs threads>Daily false flag thread and Holla Forums shitYeh I now, it's fucking depressing.


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>>600930092There are several ways to break Morrowind. My favorite is speed potions / speed enchantments that make you run so fast that you phase through solid objects.There's also acrobatic stuff that make you jump so high that you go out of border and the game crashes.

>>600937085sounds like its magic and potions were far, far more fun than in skyrim

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>>600936731yep that's ds2 alright

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>>600928449please be nicer friend


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>>600938579And that's the story of how he got fired

>>600930136Bakugan truly is the schizo's choice of tabletop kids games.


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>>600929695god damnit

>>600940113that is pretty poggers (no kapp)

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>>600943268Rage Musou was a silly idea

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>>600943747NaissanceEFree on steam - unashamed walking simulator with no real gamely, but very atmospheric

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>>600943636I think I remember dreaming of something like this before once.


>>600944359Shame, some of the level design gave me immersive sim vibes, but I should have guessed from the art style. I'll still check it out though

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>>600944219god i hate consolefriends, why do these dumb shits always record gameplay with their phone - actual 0 iq troglodytes

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>>600937309cute dancing with friede

>>600945180It's clearly so he has the controller in shot user

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>>600944876looks comfy, what is it dude?

>>600951136Exo One. I wouldn't say it's worth the price they're asking for it, but it's worth playing. There's a free demo on steam too.

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>>600926989>what it feels like for Malenia to fight a games journalist

>>600951502cheers senpai

>>600930283>imagine this imagine thatAre you retarded and can't write like a normal human being?

>>600930283who are you trying to impress?

>>600929147fuck you

>>600926867i have one of these that shoots marbles

>>600929147Mother fucker

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>>600924956Nobody plays games in this board

>>600943636Looks like Nar Shaddaa


>>600929147Fuck you

>>600945180He's trying to show what's happening on screen and what buttons he's pressing you spaz


>>600949414Peak grim dawn gameplay

>>600947208>it explores

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>>600929147not even mad

>>600929147which quake is this?

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>>600924956it has to be the same person making all these arrogant VR webms, there's no way it isn't. even the ones in those stupid VR porn webms. which I imagine it has to be someone who was treated like shit as a kid or some related experience growing up and this is how he gets back at whoever it may have been


>>600925094git gud



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>>600944359the dudes gonna make another game, a spiritual successor I believe.>>600944638Some game called Peripeteia is in the works, I'm not sure if I'd like it but they have a demo.

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>>600928449fucking lmaobased

>>600955729>That left hand>That tip of the right thumbSee? If you work hard enough, you too can become white some day.

>>600928449Not that user but are you illiterate? Op says Gameplay, not videgameplay.Games don't have to be videogames.


>>600929147fuck you

>>600928449Based video games enjoyer

>>600956020Yeah I know about peripeteia, some of the devs post here occasionally. It has a long way to go from where it is now but it might turn out pretty great if they pull it off

>>600956059timesplitters kino, cant have it without the ost

>>600930283"imagine x" is just greentexting for twitterniggersgo back

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>>600925094>typical elden ring boss

>>600957246>>600957246god i hope it features an even bigger world, like a megastructure the size of a solar system or something

>>600925094>dark souls has no jugglin-

>>600928893this is not possible in normal game

The PC version is better to play imo.

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>>600957971I doubt they'd manage that. They're struggling to render what they have now. It definitely was cool to jump off the tall ass building you end up in in one of the levels and land on the street where I started because the whole huge level is connected.

>>600953510>GhostWire Tokyoi've read differing opinions, but those were game's journos so they don't counthow is it?

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>>600956579They do on a video game board

>>600929147you bastard

Technically gameplay fuck you.

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full game never ever

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>>600959447always the case with shit like this

>>600959669It's just a natural law at this point that anything with a vaguely sexually arrousing non-human character is doomed to either die to death or be stuck in Patreon funded development hell.Humankeks truly got the last laugh......


>>600958224I'd really prefer if you'd be

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>>600929147Pretty good

>>600958743the gravity in BNG is way too low


>>600928449BasedEveryone who disagrees with this is a redditor

>>600943636The Citadel dev should take notes on this.

>>600960118Eh it is okay. This isn't 1:1 as this is rapier not phantom (the BNG clip is zen) buuuut BNG is styled as a hybrid of 2097 and 3. There are times I wish BNG was HD 2 rather than the wipeout 4 we never got.

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>>600960720Ah yes, the evolution of hammerspace.Revolverspace.

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>>600960831You spin me right baby right round

maximum fury btw

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>>600928449Cringe but also based, like an angry Jack Black

>>600958573If you enjoy walking simulators with some combat + Japanese folklore, you'll enjoy it.

>>600954245>arrogant VR webmsWhat the fuck are you talking about?

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>>600960720Did he put four in each chamber?

>>600928647>emulatorfags think this is playable

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>>600930458If you don't use Balam is giant monster missions then you haven't played EDF


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>>600962161When is this game getting out of early access so I can play it

>>600928449nothing good can come from Holla Forums


>>600925094>Dark Souls 3 Fans VS Elden Ring Enjoyers

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>>600962861never ever. I pirated the EA build and i rike.


>>600963919Don't tell skillkeks this, but luck is also a skill in its own right


>>600963919>no coping ukrainians

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I really wish this had been a more interesting game overall.

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>>600930458>>600964647Are people still playing or will I need to play over 9000 hours just see anyone, and then only be able to find games with weird autistic people grinding the same maps over and over again?


>>600929147fuck u

>>600964963How'd it fall short? Never heard of this one until now.


>>600945810DO YOU REMEMBER ME?

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>>600924956vr is so fucking stupid. literally for faggots

>>600929147fuck off fagot

>>600929147you little nigger

>>600929695you are a double nigger go fuck yourself bitch benchod

>>600965142The enemies are very basic for a while, making the combat very dull to start. And even when you get to tougher enemies, it's still nothing crazy, even if it's fine. The most common criticism outside of that is that it's built like a typical Ubisoft game, where you go around and collect random shit and unlock parts of the map to progress. The game excels in its atmosphere, but as a game it's nothing remarkable.

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>>600965659That's a shame. Still, would be down to play it just for what I'm seeing (dealing with paranormal shit with crazy magic powers). What's the game, if you're down to share?

>>600953870I am going to very safely assume that it is Quake Live.

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>>600965249post all of them faggot

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>>600965897Ghostwire Tokyo. As a properly studied weeb, I'd recommend it on sale. The Scooby Doo sidequests can be pretty fun. Just disable most of the HUD, it's an eyesore.

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>>600926867why wasn't this off topic post removed?

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>>600966183Thanks, user. Will pray to Gaben-sama for a sizable discount.

>>600964967They're probably still playing, but I think EDF6 is getting closer. Though the PC release will probably take a while from then. Just get some friends to go through it with. It's long though.

>>600966183Is there a special Kanchō stealth takedown?

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>>600966258Man, i fucking wish Underrail had a party system rather than full solo. Balanced around it, obviously. I love the game so much but fuck me does combat become a chore. This is one of those games where you HAVE to abuse the quicksave feature, too many times a poor initiative roll will mean the fight is over before it even started.Also, fuck these guys.

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>>600928449put me in the screencap


>>600954245Where did the VR man touch you?

>>600924956Kek.I love every one of these.>>600954245The hentai ones with the bowing and fist clenching are equally hilarious.

>>600966809He didn't, it was in VR.

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>>600958224You mean normal maps aren't big enough to build up this much speed? Yes.There's an obscure power up in Q3A that makes you immune to splash damage, it's only ever seen in DeFRaG pretty much.>>600929147This webm has a lot of replies, what's up with that? Oh yeah, that old chestnut.

>>600926989Seems like an easy enough problem for Cemu to fix, which is what you should be playing it on, anyway.

>>600966906Which halo game is that

>>600966809>hey anons bet you aren't as cool as I am playing in VR>thats nice but VR isn't upto par yet>LOL SHE MAD AT MY VR, U JELLY? YEAH SHE JELLY>ok retard>JELLY JELLY JELLY U MAD LOL DOWNVOTE

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>>600967072Infinite, judging by the rinky-dink flaccid-ass bitch-ass modern day looking-ass water pistol he's using.

>>600967072Halo infinite.Don't bother, the online is already dead.

>>600926867oh I remember thisthe anime had the MC whose mom was super hot

>>600967250>>600967276I was joking, but turns out it really is haloThe only clue I had was the slow as fuck movement speed